11x04 - Yellow Jack

Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles"

Unfortunately, Special agent Lee, is the crew member we're looking for.

QUINN: He was stabbed six times.

SAM: We believe that NCIS Special Agent Afloat Brian Lee was killed by an undercover foreign operative.

The Navy SEALs have not found any other sleeper cells on board.

Doesn't mean there aren't any there.

Petty Officer Vincent Davis.

I received orders that we were no longer working for the Russians and that we were joining our brothers in the fight in Syria.



MAN: Pacific Surfliner is now arriving at Platform 10-B.

It's kind of like landing on a postage stamp in the ocean.

Okay, but if your tailhook misses the Wait, what'd you call it?

Arresting wire.

Yeah, if it misses that, what happens?

Does your plane just go in the water?



You just pull up, circle around, try again.

It takes a lot of practice, landing on an aircraft carrier.

No one gets it right every time.

- Well, I do.


I hope I'm not bothering you too much.

I just don't know what I'm gonna do after graduation.

I saw you and I thought, "She looks cool.

" - I am.


We are.

You've got my number.

Don't hesitate to call.


Hey, are you okay?


Something I don't have to worry about at sea, but I am happy to put up with for a week of leave.

I'm gonna call an Uber.

Keep in touch, Jenny.

Hey, my boyfriend's picking me up.

Why don't we give you a ride?

Oh, I don't want to be a bother.


He loves Top Gun.

He'd be psyched to meet you.


I have time to use the head?




Of course.

I'll call him and see where he's at.

Hey, babe.

You close?

She took the bait.

Everything ready?


We're about to change the world.

MAN (OVER P. A. ): Last call for the Sunset Limited.

Last call MAN: Sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms.

Complete sweep-down both fore and aft.

Sweep down all decks, ladders He's lost.

It's easy to get lost.

I told him to study the layout.

I'm sure he did.

He's very studious.


He landed 15 minutes ago.

Where is he?

EHSAN: Down the stairs.

Go straight.

Frame 173.

SAM: I told you to study the layout.


I did.

Well, I mean, technically, he did still find us.


How was your flight from Japan?





How was yours from Los Angeles?

- It was pretty good.

- Slept like a baby.

I mean, the service was a little slow, but, you know (CHUCKLES)

Thank you for coming.

I know the outgoing agent afloat usually does this, but, um, it means a lot to have you both here.

It's the least we could do.

You ready?

Let's do it.



Captain Douglas, Special Agent Ehsan Navid.

This is your new agent afloat.

DOUGLAS: Agent Navid, I've heard a lot of great things about you.

On behalf of myself and the entire crew, welcome aboard.

Thank you, sir.

It is an honor.

I'm sorry Captain Rabb couldn't be here for your arrival.

I'm sure you're aware of the infiltration we had a few months ago.

- We briefed him.

- CALLEN: Our operations manager was called to D. C. as well.

The congressional panel wanted to hear from both of us, but someone's got to steer the ship.

- Command has its perks.

- Well, I'm glad you caught up to us before we get into Coronado tomorrow.

Give you a chance to get to know some of the crew before they scatter to the wind.

I look forward to meeting them.

We'll show Agent Navid his office and get him settled in.

You came on the right day.

Galley's serving its famous buffalo cauliflower.


You're in for a treat.


My apologies.

- DEEKS: That's cool.

I get it.


You didn't want me to smoke you on mile two.

I didn't want to wake you.

Come on, you know I love that morning run.

No, I know you do.

I just needed some alone time.

You needed some a-alone time?

Yes, as in just me and my thoughts.

So, sans Deeks?

Sans anyone.


Well, that sounds healthy.

Uh, where-where are where are you going?

Fatima called.

Said that we have a case.


All right.

I'm just gonna put my bag down, maybe take a moment, have a little alone time of my own.

Just Deeks et les thoughts de Deeks.




You got three kids, you've been stationed in Japan for half a year and now you're about to deploy for nine months.

Who knows?

I might have a fourth when I get back.

That was a joke.

- Uh-huh.


How's your wife feel about this?

Eh, it's not easy.

But Ayesha, she is not alone.

My mother and two sisters are helping out.

The in-laws.


She, uh, must really like that, huh?

They get along, believe it or not.

- Hmm.

- Ah.

I'm so blessed to have my entire family together.

What you and your team did for me I owe you my entire life.

You earned it.

All of it.

We're very proud of you.

CIC is transferring a call from Ops.

You got your first case, Ehsan.


Agent Namazi, meet Agent Navid.

It's good to meet you, Agent Navid.

And you, Agent Namazi.

Hello, Kensi.

- Hey, buddy.

- Hey!



What's up, buddy?

Wish I was there for a proper hug.

What do we got?

An hour ago, the body of Lieutenant Junior Grade Leslie Grant was discovered downtown by an LAPD patrol officer.

We don't have a preliminary cause of death, but it appears she was shot multiple times.

She served aboard the Allegiance?

She was an aviator.

Flew off with the rest of the air wing a few days ago.

Because of the ship's recent ISIS infiltration, SECNAV wants our office to handle this alongside Agent Navid.

They still think there are spies on board?

- Unknown.

- Mm.

Probably playing it safe.

Something odd though: last night, an APB was issued for Grant.

It warned of a possible measles exposure.

I'm still looking into where that info came from.


Ehsan will take the lead on this.


As NCIS agent on the carrier, Lieutenant Grant is your jurisdiction.

So, where should we begin?

EHSAN: Uh, well I believe in you, buddy.

We are nowhere near Los Angeles.

- Right.

- Kensi and Marty should go to the crime scene.

And we will brief the captain and interview the crew on who knew Lieutenant Grant.

I'd say that's a good plan.

Not bad for your first case.

- Mm-hmm.


Yeah, I'm not biased, but I still think you should've joined me at LAPD.

- Ah - Ignore him, Ehsan.

You made the right choice.

We will let you know what we find at the crime scene.

- Bye, buddy.

- Whoa.

Uh, not so fast.

All local and federal responders are being ordered to pull back.


By whom?

The Center for Disease Control.


DOUGLAS: This is your captain.

Effective immediately, the Allegiance is under quarantine.

All flight ops are secured until further notice.

This is not a drill.

Let's head to sick bay.

Commander Quinn.

Agent Hanna?

We just heard of a possible measles exposure.

Is that the reason for the quarantine?

I don't know about measles, but, according to the captain there's a chance the crew was exposed to Ebola.

Here are the samples.

Get these to the lab.

This is BSL-4, so don't take any chances.

- And stay under the speed limit.

- Yes, Colonel.

MAN: This area's restricted.

DEEKS: We're looking for Colonel Kaufman.


Yeah, I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye.

This is Detective Deeks.

- Give us a moment, Private.

- Yes, ma'am.

Colonel Sandra Kaufman, U. S.

Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

But when our tongues get tired, we say USAMRIID.

Fair enough.

Uh, Lieutenant Grant, the deceased, she's one of ours.

There's no way I'm letting you past this tape, Agent Blye.

So let's just clear that up right away.

Can you at least tell us what you know?

'Cause preliminary report says she was shot.

How did you diagnose Ebola?

Yesterday, this man was found dead in a cargo container at Long Beach Port.

Cause of death was suffocation, but tests confirm that he was infected with Ebola.

Among his belongings was an encrypted smartphone.

Last night, CID cracked it.

Its contents included a-a screen grab from Lieutenant Grant's Facebook page.

On it, she expressed enthusiasm about taking the Surfliner train up to Los Angeles.

She was targeted.

KAUFMAN: We immediately alerted the Navy, who unsuccessfully attempted to contact her.

We then asked local LEOs to issue an APB.

And early this morning, an LAPD patrol discovered Grant in the alley.

Thanks to the APB, he didn't touch the body.

So, why the measles warning?

You know how you don't shout "fire" in a crowded theater?

Well, the same goes for shouting "Ebola" in the middle of flu season.

You risk every person with a fever flooding the hospitals and paralyzing our response.

Wait a minute though.

Isn't Ebola curable now?

I just got back from the Congo, where we deployed two new treatments.

Mortality rates have decreased, but they need to be administered soon after infection.

Are we sure that Grant was infected?

All samples were positive.

Yeah, but we know Ebola didn't kill her, right?

Somebody with a gun did that.

KENSI: Your guy in the cargo container, do we know who he was or where he came from?

Not yet, but based on the amount of food, water and waste in the container, we don't think he came into this country alone.


Find her killers.

And maybe we can stop this thing before it gets any worse.

Still working on an I. D.

of the deceased, but I traced the cargo container back to its origin: Mogadishu, Somalia.

Did it make any stops in Hawaii?

Ten days ago, they stopped for 24 hours, 18 of which overlapped with the Allegiance berthed at Pearl Harbor.

Well, if Grant was infected before arriving in L. A. , it could have happened then.

But with Ebola, you're only contagious when you become symptomatic, which can happen anywhere between two and 21 days after exposure.

That could mean the difference between a few isolated cases and a major outbreak.

All right, we need to track Grant's movements in Hawaii and California.

I want to know everywhere she went and everyone she came in contact with.

Is Nell back from San Francisco?

She'll be here any minute.

- We're on it.

- Okay.

ISIS still has a presence in Somalia.

If Grant was targeted, we can't rule out the possibility that we missed one of the spies on board.


What did Commander Quinn say?

Uh, so far no one is reporting symptoms consistent with Ebola.

Well, until we know for sure, we're just steaming in circles out here.

There's no way we're putting into port under these conditions.

We also need to guard against talk leaking from the ship.

I'm initiating EMCOM.

All external communications will be shut down, except here in CIC.

That means this area will be closed off.

You gentlemen need to decide now: are you in or out?

We're out.

We need to find everyone Grant came in contact with on the ship.

Look, Ebola is spread through bodily fluids, broken skin Yeah.

That means anyone sharing a bunk, a head, mess table.

- What about me?

- You stay here.

Coordinate with Ops and keep us in the loop.


- Seal it.


- Hey.

- Hey.

Honolulu Harbor?

Yeah, it's It's a dead end.

Yeah, I've been tracing Lieutenant Grant's movements, but I started at the end.

- Union Station.

- Yeah.

After that, we lose her for two days until she turns up dead in the alley.

Who's that?

A friend of Grant's?

I don't think so.

At least facial rec has nothing on her.

Just like our dead guy from the cargo container.


Now, we do have her walking on camera through the station with Grant.

I also picked up our mystery woman boarding the Surfliner in San Diego.

So they met on the train.

It looks that way.

Oh, and this car was reported stolen three days ago in Long Beach, not far from the port.

I already started a trace.

Nell, when did you do all this?

Mm, between LAX and here.

I hope you weren't driving.


Not very fast.

I'm kidding.

I ordered a car.


And there it is.

22 minutes after leaving Union Station.

Now, there is another camera on that same street, but the Prius never appears on it.

Must have stopped somewhere in between.

That's only two blocks from where Grant's body was found.



Let's send this info to Kensi and Deeks.

Car's empty inside.

DEEKS: Kens, you got to see this.

- I got blood all over the handle.

- Don't touch it.

I wasn't planning on touching it.

And there's more on the ground, be careful.

DEEKS: Yeah, there's a whole trail of it.

Kens, this way.


Kensi, I got casings.

Um, I'm thinking we should probably wait for the colonel.

I mean, we don't really know what to expect from in there.

Baby, there's blood everywhere and someone could need our help.



And I totally understand that, but they're only a few minutes out so why wouldn't we wait, you know?

It's not airborne.

As long as we don't touch it, we're fine.

- Deeks.

- I'm going in.


I'm asking you to wait.

- Okay.

- Okay?

Yeah, okay.

KENSI: Clear.

DEEKS: I got Grant's luggage right here.

KENSI: Colonel, you got to see this.

KAUFMAN: This place is hot.

They were holding Grant here.


Only two reasons I can think of: either they knew she was exposed and wanted to prevent her from exposing other people Wouldn't that be swell.

or they were waiting for her to become symptomatic.

Ebola patients are only contagious once symptoms present.

I think they were waiting to release her into the wild.

Are you saying they infected her with the intention of causing an outbreak?

I don't like it either, Agent Blye, but it is the most likely scenario.

Well, whatever the reasoning, I don't think things went according to plan.

I think she fought back.


And then goes for the keys.

She makes a run for it.

They give chase.

She tries to get to the car.


And that's where they fire after her.

Which is why the back window was blown out.

She runs, she makes it to the alley.

But she can't get through the fence.

And so they fight again.




But she doesn't make it.

I'm sorry.

I, um I have to get out of here.

DEEKS: What?



I'm okay.


Kensi and Marty don't think Grant became symptomatic until after she was picked up at Union Station.

Which means she couldn't have infected anyone on board the Allegiance.

That's good news.

Thanks, Ehsan.


We've got a problem.

The civilian contractor I was interviewing.

He's got a rash and stomach pains.

We may have our first exposure.

Agent Hanna, I wl don't understand.

If Grant wasn't symptomatic until after she left the ship, how can any of my crew be infected?

SAM: Well, we don't know for sure when she was infected.

Early symptoms are hard to detect.

It could be a sore throat, a headache, a cough.

- Anything's possible.

- CALLEN: Sam!

We got another.

- SAM: Captain - DOUGLAS: I heard, Agent Hanna.

It no longer seems that Lieutenant Grant was the only target.

My ship is under attack, gentlemen.

All right, Ehsan, have Ops take another look at the ISIS spies that infiltrated the ship five months ago.

- Maybe we missed something.

- On it.

Sir, we need more support out here.

USAMRIID should be here in an hour.

Until then, tell Commander Quinn just to do her best.

Good luck.



Is that a, uh, friend of yours?

FATIMA: Omani intelligence officer.

Our parents are friends.

They've tried to set us up a few times.

Never gonna happen.

You talk to the FBI?

Uh, yeah.

They're taking the lead on tracking down every single passenger from Grant's train.

But that is a lot of people.

- This could get really bad.


It just got really bad.

What's up?

I had a hunch and unfortunately it paid off.



Hey, I don't want to, um (CLEARS THROAT)

I don't want to be pushy, but if you, if you need some time, like, I-I get it.

You know what I mean?

Like I'm scared, too.

And there's a lot of people working on this.

If you want to take off, you can just baby, go.

I want to be here, Deeks.

I just wanted to wait.

I get that.

And we, and we waited.

But we go through doors like this all the time, every single day.

And we have no idea what's behind them.

It could be a gun, it could be a bomb, it could be anything, so what How is today any different?

It wasn't.

You're right.


So, then, what-what-what was that?


I'm late.

What do you mean?

Late for what?

I'm late late.

I just I'm never late.


You, um So do you You think that you might be?

I don't know what I think.

I don't know.

Did you take a test?


I did not take a test.

It's probably nothing.


No, it's probably nothing, but, also, it could be I'm thinking it's nothing, though, so (PHONE VIBRATES)

Can you not get that for two seconds?

Can we just finish this conversation?

Hey, Nell.

Hey, Kens.

Are you guys okay?

You weren't on comms.

Can you put it on speakerphone, please?


We couldn't wear the comms with the, with the suits.

Uh, any updates?


We found the woman who picked up Grant from the station.

We got lucky or she got stupid or both.

She used Grant's credit card to buy a ticket on an interstate bus.

Now, they just left downtown, but we're in contact with the bus driver.

We've asked her to fake mechanical problems and divert to Santa Fe and 7th.

Good idea.

We're only a few blocks out.

But, Kensi, there's something you should know.

We've I. D. 'd Grant's kidnapper.

Her name is Sajida al-Eryani, and she's a member of the Mashriq Army.

Well, we knew they'd be back at some point.

Okay, thanks for the update.

We'll, uh, we'll be on our way.

- Hey, so, listen, um - Deeks.

This is Okay.

DEEKS: All right, thanks.


Listen, I'm not gonna make it to Phoenix tonight.

You know, I just talked to the bus driver, and the engine's shot.

It's gonna be hours, they said.

Yeah, we got to get another bus.

All right.

I love you, too, sugarbear.

I'll find a way.

All right, thanks, baby.


- Hey.

- Hey.

Is it true we're stuck here?

I mean, yeah, it looks like it.

Actually, you know what?

I could not afford a ride to Phoenix on my own, but if we split a rideshare I mean, you'd really be doing me a favor.

- Sorry, can't do that.

- I could split it sixty-forty.

I just want to meet my fiancée's parents.

Get away from me!

I don't even know you.

But we know you, Sajida.


KAUFMAN: Detective.

Step away.

Nice work.

Call your people.

Get those passengers back on the bus.

We need to keep them contained until we know if she's infected.

On it.



We got her.

This is good news, Nell.

Let me know if Marty and Kensi get anything out of her.

Will do, but, Ehsan, that's not the only reason we called.

So, we took another look into the ISIS spies, and we found a connection to another crew member.

I'm sending it to you now.

Petty Officer Stephen Lamb.

Now, it's not much, but he did exchange an unusual number of messages with one of the arrested ISIS spies, Vincent Davis.

The messages seem to be pretty innocuous.

It could have been a code.


The only problem with that theory is ISIS and the Mashriq Army have no history of overlap.

And, to be honest, they kind of hate each other.

I think it's still worth checking out.

Thank you.

NELL: Hang in there, bud.

Excuse me.

Petty Officer Lamb, right?

What do you want?

Are are you feeling unwell?

Mind your own business, Navid.

I have a duty to ask.

Leave me alone.

I have work to do.

I am not trying to cause any trouble.

Then you shouldn't have set foot on this ship!

Is there a problem, Petty Officer Lamb?

No, sir.

I I just I'm sorry, sir.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.


Everyone stay back.

Agent Navid, step away from Petty Officer Lamb.

EHSAN: Uh, let me help him take a seat, Captain.

Come on.

Come on.

Put me through to sick bay.

We may have an exposure in CIC.


EHSAN: I am okay, Agent Callen, really.

I have three kids, so I'm no stranger to vomit.



Um Listen, uh, USAMRIID just arrived, so we're gonna get them in to see you as soon as we can.

We will have you dancing again in no time.

I am with the best agents and the best crew in the fleet.

I have no doubt.

You hang in there, Ehsan.

Be safe, Callen.


When will we know?

A few hours.

Maybe sooner.

How's Ehsan?

He's all right.

He's a tough kid.

When can we get him out of there?

I was just telling Agent Hanna, it's safest for everyone if they remain isolated in CIC.

What about the rest of the sailors?

What-what about the captain?

If we let them out of CIC, we'll just have to isolate them somewhere else.

They've all potentially been exposed.

Three more sailors came in with symptoms.

QUINN: Mostly headaches, nausea, vomiting.

The strange thing is no fevers.

What does that mean?

I don't know, but it's odd.

USAMRIID is running tests now.

We'll know in a few hours.

I got to get back in there.




Good, you're awake.

Why am I in this thing?

You know why.

We've been to the warehouse, Sajida.

We know you're a member of the Mashriq Army.

That's why you, uh, targeted Lieutenant Grant.

What was your plan?

What were you gonna do with her?

Sajida, you're dying.

You've been infected.

We have a treatment, and we can help you.

But you got to give us something.

All right, we know you were working with somebody.

You made several phone calls and texts to this person over the last few days.

Tell us where he is, and we'll help you save your life.

You're lying.

I know your tactics.

Besides, I was careful.

Careful like your friend in the shipping container?

Careful like that?

Just out of curiosity, when you killed him, was that an act of mercy, or is that just self-preservation?

An act of faith.

We needed a way to keep the virus alive while we crossed the ocean, so he infected himself.

He is a martyr, and so am I.

When this has run its course, the dead will number in the thousands, and your so-called military heroes will be tossed like animals in mass graves.


Well, she's a true believer.

Which means her partner probably is, too.

We need to find him.


You okay?


Just gonna call Ops.


We need to talk.

Oh, yeah?

Well, what do you want to talk about, Agent Navid?

Petty Officer Vincent Davis.

What about him?

You exchanged messages with him in the months leading up to his arrest.

And you want to know what?

If I'm an ISIS spy?


Is that it?

Maybe I'm just an idiot.

Did you ever consider that, Agent Navid?

Maybe I don't have a lot of friends on this ship, and the one that I did have The one that I trusted the most he turned out to be a traitor.

We done talking?


- What's up, Nell?

- NELL: So, unfortunately, we are no closer to finding Sajida's partner.

We tried tracing his phone, but he must have turned it off or destroyed it.

All right, we'll give it another shot.




- Yeah?

We've got a problem.

- What's going on?

- Some of the samples we took from Lieutenant Grant have been contaminated.

With what?

With someone else's blood.

It probably happened during the struggle that led to her death.

Sajida didn't have any open wounds.

Which means her partner must have been the one fighting with Grant.

If his blood mixed with hers, then it's almost certain he's been exposed.

And if we don't find him before he becomes contagious Then who knows how many more he's gonna infect.



Go time.

All right, Sajida, last chance.

Stop wasting your time.

That is something you don't have a lot of.

You're not looking so good.

You know what that thing is on your chest, Sajida?

That's a Bluetooth sensor.

It tells us your body temperature and your heart rate, and right now, you are at 103.

6, and you're rising.

You know what happens next?

You get a rash, and then vomiting, and then internal bleeding.

We just want to know why you targeted Lieutenant Grant.

What was your plan?

DEEKS: We know you infected her when you crossed paths in Hawaii, and then she infected her whole entire ship.

Why did you pick her up again in Los Angeles?

Tell us that, we will save you.

You know, I actually started to believe you, but now I know you're lying again.

What are you talking about?

Everything we've said is true.

We injected Grant with the virus after we picked her up from the station.

So how could she infect her ship, huh?

You are a liar!

But if it is true, if the virus has spread to the ship, then God has blessed our mission.

He has made miracles happen.

Well, that doesn't make any sense.

She was telling the truth in there.

"Military heroes.

" What?

Well, the first time we talked to her, she said that the virus was gonna kill our "military heroes.

" We assumed this was the crew of the Allegiance.

Yeah, but she didn't even know they were infected, so she obviously was talking about something else.

What if the colonel was right?

What if they were gonna release her?

And then what?

Well, then, local PD picks her up, takes her to the hospital, has her checked out.

Right, but because she's Navy, she gets transferred to the military hospital.

Before anyone suspects Ebola, she's already infected doctors, nurses and other patients.

The only problem is, is that other guy can't get into the military hospital because security's too tight.


Civilian hospital?

No, but the Mashriq Army only hits military targets.

They've never deviated from their MO.

"Military heroes.

" Veterans.


Nell, Fatima, we think he's targeting the VA hospital.

Problem is, we don't even know what he looks like.

Actually, we do.

The CDC just identified the Ebola strain from Lieutenant Grant.

It's Ebola Sudan.

We contacted the local clinics handling the outbreak, and they sent us three photos of clinic workers who deserted after only one day of work.

NELL: The man you're looking for is Fadel Ali.


Access the VA's cameras and find out if he's already there.

We're on it, but, Kensi, the Mashriq Army may have chosen this strain because the new treatments have yet to be tested against it.


Meaning it may not be curable?

That is correct.

We're on our way.



No one at the front desk recognized Ali.

Yeah, we're not seeing anything on our end, either.

Well, maybe we're wrong.

Maybe he's hitting a different target.

We're not wrong.

12 o'clock.

Nell, we need USAMRIID ASAP.

NELL: We're on it.

He was only infected last night.

Maybe he's not contagious yet.

You really want to take that chance?

I think he just made me.

- Federal agents!

- Get down!

Stay back!

Stay back!

Or I will inject her.

Fadel, we know that you've been infected.

We can help you.


You don't have to die this way.

Put it down.

You're right.


KENSI: Let me see.

Let me see.

- Did he stick you?!

- DEEKS: She okay?


You okay?

She's okay.

You're okay.






I don't mean to pry.

Oh, it's okay.

This is my granddaughter.


Born a half an hour ago.


- KENSI: Oh, look at those cheeks.

She's adorable.

- Congratulations.

- Oh, thank you.

Oh, that's wonderful.

How's Mommy doing?

- She's doing well, thanks.

- Yeah?

Where are they?

Just across town.


That's why I left the Congo a month ago.

So I could be home and clear of the incubation period so I could hold my granddaughter.

But then, Mr.

Cargo Container landed on our doorstep, and here I am.

I guess I'm gonna have to make do with pictures for the next 21 days.

- I'm sorry.

- Mm.

At least we stopped this thing before it got any worse.

You know for people in parts of the Congo, this is everyday for them.

Can't imagine how terrifying that must be.

Fear isn't even the worst part.

It's it's the isolation.

I've had to take parents away from their children, babies away from their mothers.

That's the thing with this virus.

You have to push away the ones you love the most.

Mass psychogenic illness?

Word spreads fast on ships.

Rumors start flying.

Fear in extreme conditions can manifest into physical symptoms and spread in isolated communities.

You're saying it was in my head?

That I'm crazy?

That's not what we're saying.

But according to USAMRIID, neither you nor anyone else who developed symptoms tested positive for Ebola.

And Kensi and Marty found videos on Ali's phone, detailing Grant's infection.

Time stamps confirm it happened after she left the ship.

Officer of the deck, steer a course to NAS North Island.

Take us home.

You handled yourselves admirably today.

You should be proud.

Agents, thank you.

Commander, join me?

LAMB: Listen, uh, Agent Navid, about earlier, when I snapped And then vomited all over me.

It's okay.

You were under a lot of stress.

Uh it wasn't the stress.

After Vincent I think I got kind of messed up when it comes to people like you.


It was wrong, and I'm sorry.

I think you and I are going to be good friends, Petty Officer Lamb.



Of course.

We almost died together.

That is a special bond.

Callen and Sam and I almost died together once, and now, - we are best of friends.

- Mm.

All right, you two are getting a little loopy.

Why don't you get some food?

You haven't eaten all day.

CALLEN: Yeah, if you're lucky, the galley may have some more - of that buffalo cauliflower.

- SAM: Yeah.

If you haven't eaten it all.

Well, it's not my problem everyone lost their appetite.

SAM: Mm.


Come on.

Thank you.

You still worried about him?

I was never worried about him.

Ship's in good hands.


- Hey.

- Hey.

That was the best shower of my life.


- We can - So it was a false alarm.



I'm not pregnant.

I'm sorry.

I No, don't be s don't be s don't be sorry.

Don't be.

This is not This must have been a, uh Today must have been incredibly scary for you, and, uh I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

Please don't apologize.

I I I'm sorry for not having told you, and brought you Oh, listen, I get it, you know?

I get it.

You don't have to tell me.

It's You You know how I feel about having kids, and you didn't want me to get my hopes up.

Uh, you didn't I wouldn't have told me, either.

We don't have to talk about this.

Let's just go home.

I want to talk about it.

I'm done not talking about it.


In fact, avoiding the issue because we're afraid is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, 'cause we don't work with fear, right?

We work with honesty.

And I want to be able to tell you everything.

That's why I married you.

And I want to tell you everything, too, but I'm also terrified I'm gonna lose you.

That is never happening, Deeks.

I am not gonna leave you.


I'm not leaving you.

You thought you were having a baby today.



I did.


I really did.