01x07 - SOS

[Ship horn blows in distance]

I don't understand why you won't listen to me.

It's a splice overlap P.C.R. reaction with an immune-modulatory gene.

It will help the body identify the virus and create antibodies.

Yes, yes.

You are young and have a bright career ahead.

And don't waste your time with schoolboy science fiction.

The virus is spreading.

There are cases being reported beyond the middle east.

It will be in Oslo by winter.

It is deadly and will likely mutate.



I am well aware of what's at stake.

But what you are proposing is too dangerous.

The Australians tried it on mouse pox.

It was a complete disaster.

I've already done the experiment.


On myself.

While you were gone. And it worked.

You are mad.

I'm still here.

Absolutely mad.

I'm perfectly healthy.

Professor Lindblad, please.

You stay away from my lab.

You hear me? I am finished with you!


What was that?

Stubborn old man.

Still living in the past.

He still views you as his pupil.


Someday the world will see you like I do.

But only I get to be your wife.

Now let's eat. I have a plane to catch.

[Clears throat] Oh, Oslo to London, London to Frankfurt, and if I don't miss my connection, I have less than a day in Rome.

[Sighs] Too much travel.

Mm. And I think I'm coming down with something.

I've been taking these homeopathic immuno boosters.

Jana swears by them. [Clears throat]

[Door opens]

You'll be happy to know that the ship is finally repaired.

Dr. Scott can't have gone too far.

We'll find her again.

Well, you've found and lost her several times before.

Forgive me for not getting my hopes up.

If she were close to having a vaccine, where would she go?

Well, she would need animals to test it on...

Ones that are bigger than these.

Like what?

[Mice squeak]


Closest place to here is Puerto Rico.

No. Captain Chandler would have wanted to get farther away from us.

He must be somewhere else.

[Switch clicks, electricity buzzes]

Central America, then.

Can you be more specific?


[Door closes]

[Monkey squeals]

Remember I told you I discovered an extra gene on the virus?

All this time I've been struggling to figure out where it came from.

It turns out that it's a human gene.

Someone added a human gene to the virus?


I have no idea.

No matter what I try, the virus seems to be one step ahead of me.

It's outsmarting whatever I throw at it.

What's worse, it's made the original virus 10 times more lethal and virtually indestructible.

How many monkeys you have left? Three?


[Indistinct conversations]



Hey, you really wanna listen to the same 50 songs for the rest of your life?

Okay, three kick-ass playlists for one granola bar.

You ain't gonna find a better deal than that.

Don't even think about it, Pete.

Everybody knows Miller's got the lamest music.

[Sighs] All right, you get the goods.

When I get mine.




Thank you.

It's gonna take time, bro.


[Exhales, breathing heavily]


[Breathing heavily]

[Door opens]

Heard you were up and about.

I'm doing great, sir.


And your team?

Cruz is fully healed, been whipping the new guys into shape while I've been down.

And, uh, I talked to Cossetti.


He's contrite, sir. Anxious to prove himself again.

Good. Let's get him out there soon as we can.

That'll help him win back some of the crew.

Makes sense, sir.

We didn't wanna hit you with this until you were back on your feet, but you're aware that we're punishing Lieutenant Foster.

I am.

We thought two weeks double night watch would be good for you.

Starting tonight.

Yes, sir.

And complete transparency as to why you're being punished.

It's not enough that people know you broke the rules.

They need to know why breaking the rules is dangerous.

You should know, sir, I cut it off after that night.

Doesn't change a word I've said.

I just don't want people to lose faith in me, sir.

You're a leader.


Woman: I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing.

She's started to roll onto her tummy, and she can almost sit up by herself now.

Woman: But I think we're gonna have to...

[Switch clicks]

Man: We're in Little Rock.

Uh, we do have a little bit of water, but we sure could use some more.

Woman: ♪ this way ♪
♪ that would take...

That's Marilyn. Palm beach.

She was a bunny at the, uh, Miami Playboy Club in the '60s.

She puts on her own show every afternoon.


She's amazing.

We have a good signal today.

[Switch clicks]

Woman: [Caribbean accent] Please, is anyone out there?

I'm on a fishing boat and...

Too sad. I'm going back to Marilyn...

No. Wait. Stay there.

My name is Bertrise.

Everyone else on my boat is dead.

But I'm not sick, I swear. I just need help.

Please, I don't have any food or water.

Wayne. Get Dr. Scott and the C.O.

Won't last much longer.

I'm scared. Please.

Sir, she's an 18-year-old girl from Jamaica.

She's on a fishing boat off the coast of St. John point.

I first logged her three weeks ago.

There were 50 people on her boat.

A week later, we heard her again.

But then there were only 15 people left.

And now she's alone?

So if everyone on her boat has died from the virus and she's the only one alive...

I mean, it could be that she's naturally immune.

You want us to find her?

No, I need you to find her.

If I can take a look at her D.N.A., I might figure out a way to beat this thing.

Awfully convenient.

You think it's a trap?

I don't know.

How many immune people in the world?

Be incredibly rare, but of course they exist.

Are you absolutely sure that it's been this girl's voice on the radio the entire time?

I know that voice.


Any idea where she might be?

I've got four R.D.F. bearings from some of her recent transmissions.

60% confidence of her position within a 10-mile radius.

Boat that size... Still take hours to find her.

If we found her at all.

Sir, she's all alone out there.

She's running out of water.

We... we don't even know how much longer she'll last.

We have to reach out to her.

Sir, if I may, breaking radio silence will broadcast our bearing to anyone out there listening.

And we are broadcasting.


Bertrise, you there?



Bertrise: Hello? This is Bertrise.

Can you hear me?

Bertrise, this is Joe Brown. I'm on a fishing boat.

I might be in your area.

Oh, my God.

Are you talking to me? Hello?

Now I need you to find the G.P.S.

It's a little computer screen with numbers on it.

Okay. Uh, okay... I know what it is.

Can you read me those numbers?

It says 18. Then 36.4. And the letter "n."

1-8 tack 3-6.4 north.

Okay, Bertrise, can you read me the next line of numbers?

79, 46.7, w.

Are you coming?

She's approximately 280 miles north.

Yes, Bertrise, we're coming to get you.

Oh, thank you!

The... the boat has a blue Octopus painted on the side.

Can you keep talking to me?

I gotta go now, Bertrise, so we can come find you.

Please don't hang up.

Hang tight. We're on our way.

Okay, we're out.

[Indistinct radio chatter]



[Indistinct P.A. announcement]

Which boat are we in?

Doc hasn't cleared me yet.

So ride Cobra Two with Lieutenant Burk and his team.

You got it.


You wanted to see me, sir?

I know you've only been on my team for a couple weeks now, but everything you do reflects on me.

And I'm not gonna be out there today to cover your ass.

I'm aware, sir, that everybody's doubting me.

That I brought that on myself. But I will do the job.

You know you took Frankie Benz's spot.

Now you can never fill those shoes and I don't expect you to, but you've gotta bring it.

Every second of every day from here on in, or I will find somebody else that will.

I'll bring it, sir.

You'll ride with Captain in Cobra One.

Sir, uh...

Just wanted to tell you I appreciate this opportunity.

I won't let you down.

Gear up then.

Yes, sir.

[Door clanks open]

[Motors revving]

Mason, monitor all stations.

We need to hear everything that's going on out there.

Aye, sir.

Remember, no transmissions.

Nathan James does not transmit under any circumstance.

Where are the beacons?

They're not wearing any.

We can't risk anybody else picking up their location.

From 1835.20 north, 70946.12 west, contact bears 3-2-0.

Sir, they've located the boat.

Put it on speaker.

[Switch clicks]

Roger that, Captain. All right, fellas, masks on.

Stay frosty.

Fan out. Search every inch of this boat.

They're boarding the Octopus, sir.

[Radio chatter]

Steady. Watch our 3.

We're coming. Where is she?

[Muffled voice] Bertrise!

Nothing in the hole.

Bertrise! We're not gonna hurt you!

Send security.

To the left, left.


Search every inch of this boat!

Bertrise, we're here to help you!



Search on the lower deck!

No sign of her, Captain.

Keep looking. She has to be somewhere.

Tex, Cossetti, come with me.


U.S. Navy! We're here to help you!

They're not here.

[Door creaks]

Man: Bertrise?

[Water sloshing]


You down here?!

This does not feel right.

[Water sloshing]


Bertrise! Are you down here?!

There's nothing but death down here.

Captain, we got company.

From where? What direction? You got something?

Negative, sir.

Tower, C.I.C. I want that bird in the air. Now!

[Radio chatter]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

U-boats approaching. Fast off the starboard bow.

All right, give me eyes...

It's the Russians.

Sons of bitches.

You think they set us up?

Might not be anybody alive on board.

We don't know that! Keep looking!

Burk: Sir, we have 30, maybe 40 seconds before they're in firing range.

And we don't know how many more are behind them!

[Woman crying]



I found her!

They got her.

You're not fishermen.

No, we're the United States Navy.

We're here to help you. Come on.

We got her, Captain!

We got her!

Let's get her out of here! Now!

Go, go, go!

Move, move, move.

I got her.

Come on. Let's go.

Cruz, take the helm!

Package is on the rear.

[Motor starts]

Cobra Two, extract, now!

We'll create a diversion!

Aye, sir.


Go with Burk in Cobra Two.

[Motor revving]

Damn it!

Move, Cossetti!

Keep moving, Cossetti! Keep moving!

Stay down.

Move it. Move it!

[Motor revving]

Where's my bird? Tell me she's in the air.

[Radio chatter]


Come on, Tex!

Hey, man, it's not as easy as it looks!

Son of a bitch.

Enough of this sh1t, Tex! Go to the 50 cal!

When I break hard to starboard, light 'em up!

Yeah, baby! [Laughs]

We took a lot of hits.

We're sinking.

And those other Russians will be coming back for us.

You dive?


The girl's boat is approximately here.

Assuming the Russians were coming from Cuba where we left them, their ship should be somewhere in this region.

And their attack boats were broadcasting from here.

What am I doing here?

Your Russian pals are back.

Are you sure? What have they said?

I don't know what they said. I don't speak Russian.

That's why you're here.

You're gonna sit down next to Mason.

Eavesdropping. You just listen.

If you pick up anything on the U.H.F., you translate.

I'm damn sure Ruskov's out there listening to us.

You'll tell me later what this is gonna cost me.

I'll do what you ask.

When this is over, you make sure Ruskov dies.

We are 2-0 miles from last known point of contact.

We have contact with a vessel at 11:00, half mile, bearing 0-5-0.

Burk: Saberhawk One, Cobra Two. How copy? Over.

Man: Solid copy, Cobra Two.

Burk: We have the package. En route home base.

Man: Account for personnel, Cobra Two.

Burk: Besides the package, seven souls...

Burk, Cruz, Cossetti, Jeter, Dennison, Rowler, Walker.

Man: Interrogative whiskey for Cobra One?

Burk: We do not know their whiskey.

Repeat, we do not know their whiskey.

Be advised...

Two Russian zodiacs in proximity to the Octopus.

Man: Solid copy.

Saberhawk One ETA overhead the Octopus three Mikes.

Nathan James, we have negative beacon contact from this vessel.

How far you think we are from that fishing boat?

With the currents?


10 miles, maybe 15.


I don't know whether they picked up on our radio transmissions or intercepted my call to Bertrise.

Either way, I'm pretty sure the Russians are closer to us than the Nathan James is.

Good thing we got beacons in those suits, right?

I took 'em off before we started in case the Russians were around.

Oh. Good plan.

Well, you still got the radio?

Call for help. That's a chance we got to take.


Do it. Do it!

Nathan James, this is Cobra One.

Sir, that's the Captain.

Cease and desist all rescue operations.

I say again, cease and desist any rescue operations.

What the hell you doing?

That's a direct order.

What's he talking about?

Ride off into the sunset with that package.

It has been my sincere honor serving with you all.

This will be my final transmission.


Please tell me that was some kind of a code.

It wasn't code.

Oh, man.

I mean, you gotta be kidding me.

Right? What was that? You got a death wish.

Nathan James sends a Helo, the Russians can hone in on it and track it back to the ship.

I can't allow that.

Oh, great. So you're martyring yourself.

You're taking me along for the ride.

Thank you very much.

I am sorry, Tex.


It was the proper command decision.

It wasn't worth the risk.

They need you.

No, they don't.

They need you!

Not worth the risk!

All right, so what is your plan?

Drown out here?

Or maybe we swim back to the Octopus.

Hang out with those fine people till our eyeballs start bleeding out.

There's a reef. North, northeast of here.

Start swimming.


[Man shouting indistinctly in distance]

This is Dr. Scott.

She's gonna take care of you now.

It's an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Where's Captain Chandler?

But you heard the Captain's orders, Sir.

What if it was a misdirect for the Russians, in case they were listening?

I don't think so.

"Ride off into the sunset" is what he said.

We found the girl. Now he wants us to move forward.

We can't know that for sure.

But you know him, and you know he's right.

Look, I know he wouldn't leave any of us behind.

Under normal circumstances, yes. Things are different now.

Where's Lieutenant Burk?

Uh, Decon.

The Master Chief?


[Hand thuds]

We have no contact, and we have no idea where they went.

They should still have radio.

Captain ordered us to suspend rescue ops.

He won't give us the coordinates.


Because if the Russians lock in on the Helo, they can hone in on us once it comes home.

The Helo's already launched so the X.O.'s gonna take one shot at this before it has to refuel.

Now I need you to think. Hard.

What directions were the Russians coming from?

Is there anything, anything you can tell me that'll help us narrow this down?


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[Classical music playing]

There are people starving to death in this world, and you refuse to eat?

Perhaps you'd rather be back in the brig than dine with me?

Eat, darling.


May I suggest you explain to your daughter how lucky she is?

What more do you want from us?

How about a little gratitude?

Have I not provided for you, taken care of your needs?

And I think I've taken care of yours in return.

You have.

[Utensil clinks]

But not with gratitude.

Woman: Saberhawk One, state fuel.

Currently at 40%.

Nathan James, be advised, we're also conducting IR sensor scan for sector.

Man: Fly through, Saberhawk One. Copy.

Slattery: Lieutenant Burk, over here.

Where the hell are they?

[Static, radio chatter]

Sir, I'm picking up mobile bandwidth low latency transmissions. Could be a U.A.V. data link.

Enable spy radar.

But, sir, if the Russians pick it up, they'll track our bearing.

You got 30 seconds, then we shut it down.


I gave an order.

Aye, sir.


[Droning in distance]

Do you hear that?

Sounds like a lawnmower.

[Droning in distance]

It's a U.A.V.



Oh, boy.

Suspect track 8-5-0-2-3, bearing 3-5-1. Range 3-8 miles.

Heading south, southwest at 50 knots.

Recommend kill track 8-5-0-2-3.

Roll F.I.S. green.


F.I.S. is green.

Killing track 8-5-0-2-3 with bird.

Salvo size 1.



Bird away track 8-5-0-2-3.



[Droning grows louder]

Tell me that's not a bomb.

I'm hoping it's a camera.

It's getting awful close.

Ha ha! Oh, yeah!

Thank you, Nathan James!

[Static] _

Mark delta. Right on target.

Data link broadcast has been terminated, sir.

Secure S.P.Y. radar.

[Keyboard keys click, beep]

He shouldn't have done that.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Man: Negative contact.

Man: Beagle tower, this is Saberhawk One.

Dusk. Visibility dropping with the sun.


Beagle tower, this is Saberhawk One.

No sign of Cobra Team One in sector 7.

Heading to sector 8.

This is the last sample I'll need while we wait for the results from your first test. I promise.

You're being very brave. I do apologize.

I'm the one who's sorry.

I made things so difficult for the soldiers that came to rescue me.

After the virus came, there were many stories of men in suits like that with guns.

We heard that they came to kill the sick people, not to rescue them.

[Alarm beeping]

Time to rest.


[Exhales deeply]

Uh, how far do you figure to that reef?

Gator said it was roughly 20 miles from the Octopus.

Though... he was only 60% sure of that.

Oh, good.


Hey, do you think we're getting anywhere?

Or do you think the waves are just knocking us back to where we started?


Are you really this damn heroic ordering off your own rescue?

You're asking me if I'm scared of dying?

I wasn't thinking about it then, and it's not gonna do me any good to think about it now.

Hey, you wanna know somethin'?

Only reason I came out here today was to impress that doctor, Rachel.

[Laughs] Oh, you gotta be sh1tting me.

Yeah! I'm sweet on her. You know?

You weren't making a move. [Laughs]


Oh, my lord.

You think she's interested?

Get some rest, Tex.


Hey, opposites attract, you know.

Rachel: I was in Negril once.

My parents took me to the Black Cliffs to watch the jumpers.


Never seen anything quite like it.

My father ran a hotel there. I helped him.

It was a small place. Right on the beach.

The sickness came first to the larger resorts in the north.

Within a couple of weeks it was with us.

We turned our hotel into a hospital.

But... after my mother died, my father took me and Dominic away.

Dominic's your brother?

He died on the boat.

I'm so sorry.

When we left Jamaica, there were 51.

Within a couple of weeks, there were 15.


And then there was just me.

[Voice breaks] Why didn't I die?


Because you're immune, Bertrise...

To every single strain of the virus.

So what does that mean?

It means we have a chance.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Visibility nil.

Sunset approaching. We'll switch to night vision.

Saberhawk One diverting east.

He may have called off the rescue, but he would never give up.

There's no chance, sir.

What would you do if you were out there?

I'd take my chances, swim back to the Octopus.

Could be Russians.

Well, all I know is, Captain always has a plan.


How far is that reef?

Approximately 20 miles from the Octopus, sir.

But from where they ended up, they could be even farther.

Yeah, but it could be closer.

Woman: Saberhawk One, state time left on station.

Man: This is Saberhawk One calling bingo now.

Overhead in 2-0 Mikes.

They're out of fuel.

Then we hit that reef on the next pass, sir.

You keep looking up there like it's gonna change.

It's called navigating.

It's called drowning.

It's dark. We're screwed.

You said we'd almost be there three hours ago.

When did you become such a pessimist?

Cat's only got nine lives.

I already been through 12 or 13 of 'em.

Why'd you join the Navy, anyway?

I joined the Navy because of my father.

He was Navy, too?

Army. I did it to piss him off.


Well, you see how that worked out for you.

Hey, don't fall asleep.

[Sputters] I'm just so relaxed.

You never did tell me what part of Texas you were from.

Probably 'cause I'm from Reno.


Hey, Tex? Yeah, boss?

I am afraid.

To die?

To never see my wife.

And my kids.

I know what you're doing.

Playing it over and over again in your head.

Every second, every moment.

What you could've done differently.

I tripped.

If I hadn't, I'd still be on the R.H.I.B. with them.

Then you'd be lost out there.

And what good would that do us?

Maybe they wouldn't be lost.

Maybe I could've done something.

A thousand hours of training for five minutes of pure chaos.

And then a thousand hours of second-guessing yourself.

That's the job...

For all of us.

Man: Saberhawk One, final approach.

Get her down and locked.

[Speaks indistinctly]

Skin down.

Woman: Roger, Saberhawk One.

I just came from the lab.

The girl has a gene mutation that makes her immune.

Dr. Scott injected her blood into the monkey and if it works, we may have the vaccine.

Well, everybody did their job.

The doctor is wondering if she can join us in here.

She's concerned about the Captain and Tex, obviously.

X.O., the Russians are talking.

[Man speaking Russian]

They're still searching the water.

[Russian continues]

He thinks the Americans have drowned.

He thinks?

What exactly did he say?

Shh, shh.

Do they have a body?

I don't know. The radio keeps cutting in and out.

I missed some of the words.

Well, what words did you get?

They said "drowned."

I swear to God, if you're lying to me, I will strap you to a torpedo.

It's what I heard.

Sir, Helo just landed. Standing by to refuel.

We can't trust anything we hear.

The Russians know we're listening.

They could be deliberately feeding us bad intel.

Sir, if you mean to do this, then I recommend we have a Helo fly low zigzag to make it harder for someone to track it.

That'll burn a lot of fuel, sir.

Yes, it will.

But it means we've got enough time to make one more short pass.

I concur. Head for that reef.

Man: All stations report. I'm on instruments on altitude 100 feet on air speed 90 knots.

Negative contact.

Man: Roger. Visibility nil.

They're out there. They've got to be out there.

Man: This is Saberhawk One.

We see something reflecting on the surface to the southwest.

Taking a closer look. Over.

Man: Dropping down to 90 feet.

Roger. Right side, light chop.

[Helicopter approaching]

You hear that?!

Hey! Hey! We're here! We're here!

Don't tell me, you're pissed at slattery now?

Son of a bitch.

Man: In sight, engaging automatic approach, standby to lower the harness.



[Blades whirring]

Aah! Whoo!

You first!

Not a chance! You first, Captain! I insist!

[Helicopter blades whirring]

What is that?

What the hell?

It's not them.

Man: Roger. No sign of survivors.

Come on.