02x07 - Alone and Unafraid

Man: Here he comes!

[Cheers and applause]

Michener: Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Six commandos in here. I counted four in the hallway.

That goon over there in the blue shirt.

With all the scruff, looking around?

He was on Solace.

He recognizes me, we got problems.

Sir, is that really the president?

Well, if everyone in the bunker's really dead, yeah, he was next in line.

[Cheering continues]

How are you?

Looks to me like he's playing a part.

[Cheers and applause continue]

His body language, expression, the way the two guys are up against him.

Nice to meet you.

He's being held against his will.

If they have him, and they can somehow piece the country together, get communications up, they'll control everything... the Federal Reserve, the military.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

Thank you very much.

One way or another, we're getting our commander in chief out of here.


[Breathing heavily]

[Lowered voice]

Cover for me.

Need some help there, boss?

Yeah, man. Thanks.

What is this place anyway?

Lots of people, lots of mouths to feed.


[Radio static crackles]

That's a go for Tiger Team.

Sir, we've got Tiger.


[Line rings]

Green, tell me the C.O.'s standing with you.

That's a negative, sir.

No contact or visual with Vulture Team.

I'm on a rooftop 500 yards North of your whiskey Tiger.

What's your con ops?

Well, sir, we are improvising.

All seems quiet in the compound.

C.O. most likely got in undetected.

Yeah, or he walked in and they pointed a gun to his head.

What's our rally point, Taylor?

There's a baseball field a half a mile North of my whiskey.

At 30.275 North, 81.462 West.

Copy, 30.275 North, 81.462 west, ball field.

Big enough to land our helo.

That's the idea.

Roger, out. Find that.

Green, you've got company.

Signing off. [Sniffs]

All right, boys!

Stack the boxes on the dollies and roll 'em toward the side door.

All right.

[Indistinct conversations]

I got that one.

This goes to the scientist.

Whatever you say.

Impressive work, my friend. This is more than I expected.

Ah, when the message is true, people are sure to follow.

They can.

[Engine starts]

[Truck door closes]

There's still no contact with the sub.

I'm tellin' ya, it's that destroyer.

It's probably a problem with the repeater.

Ian knows he's not supposed to talk to us direct.

Or maybe they're under attack.

Maybe he's sunk.

If he's sunk, he's sunk. Nothing we can do about it now.

You can't be serious.

Nothing we can do about it now.

Got it?

Okay, brother.

I got it.


The boys saw a few stragglers in that last supply run.

They're living in a trailer park in the 1-15.

Niels has got a new magic trick he wants to try.

You're gonna go with him. Get in that van.

Go on.

[Van door opens and closes]

Sir, the rally point is here, just North of Jacksonville.

We'll be in range to launch our helo from here in about two hours depending on headwinds.

Can't launch from open water, not with the sub listening.

You gotta find me a more protected spot.

There's the mouth of the St. John's River.

Uh, the land mass should be able to block our location if they try to ping us, but...

It'll take an extra hour to get there, sir.

O.O.D., set a new course for the mouth of the St. John's River.

O.O.D., aye. Quiet one, sir?


Helmsman, come left, steer course 3-2-5.

Activate prairie masker to conceal our frequencies.

Hold at 12 knots.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Dog barking in distance]

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey! What are you doing over there?

Uh, chill out, man. Just...

Just taking a piss.

Well, get back to work.

You got it. [Clears throat]

[indistinct conversations]

Appreciate it.

Thank you.

Man: Mighty grateful to you, sir.

Pleasure to meet you.

Man: It is an honor and a pleasure.

[Elevator bell dings]

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

It's okay.

[Strained voice] Oh, my goodness.

Look at the size of this guy, huh?


He's a big kid.


You are special, young man. You were chosen.

Like all of us.

Whatever we do, we need to do it fast.

They're moving the president tonight.

To New Orleans?

Whoa. Where'd you hear that?

Guard at the courtyard.

Tossed my hair a bit. He gave up the goods.

Any contact with Green and Taylor?

Negative, sir.

Those trucks are going on a supply run.

They could be anywhere by now.

As long as your friend hasn't come back from the Solace and make you, my exfil plan could work... if we separate potus from the guards.

We need to move fast, and he may need some convincing.

You were wrong about his body language.

He's not a hostage.

He's with them?

There's layers in these groups.

He may not know what the real agenda is.

I don't know how deep in he is, but he has drunk some of the kool-aid, that's for sure.

Well, we gotta do this quietly.

If he's here on his own will, that means he has power.

If he has power, he can be manipulated.

[Indistinct shouting]

Man: There you are!

[Shouting continues]

The repeater's gone?

Destroyed, like a pile of chum.

It had to be that ship.

We should alert the brothers.

If we rise up with no sound matting, we might as well paint a bloody target on the side of our sub.

It's gonna take days to fix the matting.

We can't just sit down here with our thumbs up our asses.


We ain't heard from that ship in hours, man.

We gotta be far enough away.

Just 'cause we ain't heard 'em don't mean they aren't out there.

And that makes you the blood expert, does it?

Yes, you...

[Shouting over each other]

Enough! Bloody hell!

A bloke can't even think with all this ruckus!

Shut it! All of you! Shut it!

You yellow-bellied, whiny w*nk*rs.

I just...

I need...

To think.



[Equipment whirring]

This machine is very impressive, Dr. Scott.

Well, it's really thanks to Commander Garnett and Lieutenant Chung.

I've administered the virus to these four mice.

[Mouse squeaking]

And now...

It's time to introduce them to the cure.

[Whirs and beeps]

And then... We wait.

[Mice squeaking]

[Whirring stops, resumes]

[Machine hisses]

So all they have to do is breathe it in?

Yes, all they have to do is breathe.

It works very much like an inhaler.


Are you sure?

It was him.

He was experimenting on something.

Jesus. I thought we smoked that mofo on the Vyerni.

Well, he's back from the dead.

Hey, Pompano!


Time to roll. Load up.


Where we goin'?

A lot of people, a lot of mouths to feed.

What's with the motorcade?

I thought Sean wanted to keep this quiet.

They don't know what you're up to, do they?

They're here for the supply run.

You're just a pit stop on the way.

Get in.

[Clears throat]

[Door slams]

[Engine starts]

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause continues]

Thank you. Mr. president.

Nice to meet you.

[Applause continues]

That your bag, ma'am? Is that your bag?


It's been sitting there for about 20 minutes and I could swear I hear beeping coming from inside.


Look, I don't wanna be paranoid, but that's the president, right?

I mean, should we say something?

Bomb! There's a bomb in here!

[Screaming, shouting]

Oh, my God. The doors are locked!

Hey! Get me out of here! Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

Get out of my way! [Grunts]

Get off of him!

Sir, get down. Get down!

[Screaming continues]

Mr. President.

There was a bomb scare upstairs.


It was just a knapsack. A woman panicked.

It was nothing.

It was not nothing.

I could've been trampled.

Somebody in the crowd was able to get up right in my face.

If he hadn't stepped up and fought the guy off, who knows what would've happened?

He certainly could've got a shot off or stabbed me.

So you brought him up here? What's he want? A trophy?

Easy, James. Manners.

Sean Ramsey.

Course I know who you are.

Well, thanks for your help. All right?

No disrespect...

But, uh, here in the U.S. of A, we use more than two guys to guard the president.

And we never leave his side.

You're right.

Giovanni, you're on potus detail with these w*nk*rs.

Make sure something like this never happens again.

No, I want him. I want an American.

You got a name?


Where you from, Tommy?

Worked as a bodyguard in New York.

I was protecting one of those teenage pop stars in Miami when the virus broke out.

Next thing I know, people are dropping like flies, but I'm still kicking.

Wasn't till I met one of your boys that...

I realized why.

I was chosen.

And your family?

[Inhales sharply]

Wife didn't make it.

So how'd you come to us, then?

Just got in on a bus from down south.

Must've ran into MacDowell then.

I was never really good with names.

Man was a good speaker, though.

[Hammer clicks]

You said you were chosen.

I know I was.

So that must mean that this is where you're supposed to be at this very moment?

Well, I don't know about that.

But if I were in the right place at the right time, let the chips fall.

The chips fall.

Welcome to the team, brother.


[Hammer clicks]


You, stay close to him.



You okay?

He didn't have to break it.

Don't be a baby.

Captain hasn't left the suite. Think he pulled it off.

Any word on Michener's transport?

Still on schedule, according to my source.

You and that guard seem to be getting along pretty well.

[Chuckles softly]




Don't get your hopes up.

That was just an anesthetic.

Niels. Can you believe that sh1t?

How did he hook up with these assholes?

[Engine revs]

What the hell do you think they're up to?

I'm not sure.

But whatever it is, he'll be spreading the virus.

You think he might recognize us?

Nah, we saw him for what? All of 20 seconds?

And he was inside a bubble.

Well, you're a lot less recognizable than me if it comes to that.


I'm just saying.

I mean, you got that, um, vanilla thing.


Look at me.

Okay, whatever you say, Duck Dynasty.


Yeah, I'm a distinctive man.


Bloody hell. We've got a bearing on that American ship.

It's in firing range and getting closer.

They pinged us?

No, not yet.

We ought to take the shot.

When we can't move?

We can move.

Without our sound matting?

We'll be as bright as a friggin' firecracker to them.

I say we take the first shot, right now.

I like our chances.

That's what Sean would want, anyway.

That's what Ned would want.

Course he don't mind the idea of going to hell.

I've got another mind about that.

They're headed straight for our compound.

I don't think that's an accident.

Then take the bloody shot, then!

Take it!

Still 20 miles from the mouth of the river.

Let's hope we make it by the time the boys call for the extraction.

And what if that sub's parked off the coast waiting for us?

Cross that bridge when we come to it.

I was thinking we should move Dr. Scott somewhere safe, somewhere off the ship.

She won't be any safer on land.

You know what they did to Dr. Hunter and all the labs.

They got people on the ground, Master Chief.

Sounds like a whole lot of them. All over the place.

We're just one ship.

[Door opens and closes]

"It is our responsibility as immunes to restore this great nation. And just as God chose Noah to survive the flood of the old testament, he has chosen us to survive this plague that washed away the sins of our world."


Do I sound convincing?

Do you believe it?

Why, yes. Of course, but I don't have Sean's charisma.

I watched his videos.

I've seen the translations into Spanish, Bulgarian.

You don't understand the language, but you believe what he's saying.


He has followers everywhere.

I used to do "meet the press" every once in a while, but getting in front of crowds like this... [sighs]

Man: All right, now throw these two on the top.

All right, two more cards.

[Lowered voice] Sir... I hope I'm not out of line, but you look tired.

Some fresh air might be good for you.


I'm sure we could clear the courtyard of the volunteers so you won't have to worry about getting mobbed again, right, fellas?

If that's what he wants.


Excuse me.

[Engine turns off]

[Indistinct conversations]


What's all these?

What do you mean?

This is all that I've made.

We're going to find more survivors, no?

No, no, no, no, no, you do one a day.

And if that works, then we can talk about doing more.

Well, that's not what Sean said.

Well, Sean ain't here.

Okay, fine, it's not what Sean said, but... [sighs] All right.

So remember, the gel, it soaks the fur so as long as the bear is wet, it's contagious.

So really encourage the child to squeeze the bear.

[Laughs] What the hell?

I'm not doing your dirty work for ya.

Then I can't do it.

I mean, if I breathe on them, they'll get the virus anyway.

It's not a controlled experiment.

We need to see if the bear works.

[Sighs] I need a volunteer.

Who likes kids?

Yeah, I'll go. I'll do it.

Give it to him.

What can I do for you, sir?

See that trailer park over there?

Go and, uh, go and hand it out to one of the kids.

It, uh, squeaks.

[Bear squeaks]

Kids enjoy that.

Yeah, it's our way of making... Friends in the community.

You know, they may not be immune, but, uh, we got to be good neighbors.

And, uh, you know, people are a bit skittish of strangers.

So this will, uh, this will loosen 'em up.

Yeah, sure.

Jimmy, take Willie and go back him up.

[Machine whirs]

I don't understand. The machine didn't work?

No, the machine is not the problem.

The mice closest to the porthole were able to inhale the vaccine immediately.

So by the time the powder made its way to the second chamber, must've lost its potency.

Imagine dropping it from 300 feet.

We'll be lucky if anyone catches the therapeutic dose.

It'll be completely inactive by the time it reaches the ground.

[Rats squeaking]

So what do we do?

[Clicks tongue] I don't know yet.

Let's go, everybody! Over here. Over here.

[Men shouting indistinctly]


We're all set.

[Object clatters]

[Dog barking in distance]

Well, it doesn't look like anyone's here.

I guess we should head back.

That's Sean's little brother.

We do what he says.

Keep lookin'.

[Hammer clicks]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Sighs] Help you with something?

I feel like we've met.

[Chuckles] Not unless you've been to Reno.

[Man speaks indistinctly over radio]

[Static crackles]

No. I don't know...

Go ahead.

Where is this Reno, but...

We've met before.

You're creeping me out, man.



This is Cobra.

I've got eyes on C.O.

He's with three other men. Not sure who they are.

But they're on the move.

How soon until you can launch still 6 miles out, sir.

Man: I don't see anyone. You?

[Dog barking in distance]


What are you waiting for?

Maybe you guys should stay back.

We don't wanna scare her.

All right.




The Vyerni. Yeah, that's it.

You know, I think Ned and his brother would be very interested to find out who you really are, huh?

Does he know who you are?

I bet his people won't be very happy to find out that their whole belief system's just a sham, that they ain't chosen, and you're just the lab rat that started all this.

They need me.



More than they need to believe their own story?

Hi there.

My name is Danny.

What's your name?


Hi, Laura. What's that?

No, no, don't come any closer.

I need you to turn around and run away as fast as you can.


Doesn't matter. Just go.



Okay, hold, hold... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The virus is all over this thing!

That scientist is trying to poison innocent people to weed out immunes.

We got our orders, friend.


Look, you see this?

[Fur rips]

Huh? You see this?

What do you think this is? What do you think that is?!

What is that?

Believe me, these people are not who they pretend to be.

Now put down your guns, save yourselves, and get outta here!

Sorry, we can't do that, man.

I suggest you stop talking.

You're making a mistake.



Man: What was that?

Uhh! Aah!

He's not one of us! Hold up! Hold up!

He's from the ship! He's from the Nathan James!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Aah!

No! No, no, no! No.


Get in!

[Men shouting indistinctly]

Help. I'm hit.


[Gunshots, men continue shouting]

[Engine starts]


[Tires screech]

Get in!

I got him! I dropped that scumbag!

[Tires pealing, gunshots]


Starting our ascent to radio depth.

Verify sonar with flight control.

[Switch clicks]

If you see anything, we dive immediately.


Sir? We're picking up something on sonar.

3 nautical miles away, close to the surface.

This one's moving.

That has to be our sub.

Set quiet two and EMCON. Alert Tiger and Cobra.

[Line rings]

Bridge, it's the X.O. Reduce speed to 4 knots.

Can't risk a fight now.

We've gotta get our people out of there.

I've got a bearing of 1-7-0.

Make ready ASROCs and stand by.


If they fire, we fire back.

[Tires screech, engine turns off]

[Radio clicks]

This is Tiger Team standing by rally point.

Requesting immediate extract.

Tiger? Cobra.

Ship's at EMCON.

Roger that. Any signs of the captain?


[Groans loudly, inhales sharply]


[Alarm wailing]

Stop! You!

Where are you going?

Michener: What's the problem?

Mr. President, we need you to come with us.

What the hell's going on?

We're under attack.

Some of our guys were picked off at the drop site.

We have orders to evacuate the president.

Get him back to the sub. Now!


We go out that way, he'll be mobbed.

We need to take him out back.

[Alarm continues wailing]

Andiamo. Andiamo. Vai!

[Alarm continues wailing]

Man: Secure the compound!

Lock it up! Go, go, go!

Man: Go, go! You heard him!

Come on!

[Alarm continues wailing]

[Pele clamoring]

Hey! Hey, what's this alarm?

Maybe they made the captain.

The courtyard's blown.

There's half a dozen commandos out there.

We gotta get to the kitchen. Come on.

We need our helo in the air. Sir, we cannot launch the helo until we are into the mouth of the harbor.

How much further? Half a mile, sir.

At reduced speed, we're still seven minutes away.

Seal the exits!

There are people from that bloody ship inside here!

No one leaves this compound, you hear me?

I've got it, I've got it!

No one leaves! Stay inside! No one leaves this compound!

[People clamoring, alarm continues wailing]


[Inhales deeply]


Move it! Move it!

Okay, you two, left!

[Man shouting indistinct]


[Both grunting]

[Bullets ricocheting]

[Gun clicks]

[Gun clatters]



[Loud clatter]






Aah! Ahh!

Aah! Aah!

Ah! Ahh! Aah! Aah!

[both scream]

Uhh! Aah!

[Utensils clatter]

[Exhales deeply]

Exfil point is blown. We can't go out back.

Who are you?

Mr. President, we don't have much time.

I'm Commander Tom Chandler. We're the United States Navy.

Sean Ramsey is not who you think he is.

He's a terrorist threatening this country.

We got to get you out of here right now.



With all due respect...

Let's move.


[Sonar pinging]

Quarter mile, sir.

5 meters...


3 meters...


On radio depth.


Man: What are you doing here?

No! Uhh!

[Engine starts]


[Tires peal]

We've got the sub!


Ian, where the hell have you been?

That ship blew up our repeater.

We've got 'em in our sight.


Stop them!


Ian, fire! Blow that ship out of the water!

Go active sonar!


[Sonar pings]

[Gunfire continues]

[Tires screeching]




[Tires squeal]

Tiger, Cobra! This is Vulture! What's the extraction point?

I say again, what is the extraction point?

We got Vulture Team, sir!

[Radio static]

Rally point's at the baseball field a half a mile North-northeast your whiskey.

See you in five.


Almost there.

Sir, we're being pinged.


ASROCs armed and ready, sir.

[Alarm wailing]

30 seconds till target. Weapons locked and loaded, mate.

Prepare to fire!

[Switches click]

Are we clear?

[Wailing continues]


300 yards, sir.

10 seconds to lock on.

[Wailing continues]


[Sonar pinging]


Clear, sir!


I've lost 'em.

Lost 'em?!

[Taps key]

How the bloody hell did you lose 'em?!

Get up! Move! Move!

Put the helo in the air.

ASTAC T.A.O. launch the helo.

[Blades whirring, man speaking indistinctly over radio]

[Tires screech]

Help. I'm bleeding.

Apply pressure, dipshit.


I'll cut your heart out, you piece of sh1t!

I'm dying. I'm dying.

Hey, don't kill him. He could be useful.

Here comes Vulture.

[Tires screech]

Where's our ride?

Unclear. Ship's at EMCON.

Where the hell did you find him?

Helo's inbound.

Secure L.Z. perimeter.

Let's move!

Come on. Come on, you dirtbag.

Green, what are you doing?

Green! Move it!


Come on! Move it! Move it!

[Helicopter approaching]

We got company!


[Indistinct shouting]

[Blades whirring]

Get in, dirtbag.


Come on!

[Blades whirring, gunfire continues]


Thought you and Dr. Scott might wanna have a chat with him!

Who's that?!

Jeffrey Michener, Commander in Chief!

Come again, boss?!

He's the president of the United States!

[Man speaking indistinctly over radio]

They're taking Niels to the medical bay.

Doc Rios says it's gonna be a touch and go.

And the infected toys, are you sure you destroyed them all?

[Exhales] Yes, sir.

All but one.

What's this?

I think you better sit down.

No, no, no, no, no!

How the hell could this happen?


You lost Niels...



You lost your president...

You almost lost me, brother.

And for what?

For this stinking country with its filthy, ungrateful buggers.

If we don't attack now, that bloody ship is gonna kill every last one of us... you, me...

Every man on our sub.

Now what are you gonna do about it?

[Man shouts indistinctly]

[Sighs, sniffles]

They're organized, Mike, much more than you'd imagine.

Our country's been without a leader for months now.

It was only a matter of time before somebody like Ramsey to come along and try to take power.

He's got something.

These people believe what he's selling.

You can't do this to me!

You can't... you have no right to do this to me. No right!

You hear me?!

Well, our commander in chief doesn't seem too happy to be with us, does he?

Well, that's something we're gonna have to change.

Won't be easy... If he really is one of them.

This country needs a leader almost as much as it needs the cure.

Ramsey was gonna use the president to win the hearts and minds of America.

And that's exactly what we're gonna do.