14x15 - Truth or Dare

[Music playing]

Is everything ok?

I can make you something else if you'd like.

No. Thank you.

Of course.

Excuse me.

- Here you go.
- Gracias.


[Register printing]

You guys, you should have seen Reid.

He shot a .

Yeah, he qualified to shoot a possible.

That's a perfect score. What, like agents

have made the wall of glory.

He hit everything. I mean, at one point I thought he must have two guns.

Maybe I did.

Garcia: Ok, I think this will work.

Wow, where have you been hiding those?

Lewis: So, Alvez, what did you shoot?


Phew. Tara?

[Scoffs] Hundred, come on.

[Scoffs] No. No way.

Ok. I mean, you're good, but you are not that good.

That's not what your daddy said last night.

[Shuffles cards] Oh!

Lucky daddy.


Garcia: I am loving this time right now, but two days without a case, it feels weird.

It feels like we could be doing some of this waiting at home.

Yeah, yeah, Rossi stepped out.

Rossi's getting married in two days, and we're all still on the clock.

Simmons: Guys, I feel like this is gonna be the hot seat.

Jareau: Yeah, you do know he's been banned from every casino in Vegas, right?


With a deck of cards, the number of combinations is a factorial of .

You simply need to calculate your outs and then your implied odds.

Math is the basis of all card games.

Lewis: All right, ladies and gentlemen.

Today's game's card. Roll them out.

The big blind is . The baby is .

We are still playing poker, right?

[Heavy breathing]

Man: He's got a gun! Run!


Alvez: Do you think the lady's bluffing?

I know the lady's bluffing because she has a tell.

No, I don't.

I'm gonna go all in.

Oh, I like it.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I call.

All right, let's see 'em.

Three of a kind, king high.

Perfectly respectable, but not getting it done.

Pair of kings, pair of s.

Oh, I'm sorry, three s.

Ooh, a full boat from the sassy Dr. Reid.

Lewis: Ooh!

Oh, a straight flush! That has to hurt.


I think that Reid is speechless.

Guess I'm a better liar than you thought.

Thank you for not letting me put

Garcia's octopus mug in the pile.

What's that?

Heh. Nothing.

Oh, boy, don't look now.

We've got a case.

Prentiss: We're headed to Los Angeles where two murders in the last two days with the exact same M.O. have the authorities puzzled.

The first homicide was yesterday following a hit and run in Eagle Rock.

Garcia: This man in a pickup rear ended this woman in a sedan, and then he got out of his car and he shot her.

Prentiss: Twice in the chest at close range.

He then fled the scene.

Cops thought it was a road rage incident gone wrong until today.

Garcia: A few hours ago, a second shooting happened following a violent accident, this time in Reseda.

Similar pattern, and the same driver according to eyewitness accounts.

This time he's in the SUV.

He T-bones the red truck. He survives the crash, and just like before, he gets out, he walks right up to the other car and shoots the driver.

Alvez: We've seen cases of symphorophilia before, where a suspect gets off on staging a crash, but none that involved a gun.

And given the fact that he's also the driver, I think it's more likely a case of autassassinophilia.

It's an overlapping paraphilia in which an individual derives arousal or sexual pleasure from the thought of and or risk of being killed.

Simmons: Makes me think the vehicles are important to him in some way, like they're a part of what he's trying to do or say.

Were any of the cars the suspect used reported stolen?

Oh, yeah, both vehicles were reported missing prior to the accidents.

We've got the makings of a thrill killer here.

Prentiss: A thrill killer at the start of a spree.

With two dead and our primary suspect at large, the jet's standing by.

What about Rossi?

I know I said I didn't want any of this, but I cannot wait to walk down that aisle and marry you in two days.

The altar will be set up here.

- Ok, what about the flowers?
- [Cell phone chimes]

They'll be delivered morning of.

And this is the bar. Let me know if you have any special requests.

Wheels up.

Would you give us a minute?

I don't have to go.

Yeah, you do.

I'll make it back in time.

If I have to fly the jet myself, I will make it back for our wedding.

I know you will.

I love you.

[Car alarm sounds]

Man: Hey!

Hey, what are you doing? That's my car!

Give me the keys.

Don't make me shoot you!


[Alarm chirps]

[Tires squeal]

Jareau: "We all have a monster within."

The difference is in degree, not in kind."

Douglas Preston.

Lewis: Ok, so our first victim, Andrea Hinojosa, was years old.

She was a public defender for L.A. county on her way to a courthouse when the shooter collided with her.

It says here Andrea was single, lived alone.

She was well respected, a rising star in her office.

Prentiss: We should focus on disgruntled clients, angry family members.

Garcia: I'm working on getting access to her client list as we speak.

Simmons: Our second victim, Paul Burke, was something of a rolling stone.

He's been an Uber driver, a handyman, and most recently, a construction worker.

Alvez: He was headed to a job site when our shooter smashed into his truck and then shot him.

- That was the video you sent me.
- Yeah.

Garcia, did Paul Burke and Andrea Hinojosa ever cross paths?

Garcia: Yeah, it's still too early to say.

Andrea had a lot of clients and cases that took her all over Los Angeles.

Paul did, too, but his digital footprint isn't as strong as his peers'.

Lucky for you guys, I eat digital footprints for breakfast.

I'm ronkin' and tonkin' on this, so if there's a connection, I'll find out.

Thanks, Penelope.

Garcia: Love you. I mean it.

Well, the unsub must have been stalking them.

He knew their routines, targeted both Andrea and Paul on their way into work.

Yeah, it's interesting.

These victims likely didn't even see him coming until he smashes into them.

And then after he's done so, incapacitating them, he walks right up to the car, so, what, they can see him pull the trigger?

First he scares them, then he punishes them.

A guy this bold, this cold-blooded feels like he's out for revenge.

I agree. We've got a lot to sort through.

Tara, Matt, go to the first crime scene.

Dave, Luke, you'll head to the latest crime scene.

JJ, Reid, and I will set up at the local P.D.

And go through the numerous eyewitness statements.

If this guy sticks to the pattern, he'll strike again today.

We can't let him.

Detective Murad.

I'm Unit Chief Prentiss.

These are Agents Jareau and Reid.

Pleasure. Nice to see you both again.

It's like I told you on the phone.

We've had hundreds and hundreds of calls of possible eyewitnesses, but it's impossible to know who's for real, who's crazy, and who's just looking for attention.

Were there any accounts that stood out due to detail or specificity?

CCTV footage has been on the news.

A librarian in Silver Lake recognized the shooter.

Claims he stole his car and threatened him with a gun.

And there's a waitress that I just spoke with.

She's pretty sure that she served the shooter yesterday.

We'd like to talk to both of them.

Well, Ximena, the waitress, is still here.

I'll get you the contact info for the librarian.

Thank you. Reid, JJ, go talk to Ximena.

I will reroute Matt and Tara to the library.

Thank you.

So, what'd he say?

Says he's here every day and saw everything.

You ready for the part that doesn't make sense?

Says our shooter was reluctant.

What do you mean?

According to our friend, the suspect's hands were shaking.

That could have been adrenaline.

Yeah, it could have been, but he says he hesitated before he shot him.

The footage we saw was too far away to pick up that kind of detail.

We need to check with the other eyewitness reports, see if they back it up.

All right.

And you could have got me one.

You got a wedding coming up.

Man: We were about to close for the night when he forced his way inside.

Everything about him made me nervous.

His energy was all over the place.

Was he looking for a book, a person?

I don't know. I didn't want to get too close, but there was no one else inside.

Then what happened?

He went right to these stacks over here, then took off.

I thought he was stealing a book or something, so I chased him out, saw him break the window of my car, then he pulled a gun, took my keys, and drove away.

Do you mind if we take a look around for a moment?

Please. Let me know if you need anything else.


Tyler got lucky.

The unsub could have killed him.

But up until now he's avoided unnecessary violence and every car he's taken was empty.

This feels reckless.

What was he looking for that was important enough for him to risk exposing himself like this?

[Approaching siren]

Reid: We've got credible sightings all over the city.

I mean, the shooter has not exactly been careful.

Yeah, public park, the restaurant yesterday afternoon, the library. This guy's been seen coming and going.

This paints a far different picture than what we thought we were walking into.

Between the hesitation that Dave and Luke found and this reckless behavior, we're missing something.

[Cell phone rings]

Hey, Penelope. You're on speaker.

Fam, ok, I have been doing some digging, and I have discovered a rare and beautiful artifact like the teeth of a baby raptor.

weeks ago, our first victim, Andrea Hinojosa, had a phone conversation with our second victim, Paul Burke.

It only lasted a few moments, but this is the only connection we have because they don't live in the same areas, they don't frequent the same cantinas, nothing, nada.

Could it be someone associated with one of the cases Andrea was working?

It could, but Paul's never been arrested.

He's not listed in any court filings or police reports.

We need you.

Oh. Oh, I heard that. Is that a lead?

Thanks, Garcia.

Ok. Godspeed.

They can't see me.

We've located the vehicle stolen outside the library last night.

Rampart division found it in a residential neighborhood.

We're keeping our distance.

Prentiss: All right, Dave and Luke are closest.

Murad: And we've got units in the area.

How do you want us to handle this?

With caution. He's armed.


Hands where I can see them. Now!

Rossi: Do not make any sudden movements.

Get out of the vehicle slowly with your hands up!


You don't understand.

Officer: Stay right there.

No, no. I had to do this.

Keep your hands up.

You got to let me go, please.

We can talk about this, but I need you to calm down.

You don't get it!

This was the last one.

He's got a weapon.

Alvez: Keep your hands up!


I had to do this, ok. You don't understand.

What don't we understand?

My wife, ok. She's in danger.

Her name is Lynn Zabel.

She's at Spruce Avenue.

Keep your hands up.

Please, I have to do this or he will kill her.


No, don't!


Luke, he said his wife's name was Lynn Zabel.

Yes. Spruce Avenue.

Emily, we need a unit at Spruce Avenue immediately.

Something's wrong here.

Our shooter's name was Mark Zabel, years old, a musician.

He was just shot dead by the LAPD.

Man: Clear!

We're clear!

[Police radio]


It's Lynn Zabel. She's dead.

But she's still warm. Mark couldn't have done this.

What the hell is going on?

Simmons: Our shooter knew this was gonna happen.

Mark knew his wife was in danger.

Well, he told Dave and Luke he had to do this.

So let's take him at face value.

He was acting under duress.

He was coerced into a killing spree in order to save his wife.

Murder by proxy.

But coerced by whom?

Who's pulling the strings?

How would that even work?

Well, the unsub would need to gain control.

So first he would take Mark's wife hostage as leverage, give him an ultimatum.

Do exactly what I say or I kill your wife.

Then he'd have to give Mark some kind of instructions.

His orders would be clear, concise.

Vehicle, time, place.

Simmons: The victims have been selected ahead of time, so he's most likely working off of a list.

So he carries out two kills exactly as instructed, despite the risk, his own apprehensions, but we interrupted his third.

Mark didn't complete his mission, so the unsub kills his wife.

But in order to know that, he must have been watching him.

It's almost like it's some kind of game.

It says everything about what the unsub feels about Mark, how much he wanted him to suffer.

[Camera shutter clicks]

So the unsub is a proxy killer?

Puppet master, most likely orchestrating his kills out of a need for revenge.

Jareau: Forced into an impossible situation, Mark had to make a choice...

Either kill or watch his wife be killed.

Mark chose the former, just as our unsub knew he would.

Turned Mark into a murderer for his own enjoyment.

Reid: Sending Mark all across the city to collect his instructions and carry out his kills speaks to his lust for power.

Prentiss: This is a man with a fragile yet outsized ego.

Once he's challenged, he won't back down.

So he's, what, trying to settle some kind of score?

Rossi: Perhaps teach his victims a lesson.

The victims our unsub targeted, Andrea, Mark, and Paul are all connected.

All right, see you tomorrow.

See you, Candice.

Murad: Including Mark's intended third victim.

Rossi: Yeah. We ID'd a man named Charlie Sturgill.

Jareau: They've all crossed paths with the unsub.

Finding out how and when will help us identify any remaining targets.

[Woman grunting]


Shut up! Shut up!




We'll make it.

So Charlie Sturgill's here, and we caught a break.

Turns out he was involved in a case that Andrea tried years ago.

So, Charlie, you were a witness.


And this woman, Andrea, was the lawyer.

Her client, the defendant, was nuts.

He threatened to kill everyone after the verdict was delivered.

Simmons: What do you remember about the case?

It was a hit and run.

The defendant was involved in a head-on collision in front of the bar where I worked.

people were killed.

Had he been drinking?

Um, I remember serving him earlier that night.

His defense was that it was an accident.

- But it wasn't?
- No.

He was playing chicken with oncoming traffic.

He claimed to only have gotten behind the wheel on a dare, that him and some guy were playing truth or dare to impress some woman.

Who was the other guy?

They didn't say, but it was a BS excuse.

Everyone knew it. I saw the whole thing.

He didn't lose control.

He never even slowed down.

There was a car coming right at him, but he just floored it.

Garcia: Found the case in question.

Our unsub's name is Casey Allen Pinkner, and he's a piece of work.

He spent the majority of his misspent youth in and out of the system.

He tried to go the straight and narrow in his early s, took some odd jobs, but Casey has a problem with the drink, as we all saw, and it finally caught up with him.

Garcia, where is he now?

Garcia: I can tell you he was sentenced to years in prison.

He served . He was released weeks ago.

And I'll try to find his last knowns.

Prentiss: Now, Casey's defense was that this whole thing was the result of a game of truth or dare gone wrong, and that this mystery man in the bar was really at fault.

Now, we think that man was Mark Zabel.

Garcia: Oh, and I can tell you via credit card receipt that that bar in question Mark frequented.

Simmons: At the time of Casey's trial, Mark never came forward,

so the cops never pursued him as a lead.

Casey's been planning this for a while.

Simmons: When we questioned him, Charlie recognized Paul Burke as the jury foreman, so maybe that's why Andrea called Paul, to warn him that Casey was out.

Jury rosters in Los Angeles county are sealed.

That's why we couldn't find the connection between Paul and Andrea.

So Andrea was his lawyer, Paul the jury foreman, Charlie the eyewitness.

Casey's going after everyone involved, everyone that helped put him away.

Rossi: We need the names of everyone who could have been in that courtroom.

Compiling and sending now.

[Cell phone rings]

Hey, sweetie, what's up?

Casey: Is this the honorable judge, Ms. Melissa Hamilton?

Who is this?

Listen very carefully.

I have your daughter Candice.

I wouldn't do that, Melissa.

You'll do exactly as I say or she dies.

Um, never mind. I thought I forgot a file.

I'm good. That's my car.

Casey: I'm gonna be crystal clear.

Talk to the police, ask anyone else for any help, Candice is dead.

[Phone beeps]


What do you want?

We're gonna play a little game.

Reid: Garcia, any luck with Judge Hamilton?

No. We've reached everyone else involved.

She won't pick up. I'm pinging her phone.

You guys are close.

Jareau: She's got to be his end game.

He knows we're on to him. Time is limited.

During sentencing, she wanted to throw the book at him, said he needed to take responsibility for his actions.

That would have incensed him.

Oh, she just pulled over.

You'll do exactly as I say.

Your daughter's life depends on it.

Reid: That's her. That's judge Hamilton.

Turn around.

Go! Now!

[Tires squeal]

[Truck beeping]

[People screaming]

Go, go, go. Go!

Right there.

Everybody out!


Jareau: Go! Get out! FBI.

Put your weapons down. Now!

That's not gonna happen.

Melissa, take it.

Take it!

I'll kill your daughter. You know I will.

Point it at them. Now!

Casey: I'm not gonna ask you again.

Put it down!

Put them down now!

It's ok.


Melissa, pick them up.

Pick them up! Go, go!

Toss them.

Please, don't hurt her.

I didn't call them.

I have no idea how they found me.

Do not move.

Lock it down!

[Gate whirs]

Please, just let my daughter go.

Melissa, we haven't finished our little game.

Rear entrance has been barricaded as well.

Eyewitnesses put or people inside.

What about security cameras?

Employee says they're cheap, routed off of some server in China.

We're trying to access them now.

Get Garcia on it.

Rapid response team is gearing up in the back.

As soon as they find a point of vulnerability,

I want to go in strong.

No. No, that's a bad idea.

Let's build a line of communication, start there.

We've got two of our best agents in there.

We need to trust that they'll keep things under control until we can find a way in.


The problem is, Casey's not likely to ask for anything.

I mean, what he wants, he has.

We can't negotiate with a guy who doesn't want anything.

Don't worry, it's gonna be ok.

Casey: Hurry up.

Get over here.

This is all your fault.

I told you. I told you it was an accident, that Mark was the one who forced me to do it, but you wouldn't listen.

You just sat up there looking smug and superior.

You think you're so much better than me, but you're not.

You're just as capable of hurting someone as anybody is.

Well, here it is, Judge...

Your moment of truth.

Shoot her, or I'll kill your daughter.

Jareau: Come on. She's got nothing to do with this, ok.

Just let her go.

Shoot her!


She's not a part of this.


You have no reason to hurt her.

Just let her go.

[Melissa whimpers]

I wasn't talking to you.

Get up! Now!

[Melissa screams]

Do not move!

New deal.

Now you need to kill one of these two.

To get Melissa to play along, he's got to be forcing her hand, and my guess is that he's using her daughter Candice as leverage.

Just like before with Mark and his wife.

If he's holding her, it's got to be close.

Go door to door, car to car.

We remove the threat, we can turn Melissa.

Who's it gonna be?


I don't want to do this.

Focus, Melissa.


Judge, you got to decide.

That's what you do, right?

Decide life or death with a flick of your gavel.

[Telephone rings]

[Line rings]


[Telephone rings]

Reid: Answer it. Casey, answer it.

Shut up!

Pull the trigger!

[Telephone rings]

[Ringing stops] Nothing.

Focus, Melissa.

Pull the trigger.


Um, if Melissa won't play, I will.

Truth or dare. That's your game, right?

I'll play.

Simmons: I got Garcia. She's seconds away from accessing the security feed.

Go ahead, Garcia. We got the laptop.

I'm running algorithms on algorithms here.

And we are in.

This is live.

Ok. All right, looks like Reid and JJ are tied up, and it's the shop manager that was shot. Right? Look.

She's still moving.

Simmons: Do we have audio?

No, cameras aren't capable.

Is that a door? Where?

Right here. Far left wall.

Casey: Melissa, the weapon. Now!

Reid: Casey, I know what it's like, to be wrongly accused, sent to prison for a crime you didn't commit.

Yeah, right.

You went to jail?

I'd like to see that, pretty boy.

Casey: Ok.



Agent Jareau.

Truth or dare?


If I think you're lying or stretching the truth in the slightest, I'll kill him.


You ever shoot anybody before?

Yes, I have.

You enjoy it?


Liar! [Gunshot]

No, no, no. I'm not lying.

Ok, I'm not lying.

The people I shot I had no choice, but I did not enjoy it. I didn't.

Ok, you asked, and I told the truth, ok.

I told you the truth.

So now it's my turn.


That's how this game's played.

We take turns.

Truth or dare?


What's it gonna take for all of us to walk out of here alive, for this to end peacefully?

I ain't going back to prison.

My turn.

Truth or dare?


I want you to say something you're afraid to say, that you'd never tell anybody.

And you better make it good, 'cause if it's not, it's gonna be the last thing you ever say.

What's it gonna be?

There are only people I trust in this world.






My baby I lost, I, um...


I wanted to name her Maggie.

Wrong! Come on, you can do better than that.


Shut up!

Ok, ok, ok.

Last chance.

Something you would never say aloud, not even to your partner here.

Your deepest, darkest secret.

Impress me or I kill him.

Come on!

Spence, um...


I've always loved you.

And I was just too scared to say it before.

And now things are just really too complicated to say it now.

[Exhales] I'm sorry.

But you should know.

Hot damn.

That's what I'm talking about.

Now those are some last words right there.

But not good enough to save your life.



Woman: ♪ all of the love in the world ♪

♪ couldn't save me ♪

♪ deal with me, steal with me ♪

♪ just stay for a moment and heal with me... ♪

We need an ambulance. We've got down. have been shot.

♪ Play with me ♪

Hang in there, ok. Help is on its way.

♪ All of the love in the world ♪

♪ couldn't make me less alone ♪

♪ all of the love in the world ♪

♪ couldn't save me... ♪

All right. You ok?

♪ All of the love in the world ♪

♪ couldn't save me ♪

♪ I called it at two ♪

♪ you called it at three ♪

♪ same people, different party ♪

♪ all of the love in the world ♪

♪ couldn't save me ♪


I didn't think you were gonna make it.

- [Laughs]
- Get over here!

Hey, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

How's your mother?

She's great.

And that husband of yours, he's still treating you well?

Yes, Dad. I'm so proud of you.

Hey, that's my line.

Have you met Portia?

I have, yes. She's amazing.

Told me how you stopped her from marrying a total loser, which sounds about right.

You look very handsome.



You look perfect.

You guys decided on a honeymoon yet?

We haven't. We talked about it, but...

Well, how about two weeks in the French Riviera?

I've always wanted to go.

[Laughs] I know.

You talked about it my entire life.

Oh, Mom, don't start.

Come on, the car's waiting.

[Violin music playing softly]


Kristy: Hey, I was hoping to meet the fantastic

Andrew Mendoza I've been hearing about.

You will.

I just thought a wedding like this might be a little...

Too soon?

Too much.

Garcia: Ok, I have just made this up.

I call it the Rossi.

It is served in a crystal goblet.

That is with a "C" and one "L."

It is distinguished. It's reliable.

It's a little sweet with just the right amount of bite.

- Will it get me drunk?
- Totally.

- I will take a double.
- Done.

Oh, and, um, I came to this wedding by myself, but I will not be dancing by myself.

Do you understand me, Dr. Reid?

- Yes.
- Ok.

Hey, where have you been?
We've all been waiting.

I was waiting to see if Lisa was gonna have to work an extra shift, and she does, so maybe she'll make it later.

Can I please have one of your fancy drinks?

Because you asked nicely, you can.

Oh, my gosh, you guys, did you guys hear?

Johnny Mathis is Rossi's best man.

Of course he is.

Lewis: I gotta get some famous friends.

Johnny, I'm telling you, she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Then what is she doing with you?

I have no idea.

But your music has a lot to do with it.

Here's to second chances.

Second chances, my friend.

[Classical music playing]


Prentiss: When Dave got engaged, he pulled out all the stops.

Some of you might not know this, but he proposed to Krystall in our elevator at the FBI, which was perfect.

If she said no, he could just go back to work and she had a built-in escape.

But she said yes, and here we are.

Of course, our good friend David Rossi has been here before.

This isn't his first rodeo, as they say.

Strangely enough, though, he has never been to an actual rodeo.

But I digress.

Penelope says that this was fate, that their marriage was in the stars.

Dave and Krystall are twin flames, two souls that are always meant to be together.

Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes a parallel universe or something, but the thing about twin flames is that nothing can keep them apart.

They are a magic unto themselves.

And together, they light the way for all of us.

To David and Krystall.

All: To David and Krystall.

Cheers. Cheers.

[Glasses clinking]

[Dance music playing]

Man: ♪ you make me want to be a better man ♪

♪ you make me want to be the best I can ♪

♪ you're my sweet inspiration ♪

♪ you're my sweet inspiration ♪

♪ you're my sweet inspiration ♪

♪ yeah, you're my... ♪

["Chances are" intro]

Johnny Mathis: ♪ chances are... ♪

Simmons: Two, please. Thanks.

I shouldn't.


♪ The moment you come into view... ♪

Oh, you're not...

♪ Chances are you think ♪

♪ that I'm in love with you... ♪

Oh, my god. What are we gonna do?

Number .

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

A bigger house, bigger car, bigger paycheck.

- Can I get a water?
- No problem.



So I didn't get a chance to...

Say it back there, but thank you for saving my life.

You're welcome. You ok?


But Luke was right, though. Two guns, huh?

How long you been wearing an ankle holster?

Around the time I got out of prison.


♪ Guess you feel you'll always be... ♪

Look, so what I said back there, I, uh...

I needed to say something that would get his attention, and I needed to say something that would get your attention.

You know, so, I, uh, I just needed to throw him off balance.

- Jennifer...
- ♪ chances are your chances are... ♪

Truth or dare?

♪ Awfully good ♪


Did you mean it?

Prentiss: Guys, they're about to cut the cake.

Uh, great. We'll be right there.

[Clears throat]


♪ That fill the skies ♪

It's ok.

♪ Are in my eyes ♪

Everything's ok.

- ♪ Guess you feel you'll always be ♪
- Yeah.


♪ The one and only one for me ♪

♪ and if you think you could... ♪


♪ Well, chances are your chances are ♪

♪ awfully good ♪

♪ the chances are your chances are... ♪

Rossi, voice-over: A good friend of mine once said, "all you need is love."