01x22 - The Fisher King (1)

Morgan, your friend's resort better be as nice as you say it is.

Hey, I never said it was his.

He just manages the place.

But trust me when I tell you it is off the hook.

Hot sunny days, cool breezes at night, never-ending tropical drinks with the little umbrellas, and nothing but young, beautiful adults looking to make vacation memories.

Male and female, right?

Elle, 2 weeks of pure heaven.

I can't imagine what 2 weeks away from this place is gonna feel like.

You better thank your man upstairs for making it the whole team, otherwise you know they'd find a reason to bring us back up in here.

Why? They got other teams.

You can go on believing that if you want to, but I am not answering my cell phone.


Oh, there he is.

Pretty boy.

Last chance.

I can get my man to swing you a hotel room for practically nothing.

Even you might get a little lovin'out there.

Thanks anyway.

Come on, reid. Live a little?

I have to go. I'm going home.

Have a good one, guys.


He look okay to you?

He looks about the way I would if I was gonna spend 2 weeks with my family.

Hey, don't knock family.

I'm gonna get nothing but for the next 336 hours.

Good for you.

Haley's got a list of chores a mile long. I can't wait.

The biggest decision I gotta make is what I'm gonna do first.

I bet you she has a thought or two about that as well.

Bring it on.

I'll be lost in a cabin in the woods for the next 2 weeks.

Do not call me for anything. Have a great time.

You all deserve a break.

Seriously, don't call.

Don't worry.


Thank you.


Bye, darling. I must go out now...

For a while.

But I promise you...

It will all be over soon.

One way or another, it will all be over.

Writer Elbert Hubbard said, "no man needs a vacation so much is the man who has just had one."

Come on. Did I lie to ya?

You did not lie.

Oh, yes!

Thank you.


Welcome to paradise.

There you are.

Yes, sir!

My man mister Gerald Dupree.

How you doing?

I'm wonderful. Look at you.

You're holding it together.

I'm trying, baby.

This right here is my partner from the FBI, Miss Elle Greenaway.

You didn't tell me she was beautiful.

Would that have gotten me a better deal on the room?

You want me to show you a brochure with the real rates?

I'm done. I'm done.

I'm done.

Your resort is beautiful.

Thank you.

Always wondered what it would be like to work in paradise.

Turns out it's not half bad.

Anything else you need?

Yeah, I think...

Wait a minute.

Look at that right there.

Lord have mercy.

I think I need to handle something.

You need any backup?

You better watch your mouth. Elle, you gonna be all right?

No, I'm fine. You go.

That's such a good answer. Get outta here.

So how about you?

Anything I can get you?

No, thank you. I'll let you know if there's anything.

Thank you, Gerald.

I'll be around.

All right.

Sorry about that.

No problem.

Hey... you alone?


Do you wanna play?

Honey, you're supposed to be dumping things, not examining them.

Pirate number 4.

Cute. Yeah, but do you really want to remember your first and last appearance on stage?

I wasn't very good, but I was very committed.


I'd dump it.

Do I have to?

Okay, I'll make you a deal.

Come up with a good reason by the end of the day, and it stays.

You drive a hard bargain.

Wouldst thou allow your humblest servant to adventure with thee again?

"My humble servant?"

Why can't the real world be like this?

"My heart doth swell at the sight of thee, my brave sir kneighf.

I shall follow where you lead. "

You're still here?

Yeah, I don't get the same vacation time as the rest of the team.

Gotta make sure there's plenty of work for them when they get back.

What are you doing?

I'm in Camelot. Camelot?

Yeah. It's an online world.


I'm just outside the magical city of Camelot adventuring with the incredible sir kneighf.

Oh, the incredible sir kneighf.

J. J., This guy is amazing.

Please tell me you don't have a crush on a fictional character.

He's not fictional.

He's the online alter ego of a real person.

But you don't know anything about him.

Or even if he is a him.

You know what. Look, we meet online at specified times that he is never late to.

We spend hours adventuring and chatting during which time I have his undivided attention and he lavishes me with flattery.

When's the last time you had a date go that well?

See if he's got a fictional brother, all right?

Yeah. He doesn't.

Cousin, uncle, grandfather, whatever.

I heard a rumor you were here.

How's she doing?

Schizophrenia is a lifetime illness.

The meds stabilize the worst of her symptoms, but she still has bad days.

What makes her most happy are her journals and... your daily letters.

She is exceptionally proud of you.

She is?

Talks about you all the time, to anyone who will listen.

Staff, other patients.

Her journals are filled with the cases you write her about.

Calls them your adventures.

Mom's of the belief that you can find adventure all around you if you just look.

That's what happens when you're a professor of 15th century literature.

She's gonna be so excited that you were finally able to get here in person.

Maybe it's better if I just let her rest today.


Yeah, I'll come back tomorrow.

But, doctor...

Can you give this to her?

It's Margery Kempe. Her favorite.

It would be really good for her if...

Please? Thank you so much.

Well, you all right there, Greenaway?

Go away.

See you tomorrow?



Don't speak.

He's sound asleep.

So we have a few hours to ourselves.

Dinner was amazing.

Well, it's nice to have someone here to cook for.

Well, it's...

Nice to be here.

What'cha looking at?

Reflections 1987.

Oh, boy.

I remember the day I got this.

It was the end of my junior year.

I was walking down the hall, and I accidentally walked into a theater club rehearsal.

And I saw you.

And I knew I was gonna marry you.

And I went home that night...

And I... looked you up.

Haley Brooks, tenth grade.

Look at my hair.


I though how could I have missed you for 2 years?

So the next day, I knew I had to meet you.

So I went in and I joined the theater club.

And that's how I was in the "Pirates of Penzance" as the worst... fourth pirate in history.


Keep the hat.


I always forget what a great cook you are.

More wine?

Jason, you know I'm not responsible for myself after 2.

Thank you.

Do I sound old if I say they don't make music like this anymore?



Agent hotchner, don't waste time on the first victims.

They were unrepented bad men.

She's the important one.

Remember, everything starts at the beginning.

Who is this?

There won't be much time.

The youngest holds the key.

You must help him save her.

What's going on?

I don't know.

It was an anonymous call.

A man.

He said there had been a murder in room 19.

And I called security to check it out, but when they saw...

I thought it would be best if I called you right away.

You have a key?


Game over All work no play

No... no.

No. No.

No. No, no, no.

No, no!

Oh, my God.



No one should be coming here.

Go wait in the bedroom.

Jason gideon?


Save her

What is it?

Nellie fox.

No! Stop it!

Stop it!

Stand up!

Hold still!


Who are you?

Who are you?!

I'm sorry.

I just never, ever saw anything like this.

Get in my car. I'll drive you.


Thank you.

Contact me at the BAU when you're finished.

I wanna know who the hell that used to be.

Do you know anybody in Jamaica?


That's the postal zone where it seems the package was sent from.

Montego bay, Jamaica.

You think I didn't see that?

I don't know anybody in Jamaica.

Then how did the blood get outside your door?

I have no idea.

There wasn't any blood inside, was there?

Who was the victim?

For the hundredth time, I didn't even know that there was a victim until you dragged me out of bed!

Where's the victim's head?

Well, I must have dropped it on my way in here.

Come on.

You know that I have nothing to do with this.

I'm an american FBI agent.

I'm here on vacation, man!

I'm the police, just like you.

Are you the "her"?

Excuse me?

I don't care where the blood led, detective, you made a mistake.

We are FBI agents. BAU profilers here on vacation.



We handle serial criminals.

We consult police departments all over the world.

So if I called you to consult on this, would it be your advice to let the woman who we found at the end of the blood trail go?

Agent Greenaway is not a killer.

Can you explain why the blood went right to her door?

Obviously somebody would like you to think she is.

Look, my supervisor is flying down here from Virginia. He'll be here anytime.

When he gets here, we will figure this out.

His name's Marty Harris.

At least that's who rented this room.

Why are you telling him?

Sorry. I'm just...

My mistake. I'm sorry, ma'am.

When did this Harris check in?

A couple of days ago with another man.

Giles. Frank Giles. He has the adjoining room.

We tried calling him, but he doesn't answer.

Looks like Frank Giles is in the wind.

You might have yourself a real suspect now.

I'll get crime scene men in here.

All work and no play?

All work and no play?

You just wait'til I'm through with you.

- What?


I need a rundown on a guy.



The information superhighway is closed.

What are you talking about?

Someone had the nerve to run a blackhat op into my computers, Morgan.

They hacked me, okay?

But you can bet your sweet ass I will find them. I've got honey pot farms hidden behind UML kernel data packets and a first generation honeynet I personally programmed.

My snort logs list every visitor, every server request, every keystroke on this entire network. If I have to back-hack his I. P.

All the way to the frickin'stone age, I will find this son of a bitch, okay?!

So bye.

Gideon, I've been trying to call you. Why?

Someone sent you a head?

From Jamaica.

Morgan and Elle are in Jamaica right now.

There was a murder. The body was headless. Elle's been arrested for it.


Hotch headed down there last night with some bureau lawyers and a crime scene unit.

He should be there by now.

If you talk to him, have him call me right away.

Yes, sir.


Baseball card and envelope that were attached to the box.

We processed them. There's nothing.

And we're still working on identifying the head.

Try contacting the Montego Bay police.

Apparently they have a headless homicide victim.

Got it.

What time did you go to bed?

Around midnight... I think.

I don't really know. It was late.

Were you alone?

By the time I got back to my room, yeah.

Detective St. Pierre, I'm SSA hotchner.

I'm agent Greenaway's superior.

We're not finished here.

Agent greenaway only arrived in your country yesterday afternoon.


I brought a forensic expert and he's examined the body at your morgue, and he's put the time of death at no less than 24 hours ago.

Now this is based on advanced rigor mortis and the contents of the stomach which contained a mea that he ordered from room service two days ago.

Your coroner concurs with the findings.

This means is that agent Greenaway wasn't even here when this man was killed.

Now, I appreciate that you have a difficult situation, and agents Morgan and Greenaway are happy to cooperate in any what that they can, but they'll do it from our offices in Quantico, Virginia.

Oh, well, that's great, Hotch.

Gideon wants you to call him as soon as you can.

I think I better let him tell you.

Okay. Call me if you need anything. Bye.

She has been searched for yet never found

Oh, doctor Reid.

Someone delivered this to the desk last night for you.


"She will die unless you save her, Dr. Reid."

Call gideon. He knows. "

Come in.

I just got a really strange delivery.

Strange as a head in the middle of the night?

That's a pale clouded yellow butterfly.

They're indigenous to Europe. Britain mainly.

"She has been searched for yet never found. "

What the hell is going on here?

You guys are sure you don't want to go home and get some rest?

Take a shower?

Like hell!

I'm good.

How much sleep have you gotten in the last 24 hours?

Hotch, I spent half of the night in an interrogation room.

I am not sleeping until I find this Frank Giles.

Frank Giles left Jamaica last night on the red eye.

He flew to Florida, then got onto another flight to Virginia.


You mean that son of a bitch is from here?

I don't know if he's from here, but this is where he flew to.


He's got a long criminal record.

Manslaughter, robbery, rape.

What about the victim, Marty Harris?

He's a two-time convicted fetish burglar, registered child s*x offender.

And we have his head.

Csu just positively identified the one delivered to my cabin.

"Don't waste time on the first victims."

"They were unrepentent bad men."

"They only got what they deserved. "

What is that?

I got a phone call last night before you called from Jamaica.

Any mention of a "her"?

"You must help him save her. "

So there's a him now, too?

I think he means reid.


We need to regroup.

So, clearly we have a psychopath intent on drawing us into his game.

Playing with us.

Then let's return the favor.

He kept telling us repeatedly to save "her".

What "her"?

Items he sent must be some kind of clues.

Let's get them up on the board.

I got a Nellie Fox baseball card from 1963, and I got a head in a box.

I got a rare butterfly in a shadow box.

And repeated messages to save "her"?

I got the decapitated body and a nice visit to the jamaican police headquarters.

Reid called from Nevada.

He's on the way back with a skeleton key and a note he got, too.

And the guy who called me said the youngest one holds the key.

That's Reid.

Ok, but wait a minute. Unsubs, they don't contact us this way.

I mean, they might taunt us, dare us to catch'em.

But they don't drag us into their fantasy.

Why not?

Because they're sexual fantasies.

I mean, taunting us is a show of power, but making us the object is...

I don't know what the hell that is.

Something else about the baseball card.

Nellie Fox was one of the stars of the 1959 White Sox.

I went to almost every game with my father that year.

Fox was my hero.

So is it a coincidence that he sends this to me?

Or does he know how I feel about him?

I collected butterflies when I was a little girl.

That's how I knew what butterfly was in the box.

So then he knows us.

I got an anonymous message.

I got a police raid.

But he knew exactly where we were.

Hotel in Jamaica.

Gideon at the cabin. Reid in vegas. You at your home.

He got that from the bureau computers.

Your locations are always in there so they can find you if they need you.

I checked the log.

Hacker was definitely in the personnel folders.

There were room numbers to the hotel in Jamaica, the address of Gideon's cabin.

There's a lot of information in those databases.

Have you figured out how he was able to get into the bureau's computers?

I'm still working on that.

Garcia, if you know something.

No... It's...

I was playing a game yesterday.

An online game.

A game?

Not on the bureau computer, sir.

On my own personal laptop.

Oh, Garcia! No, no, no, no.

I don't understand.

Wireless internet.

By wirelessly hooking into the...

Net here to get online, the hacker could have gotten into my computer first, and I have far less protection on my own laptop.

And he could have gotten into the entire bureau computer system this way?

Yeah, it's possible.

Playing a game?

How could you be that stupid?

Information, files.

You have a responsibility.

I know, sir.

I'm so sorry.

But I found him. You what?

I know who he is, the hacker.

His name is Giles, Frank Giles.

He lives in Arlington, Virginia, 4 miles from here. I have his address.

Garcia, you said Giles?


Frank Giles!


Come out, Giles!

You gotta be kidding me.

Hotch, Gideon, I think you're gonna want to see this.

Here why quest doth truly begin He's definitely playing with us.

His identification checks out.

That's Frank Giles.

There's a big old bag of money sitting right here on the dresser.

So Giles took Harris to Jamaica to kill him and the unsub killed Giles.

Yeah, but he paid him first.

Left the cash? - He apparently well-funded.

He said these were unrepentant bad men.

Are we looking for some kind of vigilante?


The bodies are nothing but a way to get us interested.

They're game pieces. The killings are secondary.

Well, this guy likes to write things in blood on the walls.

All kinds of cult and demonic significance to that.

"Thy? Doth? Quest?"

"Thy quest doth truly begin. "

Why start phrasing things like this now?

All the other messages were in modern english.

Maybe this is the first one the unsub actually wrote.

So we're looking for Shakespeare?

Hey, guys? Yeah?

There's something etched on the blade.

"To learn of what should next be done, leave the blade till the hour be none. "

"Hour be none?"

"Leave the blade. "

Elle, move for a second, move to your left.

The bed's in the middle of the room.

Which isn't by chance.

And maybe the light from here casts a shadow and points to something.

Come on. Are we in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie?

"The hour be none?"

Midnight is 00 :00 hours in 24-hour time. Would that be none?

Midnight wouldn't cast a shadow.

"Hour be none. "

3 P. M.

Garcia, told me where to find you.

3 P. M.?

It's medieval.

The days used to be broken into hourly intervals.

The canonical hours of the breviary. Prime : 6 A. M.

Terce : 9 A. M Sext : 12 noon.

None : 3 P. M. And vespers : 6 P. M.

Reid, do not ever go away again.

Medieval. That's why the language changed.

Everything this guys does is a clue.

Ok, but, guys, it's 4 :35. What do we do?

Leave the blade in'til 3 P. M. Tomorrow?

Not if we can block that window out.

Do you have any spotlights in your car?


Thanks, Jane.

The sun is right here at 5 P. M.

Morgan, follow the shadows.

I move the light higher.

Okay. And do what?


It's hollow.

Definitely an Indiana Jones movie.

Feels like the wallpaper's been replaced.

Tear it open.

It's a box. Take it out.

We sure it's safe?

What, you think it's a bomb?

You think he'd be playing this game just to blow us up?

He'd have already done that as long as we've been standing here.

Locked. You want me to break it?

No. We should process it first.

"The youngest holds the key. "


The Trout quintet.

Five people fishing.

"Never would it be night, but always clear day to any man's sight. "

Well, that was worth it.

The lid.

Little tab right under the lock.

Leave that in this bag.

Here you go.

"Thy quest"

He moves funny.

Looks like he's injured or something.

I assure you...

You'll all understand in the end why it must be that way.

You might even thank me.

Don't hold your breath, scumbag.

You know now you're on a quest.

A young girls life depends on the successful completion of it.

As you can see, she's quite beautiful...

And in distress.

Now please listen closely for there is one rule and this rule must be followed.

The one rule is...

Only the members of your team may participate in the quest.

Jason Gideon, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Elle Greenaway, Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia.

A quest must be completed in the proper way or it isn't a quest, is it?

That's it.

One rule.


Now, you will be receiving an item soon that will hold the final clue you'll need to finish the quest.

You will find you will also need a book which has inspired many an adventure like mine.

Believe me when I tell you I'm truly hope to see you all soon.

It will mean a successful end to this adventure...

For all of us.

This guy's got pictures of us?

What do we do now?

The lock of hair's being analyzed for DNA.

There might be something on file.

I'll get video to enhance the shots of the girl.

Let's get the clues up on the board.

Maybe we can make some sense of something.

We're gonna play this guy's game?

Do we have a choice?

Be right back. You guys keep working.



What is it? What's wrong?

What's the matter with you?

I just have nothing left.

Yeah, I'm tired, too.

No, no, no.

I needed a place...

Where I didn't have to know what was out there. Where I could...

Just close my eyes and not see...

Bodies torn to pieces or hear children calling out for help.

That cabin was the only thing I had left.

This guy took it away from me.


Maybe I'm outta gas.

I'd like to be alone.



I've been trying to call you, but you haven't been answering your cell.

My battery died. We just got back. What's wrong?

A man came to the door with something he said you would need right away, that a girl's life depended on it.

He came to the door?


What's going on, Aaron?

Haley, what did the guy look like who came to the door?

Look like?

I don't know. Young, dark hair.

Did he look injured?


Yeah. Did he seem...

Injured in any way?

No. He was just a guy.

He told me what he was giving me you needed right away.

That a girl's life depended on it.

That's not a normal delivery.

I know.

What do you mean?

They don't come with detailed messages like that.

Did he say all these things to you? Were they in a note?

No, he said them.

If he isn't the unsub, he probably talked to him.

What's going on?

It's the case we're working on.

What did he deliver?

A piece of paper with numbers on it.

The team's got it. It's in the conference room.

My eyes are so heavy, I can barely see it.

I think it's a coded message of some sort.

The unsub said we needed a book, didn't he?

Yeah. "A book that inspired many an adventure. "

It's a book code.

Each one of these sets of numbers represents a particular word.

For instance, the page 118, line 30, word 3.

We need to figure out what the words are and fill in the blanks.

Yeah, but from what book?

I don't know.

The trouble is it has to be the exact same edition of the exact same book that he used.

Just got a DNA hit on the lock of hair.

Rebecca Bryant.

She's been missing out of Boston for 2 years.

2 years?

Guys, how are we supposed to figure out which book this code is copied out of?

I have no idea.

We need Haley to sit with a sketch artist and get a picture of this guy.

We can have J. J. Get it out on the news wires. Tell the world.

Tell the world?

We may have seen this son of a bitch.

Didn't he say that we had to keep this within the team?


Get a sketch artist up here.

He said we have everything needed to complete the quest.

The answer's gotta be up there somewhere.

J. J, get some reporters here as soon as possible.

For what?

Just say we need help on a new case.

Press conference?

Haley and the baby get into a hotel?



You think this is going to work?

I think it's gonna send the right message.

We're looking for this man in connection with several murders.

He's approximately 25 years of age.

He delivered a package to one of our agents last night.

If anyone has any information regarding this subject, please contact your local fbi office immediately.

Man: No, no, no, no.


I'm afraid I must go out again.

A pale clouded yellow butterfly indigenous to great britain.

How's it going?

The answer to what book we need has to be in here.

Yeah, but we sure as hell can't see it.



I'm awake.

I'm sending you home.


You need to get some rest.

We won't do anything without you, I promise.

Elle, seriously, we're not any closer than we were.

Get out of here. Go home.

But-that's an order.

Let's go.


Take greenaway home.

Yes, sir.

No, I'm fine.

I'll have your car brought over later.

All right. Come on, anderson.

Get some sleep.


I sent elle home with anderson.

She hasn't slept in 36 hours.


It was one rule.


One rule!

Agent greenaway.


Do you not consider that holding a press conference is going outside the team for help?!

Listen-one rule!

Listen to me. We can talk about I told you this was important!