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02x05 - Achilles
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Ned: All right, here he is. We have visitor in the house.

He's coming down, Felix.

Come on.

Scope down.

Captain, here's the man you were looking for.

That's you, eh?

Thought you'd be uglier.

How did you get a submarine?

[Chuckles] Yeah.

Bit of a fluke, really.

I was coxswain on her less than six months ago.

Believe that?

But then...

Watch it. Sorry, mate.


That lovely little germ stowed away in some lieutenant's lungs.

Next thing we know, the whole crew were droppin' like flies.

But me and me brother, no. Not us.

Blessed with the gene. Kept us safe.

Two weeks on, this little puppy...

We have it all to ourselves.

"You're a lucky old git, Sean Ramsey," I says to myself.

But then... Then... Then...

[Lowered voice] I had myself...

My moment of revelation.

I did.

It came to me there weren't no luck in it.

This here, this plague and all, ain't no accident.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Design, mate.


That's what this is.




So, all's I had to do then was find a few people like us.



Train a crew to help me run this thing.

Found quite a few as it happens, some with military know-how.

The Max.

That's right, Guv.

Got Meself this, uh... This...

[Paper rustles]

Motley crew.

They're kind of an ugly bunch. [Chuckles]

Don't be fooled.

This lot here are some of the nastiest fighters from the four corners of Europe.

Ain't that right, Bruv?

Open your mouth.


'Cause I said so.



[Gun cocks]

Ned! Ned!

I don't like you. You double-crossed us.

Put the gun away.

The man's our guest and he's gonna sort through the crap we pulled off the hospital ship.

I don't trust him.

I don't care.

He's our guest.

Still nothing on sonar, sir.

If they're submerged on the opposite side of the Northern Bank, we'll see them as soon as we're far enough south to peer behind it.

How soon are we clear of the bank?

Just another moment, sir.

Woman: X.O. on the bridge.



Only one thing I hate more than seeing a submarine on sonar.

What's that?

Not seeing one.

There's nothing behind the bank, sir.

They must've hightailed it outta here.

Yeah, but why? Where?

Maybe our prisoner can enlighten us.

He conscious?

Weak, but conscious.

I'd say go easy on him, but I wouldn't really mean it.


Sir? This sub...

Are we hunting or evading it?



Sean: I tell you what. I'm grateful.

Weren't for you, you've given us the word that these chappies were running around with... with a cure, we wouldn't be on this side of the Atlantic for at least a month.

Left out a key bit of information about the medical ship, though, didn't he?

[Loudly] I already ex...

Ned, I...

I had absolutely no idea where the Navy ship was traveling.

They left me to die in the Caribbean.

Tell us more about that vessel.

Nathan James?


Not a large ship, but formidable.

We know.

Bleedin' saw it.


Niels: There's a doctor on board, a woman.

She used all my research to help develop the cure.

Ain't interested in a doctor at the moment.

Tell us about that ship. Who's the captain?

Uh, his name's Chandler, he's like, uh...

How do you say...

A difficult fellow to come to terms with.

He defeated the renowned Russian Admiral Ruskov, twice.

Shot the ship right out from under me. Sunk it.

You're lying. No, I wish I was.

I mean, I barely escaped with my life.

I stand before you the sole survivor of this disaster.

Ruskov's gone, eh?

Ruskov's dead!

[Plays guitar riff]

Rus... Ruskov's dead.

Nice one, mate! Nice one!

Ruskov's dead, yeah?

Well, that's a stroke of luck.

You have to be careful with this Chandler, okay?

He's... Very resourceful.

This here's a sub, all right?

A Destroyer can't touch a sub.

Piece of sh1t tin can won't even see us coming.


He's right.

You picked the right horse this time, Niels. Yeah, sit down.


Water. Please.


[Strained voice] I am sorry.

One sip, then you start talkin'.

Who are you?

I am Juan Carlos DE Marquez Y Santamaria.

DE la Fuerza DE Guerra Especial, Spanish Royal Navy.

And what vessel are you from?

It is not Spanish, but I can tell you it is an Astute class submarine from the British Navy.

I do not know its name.

You don't know the name of your own ship?

I was a... How do you say?

Drafted off the coast of Cadiz only two weeks ago.


Who's your commander?


I'm sorry. Water.

What's goin' on here, doc? Is he milkin' this?

He's just bruised, that's all.

I took a blow here. [Sighs]

One of your fighters. They are very well-trained.


Your commander.

That's what they call him. "Commander."

No name?

He's a Brit and a maniac.

That's all I know, sir.

What were you doing on Solace?

Looking for the cure, like the rest of the world.

You shot a hell of a lot of people while you were lookin'.

You must believe me.

I did not know his men were going to do this.

We got on that ship, and suddenly they started killing everyone for no reason.

Commander's brother... he started it.

Way I saw it, you were shooting at my men.


They would have killed me if I hadn't, sir.

Dios mío, this is an insane world.

I thought I was joining with this group for my own security, not to kill innocent civilians.

Trust me.

Where's the sub now? Where'd he go?

I don't...

Is he looking for us?

I think you would... you would know better than me, sir.

Wait, wait, wait.

[Chair thuds]

I am sorry for what I did.

I would understand if you killed me right now, but...


If you would give me the chance, sir, I feel much happier here with you and your crew than with this lunatic criminal.

I ask you now for political asylum.

I will give you anything you need that could help you, any information, I-I promise.

Chandler: You believe him?

What he's been saying squares with what Burk and Green saw aboard Solace, and what I saw from the bridge wing, but I just want more on that sub.

And we got our second string A.S.W. Evaluator.

Mason can handle it.


He knows the equipment. He just doesn't have the hours.

Jenkins spent his entire career training for that one job.

It was all he did all day long.

Mason: All stations, sonar holds new passive contact, uh, approximate bearing 2-3-5.

[Paper rustles]

Sir, I'm hearing something now.

It appears to be on the edge of the convergence zone, but every couple minutes I hear the faintest... Hum.

What's the bearing?

I believe it's between 2-3-0 and 2-3-5 relative, sir.

Is it the sub?

I don't know, sir, but it's running very quiet.

Well, anything that quiet has gotta be a sub.

I agree, sir, but something this quiet...

It... it must be a type 2-1-4.

Juan Carlos said it was an Astute class.

I suppose that that's possible, sir, If it were fitted with the new sound matting.

That would make it Ajax or Achilles,sir.

Ajax was still being fitted.

Then it's Achilles,sir.

Where's it headed?

I'm sorry, sir, I can't tell. It's just too far out.


We don't have a heading yet, sir.


Sean: What is it?

It's, uh, a ship traveling south.

Pitifully slow. 12 knots. It's not very big.

Could be a-a freighter or a small tanker.

It's underpowered. You could barely hear its engine.

Are you having me on?


Ain't no freighters doing business during an apocalypse.

That ship ain't going slow 'cause it's underpowered.

It's going slow so's to be quiet.

12 knots's standard speed for a destroyer traveling at quiet level one.

That ain't no freighter.

That there's the destroyer, mate.

Calculate range and intercept.

Calculating range, aye.

Arm torpedoes.

Arming torpedoes, aye.

[Sonar pinging steadily]

It's shallow where she is.

I think I'm getting some kick from her prop off the sea bottom.

How shallow?

A guess, sir.

I-I'd say 400 feet or less.

Anybody else out there?

I mean, I've got some biologics, maybe 8, 10 miles south.

Porpoises, maybe. Probably dolphins.

Gate, if you follow the bearing 2-3-5 out, where does it get that shallow?

Uh, North end of the Bahama Bank, west of the islands, sir.

That fit with what you're getting?

Yes, sir. That would put them roughly 50 miles out, and based on, uh, how much louder they're getting, sir, I'd say they're heading... 0-7-5.

Ballpark C.P.A.?

Closest point of approach would be, um...

We're near collision course now, sir.

[Radio chatter]

We don't know if he's seen us yet.


Bridge, captain.

Try 20 degrees starboard.

20 degrees starboard, aye.

See if he's paying attention.


[Sonar pinging steadily]

They're turning, too, sir. They're turning to intercept.

Ned: You see that?

They're turning 'cause they see us.

They're running. That's them. I know.

What are you waitin' for?!

Mind your P's and Q's, Ned.

Sir, if he's an Astute class, he's carrying a Spearfish, which means we're already in his range.

I am aware of that.

How long until we can hit him?

At the rate we're closing, almost another half hour.

Are you expecting him to fire, sir?

Not if he wants the cure.

We don't want anything from him.

We could fire first once we're in range.

The instant we fire, we give up our exact position.

I know, sir, but what's the alternative?

I'm working on it.

We'll be in their fire range in less than 30 minutes.

Get your finger out! Come on!

Well, you heard him.

Let's blow their asses out the water.

We need to get closer so as we can pick up Juan Carlos.

What? For all we know, Juan Carlos is dead.

The way he was shot up, how's he supposed to get off the ship anyway?

He'll find a way.

We don't even know if he's loyal!

He could be sellin' us out, begging and groveling as we speak.

It's not a question of loyalty, Ned.

He's a believer, same as the rest of us.

Your sub is closing on us. What do they want?

What do you mean? For the cure. Are they gonna offer us a deal?

No, no. They thought the cure was on Solace.

When... when we didn't find it, the commander's brother, he became certain that the cure was just a rumor.

As far as they know, this is just a floating warship, sir.

[Coughs] So then why are they comin' for us?

[Breathes heavily] I don't know.

It must be for revenge, for his men you killed on Solace.

Not to rescue you?

They don't care about me.

He cares enough to avenge his other men.

You got the better of him.

Now he needs to fix that.


He's in range, hasn't fired yet. What do you make of that?

He knows you have countermeasures.

He wants to make sure he's close enough to hit you.

Uh-huh. Pretty soon, he'll be within our range.

The insane fear nothing.

Sir, I have been cooperative. Have I not?


[Handcuff clinks]

May I make one request, please?

I speak to you as one sailor to another.

I am a man of honor.

If they engage you, if they want to sink you... and they most certainly will... [Coughs]

I don't wanna drown like this, handcuffed to a bed.

I swear to you, I won't jeopardize the safety of your ship.

Take me outside.

Above decks, please.

I will tell you everything I know about every single member of that crew.


Slattery: If they wanted to negotiate, they're well within range to reach out to us.

Their bridge to bridge. Morse code, even.

They're gonna try to sink us.

We go to quiet two.

Turn southeast toward the North Bahama Bank.

Even at dead slow, we may lose them just long enough to get behind the shoal.

If he chases us in the blind, we send our helo, drop a few torpedoes down their throats.

Yeah, if he knows we've slowed, he might just fire.

At 4 knots, we'll have almost no maneuverability to evade.

You got a better move?

Yeah, we fire first, take our chances at a dogfight.

You'd bet on me.

Against a sub with Spearfish?

Bet on you so far.

[Radio chatter]

[Indistinct conversations]

Alert all hands.

We're going to quiet two.

[Indistinct conversations continue]

Yes, sir.

All stations T.A.O. We're going to quiet two.

O.O.D. Helmsman, drop to 4 knots.


All engines ahead one-third for 4 knots.

[Whirring slows]

Emcon Alpha set throughout the ship.


Now hear this...

This is the last 1mc message for a while.

As of this moment, we're going to quiet two, all personnel, quiet two.

[Clanks, whirring slows]

You all know your jobs.

We've drilled this drill a hundred times.

But a footstep could give away our position.

This one's for real. Lock it down.

Ahead slow.

Silence, fore and aft.

Chung: No talking or moving, okay?

Don't talk, don't move until further orders.

Tight as a drum, guys.

Nothing moves.

Not even you. Down.

There you go. Just like Frankie taught you.


[Whispers] Stay.

[Taps keys]

I told you. I told you! Look, what did I say?

Now look at that. Nothing there! Silent ship! Gone!

We should've taken the shot! Now look at us!

We should bloody well fire off a dozen their ways.

What? And hit 'em with dumb luck?

And if we miss, what then?

They killed seven of my men!

Your men?Your men?

How far to the Bahama Bank, the North Shore?

40 miles out, sir.

Make a course, 0-3-0.

Man: Right, 0-3-0.

If he's going behind the island, we'll meet him on the far side.

Aye, sir.

Patience, brother. Patience.

His time will come.

[Mouths words]

[Exhales softly]

Sean: Is he back here, then?

Man: Yes, sir. Hard at work.

So, what'd you find?

Well, the hospital ship was the right place, as I thought.

But it's a real pity that your men had to run away before we got what we need.

You are very fortunate that I am here, you know?

The Americans were preparing seriously for a delivery of the cure.

We'll handle that.

Yeah? What do you mean?

[Coffeepot clatters]

We're gonna sink that Yankee ship.



Without a ship, their plans just collapse.

What? No, I... that's...

You said so yourself.

Their captain is smart and dangerous, so he won't surrender, but he can't beat me, not in the open sea.

His ship sinks.

Hey, fret not.

There'll be survivors.

Maybe even that precious doctor of yours.

If she's as important as you say, they'll put her on the first lifeboat.

Uh, yeah, I suppose that's true, but it's so risky.

Not with my man on that ship.

Special operator first class.

That ship goes down, he'll find a way off it.

Make no mistake, we'll have what we need.

Sir, are we allowed to talk? [Inhales deeply]

Yeah, sound dissipates in the air.

Sub can't hear what's going on on deck.

[Sniffs, exhales]

We are going much slower, yes? Running more quiet?

[Sneezes, coughs]

Here. No, gracias.

[Continues coughing]

I know you smoke.

Seen your nicotine-stained fingers.

Smelled your clothes.

Just... [exhales sharply]

Just some water, please.



[Stifles cough, exhales sharply]

[Continues coughing]

[Gargles, spits]

Water for information.


What more do you want to know?

What's our range?

[Sonar pinging steadily]

I put them...

Just inside 40 miles, sir.

Gator: Sir, they've turned North.

They're moving to the same side of the bank as we are.

Must've figured we were trying to put the shoal between us.

Sir, we won't get any of the bank between us now unless we increase our speed.

Sir, if we increase our speed, they'll hear us.

Just a few more minutes.

And how did you all avoid being infected?


I've told you so much information already.

Please, give me some water.

[Breathing heavily]

Come on.




What's going on with you? What are you doing?

There must've been something inside him.

That's why he's bleeding.

[Continues gagging]

That's why he was holding his chest.

That's why he wanted up on deck. Must be a beacon.

What do you got in there, huh? A little homing device?


Is that what that is?!

There's nothing you can do about it now.

My people know exactly where you are.

Oh, they're your people now? Is that right?

Yeah. My people.

We have already taken Europe, all of it.

The people like me.


On my ship, they all... Like me.

[Gags] All... Like me.


Sobreviveremos. [Gasps]

[Gasping, speaking Spanish]

No! [Groans]


What's going on here?



Rios: You're right.

There's something there. It's causing damage.

We have to open him up. You're the most qualified.

What? Here?

Can't take him below decks, not while he's thrashing around like that.

Sedating him.


Shh! Quiet!

I'm not in the habit of operating on somebody who's clearly resistant to help.

I'm not even sure that it's legal!

Legal? According to who?

He could've been broadcasting to an enemy sub this whole time.

Blood pressure's dropping. Pulse is 125 and weak.

He's bleeding internally now.

Well, looks like he's gonna die anyway.

Why we wasting our time trying to cut it out of him?

We should just throw him overboard.

That certainly would be the most expedient thing to do.

All right, all right, I will do it.

Where's the equipment?

I'll get it.

Rachel: Let's move him. Need some help.

[Mouths words]

Rios: Do you see it?

Rachel: Not yet.

It's an incredibly large bleed.

We don't have time to blood type him.

We have a universal blood donor on board?

Somebody with O-Negative blood?

Hell, he can have my damn kidney if it'll get that thing out of there any quicker.

Give me a needle.

Where is he? How many miles out?

Mason: I put them...

[Pinging continues steadily]

Just inside 40 miles, sir.

And that beacon could easily have a 30-mile range.

Green deck. Get the helo in the air.

Yes, sir.

Bridge, set flight quarters. Helo's cleared.

Green deck.

[Helicopter blades whirring, radio chatter]

[Radio chatter continues]

T.A.O., have bridge come to course 0-1-0.


North, sir? For open water?

Let's see if we can do it without him hearing.

T.A.O., 5-degree increments, 10 to 15 seconds apart, randomly.

Yes, sir.

We might just sound like those porpoises.

Rachel: It's punctured the esophagus.

Currently lodged in the wall of the lower left carotid, just about the union at the ascending aorta.

We need to get a suture in the artery wall before we remove it or he'll die as soon as it comes out.

Number 6 suture on a 5-inch hemostat.

Bayonet forceps.

Thank you.

Man: We're not doing nothing if I can't hear shite!

Max: Why don't you grow a set, would you?

We fire now, he won't...

At what? Fire at what, you moppet?

Are you...

I said shut it! Shut it!

There's still a chain of command here!

Enough! I don't want to hear any more of your bloody squawking, all right?

Now, what are the options? Sonar?

Still no signal on passive.

Weapons? Armed, loaded, ready to fire.

Why don't we hear 'em? Have they dead stopped?

Let's go active sonar.

He'll hear us.

What choice do we have?

If you ask me, they could be bloody hearing us now.

How fast can you target once we go active?

Less than one minute, sir. You have my word on that.

Go active sonar.

Going active.

[Submarine clanks]

Sir, they've gone active. We're getting pinged.

[Siren blaring]

They're turning at us.

Bridge, all ahead, flank 3. Evasive action.

Engage prairie masker air.

T.A.O., three fish in the water now!

Clear to starboard! Sonar, calculating firing solution.

Fire torpedoes down established bearings!

Solve for second salvo.

Yes, sir!

[Alarm beeping]

[Torpedo whooshes]

What was that?

That was our torpedos.

Second salvo, give 'em another three.

Sonar, what's incoming?

He's at full speed now, sir, headed straight for us...

He's fired, sir! Just fired two!

Now three! Now four, sir! He's fired four! Four incoming!

Bridge, torpedoes inbound!

Circle back over our wake and point the ship 2-2-5!

[Torpedoes whoosh]

Active return, bearing 2-7-5! We've got incoming torpedoes!

Fire again, sir? I have a point of origin. We can get 'em.

Hell, no! Dive!

All hands, crash dive!

Turn it all off!

Ian: Make fast gear and crew!

Helm, 35 degrees hard starboard!

[Alarm blaring]

Dive, dive, dive!

It's too shallow here, sir! We'll hit bottom!

[Alarm continues blaring]


Incoming torpedoes range 500 yards!

400 yards! All hands, brace for impact!

[Radio chatter]

300! Bridge, you see the trails.

Call it if they're gonna hit!

200 yards!

[Torpedo whooshing]

We're clear!

Man: That's the last fish. Last fish clear, last fish clear.

[Radio chatter]

Mason: Sir?

He's stopping pinging. He's gone silent.

Did we hit him?

I don't know, sir. He's...

He's just gone.

Stand by for my confirmation. No, no, there's still silence.

Chandler: Did any of them sound like hits to you?

I can't be sure, sir.

If I'd heard any secondaries, I'd know, but this...

It's just not enough information.

I'm sorry, sir.


We're still here.

You did your job.

But if we didn't hit it, where did it go?



What the hell is that?

We're scraping the canyon walls.


[Scraping continues]

Bloody hell.

My God, the hull's gonna buckle!

Nerve, men. Show some nerve.

[Rattling continues]

Courageous make their own luck.

Never forget, we're the selected.


I'm not exactly sure this is precisely what you were looking for.

It's a... Flash drive.

Not a beacon.

Bring up V.M.S. on the monitor.

[Radio chatter]

Okay, there's a very narrow canyon here, sir.

It's big enough for a sub that could do an emergency dive there?

Into that? Blind at 20 knots?

He's not a Royal Navy captain. He's a wild card.

Unless he knows how to helm a sub, he'll crack up along that canyon wall.

[Door opens]

It wasn't a beacon.


[Flash drive clicks]


Sir, these files are completely corrupted.

It's been inside him for 12 hours.

Can you retrieve the data?

We'll try to interpolate, sir. It's gonna take some time.

Dr. Hunter.

Dr. Hunter. Of course.

Where do you think you're going?

I have something that your captain needs to see.

Take me to the bridge now!

I found it.

Dr. Hunter. Her mentor.

I know where he is.

He'll know the locations.

His blood pressure's dropping.

We need to get him to the medical bay now.

Classified burst transmission from the CDC.

So he got it from Solace.

I've got geographical coordinates.

They'll be decrypted in a moment, sir.

Alisha: 40-45-38 and 111-53-27.

That's Salt Lake City, sir.

Decrypting the next location.


Slattery: Phoenix.

It's the labs.

It's all the labs.

He didn't wanna be up on deck to transmit our location.

He wanted to be up there so he could swim to the sub once they'd sunk us.

He wanted to deliver that thing to them.

They want the cure, all right, but they want all the cure so they can control it.

Chandler: That's why they went to Solace, to find the location of the other labs.

How are they gonna get to the inland ones from a sub?

Sir, I got something on radar.

What is it?

[Beeping rapidly]

T.A.O., ballistic missile fire detected.


Climbing, just came over the horizon.


No, sir. They're diverging.

Already pretty spread out.

How many? I've got 16.

Now 17, 18.

Gotta be coming from the sub.

Those missiles are headed toward the same coordinates I just pulled up.

They're bombing the labs.

Son of a bitch.

T.A.O., calculate a target to intercept.

Calculating, sir.

Fire SM-3s to intercept. Where is that sub? Is it in range?

It's too far, sir.

Damn it.

Batteries release on every target you got now!

Yes, sir. Batteries release on all tracks.

Birds away, track 2-5-7-1, 2-5-7-2, 2-5-7-3.

Slattery: Granderson, we gotta get a message to the lab.

We gotta get those people out of there.

[Missiles whooshing]

Get out now.

The lab you are will be under missile attack within minutes.

If you are hearing the sound of my voice and are located in any of the labs listed on the CDC...

If you are hearing me, get away from the entire complex now!

All staff, I want all staff 2 miles from your building immediately.

All missiles now out of range, sir.

How many we get?

I have confirmation on...

Two were in range, sir. We got them both.

Out of how many?

We logged 26.

Virtually all of them were out of range before we fired.

I had him for a few moments, but he slipped back.

I tried everything I could.

Why would they want to destroy all the labs?

It doesn't make any sense.

[Takes off gloves]

Unless already have the vaccine.

Maybe that's how they "conquered" Europe.

Is that possible?

I don't see how anyone could have the primordial besides me.

Europe was decimated.

It was one of the hottest zones thanks to Niels.

But yes.

I suppose it's possible.

Slattery: He never asked for the cure.

I figured it was 'cause he knew he was never getting off the ship.

Maybe he'd already gotten it. Maybe they all had.

He kept saying, "everyone on my ship is like me."

The seals think it was a Tomahawk missile or a bomb.

We didn't see it, but we heard it.

It was really, really loud, dad.

Grandpa said it was just over the horizon.

Yeah. Who's doing this, daddy?

There are people who want to stop us.

I know that's hard to believe, but looks like I'm gonna be gone a lot longer than we thought.

Do you think that we need to move away?

Kelly thought that maybe it was a good idea.

Yes, hi.

Do you think we need to move further inland?

As far as we can tell, you're safe there.

These people wanted the labs. That's...

Looks like it's all they wanted.


We don't know.

Tommy, we're okay.

Kelly: Come with me, kids.


If there's any more action close by, I'll make the call to evacuate.

And we'll keep you informed.

Thanks, dad.

Tom... You gotta take these people out.

I know it.

Well, then... Get back to it.

We got it covered here.

Yes, sir.

[Knock on door]

[Taps key]

Come on in.

No response yet on the roll call for the labs.

It's possible they lost their comms, but...

I know. I know why they bombed the labs.

And why they're trying to destroy Solace.

It's not, in fact, because they were vaccinated.

Quite the opposite.

I just tested Juan Carlos's blood.

It turns out that he's naturally immune.

None of the mercs on Solace were C.B.R.

Is it possible they're all immune?

Everyone's like him?

I cross-referenced his blood against Bertrise's.

Natural immunity, as it turns out, is a tad more common than I initially thought.

Anywhere between 1% and 5% of the global population.

That's how they took Europe.

Now their mission is to destroy the cure wherever it exists, on a nuclear-powered sub that never runs out of fuel.

Yes, but we had the flash drive.

How the hell did they know where those labs were?

You are all so fortunate now that I'm here, yeah?

Don't you agree?

Admit it.

You listen to me, and you have victories too plentiful to count.


Now the James.

No, Bruv.

Now we take America.

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