02x06 - Long Day's Journey

Sean: Americans.

When the day of judgment comes, where do they seek refuge?

A shopping mall.

MacDowell reckons there are 10,000 in the area.

He says 5% of 'em may be immunes like us.

15 million American immunes, just waiting to join the cause.

Net: Yeah, and how many of them are gonna go for your "we are the chosen" act?

It ain't no act.


It ain't no act.


Good, look, Sean, the labs are gone.

The boys took care of the ones in Lisbon and Istanbul.

The only cure that's left is sitting on that Navy ship.

It's them we should be going after now.

Achilles ain't no use to us until we repair the sound matting we scraped off in the canyons.

Once we're good and quiet again, Ian will get her moving and restart the hunt for the destroyer.

And I say we join him and the rest of our crew instead of mucking around in this bloody swamp.

Come on.

Let's kill those Navy bastards and then bugger off back to England.

Have you heard a bloody word I've been saying?

Ned, I have a plan.

It's a sh1t plan.


Running from town to town, waiting for people to get the virus, and then picking through survivors looking for punters like us.


I hate this place.

The heat.

We should be home living the life.

And what's he still doing here?

If it weren't for Niels, we wouldn't have found that doctor down the coast and their labs.

Yeah, all right.

Thank you very much!

We don't need him hanging around now creeping people out.

He's like the grim reaper.

That's all part of the plan.

Niels' special talent's the thing we've been looking for.

That reaper's gonna help us find more immunes just by breathing on them.

Rachel: My lab is low on just about everything.

Once I have depleted the cell cultures on hand, we won't be able to manufacture the vaccine on the ship.

[Door closes]

Anything on that sub?

No. For all we know, they're halfway back to England by now.

Keep widening the search area.

Farthest on circle from point last seen...

24-hour range.

Sir, if I may, to continue the search, we're gonna burn through all of our fuel.

We'll top it off in Norfolk or Mayport.

There's a naval weapons station in Charleston.

Wait... excuse me for interrupting, but it seems to me that the longer we seek out this submarine, the further it takes us off our mission.

We need to rebuild the labs or find one with enough stock of cell culture.

Where would you suggest we go?

Which lab?

Go on. Pick one.

Phoenix... Destroyed, no survivors.

Salt lake... Destroyed, no survivors.

Madison, Topeka... gone.


Baltimore, which I so cleverly added to the secret lab network... Gone.


Everything we worked for!

Captain, do you not think I'm aware of this?

I have spent the last 20 hours trying to figure out why this could have happened, how this could have happened.

But we need to stay on course or millions more are going to die.

That sub is the mission now.

We'll find the people who did this, and we'll make 'em pay.

T.A.O., sonar, nothing on subsurface.

Roger that.

Oliver: [Laughing] I can't take this anymore.

Max: No, you got to listen.

Stop, stop.

You got to listen.

No, stop.

Stop, I can't. So the first mate says to the judge, "I'll have you know, a sailor I am not."



Anything on that destroyer?

No, mate.

Come on.

Quiet as a church mouse.

Just 'cause the boss is off ship ain't no excuse to lollygag.

Keep looking.

All right.

Ned wants results.

Yeah, all right.

Don't "all right" me.

I'm a goddamned warrant officer, class 2.

Aye, sir.

With his knickers in a twist.

Shut it!


Alisha: It must have transmitted to the satellite right before the attack.

Have you watched it?

Only long enough to know that it was for you, ma'am.

But even from what I saw...

It wasn't easy to watch.


[ Rapid gunfire]

Rachel, oh, God, I pray this gets to you.

Listen, we're... We're under attack, Rachel, but it's important...

It's important that you learn this.

I've been working with the data you sent me about the cure.

And I think I found a way to help.

[ Rapid gunfire]

Using what I learned about the measles project...

Now, I know you think that's crazy, but it works.

I'm sending you the data now. It's here.

Look, I don't...

[ Banging]

Oh, God.

Listen, Rachel.

It's all worked out. All you have to do is...

I just somehow pray that this file gets to you, that you get it off the server, Rachel.

MacDowell: Okay.

Got to know that...


[ Clattering]

Come on, now. Take it all.

We need to find that server.

Okay, doc.


Stand up.

Please. Please.

[ Gunshots]

Slattery: Well, that's how they were able to get the locations of all the labs.

Stole them from Dr. Hunter.

He was working on an experiment to turn my liquid injectable version of the cure into a powder so it could be released over populated areas via helicopters, planes, drones, even.

I could manufacture a highly concentrated powder right here on the ship.

We wouldn't even need labs anymore.

So people could breathe in the cure.

It would be very much like crop-dusting.

Mass inoculations without glassware, needles, all the infrastructure that we no longer have.

Do you think Hunter was actually able to do it?

I know that he had some good results aerosolizing the measles vaccine, but I won't know until we get down to his lab in Florida.

The formulas are locked away on his computers.

Absolutely not.

It's a long shot, and we've got bigger fish to fry right now.


Bigger fish?

And by that, I assume you mean revenge.

By that, I mean we're not going anywhere until we take out that sub.

The men who killed Hunter, their accent...

That was Irish, right?


Means the sub commander has people on the ground.

Achilles was 200 miles offshore when it launched on the labs.

No way they were able to slip back and forth between Florida.

Dr. Hunter's lab location was hidden on the secure server.

The bastards never got the flash drive from their man.

So how'd they find it?

It doesn't matter.

Whoever killed your friend is long gone by now.

This is a wild goose chase.

If all you care about is...

Have you forgotten what we're all doing here?

Find the cure, save the world.



Pilot: There's a TAC headed to the east wing.

Nathan James, Sabrehawk One leaving the landing zone.

Vulture Team in place.

Roger, Sabrehawk One.

[Door closes]

[Insects buzzing]



Wolf: More dead doctors in the east wing.

Nathan James, Vulture Team.

We got what we expected.

Roger, Vulture Team.


He was a giant.

The smartest man I knew.

Cruz: Ma'am, they shot up the doctor's office pretty good.

Bashed the computers to bits.

I'm so sorry.



I found these cultures.

So at least we can continue making the cure for now.

See if there's anything in that box to help.

Did you find anything that links to the sub?

Aside from how good these guys are at killing? No, sir.

Sir, they came in quiet.

Cut the lock at the north gate.

But they left in a hurry and drove right over the flattened fence.

There are muddy tracks to follow.

Sir, may I speak freely?


Let's go.

Sir, we'll take Dr. Scott back to Nathan James so she can finish her important work. Come with us.

Whoever did this may have already swept through Europe, and we cannot allow them to get a foothold here in America, and we can't keep looking over our shoulder for that sub.

We find them, we make it safe for Dr. Scott to finish her work.

This is all the same mission now.

Fair enough.

But I can see it in your eyes, sir...

Your desire for vengeance.

So I'm asking, as a man who is never more than 509 feet from his captain, don't let this sub become your white whale.

Miller! Cruz!

Aye, sir.

Go with the master chief, get Dr. Scott back to the ship.

The rest of you with me.

Chief Taylor, find us a vehicle.

We need to follow those tracks.

Yes, sir. Let's go.

[Camera shutter clicks]

When you find the people who did this, captain...

Kill them.

Taylor: Captain, take a look.

One trail ends, the other begins.

Let's see if these boats can take us where we need to go.

Nathan James, Vulture Team. Over.

Read you loud and clear, Vulture Team. Over.

We're approximately 29.23 north, 81.55 west.

Requesting U.A.V. flyover our whiskey with FLIR package.

I want a full sweep, 50-nautical-mile radius.

These guys are hiding in the swamps.

I need you to find them. Over.

Roger, Vulture Team.

All right?


[Door closes, bicycle bell rings]



Sean: Well? I love this town.

Everything you hear about Southern hospitality, it's true.

I met some very kind people.

Uh, they gave me sweet tea.

I had this little chat with the local sheriff.

He says to me, he goes, "we're all in this together."


It's funny, no?

Yeah, I'll bet.

How long till they're all dead?

Well, I'm still quite contagious, so, you know, won't be long now.

Out of the ashes, a few will rise.

Our army will grow.

Brilliant. Brilliant.

You see, Ned?

Do you understand what we have here in Niels?

Oh, Ned.

I passed a department store, and I was thinking that, like, maybe you and some of your friends could get some fresh clothes, improve the smell on the submarine, maybe?

[Glass shatters]

Do you know what I think, Sean?!

I think this is a dodge!

I think it's an excuse to duck out of your responsibilities at home!

You're afraid!

You are afraid to lead!

You are afraid of that destroyer!

And that's why we're stuck on this bleeding rock!

Say that again, Bruv.

Tell me I'm afraid.

I am culling the herd, Ned.

And the pure will have a chance to join us.

Those who refuse my beneficence will die along with the crew of that Navy ship.

Now, you have a choice to make.

Do you want to help me?

Or do you want to join our beloved mother in the grave?


Now you've come to mention it...

Do you think Beyoncé's immune?


I mean, it's possible.

5% and all that.

I think she'd look rather good on my arm.


Don't you think?

[Switchblade clicks]

[Laughs] Ned.

The nearest big city is St. Augustine, but they're dark.

If it were me, I'd head inland.

Yeah, but north or south?

That's the question.

Sir, U.A.V. At 5,000 feet, 30 miles north of Vulture Team.

Nothing for miles.

In Th... In those swamps, you'd think we'd get a heat signature off an alligator or something.

Nah, gators are cold-blooded.

In Florida heat, they'd look about as warm as the ground around 'em.


Sorry, sir.

We don't have too many gators where I'm from.

Yeah, well, my son taught me that.

He hated school, but he knew everything about animals and dinosaurs.

[Rapid beeping]

Nishioka: Got something, sir.

Pretty high.

Could be generators, people, maybe a large campground.

[Radio chatter]

Slattery: Nothing else for miles.

Vulture Team, we have a target.

U.A.V.'s picking up a large heat signature about 23 miles north of your whiskey.

30.136 north, 81.678 west.

These are our guys.

It's got to be.

Only people within this boat's range.

Nathan James, Vulture Team.

We're en route. Will advise.

Roger that.

Let's move out!

I need to turn our liquid vaccine into an aerosol form.

And to do so, I need the proper chemical base to cut with our vaccine to create a stable and dry formulation.

Something that won't degrade its potency.

Powder base brings with it all kinds of complications.

Which is why no one's been able to do it.

It's utterly organic, completely simple.

Missing just enough pieces to drive us crazy solving it.

It's the same shape as cyclohexane, a dry-cleaning solvent.

It's way too toxic.

I have to ask.

Is it... Is it possible that Dr. Hunter never solved it himself?


He solved it.

He gave his life to tell me.

Green, Taylor, Tex, take the southern flank.

Lieutenant Burk, Lieutenant Bivas, you're coming with me... we'll circle around from the north.

Aye, sir.

Let's move.

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

Some kind of safe zone, captain.

[Truck approaching]

[Brakes squeal]

[Engine shuts off, door opens]

[Radio chatter]

Sì, sì. Ho capito. Sì.

Dove sei Ora? Sei vicino?

[Radio chatter]

Sì sono Io...

Sì lo sono. Arriverò... il ... più presto possibile.

It's not just a safe zone.

There's at least a few mercs from the Solace here.

And they're talking to the sub right now.

I say again, they are communicating with the sub.

Roger, Vulture Team. They're talking to the sub.

That means they're at radio depth. Find them.

Aye, sir. Searching.

Can you make out what they're saying?

Definitely radio communication, sir, but it's encrypted.

Okay, you know the drill.

Yes, sir. Starting decryption now.

I see three mercs on the inside, another two behind the shed.

We can take them.

No, we wait.

Let's see where they lead us.


Uh, ma'am, I thought you might be hungry.

How very thoughtful of you.

Chicken and mushroom in a roux sauce...

My specialty.

Is that right?

It's good enough for the President of the United States, so...

You prepared food for the president?

At Camp David.

It was his favorite dish, or so I'm told.

You're having me on.


[Laughs] No, ma'am.

Only the best Navy cooks get to cook for the commander in chief.

Why in heaven would you leave that job?

You got to go to sea if you want to make rank.

You know, it's an art preparing the perfect roux, especially seeing how hard it is to get fresh ingredients these days.

You see, the real secret is sifting the flour just right.

Too heavy, and the minute it hits that butter, you got yourself a fritter.

But you do it right, man, you got yourself a nice, rich sauce.

Not too soupy, not too thick.

Oh, my God.

It's completely delicious.

Oh, ma'am, you haven't even tried it.

I need a food base.

If I can isolate it and have it adhere to the vaccine and form the micro powder...

Thank you, Bacon.

Thank you!


So, you ain't even gonna taste it?

Boy: Kick it!

Oh, come on!

Oh! Great save!


Yeah, he scores!

Give me something, brother.

That was fun, guys. Thanks.

Hey, thanks for the stuff. Appreciate it.

Thanks very much. Appreciate it.

That's fun, thanks. Hey, Doll, how you doing?

Hey, man. They are a friendly group.

Handing out clothes, food, blankets.

It's an apocalyptic love-in.

All that's missing is music and some wacky weed.


Every one of 'em.

No sign of no foreign fighters.

[Vehicle approaches]

[Rifle cocks]

[Engine shuts off]

[Doors close]

Where'd you find that?

Commandeered by order of the Navy.

Wolf: Couple of late arrivals from out of town.

No one will miss them, sir.

Captain, it's looking like a company move.

They're loading up the trucks and heading out over there.

Ravit: Same here. Buses arriving.

They're frisking people.

Now we got a ride. Let's follow.

Even in civilian clothes, we're gonna stand out.

We need to split up.

Green, Taylor, Tex, take the truck and our gear.

Follow the convoy.

Ravit, Burk, come with me.

We're taking the last bus out of here.

Nathan James, we're going radio silent.

Negative, Vulture Team. Do not go dark.

Keep contact through green and Taylor.

I say again, do not go dark.

We got a lead, X.O.

Need to follow it. I say...

Chief Taylor, you're now our rally point and our way out of whatever trouble we get into.

Aye, sir. I've got your back.

Burk: Sir?

Ditching our gear and our weapons...

You sure about this?

Roger that.

Take off your clothes.

[Indistinct conversations]

Janine: Everybody I knew is dead.

My husband, my children...

Four girls.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm sure you've got your stories.

I lost my wife.

And then you found us.

I-in my case, they found me.

I was just out wandering, no place to call home.

I didn't even know there was others like us.

How many are there like us?

Sean says there are millions.


Have you heard him speak? You seen the videos?

Oh, you have to.

And, I mean, don't you let that fancy accent of his fool you.

I mean, he's European and all, but he's just like us.

I'd like to meet him.

Well, it's your lucky day, I need to separate the myoinositol.

Milowsky: Are you sure you have the correct stereoisomer?

I suggest we try a corn base.

Because of the phytic acid?

Myo is geometrically more stable, but chelation of the phytic acid could prevent mineral absorption into the vaccine structure.

Worth a shot.



I'm... I'm sorry, ma'am.

I-I'm afraid you lost me.

At what point, exactly, did I lose you?

About two hours ago.

Well, let's start with the flour, shall we?

We're headed north.

I have a visual of the bus convoy.

I believe Charlie Oscar's in the last bus.

Roger, Cobra Team.

Sir, the sub is transmitting.

They're communicating with someone on land.

Still cannot break the encryption, sir, but I have a good read on the signal bearing.

How accurate?

The sub appears to be holding still at radio depth.

They're not moving, sir.

Mason, can you calculate a range?

Yes, sir, this broadcast has a different point of origin on land.

It's further north.

We're triangulating approximate location for the sub.

90 nautical miles.

Can't get much closer at quiet one without tipping our hand.

Nothing on passive sonar?

Nothing, sir.

She's quiet even at 30 knots, pretty much silent when she's not moving.

Calculate a position on our target.

I hold the sub at this location.

Nathan James is here, making 5 knots.

We have a vector plot.

At this range, here's our dog box.

T.A.O., hostile sub designate as Goblin 1.

Yeah, yeah. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

How is it?

Yeah, no, no, no, no.

Forget about that.

Have you found the American ship?

Not yet, but we're heading back towards you.

Your brother said...

I don't care what my brother said, all right?

We are gonna sink those bastards.

Oi, yes, sir.

Now, here's what I want you to do, okay?

X.O., F.I.S. is green.

Hold active sonar until we have a solid track on the sub.

Does the dog box cover the sub's location?

Plenty big, ma'am... as long as the sub is in that box, the ASROC torpedo will find it.

Slattery: Okay, we only get one shot at this.

Once we go active, they'll know where we are, then they fire back.

T.A.O., permission to shine lance searcher.

Shine lance searcher.

Shining Lance searcher.

Sonar, T.A.O., do you have an active contact?

I don't understand.

All stations, sonar. Sonar holds no active contact.

It's not a sub.

What is it?

The sonar signature shows nothing in the water.

Whatever is transmitting from that spot is on the surface.

It could be a radio relay, a buoy.

That would explain why it's not moving.

And that's how the sub is communicating with their people on land.

Sub's using it to mask its location.

We have a solid radar track on the floating relay, sir.


Very well.

If we can't use it to find them, we can't decrypt what they're saying, let's not let 'em talk at all.

Ready an SM-2.

MSS. T.A.O., kill track 5025 with birds.

Mss, aye. Kill track 5025 with bird.


Bird is away.

Hello, Ned? Are you there, mate?


Direct hit, ma'am.

Radio signal's dead, sir.




Is there anybody there?!



Looks like they're taking us to the service entrance.

Taylor, Cobra. We're splitting.

Buses are headed to the main building.

Find us a rally point.


Here we go.

Hey, master chief, any word?

[Sighs] Three teams on an undercover mission, wandering the swamps of central Florida led by my commanding officer, alone and unafraid.

Ma'am, I love the Navy, but I don't know if I'll ever get used to this.

I just pray they come back safe, and we get this vendetta behind us.

They'll make it back.

They always do.

Find anything useful in Dr. Hunter's lab?


What's that?


Cornstarch from the chief's mess.

It turns out the secret ingredient that I've been looking for was being used to make pancakes.

So you found it?

Well, I have the recipe, and now all I need is to build a machine to manufacture the micro powder, so I was hoping that you might be able to lend me one or two of your capable machinists?

I think that can be arranged.

Man: Hold up.

Here we go.



What? I'm from Connecticut.


Whereabouts you boys come from?

Pompano Beach, baby.

Fancy pants!


Well, come on. We got sh1t to do.

Pull up around back.

Pompano Beach?

Nice pull.

Well, I knew a gal had a houseboat on the intercoastal back in the late '90s.

It was a hell of a winter.

Man: Welcome to seaport marina, everyone.

We got coffee, baked bread.

Please, come on in.

Got fresh, cool water inside, plenty to eat.

No sign of Danny or Tex.

Armed guards every 100 yards.

Barbed wire fences, roving sentries.

It's like a fortress.

Or a prison.

Now, I'm sure there are those among you who say, "why fight?

Why judge those who are not blessed with our purity of blood?"

Well, I assure you, brothers and sisters, that we are not the ones who brought this fight.

Woman: Yeah!

Man: Right.


Our bodies are immune to the virus, but not to bigotry!

[Cheers and applause]

Not to hatred!

You've all heard stories of immunes dragged from their homes...

That voice.

By their own neighbors.

I recognize it.

We have the responsibility to protect ourselves...

Video from Dr. Hunter's lab.

To band together!

These are the guys.

For it is a fight, us against them!

[Cheers and applause]

Got themselves a cult... With an army behind them.

To fight for our immunity and what we're trying to build here.

Can you do that for me?

[Cheers and applause]

Can you do that?

Can you be a warrior for the cause?

Cobra Team, what is your whiskey?

This is Cobra Team.

Tiger Team is out of sight behind the building complex.

Radio silent for 30 minutes.

Vulture Team is in the complex.

Gonna try to pass word to Tiger Team.

But Vulture has no comms. Over.

Roger that. Make contact with Tiger Team.

Get me an exfil plan now.


I'm looking for a rally point.

We'll radio coordinates. Over.

Any contact on the sonar?

No, sir, but it won't take them long to figure out who blew up that radio relay.

Friends, fellow immunes, my heart fills with joy to see you all here.

What a crowd!

Woman: We love you, Sean!

We love you, man!

And I love you, too.

Yes, I-I truly... I love all of you.

And what a crowd.

And more of you, more of us arriving every hour.

We expect a thousand by week's end.

That's right. We're gonna need a bigger ballroom.

[Cheers and applause]

With the 700 in St. Augustine, the 1,200 in Gainesville, and the nearly 6,000...

That's right, 6,000... Across the state in Clearwater, our ranks are growing, and we are spreading our message across this great nation!

And it all starts here with all of you...

My beloved immunes.

[Cheers and applause]

Niels: At the safe zone in the mall, I found 320 immune to my disease.

That's bloody good, yeah?

There are still...

Many challenges before us...

Creepy git.


My brothers and sisters.

There aren't many who have not yet heard our message.

That will change, my friends, because soon, we are going to New Orleans to join other immunes so we can get our story spread out across the country.

But despite our many, many successes so far, I still can't help feel that I have failed you.

[Indistinct shouting]

I come here as your humble messenger, spreading the gospel of the immunes.

But if America is to rise again, it needs a true leader.

Sean, we have you!

Lead us, Sean!

No, no, no, no, not... not me. Not me.

I... I come from a different land.

American immunes need an American leader, someone who has our blood, but your American spirit.

Let's have a look at this.

Reporter: With Florida reporting the first cases of the mysterious virus that's sweeping Europe, secretary of housing and urban development Jeffrey Michener landed in Tallahassee this morning as head of the U.S. response team.

Michener: The information we have right now, we seem to have contained the virus.

Reporter: How did the virus get here?

As I said, we don't know how the virus landed on our shores, but we're doing everything we can to meet the challenge head-on.

My office is doing everything we can to make sure that people are safe.


Sean: Secretary Michener shares our special gift.

It's the reason he's alive and here with us today while the rest of the U.S. government perished from this earth.

Now, I have some news for you.

According to the U.S. constitution, as secretary of housing and urban development, Jeffrey Michener is number 12 in the order of presidential succession.

With the others all gone, well, Jeffrey Michener is your president.

[Cheers and applause]

You heard me right, and when we get to New Orleans, we will install him in his rightful office, where he can create a cabinet, take control of the military, and show the world that America is back!

America has a new president!

And he is one of us!

[Cheers and applause]

Sean, what the hell are you talking about?

You didn't say anything about this.

I told you, brother. I have a plan.

[Cheers and applause]