02x03 - The Perfect Storm

You want grapefruit or cranberry?


Cranberry it is.

Take it easy on the butter.

Is half a stick too much?

Yeah, well, I'm just following doctor's orders.

It would be nice if you did the same.

Hey, look. Laura sent the pictures from her Orlando trip.

I wonder if there are any of that new guy that she's so crazy about.

Oh, wait a minute. I thought she said...

I thought she said pictures, not a video.

That's a DVD, Mary.

Technology isn't slowing down.

It's actually passing you by.

If you don't catch up soon, you'll be as pitiful as your mother.

That's motivation.

Come on, Mary. I could show you a few things.

You afraid to be my student?

"Hi, guys. Just wanted to let you know I'm having a great time. Miss you both."


Wait a minute. Is...

Is that Laura?

It can't be.

Frank, what's happening?

Oh... my God.

This was sent to the family?

Father had a heart condition, died while watching it.

So... the music's not added like a regular soundtrack.

It's in the background, so if you turn it down, you also turn down the voices.

We get Garcia to separate the audio tracks?

She's working on it now.

The sooner we hear how he talks to the victim, the sooner we'll know what kind of man we're dealing with.

Tell us about Laura Clemensen.

20 years old.

Sophomore at Jacksonville University in Florida.

Assumed to be the fifth in a series of rapes and murders over the past two years.

Some women were abducted in parking lots, others while they were running.

And when was she reported missing?

Technically she wasn't.

Roommate thought she was visiting family.

Family thought she was at school.

Close to her familyÂ?

Very. She had dinner with them on sunday.

That was 5 days ago, and nobody's seen her until now.

She wasn't killed on the tape.

And given forensics, other victims were tortured for weeks before they were killed, so I think we should operate as if she's still alive.

Not for long, if the b*st*rd gets his way.

Okay, I don't get it. This is the fifth abduction and now the second DVD.

Why'd they wait to call us in?

The last victim's family received this DVD two months ago.

Jacksonville P. D. thought maybe they'd get some more clues instead of just raise more questions.

Turn that down, please.

There seems to be a natural escalation to the murders.

It... began as brutal attacks against the victims, and now it's psychological attacks to the families.

So if the thrill of the kill isn't enough to satisfy his sadistic needs, he needs to spread panic, and he thrives on that.

Sadistic killers are typically strangers to their victims.

It's easier for the offender to torture and kill someone that they don't know.


Man on the tape isn't doing this just for himself.

He's playing to an audience, not her family.

Someone watching...

Who can appreciate what he's doing, admire his sadistic skills.

It is a characteristic of partners to record their crimes so they can relive the fantasy later.

How can we be sure?

Right there. The camera moves.

One guy tortures while the other records it.

Master and servant.

Jacksonville P. D.'s been looking for this killer for years.

How long is it gonna take'em to find a team?

Mark Twain wrote : "Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel.

He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it."


That's the third time he's looked back at the camera.

He's looking back at his partner.

These two are clearly deranged and acting out their worst sadistic fantasies.

Folie à deux.

Rare psychological phenomenon in which two or more people share the same psychotic delusion.

In its literal translation, yes, but it often refers to the bond that exists between two people that bring out the worst in each other.

Most killing teams have a dominant personality that instigates and plans and a submissive one who's the eager accomplice.

So how do they decide who gets to kill?

Well, the dominant one will usually insist on taking the life.

So what's the psychology behind making these DVDs?

It's a shared souvenir, allows the dominant to keep the submissive one motivated, loyal, and aroused.

It's also about control.

Built-in insurance policy for blackmail, just in case somebody gets cold feet.

It makes you wonder what might have happened if these 2 people never had met.

Chances are the women would still be alive.

Jacksonville P. D. just located Laura Clemensen's body.

Some hikers found her under a bridge.

They never hide them.

They're always easy to find.

Laura Clemensen wasn't missing for more than a week.

The time spent torturing's getting shorter.

- Has her mother been notified?

No. Not yet.

We can cover more ground if we split up.

Morgan and I'll meet local P. D. at the scene.

I'll talk to Laura Clemensen's mother, and since she just lost her husband...

I'll go with you.

I'll start with the victimology, maybe find the reason why these women were targeted.

After Frank and I watched that video, I knew.

At least she isn't suffering... anymore.

Is there anything that we can do for you?


Gave Laura a pearl and diamond ring for graduation.

Could I get it back?

I will look into that right away.

Thank you.

As part of our investigation, we're trying to gain some insight into your daughter, and...

I wondered whether she was...

Shy and quiet, or was she more outgoing and made friends easily?

I mean, is this really important?

Yes, ma'am. I know that this is hard, but the more similarities we can find between the victims, the more it'll help us narrow down who's responsible.

Frank had a ball in her hand from the minute she could walk.

She was confident.

She knew everybody at school.

She thought of our oldest, Patrick, as her best friend.

You know, she was like most girls her age.

She wanted everybody to like her.

Frank used to think that she was too much of a people pleaser, but I think it shows a really good heart.

I do, too.

The police told us that they may have a-

they may have a witness who saw Laura giving someone directions.

Does that sound like something she would have done?

We raised our children to be...

Helpful and kind and...

And that made Laura an easy target for a killer?

You have to know that you and Frank did everything right.

Frank was supposed to be at work yesterday, and if Laura...

If Laura hadn't driven back to campus that night, I mean, this wasn't supposed to happen.

This wasn't...

Special agents Gideon and Morgan.

Detective Robert Portillo.

This is the fifth girl on my watch in the past two years, and we still don't have a viable suspect.

We think you're looking for two men.

Really? Based upon what evidence?

Well, given the level of sadistic torture and desire to document their crimes, we're confident this was done by a killing team.

She's got deep lacerations on her neck, chest, and thighs.

From the color of the bruising, torture went on for several days.

CSI believes the cause of death was ligature strangulation, and it is consistent with the other victims.

In the video, she's wearing a pearl ring on her left hand.

No other evidence has turned up.

They've combed the area, quarter-mile radius.

Why would they need more trophies, Gideon?

Maybe passed it along as a gift.

Like the green river killer?


He'd leave jewelry for his female coworkers and then become aroused when he saw them wear it.

After everything they do to these girls, why do they leave'em in these horrible positions?

Haven't they suffered enough?

Apparently not.

This is the ultimate degradation to the victim and her family.

Shock value for whoever finds them.

And it sends a message to the police.

What's that?

"Look what we can do.

You can't stop us."

Are there new victims?

Garcia just sent a list over of all the unsolved rapes and murders in the past three years.

There are two that are particularly interesting.

They look the type. Anything else?

Well, aside from sharing similar physical traits, they were also posed.

The only difference is they were manually strangled, which I think is why Jacksonville P. D.

Didn't find a connection.

We find DNA on the first two?

That's the thing. It didn't match the recent kills, but check this out.

What if the dominant one allowed the submissive one to rape the first 2 victims in order to sort of draw him in, and then once he's hooked, he began keeping the prize all for himself?

You tell Morgan and Gideon about this yet?

They're still at the crime scene.

We confirmed that Laura Clemensen had good relationships with her family and friends. She got good grades and stayed out of trouble.

Just like all the other victims.

Did you guys notice that the package sent to the Clemensen family was only sent to Mary?

What about the first DVD?

Right here.

Why are they targeting the mothers?

The mother asked God to forgive the people responsible.


The family that received the first DVD went on TV pleading for their daughter's life.

That must have made the unsubs angry.

So sending the DVD to the mother is a message in itself.

A very clear one.

They don't want or need forgiveness.

How do you get to the freeway?

If you go back out to Warner and make a right, you'll see the exit in about half a mile.


No problem.

We're up to 7 victims now?

The humiliating posing of the body can't be a coincidence.

It's just too unique.

The bruising on the necks.

Looks to me like the first victim struggled.

I'd say the killer probably lost his grip a couple times and really had to fight these women.

That's why he switched from bare hands to a ligature. It's more efficient, controlled, and it doesn't sacrifice his sadistic need for a slow death.

Because the DNA didn't match, Jacksonville P. D. just didn't put it together.

Yeah, and since the weren't looking for 2 offenders...

Signature indicates these women had the same killers.

We just need to figure out who the hell they are.

Well, Jacksonville P. D.

Searched everywhere, even swamps, and still didn't find the victims'vehicles.

I got Garcia tracing VINs, but my guess is they dispose of the cars just like they do the women.

Yeah, but the bodies are easy to find.

Why do they go to so much trouble to hide the cars?

I didn't think it could get any hotter than yesterday.

Today's a record breaker, and the A. C.'s busted.

Sorry about the fans.

They're probably spreading more dust than cool air.

Well, we won't keep your officers too long.

That's not to say that the submissive partner is in any way pure or innocent in this exchange.

If their criminal desire wasn't present, their partnership wouldn't work.

The offenders share a common delusion.

It's one that you and I would never accept, but it's this bond that justifies their actions.

So we're looking for two sick minds who complete each other.

It's kind of like the perfect storm.

Once these deviant personalities collide, they're deadly and unstoppable.

Like the D. C. snipers or the Columbine assassins.

Sometimes they've met in childhood.

Other times, they can be related, like the Hillside stranglers, Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, psychopathic cousins who terrorized women in Los Angeles.

The dominant partner makes the submissive one feel invincible.

That's his reward for doing as he's told.

Unfortunately there are countless opportunities for these twisted minds to meet, and once they've pulled off their vicious acts, the two accept this as common behavior and become bored with normal activity.

They live only for their new reality.

They're obsessed with it, addicted to it.

And there's a fierce loyalty between the two.

The submissive one, however, is usually less intelligent and easier to catch, and once caught, he is easier to turn.

Lack of remorse increases their aggressiveness.

Sexual sadists will stop when they're caught.

And the need to psychologically torture the families Sorry to interrupt.

If you've seen my daughter, please, Tiffany's all I have.

She went for a run last night, and she never came home.

She's my baby.

Why weren't we told about this before she went on the news?

'Cause we didn't know about it.

Tiffany was abducted from Middleberg.

That's nearly an hour away, and it's outside of Jacksonville's jurisdiction.

Are you sure these are the same offenders?

She's their type. Grabbed her while jogging, just like their third victim.

Middleberg's only an hour from here?

If they see this, it's just a matter of time before they send a DVD.

Jennifer Jareau, FBI.

You just aired a press conference with Beverly Spears.

I need to speak to her immediately.

These guys are impatient.

They just dumped Laura Clemensen's body 24 hours ago.

Which means they're more dangerous than they were yesterday, and Tiffany Spears is running out of time.

You okay? Am I okay?

Let me see. I've got images of a girl being tortured burned inside my brain over the strains of this once-carefree choice of music.

I've isolated 4 sources from one track, and each one is more distorted than the next, so no, I am not okay, and it's gonna take awhile.

Penelope, you know I appreciate you doing this.

Thank you, sugar. For right now, even that doesn't feel good.

Moving on.

Some of these victims were abducted while driving.

It does leave a nice trail, especially when all the parts lead you to Trevor's used auto in Georgia.

No wonder Jacksonville P. D.

Couldn't find the vehicles.

The unsubs didn't drive the cars.

- They destroyed them and sold the parts.

Yeah, and over state lines.

These sickos are good.

Parts were found in Georgia.

Sales were traced to a Joey Davin, who lives right here in Jacksonville.

Joseph P. Davin, 27.

In and out of jail since he was 17.

Number of charges, including car theft with a partner.

Maybe he likes to team up. Either way, he hasn't learned his lesson.

Doesn't sound too smart to me.

Exactly why he needs a good leader.

If it is proof that Tiffany is still alive, still breathing, I need to see it.

Ma'am, you don't understand.

Do you remember what Tiffany was wearing the last time you saw her?

I told the police she was going for a run.

Sneakers, tank, shorts.

Well, you need to think of her like this until we get her back.

You don't need to see what's on that DVD.

I was supposed to have run with her yesterday.

I should have been there.

Help her.

Please, God.

Help her.

Investigators are connecting Tiffany Spears'disappearance with those of the five other victims, murdered in the Jacksonville area, including Laura Clemensen, whose body was found yesterday.

Three of the victims'cars are still missing.

Investigators believe if they can find who took those cars, they will find the killer responsible.


And what can I do for you?

We're looking for Joseph Davin.

What did Joey do now?

Sir, we really need to talk to Joey.

You Joseph Davin?

Get out of my way.

Joey, don't be stupid!

I saw it on TV.

Three strikes, and I'm out. I'm not goin'back.

I'm not going down for this. Put the weapon down.

Put it down now!


Oh, Joey!

Why didn't he put down the gun?

He didn't want that third strike.

I didn't have a choice.

And he was our closest link to finding Tiffany Spears.

Can't this wait?

Mr. Davin, there have been seven women raped and murdered in the Jacksonville area.

We can tie Joe to three of them.

I thought by forcing him to move back in here, it would keep him out of trouble.

How long had your son been living here?

Two years. After the M. S. put me in a chair.

Was he still running with his boys from prison?

He works at a garage with a bunch of ex-cons.

I tried so hard. I just couldn't get him out of that world.

I kept telling him, "you're better than all this."

Agent Gideon, we just found this.

Your son have a friend or girlfriend with long, blond hair?

Not that I know of, no.

Is it possible that you wouldn't know if you did?

After today...

Nothing would surprise me.

The dominant one wouldn't have panicked like that.

He would have come at us shooting and gone down in a blaze of glory.

So where's the other half of this partnership?

Witnesses saw a white minivan, correct?

That one's Henry's. It's got handicapped plates.

You see any signs in Henry's behavior that he could be part of this?


But if Joey drives the van, then he can drive while his partner snatches the girls.

Have your men process the van.

If there's anything in there that doesn't belong to Joe or Henry Davin, I wanna know about it.

So, how does Joe meet his partner?

Well, his father said he hangs with a bunch of ex-cons at the garage.

Yeah. It's in...

It's in Springfield. I'll have Hotch check it out.

If he's still hanging with ex-cons, he...

Probably talks to his old cellmate.


Find out who that is. Okay.

This better be hella good.



Yes, sir. I'm here.

I'm sorry. I just... I wasn't... I'm surprised that you're calling me.

I need to know who Joseph Davin shared a cell with.

Yes. Sure.

It was a guy...


His name was Tony Canardo.

They were in together for 18 months, and both were released 3 years ago.

Before the killings started.

Is that it?

His current address is 865

Kentwood in Jacksonville.

That's all you got?




You did great work.

Keep it up.

Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you.

Look, I got two guys out today. I can't help you.

But my car's still leaking oil.

Do you still have a receipt?

It was less than a month ago.

Do you have your receipt?

Excuse me.

I'm with a customer.

All right.

What can you tell me about Joe Davin?

I can tell you I fired him last week.


He wasn't very good at his job.

He was shot this morning by Jacksonville police.

Sorry to hear that.

You seem real upset by the news.

I already had another guy to take his place.

You didn't waste any time, did you?

His ex-con buddies were always at the shop.

It's bad for business.

You're an ex-con.

I was innocent.

Yeah. They all are.

You know this guy?

That's T-bone.

Name's Tony Canardo.

He ran with Joey's crowd.

This is one of the ex-cons that you were talking about?

Yeah. When Tony's around, Joey's not taking orders from me, and I can't have too many cooks in the kitchen. You know what I mean?

We do.

Look, I gotta get back to work.

Well, Joey was just surrounded by dominant personalities.

If Mike Kroger was the killer, you'd think he'd try to hide it better.

We'll have Garcia run his sheet.

Who are you guys?

Mrs. Canardo.


Can we come in?

Everything okay?

You tell me.

We're looking for your husband.

He's not home.

Well, he spent time in prison with a man named Joseph Davin.

Do you know him?

Yeah, I know Joey.

Joey's dead.

Oh, my God. What happened?

He pulled a gun when we were trying to question him.

About what?

Seven young women in the Jacksonville area who've been raped and killed.

Did you know him well?

He and my husband did time together.

When Tony got out on good behavior, he...

Tried to turn his life around, stay clean.

How's he doing?


Some of those are mine.

Tony ever get into trouble or do anything that scares you when he drinks?

Only when he's around Joey.

Those two get together, I'm afraid of what could happen.

Do you know where we can find Tony now?

He's getting off work.

He should be home soon.

Is there anyplace you can go?'Cause we're gonna need to talk to him.

I can call my friend Kim.

You wanna drive me down to the station? Can you wait here for Tony?

Did you run Mike Kroger's sheet, the guy from the garage?

The boy needs a refresher course in anger management.

Okay, we got assault and battery.

We got assault with a deadly weapon.

There's one attempted rape, but it was dropped, because the poor thing was too scared to testify against Mr. Stinky.

Where was he when Tiffany Spears was abducted?

His credit card says Miami, but not all of his alibis check out, and you know if there is one loose thread, I will find it, I will pull it, and his story will completely unravel.

A tout à l'heure.

Garcia's checking Mike Kroger's whereabouts when the women were abducted.

Some of his alibis already check out.

What about Tony Canardo?

Morgan's still outside his house waiting.

Excuse me.

Agent Gideon, there's someone here who wants to talk to you.

Mrs. Canardo.

What happened?

After you left, I got nervous, so I went to find Tony.

Please, sit down.

And he... he knew something was up, so...

You got a kleenex?

What'd you tell him?

Well, I told him the truth, that the FBI was asking questions.

So he hit you?

I wasn't completely honest with you about Tony.

He fell off the wagon a while ago.

I just was afraid to say something.

I didn't wanna betray him. He's my husband.

No, it's... it's good that you're here with us.

You're safe here.

I'm gonna go tell Portillo and Hotch that they should meet Morgan.

Mrs. Canardo, can I ask you a question?


Is that ring new?

Tony won some money playing poker.

He bought it as a gift.


Looks a lot like Laura Clemensen's.

Big mistake.

Come on!


Yeah! Right here!

What, you couldn't wait?

I didn't want him to get away.

You all right?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Say anything? No.

You should have stuck to beating up girls.

Bring him inside.

Thank you.

Does anybody watch this stuff?

We were never in this room. We never saw them.

It's Tiffany Spears.

Where is she?


Please, help!

Help me!


If we're gonna get anything out of Tony, we gotta praise him.

He's the dominant. He thinks he deserves it.

Confirm instead of undermine his expectations.

Make him think he's smarter than us because he saw it coming.

We don't have much time.

I know. I'm sorry. That's just standard procedure.

Special agent Aaron Hotchner.

I'm supervising this task force.

I just wanna say that this case, your case, is...


You've got people at the B. A. U. shaking their heads.

What about you?

You shaking your head?


Seven victims in three years. You've got every woman in Jacksonville living in fear.

That's pretty much what you wanted, isn't it?

I'm sure whoever's responsible for it is enjoying it.

The B. A. U. would like to study you, interview you, with your permission, of course.

Show me what's in the boxes.

This. They're all full.

It's all you.

We can...

We can open all the boxes if you want.

No. I wanna see my lawyer.

Well, Tony sure lawyered up quick.

- He's playing games.

Florida state wants to make a deal if you tell us where Tiffany Spears is.

This guy's been to jail before. He knows how to keep his mouth shut.

What do you think, I'm stupid?

Far from it.

Look at that.

Notice how he's focused on those two pictures.

We can't forensically tie him to those victims, but we're certain that he posed those bodies after death.

Well, that's certainly not working.

I'm not getting anywhere with him.

Is the wife still here?

We wanna put her in a room with him?

We need to humanize him.

I think she could do that.

How? He abuses her.

And she takes it.

She's subservient to him.

You think she'd do it?

If we wanna find Tiffany Spears, she'll have to.

It's worth a shot.

We'd been together two years, so we were gonna start a family.

Sorry to interrupt.

Few minutes. Thank you.

How are you holdin'up?

Okay, I guess.

You called your family?

Tony's my only family.

Tony won't talk to us.

What are you gonna do?

I think if you go in there, he'll talk to you.

You want me to go in a room with him?

I can't do that.

There- you gotta find another way.

He'll kill me. I turned him in.

Look what he did to me.

I know.

I believe...

That you're the only person who can get through to Tony.

With Joe dead, Tony's the only on who knows where Tiffany Spears is.

And if he tells you, you've saved her life.

Right now, you're her only hope.

Honey, I need to know where...

Where the girl is.

Don't you mean...

They need to know?

Why should I tell them anything?

What have I got to gain?

They're pinning us for seven murders, Amber.

I can't believe you and Joey killed them all.


None of this would have happened if Joey had stayed away.

We were on our way to better things.

Joey messed that up for us.

I need you to tell me, Tony.

Where'd Joey take the girl?

I can't.

I'm begging you to end this.

Tell me now.

Where's the girl?

There's this...

Storage unit.

Joe's dad is the only one who has the key.

I can't believe my husband killed all those women.

It took a lot of courage to go in there. You did the right thing.

Can we get you a glass of water or something?




You stay with her, please?

Yes, sir.

Joe's dad? Isn't he in a wheelchair, though?

Only for the last 2 years.

Henry Davin could have raped and killed the first two women three years ago, then brought in Joe and Tony to continue his work.

Maybe it's the only satisfaction he can get.

Now they record it, and he lives it though them.

So it was a team of three.

We found Laura Clemensen's hair at Henry's house. It makes sense.

Let's take a ride. Let's go.

Tony Canardo's one sick b*st*rd.

I'm not surprised mother abandoned him when he was 4, and then she got clean and got him back until he was 11, when she got busted for prostitution.

No wonder he hates women.

He bounced around social services after that.

I mean, this guy never had any support, no foundation, no security.

How'd he get the confidence to pull off something like that?

Maybe that's why he needed a partner.

But he's supposed to be the dominant one, the leader.

And given his history...

How can he do that?

She's not here. She was never here.

What the hell's going on?

This looks nothing like the video.

He's really playing a tough guy with that officer, huh?

He played the tough guy with Hotch.

It wasn't antagonistic.

It was defensive.

False bravado?

You think he's wearing a mask?

Let me see Amber's tape.

Why isn't she scared?

She looks scared to me.

No. Look.

She initiated eye contact, right there.


You guys have gotta hear this.

Patch it through.

If she were afraid, she'd look anywhere but his face.

She's looking at the victims, and she doesn't really...

She doesn't seem that repulsed. She actually...

Looks surprisingly calm.

Now put that little bitch on her side.

You like it, don't you?

Dirty whore likes it.

He's studying her.

He's waiting for her lead.

Where'd Joey take the girl?

She just gave him an order.

He's protecting her.

He's giving her an out.

- Do it again.

Where is she?

Where's the girl?! Where is she?!

Told you to watch her.

We analyzed what we recorded of Tony and Amber.

Turns out she's the dominant one.

Garcia finally isolated the soundtrack on that DVD.

Turns out it was Amber giving the orders.

That means she's the one doing the killing. Where is Amber now?

She told the cop she was going out for a smoke and walked out the back door.

We're running out of time. You've gotta find out where they're holding Tiffany.

I'll change the approach.

You're gonna wanna look at this.

Joey Davin's DNA didn't match the first 2 victims.

That means neither could Henry's.

So who raped the first two girls?

Lucky man, you know that?

You have something really special.

I mean, she had to know what you were doing to all those women and stayed with you anyway.

Must feel great to be appreciated by the woman you love.

It does.

I bet.

I know you and Amber would do anything for each other.

But why would you confess to killing these two women when you had no idea who they are?

Joey and I killed all of'em.


Well, whose DNA did we find at the scene?

What are you talking about?

Well, it's not yours. It's not Joe's.

That poor guy probably had no idea these cars belonged to the women you killed.

Makes you wonder if you and Joe hadn't shared a cell together, maybe he'd still be alive.

You got the wrong idea.

No, I think you've got the wrong idea, Tony.

Joe wasn't your partner. Tiffany Spears isn't at the storage unit.

You wanna know what else?

We can hear Amber's voice on the videos telling you what to do.

We know Amber's your partner.

Come on.


Why you protecting her?

She's my wife.

It's more than that.

Look, nothing would ever come between us...

Not you...

Not nothing. Besides - Amber would never do anything to hurt me.

Reid here.

No time for pleasantries. I was able to unseal a file regarding Amber Canardo.

What does it say?

When Amber was 15, she walked into a Tallahassee hospital, raped and beaten something awful.

Doctors deduced she was being abused by her father and her brother. Eventually they convinced her to go to the police. But when she did, mom showed up and told them that Amber was lying.

She obviously did nothing to protect Amber from the abuse.

She feels betrayed by her mother and now receives extreme sadistic pleasure in watching the same thing that happened to her.

Strange. In this case the abused actually - became the abuser. That doesn't happen a lot?

1 in 8.

We found the one.

You ask Amber how the first two women died?

She's done it before, Tony.

No, she hasn't.

Yes, she has, with other men.

You're not so special.

Men mean nothing to her.

She used you, just like the other guy.

Shut up.

She set you up, Tony.

She had you do everything.

Whose DNA do you think that was at the scene?

Come on. Think about it.

Amber beat herself up, she walked in here, she handed me Laura Clemensen's ring, and she told us you gave it to her as a gift.

You know it's true, and that's why you're upset.

Gideon, Garcia found out that Amber was abused by her brother and her father.

They'd take her to the woods.

She betrayed you, Tony.

There's only one way to get her back. Because if you don't, she'll forget about you, just like this other guy.

Tell us where she's keeping the girl.

I know Amber's father kept her in the woods so no one would hear her scream.

Was it Amber's idea to leave the girls in the woods?

Where's Tiffany?

There's a cabin.



Back off!

You got nothin'on me.

Yeah, we just got your voice on tape giving orders.

So what?

He saved one little whore.

Tiffany, I'm FBI. I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Believe me.

She'll never be the same.

You're okay. You're okay.

We got Amber.

Tiffany Spears is alive.

All right. Thank you.

Jacksonville P. D. found the remains of a body on the grounds of the cabin.

They think it's Amber Canardo's old boyfriend.

And 10'll get you 20 that DNA'll match the first 2 victims.

At least the families will finally have closure.

And we did save Tiffany Spears.

Philosopher Khalil Gibran wrote, "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars."