01x12 - Past Lives

And it's a good morning here in the southland.

Clear and sunny skies with a high for the day of 78 degrees.

Current temperature outside is a crisp 60.

Still no traffic problems at this early hour.

Clear cruising on most of the major freeways, but...

Watch out for construction at the entrance of the 101 off Vine and Hollywood.

(voice trailing off): Commuters headed in that direction of Vine...

Fourth and Spring? No problem.

You see that sunrise?


Another day in paradise, right?

Not a morning person?

Who is? Okay, okay.

If you want my money, take it!

It's not your money I want.

(tires screeching)

Help! Help!

Help me!



I got it.

Cowboy bar on Sunset.

With the mechanical bull?


No, Hetty plus mechanical bull plus tequila equals bar fight.

Trust me, I've been there-- Dom?

Is that a doll?

Uh, no.

This is one of only 500 Alpha Centauri Imperial Class Guardian Bobbleheads in the entire world.

(chuckling): It's... not a doll.

You're playing with an alien doll?

At work?

There is a difference between dolls and bobbleheads.

And Imperial Class Alpha Centauris are only part alien.

The other part is cyborg, I mean, everyone...

How about Disneyland?

I hate Disneyland.

CALLEN: Kensi hates Disneyland.

The happiest place on Earth?

I have issues with grown men in furry costumes.

Unless it's Thursday night.

What are we talking about?

Quality time with the team.

CALLEN: Apparently, it's been too long since we hung out, unless there's a corpse involved.

We're brainstorming ideas.

NATE: Bowling.

It's great competition, uh, builds camaraderie, and you get to wear those funny shoes.

No bowling. SAM: No bowling.

Okay, what about the cowboy bar on Sunset?

Oh, that sounds like fun.

They have a mechanical bull, Hetty.

Oh, no, never mind.


Mr. Callen, you've received an email this morning.

More specifically, Jason Tedrow received an email.

Who's Jason Tedrow?

Alias from an old case.

I don't remember it.

You were on assignment in Afghanistan.

A case that now involves l of us.

Why is that?

Because the man who sent you the email was killed two hours ago.

The cabbie's name was Joey Gale.

Former navy systems technician.

How'd he end up driving a cab?

Four years ago, we took Gale and his accomplices down for pulling an electronic heist of five million dollars from the Naval Advanced Defense Research Fund.

Gale was the inside guy.

Montrell Perez.

He was the crew's leader.

NATE: Sociopath with gang ties.

Fourth Street Flats.

Flats, rough boys. Tight knit.

Jon Donnelly.

NATE: No prior record.

Bunked with Perez, who dragged him into it.

How'd you catch them? Deep cover op.

I went in as Jason Tedrow, a dirty MP.

Spent months getting close to them.

Told them I knew they had taken the money and that I could use my connections to sabotage the investigation.

They believed me. I asked for a cut.

And on the day of the payoff, NCIS arrested all of us.

Now, Gale and Donnelly struck up a deal to testify against Perez.

They each did four years and got released.

But Perez wasn't so lucky.

He's doing a ten-year stretch at the Naval Consolidated Brig at Miramar.

So, where does this crew think their buddy Tedrow ended up?

Shipped off to a brig in South Carolina.

And the five million? ERIC: Gone.

From the funded his access to an outside account.oney But the money was gone from the outside account when the investigators got access.

Gale and the rest of them passed lie detector tests.

They had no idea where that money went.

NCIS got the convictions that they wanted, but the five million dollars was never found.

Which leads us back to the email Gale sent Jason Tedrow.

Right. Now, Gale's been tracking down the missing money since he was paroled three weeks ago.

He found an account number.

Now he wants Jason Tedrow's help getting it.

Why get in touch with someone he hasn't seen for so long?

I'm just a naturally likeable guy.

Or he was desperate.

NATE: Could be a little bit of both.

Given their history, Gale must've thought Tedrow was one of the only people he could trust.

Honor among thieves.

Gale connected the money to a shell corporation, but the account was closed approximately two hours ago, right around the time that this happened.

This is a traffic cam on the corner.

He tossed the murder weapon so he wouldn't be caught with it.

It wasn't a mugging; it was an execution.

Someone knew he was getting close to the money.

Kensi, head down to the brig in Miramar.

Find out what Perez knows.

And if Perez has ties to the Flats, then he's a suspect.

Could've ordered the hit from prison.

All right, on my way.

Where's Jon Donnelly?

Hmm, paroled three weeks ago, like Gale.

But no driver's license, no utility bills, no credit cards.

Off the grid.

I'll find him.

âTª âTª

How is our old friend Jason Tedrow?

It's just another alias, Hetty.

An alias that reminds me of something Theodore Roethke once wrote: "My soul, like some "heat-maddened summer fly, keeps buzzing at the sill.

Which I is I?"

Well, I've been a lot of people.

Yes, but you enjoyed being Jason Tedrow best.


It bothers me, too, Mr. Hanna.

He's going lone wolf on us.

Keep an eye on him.

He's good at spotting tails.

And you're good at running them.

Stay close.

Lone wolf or not, Mr.

Callen is one of our own.

(engine stops)


(dog barking in distance)

(birds chirping)

(doorbell ringing)

(gasps) Oh, my God.



Been a while.

BOY: Mom!

Jason, this is Michael.

My son.



KRISTIN: What is this?

You think you can just waltz back into my life?

Thought you'd be glad to see me.

You disappeared.

I was in prison.

That's not an excuse.

You didn't even say good-bye.

That would've made it harder.

I didn't want you to have to deal with this, too.

The only person who decides what I am fit to deal with is me.

I've dealt with plenty.

And I'm doing just fine.

I'm looking for your brother.


He's still a lost cause.

Figures you'd be looking for him.

MAN: Kristin?

In the kitchen.

Hey, big guy!

MICHAEL: Come here! How are you, kid?

Jason Tedrow, this is Tommy Boyd.

My fiancé.

BOYD: Nice to meet you.


Jason's an old friend of Jon's.

He was just leaving.

You're getting married?

Met him right after you vanished.

You thght I was just gonna wait for you?


No, I...

I get it.

Last I heard, Jon was hanging out in front of the Supply Depot in East L. A.

Just looking to pick up odd jobs.

Trying to make ends meet.



I've moved on.

Please, don't come back.

You know, I spotted your tail a half mile into my drive.

If you spotted me, you would have tried to shake me.

Uh-huh. It was that, uh, leapfrog maneuver on Olympic that gave you away.

You wish.


You got involved with Jon Donnelly's sister during the case?

She was never a suspect or a witness, okay?

It was deep cover.

I just used her to gain the trust of her brother's crew.



So I got close to her.

She doesn't know my real name.

The man she fell in love with doesn't even exist.

What about the kid?

He was never a suspect, either, but he did seem a little shifty.

Who's the kid's father?

I don't know.

(buzzer sounds, gate unlocks)

GUARD: User log in, please.


(gate opening)

(gate closing)

Agent Blye, NCIS?

That's me.

Lieutenant Commander Neil Corby, JAG.

Montrell Perez is my client.


You're assuming I have conditions?

We arrested him.

You defended him.

And our relationship is adversarial by nature.

(buzzer sounding)

I need something.

You have it.

Namely, the cooperation of my client.

Quid pro quo.

I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Easy now, Agent Blye.

We just met.


What do you want?

I'm petitioning the Court of Appeals for a reduction in my client's sentence.

I'd appreciate the support of NCIS at the hearing.

I will see what I can do.

Much obliged.

So now...

Let's scratch your itch.

(inmate shouting)

GUARD: Keep it down, gentlemen.

(buzzer sounding) CORBY: Here comes our boy.

(sniffs) You smell her?

Counselor, put a leash on your client, or I'll do it myself.

CORBY: Agent Blye is prepared to help us get you out of here earlier than planned, Montrell.

All you have to do is answer some questions.

For this piece, I'll do it for free.

Joey Gale is dead.

And not from natural causes?

Gunned down in the street this morning.

Well, I hope it hurt.

I didn't do it.


KENSI: Yeah, but you're tight with people who could.

Prison records show you made a dozen calls to the Fourth Street Flats members over the last month.

Ain't no crime to phone home.

What about Jon Donnelly?

Well, I hope he's next.

Gale and Donnelly turned on me.

Karma's a bitch. CORBY: Montrell.

Please stop making yourself a suspect in this case.

Knock it off.

I haven't had a visitor in a long time.

Okay. We're done.

Let me try to work this out, man.

Okay, okay, okay.

Call me, huh?

I ain't going anywhere.

Maybe we could go out on a date.

Package for you... from a JAG lawyer.


You read the card.

Well, for security purposes.

You know, national security classified document protocol for...

Yeah, he doesn't really have clearance to know about this location.

Well, he sent them through central NCIS mail dispatch in San Diego.

In record time.

I hate flowers.

(clears throat) Give him points for trying.


Here we go.

I'll handle it.

This crowd can smell a cop a mile away.

I smell like a cop?

Actually, you smell like baby powder, but that's a whole different conversation.


You're scaring me.





I just want to talk.

(tires screech) (groans)

God! Geez! (groans)

You trying to get yourself killed?

I'm trying to stop myself from getting killed!

You all right? I heard about Gale.

Thought maybe I was next.

Haven't seen anyone run that fast since that time you got caught with that Marine's girlfriend in San Diego.

That guy was a knuckle dragger.

And the only reason I ran is because you broke the land speed record getting out of that bar after you realized he had buddies with him.

It's good to see you.

Isn't this where you tell me I look good for a guy who did 48 months in the brig?

I'm a thief; I'm not a liar.


How'd you find me?


Bet she was glad to see you.


Well, not as much as I'd hoped.

Look, I saw the report on Gale this morning...

And you heard it was a botched mugging, and you thought I killed him.

I didn't say that. Don't feel bad.

I thought the same thing about you.

So the five million's still missing, isn't it?

I don't know anything about the money; I just know I don't want to be looking over my shoulder the rest of my life.

You think Perez could have done this?

He's a sick b*st*rd.

You know, when I was locked up, every time I talked to my sister, she made a point of asking if I'd heard from you.

Broke her heart pretty bad.

I made a mistake.

You're damn right.

And to make up for it, you're gonna call my little sister and apologize for all the things and...

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

Jon? Jon?

SAM: This is the security cam from Jet Plastics.

No plates, guy in a mask.

No way to ID t driver.

Gale and Donnelly are both dead.

That leaves Montrell Perez.

Guy in the SUV didn't take a shot at Jason Tedrow.

Why not?

KENSI: Callen?


You okay?

Jason Tedrow didn't show up as a player until the end.

Gale and Donnelly knew more than me.

Or he was trying to shoot you, too, and he missed.

Well, Gale and Donnelly both testified against Perez in court.

He hated them for that.

He could buy himself a Fourth Street Flats hit squad for a whole lot less than five million dollars.


I'll take another shot at him.

Thought you hated flowers.

DOMINIC: Pulled up everything on Kristin Donnelly's fiancé, Tommy Boyd.

And? Phew. Skeletons in the closet.

Five years at Folsom State Prison for armed robbery.

Served his full sentence.

Released in 2002.

Anyone else think Kristin's got a thing for bad boys?


Hey, moving on.

Boyd's records show an incident where he was a minor.

Uh, underage drinking and a DUI.

He was acquitted, but the details of the case were sealed by the court.

Work with Eric, get it unsealed.


Kristin has no idea she's marrying an ex-con.

You don't know that.

I know her.

She'd never go down that path again.

It's not your place to look out for her.

She's a part of this case.

Oh, and Boyd just drops into her life after I leave?

It could be a coincidence.

SomebodyPerez making hits on Gale from prison-- it's a good theory.

It's not the only theory.

Do you think it's Boyd?

Or do you want it to be Boyd?

Sam, just as you said, I'll be okay.

(rhythmic thumping)

SAM: What is this?

NATE: I was thinking Ping-Pong.


More specifically, a Ping-Pong night.

Oh, yeah, for the team outing.

And not brag or anything, but, uh, I'm really good.

Fortunately for you, it's easy to pick up. Come on.

Serve it up.


(clears throat)

There you go.

How's the case?

Callen wants to work alone.

Ah, behavior that conflicts with one of the fundamental tenets of a Navy SEAL's psychology-- teamwork.

One of the fundamental tenets of G. Callen is to tackle things solo.

It's the way he makes sense of e world.

He's been doing it his whole life.

You debrief him after every case.

You know what's not in the files.

And that's all you're gonna say?

That's all I can say.

If it affects NCIS, it's my job to speak up.

But as far as the innermost thoughts of the field agents are concerned, it's my job to make sure that they stay confidential.

He trusts you more than anyone else, Sam.

What if he doesn't need my help this time?

You'll be ready to offer it anyway.

What about the girl?

Kristin Donnelly?

Nothing he can't handle.

Did I mention I have one of the sickest topspin serves you've ever seen?

No. Ready?


Free lesson? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, I just got...

I got to warm up next time.

'Cause I-I got... I have this, uh, this rotator cuff thing. You ever get that?

Like... when you're in the gym?

Probably not.

Beat your ass at Pictionary.

(knock at door) Thank you, sir.

Right this way, ma'am.

This isn't a social call.

How did you guess?

The flowers weren't nice enough to warrant a same day visit.

I hate flowers, but the gesture didn't go unnoticed.

What branch of NCIS are you with, anyway?

I made an inquiry and got hit with the kind of clearance requests you'd expect from Langley.

There's been another shooting.

Jon Donnelly. And we think Montrell Perez may have had something to do with it.

May I ask why?

I can think of about five million reasons.

A less tactful attorney might suggest your efforts are better spent trying to locate this alleged hit man rather than assigning blame to a prisoner already serving his time.

Perez is a legitimate suspect.

And if you still want us to support his appeal, he needs to tell us everything he knows.

Oh, he told me he'd talk to you anytime.

So long as it's face-to-face.

And they say chivalry is dead.

Just run it through my office first, okay?

Of course.

Thank you for the flowers.

You said you didn't like flowers.

I kind of like that you sent them.

(door opens)

What are you doing here?

Kristin doesn't know, does she?

Know what? That you got sent to Folsom State Prison for a liquor store robbery that left the owner paralyzed.

Look, I was 18.

I'm not the guy who pulled the trigger.

And it takes a hell of a lot more than talking like a cop to rattle me.

Look, she'll leave me if she finds out.

She's had it with people who disappoint her.

How'd you meet?

At a bar.

Look, what do you...

What do you want from me?

I want you to convince me that you had nothing to do with Jon Donnelly's murder.

Look, that liquor store thing, I was a kid caught up with the wrong crowd, all right?

It's not an excuse; it's what happened.

But I served every day of my sentence.

We all make mistakes.

Yeah, we do.

But one mistake I'll never make is walking out on Kristin.

That's more than I can say for you...

Whoever you are.


At least he didn't shoot you.

There is that.

You mind explaining how this visit is connected to our case?

Is my partner interrogating me?

Your partner is watching your back.


Something's wrong with this guy.

It's just...

He's got some demons.

Don't we all?

He said he met Kristin in a bar, but it just feels like there's more to it.

Then there probably is.

But he does seem to care about Kristin and the boy.

I don't know.

Four years ago, walking away seemed like the right thing to do, but...

I told her so many lies.

The deeper you get, the easier it is to leave the lies in place and just disappear.

The best thing you can do is find the man who killed her brother.

Got a call from Miramar Naval Brig.

Perez just got a visit from Andres Rodrigo, AKA "Icey Andres."

He's a Fourth Street Flats enforcer who's a prime suspect in, I don't know, eight homicides.

Now, unfortunately, police can't make anything stick due to the fact that witnesses against Señor Icey tend to suffer from such maladies as unnatural strangulation, untimely dismemberment, and unfortunate spills down empty elevator shafts.

Am I the only one who thinks he delivers that information a little too cheerfully?

ERIC: Hey, don't hate.

I love my job.

SAM: Question Perez again, but don't tell his lawyer.

Let's see how he does without coaching.

Go behind Corby's back?

ERIC: Ooh.

Intrigue. Betrayal. This is getting good.

Sometimes he's so cheerful, I just want to punch him.


Since Corby said Perez will see you any time, then he doesn't need to know.

SAM: Have another sit-down, smile a lot, look like you're interested.

Oh, be still my beating heart.

Another chance to hear the latest penitentiary pickup lines.

We dress you in something tight.

He will be so bewitched and bothered, he won't even notice when you plant this little bug on him.


(buzzer sounds)


You put that on just for me?

Sure, I did.

Jon Donnelly was killed in a drive-by shooting this afternoon.


(laughing): It's tragic.

KENSI: You're the only one in that crew that isn't dead.

And you don't seem to be too scared about being next.



I'm a big dog in here.


To most.

Do you like having me here?

Then give me something I can use or I'm gone.

What do you want to know?

What happened to the money you stole?

Off the record?


We stole five mil.

Four-point-five of which I never saw again.

KENSI: What happened to the difference?

PEREZ: In a bank. Got my name on it.

I'm gonna tell you something I haven't told anybody before.

Not even that JAG lawyer of mine, Corby.

Four years ago, the night before the trial, I got a phone call.

Guy on the other end of the line was wearing one of those voice distorter things.

He told me I was going down, but I could walk away with some cash if I did my time, kept my mouth shut.

Do you have any idea who it might have been?

Could have been any of a dozen guys who knew.

Bunch of my old Flats boys.

Maybe even this bent MP named Tedrow.

Gale and Donnelly said they got calls, too.

They told the guy no.

Thought they'd do their time, get out, find the money.

Guess they were wrong.

Is that all?

For today.

You think I'm coming back?


I sure do.

It'll be like Silence of Lambs, only you're hotter than the FBI chick...

And I'm a lot smarter than the creepy old killer guy.

(buzzer sounds)

Call me.

Our killer started working on his plan four years ago.

He spoke to Perez and the others before the trial.

PEREZ: "Call me, " you see that?

Sounds like he had inside information on the case.

Come on, they all like the bad boys, you know that. Yep.

(buzzer sounds) GUARD: Come on, Perez, back to your cell.

You promised you'd run all visits with Perez through me first. Oh, I'm sorry.

Someone must have screwed up at the office.

Munro, what is it with you, man?

You jealous?

I'm trying to kick it to this hot agent, man.

In your dreams. No, you saw the way she touched my shoulder, man. She...

(Perez coughing) GUARD: Perez?


Get a medic, now!

(alarm ringing)

(Perez choking)


Get back in there.

(alarm ringing)


(alarm ringing)

MUNRO: His pulse is fading fast.

What happened?

He started choking and collapsed!


Perez, who was the man on the phone?


Who took(alarm ringing)

CALLEN: Kensi?

It's too late.

KENSI: He's dead.

DONIC: Initial toxicology results indicate that Perez was poisoned.

Sodium cyanide.

It's a colorless salt that induces cardiac arrest.

Slip it into someone's food or drink, and it can take hours to kill them.

ERIC: Hey, I got something on Kristin Donnelly's fiancé.

Remember that sealed case on Tommy Boyd's record?

The DUI he got as a minor. Yeah.

Well, I finally managed to access the court records and get it unsealed.

Tommy was acquitted due to a technicality.

His court-assigned lawyer discovered an error in the arrest paperwork and got the prosecutor to seal the case.

That's pretty good for a public defender.


It was Neil Corby.

Corby's a former navy petty officer.

After graduating law school, and then decided he wasender a military man at heart.

Next stop was JAG.

Perez said he didn't tell anyone about the phone call.

But Corby knew about it.

So either Perez was lying to me-- trying to make me feel special-- or Corby knows more about this case than he's letting on.

I hate flowers.

(laughter and chatter)

Wait, this...

(patrons chattering)


You and Neil Corby...

And don't hold back.

What, you bring him along to lay a beating on me?

Is that what this is?


He saved my ass on a DUI charge when I was 17; I owed him.

I kept in touch.

I mean, the way my life was headed, I-I figured I could use a lawyer who was a buddy, and four years ago, he.. he called in the favor.

He wanted me to get close to a girl.

Kristin Donnelly.

The woman you supposedly met in a bar.

No, I did. He told me where she would be, and he sent me in.


To keep tabs on her brother, Jon.

Apparently, he just got sent to prison, a-and Corby seemed to think that he might have known about some missing money, but as far as I could tell, Jon didn't know anything and neither did Kristin.

And you fell for her.

When she told me she was pregnant, I figured it was meant to be.

Her and that boy, they're my family.

I mean, it doesn't matter how it started...

They're all I care about now.

Is she in some kind of danger from Corby?


Why should I believe you?

'Cause you're not the only one that cares about her.

Corby represented Perez in the trial.

He had inside information about what went down.

Got to the money, switched it to another account.

Then he got nervous that Donnelly might find out, so he hired Tommy Boyd to keep an eye on him.

But in the end, it was Joey Gale who put it all together.

We'd better talk to Kensi.

MAN (over P. A.): Train #211, direct service to San Juan Capistrano is now boarding on 5 through 12.




Wow, thank you for meeting me.

I have to apologize.

I'm very sorry about Perez.

Well, this isn'exactly the way I envisioned our first date, but...


The case has hit a dead end.

There was another guy who got arrested four years ago.

A crooked MP, Jason Tedrow.

Yeah, I read his name in the case file.

He just got released from Charleston.

All right, I'll check him out.

I already did.

Several times.

Every time I went to Charleston to visit one of my clients over the past four years, I made it a point to try to meet him.

One time, the warden told me Tedrow was in the infirmary.

Another time, Tedrow was on work duty.

He was even in solitary once.

With Jason Tedrow, it was always something.

Man's like a ghost.

So, now that he's out, you can see why've taken an interest.

Yes, certainly does sound suspicious.

It does.

I started considering all the possibilities with Tedrow, and I landed on this one.

NCIS has an undercover's operator who can turn himself into anyone at any time for any reason.

Gets his man, then he's gone.

Like some urban legend.

Doesn't even have a real name.

Just... "Callen."

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of urban legends.

I know there was an undercover NCIS element involved in the case four years ago.

I think...

Jason Tedrow and Callen are the same guy.

Which means you are wearing a wire...

And he is listening to every word of this.

(over wire): So, either he shows his face right now or I pull the trigger and leave you bleeding out all over that seat.

BOYD: Corby!


SAM (over wire): Why is Boyd here?

What the hell are you doing?

I followed you from your house.

I'm making sure you don't hurt Kristin.

She doesn't know where the money is.

Turn around, walk away.

Look, whatever favor I owed you is paid.

It's not that easy.

Yeah? I figured you'd say that.

MAN: He's got a gun!

(people gasping and yelling)

You want to shoot a federal agent, you go right ahead.

(silenced gunshot)


(woman screaming) SAM: Let her go!

Get down! (gasps)

(people screaming)

(Boyd groaning)

Okay, hang in there.

I gotcha, hang in there. Hang in there. Ow!

You're okay, you're all right.

(Boyd groaning)

It's not that bad. You'll be okay. Come on.

Ambulance is on the way.

(Corby wheezing)

That's him, isn't it?

(Kensi murmuring)


I never heard of him.

(final, gasping breath)

(Boyd wheezing and groaning) KENSI: Boyd.

Hang in there. (Boyd gasping and groaning)

I had to protect her.

You did.

I win, right?

(sirens blaring)

I don't know this Jason Tedrow guy, but he's becoming a pain in my ass.

Is he retired now?


Good job.



Congratulations are in order.

Jason Tedrow has officially ridden off into the sunset.


What about Kristin?

She has her son, Michael.

Is there anything you don't know?


But whether such things are worth knowing, however, is debatable.

What do I do?

Ask yourself a question.

"Which I is I?"

Then tell her the truth.

I'm certain she'll return the favor.

Which truth?

The one that sets you free.

What are you drawing? Hi.

Looks good.

Hi. I'm sorry for showing up.

I just... I probably should've called.

Why start now?

How's Tommy?

Doctors say he can come home tomorrow.

He's a good man.

Yes, he is.


Michael's not your son.

I should've told you the moment you came back, but I was so angry.

I wanted you to wonder.

I wanted you to suffer like I had after you left.

That was wrong.

One last thing, I...

My real name...






We were waiting on you.


The team outing, remember?

Dom made reservations.

Do I even want to know what he chose?

I chose.

I hope you all enjoy karaoke as much as I do.

But if not, deal with it.

Come on.

You don't have to.

And miss the opportunity to show up your pathetic Mick Jagger impersonation with my Springsteen?

Not a chance.

You, Springsteen?

This I gotta hear.

Where's Dom?

I don't know, meeting us there, I guess.

I bet he doesn't show.

Bet he's got himself a hot date instead.

SAM: Guess he'll just have to hear you some other time, Hetty.

What are you going to sing?

I thought a little Ella Fitzgerald.

I've been told I sound just like her.