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02x10 - Friendly Fire
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[Indistinct conversations]

Woman: We have the medication on hand, but we have to ask fast.

I said no. Now, please, leave us in peace.

Reverend Scott, malaria's treatable.

Hello, Rachel.

If you don't let me help, your wife will die.

I have faith. Only the Lord decides who lives and dies.



[Whirring, beeping]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Pilot: Viper tower, Saberhawk One.

5 miles off your port quarter, inbound.

Officer: Saberhawk One, viper tower, radar contact.

[Radio chatter]

X.O., winds are in the envelope. Requesting Green Deck.

Slattery: You have Green Deck, O.O.D.

H.C.O. tower, you have Green Deck.

[Bell rings]

Nathan James,returning.

Officer: Saberhawk One, you are cleared for Green Deck.

Saberhawk One, we have you at 20 feet.



Down in the trap. Amber Deck, Amber Deck.


[Bell rings]


Sir, Nathan James is on course 2-9-0 at 25 knots.

The ship is approximately 187 nautical miles from New Orleans and holding at 80 miles off the Gulf Shore.

Thank you, Gator.

Make sure Ray finds his way back to his friends.

Aye, sir.

You hungry?

I hear they're serving pizza in the mess.

Pizza? I don't even remember what that tastes like.

Tastes like pizza.

No go on the safe zone.

Run by good people, but there's not enough of them, and they're starting to hear rumors about the immunes themselves.

Can't risk leaving a bunch of teenagers there.

They'll be our guests for now.

How are we looking with those prisoners?

Still not talking yet, but they will.

Meantime, something came up while you were gone.

Usually does.

Niels is dead.


All three doctors concur.

Bad reaction from the blood transfusion we gave him for that gunshot wound.

I'm having Garnett finish up the OPREP, but... seems to me it's just an unfortunate situation.

Or not so unfortunate.

[Whirring, beeping]

You all right?

It seems that the sudden influx of antibodies from the vaccinated blood donor caused a massive immune response.

And the breakthrough you were talking about with the muscles?

This gonna derail your progress?

We'll make do.

In the meantime, I'm preserving whatever I can from Niels' organs.

Make the most of what he left behind.

And the rest of him?

We'll... burn the corpse before disposing of it.

Make certain he doesn't infect anyone else.

[Whirring, beeping]

Oh, this is ridiculous.

You ain't even got a granola bar?

No. Ugh, come on, man!

This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Now, you got no right keeping us here like a bunch of dogs.


Morning, dirtbags.

I'm here to remind you that you're enemy combatants in the custody of the United States Navy.

You can either live out your lives in this little box here, or you can cooperate.

You ain't even fed us yet.



The ones you had on you when you charged the Marina.

Even got one off of your dead pal.

First we thought you were using them to talk to each other.

Who brings a dead phone to a fire fight, right?


But no signal.


Yeah? Weird, huh?

You know what else is weird?

There are no text messages on these phones.

No music. Not even any selfies.


Looking at your ugly mugs, I can see why.

So, the question is, who wants to tell me why you're all carrying these bricks around?


All right, well, there are three of you.

Sooner of later, one of you is gonna want to see sunlight again.

And whoever that is, we'll be ready to deal.

Split 'em up. I'll be back in a couple hours.

Man: Yes, sir.

We've been able to determine that the New Orleans civilian fleet is moored right about here, near the southern tip of the Mississippi delta, just off Garden Bay.

Far enough out to be safe from the virus, close enough to land for supplies.

I designed the disaster response plan to include tankers and barges fully outfitted with solar and bio-diesel power, stocked with enough food to last a minimum six months.

Any idea how many vessels they have, sir?

I never saw it completed, but the plan was to have enough for 5,000 to 10,000 people.

We're not in range yet, sir.

But from radio intercepts, that sounds about right.

Immunes or non-immunes?

Survivors, just like us.

Slattery: Assuming they get their sound matting repaired, you think that sub's still heading to New Orleans?

It's the closest high-population area, if he's still planning to build his army.

And if he knows we're going there...

Well, I know Sean Ramsey well enough to know he doesn't like to lose.

He'll be looking for us.

Best way to know what Ramsey's thinking is to crack the network on those cellphones.

No luck from commo, sir.

I've asked the snipes to take a look at the phones' circuitry.

Captain, once we get to New Orleans, will we have enough doses to inoculate all those people?

Hopefully, we won't need doses by then.

If Dr. Scott's aerosol works, we'll be able to drop the cure from the sky.




You're not working on the aerosol?

I was thinking we'd try a different direction.

But why? We're so close.

Niels himself was so efficient at spreading the virus.

If we could replicate that mechanism in everyone, we could make the cure contagious.

Do you think that's actually possible?

He was host to an infinite collection of mutated versions of the virus.

If we could pinpoint which mutation allowed it to concentrate in his lungs, we could re-engineer the vaccine to do the same.

And we can get that from his lung tissue?


I believe we can.

What do you need me to do?

Relax, Miller. This is just a formality, just so we can put this to bed.

You told me about Dr. Scott and Bertrise.

What about Doc Rios?

I think he was still in medical bay.

Bertrise ran over some supplies from him to Dr. Scott.

What kind of supplies?

Some medical stuff. Needles, I.V. bag, drugs.

And then she left?

Yes, ma'am.

After that, Dr. Scott stepped out to empty the trash, then changed Niels' I.V.

A couple minutes later, he collapsed.

He bled out like...

Well, like the people we've seen die from the virus.

Miller and O'Connor's statement's concur.

Niels was getting better before they changed that last I.V. bag.

That's not coincidence.

Who changed the bag?

Dr. Scott.

But Dr. Rios prepared it, and Bertrise delivered it.

Before we jump to conclusions, let's get all the evidence.

We conduct this investigation like everything else we do...

By the book.

[Door closes]

You see? I'm almost there.

I've narrowed it down to the following three mutations.

I'd like you to compare them to all isolates of the virus.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Rios, Bertrise, doctor, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask the three of you to stay away from each other and the lab while we conduct our investigation.

But I didn't do anything wrong.

It's not about wrong.

It's the best way to gather the facts.

Ma'am, as a matter of course, we are required to collect everything in connection with Niels' death.

Be my guest.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Camera shutters clicking]

Man: That's right. They just got some fresh produce off one of them boats down at Governor Nicholls Pier, so we're gonna make some jambalaya.

Y'all come on by.

Voices from New Orleans?

They're all alive, thanks to him.


We just received our first images of the New Orleans fleet, sir.

I'd say there's 50 or so vessels, but it's hard to be certain.

Anything on sonar?

No, sir.

That sub is still out there.

The Ramseys are not giving up that easily.

Keep looking.

Aye, sir.

[Rock music playing]

I'm just saying... It would be a pretty big deal if somebody offed him.

Would be, yeah.


Not exactly murder, though, is it?

More like an execution.

Is that what they're saying?

Well, that's what I'm saying. How about you?

I'm reserving comment.

Very political, mate.

Well, you know what they say.

Loose lips...

Water's out in the women's. I need a shower.

Well, don't mind us.

In your dreams, Dundee.

But you can keep guard for me right out here.

If you're not out in three minutes, I'll send in a rescue party.

Be gentle.


I'm just gonna finish up here, and I'll be out of your hair.

[Water running]

Guess this isn't the place.

What place?

Where people have s*x.

People don't have s*x on the ship.

It's against regulations.


Have you seen your T.A.O.?

What is she... 15, 16 weeks pregnant?

That was a mistake that they both have been punished for.

Come on, 200 sailors cramped together.

Where does it happen?

Boatswain's locker, maybe?

Hey, look.

I told you. There's no s*x on the ship.


Fan rooms?


Sonar spaces?


I hadn't thought of that.

But no, no. It doesn't happen.

Such strict policy, and everybody's so determined to follow the rules.

[Inhales sharply]

It's a shame.


We'll be in New Orleans soon.

Hmm. Well, if there's no s*x on the ship, get out.


[Water running]

Some people say it's the ship's medic or some new doctor you guys pulled off a hospital ship.

Good money's on Dr. Scott.

From what I hear, whoever offed that dude deserves a medal.

Do me a favor. Don't talk about it.

In fact, that's an order.

Yes, sir.

And you.

Captain said to show you around engineering as long as you're stuck on the ship.

I can bounce you at anytime.

So just watch and learn.


What are we missing?

Four phones, no texts, no photos, no missed calls.


Wait a minute.

Do you have "deadman" on that phone?



Do you want to play?

"Deadman," sir.

That is how they're communicating.

A game?

It only looks like a game.

In reality, it's a text-messaging app, one specifically designed to access the phone's Bluetooth system, turning it into a walkie-talkie.

Let me show you.

Lieutenant, are you in position?

Standing by.

Chung is stationed outside CIC.

As you know, there's a maze of P-ways between him and our current location.

You may proceed, Lieutenant.


Sending now.





"Your turn." How do I read it?

Hit the "guess" button.


We're still trying to crack the code, sir.

No cell network, WI-FI required?

No, just Bluetooth.

But it only works over short distances.

What's the range?

They can send or re-send messages or even videos as long as they're within 90 yards of the next phone.

Making it virtually impossible for us to intercept out here at sea.

Yes, sir.

Ramsey sent the order to the immunes across the state of Florida.

That means a cellphone every 90 yards over 300 miles?

I'm not sure how they're doing it, sir.

That would explain how they're spreading their message.

They're building a network.

I understand they call you "Flea."

My X.O. tells me you're the smart one.

Yeah. I know stuff.

You want to negotiate with someone who can make real decisions.

Yeah. You the captain?

I am. And this is the president.

Jeff Michener. I thought you looked familiar.

Have we met?


But I seen them videos.


Let's talk about those videos and the phones you use to send these messages.

That one's yours, right?

Hey, man. I don't want no trouble.

You killed a kid, Flea.

You're already in a world of trouble.

No, I had nothing to do with that. T-t-that was all Billy.

You're gonna swing for it.

But I'm telling you, it wasn't me.

[Scoffs] I didn't want nothing to do with him.

Not at first.

But I've been living alone out there for way too long.

And the sh1t that I've seen...

It got me thinking that maybe this virus isn't the worst thing that's come along.


I don't have to tell you the consequences of murdering children in this country, but you're in luck.

As president, I have the ability to issue a formal pardon.

You tell me how the code on your cellphone works, maybe we can work something out.

Honestly, this is starting to get ridiculous.

Slattery: Hmm. Well, you've been aboard long enough to know that everything we do has a procedure.

If we're under attack, we call General Quarters.

If we strike an iceberg, we set Condition Zebra.

And if somebody dies on the ship, we do an OPREP followed by an investigation.

Yes, but I already spoke to Commander Garnett.

Yeah. She sent it up to me to sign off.


So, the captain is aware of this?

He ordered it.

Well, then, I'd like to talk to him.

Captain's not permitted to talk to material witnesses during an ongoing investigation.

Also protocol.

Listen, Mike, I hear everything that you are saying.

I really do.

But I am the verge of a major breakthrough.

And every minute that I'm not working is a minute...

I hear you, too, Dr. Scott.

Nevertheless, I have to do this.

The more you argue, the longer it will take, so...

[Sighs] Tell me again, when did you first notice Niels take a turn for the worse?

Sir, we fished an I.V. bag out of the trash.

The tube still had the blood on it from when Niels ripped it out of his arm.


Every bag prepared in the medical bay should have the patient's name, medication, and Doc Rios' signature.

This one didn't.

So we're no better off than we were yesterday.

I've cleared Dr. Milowsky.

He'd been out of the lab for six hours and was seen in the mess decks during the time of death, which is why I've asked him for a full work-up of the I.V.

That still leaves three people with means, motive, and opportunity.

Lord knows they had the motive.

Still, seems crazy to think that...

Sir, according to Miller and O'Connor, Dr. Scott got the bag from Bertrise, stepped out to dump the bio-waste, then change the I.V.

Chandler: And you think the bag Rios made is in that dump, that she gave Niels a different bag?

No way to prove it, though.

The original bag will be at the bottom of the ocean.

Let me know as soon as the results come back from the I.V. test.

Aye, sir.

Mr. President.

[Door closes]

I get the feeling you don't need to hear the test results.

[Sighs] No, sir. I don't think I do.

[Knock on door]

Milowsky, have you seen my...

What are you doing with my computer?

And what, exactly, are you so curious about?

It's a sample of Niels' DNA with bursting scars, which is only possible if his genes were literally torn from the virus.

Did you introduce DNA scissors to the bloodstream, preventing him from protecting himself from the virus?

There are a dozen explanations for what you're seeing here.

You know full well that even I couldn't find any signs of that deadly cocktail in the I.V. bag.

Jesus, doctor. You've put us all under suspicion.

I'm under strict orders not to have any contact with you.

Could you take your computer and please leave?

You know, even without this evidence, all fingers are pointing to you.


So... if you're planning on doing what I think you are, I suggest you do it soon, before they lock you out of the lab.

Fuel at 85%. Fresh water at 92%.

Engineering logs are ready for your review.


[Mouse squeaking]


[Mouse squeaking]

Pastor: Most merciful Father, we beseech thee of thy infinite goodness and ask you humbly to carry the spirit of our beloved friend safely to thy kingdom.

She is with you now, dear Lord.

I know that nothing makes sense to you right now, Rachel.

[Dog barking in distance]

And I know that you're angry.

Use that anger to change things, to fight for something you believe in.

[Mouse squeaking]

Hey-a, Spark.


We're getting close to the big easy, so I was wondering if you want me to bring you back a stiff bourbon street cocktail.

[Scoffs] Most people have been avoiding me since this witch hunt started.

Well, it's a tricky situation, being, on the one hand, the most popular person on board, and, on the other, the most radioactive.

Comforting to have that clarification.


You okay?


[Breathes deeply]

You're not gonna ask me the question that seems to be on everyone's minds?

[Clicks tongue]

I don't know much.

Ido know this.

Wouldn't be here...

No one on the ship would be here if not for you.

So, me?

I wouldn't change a thing about you.

Oh, you're ruthless, baby.

That's why we're alive today.

Hey, guys. That was outstanding.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, good on y'all.

Here you go, man.

What the hell you saying to people?

I didn't say anything.

There you go.

Jeter: Sir, from what Miller and O'Connor reported, the crew not only suspects Niels was murdered, they also believe senior leadership condoned it or even ordered it.


Please continue.

Sir, the officer of the deck sends her respects and reports the approaching hour of 12:00.

All chronometers have been wound and compared, and she requests permission to strike eight bells on time.

Permission granted. Thank you, O'Connor.

Your crew needs your permission to tell what time it is?

It's a tradition, one of the many that keep a ship running safely and maintaining good order and discipline.

You summoned me.

I was hoping to get an update on your progress.

[Sighs] Well, I have a new plan.

I was able to isolate the mutation in Niels' lungs that make him so contagious.

And I introduced it to my vaccine.

I injected myself with it about an hour ago, and then I breathed on an infected mouse, the same way that Niels used to breath on people as a way to kill them.

If this works, if the mouse survives, in effect... I'll be able to breathe the cure onto people.

And so will anyone else that I give this new shot to, which means that we won't need any more labs, any more infrastructure, or planes.

[Sighs] All our problems will be solved.

Except one.

[Inhales deeply]

Did you do it?

[Laughing] Oh, God.

Are you really asking me this?

That's exactly what I'm asking you.

The man who killed 5 billion people, including your wife and most of your crew's family, is dead.

And now his lungs are gonna be used to save the rest of the people on this planet...

Goddamn it, Rachel!

Yes, I did it!

And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I saw you a half-hour before I left the ship.

You told me you were on the verge of a breakthrough.

I was!

But you didn't tell me you had to kill Niels to do it.

I was hoping to avoid getting blood on your hands.

I already have blood on my hands.

You put it there.


Do you know how I do it, Rachel?

How I keep this crew together after they've risked and lost so much?

You know how I'm able to ask them to travel further with me, not knowing if they'll survive?

Every task we perform, every ritual we adhere to, reminds us that we haven't lost who we are.

It reminds us that everything we do matters...

Every decision, every action.

So your code is more important than doing what's right?

You don't get to decide what's right!

That's why we have codes.

I looked into the eyes of the monster who stole everything that I held dear to me.

And I thought, "I'm gonna take the lungs of the man who nearly destroyed the human race, and I'm gonna use those lungs to save it."

I didn't have to kill him to make the breakthrough.

I could have got exactly what I needed and spared his life.

But as I witnessed... That virus do to him what it did to so many, as I watched his last, noxious breath leave his body, all I could think of... Was that he died too quickly.

[Bell rings eight times]

It's noon.

Chandler: We have her confession.

And she's been confined to quarters.

I've informed the officers.

Master Chief has briefed the crew.

What's the feeling on the ship?

Well, she is the one who discovered the cure.

And if what she's saying now is true, that the cure is airborne and contagious, it would be a miracle.

So the crew wants leniency.

Not all, but most.

Emotions are running high.

I don't have to tell you it's no fun making an unpopular decision, even if it's the right one.


So, what are you gonna do with her?

I haven't decided yet.

[Motor humming]

Miller: That is an amazing sight.

Indeed it is.

Jeter: Sir, Cobra Team is out ahead, running point, scanning the coastline for Bluetooth communication.

So far, all clear. No sign of immune activity.

That's a good sign.

[Radio chatter]

[Door closes]

Alisha: POTUS on the bridge!

New Orleans civilian fleet coming into view, sir.

Chandler: Well done, sir.


Hang on, fellas!

This thing's starting to chirp away.

Flea: Something's coming through.

What's it say?

Now, hang on. We had a deal.

I get off this boat.

You decode that message, or you're off the side in pieces.

Hey, we had a deal.

Do it, Dipshit, or I swear to God we'll throw you overboard.

Go on, do it. Hurry your ass up.

Hey, it's an old phone. The letters are small.


Now you hit the "guess." Okay, here it comes.

[Cellphone chirps]

It says, "they're here."

That sounds like an action order.

Nathan James, this is Cobra Team.

Recommend all stop. We just intercepted a signal.

I say again, I recommend you do not proceed inshore at this time.

They know that we're here.

O.O.D., all stop.

O.O.D., aye.

Helm, all stop.

CIC, this is X.O.

Anything on sonar? Anybody around?

We're getting a lot of noise from the moored vessels of the flotilla.

I want S.C.A.T. and lookouts fore and aft.

Aye, sir.

Gator, radar search 360 degrees.

Aye, sir.

Surface, ready all weapons. Sonar?

It's generators humming, music, mechanical sounds.

It's just a pile of clutter. I...


God, no.

Set General Quarters!

General Quarters, General Quarters.

[Bell ringing]

All hands, man your battle stations.

Jeter: The route to General Quarters is up and forward to the starboard side, down and aft to the port side.

[Siren wailing]

T.A.O., what's the target? Where are they?

I can't tell, sir.

We've got... I don't know. There's too much noise.


Hydrophone effects, port bow!

Torpedo inbound, bearing 1-9-0.

Bridge, Emergency Tango, bearing 1-9-0.

8,000 yards.

Hard left rudder. All ahead flank three.

7,000 yards, bearing 1-8-9.

Helm, hard left rudder, all ahead flank three.

Deploy countermeasures.

Aye, sir.

Lookouts deploy A.S.W. countermeasures with the turn.

Man: A.D.C. on the water, starboard side.

Torpedo at 4,000 yards on course for impact, two minutes.

The sub's there. It's in the debris field now.

They're hiding under the boats, using the noise to mask their position.

If we send a torpedo down that bearing, it could wipe out any survivors.

We can't fire into a sea full of drowning civilians.

Mason: Second torpedo incoming, same bearing.

First torpedo, 3,000 yards.

Shift your rudder.

Helm, shift your rudder.

Man: A.D.C in the water, port side.

Now three, now four torpedoes incoming.

One minute to impact.

Recommend course 0-3-0 back to open water.

Negative. We'd never make it.

Steady course 2-0-0. We're going through the canal.

Helm, left standard rudder, steady course 2-0-0.

Get us out of here!

Recommend streaming NIXIE, ma'am.

No time.

500 yards!

400 yards!

We'll never outrun those spearfish. We got to distract them somehow.

Recommend firing the 5-inch into their path to create noise confusion, divert the torpedoes.

Chandler: Let's give them more than that.

Ready to 5-inch, CIWS, all crew-served weapons and port-side chaff.

We'll give them a full broadside.

Aye, sir.

On my Mark, hard right rudder.

First torpedo, 200 yards. 30 seconds to impact.

Now! Hard right, hard right, hard right!

Surface action to port, fire 10 rounds at 2 miles.

All weapons and chaff at 1-9-5.

Fire! Fire!


It's working. T.A.O., hold your fire.

Kara: Holding fire, aye.

Countermeasures successful. No damage.


The last torpedo has reacquired!

Brace for impact, port side!


We're hit!

[Sirens wailing]

[Radio chatter]

Sir, D.C. central reports hull intact.

Danny: Nathan James,do you copy?

What's your status, Cobra Team?

Sir, I have eyes on sinking vessels.

Civilians in the water.

Request permission to stay back and render aid to survivors.

Do what you can. But be advised, hostiles are still in the water.

We cannot provide support.

Copy that, sir. We'll watch our own backs.

Your goddamned people.

I-I-I didn't know!

I swear, man. I had no idea.

Captain, we're blind here. Sonar's out.

Roger. Contact engineering. Get them working on it.

Sir, we're entering pass a loutre, out of the range of the sub.

Gator: Request permission to send out leadlines, sir.

Permission granted.

People dying out there, drowning, burning to death.

Our RECON team will do what they can.

But we can't go back, not with Ramsey sitting out there.


Sir, we're being hailed on the WQC2.

[Beeping continues]

This is captain Chandler.

Sean: Hello, Tommy. Given up on the secret service?

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks.

My boys worked hard on them.

You just sent 10,000 people to their deaths.

Stop hiding behind civilians.

You want to fight? Come out and fight.

Let's go. You against me.

Oh, it won't just be me, captain.

You see, the number of your enemies is about to multiply.


Gator: Someone's accessing the immune cellphone remotely.


It's pairing with mine.

Put it up on the screen.

Man: What the hell is that?

Hey, quick, grab the shot.

It's a Navy ship, turning.


Alisha: The footage has been edited, sir.

You can see the cut right here.

They've reversed the sequence of events to make it look like we fired first.

Chandler: And then the flotilla explodes.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to make us look culpable.

The range on these phones is 90 yards.

And yet, somehow, we received this video 10 miles from the shore.

Whoever did this was an expert both in communications and computer engineering.

They hacked into the emergency-alert system, and reprogrammed it to work with Bluetooth.

That's how it paired with my phone.

And likely every other working phone in Louisiana.

Judging from the data we've collected, it's possible that this signal reached as far north as Ohio.

So now the whole country thinks that we're the bad guys.

Chandler: Valkyrie.

Is there anyone you met at the hotel or elsewhere that might have been able to pull this off?

No. I don't think so.

Find out how they boosted that signal and everything you can about this Valkyrie.

[Footsteps depart]

I don't even know where to start.

[Mouse squeaks]

The mouse survived. We have a contagious cure.

Are you certain?

Everyone who's already vaccinated will just need a booster to carry it.

But... after that, once we get to a city that's densely populated, every hand we shake, every cheek we kiss, every child we hold in our arms, it will spread, just like a common cold.

That's great news.

[Sighs] I honestly didn't expect an enthusiastic embrace, but...

I just watched the best hope for a fresh start sink to the bottom of the ocean.

And now the whole country thinks we're the enemy.

And without Niels to put in front of the world, I have no way to fight the propaganda war to come.

So excuse me if I'm not feeling more enthusiastic.


I'm sorry...

For the position that I have put you in.


From now on, you'll be allowed to do your job in whatever capacity that may require.

After that, you will return to your quarters.

No access to the wardroom, mess decks, CIC bridge...

Any communal place on this ship.


I'm not finished.

As a commander in the United States Navy, I'm not authorized to sentence you for your crimes at sea.

But if we ever find a safe place to make port, I will turn you over to civilian authorities, and you will answer for your crime.

Is this really what you want?

This has never been about what I want.


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