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01x04 - Search and Destroy
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Announcer (over p. A.): Passenger brooks, please meet Your party in the baggage claim area, carousel four.

Passenger brooks, meet your party In the baggage claim area, carousel four.

Will passenger holberg Please pick up the white courtesy phone?

Passenger holberg, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

(indistinct voices)

(indistinct p. A. Announcement)

Ball cap.


Woman: Hey!


Man: Hey! Hey!

Heading for the exit!

(horn honks)

man: Hey! What are you doing?

(screams): Hey!

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)


(horn honks)

Man: Hey! Hey!

(tires squealing)


Callen: Karen?

It's the one I've been waiting for.

Oh, does karen have a last name?

Can't remember.

You can't remember?

No. But god bless her, she has just put me over the top.

I now have 1, 000 facebook friends.

Ah, worked so hard for this.

Friending everyone I've ever gone to school with, Worked with, dated or met.

Toughest part for me was Trolling through the hundreds and hundreds of random members For anyone willing to accept my invite.

You know how many criminals cruise the internet picking Through your chat logs looking for intelligence information?

You're not on facebook, are you?









Friendster... I'm an undercover agent.

I love friendster.


it's not normal.

You're telling me what's normal?

I've never even seen you wear pants.

I meant dom.


Friendster's only popular in southeast asia now.

Three of the coolest people I've ever met are from myanmar.

Nate: And normal's relative.

More often than not, online social networking communities Are a pathetic attempt to fulfill the needs Of the intersocially challenged.

You know, people fearful of face-to-face risk taking.

Just a... Theory.

What is this, mr. Callen?

Uh, that is a knit-- combed cotton.

With a bloodstain.

I would never bleed on your wardrobe; had to be a bad guy.

Good, bad or ugly, I don't care.

The point is, you neglected to tell me about it, And now it's set long enough so that it might be permanent.

Hetty, it's just a shirt.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is not just a shirt.

This is a saville row 100%

polished egyptian cotton, Hand-stitched with pearl buttons.

That thing you're wearing is just a shirt.

Yeah, but it's a comfy shirt.


Your new color scheme is black.

Callen: I can live with black.

Ah, kens!

Late night, huh?

Hetty: Um...

Agent blye has been on assignment.

How did it go, dearie?

Uh, it went very well.

We gathered very important intel.

Hetty: That's wonderful.

Uh, you can return your outfit to the wardrobe.

Your clothes are waiting in your locker.


Callen: Nice try, hetty.

Director vance is on the system in five. Move!

Callen: Hey, eric?

(clears throat)

Why don't you make hetty one of your facebook friends?

She's friend number 251; she writes me every day.

In greek.

The man you're looking at is a former marine--

Walton monroe flynn.

He's currently working for citdential security, One of the largest private security firms Contracted by the us government in iraq.

Ten days ago, flynn killed an iraqi businessman That he was supposed to be protecting.

He went into hiding.

Citdential found out that he was on his way to la.

Tried to take him at the airport this morning.

They made a mess of it.

One of their men ended up dead.


That's why the dod wants us involved.

You can't have private security contractors Operating like a police force on home ground.

It's a political hot potato, so do not drop it.

We'll find him.

You can start with citdential's ceo.

His name is peter caldwell.



Congratulations on the milestone.

Aw, thank you.


Uh, facebook.

He's friend number 500.

Just kind of honored.

Caldwell: After I became ceo, I personally recruited flynn from the marine corps.

He was not only an operator But an arabic speaker, and the company needed them.

Three months ago, he started exhibiting behavioral problems.

What sort of behavioral problems?

He was trigger happy, started drinking heavily.

You left him on the line?

An oversight.


So, what happened in baghdad, mr. Caldwell?

Flynn was part of a security detail Protecting an iraqi businessman.

Nasir amini was A key player in the country's stability, especially with The start of the us troop withdrawal.

Flynn snapped, took amini out.


Caldwell: He got away before we could stop him.

Flew out of the middle east via istanbul.

We got a report he was headed for la.

And we tried to apprehend him this morning.

Yeah, that didn't go so well.

Aimes was a good friend.

Flynn didn't need to kill him.

Caldwell: Flynn was one of our best.

He's trained to kill quickly and efficiently.

He's even more dangerous now that he's mentally unstable.

We'd like to help you find him.

I think you guys have done enough.

Let us take it from here.

Eric: This is the security cam footage from lax.

Looks stressed.

Travel can do that, particularly if you're on the run for murder.

Sam: Background?

Nate: Broken home.

Dad busted in a drug conspiracy when flynn turned seven.

Mom was a drunk.

Sam: That's a great start.

Nate: Well, it gets better.

String of foster homes, A few trips to juvi.

He signed up for the marines The day he turned 18.

The military gave him the family And structure that he had never had.

The only other choice would've been a gang.

Why'd he pick one over the other?

It was a chance to get away from it all.

Gangs give you structure, but they keep you in the same place.

Military's all about starting over.

Unless you start to repeat your behavior.

Flynn's military record shows commendations for bravery, But there's also a handful of side trips to the brig.

Run the video, eric.


Eric: Flynn bolted from the terminal With two citdential agents on his tail.

Outside the terminal, they chased him across Three lanes of traffic, where a third citdential picked him up As he ran into a parking garage.

Flynn evaded the agents in a stolen car.

Chase wound up on the roof.

When the agent started firing, Flynn mowed him down with the car And took off on foot.


Any other insights, nate?


The question is, where did he go?

The logical answer would be, As far away from the airport as possible.

Spock said, "logic is The beginning of wisdom, not the end."

Double back.

Double back.

Sam: Fast-forward, eric.


Sam: There's our guy.

He went back to the terminal.

He was waiting for someone to pick him up.

Sam: Oh... Double espresso is speaking to me.

Been hearing voices from caffeinated beverages long?

Only since the brownies started giving me the silent treatment.

Couple things you guys should know about.

All ears.

Citdential sent over flynn's psych profile.

It's pretty juicy stuff.

Baited breath.

What else you got?

Hetty's in the kitchen.

Nate: All indicators point towards a psychotic break.

My guess is undiagnosed ptsd, complicated by his upbringing.

What about his upbringing?

Nate: Possible abuse in foster homes.

Probably didn't know who his parents were Or where he came from.

A childhood like that can cause major psychological--

I get it.

Uh, okay.

Something I don't get is, uh, He might have had a breakdown in iraq, But he certainly was lucid about his trip to l. A.

He could've got off that plane on the east coast, But instead, he flew straight here.

He's in l. A.

For a reason.

Rag-top jeep.

Surf racks on the roof.

Bumper stickers on the rear.

Eric: Rear license plate is blocked By the spare tire.

No plate on the front.

Well, what kind of bumper stickers?

Eric: "i had a handle on life but it broke."

"don't steal, the government hates competition""

And my personal favorite: "be sincere, whether you mean it or not""

Speaking of the driver...

No facial; tats on the left arm; male.

Eric: Or female.



Eric: Yeah.

More on the tats.

Mmm. Tabori style.

It's a traditional form of tattooing.

They use needles instead of a gun.

Only a couple of places do that kind of work.

Orange suggests impulsiveness.

The, uh, surf racks an adventurous nature.

The jeep is youth.

Or the pursuit of youth.

Nate: Bumper stickers-- a sense of humor, Maybe contempt for authority.

Sam: The tats?

Well, I can go one of two ways.

To an older generation, they're a sign of rebellion; And to someone younger, because they're so ubiquitous, It might mean conformity.

So, basically, you don't have squat.

I'd say it's more of a broad spectrum of possibilities.

Yeah... That's what they call squat.

Eric: There's something else.

A link to l. A.

A really, really good link to l. A.

Flynn's former foster brother owns a gun shop in the valley.

Chad ellis.


Kensi: Thanksgiving must be a hoot.

You looking for someone?

One of my pit stops as a kid Was a couple blocks from here.

Wonder if I'm passing anyone I used to know.

Not that it matters now.

If it didn't matter, you wouldn't have brought it up, g.

(needle buzzing, rock music playing)

(door bells jangle)

Be there in a second.

What was your first like?

We're talking tats, right?

Yeah, we're talking tats.

San diego-- I was 16; nervous as hell.

Didn't really know what to expect.

Afterwards, it just kind of felt like a man, you know.

I don't know how else to explain it.

We're talking tats, right?


(wry laugh)

What can I do for you?

Uh... This your work?

Did it about two years ago.

Chick named cherry.

Callen: Does cherry have a last name?

World's full of people with no last name.

Sting, prince...




Would it make a difference?

I don't have time for this, okay?

She paid in cash.

That's all I know.

If you don't mind, I have a customer waiting.

Can't be many places left.

Sam: Nowhere you're ever gonna see.

Dominic (distant): Why would chad ellis's gun store Be closed on a weekday?

Kensi: Better question is Why is the door unlocked if the store's closed?

Kensi: Careful, dom.

(cat yowls)

(dominic grunts)

Lucky escape for the cat.

For chad, not so much.

I cross-checked the name "cherry"

With orange jeeps, through dmv, And I got a hit on a cherise dawson.

From there it was cake.

Opened her electronic belly up like a pop-up book.

Work and home addresses.

Phone numbers and logs.

E-mail address entry and we are just getting warmed up.

Guess where she went to high school.


Ridgewell high in springfield, missouri.

Guess who else went there?

Feeling the love?

That's right.

Walton monroe flynn.

And-- you ready for this?

She's one of your facebook friends.

Not mine.

Walton monroe flynn's.

A few months ago, he "friended her""

Now, for you older guys, that's the lingo For when someone asks you into their friends list.

What's the lingo for when Someone smacks you with a flip-flop?

Okay, so, um, uh, for a couple weeks He played the "catch up" game--

You know, nothing revealing--

And then it stopped.

Well, that's not unusual.

After the first blush of curiosity wanes, The realization sets in that most of these old acquaintances Have nothing in common any more, and communication ends.

Ah, but here is the fly in the psychological ointment.

A week ago, flynn contacted her again.

And, uh, said he was coming to l. A., Wanted to re-connect in person.

Put flynn and cherise up side by side.

Sam: What are you thinking, g?

Callen: She looks innocent.

No, he's using her.

Might be for money, it might for a place to crash, But he's using her.

Sam: You could be right.

Kensi: You know, you guys, Something's bothering me about the gun shop murder.

Coroner said that chad ellis was beaten to death.

There were two pistols missing from the inventory.

I mean, if this is what flynn wanted, Why not just take them?

Why torture him?

Nate: He was an interrogator in iraq.

He could've gotten a taste for it.


We should keep a quiet read on our two leads, See what shakes up.

Would you like her house or her work?

Now, you're sure about this census taker thing?

No, not just census takers, sam.

Census takers for a community action organization For social justice.

Look, cherise is a tattooed venice hippie chick.

She'll practically invite us to move in.

(knocking on door)

Not home.

Or she is and she ended up like chad.




Ginseng iced tea...

Soy milk...

Veggie burgers...

... Half a cheese steak sandwich.

Left us a present.

(pop music blaring from jeep sound system)



Oh, my god, is that you?


Regina sanders?

Ridgewell high?

Uh, oh, come on, I haven't changed that much, have I?

All right, I do have to confess--

I have had a little work done, but I'm still me.

Just a little more in some places, And a little less in others, Depending on what body part we're talking about.

I'm... I'm...

So... (sighs)

You don't remember me, do you?

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

Don't even.

It was a huge high school and I wasn't exactly "miss popularity""

Well, look, I really have to go to work--

This is so cool that we met like this!

I have so been thinking about senior year recently.

Ever since I got an invite on facebook from walton flynn.

Remember him?

Uh, kinda.

I was his lab partner in chem for, like, a semester.

Whoever thought that he would remember me?

I do admit I did have a little crush on him.

But then again, I did have a crush On pretty much anyone who wore pants.

Except for darlene caporale, But that was a different story, if you know what I mean.


So, have you spoken to walton since graduation?

No. I don't mean to be rude, but I am late for work, so...

Oh! Absolutely!

Amazing to see you!

Well... Okay, bye!

(phone rings)

What do you got?

Our girl practically jumped out of her skin When I mentioned flynn.

Indications he might've been here.

Eric's checking some fingerprints We pulled off an empty bottle.

What's the plan?

Eric's monitoring the home phone, cell, facebook page.

We're just about finished wiring the place, And then we just wait and watch.

All right.

Wait and watch.


Wait and watch.

Is that a frog?

It's a swan.

From where, chernobyl?

Is that a wing?

Yeah, it's a wing.

Why are there three of them?

There aren't three of them.

That's the tail.

"the tail"?


I just didn't know that swans had tails.

Well, they do.

A duck has a tail, right?


Oh, it could be a duck then?

Keep it up.

You're going to have to duck.

I'm just saying.

(cell phone ringing)


Is everything okay?


Cherise just pulled into her street.

Got her.

Kensi: We can take it from here, unless...

Sam: Thank you.


Eric, we've got an suv behind us.

License plate: Three, india, delta, Whiskey, six, seven, four.

(on phone): Got it.

Think that's our man, flynn?

I don't know, but if it is, he's not alone.

There's two of them.

All right, it's a fleet vehicle registered To our citdential security friends.

Didn't sam make it clear to those guys This is our investigation?

What do you want me to do?

I got it.

What is she doing?

Oh, we've been made.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

You boys need me to call a tow truck?

We're good.


Deejay: And it's another busy morning on the 101 into downtown Los angeles.

Traffic is slow going...

No sign of flynn.

Not even a phone call.

Cherise was home all night.

So why is this guy here?

All right, we need to be more proactive than just a stake out.

What are you thinking?

I think we get close to her at work.

Who's good at video games?

Back in the days, I was pretty money at donkey kong.


Nate's profile did suggest That she's attracted to bad boy types who need saving.

Did he?

These were on sale at lucky brand.

They, uh, they already have rips, So a few more won't matter.

And this is the latest drivel from what they call "the music scene."

I thought we were going all black?

Well, sometimes damaged goods Can actually be more valuable Because of their unique qualities.

Is that right?

Mm, it's a thought.

I will try and take good care of them.

Don't try.

Just do.

For your ultrasoft interview: Resume and a little dirty laundry on the manager.

It should work like a charm.

Man: Well, I'm sorry, mr. Wells.

We, um, we really don't have anything for you.

You haven't even looked at my resume.

Okay. Well, I'm sure you're more than qualified.

Let me guess-- you've been, uh, Gaming since you were a little boy, Experience on all platforms And genres.

You, uh, you have previous employment in the field, Glowing recommendations...

Am I close?



Well, unfortunately, that's also the, uh, the history Of the other 22 applicants on the list ahead of you.

So, I'm sorry.

Well... I guess we'll both be sorry.

I'll be out of a job And you'll be in trouble.

Okay, well, uh, I do like your confidence, mr. Wells.

And, uh, you know what?

I'll even bite.

What do you have that no one else does?

What's under that resume you haven't read.



Where did you get this?

Where's not important.

That I won't talk about your creative tax return is.

Shall we?


All right, this is you.

Now, let's, uh...

Let's see if you're as good a gamer As you are an extortionist.

(video game chimes and beeps)

Welcome to warrior wing.

Possible motive for the killing in iraq.

Amini wasn't a fan of the american military presence, And especially the private security firms.

He wasn't shy about letting everyone know it, too.

Callen (over earwig): Eric, you there?

You guys, callen's in trouble.

(sotto voce): Got a situation here.

I'm pulling up your computer now.

Bug problem-- really big bug problem.

All right, you're up against a deavil-droid.

You have to transform yourself into a dweed.

I already feel like a dweeb sitting here.

Not a "dweeb"" a "dweed""

It's a combination between a dwarf and a steed.

All right, grab your treasure torch and...

Okay, not good. Not good.

You have used up 17 virtual life-forces.

One more and you die.

Okay, we need to go To plan b, eric, and fast.

All right, you got it.

You hear that, sam?

On it.

♪ ♪


Mission accomplished.

Lights out.

Listen up, everybody.

It's a building-wide power outage.

Engineering says they're not going To have it up anytime soon.

Man: I guess we got the day off.


(indistinct chatter)

(into earwig): Okay, she's just left the building.

You've got about 20 seconds.

Is that a real 20 seconds, 20 seconds give or take?

Uh, more like five now.

(engine starting)

Oh, yeah, great.

I'm trapped Under the next car over.

Do I have to do all the heavy lifting around here?

(engine stalling)


(honks twice)


It sounds like the starter.

Let me take a look.


No problem.

Oh, yeah.

Your solenoid's fried.

Is that bad?

Well, you could tow it to a mechanic Or I could switch it out tomorrow.

You can do that?

I can.

Well, you're a geek and a gear head.

Yeah, I also cook.

(chuckles): Nice.

I'll tell you what.

Let me give you a ride home.

Oh, no.

Which way you headed?

You've done enough.

I can call a cab.

No way.

We geeks need to stick together.

I'll grab my bag.

All right.


Well, I'll bet you didn't realize You'd have to work so hard on your first day.

How can I thank you?

That depends on how threatening you think A bathroom and a beer would be.

Uh, considering my boyfriend's gonna be home any second, I don't think I have a lot To worry about. Yeah.

Sounds good.

In position.

Back lane's covered.

I hope he realizes how lucky he is.

Well, we hardly knew each other in high school.

When we reconnected out here, it just happened so fast.

I still can't believe it.

Sam: Heads up, people.

Our boy's here. Lock and load.

Soon as you say The word, g, I'm coming through the front door.

He's entering the house.

Stand by everyone.

Hey, babe.

Hey, baby.

Oh, steve works with me.

He gave me a ride home when my jeep died.

You want me to get you a beer?

It's my first day.

I didn't realize I'd be dealing With "talisman iv: Warlords of the vesuvian moon"

And a solenoid, so...

Yeah, never got into the gaming thing.

Yeah, well, it's just...

You know, something that kept me away from dealing With all the crap at home when I was a kid, so...


Good to meet you.


Army. Don't hate.

Can't hate anyone who served.


Two tours.

Oh, it's rough.


Not as rough as after.

Come on.

What is he waiting for?!

Why isn't he giving us the signal to go in?

Sam: Stand by.

We've got some action out here.

G, company, front door.

Coming in hot and fast.

Dom, maintain your position!

Get down!

(cherise shrieks)


Stand down!

Stand down!

Holster your weapon!

Holster your weapon.

We're okay.

What was that?

Collecting our man.

We were doing our job.

No, you were Doing our job.

If you'd done your job

In the first place, we wouldn't be here cleaning up your mess.

Hey, hey, hey, look.


Look, all right, we jumped the gun, all right? Our bad.

But he killed one of our own.

You know how that feels.

And I also know about The rules of engagement and a code of conduct.

Now, get out of here before I forget.

You okay?

You're not a game tester, are you?

Did flynn say why he came to see you?

Well, I wanted to believe it was because he liked me.

Maybe he does.

It was the sim card.

He gave you a sim card?

I downloaded it for him.

It was encrypted.

He tried to pretend like it wasn't important to him, But he wanted me to decode it for him.

I couldn't. I mean, the card was damaged.

I'm a tester not a programmer.

What did he expect?

Oh, everything he told me was a lie.

Maybe not everything.


(cell phone ringing)

It's him.

Are you okay?

Flynn: Look, I'm sorry, okay?

I'll explain Everything later.

Put your friend on.


I didn't do what they said I did.


Well, why don't we meet somewhere And you can tell me what really happened?

I've got unfinished business.

What kind of business?

Gotta cut the head off the snake.

Then I'm a ghost.

Tell cherise...

Tell her I'm sorry.

I think you ought to tell her yourself.

You and I both know it doesn't work that way.

(line disconnects)

Tell me what?

He told me I'm supposed to stay away from you.

I guess he really does like you.

(groans): This sim card is pretty messed up.

But it has something to do With what citdential was doing in iraq.

Flynn may have lost it in baghdad, But whatever he's doing here is different.

This is planned.

Enlarge that citdential logo, will you?


He's going to take down caldwell--

Citdential's ceo.

Cutting the head off the snake.


Get me caldwell's schedule.

And I need to know what's on that sim card, now.

(keyboard clacking)


Tonight, he's giving a speech On middle east security for a global Conference at the hollywood roosevelt hotel On hollywood boulevard.

Oh, couldn't be more public.

When caldwell gets out of his car at the hotel entrance, He's going to be completely exposed.

The perfect place to make a hit.


I got it.

The sim card's a video.

One hell of a video.

Sam: Okay, kensie, we're outside the roosevelt.

Callen: Here comes caldwell.

Talk to me, kensie.

Eric, do we have any more camera angles?

Wait! I've got him.

Flynn on the move.

Flynn, drop your weapons!

Stand down!

Caldwell: Keep your positions!

Flynn: You know what this is about, caldwell.

Eric, they need to see the sim card video now.

I'm already on it.

There's an electronic billboard above the club Across the street at madame tussauds.

Can you do it?

Uh, maybe.

You don't have to do this.

If I'm going down, this son of a bitch is going with me.

We decoded the sim card.

Kensie: Callen, it's on the screen across the street--

Madame tussauds.


Behind you!

Look at the screen!

Take him out!

Callen: Guess that leaves just you.

Video is from a mini cam that was mounted on flynn's gun.

Kind of like a dashboard cam in a cop car.

So caldwell takes amini out And sets up flynn to take the fall.

Then, tortures his foster brother chad ellis to death.

Shrinks have a term for someone like that, doc?


Really screwed up.

Dod will do your intake locally, Then they'll ship you off to d. C.

For protective custody until the trial's over.

Yeah, right.

And one day, we'll both live in the burbs, Barbeque with our neighbors And coach little league.

I don't know.

Teaching your son how to play baseball Sounds petty idyllic.

Yeah, it does.

But that's why we do what we do, So others can live those lives.

When caldwell goes on trial, if he goes to trial...

He'll do whatever it takes to keep you from testifying--

Protective custody or not.

The man does have access.

Probably got half the joint chiefs on his speed dial.


What are you doing?




Oh, how clever.

A duck.

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