01x15 - The Bank Job

MAN: Ma'am.

Good morning.

Good morning.

How can I help you?

I was interested in leasing a safe deposit box.

There are some requests in life that are beyond my power.

Yours happens to be one for which I am eminently qualified.

"Eminently qualified"? Huh.



It means I'll have to ask you a few personal questions.

Well, not too personal I hope, Curtis.


Just name, address, and telephone number.


It's essential, I promise you.

It's banking regulations these days.

You know how it is.


ROBBER 1: Nobody move.

ROBBER 2: Get away from the desk.


Behind the counter, let me see your hands.

The rest of you, on the ground.

Get on the ground.

ROBBER 2: Get down!


ROBBER 3: You, down!

ROBBER 1: Get down now!

ROBBER 3: Face down!

Federal agent. Drop your weapons.


Wrong move, lady.

ROBBER 2: Johnny. Johnny, no.

Please don't.


Whoa. Not cool.

Definitely not cool.

You want me to handle this?

Knock yourself out.

SAM: It's stuffed. It's a king cobra.

Its venom could kill a grown man inside of 15 minutes.

I thought these were bigger.

Not so big until he's stretched out and locked onto your butt.

Looks like Jeffrey Dahmer's evidence box.

I think this is Nate's.

I'm thinking Hetty.

KENSl: Mine.



We thought Hetty was having a sale.

What is all this stuff?

Just prized possessions, sacred belongings, heirlooms and memories.

Irreplaceable items that cannot be assigned a price.

This is priceless?

Are you kidding?

A full set of 72 ultra jelly bracelets from Roppongi, Tokyo?


G. Has a thing for ultra jelly bracelets from Roppongi, Tokyo.

Look, there was a break-in in my apartment building.

And I couldn't let the crooks take my stuff, so...

What is the price on the black market these days for a poppycock baby doll?

It's not just any poppycock baby doll.

This is...

It's Pete.

I keep my mementos in a GSA Class 6 fireproof safe.

Drilled to the floor of my den under false wooden panels.

Yeah, you gotta be protected.

For Pete's sake.

Okay, GSA Class 6 is military grade.

What do you keep in there?

It's classified.

What about you?

Where do I keep my stuff?



No, I don't mean memories.

I mean... I mean stuff, like this.

G. Doesn't have stuff.

I find pack rats and hoarders fascinating.

They tend to be closet romantics.

I'm sorry, did you call me a hoarder?

He said "pack rat" first.


Ah, memories. I still mourn the loss of my most prized possession.

Traces of it are still embedded in the asphalt along a quarter mile stretch at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo.

I don't even think it was the most expensive thing I ever owned but it certainly was the fastest.


New case on deck.

Dude, is that a king cobra?

This happened last month on Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad.

Six Marines wounded, one killed.

An ambush.

ERIC: Followed by a robbery.

Five million dollars in U. S. Currency.

Reconstruction funds headed for local contractors.

The Jihadist Raiders Front took credit for it.

NATE: I've heard of these guys.

Formed in 1994 by Abu Al Jaleel.

State Department considers Jihadist Raiders Front to be one of the more high-profile terrorist groups.

They got cells right across the Mideast.

Well, how did they find out about the shipment?

You need top-secret clearance to get access to those convoy routes.

Routes were leaked.

After the ambush, Delta raided a safe house used by Jihadist Raiders Front.

One of the things they recovered was a SIM card with an L. A. Phone number on it.

Belonging to Staff Sergeant Chad Jeffcoat, who just happens to be a military customs inspector with access to convoy routes.

They called him three days before the ambush.


Rents a bungalow in Redondo Beach.

Address is on your phone.

His shift starts in an hour.

You really have a GSA Class 6 safe in your den?

I told you, I have to keep my valuables safe.

What valuables?


I have a mint condition Patrick Ewing rookie card.

A football signed by the 1986 New York Giants, and the entire run of the Silver Surfer comic-book series.

Plus a couple of tickets for the Lakers-Knicks tomorrow night.

And they're both spoken for.

What else?

What do you mean, "what else"?

Does there have to be a "what else"?

That was way too easy.

Ha, ha, ha.

And because that is your "I'm hiding something" laugh.

There is nothing else.

No, there is definitely something else.

We're here.

CALLEN: That can't be it.

SAM: Conversation is over.

CALLEN: Is this a Navy SEAL thing?

SAM: I'll show you a Navy SEAL thing.

I'm waiting.

I have a Michael Jackson glove from the Bad Tour in '87.

He threw it out in the front row at the Madison Square Garden show.

One of those white gloves?

He was the King of Pop.


With the sequins.

The King of Pop.

CALLEN: Why was it just the one glove and not two?

If you have to ask, you just don't get it.

Jeffcoat, focus.


How you doing?

Good morning.

CALLEN: Chad's a buddy.

We're supposed to pick him up but he doesn't seem to be around.

Haven't seen him, have you?

No. Not today, buddy.


MAILMAN: Have a good day.

SAM: Hey, G.

Just the one glove?

Don't do it.


Blood trail.

No discolouration. That's still fresh.

Spent 9 mm shell.

The shooter must've used a silencer, otherwise the neighbours would've called it in.

Jeffcoat's wounded, he runs.

Second 9 mm shell.

So he takes a second round, but he's still on his feet.

Runs towards the car.

Trail ends here.

Perp either finished him off or he got away.

How far can you get with two rounds in you?

Not far enough.

So where's the body?

I always unlock the car with the remote as I come out the door.

Trunk or back seat?


I'm going back seat. Less lifting.


Guess Chad is not coming to lunch.

Okay, if you were Jeffcoat, where would you hide your most prized possessions?

Depends on what my most prized possessions are.

No loose floorboards.

No wall safes.

Bedroom is clear.

Here. Dishwasher door is jammed.

SAM: False panel?



That's one way to launder money.

Ten K brick.

It's a great place to hide stuff.

Unfortunately, I don't have a dishwasher at my place.

If Jeffcoat suspected he was in trouble, he would have taken this and bolted.

Not put on his uniform and headed in to work.

Could've leaked the route, got paid, thought he was clear.

Or he crossed the wrong person along the way.

Yeah, but who? And where?

Two hundred and fifty thousand.

Sequential serial numbers.

That kind of money, a guy could buy a lot of sequined gloves.

He wore it on stage.

It has sentimental value.

You can't put a price on it.



What's your opinion of a man who owns a Michael Jackson glove?

The King of Pop?

I like this guy already. Who is he?

Heh, heh.

What's the word from the Treasury?

Serial numbers came from the shipment of reconstruction funds stolen by the Jihadist Raiders Front in Baghdad.

The attack was last month.

That's plenty of time for Jeffcoat's cut to get to him.

Yeah. And one of the keys you found on Jeffcoat's lawn was generated by an airstrip in the north valley that rents out hangar spaces.

He own a plane?


Don't lose it.

SAM: And don't spend it.


What is this?

Oh. Uh...

The blues.

Yep, may not look like it, but I got soul.

Cool harmonica, huh?

My harmonica.


It was sitting out on the table and I thought it was Dom's.

No, it was a gift from my dad.

You don't talk about him much.

We were living on a base in the middle of nowhere.

And one night, I wanted to go out with my friends to the movies.

He said no.

He left me at home to go and have a beer with some guys in his platoon.

So I snuck out anyway.




The movie.

I loved it. I still do.

And you can make fun of me all you want. I don't care.


And after that I came home.

He didn't.

MPs found his body on the side of the highway the next day.

Coroner needed dental records to identify him.

What about his drinking buddies?

Questioned. Cleared.

Shipped out.

Case was never solved.

I was 15, so I never got to speak to them.


He would've been proud of you.


You play this better than I do.

Well, you should see me play my banjo.

KENSl: Hm.

Looks like we missed the party.

SAM: Wow.

Via Baghdad.

From the looks of it, this is the rest of the stolen 5 mil.

CALLEN: Ski masks.


Never been worn.

Looks like someone is planning on taking something that doesn't belong to them.

Whoa. Not gonna ask twice.

Schematics from the Certified National Bank in downtown L. A.

Jeffcoat was tied to a bank crew?

Why rob a bank when you've got a duffle bag stuffed with millions of dollars?


MAN: Salerno, you here?

Federal agents! Stop right there!

SAM: G., you okay?


You really got tickets to the Lakers game tomorrow night?


I wouldn't do that.


Bad idea.

The worst.

He didn't read the sign.

You gotta read the sign.


What is it, Eric?

Kensi just called from the hospital.

The hostile that you wounded in the shootout just came out of surgery.

Michael Joseph Benelli.

He's an ex-con who specialises in high-end heists.

And the money?

Just spoke with Treasury.

It's the remaining 4.75 million from the convoy attack in Baghdad.

How does an L. A. Bank crew wind up with terrorist money?

The guys have skill sets.

They're always for hire.

You think a terrorist group paid these guys $5 million to rob a bank?

Maybe there was something they really wanted.

Maybe the money was a down payment for the job.

There's more. I just reviewed the security-cam footage from outside the hangar and got this from approximately 48 hours ago.

That's the mailman we saw outside of Jeffcoat's bungalow.

Facial rec ID'd him as Damien Salerno.

Prime suspect in 14 bank robberies over the last 15 years.

Finally caught him on an unrelated tax charge.

Released from prison in May of '08.

SAM: Wasn't Mike Renko on that case?

ERIC: Yeah, he was.

L. A. P. D. Also think he's involved in at least five murders, but they can't prove it.

Jeffcoat makes it six.

I guess Salerno decided his piece of the pie wasn't big enough.

ERIC: He's what you call mastermind and muscle rolled into one felonious package.

Mr. Benelli?


A nurse who wears black leather.

Looks like I made it to heaven after all.

I need to talk to you.

You're not the cop that shot me?

No. You wouldn't be here if I was.

My kind of girl.

So, what do you think Salerno's gonna do when he finds out he's lost all his money?

Why don't you ask him?

Because you're the only guy who walked away.

You're talking to a dead man.

Not if you work with us.

ERIC: It took some digging, but I figured out why these guys are targeting this particular bank.

Okay, since 9/11, the FBI has been trying to cut off terrorist groups from their financial assets.

The most recent success was freezing a series of bank accounts used by the Jihadist Raiders Front.

What's the amount?

Over $50 million.

And guess where those funds are located?

Certified National Bank, Downtown L. A. Branch.

The Raiders want their money back.

They hired the best heist team to get it for them.

But Salerno doesn't come cheap.

He demands an up-front payment.

And so they attack the convoy, take the cash and ship to Salerno.

Jeffcoat must have been the middle man.

He had the clearance to leak the convoy route to the Raiders.

He told them he'd bring Salerno in to hit the bank.

Yeah, but no bank keeps $50 million in its vault.

Don't need to.

Banks retain assets electronically.

If you have the right account numbers, swift codes, passwords, you can shift money electronically anywhere, anytime.

Then why pay a heist crew?

Why not hire a hacker?

Because banks have unique security protocols for funds frozen by the FBI.

You have to have physical access to the actual terminal to move the money.

But that's never stopped you before.

Well, most hackers don't have access to the toys that I do.

I can make us all very wealthy in about two minutes.

I mean, if you wanted me to.

Not that you would want me to.

Not that I would want to.

I'm just saying, you know?

What exactly are you saying, Eric?

ERIC [OVER PHONE]: I think this is an inside job.

All right, Eric. Thank you.


What's his name?

Whose name?

The guy in the bank.

The man who will wire the money to this terrorist group and then tell the cops he was ordered to do it by the bank robbers.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'll tell you what I'm talking about.

I want the name of the guy in the bank who's gonna wire the 50 million to the Jihadist Raiders Front.

The bank robbery was just a front.

An excuse so no one will suspect the man on the inside.

I'm tired. I need to sleep.

Well, sleep on this: You're facing a lot of years in prison.

We can cut you a better deal than Salerno.


ERIC [OVER PHONE]: Yeah, Kensi?

You're on speaker.

I'll take it from here.

OFFICER: Yes, ma'am.

He's not gonna tell us.

Yeah, it was a long shot.

I was hoping he'd cut a deal.

Will this guy lead us to Salerno?

Well, not willingly. He's terrified of crossing him and for good reason.

Then maybe he'll unwillingly take us to him.

Already on it.

Guys, guys.

Message from Mike Renko.

Says he's got someone who can help us with this.

Meet him at the boatshed.

On our way.

What's the prognosis, Doc?

Well, Benelli's entire value system is based on the use of violence.

The threat of Salerno finding him will be too much to bear.

He's gonna run back to his boss, beg for his life.

Good thing I tagged him before he woke up from surgery.

GPS and audio taped under the shoulder bandage.

That was smooth.


Oh, yeah.

Hey, up top. Come on.

I need to get this tail started.

And you need to get out of the office more often.

The ever-vigilant Special Agent Mike Renko.

Late night clubbing, rock star?

I was working undercover with a bunch of tweekers.

Freaking guys never sleep.

What you got for us?

Detective Matt Bernhardt.

He's a buddy of mine in L. A. P. D.

He busted Salerno eight years ago.

You have friends in L. A. P. D.

After the thing with the cop?

And a horse?

You didn't tell Hetty about that, did you?

How could you do that?

Wasn't technically illegal.

But it was disturbing.


So Bernhardt, he's a good guy?

Uh... Yeah.

I heard hesitation.

Sam, did you hear that? Hesitation?

I see it. I hear it.

Hell, I can even smell it.

Bernhardt's been known to walk outside the lines a little bit.

But he always gets results.

So he's dirty?

When you're a cop, there's a fine line between being dirty and effective.

We'll pass. This case is already hot enough as it is.

Okay, first of all, this guy is your best chance of getting close to Salerno.

Second of all, he's here already.


Detective Matt Bernhardt, Special Agents Callen and Hanna.

How you doing?


Good. Hey, man. What's going on?

How you doing?

MATT: Good. Good.

SAM: Good.

MATT: All right.

Why don't you tell these guys about Salerno, Matt.

All right.

He's getting old.

He's not pulling heists anymore.

He's planning them.

He's sending a crew in and getting a cut of the score.

Good to know.

MATT: Now, Salerno's point man he's usually this psycho, whack job by the name of Johnny Manning.

Johnny Manning.

Wasn't one of the guys who showed up at the hangar.

That's lucky for him.

Thanks for the heads up, guys.

Wait, that...? That's it?

You're kidding me.

BENELLl: Thanks, pal.

DRIVER: Thanks.

KENSl: Callen, it's me.

Benelli's back at the North Valley Air Strip.

Looks like he's waiting for someone.

CALLEN: Okay, we're on our way.

Hey, Hetty, can...?

The Mossberg 590.

Matte-black finish, eight-round capacity.

Not my favourite weapon, but it's a useful tool in a tight spot.



It's not loaded, is it?

Just checking.

HETTY: I do prefer it with the upper Picatinny rail and the modified standard heat shield.

But then my tastes are more refined, no doubt, than reprobate bank robbers.

I'm sorry for asking, Hetty, but wouldn't the recoil be just...

It's a bitch.


No, no, I'm good. Good.

More of a surveillance guy.

You know, the headphones, the microphone.

Kensi talked to me about her dad today.



You know, it's still an open case.

She said she still had questions for some of the guys who were supposed to be with him that night.

They're out there somewhere.

What happens when she finds them?

How do you know she hasn't already?

What do you got, Kensi?

Nothing. He's just waiting.



Salerno, where are you?

Where's my money, Mick?

I did everything I could to keep it safe.

You gotta believe me.

SALERNO: I hear law enforcement got it.

What'd you do, tip them off?

Cut yourself a deal, Mick?

BENELLI [OVER HEADSET]: No. Salerno, no.

Kensi, do you see Salerno?

He's gotta have eyes on Benelli.

No, I don't have him.

He could be anywhere.

SALERNO: So now it's a sprint, huh?

See who gets taken down first, me or the bank.

BENELLl: Are you nuts? You're still going through with the bank?

SALERNO: It's not like I can give them back their down payment now, can I?

Jihadist Raiders Front is expecting this job to get done in the next five days.

None of this would've happen if you hadn't taken down Jeffcoat.

We could have pulled the bank job and walked away.

Oh, I'm still pulling it.

You want me to show you how much I need your help?


Benelli's down. Benelli's down.

We're moving in.

Shot came from the north.

High ground. North gate.

KENSI [OVER HEADSET]: I can't see him.

I can't see him, Sam.

North gate is clear.

He's not here. He's gone.

All right, everything Salerno had on Certified National Bank is right here.

It's... Got the game plan, escape route.

Everything but the date and time they plan on making their move.

What are the chances Salerno is gonna get a crew together?

He goes through with this or he'll be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life.

We identify the inside man at the bank, then the Jihadist Raiders Front lose the key piece in this whole plan.

Just combed through a list of the bank's employees.

Ran them through some vectors.

No red flags like criminal records.

Except for one who sticks out.

Meet Curtis Lacross.

Okay, did his college year abroad in Egypt.

He's active on Jihadist websites with a radical bent.

And made seven phone calls to Baghdad in the last month.

All to satellite phones that are now disconnected.

It's a Raider's tactic. They issue new phone numbers every 14 days.

Makes them impossible to track down.

Curtis is also single.

He's got active membership to four different online dating sites.




ERIC: Hmm.

Am I the only one who wonders why there is a suspect in every case who happens to be a bachelor?

Well, seeing as how criminals tend to be males with antisocial proclivities.

And also wonders why that always seems to be the vector that we go after first.

The lowest hanging fruit is the easiest to pick, Agent Blye.

Seriously, Curtis is gonna take time to get close to.

Salerno and his crew could hit this bank at any point in the next five days.

As despicable as the man is, Salerno isn't our primary target here.

The Jihadist Raiders Front is.

We need to confirm who's working inside the bank and make sure they give up everyone else involved, both here and in Baghdad.

And the clock is ticking, Mr. Callen.

You ever thought of getting a safe deposit box?


Time to dial in the Kensi charm.

Yeah, always me with the charm.

Jelly bracelets.

For good luck.


Okay, Eric. Kensi's going in.

All right, Sam.

Accessing the bank cameras now.


ROBBER 1: Hands where I can see them.

ROBBER 2: You went too far, Johnny.

MATT: Say my name again, you're next.

Roll with it.

KENSl: Sam, I'm down.

SAM: I'm going in.

Cell phones on the ground in front.

Let's go!


Anybody that works here, line up behind the counter.

Let's go. Come on, move. Let's go.

We're moving to the back of the bank, single file line.


Eric, I'm going around the back.


I'm gonna disable the fire alarm and lock so you can get inside the bank's emergency exit.

If you wanna live, do not look at me, not at my colleagues.

Do you understand? Let's go now.

ROBBER 3: Move back, come on.

Two minutes.

HETTY: Speak to me, Eric.

ERIC: L. A. P. D. Is on their way.

Move it.

Keep moving.

All right. This is it.

You know what to do. Now.

Come on.

I never got the call.

There's been a change of plans.

The cops are on to us.

Salerno pulled it up.

You want your money, we gotta do it now.


Curtis? What is this?

You're about to find out.

My name is Connor Lavery.

I'm the manager of this branch.

I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Just... Please.

Just tell me what it is you want me...

MATT: Get your hands up.

You're gonna take us to your office right now, Connor. Let's go.

SAM [OVER HEADSET]: Approaching back door.

The door is locked, Eric.

ERIC: Hold on.

It looks like the bank upgraded their security system last month.

I'm gonna need some time to work around it and breach their server.

As quick as you can.

What do you want me to do?

Account 6441865313.

There should be about $50 million in there.

You will transfer everything in that account to this bank using your pass codes.


Do what he says and you might see your wife and kids again.

Yes, sir. Okay.

Come on, Eric.

Going as fast as I can, Sam.

We're almost there.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Almost. Almost.

It's done.

MATT: Yeah?

We're good. Let's roll.

I copy.

Copy that.

Follow me.

Come on, Eric.

ERIC: Three seconds, Sam.


Get down. Get down.




Ladies and gentlemen, Curtis has left the building.

On behalf of the L. A. P. D., I'd like to say it's a pleasure doing business.

You're good.


And you have no idea how much it pains him to admit that.

I'm a man of many flaws.

Taste in friends is not one of them.

Most of the time.

Come on.

It's my idea of a good time.

He's growing on me.

Hey, he does a good psycho.

Well, there's worse ways to make a living.

All right.

SAM: Show ain't over yet.

Okay, everybody, this operation has concluded.

Many thanks to all of you at the L. A. P. D. For your help with this op.

Remember, the bank employees do not know this was an undercover operation.

They've all been transported back to the precinct for questioning.

Impressive performance.

Not quite Oscar-winning, but definitely worthy of a nomination.

Hey, at least I made Curtis believe it was real.

Next time I'll be the bad guy.

All right. Fine by me.

Got it, Eric. We're on our way.

The GPS tracker you slipped into Curtis' shirt is up and running.

L. A. P. D. Is gonna question all the bank employees. Stay with them.

Where do you think Curtis is gonna lead us now?

We'll find out.

KENSl: Okay.

I guess the jelly bracelets worked.

CALLEN: Looks like he's here to meet someone.


Tell me you have control of that wire transfer.

We can't let the Raiders get that money.

ERIC [OVER PHONE]: I'm getting close.

Still trying to figure out the subtleties of the Turkish electronic-banking system.

SAM [OVER HEADSET]: Okay, Mr. Subtle. Well, stay on it.


Kensi, have all the bank employees been released yet?

Half an hour ago.

L. A. P. D. Is not too happy about it.

From what they can tell, none of them were involved in the heist.

CALLEN: Thanks, Kensi.

It's Lavery. The bank manager.

Wasn't how I thought it'd go down.

You never said anyone was gonna get killed. They shot that woman.

CURTIS: She was a federal agent.

She left them no choice.

So now we're both accessories to murder.

That's not the only problem we've got.

The transfer hit Istanbul.

The problem is the money's disappeared.

What? How did this happen?

You tell me.

You think I stole it?

I'm supposed to be on a plane to Syria in two hours.

You were in it for the money.

And I was supposed to take my cut and go back to work Monday.

So where did it go?

It can't be.

I look pretty good too for a guy who took two shots this morning.

What is this?

The first time today, it's exactly what it looks like.

CBP has just apprehended Damien Salerno.

He was caught trying to get over the border into Mexico.

He's with Renko now, hopefully telling him everything he knows about the Jihadist Raiders Front.

Well, that is great news.

You still haven't found a satisfactory spot for your stuff?

No. I was going to rent a safe deposit box, but what happens when I want my stuff and the banks are closed?


I've done a pretty good job, I think, of letting go of my attachment to most physical objects.

But I've never been able to let go of my antique jewellery collection.

It's in a safe place.

And I could certainly make room for your things.

Oh, I would never wanna take away space from your collection.

Oh, well, that would be impossible.

I have an entire warehouse in Santa Monica devoted to it.

Okay. Heh.

Thank you.

But it's just certain things you wanna keep within arm's reach.

Well, in that case, we have extra space in the Archives Room in back.

Your things would be safe and close by.

Okay. Thank you very much.

Mr. Callen. Mr. Hanna.

What can I do for you this evening?

Quarter mile stretch of asphalt.

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Not the most expensive thing you've owned.

But was definitely the fastest.

Gentlemen, I'm late for a very important meeting.


Aston Martin?

1955 Porsche Spyder.

A work of art.

I just never got used to the understeer.


So I have this safe at home.

GSA Class 6.


That's fireproof under the fake floorboards in the den.

Yeah, I keep a few things under lock and key.

Like tickets to Lakers-Knicks game tonight.

I thought those were spoken for.

I wanted to see how you handled the Michael Jackson glove situation.

With the sequins.



And I am cutting you a break again.

CALLEN: I like you cutting me a break.

SAM: If you're very nice then I'll even let you wear the glove.

CALLEN: Gonna take a pass on that one.