01x05 - Killshot


WOMAN: Yeah!





Big air!




MAN: Whoo! Oh, yeah.



MAN: What's this guy doing?

WOMAN: My God, he's out of control!

Look out!


MAN: Turn him over. Help me.

He's not breathing.

WOMAN: Open his vest.


MAN: He's been shot!

Call 911. I need some help.


CALLEN: I'm still looking for a place.

You could live on a boat.

I tried that.


When I moved back from Long Beach.

Oh, come on, that was on the dry dock, G.

It hadn't sailed for over 20 years.

Still a boat.

I'm talking about a real boat.

In a marina.

Ocean breezes, morning jogs on the beach.

Do you know someone with a boat?

Renko has a boat.

Renko knows nothing about boats.

Thirty-footer. Ask him.

Morning, Kensi.

What's up?

NATE: Sam.


So are you finished filming me with your cell phone, Dom?

How did you know I wasn't texting?

Because you kept checking if he was looking.

Dead giveaway, Dom.

I took our undercover course.

You pass?


I'm a fully qualified NCIS agent.

KENSl: Oh!

Well, don't worry about it, Dom.

There are still some things you have to learn on the job.

Yeah, with a knife closely pressed against your ear by a bad guy who is convinced you are a cop.

No, no, but seriously, like, what happened to the other agent?

The guy that I replaced?

He had a problem with the weather.

Too windy.

Too hot.

Hot and windy, dry, desert-air type thing and allergies.

I guess they're still working on your office?


Know when it's gonna be ready?

NATE: I don't know.

Who knows?


You wanna ask her?

You're armed. You ask her.

You're the psychologist.

NATE: I've been trained to profile suspects and brief you guys.

In the three years of college, two more years to get my masters and doctorate, when it comes to Hetty, clueless.



Hi, Hetty.

Yeah, l... Yeah. What?

I'II, uh... I'll send them right up.


Ops room.

You've all been summoned.

Do you think she heard me?


The man on the Jet Ski is Daniel Su.

Two weeks ago, his company received funding from the Defense Research Project Agency.

Better known mercifully as DARPA.

Mr. Su was shot.

He died on the way to the hospital.

There is great consternation in the Pentagon.

SECNAV has promised swift action to determine who killed him and why.

They're afraid it could be the North Koreans.

Mr. Su defected from there five years ago.

This is all in the file.

Let me know what you require.


This is not the beach, this is the office.


Epic swell this afternoon.

SAM: Living dangerously, Eric.

ERIC: File's up.

KENSl: Thank you. Okay.

So why would the North Koreans wait five years before coming after this guy?

The DARPA contract probably.

It made him more visible.

SAM: He was an electronics engineer.

Single, just bought a house in Koreatown.

One brother, Jimmy Su.

SAM: He has his doctorate in engineering and applied science.

Now working on a lightweight squad-based communication system for the Marine Corps.

KENSl: This looks interesting.

He rented a Jet Ski from the same place at the same time every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning.

A creature of habit.

And somebody knew it.

They were waiting for him.

Is that a comic book you're reading?

Uh, no.

No, it's a, uh, graphic novel.



May I?

It's a commentary on humanity's struggle to differentiate between right and wrong when the social fabric of society is torn asunder by technological change.

All that is explained in pictures?

I would have thought you could find something more stimulating to read on your break.

But personally, I'm clueless about these things.

How's Dominic settling in?

Oh. Um...

Anxious to prove himself.

Oh, aren't they all?

Does he know the three agents before him didn't pass muster?


Best that he doesn't, I think.



Daniel Su live alone?

According to the file.

Home address and the office address are the same.

It's a startup.

Probably worked out of his garage.

No L. A. P. D. Yet.

CALLEN: In and out then.

Save the paperwork.


Upstairs is clear.


Back door is locked.


We got a bloody lamp.

CALLEN: Got a body.

ERIC: Victim is Sally Morris.

She was Daniel Su's business partner.

Susal Technologies. Okay.

She was the money. Bank rolled Su's startup for a 50 percent stake.

Small company, just the two of them.

With the DARPA contract, all of that would have been changed.

Maybe it wasn't the North Koreans.

It could have been a business rival.

Or a jealous lover.

No, I checked that to see if there was either.

Preliminary autopsy report on Daniel Su. Hot off the fax.

Bullet hit him high in the chest, travelling right to left.

Missed his heart by about a quarter of an inch.

His, uh, life jacket acted like a compression bandage.

And that slowed the bleeding, but not enough.

Bullet path took a downward trajectory.

The shooter was firing from above.

At a moving target on a Jet Ski.

Hmm. Shooter's got talent.

Trailer park.

You want me to live in a trailer park?

I'm talking about an RV.

One of those triple pop-outs.

It's like a mansion on wheels.

If you wanna move, you can just drive away.

They have places all along the coast where you can just camp out.

I don't know, l...

I think I like the boat idea better.

I can just kind of sail off.

Do you know how to sail?


Well, that could be a problem.

This is where Daniel Su hit.


He rented the Jet Ski in the marina, came around through the entrance there.

Now, there's a speed limit. Probably five miles an hour at the entrance.

You need to know that in case you're gonna sail.

Five miles an hour. Got that.


That's where our shooter made the shot. While he was going slow.

Must have accelerated, tried to make it back.

Nobody heard anything.

No gunshot on the videotape.


Bullet goes right to left, downward trajectory.

That's where I'd be.

Clean line of sight to the target.

Good concealment.

The mast is rocking.

The target's bobbing and moving.

That's a damn good shot, G.


Yeah, east to the breakwater, there's a security camera overlooking the marina.

You're gonna need to access that hard drive.

ERIC: I narrowed it down to the hour before the shooting.

Give the shooter time to get into position, settle in.

I would have carried the rifle in a tackle box or a cooler.

Just another guy going fishing.

There's a guy with a tackle box right there.

KENSl: Walked right past the boat.

Strike one.

How about the guy in the hat?

ERIC: Going in the opposite direction.

Strike two.


That's him.

Sam, he's going towards the parking lot.

SAM: Watch.

He's taking the long way around.

Scope things out.

That's what I'd do.

He's in no hurry.

He's got another 45 minutes before Su arrives.

CALLEN: Look at that. He's back.

ERIC: All right. Resolution is not good.

But now that we know what our guy is wearing, all we need to do...

All right, I got it. There's another camera in the marina parking lot.

I'm accessing the hard drives for the hour after the shooting.

We're not gonna need an hour.

Five minutes after he made that shot, he was in his car on his way home.

ERIC: Good call. There he is.

Three minutes after the shooting.

Zoom and enhance.

ERIC: Hmm. It's a woman.

He's a woman.

I mean, she's a woman.

She looks Asian.

VANCE: She is.

Her name is Lee Wuan Kai.

And we are in a whole pile of trouble.

Lee Wuan Kai flew into Los Angeles a week ago on a fake passport.

By the time her passport was flagged by ICE, she was gone.

Eric, NCIS server.

Watch list. Lee Wuan Kai.

These passport photos are our best lead.

But she can and she does change her appearance.

North Korean.

She's a fanatical nationalist.

Who, as far as we can tell, hasn't been home in three decades.

She's an assassin in exile.

She's based in Eastern Europe somewhere.

Do not underestimate this woman.

She will not give you a second chance.

Callen, Sam.

Local DARPA analysts are gonna brief you on the technical aspects of Daniel Su's DARPA contract.

Meeting is in 15 minutes at the safe house.

His name is Frank Davis.

Kai could be halfway home by now.

But she isn't, is she?


This isn't technology that Daniel Su started after he defected.

It started as a classified project for the North Korean Army.

Su kept a lot of the software secrets under wraps.

Kai will kill anybody she thinks he shared those secrets with.

If they can't have the technology, then nobody else does either.

That explains the Sally Morris murder.

DARPA's got another list of people she might come after.

He's got a brother.

Jimmy Su. Married, no other family.

He's refusing protection, but he insists on staying holed up in his house.

We got a couple of units out front.

This is one fight Kai is not gonna win.

I think he's met her before.


And she won.


VANCE: How's the lady in charge this morning?

If I'd known you were coming, Leon, I would have bought some chao hung pao tea.

And if I'd known I was coming, Henrietta, I would have bought you that Emilio Pucci scarf you've always wanted.

You've been threatening to buy that for me for 10 years, Leon.

Eleven. Ha, ha.

Ha, ha.

Are you getting settled into the new office?

Oh... Heh.

I just bring it all with me.


It's not the outside that matters, it's the inside.


That was taken on the set for Inchon.

Olivier and I used to have the most wonderful chats.

I was, uh, responsible for his uniform.

He played General MacArthur.

Korean War.

Funny, that.

Given the current circumstances.

Is there anything you don't know?

Oh, many, many things, I'm sure.

It's her, isn't it?



I first met her in Prague in 1984.

Then in Tokyo seven years later.

Three times since then.

Sierra Leone, Paris and New York City.

She left a body count every time.

I should have been in that count in Prague.

I was green. I got lucky.

Is she your nemesis, Leon?

Only if she buries me.

Then we must ensure that doesn't happen.

Well, at least until you get your scarf.

Sally Morris arrives at Jimmy Su's place for work.

She discovers Kai turning the place over.

She tries to get away and Kai whacks her with the lamp.

It's a really odd weapon for a pro.

It was the first thing at hand.

Crime scene analysis?

Tomorrow at the earliest.

It's too long.



ABBY: Lab.

VANCE: Miss Sciuto, I hope I haven't called at a bad time.

Hi, Leon.

I'm just doing an experiment.

What sort of experiment?

With light. Well, dark actually.



You know, though technically darkness is the absence of light, so I guess it should be called "lightlessness, " don't you think?

Good luck with the experiment.

I need you to look at some spatter.

Oh, I love spatter.

You're the expert. That's why I'm sending it to you.

Hey, are you still in L. A.?

Yes, I am.

Would you say hi to Eric for me?

Well, you can say hello yourself.

He'll send you the files.

So, what am I looking for?

I'll be happy with whatever you can find, Miss Sciuto.

I need you on it right away.

I see the light.

That was a joke, Leon.

Here's Eric.

Hey, Abby.

Hi, Eric.

Hey, is Leon in a bad mood?

Uh, well, he wasn't, but he might be now.

Well, sometimes he grinds his teeth.

Like, if you listen, you can hear it.

Yeah, so the crime scene photos are on their way.

So, what are the pertinent and juicy details?

A woman, lamp, a lot of blood spatter.


Living room and hallway.

Well, I guess you can't have everything.

All right, I will call you as soon as I find something.

Cool. See you, Abby.

One day, Eric. One day.

Oh, God.


What are we chasing now?

ERIC: Trying to get a clearer image of the car the killer drove from the marina parking lot.

So I'm searching hard drives of nearby traffic cameras.

We get her car, we get her licence plate.

We get her licence plate, we might be able to figure out where she's staying.

Keep at it.

You got it, Leon.


DAVIS: Frank Davis with DARPA.

Are we being recorded?

Would you like to be?

Absolutely not.

Are we?


This is your safe house.

I just figured it was wired.

You don't want us to share?

Is that it, Frank?

This is a classified briefing.

It doesn't leave the room.


Daniel Su was very secretive.

We put it down to the fact that he had grown up in what is virtually a police state, where sharing information with someone could put their life at risk.

As a result, there were certain key aspects to the technology he was developing that only he knew about.

He didn't share with you?


Now that's embarrassing.

I mean, I can see how you wouldn't want this to leave the room, Frank.

Of course, under the terms of the DARPA contract, that was all about to change.

Did Sally Morris know?

She told me she didn't.

She was a financier.

A business woman.

I have no reason to disbelieve her.

Maybe he told his brother, Jimmy Su.

DAVIS: They defected together.

Jimmy married a U. S. Citizen.

He runs an importing company.

He's not a scientist, didn't go to college.

He says his brother didn't tell him anything.

Daniel Su's technology died with him.

Only problem is Kai doesn't know that.

And she's gonna go after anyone associated with Daniel Su.

Why don't I trust that guy?

He's a bureaucrat. It stands to reason.

You hate all bureaucrats.

I do?

Yeah. All those foster homes when you were a kid.

The way that people used to push you around, tell you where to go, what to do.

You been talking to Nate or something?

Oh, no. This is my theory.


Dr. Hannah, M. D. Nice.

SAM: This is it.

Right here.


Director Vance, it's Callen.

The director is coming online now.


Yeah, our DARPA guy thinks Danny Su took his technology to the grave.

No one else knows.

He's certain?


Do you believe him?

He's a bureaucrat.

Sam thinks that I have a deep-seated suspicion of them.

I'm a bureaucrat, Agent Callen.

I don't have a deep-seated suspicion of you, uh, Director.

Well, I'm pleased to hear that's the case.

I think we should talk to Jimmy Su.

SAM: G, that's his wife.

AIMEE: Jimmy.


JIMMY: Don't argue with me.

That's him.

AIMEE: You need to listen...

We got Su on the ground.

We'll call you back.

Callen? Ca...?

JIMMY: Daniel is dead.

AIMEE: Jimmy, they want you.

Come back inside, please, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Why? What? I will never...

Gun! Roof of the mall!

Get down!


You wanna peek your head over there and take a look?

I'm good.


KENSl: Hey, Sam CALLEN: Yeah.

They just arrived.


SAM: Are they okay, G?




She even took her shell casings.


Did your brother say what he was working on?

No, Daniel did not share things.

Everything was kept a secret.

My country has come for me.

Her name is Lee Wuan Kai.

She's North Korean.

So what happens now?

We're trying to neutralise the threat.

And if that doesn't work?

What if this... This woman gets away?

Well, the government will offer you protection.

They have programmes. Uh...

You might have to consider relocation, a new identity.

Daniel loved America.


He said that one day of happiness here was worth a hundred days of sadness in our home country.

I will not relocate.

And I will not change my name.

Do you understand?

We get it.

ERIC: I found Kai.

Traffic cam on the freeway onramp recorded her seven minutes after the shooting. She headed east.

There is a nice, bright screen grab of her licence plate.

DOMINIC: Now, check it against hotel registrations.

It's already up and running.

And we have a winner.

W. H. Hotel, West Hollywood, Room 1805.

Registered as a Kim Andrews.

Tell Callen to meet me there.


ERIC: W. H. Hotel, 57809,

Roberts Boulevard, West Hollywood.



Thanks, Eric.

You'll be safe here.

We'll talk some more.


Kens, we're leaving.

They find her?


Hotel. West Hollywood.


They're going all married couple on us.

They're kissing?

Fighting, Nate.



You're reading?

Trying to, without staring.


And there's the catch right there.

In order to lip read, you need to stare, which is far too obvious.



KENSl: Mm-hm.

Oh, she's not happy.


He said, "Don't tell."

Don't tell?

KENSl: Shut up.


He's saying that...

What? What did he say?

Did you get it?

Yeah, I got it.

What's he keeping from us?

He knows his brother's business.

All of it.


CALLEN: Callen.

Manager says Kai's not here.

I'm gonna look in her room.

All right. We just pulled up to the valet.

We'll be there in one minute.

Cover the foyer.

You got it.

You're right. It is personal.


KAl: You flatter me.

The head of a federal agency personally searching my room.

After all these years.



VANCE: We finally get to speak.

Are you calling to give yourself up, Kai?


Eric, trace the calls coming into Room 1805.

It's Kai.

All right, it's a cell phone in the building.

Getting the GPS signal.

Looks like the seventh floor, south corridor.

KAl: You never give up, do you, Leon?

ERIC: Turn left, now.

Tell me I didn't pass you in the foyer.

No, but close.

You haven't changed much since New York City, Leon.

ERIC: If you move to your right...

Thirty yards and closing.

Tell me, are you calling for a reason, Kai?

Or just to catch up?

There's something I need to tell you.

VANCE: What do you need to tell me?


CALLEN: Eric, you're breaking up.

How close?

KAl: Leon...

ERIC: Thirty yards and closing.

You're almost on her.


VANCE: I know you can hear me.



Kai, are you still there?

She's gone.

Why did she call?

To tell us she didn't kill Sally Morris.

SAM: It's not the first time a bad guy made a call to the investigating officer.

The question is, do we believe her?

DOMINIC: Director, I think I've found something.

I ran a programme on Daniel Su's security system.

It was a sophisticated system, with motion sensors tracking every corner of the house.

Now, 30 minutes leading up to her death, there was someone else in the office with her.

I mean, the red and the blue spans, that indicates movement.

So two people.

So things get a little crazy as the intruder chases her around the house.

And then, the intruder wins.

Which means she knew her killer.

Let him in through the front door.

Eric, phone logs for Daniel Su's home office.


Highlight calls by frequency over the past 24 hours.




Three numbers all linked.

The primary number is the home office.

More calls went back and forth between it and the two other numbers more frequently than any others.

The most frequent calls were made between the two other numbers to each other.

They have names, Eric.



Our friendly bureaucrat and the victim's brother have been real chatty over the last four days.

Planning something maybe.

Thanks, Nate.

Jimmy Su knows more about his brother's technology than he's letting on.

Kensi read him talking to his wife.

So after his brother's death, he went to visit the business partner.

They had an argument over who owns the technology.

Argument gets heated, he kills her.

And Kai gets the blame.

We need him to admit his involvement.

That's gonna require putting somebody undercover that hasn't met Jimmy Su.


Not bad.

The trousers are a little snug, so don't plan to run anywhere.


Put it in deep, we'll worry about digging it out later.

The, uh, button on your left pocket is a camera.

The button on your right pocket is a microphone.

And the duress word is?

Uh, uh...

He who hesitates is lost, Dominic.

In your line of work, dead.

Uh, shadows.

And with the utterance of that single word, the cavalry will race to the rescue.

Let's hope they don't get caught in traffic.


The uniform is new, so try not to get any blood on it.

He's all yours.

CALLEN: Make the call.

Dom, you're gonna be fine.

Sam and I will have your back.


Picture is up.

Jimmy Su has left the safe house.

She's still out there.

Yes, she is.


That's him.

Here we go.

Okay, what do you want?

Like I said on the phone, I was the first unit to get to your brother's house this morning.

I found the woman on the floor.

She whispered a name to me before she died.

I thought you might like to buy that information from me.

Whose name?



You guys, we got a problem.

I attached an alert to Jimmy Su's cell phone so we'd know if someone was trying to trace his location. It just got tripped.

Someone else is out there.

There's a strong signal strength.

Abort the mission.

There's an imminent threat.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Get him the hell out of there.


Cover me.

MAN: Stay down!



Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

Get behind the car!






Are you all right?

DRIVER: Yeah, I'm all right.

Do you believe him?

All right, sign him into L. A. P. D. Custody.

Jimmy Su denies killing anyone.

You're wondering if I set him out as bait.

He was well covered.

Yes, he was.


Miss Sciuto.

ABBY: Hey, Leon.

Cool spatter. But it's not all spatter.

There's some smears and some drag marks.

A little bit of pooling.

Anything revealing, Miss Sciuto?

The lamp. The lamp was revealing.

16.99, from Wal-Mart, made in China.

Not much of a lamp, but a pretty efficient bludgeon.

Miss Sciuto?

There's one more thing.

There's no prints.

Lots of smears, but there's this...

This outliney thingy.

A what?

It's a partial outline of the killer's hand.

Like I said, it's too smeared to get prints off of, but there's a mark.

It's like the blood flowed over and around the fingers.

There's two marks, actually.

And they're really close together.

What do you think made these marks?

Yes, she is.

I will.

How long have you been married?

Three years.

Our forensics lab found a bloody handprint on the lamp used to kill Sally.

Our killer wore two rings.

Left hand, ring finger.


Sally knew her killer, Aimee.

She let her in through the front door.

She stayed half an hour?

No. Uh...

You wanna tell me how it happened?


Jimmy was the smart one, not Daniel.

Only the three of us knew.

Frank suspected he was signing a deal with the wrong brother.

He was making a lot of phone calls to Jimmy.

He wanted to know the truth.

Uh, Jimmy doesn't care about the money.

He just...

He just wanted to help his brother.

And then I was with Sally this morning when she got the call about Daniel.

I told her the truth.

She was furious because Daniel and Jimmy had lied to her.

She was saying that she would have Jimmy locked up and sent back.

She was shouting at me.

She was shouting at me and so the lamp was there.

I just picked it up, l...

And afterwards, you told Jimmy.

They... They're not gonna send him back, are they?


No, they're not gonna send him back.


CALLEN: It's Vance.


SAM: Director.

She bailed at the top of the ramp.

Half a dozen exits she could have used.

She lost a lot of blood.

If she doesn't turn up at a hospital by tonight, she's dead.

Hmm. Agent Vail, that's good work.

Oh, thank you, Director.


NATE: You know he doesn't believe it for a second.

He's never gonna stop looking for her.

Even if he drives a stake through her heart and buries her, he's still gonna wake up in the middle of the night, wondering if she's hiding under his bed.

It's just irrational fear does strange things to people, you know?

Oh, shoot. Uh, guys?

I think I lost a button.

You lost a button?

The camera button.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you lost Hetty's camera button?

Where did you lose it?

If I knew, then it wouldn't be lost.

It's gotta be around here somewhere.

You gotta find that button.

How could you lose Hetty's camera button?

Just look under there.

Okay, okay.

DOMINIC: Oh, no.

Hetty's gonna kill me.