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01x08 - Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar...
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[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Man shouts in Russian]

What'd he say?

Happy hour on the lido deck at 1600.

Is there a magic show?

[Symphonic music playing]

[Door closes]

Uh, Ava, leave us now, please.

Is my father with you? Dr. Tophet?

No, he's not.

But he’s alive… and safe on my ship.

He tried very hard to be here himself, and he wanted me to tell you he loves you very much.

Ava, hurry along now, please.

[Door opens]

That voice...

[Door closes]

You must recognize it.

It was Kelly... who pulled the wool over your eyes back in Cuba pretending so well to be British commanding Officer.

Excellent liars, the whole family.

That's enough!

Oh, see how she treats me?

I could have killed her or fed her to my crew.

Instead, I lavish her with the treasures of the world.

My own executive officer Asmik gave up his stateroom for her and her insolent daughter.

But nothing is good enough. [Chuckles]

[Clicks tongue] Where are my manners?

Please, sit.

[Inhales and exhales deeply]


I'd like to treat you with the respect your rank affords, but you are going to have to meet me halfway.

Now, tell me of Dr. Scott's progress with the vaccine.

She's close, right?

My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy, serial number 4242022634.

There is no need for that.

The Geneva Convention doesn't exist anymore.

Hell, Geneva doesn't exist anymore! [Laughs]


Still won't talk?

See, I told you.

He would rather go it alone and die than share in the glory of saving the world.

Why else would you, the ship's captain, personally lead the mission to save some poor island girl?

Like with all tragic heroes, your hubris brought about your downfall.

What do you have to say to that, Commander Chandler?

My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy, serial number 4242022634.

Man over radio: Cobra 1-5 on final approach.

Secure down and lock.

Woman: Cobra 1-5...

Helos have crisscrossed 100 square miles of ocean.

No sign of him.

I don't know what I'm hoping for...

Whether they're still somehow out there fighting for their lives, or the Russians did get them.

Any sign of the Vyerni?

Sir, nothing on the SLQ-32.

Zero electronic emissions.

They're most likely radio silent.

Maybe. But they're close.

How do you know?

Because if they have the C.O., they're gonna call, try to make a trade...

Tex and the C.O. for Dr. Scott and her work.

Rachel: So what you can see here is the virus attaching to receptors in a healthy human cell.

Once attached, it invades and completely destroys its host before moving on to the next cell.

This is what happens to everyone in the world who contracts the virus.

And death comes quickly...

As you have seen.


[Mouse clicks]

Now, here, once again, the virus is on the attack, but this time, the receptors to which it attaches are free-floating, not part of a healthy cell.

So it simply flushes out the system without causing any infection.

And that...

Is you, Bertrise.

Those are your receptors, which I have injected into our primate friend over there.

And if it can fool the virus inside him...

You'll have a vaccine?

[Distant beeping]

I was always so sick as a kid.

Everyone used to tease me that I was pretending so I wouldn't have to go to school.

And now here I am.

Immune to the most deadly virus in the world and possibly its savior.

[Door opens]

Uh, Bertrise, I would like to introduce you to...

Will Mason.

He's the one who heard your call on the radio.

It's very nice to meet you.

I'm so glad that you're all right.

Thank you for helping to find me.

Is there any word on...

Captain Chandler or Tex?

No, ma'am.

But we'll get them back.


Sir, Admiral Ruskov on the H.F.

This is Commander Slattery.


I won't waste time.

Obviously, I want Dr. Scott.

Anything short of her delivery, along with all relevant samples and work, will result in the death of your captain and his companion.

Are you still there, X.O.?

Of course you are. You just don't know what to say. I understand.

You've never been in command before.

I need proof of life.

Let me talk to my commanding officer.

[Radio squawks]

I'm here, X.O.

You have 10 minutes to decide.

What guarantees can you give me?

Just one...

If you don't comply with my demands, I will not only torture and kill your friends, I will annihilate your ship and every soul onboard.

I possess enough nuclear warheads to boil the seas in which you pathetically sail.

10 minutes.

[Radio static]


Combat, this is the X.O.

Tell me you got a bearing on that call.



My God.


[Breathes sharply, sniffles]


Well, aren't you the lucky one?


Danny: We break 'em out, soft-kill the engines, and haul ass to the extract point at the back of the Vyerni.

That ship's twice our size.

If the alarms sound while you're going door-to-door looking for the C.O., it's gonna be four of you against 300 angry Russians.

It's doable, sir.

Who's team leader? You?

I wouldn't volunteer unless I were fit, sir.

[Door opens]

Even at 80%, he's good to go, sir.

Honestly, Doctor, now is not the time.

The Russians are calling back in less than five.

I have the vaccine!

[Breathing heavily]

The monkey survived.

The last damn monkey.

Are you saying you have the vaccine?

A vaccine that works?

Well, in an ideal world, I'd...

Do more testing, but… yes.

Which means Ruskov doesn't need me anymore.

You can send him a dose in exchange for Tex and the captain.

Ruskov won't just take your word for it.

He'll want to make sure.

Well then I'll show him myself.

I'm no longer essential on this ship.

From here on in, it's merely a case of mass-producing the vaccine from my original formula.

But, Doctor...

I can show Doc Rios everything he needs to know.

And if extra help is required, I'm sure you can strike a bargain with Quincy.

I can't let you go.

Ruskov asked for me.

And I won't do a thing for him until he releases Tex and the captain.

Danny: Ma'am, you don't realize what you're signing up for.

You would be Ruskov's slave for life, or until he decides to kill you.

Look, we all know he'll chase us to the ends of the Earth.

This is the only way to stop him once and for all.

[Door opens]

[Shouts in Russian]

[Key jangles]

Coming forward now. Give to me hands.

[Keys jangle, cuffs clicking]

You've looked better. [Sighs]

Oh, you should have seen the other guy.

There was only one?

He was a big unit.

No sense of humor.

You want to know the kicker?

He didn't even ask me any questions.

Hey! No talk, or I kiss your ass!

[Both scoff]

You mean kick my ass!

Just shut up your head, okay?

[Lowered voice] I spoke to our friend from Chicago.

If I know Mike, he's planning on paying us a visit.

[Lowered voice] We'd better find a way to make him feel welcome.

Kirov class battleships run on a C.O.N.A.S. system.

That's combined nuclear and steam propulsion.

Not gonna be able to take out both boilers, so if you want to kill her, gotta damage the shaft.

Engines can spin all day, but the props won't turn.

Not gonna be able to burn through them with the incendiaries I'm carrying.

There's a soft spot you're gonna have to find.

But you're gonna have to be careful, sir.

There could be a meltdown if you use too many explosives.

Yeah, and we're all dead and we lose the C.O.


Which is why you're coming with.

Like I said before, you're part of my team.

You ready to bring it?

Hell, yeah, sir.

[Pats back]

Let's map this out.

This is a .45 caliber pistol.

Excellent knock-down power, but the trade-off is that it's large and heavy.

It's a got an 8-round magazine, loaded.

And I'm gonna give you an extra.

Let's hope you won't need it.

And lastly, the suppressor. It's highly effective.

Without it, you'll wake up the entire ship.

But you need time to attach it.

Are we clear?



Thank you.

If anything should happen...

Finish what we started.

[Door opens]

The Russians are picking you up in one of their helos out in the middle of nowhere, taking you to their ship.

We won't have any contact after that.

I understand.


It's a little late to ask if you really want to do this.

Let me just say, what you’re doing is… very brave.

I'm proud to know you.

You're making it sound like good-bye.

I'll see you for breakfast.

[Lowered voice] How about, uh, "Great Escape"?

[Lowered voice] Kinda hard to tunnel out of a ship.

Yeah, you got a point there.

You ever see "Papillon"?

Are we just doing Steve McQueen flicks?

What about "Escape from Alcatraz"?

You'd need a dummy.

What about, uh, Bad English over there?

What are you talking of?! Quiet!

Take off.

Turn around.


[Speaks Russian]

Virus samples.

[Latches click]

Okay, careful.

[Latches click]


[Monitor beeps]

Tracking device moving at a steady 15 knots, sir.

Looks like we're aboard the Vyerni.

Extraction teams underway.

We got you now, you son of a bitch.

[Door opens]

Dr. Scott.

How long I've waited to welcome you aboard Vyerni.

I won't be talking further or doing any kind of work until you bring up your prisoners.

Of course. It was expected.

What the hell are you doing here?



Now I understand why the good Doctor agreed to pay us a visit.

[Speaks Russian]


[Door opens]

The deal was me for them.

You gave your word that you'd let them go.

Not until I confirm that you've delivered what I've requested.

Well, I assume you have a lab.

[Equipment beeping]


Dr. Scott.


So nice to see you again.

Do I know you?

European Congress of Virology, 2011.

Uh, you spoke on techniques for hemagglutination-inhibition with arthropod-borne viruses.

And afterwards, I introduced myself, shook hands.

Niels Sorensen.

I'm sorry. I don't recall.

I was with Professor Lindblom.

I remember Jonas.

You were in his department?

Um... for a time.

Uh, he... never really saw clearly what I was trying to, uh...

Anyways... I'd invite you in, but it's such a mess.


Uh, actually, they are, uh, supposed to clean up every day.

And I tell them that the U.V. light kills the virus, but, um... [Laughs]

You're infected.

Uh, not exactly.

But you're not even symptomatic.


Perhaps I should explain.

It was you.

You added the human gene.


You weaponized the virus!

What? No.

No, I didn't weaponize it.

I was really close to a major breakthrough.

I added my gene to the virus and then injected it back into my bloodstream, and it worked.

I am completely immune. I just...

Uh, I didn't know that I also made myself a carrier.

So you're patient zero?

No, I didn't start it.

I'm trying to find a solution here.

I'm trying to fix it, and I can fix it as soon as I get the primordial strain.

If that...

You don't understand what you've done.

The primordial won't work now.

The virus that you created, the modifications you made... You've made it so much worse.

And you could have come forward at any point.

I mean, you must have known this.

No, that was too late.

There was zero benefit from me coming forward at that point...

You killed four billion people.

I didn't...

And you never gave them a chance to understand how it happened?

But I can now.

I mean, can solve it now.

It's too late.

I've already done it.


I already made the vaccine.

That's a lie!

See for yourself.

Hey, that... no. You’re not allowed to do that, actually.

That's mine!

I would like to speak with the admiral, please.

No! She doesn't go anywhere! Unh!

You don't get to do it without me.

Did you really think that your D.N.A. could save the Human race?

Dr. Scott...

[Door closes]

[Handcuffs click]



I mean, I can’t believe it, she kissed you!

You're a married man, for Pete's sake.

And you're Navy. Did you not get the talk?

No fraternization with the ladies, buddy.

[Breathes sharply]

[Lowered voice] "Ladder room. Port side, 0400."

[Lowered voice] You know where that is?

I have an idea.

First we gotta get by this guy.

And there's two guards on the P-Way.

Goddamn it. He had to send her.

Right? I mean, I'm standing right there.

She could have easily passed me the note.



Got it.

You lied to me!

I took you in because you told me she was not capable of succeeding without you.

Now I find you've wasted my time and resources.

Do you really think I've kept myself in here for nothing?

I'm telling you, Admiral, her vaccine won't work.

You still need me.

That's right. I do.

Ruskov: Dr. Scott.

[Russian continues]

[Speaks Russian]

[Continues speaking Russian]


[Inhales sharply]


Now we test the vaccine.

[Shouting in Russian]

What are you waiting for? Do it.



[Shouting in Russian]




[Motor revving]

Man: Whiskey frog, 1 back 9. Whiskey frog, 1 back 9.

Standing by.


Let's hope she got him that note.

[Speaking Russian, laughing]


As a boy, I shared a room not much larger than this with my five brothers and sisters.

My parents were not among the political elite.

We grew familiar with tight quarters, with cold, with hunger.

Oh, that's a real sob story. Well told.

Aren't they expecting you back in Transylvania before sunrise?


This vaccine your Dr. Scott has developed is now the single greatest commodity in the world.

Every day its value increases, as those not yet infected grow desperate for it.

And it's mine! [Laughs]

The American Dream. Isn't that the expression?

Think it got lost in the translation.

Once I have successfully tested the vaccine, I will most likely kill all of you and destroy your ship.

But... perhaps there's another way...

A way that can help your shipmates, your friends, your families.

You have courage, first-rate ship, a crew that will follow you wherever you say.

I think we can work well together.

Achieve a great deal together.

My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy, serial number 4242022634.

Tex: Was a good talk, Boris.

If there's nothing else... [Inhales]

Well, we'd like to get some shut-eye.

10 minutes, sir.

Master Chief, how you feeling?

Scared to death, sir.

Well, you're not alone, I'm sure.

No, sir. I am not.



[Radio chirps]

This is your X.O.


Two sailors walk into a bar.

And they both walk out.

We will get our men back.

We will get our captain back.

That is all.

[Radio chirps]

Maneuver the ship into position to pick up the extract team.

Aye, sir.

Thought I'd open with a joke.

It was a good one, sir.





Now you can kiss my ass.

[Gasping, choking]

[Body thuds, keys rattle]

[Lock clicks]

[Man speaks in Russian]


[All grunting]

[Grunts loudly]

[Body thuds]

Mm. I don't wish to ruin the ending for you, but your vaccine will not work.

Isn't that right, Dimitri?

You're not feeling so good, huh?

The virus already has you in its clutches.

[Breathing heavily]

[Footsteps approaching]

The cavalry has arrived.

You okay, sir?

I'm fine. This your idea, Burk?

Can't take all the credit, but I'm happy to be here, sir.

Yeah. We'll talk about this later.

Where's Dr. Scott?

The lab should be one level down, back aft.

We'll pick her up on the way to the extract point, off the flight deck.

Let's move.

[Clicks, beeps]

Like clockwork.

[Beep, electronic whine]

Danny: [Whispering] Stingray, this is Tiger Shark.

Rally point one is a go. Package in hand.

Moving to rally point two. How copy?

Copy that.

No, sir, lab is...

Sir, lab is this way.

Captain, this is officer country.

Sir? Sir?

Sir, what are you looking for?


You want off this ship, come with me right now.


Cossetti, Cruz, I want you to escort Mrs. Tophet and her daughter to the extraction point.

Yes, sir.

Rest of you, with me. We're going to get Dr. Scott.

[Breathes heavily]

[Whispering] Clear!

[Exhales, mutters]

[Beep, electronic whine]


[Whispering in Russian]

[Whispering in Russian continues]

[Speaks Russian]

[Speaks Russian]

[Door closes]

You come with me... now.

Nikolai... [Speaks Russian]

But I still need to give him the second part of his vaccine.

Admiral wants you. You must come with me now.

But if we leave the room and the vaccine test fails, Ruskov will kill both me and you.

Do it. Quick.

[Latches click]




[Shouting in Russian]

No! Hey, hey… pierce the plastic, everyone on this ship dies… you first.


I helped you!




Ma'am, it's us. Drop your weapon.

Doctor, put the weapon down!

I'll be damned.

[Breathing unevenly]

Dolphin, this is Tiger Shark. Rally point two is a go.

Shut her down.

[Man speaking Russian]

[Beep, electronic whine]

[Rapid beeps]



Here we go. Move it out.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

[Alarm sounding]

[Phone beeps]


[Circuitry crackling]


I can almost smell the sea air.

I knew we'd make a sailor out of you.

[Speaks Russian]

[Guns cock]

Stingray, this is Tiger Shark. Are you in position?

That's affirmative.

Hang on.

There's no way they haven't checked our cells yet.


No alarms.

Not one call over the 1MC, nothing over the radios?

They're waiting for us on the other side of that hatch.

The stern is blown. We need a new way off this ship now.

Stingray, Tiger Shark. Primary extract is blown.

I repeat... Oscar is no good.


Very clever, Commander.

[Slams teacup down]

[Man shouting in Russian]

[Lowered voice] They're here. Let's go. Let's go, let's go!

[Man shouting in Russian]

Stay right there.

[Shouting continues]

This way, ma'am.

Come on, come on, come on.

Darling, be brave.


Stand there. Stand… stand there.

The ladder...

Get through.

[Men shouting in distance]


It's okay. Come with me.


Get down! Stay down. Stay down!

[Gunfire continues, men shouting in Russian]

[Shouting continues]



[Shouting in Russian]

[Beeping, explosion]

[Shouting in Russian]

[Continues shouting in Russian]



[Shouting in Russian]

Got visual.




Danny, do it!


[Shouting in Russian]



[Alarm sounding]

[Rapid beeps]

[Motor revving]


[Breathing heavily]


You rocked it, man!

You really rocked it!

We did it, sir.

We did it.


Cossetti! Talk to me, buddy, talk to me!

He's been hit!

Cossetti, come on! Stay with me!


[Exhales deeply]

[Knock on door]

Come in.

[Door opens]

[Door opens]

Daddy! [Sobbing]




[Sobbing continues]


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