01x03 - Dead Reckoning

[Speaking Russian over PA system]

CIC, Bridge. What are we dealing with here?

Sir, EW reports it's an old version of a Kirov-class guided missile cruiser.

Nuclear powered and possibly carrying warheads.

I thought those were mothballed in the '90s.

They're old and ugly, but they're still dangerous.

With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

I am Konstantin Nicolayevitch Ruskov, a former vice admiral of the Red Banner Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Messenger of the watch.

Please go to my at-sea cabin and grab me a book off the shelf, the one in Russian.

Aye, Captain.

Admiral, I need to advise you that you are in United States territorial waters and are standing into danger.

Withdraw seaward or you will be subject to defensive action.

Commander Chandler, I have pursued you across the globe, but I wish no further conflict.

After you have met my demands, you and your crew will be free to leave the harbor and travel the Earth as you please.

And what would those demands be?

Well, let's not be coy.

You have the primordial strain of the virus that is killing the world.

You will hand it over to me, along with Dr. Rachel Scott and all of her research.

Sorry, Admiral, but I don't know what you're talking about.

And the thing is, I don't take orders from you.

And now I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Move your ship.

Your Navy and your country no longer exist.

There is no higher authority but me.

If you don't do as I say, you and your crew will leave this harbor atop a mushroom cloud.

You saw what happened to France.

You know what my ship is capable of.

Admiral Ruskov,

I suggest we meet somewhere face to face, negotiate a peaceful solution to our problem.

It will be my pleasure.

Who else has been working on a vaccine?

What, in the world?


What about the Russians? Were they close?

I mean, nobody was making any real progress.

And I hate to say it, but they're probably all dead anyway. Why?

If somebody had the primordial strain of the virus, the stuff you found in the ice, could they make a vaccine?

I suppose, if they had the right equipment and someone qualified to run it.

But they'd be months behind us.

I need to borrow Dr. Tophet.

Can you spare him?

[Indistinct shouting]

Out of the fryin' pan, huh, fellas?


You joining the team?

Captain thought I'd be useful, seeing as you're all playing in my backyard.

And before the plague, the Fufu Cantina, that was the place, boy.

Old Juan Carlo, he made the best mimosas locas.

[Chuckles] We got to get some of that.

God help us.

Suppose there's no way to convince you not to go?

Konstantin Ruskov's a military genius.

Literally wrote the book on modern naval warfare.

Maybe you can ask him to sign your copy.

Seriously, Captain, there's only one way out of this harbor.

Every minute we sit here gives that asshole time to dig in.

He's already dug in. Meeting him is the only way.

I need to look him in the eyes.

Smith, Berchem, establish the perimeter.

Masks up.

You needn't bother with the masks.

We're not infected.

[Filtered] Well, we'll test you just the same.

I'm unarmed.

[Speaks Russian]

Make a fist.

How can you wear those costumes in this heat?

Still, better than the Arctic, no?

Chandler: The Arctic was bad for both of us, Admiral.

As I recall, you lost five airships.

Helicopters are easy to replace.

Look around you.

The world is ours for the taking.

He's clean.

You see? Clean.


Jeter: XO, take a look.

Slattery: They're mining the bay.

We could scare 'em off with the .50-cals.


Can't risk a fire fight with the CO off the bridge.

TAO, Bridge. Get the Hunter in the water.

Find me a clear route out of this harbor.

And spin Tomahawks one through six.

If I don't hear from the Captain in one hour, we're unloading on that Russian son of a bitch.

Mines. I hate freakin' mines.

I told Moscow it was suicide and that we must remain at sea if we are to survive this plague, but they insisted--

"All ships must return to home ports."

And so I took matters into my own hands.

You are looking at the last admiral of the last ship of the once great Russian Navy.

So the uniform we wear matters no more.

Well, it matters to me.

Whether mine is one of a dozen or the last ship to survive, we're all sailors of the United States Navy.

Of course you are.

Still, that we are here is cause to rejoice, no?

You got a funny way of celebrating, Admiral-- firing a nuclear weapon at France.

How many people do you think you killed-- 5, 10 million?

France was already dead.

That missile was meant to stop you, to keep you from refueling and sneaking home with the vaccine in your pocket.

We have no interest in keeping the vaccine to ourselves. It's for the world.

Do you know what was going on in the world while you were playing your war games in the Arctic?

The virus spread like an invisible fire, destroying everything in its path.

Bodies piled up sky-high.

The fear spread even quicker than the virus itself-- turned country against country, brother against brother, governments against their own people.

60 million Chinese were murdered in three days like they were culling so many piglets.

The world... is not worth saving.

So, what? You want to keep the vaccine for yourself?

What I want is of no concern to you.

Well, I don't have it.

Not yet, at least.

And you won't, because you are missing an ingredient only I possess.

Now, you will give me what you have-- the primordial sample, your research, and Dr. Scott.

Or you die in Cuba.

You won't fire on my ship as long as we have what you want.

And this little game of chicken you're playing right now will only cause millions more to die.

So why don't I lead with my best offer?

A sample of the primordial virus.

With my compliments.

I'm sorry. That will not do, not at all.

Tex: You heard the Captain, Boris.

You ain't getting our scientist.

Don't be foolish, Captain.

You cannot win.

I'll go. I'll go with them.

I can do what's needed. I'm capable...


Not him. Dr. Rachel Scott. She is the one I want.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

I can outlast you and your band of cowboys.

My ship has enough nuclear fuel to patrol this harbor for the next 25 years.

Then you get nothing, Admiral.

And while you're sitting out there, you can wonder, "How am I gonna feed my men when the Americans have all the food on the island?"


[Speaks Russian]

Drop it!


One mouth less to feed.

Gator: RMS picked up over a dozen mines blocking the only channel out of here.

We can kill the ones we need, but not without making a lot of noise.

You were right.

Ruskov was using the extra time to strengthen his position.

Well, it's not like we could just sneak out of the harbor.

Even under cover of night, we're glowing big and bright on his radar.

We've got the world's best fighting machine and an entire naval base at our disposal.

Gator, find us a way out of here.

Lieutenant Green, I want a tactical plan. Work with Tex.

He's not Navy, but he knows the island and he can fight.

We need all hands.

Yes, sir.

Doctor, Admiral Ruskov said he had something you don't, something you can't make the vaccine without.

Any idea what he was talking about?

He's bluffing.

So, what would you like me to do now?

Well, you said you were close to a breakthrough on the vaccine.

Keep working. That's all that matters.

[Door closes]

[Distant upbeat music plays]

Jeter: We're at GQ, and the Russians are having a party.

They must still keep vodka on their ships.

You know, I wasn't even supposed to be on this ship.

I was two days from reporting to shore duty in Portsmouth.

And some last-minute change of orders put me on Nathan James.

I guess that makes you lucky, huh?

Gator: I think I found a way out of here.

Navy used to send frigates through this canal all the time.

Yeah, they stopped dredging that a while back.

From what I heard, it's all gunked up with coral and rock.

Well, that's why the Russians didn't bother mining it.

It's too shallow for us to get through.

Well, it's too shallow for a DDG, but I could mount some GLMs on a RIB, sail through it, sneak up on their 180, and launch a few HE grenades over their stern.

A ship that size, it's gonna take more than that.

Tex, what kind of assets are available at Gitmo?

Army's facility has mortars, vehicle-mounted weapons.

I got the keys to the joint.

Hell, I can get y'all a Bradley tank.

You get us in, we'll do the rest.

Before we do anything, I want that canal scouted.

Ruskov's no fool.

He knows we're gonna be looking for another way out of this harbor.

Aye, sir.

If we start here...

[Filtered] [ Chuckles] This is beautiful. Reminds me of my honeymoon video-- at least the footage I let people see.

Too much information.

Berchem, it's probably comments like that that led to your divorce.

[ Chuckles]

Tex, how long to get the guns from the army to the top of the hill?

A couple hours, Cap'n.


It's not deep, but the canal looks better than we thought.

Only real problem is that outcropping, probably coral.

It may give us a tight squeeze.

Smith: Yeah, we'll have to blow the coral to get a clean path.

Hang on. I'll take you to the surface.

We can blow it, but it'll make a hell of a boom.


Berchem: Dive! Dive!

[ Both grunting]


No! No!

Berchem! Smith!

Berchem, come in! Berchem!

Berchem, come in.




Have you reconsidered my offer?

Look out your window, starboard side.

Put 'em in the drink.

Slattery: TAO, Bridge.

One round, ten yards off the bow.

TAO, aye. Break, Surface.

Surface, aye.

Killing track 81652 with guns, 10 yard forward offset, one round H-E-P-D.

Chandler: Consider that a warning, which is more than you gave to my men.

Next time, I won't miss.

I am disappointed in you, Captain.

You're not the leader I imagined.

I will sink you.

This is an Arleigh Burke destroyer.

It was built to fight. You'd better know how.

CIC, this is your Captain.

Prepare to fire again on my order.

This time, I want a direct hit.

Kara: Guns, Surface.

Cover track 85150 with guns.


[Indistinct shouting]


Guns, aye. Cover track 85150. Target acquired.




What do you want?

Shut your weapons down.

Back out of the harbor and over the horizon.

I don't want to see your ugly-ass ship out of my front window.

Very well.

You have 24 hours to turn over the doctor.

If you attempt to leave or are planning another brilliant sneak attack, we will see you.

24 hours, Captain.


Cease track. Train mount 5-1 to ready air.

We should have blown them out of the water.

Soon as they're over the horizon, send a search and recovery team for Smith and Berchem.

They're standing by.

This new thermal cycler is a godsend.

We'll absolutely be able to identify the gene.

How's it coming with that centrifuge?

I was worried that the humidity on the isla--

Quincy, what are you doing?

I need you to come with me now.

What are you--

Just go! Move!

Why are you doing this?!

Get down the stairs. Now move!

Quincy, have you gone insane?

What is it that you want?

Getting off this ship. Now shut up!

Quincy, you'll destroy all the samples!

I said shut up!

Now jump.

You've got to be kidding.

Rachel, I don't want to hurt you, but that's exactly what will happen if you don't do as I say.

Now jump.

Man: Hey! What are you doing?!

[Indistinct announcement over PA system]

He's got a gun!

Nobody move! Nobody move!


Hands up!

Stay back!

Don't shoot!

Stay back!

Drop your weapon!

Stay back!

Drop the weapon!

Rachel: Don't shoot him!




Quincy, no!

If I open this, the virus will kill everybody on the ship!

So put your weapons down and back away!

Look, Doctor. I don't know why you did this, but I know we can talk this through.

We solve problems. That's what we do.

Rachel, you have to come with me.

It's you they want.

Just you.

I'm not going anywhere.

You're gonna have to kill me, too.

Jeter: Put your weapons down.

Stay back!

Rachel: Give me the vial, Quincy.

Rachel, they're not gonna hurt you.

They promised me.

So, please...

Please come with me.

You're not gonna kill all these people.

It's not who you are.

Give me the vial?



He must have been talking to the Russians all along.

That's how they were able to follow us.

I mean, he was my partner for almost 10 years.

I'm at a complete loss!

What were his connections to the Russians?

I don't know.

I mean, he studied there years ago.

He has friends, he has colleagues-- We both do.

[Sighs] It doesn't make sense.

I told you, I hadn't met him, not until yesterday!

So, what were you two, like, Facebook friends?

I need to see the Captain. My family is in grave danger.

Yeah, we'll get to that.

First you're gonna tell me about your relationship with the Admiral.

There is no relationship.

There never was a relationship!

Please, my daughter is a prisoner on his ship!

You almost killed my entire crew, so I recommend you start talking.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

During the hysteria of the outbreak, governments were pressuring their biologists to deliberately withhold vital information, research that could possibly contribute to a vaccine.

I disagreed.

And I began sharing information with another scientist, Sergei Yumanov.

Sharing? You mean leaking.

You don't understand!

While governments bickered amongst themselves, the virus was winning! I couldn't let that happen!

Ruskov suggested he had someone or something on his ship to help him make a vaccine. Is that your friend?

Sergei's dead.

I'd been communicating with him on the sat phone.

Then two weeks before the Russians attacked us on the ice, I called Sergei, and it was Ruskov on the end of the line.

He'd murdered Sergei [Voice breaking] and taken my family-- my daughter and my wife.

It was a Brit that kept us in the harbor by pretending to be CO of that UK destroyer.

Quite a performance by your wife.

Kelly had nothing to do with this.

Ruskov is using her to get to me and, more importantly, Rachel.


I did a stupid, stupid thing. Do what you want with me, but please don't make my family pay for my mistakes.

Ruskov will kill them if I don't do as he says.

What exactly was your plan tonight?

I was supposed to take Rachel and the samples to the other side of the beach.

There's a boat I can use to get us to the Vyerni.

Who am I impersonating at this godforsaken hour, the Queen of England?

No, your work is done, duschenka.

Now it's up to your husband, and we will see.

See... what?

If he loves his family as much as you say.

I must admit, I have mixed feelings about his success.

I've come to enjoy our time together.

Chandler: The Russians are expecting Quincy to show up with Dr. Scott on the civilian vessel some time tonight while there's no moon.

The meeting will go off as planned with a few important differences.

Sir, unless we completely cripple the Vyerni, he'll still have retaliatory capability.

By then, we'll be safely out of the harbor.

Smith and Berchem didn't die in vain.

They showed us we can make our escape through the old canal.

Sir, forgive me, but it's one thing to send a RHIB through.

This is a destroyer. The water's not deep enough.

It's not possible.

Exactly why the Russians won't expect it.

At high tide, we'll have two, three feet clearance.

That canal is so narrow, we won't have any margin for error.

And then there's the coral growth.

It'll rip our hull apart.

So we blast ourselves a hole.

But, sir, the minute we move the ship, Ruskov will see us on his radar.

He's staring right at us.

Chandler: He's not looking at us.

He's looking at a red dot on a radar screen.

On that screen, we could be any ship in this port.

Let's prepare the Bridge Team.

Chandler: Lieutenant Foster.

We need a female for this mission.

You grew up on a farm. Can you still handle a rifle?

Qualified as expert marksman last year.

I can knock the nipples off a chicken from a thousand yards, sir.

Okay, you're on Alpha Team with Rowler.

Yes, sir.


I don't feel comfortable having Lieutenant Foster on this mission.

She's never seen action like this before.

Objection noted, Lieutenant.

She's going.

Then I'm riding Alpha.

Sir, I've...

I've already lost two men while standing on the sidelines.

Search Team couldn't even recover their bodies.

I need to be out there this time.

Thank you, sir.

Slattery: High tide in exactly 2 hours and 48 minutes.

We're gonna take this ship through the eye of the needle.

To avoid Russian radar, we're gonna do it at EMCON Alpha 1-- no sonar, no radar.

But we're up to the challenge.

Yes, sir!

Let's get the low-vis watch team on the bow. - Sir.

Sir, without radar, we're gonna be awfully close to that coral in order to hit the mark.

We won't get a second chance.

We'll just have to get it right the first time.

Aye, sir.

[All shout in Russian]

Just keep your head down!

Keeping my head down's kinda gonna defeat the purpose, don't you think?

We're good to go.

Next radio click comes when they're 500 yards from impact zone.

Chandler: Single up.

When the Master Chief's back on board, take in all lines.

Everyone watch the clock.

We're timing this down to the second.

Together: Aye, sir.

Last time I navigated by dead reckoning was the sailing team at the academy.

I'm more nervous about being blown out of the water.

On the bright side, with our radar turned off, we won't see it coming.

All right, Miller. Find a spot right here.

All right.

I don't mean to sound dim, sir, but how's a roll of aluminum foil supposed to look like a 500-foot destroyer?

It's all about reflections, my man.

The James has low reflectivity, which makes us hard to pick up on radar.

In fact, to the Russians, we look just about the same as a few square feet of tin foil, pointed in the right direction.


Master Chief, you about ready?

Yes, sir. On your order.

Prepare to go EMCON Alpha 1.

I say again, all radar and radio transmissions go down on my count.

3... 2... 1... now!

Sir, all crew back on board.

Lieutenant Granderson, all ahead 1/3, 3 knots.

Make your course 1-3-5. Engage prairie masker.

Aye, sir.

Helmsman, come to course 1-3-5, all ahead 1/3 for 3 knots.

Course 1-3-5, all ahead 1/3 for 3 knots.


Time to disappear.

St. Nicholas point channel light 2-6-2.

St. Nicholas point channel light 2-6-2.

Corinaso point light 1-9-0.

Woman: Corinaso point light 1-9-0, aye.

Gator, I need a report.

Speed over ground 4.6 knots.

Course over ground 112.

I hold you at 50 yards right of track, recommend course 1-0-7 to regain track.

Recommended course 1-0-7, aye.

Helmsman come to left to course 1-0-7.

My rudder is left, coming to new course 1-0-7.

What's our depth, Gator?

Four feet clearance beneath the sonar dome.

To a rocky bottom.

If we're on track, we should be hearing from them.

That's it. They're in open water, 500 yards out, 10 knots.

Calculated impact in five minutes.

Chandler: We don't blast the coral until Green and Foster have reached their target.

We wait until we see their blast.

Is that clear?

All: Aye, sir.

Ruskov should see them by now.

Let's hope he buys it.

He already thinks he's won.

[Speaking Russian over loudspeaker]

Man: We're hot!

Here we go.

Man: I have the reef visually at about 800 yards off the port bow.

OOD, based on a good fix, holds us at 20 yards left of track.

Helmsman, come right five degrees rudder.

Right five degrees rudder, aye.

TAO, I'm gonna need to blast that coral.

What's your status?

Torpedo is armed and ready.

Firing bearing set.

What are you doing?

Just bail! I got this!

Danny, not yet! We're gonna be late!

Speed up!

Something happened.

Alisha: Impact is overdue, sir.

Why aren't we seeing anything? Where are they?

Hang on.

Sir, that canal is too tight to turn around in.

I can't slow down without losing maneuverability.

We have to blast that coral, sir, or it'll tear us apart!

Hang on.

You can just bail!

I'm not going anywhere!

We got to go!

[Speaking Russian over loudspeaker]

Come on.

We're gonna hit the coral in 15 seconds.

Hang on.

[Man speaks Russian over loudspeaker]


Alisha: 10 seconds, sir.

Come on.



Fire torpedoes!

DC Central, Captain. Damage report.

Man: Bridge, DC Central. Initial report... no apparent hull damage.

OOD, let's pick up our cargo and get the hell out of here.

Aye, sir. All engines ahead 2/3.

Man: Rescue boat moving to extract.

Nice work, Lieutenant.



We were late.

I could have blown the whole mission and gotten all of us killed, the whole crew.

But you didn't. And we got out fine.

I lost my focus because of you.

Because of me?

I didn't do anything.

You throttled down and wanted me to bail.



This is-- This is why we're not supposed to...

I love you.

Just stay away from me.

[Inhales sharply]

Did Ruskov have a backup plan?

In case you couldn't get Dr. Scott off the ship?

I haven't the faintest idea.

So, that's it, then?

They're dead.

You killed my family.

No, you killed your family!

You killed them, and two of my best men the minute you took up with Ruskov!

I had no choice!

You always have a choice!

You could have asked for help!

Instead, you took the fate of the entire world in your hands, and you almost threw it away!

And what would you have done?

If it were your family on Ruskov's ship, what would you have done?!

Answer me! What would you have done?!


Niels: [Scandinavian accent] This is ridiculous.

Come on. I can't believe this.

Ah, damn it!

Damn it!


[Light clatter]

Elva, this is ridiculous.


You didn't get her, did you?


I thought we were all dead.

How bad is the ship?

We'll fix it.

Yeah, well... [Scoffs] I mean, I need that woman, and I need the primordial.

We'll get her and the virus, I assure you.


No. Damn it!

Do I need to send someone in to help you... clean up?

No, please. I'll do it.


I hate how your men look at me.

Like I'm some sort of circus attraction.

Oh, I'm still waiting on that microwave oven!

I need mice!


[Exhales slowly]