01x20 - Fame




I said no.

MAN: What's this guy doing?

Look out.


Stay here. No, stay here.

No. Okay.

Oh, son of a... God.

Hey, what the hell, man?

What's wrong with...? Oh, man.

Hey, open the door.

Hey, open the door, man.

Wake up.

Hey, come on, man.

Open the door. Wake up.

Open the door.

Get him out of the car.

It's gonna go.



Know what young people say they wanna be when they grow up?

Probably not a Navy SEAL.

Not a teacher, not an astronaut, or anything that requires effort.

All kids wanna be is famous.

And girls just wanna have fun.

Look, 15 minutes of fame is nothing new.

Good morning, guys.

SAM: Morning, Nate.

Good workout?


I maxed out the delts. I'm feeling that.

And my glutes.

Keeping my glutes in shape.

A guy carves a 10-foot-tall human out of stone and buries it.

Then he discovers a petrified giant.

Media has a frenzy, people come from all over.

A story of instant celebrity from, drum roll, 1868.

There's a sucker born every minute.

Actually, Barnum never even said the famous quotation.

Barnum made a second stone giant.

And the guy who owned the first one said people who saw Barnum's giant were suckers.

Yeah, so we celebrate Barnum for a quote he never said about a phoney replica of a crackpot hoax.


CALLEN: Well, well.




Sorry, I'm a little sore in the delts.

But the glutes are good?

You heard that?

I did.


The desk is taken, Deeks.

You can't sit there.

Excuse me.

Mr. Hanna, I asked Detective Deeks to sit there.

I did so politely.

Detective Deeks has been appointed our L. A. P. D. Liaison, filling a chair that, though taken, has been vacant for some time.

Welcome aboard, Deeks.


So you're sort of a temp.

Temp? Yeah, I like that.

See, with cops, having a negative nickname's a good thing.

Okay. No time to waste.

We have a case.

KENSl: Deeks? Really?

ERIC: Deeks. Really. L. A. P. D. Liaison.

That's the best they could do?

Oh, hello, Deeks.

Hey, Kensi.

Oh, and, uh...

It's the best they can do.



What do you got, Eric?

ERIC: Lieutenant Brian Roth sailed a car off Mulholland early this morning with two bullets in him.

Eyewitness says he was still alive when he went over, but he's not anymore.

The car wasn't his.

Whose was it?

Belongs to Aubrey Darva.

The Aubrey Darva?


Aubrey's vying for the socialite tiara.

Trying to out-Paris Paris Hilton and out-Kim the Kardashians.

ERIC: Photo on the right taken just last night. Posted on ZMZ.

Famous for being famous.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

The point is she wouldn't be hanging out with a nobody sailor.

More likely, this guy stole her car.

Was it reported stolen?

No. Not yet.

SAM: Ross was at the top of his class at Annapolis with a flawless service record.

I wouldn't call him a nobody.

To her he's a nobody.

Not my opinion, Sam.

Let's get up there and tell the L. A. P. D.

We're interested.

KENSl: Oh, good thing we have a liaison.

Yeah, good thing.


CALLEN: Okay, Eric.

As soon as you find out, let me know.

Time to do your liaison thing.

Yeah, about that liaise thing.

What's the wait?

The car's coming up.

He doesn't want to.

He doesn't want to what?


Is that even a word?

Yes. A liaison liaises.

Well, maybe you can demonstrate.

KENSl: Thanks.

CALLEN: What was that about?

KENSl: I don't know.

I felt like a mom dropping off her kid first day of school.

DEEKS: Hey, guys. How's it going?

Beat it.

Okay. Appreciate the help.

CALLEN: Doesn't look like a very warm reception.

Are we done?

They told me...

Actually, you don't need to know.

Is it our crime scene?

Conversation never got that far.

Leave it to me.

You know how it is with undercover cops.

I've pissed off more than my fair share of shields.

Then why'd they choose you?

Hetty's request.

KENSl: Thank you.

Our case. Our crime scene.

You're okay, too, Deeks, if you're with us.

Let's go, temp.

Okay, two gunshots.

Shoulder, ribs.

This guy would have bled out even without the crash.

There's blood on the door handle.

Means he got shot before he got in the car.

Need to find that crime scene.

DEEKS: There's a door stamp for Balm.

That's the hottest club in Hollywood.

Okay, so Roth was there.

Something happens that puts him in Aubrey Darva's car and gets him shot.

Balm isn't just socialite central for the Aubrey Darvas of the world.

There's a lot of bad guys hanging out there.


Eric, a nightclub called Balm.

Need to see their security footage.

I'm on it.

Nothing here.


Shoes, clutch, cell phone.

Things a girl does not leave behind.

And here. Pink fabric.

Remember that photo taken last night and posted on ZMZ?

Aubrey Darva.

She wore a pink dress.

Find her.

KENSl: Nice.

Wow. So Aubrey's stepdad is Ben Darva.

Immigrated a penniless kid, won a full ride to Harvard, made billions in real estate and married a socialite from Pasadena.

Aubrey is her kid, not his.

Mother died a year ago.

You vacation with these people?

Heh. No, I just remember things.

Hi, we're looking for Aubrey Darva?

Her father is by the pool.

DEEKS: It must be nice to have your morning latte next to your pool.

Mr. Darva?

I'm Detective Deeks, L. A. P. D.

This is Special Agent Kensi Blye.

You're having surveillance cameras installed?

Yeah, because of all the break-ins in the neighbourhood over the last year.

No one is safe.

I'm assuming that's why you're here.

No, we're here because of your stepdaughter, Aubrey.


Did she come home last night?

Oh, yes. Yes, she always comes home. It's part of our deal.

Could you check on her, please?

Sure. This way.

KENSl: Part of your deal?

DARVA: Yeah.

Aubrey had a problem with drugs after her mother died, but I trust her.

She's bouncing back.

We have certain rules, it was her idea.

Are you gonna tell me what this is all about?

Her car was found at the bottom of a cliff this morning.

So someone stole her car?

That's what we're here to find out.


DARVA: Aubrey, there are people here to see you.



We have a deal. I don't understand.

Okay, what is this?

What haven't you told me?

I'm sorry, Mr. Darva, but the driver of the car had been in a shooting.

Oh, my God. Aubrey.

BOLO's out on Aubrey Darva.

Eric's checking a number she called every day for the last six months.

Okay, perfect. Thanks.

Got something.

A police report on the break-ins in the neighbourhood. I have ten.

All high-end houses, all unsolved.

Nine of those addresses are in Aubrey's phone.

She knows the victims.

You think she's mixed up with a break-in crew? Supplying them targets?

She would know their habits, their schedules, maybe even their security systems.

CALLEN: How does this tie into Midshipman Roth?

Maybe Roth stumbles onto the ring, tries to be a hero.

Or he's part of the ring, and infighting gets he and Aubrey popped.

Except Aubrey doesn't need money.

NATE: That's not quite true.

She's been in drug rehab and her stepfather has tied her sizeable allowance to her recovery.

So maybe she's relapsing, needs cash to buy drugs.

You pulled her file?

Sure, but I knew that already.

What? I enjoy my juicy celebrity gossip as much as the next guy.

It's hard to believe a guy like Roth would be tied up in a break-in crew.

Well, if he was his shipmates would know.

Nice door stamp.

I'm here because I went to a club?

You're here because your buddy didn't come home.

Brian didn't come home?

Maybe he's still with that girl.

SAM: Sorry.

He's dead?

I don't believe it.

Roth was a guy who was gonna live forever.

Lieutenant Perfect.

What did you do yesterday?

We threw Brian a birthday bash.

His birthday's not till June.

L. A. Beats a port-call in Yemen for fun, okay?

We deploy in two weeks.

Roth's a card nut, so we spent the afternoon playing poker.

Then we go to Balm, and Brian hooks up with this hot date.

I mean Fantasy Island hot.

And he leaves with her.

That piss you off?

Are you kidding me?

I'm waiting to hear his stories.

I mean, ten months at sea, you want to hear tales like that and know they're real.

I can't believe he's gone.

You see Fantasy Island in here?

That's her.

Is she famous?

Trying to be.

And she's missing.

What do you know about that?


She and Roth left the club about 11:30.

Hadley and I headed back to base.

Right away?

Yeah, see, that's funny.

Because if that was true, you would have made it to Point Mugu by 1 a.m.

But you didn't check in until 4.

We went for a swim in Santa Monica.

That Ferris wheel has great lights.

Tell me, were they still on?

Yeah, you kind of walked into that.

Your buddy's dead, his girl's missing, and this hole in your time line does not look good.

Did you follow them from the club?

No. No.

You ever robbed a house?

What's that have to do with anything?

Where's Aubrey Darva?

I told you, I don't know.

So where'd you go after Balm?

Hadley's scared like something went down and Tyre told him to keep quiet.

Well, Tyre is Roth's shipmate, but not his friend.

Never used his first name.

All right. Thanks, Eric.

The phone Aubrey calls every day belongs to her rehab sponsor.

I'll give him a call.

These aren't our shooters?

I doubt it.

They both seem genuinely surprised Roth's dead.

SAM: There's nothing that doesn't belong here.

No stolen watches, no jewellery.

No thick wad of cash.

You don't go to Annapolis to blow it all by falling in with some break-in crew.

What are these guys hiding?

Maybe they know more about what happened to Aubrey.

The longer she's missing, the less likely we find her alive.

CALLEN: What do you have?

ERIC: This is the audio from the SOS system in Aubrey's Mercedes.

I picked up Roth saying something over and over.

His voice is super-weak but here's what I got.


KENSl: Something, something "king."

Definitely "king."

You don't waste your dying words.

He's saying who shot him.

Sounds like "club." It's a club king.

"Club" could be Balm.

"King" could be a person.

Or it could be kingpin.

There's lots of those at Balm.

And Roth left with Aubrey.

Maybe she was somebody else's girl.

Making jealousy a possible motive for shooting him.

Let me see the security footage from Balm.

There is none.

They won't hand it over?

None to hand over. No cameras.

That's why it's so popular with the rich and infamous.

Nobody's watching.

And you can forget about witnesses because even if something did happen, everybody's looking the other way.

The clock's ticking for the girl.

If she's still alive.

Then we're going clubbing.

If some kingpin at the club had Roth shot, it supports Nate's theory that his bunkmates didn't do it.

They haven't told us where they went.

We're gonna have to stay on them.

What do you say, Sam?

Want to spend a swanky night in a hot club or sweating Navy guys in a cold room.

All right, this is a fantastic plan, but you don't just waltz into Balm, okay?

I get in on the connection I worked hard to develop.

Maybe Kensi gets in because she's hot.

I'm just saying, don't make it weird.

But you? Only one way in for you.


And a lot of it.

You gotta be ready to pay.

How much are we talking?

Guys drop 30 grand a night.

SAM: Yeah?

DEEKS: Yeah.

Tell you what, why don't you go ask Hetty for that, temp?

Yeah. I'll go do that.

I'll go. I'll go ask her.

What can I do for you, Mr. Deeks?

I've been sent to ask for funds to get into a nightclub undercover in an attempt to identify Roth and possibly Aubrey Darva's killer.

That's uncharacteristically formal speech.

You must be asking for a lot of money.

Listen, here's the deal, okay?

The only way I get us all in is if I sell Callen as a big spender.

And that means he needs to flash one of those credit cards with a no-questions-asked kind of limit.


HETTY: How about this?


Fifty-thousand-dollar limit.

However, if more than $5, 000 is charged to this card, I will come for you with my letter opener.

Is that clear, Mr. Deeks?

Got it.

Wait. What?

You want me to sign this?

Because it's Callen's card.

And you're the guarantor.

Mr. Callen, your credit card.

Fifty-thousand-dollar limit.

Backstopped in the name of Ivan Kolvak.



There's a trick somewhere.

It's gotta be a trick.

No trick. Just ask nicely.

Deeks talked you into handing over a card with a $50, 000 limit.


Do you remember Rio?

That vicuna suit you wore, it cost 10 grand.

The cops hate Deeks.

In Miami you nearly scuttled a Feretti yacht of an Omani prince.


He's a lousy liaison.

And yet I get the sense he isn't temporary.

The repairs alone cost more than the limit on that credit card.

Hetty, I'm not complaining that you gave him the money.

How could you, Mr. Callen?

I gave you the card.

You don't want him as a liaison.

You want him as an agent.

If they play Lady Gaga tonight, dance one for me, would you?

KENSl: Ivan Kolvak and party.

Back of the line.

Heh. I'm sorry.

We were told that we were on the list.

Not on the list.

Back of the line.

No, it's okay, Jessie. They're with me.

Well, you should have said so.

All right, brother.

Thanks, man.

Yeah, come on in.

KENSl: Thanks.



Tim, baby.

DEEKS: There she is.

So this is your friend.

Ivan Kolvak. His dad runs the Russian oil business, you know?

Oh, well, Ivan, I am Sapphire.

If there's anything you need, you ask me.

I have you at the best table in the house with a lot of lovely ladies that are excited to meet you.

That's great.

Would you like to open a tab?

God, I love this job.

I can see why.


She looks like a high-class madam.

DEEKS: Yeah, except for s*x is optional.

It's the scene, what can I say?

KENSl: She called you Tim.

Been here before?




God, you're like a bull instead of a tiger.

You just charge on in there.

Thank you, darling. Whoa.



I don't believe it.

Callen, my 12 o'clock.

Aubrey Darva. Alive.

And well enough to party.

KENSl: Our victim just became our suspect.

This place is a Who's Who.

Of who's bad.

Aubrey was speaking to that scrawny guy over there.

DEEKS: That's Mr. Blood Diamond himself.

CALLEN: And now she's talking to A. J. Madjan, the mad Armenian.

A guy like that'll kill over an insult.

Or a girl like Aubrey.

CALLEN: Any one of them could have passed as a club king to Roth.

DEEKS: So the question is, what does Aubrey know?

Time to find out.


I'm gonna call you Fern, okay?

KENSl: Don't you dare call me Fern.

Fern. Baby girl. Whoo.

It's been a long time.

Not interested.

Come on. I got a special.

Excuse me.

I got it all. I got E, I got all the coke you could sink your pretty face into.

KENSl: I said no.

I don't believe the jerks in this place.

Sorry. I don't mean you. It's just...

Haven't been here since l...

You know, good job saying no.

He was a friend. Used to be.

You don't really need to know all this stuff.

It's okay.

You have to dump friends who don't get it and make new ones who do.

I haven't made a friend sober since I was pretty young.

I'm Fern.


I thought I recognised you.

L. A. Story, I guess. You go for a coffee and there's Zoe Saldana.

Can you tell I'm from Iowa?

No, no. No, I get it.

I saw Jeremy Piven today.

I don't know why, but that man just...

Oh, he does it for me.

Where? When?

At the spa.

A friend took me for my six months.

Wow. Six months clean.


You'll make it, Fern. Hang in there.

CALLEN: Fern. That was your doing, huh?

Kensi is going to kill you.

I'll tell you what. That Aubrey doesn't look like she killed anybody last night.

So either she doesn't know about Roth or her car, or she is ice cold.

Sapphire said this stuff is a thousand dollars a bottle.

DEEKS: Right.

Hetty cut a side deal with you, didn't she?

That's how you got the card.


So, what's your limit? Fifteen?


Come on, five?

I'm supposed to look like I can spend 50 and you're on the hook after 5?

She threatened me with a letter opener.

I guess some people gotta learn the hard way.

Why? What are you...?

We'll take two more bottles.


No, she's... Okay, see you.

Listen. Psst. Hey. No, no, no.

We're good. We're done.

He was... That was a joke.

He's funny.


What do you have, Sam?

SAM: Hadley and Tyre.

They're not our guys.

Spent most of their money and time with ladies on their laps.

Then the club's head geisha sent the girls to another table.

CALLEN: Yeah, I'm looking at the head geisha now.

Where'd they go after?

NATE: A house of ill repute.

SAM: A cheap one.

ERIC: Hey, Callen? Interrupting here.

I got something.

What is it, Eric?

Aubrey isn't the only common factor in the break-ins.

The more recent victims had credit card charges at Balm.

Any activity on my card here?

Yeah, they looked at your credit limit.

That's a great way to figure out if someone's worth robbing.

Find out just how close they looked, Eric.

ERIC: Roger that.

Sometimes I just get so over being famous.

Do you ever date normal guys?

You know, I met this guy last night.

A Navy officer. Ha-ha-ha.


He didn't even know who I was.

He liked you for who you are.

Crazy, huh?

Can I talk to you?

No, Chaz.

I told you that I am not talking.

Hey, what's your problem?

Not your damn business.


Guys. Problem.

Someone's grabbed Aubrey.

Stay with her, Kens.

And don't break cover.

CHAZ: You think just because you're in rehab you can walk?

You're in way too deep.

If I had known for a second what you were doing... Oh!

Hey. Leave her alone.

Or what?

Smile for the cops.

CHAZ: Take care of her.


Stay down on the ground.

Put your hands behind your head.


Damn it. Callen, had to break cover.

I've lost Aubrey.

I got her, Kens.

Deeks, south stairwell.

CHAZ: Stay back.

Drop the gun. Let her go.


No way, man. I'll pop her.

I've got it, Callen.

CHAZ: I'm walking out of here. Now.

Need you to move now, Deeks.



Hey. Hey, you okay? You okay?

You're not from Iowa, are you?


And my name is not Fern.

Chaz used to be my dealer.

But the blond guy, he...?

He's a cop.

You were very convincing.

He said you were in too deep.

Too deep into what, Aubrey?

Had to do with people getting robbed, didn't it?

People you know.

Aubrey, if your rehab is for real, I'm sorry we had to use it to get to you.

It's one of the hardest parts of my job. But this is serious.

They asked me if I knew people.

If I did, I'd tell them about their houses and schedules, et cetera.

So you were helping them rob your friends in exchange for drugs?

Chaz said that he sold the info to paparazzi.

I should've known better, but I wanted the drugs.

And one morning I'm on the bathroom floor throwing up and I hear on the radio that the Austins had been robbed, and I...

I put it together.

I'd hit rock bottom.

I got in the car and checked into rehab.

And I have not used or told those guys a thing since.

Aubrey was between the suspect and Callen.

He should have let me take the shot.

Yeah? And your bullet goes through him into her.

Okay, but he only had like an inch of the guy's head showing.

Which he hit, now, didn't he, temp?

The club used my credit card to get personal information.

Address, whether or not I made payments on an alarm system.

It's a whole bunch of stuff. It's actually a pretty sophisticated search.

Okay, so Aubrey goes sober, stops providing intel.

So he starts skimming info off the credit cards.

Who ran the card?

That would be your girlfriend.



Not my girlfriend. It's actually Tim's girlfriend. And sort of.

So are we arresting her or should I do my liaiser thing?

We're solving Roth's murder, Deeks.

And that's definitely not a word.

KENSl: So you left the club with Brian Roth. Then what?

Drove to my house.

And we had s*x.

He lifted you out of the car.

Your dress got caught on the car door.


How did you know about that?

What happened next?


We fell asleep.

He got up, I thought to go to the bathroom.

But he was gone when my friend woke me up at 8, took me to the spa.

I never even looked for the car.

Did he leave a note?


I was bummed.

I actually hoped that he would be there.

Can you take me home now?

Aubrey puts Brian Roth at the Darva mansion until about 1 a.m.

Then he drives off the cliff at 2:15.

With two bullets in him.

SAM: So he took her car, drove somewhere and got shot.

How far could he have gone, Eric?

ERIC: Pretty far.

No traffic that time of night.

Okay, so where did he go?

What the hell is he mixed up in that got him shot?

Gambling debts?

His buddies said he played poker.

They did.

I gotta check something.

Hey, Aubrey, do you have two cell phones?


Must be Brian's.

Battery's dead.

He didn't say anything to you?

Say he'd be right back, could he borrow your car?

He just snuck out, leaving his phone and took your Mercedes?

Wait, wait, wait.

He did say something.

He asked me if he could raid the fridge.

The fridge?

It's in the main house.


Fresh paint.


Still tacky.

Okay, so if your blood is under that paint, it means you were standing here.

You got shot.

Then what?

Roth didn't say "club king, " he said "King of Clubs."

DEEKS: Shot over a poker game?

It's not a game, it's the deck.

A special deck issued to all the sailors and soldiers who went to Iraq.

ERIC: Iraq War Fugitive cards.

Always my lucky deck.

Eric, King of Clubs.

Captured or killed or still at large?


Let's see, Hassan Al-Jahiri.

One of Saddam's top generals.

Still at large.

He was there yesterday at the house.

Roth must have seen him or recognised him.

And got shot for it.

In the car, he wasn't just telling us who shot him.

He was trying to warn us, like a good soldier should.

Hey, hey. It says here Jahiri's been advising terrorists via the Internet.

He's providing military tactics for dozens of attacks over the last few years from London to Malaysia.

This is one dangerous dude.

Okay, shooter stands here.

Let me see if you left me any casings.



Oh. Hi.

Lost an earring.

Ben Darva is Persian.

An Iraqi general is a strange house guest.

CALLEN: Come on, Kensi. Pick up.

My boyfriend jokes and he says I shouldn't go out with two earrings because I always lose one of them, right?


Sorry. Oh. That's him. Hey, Ivan.

CALLEN: Hey, Kensi. You've got company.

KENSl: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Listen, Roth was shot at the house.

Oh, my God. I totally think so too.

By Hassan Al-Jahiri, a former Iraqi general.

I'm gonna send you his photo and information now.



Oh, my God. That is hilarious.

He is so right in my face. Ha.

Jahiri's in the room.

Kensi, sit tight.

Okay, I love you.

Notice how I didn't tell him anything about losing an earring?

Do you have anything diet?



Nope. No diet.

Eric, bring up Kensi's phone.


CALLEN: They're looking right at her.

Tell me she hasn't been made, Sam.


He's telling them to burn everything with blood on it.

Why hasn't she been made?

You were there yesterday.

He must not have seen her.

Just me.

Let's go.

Eric, brief Hetty.

DEEKS: Wait. Shouldn't we send in SWAT?

We're 15 minutes out.

SWAT takes at least 20.

Besides, we go in hot, it lowers her survival chances.

We've gotta get through that door without a battering ram.

Who are you?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Fern.

Nice to meet you.

AUBREY: You still in the kitchen, Kensi?

Oh, hey, Uncle Steve.


Well, is it Fern or Kensi?

It's Fern Kensi.

Aubrey's my sponsor. Oh.

Oh, I wasn't supposed to say.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

No. No, no. It's okay.

He knows about rehab.

KENSl: Oh.


Well, I lost another earring.


Pleasure to meet you. Bye.

Both Darva and Jahiri went to Harvard.

They were roommates.

Look at this. Look at this.

From 1982, Iran and Iraq are at war with each other.

Darva was attacked by some Iraqi students and Jahiri saved his life.

And now Darva's returning the favour by giving him shelter.

What was that about?

Uncle Steve?

It's my dad's cousin or something.

He lives in the main house.

You think that he shot Brian?

Can you get off the property without being seen?

Then go and walk fast.

Yeah, but why?

Aubrey, just go.

Are you kidding?

Give me a break.

Guys, why is Kensi going back into the lion's den?

Because it's her job.

She got Aubrey to safety.

Now she's gotta keep eyes on Jahiri.

He's a high-level target.

Oh, Agent Blye.

Have you found my daughter?

Agent Blye?

Agent Blye?

Aubrey's been missing, Hassan.

HASSAN: Aubrey's in her room.

And this woman is a liability.

ERIC: We've lost her.

Where's Callen?

ERIC: Closing fast.

DARVA: What's this about?

You can't do this.

It's too late.

You know he's going to kill me.

Just like he killed the man who died in Aubrey's car.

You've given him a safe place and in return he's been running a terrorist operation.

No. Jahiri saved my life.

I won't let them hurt you.

KENSl: Good luck with that.

Hassan, please.

Little League bombing in Guam.

His plan.

The list of his military exploits is on my phone. Go check.

Pretty big body count.

DARVA: I owed you, Hassan.

But this? I'm gonna call the police.


Thank you for the hospitality.



No. No. No.

CALLEN: Deeks, around back.

Get off me. Get off me.





CALLEN: I need to talk to your boss.

Ah! Callen.

Turn over.

Oh, come on. What?

You had some Superman double backflip where you can dodge bullets?

I mean, you can't tell me I shouldn't have taken that shot.

No. I'm glad you did.

May I?

Sure, temp. Just don't touch the doll.

So Sapphire spilled her guts.

The break-in ring involved our dealer friends, a couple of ex-con B and E guys and Sapphire's club girls that she would use to keep the target busy at Balm while the crew would break in and rob their houses.

That's pretty good PR for the P. D.

On that bust.

Even got a compliment from my boss.

That make you feel all gooey inside?

Like a warm chocolate chip cookie.

You one of those guys who needs external validation and coddling?

Only from you, Sam.

Wanna coddle me?

Hey. How's your stepdad?

Well, he just got out of surgery.

He is still under from the anaesthesia, but they think he's going to be okay.


You guys are close?

Not really.

I kind of got dumped on him after my mom died.

What about your real dad?

My mom said that she would tell me one day.

You know, when I first met your stepfather, he worried about you like a real dad.

I spent a lot of time looking for my real dad.

But Ben's sort of been that all along.

Hasn't he?

I'll bet you the first thing that he wants to see when he wakes up is you.

Just so he knows you're okay.

I haven't seen the bill, but if it's over 5 grand, go easy on him.

Why? The cops hate Deeks.

He's a lousy liaison.

It's not what you wanted him for.

You do your homework, don't you?

In choosing agents.

Deeks didn't end up in this building because we needed some L. A. P. D. Liaison.

You've been watching him for a while.

There is value in being patient.

So how long did you watch me before I joined NCIS?

When did G. Callen become a blip on your radar?

Was it Kiev?



God, don't tell me it was Jersey City.


You mean Beijing.

Tea, Mr. Callen?

It was Jersey City, wasn't it?

DEEKS: The gulls are coming in.

That means there is gonna be wicked swell on the bay by the morning.

KENSl: You're a surfer, huh?


Well, surf early.

I'm sure Hetty told you we start at 9:30.

Though, after your liaising today, I'm not sure why we'd have you back.

I'm not coming in tomorrow.

L. A. P. D. Op I've been trying to set up for months.

All the pieces finally came together about an hour ago.

Going undercover tonight.

For how long?

Don't know. Cover's pretty deep.


Don't worry, Fern.

I'll be back.

KENSl: Yeah. Maybe.