01x01 - Episode 01

Today, the world mourns the lost of Benjamin "Pops" Delaney. It is now confirmed to us that his death came from a sudden heart attack at age 62. Famous for creating the series "The World Beyond", which ran for more than 30 years, "Pops" was an inspiration to so many lifes. "It's the magic inside that creates the magic outside." was his life long message. His fans will miss him, and the show's fate is now in question.

Hey, Taylor.


Uh, we all signed it. And... Everybody was a fan of your father show. I'm... We're all so sorry.

Thanks. It's nice card.

Hey, man. You should've seen everybody just shocking up signing that card.

Yeah. Well, everybody did love my dad show.

You do get though that the card was for you?

Look, I got a lot of stuff crawling up here. So I just want to get up there, handle all of that, and get back here as soon as possible, okay?

He was your father, Taylor.

Well, he was everybody's father.

Are you gonna be this grumpy the entire ride?

That depends on how much you talk.

How do you get this things open?

OK, can you just put that away? I got a whole speech prepared.

Oh, no, please. Don't.

Taylor, you're gonna love this. It's such a good speech. OK, look, I know you had your share of issues with your dad over the years. But I just feel like you should be there for your mom. All right? 'Cause, she gonna really need her son.

Hello? Mom? Mom? Mom! Hi.

He had this look in his face whenever he was working. I keep watching the door. He always burst in, rambling on about some crazy idea he had. I'm gonna miss that look the most.

Yeah, 'cause when we were kids, Taylor and I were always sneak into dad's workshop. 'Cause there always something new amazing creature or monster or giant Pterodactyl, you know. and, uh we always ended up...