01x08 - Ambush


(gasping, groaning)


SAM: Positive reinforcement has been proven to work.

CALLEN: I prefer negative reinforcement.

Silent treatment, the cold shoulder.

You know, you make people squirm, they'll perform.

It's also an acceptable form of human conduct.

Which I want nothing to do with.

You know, like, uh, IM'ing or poppin'

and lockin'.


It's still the best operations report you'll ever see, whether you want to admit it or not.

Let me see this.


This is nice.

Got the color-coded tabs.

You got the highlighted bullet points.

Wait a minute.

Did your mom help you with this?

I warned you about bringing up my mom.


Very nice.

I'm sure Hetty will give you a gold star.

I can't wait to see what you do for your science fair project.

Hey, maybe we ought to build a volcano.

Maybe I should just...

Throw me in one?

(chuckles) That's not what I was going to say.

Well, glad to see you two are closer than ever.

Mike Renko, back from the dead.

Hey. How was the vacation?

Ah. Very funny.

Answer me this.

How come I'm squatting in a bush for two months smacking bugs while you guys are out cruising the beaches?

Well, I guess you have the face for it.

You smoke out any bad guys?

I've been chasing this militia group.

Call themselves ELE.

"Enhancing Law Enforcement."


Yeah, it's been a tough one, but I finally got an informant.

Hopefully, he can help us link them to a couple weapons gone missing from Pendleton.


Looks like you got your bunkmate back, G.

Love Boat sails again.

Not with me on board.

No, I'll be staying with a, uh...



Wait a minute.

Back in town less than 24 hours, and you're staying with a "friend"?

CALLEN: It's...


Astonishing that a person of such modest appearances and charm...

Questionable personal hygiene...

Is, you know, wracking up tail like...


ERIC: Hetty!

Wants you. Upstairs.

Oh, she said one point for whoever gets up here first.

Are you punking us?

'Cause you better not be.

No, sir. I would not do that.

Then, where is she?

HETTY (over speaker): I'm everywhere, Mr. Renko.

Or have you been on assignment so long you've forgotten?

ERIC (whispering): She's in Washington.

I apologize for not being with you, but, uh, the political world beckons.

Of course, our work doesn't stop while Washington tinkers.

So, let's get to it.

Uh, Mr. Beale, please play the tape.

The man against the glass is a marine reservist who worked at an armory at Camp Pendleton.

Does anybody else think this is weird?

ERIC: Oh, yeah.

We all think it's weird.

Just checking.

I heard that, Mr. Callen.

Marine Lance Corporal Edward Mackaye.


Mackaye was garroted at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

The entire incident was caught on something called a Fish-Cam, which broadcasts 24-7 on the Internet.

Now, this Mackaye, he's a reservist.

Wouldn't that be, uh, a case for local PD?

I'll leave that for Mr. Renko to explain.

Case is yours, Mr. Callen.

Mackaye wasn't just punching a time card.

He was my informant on the weapons case I've been following.

I've got it all here.

Over a three-month period, six Dragon antitank missiles disappeared somewhere between the manufacturer and Afghanistan.

SAM: Interchangeable warheads.

Small, portable, scary as hell.

RENKO: We narrowed it down to an armory at Pendleton.

Prime suspect is Private Scott Riley.

Now, Riley is very smart.

We have not been able to hang anything on this guy.

Haven't been able to figure out how he got the Dragon off the base.

Eric, pull up everything you've got on Mackaye.


RENKO: That's when we approached Corporal Mackaye.

A good marine.

Stand-up kid.

He worked in the armory with Riley.

Mackaye was supposed to be eyes and ears only-- let us know if Riley was up to anything suspicious.

And how is this connected to the militia group?

We knew ELE was in the market for heavy firepower.

I've been trying to track down their base of operations for months, but these guys just keep moving around.

Mostly border areas.

Just like the Coyotes.


Illegals come across, ELE is right there waiting for them.

We pulled phone records going back a decade.

Turns out our Private Riley has a history with two of ELE's suspected leaders.

This is Malcolm Tallridge, the charismatic founder.

His number two, John Bordinay.

Paranoid nut job.

SAM: Brains and muscle.

We think that this is Bordinay behind the gun.

This video was leaked onto the Web.

(people screaming, rapid gunfire)

RENKO: Last summer, these guys chased 20 people into the desert.

All of them died of thirst, including three children.

It doesn't bother them.

The deaths prove their point: the situation's out of control, and they need to engage.

They claim to be protecting our freedom.

We were hoping to lock these guys down before they did something really crazy.

Like arming themselves with Dragon missiles?

I think maybe they just have.

Welcome to DC, Henrietta.

Director Vance.

Door-to-door service.

How out of character.

Well, people can change.

And I owe you one big-time.

You do, especially for forcing me to leave the children in charge.

How much trouble can they get into in eight hours?

Is that how long I'm going to be here?


Good gracious.

You told me they had a few questions regarding the security of your slush fund.

Think of it more along the lines of a friendly fireside chat about the efficacy of the funding disbursement process for the Federal Joint-Task Force system.

Why don't they just throw me in a well and see if I float?

This isn't a witch hunt, Hetty.

Oh, I recall the same thing being said to my predecessor before she disappeared.

Last I heard of Macy, she was working out of a Quonset hut in Djibouti.

KENSI: Mackaye wouldn't have gone into the aquarium to meet anyone-- not while it was being cleaned.

Now, what I'm thinking is that someone was after him.

So, he goes into the aquarium to hide.

Bad guy goes after him, and-- splat--

Mackaye makes his guest appearance on Fish-Cam.

So, Riley comes to the beach, our "Eyes and Ears" follows him.

Eyes and Ears gets made.

Bad guy goes rogue, he panics, takes him out.

Why would the bad guy be here?

I mean, there's no target to attack.

People are too spread out, it's far too exposed, and it's lousy with law enforcement thanks to the port across the way.


SAM: Hmm?

Could you fit a Dragon missile into a sail bag?

With room to spare.

KENSI: What are the chances Riley windsurfs?

DOMINIC: Security footage from Pendleton.

So, Riley leaves the base in his SUV with his windsurfing equipment on the roof rack.

And the guards check everything: the front, the back, everything, but they never open the sail bag.

CALLEN: Then, Riley goes to the beach and covers his tracks.

Or maybe that's where he delivered the weapons.

They take his sail bag, he takes theirs.

Return to base, repeat step one.

Six times, which is probably why Renko got nowhere.

SAM (over radio): You hearing this, Kensi?

Yeah. I'm staring at Riley's rig right now.

Parked outside his apartment.

Where about Riley?

I haven't seen him yet.

You know what? I'm going to go have a sniff around, see if he's been moving explosives.




(gagging, coughing)

(grunting and groaning)



(loud grunting and panting)


Bad idea, Private.

You started without me.

Oh, God.

You wandered off to observe the scenery.

I was checking Riley's mailbox.

What, no thanks for saving your ass?

My ass didn't need saving.

Sure it didn't.

I'm pretty sure it didn't.

Give me your hands.

Well, if anyone's ass deserves saving, it's yours.

I thought you were stealing my sail.

So you garrote me?

You whack my head into a car?

It's a tough neighborhood.

You could have had a friend or a gun.

Turns out, you had both.

Why don't you just tell me about your involvement with ELE?


The guys you sold the Dragons to.

Should she be alone in there with him?

I mean, he's huge.

Riley's bigger and stronger, but...

She's meaner.

We searched his apartment.

There's nothing of value there.

Eric and Dom combed through his bank accounts, his credit cards.

If this guy was getting paid, he's had some serious self-control.

Okay, Riley manages to get a Dragon off a secure base on six different occasions.

That's smart.

But when your guy Mackaye follows him...

Riley kills him on Fish-Cam?

Not so smart.


It's impulsive, desperate.

I don't know.

I just get the feeling the game's changed.

He's lying, he's stonewalling, and he is messing with me.

Sounds like you on a second date.

Nothing you'll ever have to worry about.

Even used a different cord for his creepy garrote MO.


There is one thing I'm sure of.

He stole the missiles, and he killed Mackaye.

This guy is part Tim McVeigh, part 9/11 bomber.

He will never betray his cause.

Freeing America?

But he's a follower, not a leader.

I think he's afraid of something.

Or someone.

Get out.

Private Riley?

Thank you.

He's all yours, boys.

See you tomorrow, Scott.

We'll be talking some more.

What are you looking at?

It's a nice cattle car.

But you couldn't afford upholstery for the whole thing?

Is that it?

I've been in a cell for three days.

Okay? I want a shower, a shave and a clean uniform.

You shouldn't have dishonored it.

I have rights, you know.

You signed those away.

Uncle Sam owns you.

You messed with him.

I hope it was worth it, Corporal.

"Hope it was worth it."

Listen to this guy.

(Callen laughs)

Check out that MP outfit.

You think he made those chevrons in shop class?

Hey, why don't you leave me out of it?

Hey, why don't you leave me out of it? Gee, look at you guys.

Get you two a room together, huh?

Hey, how many MPs does it take to screw in a light bulb?



One to screw in the light bulb, 49 to stand guard.

That is the worst joke I have ever heard.

No kidding.

What is Callen doing?

Psych 101-- forging a bond with Riley by creating a common enemy in Sam.

CALLEN: You want another?



CALLEN: Why don't MPs take showers before they go to battle?

'Cause they're just gonna wash up on the shore anyways.

You got a little smile.

Yeah. Got a little smile there.

How you doing?

(phone ringing)

ERIC: This is Eric.

It's good to hear you still know who you are.

Ah, Hetty.

You having a good time in Washington?

The last person to have a good time in Washington was General Jubal Early in 1864.

He was attacking it at the time.

So, the patients haven't burned down the asylum yet?

So far, so good.

And how's Mr. Callen doing?

He is operational.


Yeah, Renko's operation against the militia-- we had a breakthrough.

What kind of a breakthrough, Eric?

These guys won't install a landline or talk on a cell phone, but Riley used his laptop to search p0rn, fringe propaganda sites and 247 addresses on Google maps.

HETTY: This is a crackpot, cockamamie operation.

I leave for a few hours, and you all turn into lunatics!

These militia groups are far more paranoid than you could possibly appreciate.

Now this is what I want you to do.

(beeping on phone)

FEMALE VOICE: If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.

It wasn't me.

Oh! Good Lord!

Good Lord! Damn! Damn!

(phone ringing through)

Don't answer it.

Hetty, Hetty, it's Nate.

We did a full risk analysis in every component, and we ran it by Director Vance, and he signed off.

And why didn't you inform me?

You were in a senate hearing.

Nate, you have no idea what you're up against here.

Your risk assessment is useless.

The dangers are unquantifiable.

Mr. Callen could be...

Killed, or worse.

Ms. Lange?

The committee is ready for you.

Shut... it... down, Nate.

Hetty, it's...

Too late.

Miss Lange.

Whoa, whoa, I-I... I have something here.

Riley's hits on Google Maps-- all 247 of them are federal buildings.

They're immigration processing centers.

I think we might have a list of potential targets.

CALLEN: You work out every day?

You probably have time for that, being an MP.

Work out, play dress-up.

Chasing guys like me around, instead of America's true enemies.

I'm a true patriot.

I'm proud of my country.

It's just the government that sucks.

(tires squeak)

(horn honing)

(tires squeaking)

What the hell?

Someone's shooting.

What the hell took you so long?

I got here, okay?

Just get the keys.

Give me the gun.

What's going on?

It's not your problem, buddy.

Who are you guys?

Not your problem!

Come on.





Hey, man.

Hey, man, what about me?

You can't leave me here.

Leave me out of it, remember?

Unlock me!

I can help us.

I got friends.

You know what? We all got friends, buddy.

Listen to me, man.

This guy is connected.

He's got people all over the country.

He can help us.

He's got weapons, he's got food, safe places to stay, you know?

They will never find us.


Riley's taking the bait.

Callen has done in two hours what easily could have taken two years to accomplish.

Infiltrate a paranoid extremist group.

(tires squeak)


Party's over, boys.

Nice job, fellas.

Let's go.


Clear this out of here.

Got the GPS locator?

Yup. Signal's strong and clear.

Change of clothes?

In the back.

Come on, come on, come on, let's go!

Good, good.

Please tell me we're not going camping.

Are we going camping?

No, we're not camping.

'Cause I hate camping.

Hold your fire, Jay!

It's Riley!

Give me the pistol.

I don't think so.

The man that we are going to see does not take kindly to strangers with guns.

You've gotta be kidding me.

I'm being shot at by a Jonas brother.

And I think I'm about to meet the rest of the family.

Point that thing at me again and I will break your neck.

Take me to Malcolm.

He hates strangers.

Fine, it's your funeral.

It's Jay, I'm coming back.

There's company.

Is there gonna be a bathroom where we're going?

You can go in the woods.

I knew it.

I save your life and you take me camping.

At least where I come from they got toilets.

And TV and fun!

At least where I come from we know how to shut our mouth.

At least I don't have an Appalachian goatee.

At least I can grow one.

ERIC: Nate, you got a minute?

I think you need to hear this.

Ten years ago, Hetty worked with an agent named Sullivan.

He was killed infiltrating a militia group.

That explains her reaction.

Yeah, but there's something else.

She personally recruited him to NCIS.

She was an Operations Manager on the joint task force with Miami PD.

She wrote his recommendation letter to get him the job.

Said the he was the best young detective that she'd ever seen.

"Composed, confident and mentally suited "to the rigors of undercover work.

Remind you of anyone?


I'm sorry, ma'am, this is a private meeting.

Jack, it's okay.

Why on God's green earth did you not tell me, Leon?

Excuse me, Senators.

There are very few ways to infiltrate a militia, you have to jump at...

The reason you can't get in is they're crazy and paranoid and dangerous.

Hetty, Callen is not Sullivan.

Now, we deal with terrorists, cartels and gangs every day.

There's no reason to think that this'll be any different.


Yes, sir?

Will you please escort Miss Lange back to the hearing so she can finish her testimony.

Right this way, ma'am.

I'll take care of it, Hetty.

I promise.

Some promises you can't keep, Leon.

There's been a lot of traffic through here, guys.

I'm thinking about at least five different vehicles, maybe one heavy truck.

I found Callen's earwigs.

G's worried he's gonna get searched.

Guess the paranoia's contagious.

ERIC: Okay, here we go.

RENKO: That's one of the Dragons.

That's Malcolm Tallridge, the Founder of ELE.

Nasty guy next to him is John Bordinay, his right-hand man.

Malcolm, Bordinay.

Riley, who's your friend?

He was on the transport.

His buddies sprung us.

Where's the buddies?


I think we just hit the motherlode.

All five other missiles are right in that cabin.

Killed a Marine, got yourself caught and took out a transport?

Then you brought a outsider here?

How many ways you gonna expose us?

It's safer this way.

No one gets picked up, no one answering questions.

SAM: This is the entire militia organization.

KENSI: Hey, Dom, we need back-up now.


On their way.

Callen will get the hell out of there first chance he gets, right?

Mm-hmm, if he keeps his head down, we're home free.

Oh, yeah, piece of cake.

He's right.

Don't fire unless you have to!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Don't shoot him!

Do not shoot!

RENKO: What do we do now?

I don't want trouble, Malcolm.

You all seem like patriotic citizens.

You know how to hold up your end of a deal, am I right?

Who's in the woods, son?

You tell me.

I just want the keys to that truck and I'm gone.

No one gets hurt.

Don't worry, they're not gonna shoot us.

I'm not sure about that.

Call them off, Malcolm!

Go ahead, shoot the kid.

He's willing to die for his cause.

Is that what you want, Jay?

He'd rather not, Malcolm.

What do you say you and I have a conversation?

We talk about this?

I need Director Vance on the phone.

No, we need that back-up now!

I have an agent in distress.

I'm getting the ETA, they're on their way.

NATE: Maybe Hetty was right.

Hetty's always right.

CALLEN: Jay is a kid.

Now, you don't need that kind of press.

Not gonna be real good with your recruitment effort.

(horn honking)

What is Sam doing?

(horn honking)

MAN: Keep your cool.

SAM: I'm not armed!

'm with the ATF.

We have the camp surrounded.

I'm authorized to negotiate a settlement.

We don't want another Ruby Ridge.

We know about the Dragons.

We know about Mackaye.

We've had agents watching you for three weeks.

I'm here to talk.

What on earth is he doing?

The other guy's an agent?

Yeah, Agent Callen.

Everybody's standing down, no one's coming in.

You and I have 30 minutes to make a deal.

KENSI: Hope backup gets here fast.

MAN: Eyes open.

Well, it sounds like you have us in a bind.

It's textbook negotiation.

He's giving the illusion that he has a bargaining chip.

But he doesn't.

Let's see how good you are.

Go get your friend, then we'll talk.

Let him through.

G, I'm coming to you.

I hope you have a better plan than this.

MAN: Move those bodies.

Okay, everything's good.

Now what?

You think the ATF's gonna come in guns blazing when there's hostages involved?

Guess you have to wait 30 minutes to see.

Jay, come here.


Come here.


Hey, come on, man.

You didn't need to do that.


How long was I out?

Few minutes.

I've been kicking you the whole time.

In the side of the head?

Why aren't we dead?

Because they wanna find out if they're surrounded by 50 agents.

How long is that gonna take?

I'd say the time it takes to pack up, bust out of here, and realize no one's shooting at them.

Think they'll do that before or after they kill us?

After, definitely after.

You wanna explain yourself?

Explain myself?

I saved your skinny ass.

Let's see, I had a gun and a hostage before you got here.

Now I'm, I'm chained up to a stove with a concussion.

That's a nice save.

Ten more seconds, you'd have a dozen new bullet holes in you.

Now what?

I was hoping you had some ideas.

I'm thinking I want my gun and my hostage back.

Excuse me.

Sorry to pull you out.

How bad?

They have Callen and Sam.

Back-up is en route.

That's it?

The LA field office is doing everything they can.

There's nothing more you can do here.

We should know more soon.

Chopper's at 23 minutes out.

This is gonna be over in ten.

They're already packing up the missiles.

We gotta buy them some time then.

You got any ideas?

Drive another car into the camp?

Think that's gonna work again?

Take a look at this.

How's your Morse code?

That was the last one.

Oh, this just keeps getting better.

Is it flickering?

It feels like it's flickering.

That's because it's Morse code.

Got it.


That bobby pin.

I started wearing it in the '90s.

Haven't used it since.

That's the most well-trained display of Standard Operating Procedure I've ever seen from you.

Oh, no.


I dropped it.

You dropped it?!

How could you drop it?

Well, it kind of sprung.

Oh, I got it. I'm good.

Just... just keep reading the code.

Well, keep your head still.

I-- it's still.

Am I good?

Kensi says the choppers are 20 minutes out.


How do you know it was Kensi not Renko?

Kensi versus Renko-- who remembers their Morse code?

Can you send it back?


Yeah, I can send it back.

It's called training and paying attention.

I thought you said I was well-prepared.

Must've been Stockholm Syndrome.


What the hell is Maskelyne?

Maskelyne? I don't know.

Maybe it's a code word.

(phone rings)

Uh, incoming!

It's Hetty.

Hetty, it's all of us.

Please don't yell.

I'm not yelling.

What don't I know?

Backup will be there in... 18 minutes.

Hetty, we don't think they can last that long.

ERIC: And Nate got a message from Kensi from Callen in Morse code about something called "Maskelyne."


Uh, it's-it's not a thing, it's a who.

He was a magician in World War II.

He invented subterfuge.

He could make an entire squadron of tanks disappear.

He tricked the Nazis into believing that a handful of men was an entire division.

Smoke and mirrors.

Now, listen.

These militia groups-- they already believe they're being pursued by the full force of the United States government.

So we play to those fears.


All right, I've jammed all the radio signals in the area.

Now, they'll start futzing with the dials to try to find the frequency-- and hopefully stumble upon us.

Now, the idea is to make them think that they're surrounded.

One becomes ten.


Mr. Secretary.


What can I do for you?

Desmond, I need a favor.

A small one.

All teams in place?

Teams One, Two, Three taking positions north, northwest and southwest.

ERIC: Teams Four and Five, Snipers in position?

DOMINIC: Sniper One, target identified.

NATE: Sniper Two, target in sight.

DOMINIC: Roger, Sniper Three, target identified, militia leader.

Permission to engage?

Malcolm, are you hearing this?


Kensi, go.

(rapid gunfire continues)

MAN (on radio): We got gunfire, gunfire.

You think we can make a run for it?


Want to try it anyways?

Drop it.

We're not going to go through this again, are we?

Nice face.

CALLEN: You know, they're not very nice to you out there.

At least I'm not a complete liar.

Well, at least I'm not running around with a bunch of wannabe Rambos.

Now, you ought to be with your friends playing Guitar Hero, or down at the beach picking up chicks.

Not camping out with a bunch of The Hills Have Eyes psychos.

SAM: What do you think the missiles are for, hmm?


There comes a time when you got to choose which side you're on.


There's 20 agents-- they're on the access road.

They're coming for us!

You're sure about that, huh?

You sure you didn't just imagine it?

They're coming. I swear.

We need to get out of here.

(rapid gunfire)

(sighs): Looks like they bought it.


He's not going to stop.

No, no.

He'll stop.

No, he's not.

You're right, he's not.

All right, Agent Callen.

Appreciate it, Agent Hunt.

So, I spoke with the special agent in charge, and he spoke with the U. S. Attorney.

And they said you could go home, For now.

You have anywhere you can go?

Can I call my mom?


At least I know how to dial a cell phone.

At least I'm not going to jail.

At least I didn't accidentally join a militia.

At least I...

Finally woke up and saved your behind.


At least you're on my side.


Hi, Mom.

F-22s. Nice touch.

Whatever funding I procured today, we just blew on an air show.

Yeah, there goes my slush fund.

You knew.

You knew that I would go to...

I had a suspicion.


You... you baited me.

You pulled me out of that hearing, and you baited me to going to the SECAF, so you wouldn't have to.

I didn't think he'd do it for me.

And that way, I could spend my political capital, so that you wouldn't have to spend yours, Leon.

Sullivan was a good agent.

He would have become a great one.

Like Callen.

I'd never lost an agent before Sullivan.

But you saved two today.

You should feel good.

You know, that was really stupid.

Coming in to get me.

You're calling me stupid?

You wanted to "Butch Cassidy"me.

You wanted to run for it.

Yeah, wasn't my best idea.

You wanted to "Custer's last stand" me.

You wanted to "Alamo" me.


You going to put that in your little report, color-coded tabs?


Tabs marked: Dumbass idea.

Nice job, Special Agent Hanna.


You said it.

You feel good?


Cheapens the work.