01x11 - Valkyrie

Man:We got two more bodies coming out of the water. Look like children. Aw, hell.

Man #2:Roger that. Confirmed at this time. Anyone within range of pier 2, we need fire and rescue. We got a large craft fire... Dozens of folks still inside.

Woman: We need to find my daughter! Her name is Anabelle! Please!

Woman #2:We can't find them! Their boat just blew up!

Man #3: Please come quick! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Officer:This is New Orleans PD sergeant Truitt. I need all security teams to check in now... all hands. We need to know your status.

Man #4:Roger that. It's bad. Oh, man. Look what the Navy did to us.

Turn it off.

[Radio turns off]

What's the status on sonar?

Sir, the torpedo blast ruptured several pipes in sonar's cooling skid.

It's fixable, I think, but not quickly.

Heading into open sea with no ears and no idea where that sub is prowling... that's suicide.

And now New Orleans is burning, and we can't do a damn thing about it.

Pardon me, Mr. president.

Sir, recommend using our helo to drop passive sonobuoys at both entry points to the canal.

Remote sonar, sir.

Acts as an early-warning system until we get sonar back up.

That'll buy us some time.

First hit on the buoys, we go to quiet 2, hunt that sub.

ASTAC, T.A.O... Load passive buoys.

Till then, we repair the sonar.

Let the land team do what it can do to help the people of New Orleans.

Aye, sir.


I want those buoys on board. Get that bird in the air.

Cobra Team, give me a SITREP.

Danny: Sir, we've been working through the night, pulling out survivors.

We got at least a couple dozen wounded here on the beach.

We're doing what we can, sir.

Any sign of Ramsey or his people?

Negative, sir.

These people are not immune, and they don't know what hit them.

Stay away!

Hang on.

No! Don't get me sick!

We're not sick, okay?

Look, you're hurt. Let me help you.

Come on.

Hey, Cletus! Don't just sit there!

Move your ass!

Washed up in the debris were parts of a limpet mine.

Looks like it was attached to the hull of a sailboat.

Help is on the way.

So Ramsey's people set bombs all over the flotilla...

Just waited for us to show up, set them off.

Continue search and rescue and report.

Sir, we're getting another broadcast.

Play it, please.

People of the surrounding area, my name is Sean Ramsey.

I'm a lieutenant commander in the British royal Navy.

I came here as an ally of your United States Navy, but that was before I learned the truth.

[Cellphone beeps]

Shock. You breathe easy.

Take care of her.

About the secret lab experiments, the release of the deadly virus by your military, and the subsequent government cover-up.

By now, many of you will have seen the horrible video captured by witnesses on the scene.

The U.S. Navy ship that attacked New Orleans harbor was flying the American flag, but it doesn't represent you good people.

That ship is a key part of a larger conspiracy to take over this country, and it won't be stopped until you are dead and a new world order is established.

I know it's heartbreaking and...

"New world order"... That's a good one, Bruv.

Difficult to believe.

I thought so.

But soon, you will have more evidence of the U.S. Navy's role in creating the deadly virus.

That is why we have created this mobile network to get out the truth...

Valkyrie working all right?

Broadcasting perfectly, sir.

And all the data's been uploaded. I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

We Brits have not forgotten our special relationship with America...

The signal's coming from land, sir.

It's like the Bluetooth, but somehow boosted to go long-range.

You don't need the "deadman" app to hear it?

No... like the video of the flotilla blowing up, all anyone needs is to turn on their phone to pick up the broadcast.

I'm still not sure how they're doing it.

And to the captain of the USS Nathan James, who has kidnapped the American president and wreaked havoc on this great nation, hear this.

We are coming for you.

You cannot hide from justice.

No matter where you go, there will be no safe harbor.

[Chatter on P.A.]

I'm sorry to add to your workload right now.

I could've gone to doc Rios, but...

I don't know.

Something weird about getting a pregnancy checkup from the HMC.

It's a welcome distraction.

Rest assured, everything's completely normal.

With you,anyway.

It's just... I want to be useful to the ship for as long as I can.

I understand the feeling.

Oh, God. I'm sorry.


Not at all.

Thank you.

For everything.

Man: Attention on deck!


Am I interrupting?

No, sir.

I'm back on duty in five minutes.

Very well.

How ready are you to get your new version of the cure out into the world?

As I mentioned before, as soon as we safely land in a highly populated area, anyone carrying the new, contagious version will be able to spread the cure via close contact...

A handshake... Or a hug.

If each of us carries the cure to even two people, who then pass it on to two more people, we'll start a chain reaction that even Ramsey won't be able to stop.

You said you injected yourself with the contagious cure.

Does that mean you've already spread it around the ship?

Unfortunately not.

People who were previously inoculated will need boosters.

We should start the process, then.

The contagious period is only five to eight days, according to my models, and...

With all due respect...

I believe it would be best to wait until we're certain we'll be on land.



[Inhales sharply]

[Sighing] Oh, God.

Looks like the Ramseys got more off our secure servers than just the location of our labs.

He's dumping all the details of the government's response to the outbreak, carefully redacted to make it look like a conspiracy.

This one caught my eye.

"Project bluenose"?

Mm. Bluenose... The Navy calls a sailor who's crossed the arctic circle.

So that was the code name for our mission to get the primordial virus off the ice.


Though this is the first I'm hearing of it.

Bluenose was secret even to us.

Except, the way Ramsey tells it, our mission wasn't to find the cure...

It was to weaponize it.

That's the problem with top-secret missions...

They invite conspiracy theories.

He's counting on that, sir... Mixing truth and lies and spreading it over his network to turn the American people against us.

And he's got help.

That's the same logo that appeared in the video of the New Orleans attack.

Whoever's running Valkyrie knows what they're doing.

They've gone beyond simple text messages from phone to phone.

This is a vast network.

The sub's running low on weaponry, and they've missed us twice.

Now counting on civilians for help.

So we get into the network, and we shut it down.

No, commander.

We take over the network, use it to get our message out.

Ramsey's already told everyone that I'm a prisoner aboard this ship.

Get me on that network, and I'll talk directly to the American people.

Once they hear the truth about me, about you, and about Sean Ramsey, we'll turn America against him, and we'll have the sub greatly outnumbered.

Man: Let's go, guys. Grab that water.

Help who you can. Let's get these people some help.

You keep eyeballing my sidearm, I'm gonna poke your damn eyes out.

[Device beeping]

Other people are coming in from the New Orleans flotilla.

They got water and food for the survivors.

Good. We could use the help.

Do you know if they've seen the video?

I don't think so, sir.

I haven't picked up another broadcast, but the network is humming.

Funny thing... Signal doesn't change no matter which way I point it.

Telling you, the signal keeps moving depending upon who's got the closest phone.

You got people in New Orleans?

Any other immunes on your network?

No. It's my first time outside of Florida.

[Beeping continues]

Signal's definitely stronger here.

It ain't me.

[Beeping quickens]

And stronger.

[Beeping quickens]


[Rapid beeping]


Signal's at 100%.

Kara: Okay, people, I need a status report.

Sonar, any contacts from the sonobuoys?

No, ma'am, with the sonar down, we're getting everything relayed to us from the helo through ASTAC.

So far, quiet.


No contacts.

Cobra Team, Viper, move to next coordinates.

Man: Cobra Team, roger.

Boys on land are helping us triangulate the source of the Valkyrie signal.

I have an approximate location of the source...

28 degrees, 33 minutes North by 89 degrees, 22 minutes west.

No landmass, but it could be an anchored ship.

We're gonna need a visual.

Helo's tied up with the sonobuoys.

Send the U.A.V. Nice and high. Sweep the area.

Prep VBSS to board and take over whatever's out there.

And get Cobra Team back to the ship.

Aye, sir.

Tower, T.A.O. Ready U.A.V.

Man: T.A.O. tower, roger. U.A.V. on standby.

Cobra Team, Viper, render aid and then return to Mother.

Roger that, Mother.

Just a few more wounded to look at, then we're off the beach.

Bravo Zulu.

All right, you'll be all right. Go take a seat.


Woman: All right.

Gator: U.A.V. approaching point of origin.


Still no sign of the sub.

U.A.V. is eight klicks from source of broadcast.

Kara: Zoom in on that.

Bridge, T.A.O.

We've got an oil rig at the coordinates.

I say again... an oil rig is the source of the broadcast signal.

My fellow Americans, my name is Jeffrey Michener, and I am the president of the United States.

It's not a position I asked for, nor was I elected to this office.

The circumstances of this dreadful plague have placed me here with an awesome responsibility...

To help unite all survivors and to help restore our great nation to its former glory.

I speak to you aboard the USS Nathan James, a Navy ship carrying some 200 Americans just like you... Brave men and women who have lost their families, their friends.

Led by Commander Tom Chandler, these brave volunteers left Norfolk, Virginia, six months ago to search for the cure.

They found it.

Some of you may have heard that the U.S. government and the military are behind the spread of this deadly virus, that the Navy ship is here to spread more disease, and that I am a prisoner on this ship.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, I was a prisoner... Of Sean Ramsey, the man who now claims to be your savior.

He has filled the airwaves with lies about me, about the ship, and about your country.

I ask you during this time of crisis and chaos to remember who we are as a people.

This plague has killed many, but let's not let it divide us any longer.

We are still one nation. Join us.

Push Sean Ramsey back to the sea, and let's restore this great nation together.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Speech of a lifetime, Mr. President.

Let's hope it gets where it needs to go.

Sir, I will get it there or die trying.

Garnett: Sir, Vulture Team has hit open water.

When they reach the oil rig, Walker will secure the RHIB.

Once aboard the oil platform, the snipes will secure the cap and ensure the soundness of the facility.

The last thing the people of New Orleans need is the Navy causing a massive oil spill.


We lost visual on the rig?

Yes, sir.

The U.A.V. is en route back to ship to refuel.

And our radios?

HF should work.

We'll be able to hear everything that happens on the oil rig.

Based the signal strength Cobra Team read on the beach, the oil rig's got a massive antenna.

So when Lieutenant Granderson takes control, we'll be able to broadcast 1,000 miles in every direction.

All right, listen up.

As per the drill,Nathan James does not broadcast, and we need to be prepared.

As soon as the president's speech goes wide, that rig and everyone on it becomes painted with a big, fat target.

Burk, stairs.

Senior Chief Lynn, as soon as the cap's secure, close off all the pipe valves and join us.

Aye, aye, sir.

Lieutenant Chung.

Chung: Sir?

Let's find out what makes this thing tick.

Aye, sir.

Here it is... Main power.

[Door creaks]

This looks like the communications center, sir.

I'd say so.

Let's get you started.

Aye, sir.



Green shoelaces?



[Sighs] My other ones ripped.

It's not like there's a Navy exchange store around the corner.

You don't like them?

[Sighs] Just keep climbing. We'll talk later.

[Sighs] Get out of my head, Bivas.

No use, mate. She's got you now.

[Sighing] Yeah, I know.

Sir, so far, all I see is regular telecom gear.

Nothing to run Bluetooth.

You see that antenna.

That signal is coming from here.

Keep looking.

Rig's operating on diesel power, sir.

Looks like it's been idling continuously.

Got enough fuel to last awhile.

How long?

At least a few months, sir.



Whoa. Take it easy.

[Gun cocks]


Take it easy.

[Breathing heavily]

You're outnumbered.

Don't be stupid.

You can't hold me.

My people will come for me.



You found me.

Lynn: All valves sealed on "A" level.

Heading down to 1 to find the main.


Let's start with your name.

Don't have one.

Valerie Raymond.

Get your hands off my stuff!

Got an I.D. here from the Tulane University engineering lab.

"Val." "Valkyrie."


Sir, I cannot gain access to the antenna.

I'm assuming you can help with that.

After all, you're the genius behind the "deadman" game.

Got to admit... Not what I expected.

[Scoffs] If I hear one more "Wizard of Oz" joke...

Is that what Sean Ramsey said the first time he saw you?

Are you like him?


Look where I'm living.

I got myself as far away from the sickness as possible.


I helped Sean with communications because we share a common enemy.

And that would be me?

Ramsey showed me everything about your secret mission to spread the virus.

And you believed him.

Well, I already knew most of the story.

Before anyone even heard of the Egyptian flu, I was tracking it.

I saw it jump to phase 6 overnight, and I saw the government do nothing.

So I created Valkyrie to help expose the truth behind the plague.

The truth?

Well, sh1t.

You got it all figured out.

But you forgot the most important part of the conspiracy...

The only way we were able to spread the flu so quickly.

The aliens.

From planet batshit crazy.

They were sneezing all over the place.

That's what you people always do.

When alternative history gains traction, "just another conspiracy nut."

Right? "Whack job."

I got my masters in computer science from M.I.T. at 21, my PHD in engineering physics from Tulane at 25.

Valkyrie, the network I created to get out the truth, has 6 million untraceable subscribers worldwide.



"Had 6 million."

Most of them are probably dead by now.

The rest will die very soon.

We came home with a vaccine and a cure for those who were still infected.

It's on our ship.

Ramsey wants to sink us and let the virus wipe out the rest of you so his master race can rule the word.

And you think I'm the whack job?

It's the truth.


You're obviously a clever and resilient woman to survive out here as long as you have, and you've built an impressive network.

You just backed the wrong horse.

Help me play this message.

Listen for yourself.

The truth is in here.

Sir, U.A.V. Needs another 30 minutes before we can send her back to the rig for a visual.



[Grunts] Damn it.

Need a hand, Chief?

Ma'am, there's a secondary valve over there behind you.

Don't call me "ma'am."

Lieutenant Granderson, how we doing?

There's clearly a component missing...

The device used to control the Bluetooth booster.

Without it, we can't access the Valkyrie network.

Lieutenant Chung.

Shut down the rig.

If we can't use the network, no one will.

Mr. Chung, shut her down!

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Granderson...

Tear it all out.

Yes, sir.

[Indistinct talking]

[Cellphone beeps]

Man: What the hell is that?

Hey, quick! Grab the shot!

It's a Navy ship, turning!

You'll be all right.

[Woman groans]

Hey, did you see that?

All right. All right, you're gonna be okay.

Looks good as new, my man.

Hey! Hey!

Did you see that video before it cut out?

Them guys is Navy. Them's the one that did it.

They're the ones that blew up New Orleans.

Check out their boat.

Hey, heads up. Heads up.

Those guys are Navy. That guy.

A-and check out their boat.

Uh, you... you see the video? T-t-those guys are Navy.

Man: They're getting away!

Everybody, just take a breath. We're here to help.

Navy had nothing to do with that attack.

Let's just take it easy.

Let's get a move on.

Green, fire in the air if you have to.

[Guns cock]

None of these idiots need to die today.

[People screaming]

Miller, let's go! I need cover!

Viper, this is Cobra. Under fire from civilians.

We're on the move.

I say again, these people are not immunes!

Search and rescue aborted! We're on the move!

Come on!



You okay?

Can't believe they shot me in the ass!


Go, go, go, go!


See that?

I got it.

We got an unidentified civilian watercraft half a mile, approaching with speed.


What was that? You hear that?

Was that the sub?

No, sir, it's coming from the rig.

Sonobuoys are picking up an explosion.


I've lost visual on the boat. I've got no target.

I got him. He's circling around.

Send the helo.

X.O., recommend sending Cobra Team on their RHIB.

Send them both.

Yes, sir.


Cobra Team, Mother. Head to Vulture Team whisky.

They are under attack.

Danny: Roger that. We'll be there in five mikes.

[Explosions in distance]

[Weakly] Burk, Walker...

Secure the RHIB.



Are you okay?

[Explosion in distance]

Are you okay?!

I'm gonna get you out of here.

[Explosion in distance]

Burk: Walker's K.I.A.

The RHIB's fubar.

We're gonna need another way off.

Man: Vulture Team, this is Sabrehawk One.

Oil rig AO in sight. Expect a one-minute ETA. Over.

All teams, Sabrehawk inbound.

Exit up toward the helo deck.

[Explosion in distance]

Move! We got to move!

We got to... we got to go up to the helipad.

Up this ladder. Come on.

You got this, Lieutenant. Come on.

RPG incoming!




[Explosions in distance]

Burk: Ravit?

Lynn's gone.

There's a natural-gas leak. We've got to close the valves.

How we gonna get off this rig?

We can't just bail.

There's about a 100-foot drop into the water.

Help me with this wheel!

He's out of my range. I can't hit him.

Aw, come on.



Man: Viper leader, Sabrehawk One.

Enemy threat has been eliminated.

We're going for green deck. Over.

Valves not working!

Gas is still coming out!

Sabrehawk, stand down. Red deck. Red deck.

Do not land.

We got a gas leak. Hold for landing orders.

Roger that. Sabrehawk One will maintain holding pattern.

[Explosion in distance]


[Panting] Come on!


Climb! I think it's broken.

Hold on!


[Gas hissing]

Where the hell's it coming from?

Aw, man.

I checked all these. They're sealed tight.


[Hissing continues]

Over there.

[Explosion in distance]




Leave it! Come on!

This whole rig's about to blow! We got to get out of here!

Come on!


Come on!

Come on, Chung!

Don't stop!

[Hissing continues]

Ravit: It's not a leak.

It's the main valve.

Man: Viper Tower, Sabrehawk One on 1/4-mile climb.

Request green deck.

We've got several injured onboard.

Woman: Sabrehawk One, Viper Tower. Cleared for green deck.

EVPs standing by.

[Indistinct shouting]

Out of my way! Out of my way!

Danny: Over here!

Milowsky: I got him! I got him!

Oh, my God.

What the...

Milowsky: His left pupil's not good.

Pulse is erratic.

I need a Philadelphia collar, and I need it stat.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, Doc. I'm fine.

Tex! Jesus. What happened?

Shot in the hip.

It's just the backside. I'll be fine.

Over here. Over here. Thanks, brother.

Rios: Captain, you okay?

I'm fine. Burk's burned pretty bad.

All right, let's get him in here. Let's get him on the bed.


She's okay. She's okay.

Let's get you down. Go.

Holy sh1t.

[Tex groans]

You all right?

Went right through. Yeah.

Rig was a ball of fire. Lucky anyone survived.

Go, go, go!

Keep breathing. Keep breathing, Ravit.

Get a liter of ringers in him.

Whoa, whoa!

Get down. Get down.

What are her injuries?

I-I-I don't know. S-s-she-she's not responding.



Can you hear me?

[Breathing shakily]

Start a line. We might need to intubate.

Milowsky: Left pupil's blown. It's fixed and dilated.

His brain is bleeding.

We need to get something under his head and shoulders now.

Hang in there. It's Garnett.

Diuretic and steroids... now! Go, go, go!

Stay with us. Just stay with us.

[Voice breaking] Just hold on. Okay?

It's okay.

Just... Just hang on, Andy.

Come on.

Hang on, Andy.

Hang on. [Sobs]




He saved my life.

Danny: Sir.

Walker and Lynn were the first to, uh...

We were unable to recover Lynn's body, sir.

I'm sorry.

You sure the people shooting at you were regular Americans, not immunes?

Yes, sir.

They were afraid of the virus until they became afraid of us.

Those RPGs came from a civilian vessel, too.

And we sank them, which means Ramsey got us to kill our own people... For real.

Chandler: Eng.

[Indistinct shouting]


That rig was a ball of fire.

[Indistinct talking]


I'm sorry.

Sir, you're hurt.

Dr. Scott! Dr. Scott!

Dr. Scott! Dr. Scott!

Rachel: Put a pillow under his head.

Looks like a shrapnel hit. He's bleeding internally.

Somebody get a board... Now!

Ned: Valkyrie's not down. It's gone.

It's been destroyed.

The Navy?

Nope... By some regular Americans.

What do you mean, "regular Americans"?

Not immunes.

A bunch of Joe six-packs got riled up by the video of the ship blowing up the flotilla.

They spotted some of the Navy folk on the rig, and they blew it to kingdom come.

Did you hear me?

The network's gone, Sean.


But the message is out there.

My people have heard the siren call.

[Paper rustling]

See this?

Come here.

My manifesto.

I'm putting all my thoughts down in writing.

We need to get a copy of this to MacDowell and our people in Florida.

You're in here, too, you know.

You and me... The brothers.

We're like Moses and Aaron.

The people are following us, and the seas are parting at our feet.

Mum would be so proud.

She always said we were born to bring good into the world.

Didn't she, Ned?


She was right.

Look at us now.


She was right.


That's right.

[Monitor beeping]

[Indistinct talking]

He's stable.

I was able to remove some metal fragments, but I won't know if I've got them all until I do the ultrasound.

How long will he be out?

It's hard to tell.

[Breathing shakily]

Milowsky: All right, let's roll her. Let me check her dressing.

[Breathing heavily]

[Burk grunts]

Stay at her side.

Back slowly down. Let's go.

Here we go.

Easy. Easy. Easy.


I-I... [Breathing heavily]

Can't feel my legs.

That's 'cause they got them wrapped so tight.

So you won't be jumping around.

You're a terrible liar.

That's why you suck at poker.

Naw, man, you're, uh...

You're all good.

You know, just a couple of scratches.

I told you you're a mean operator for a girl.


I can kick your ass.

No doubt.

[Both chuckle]

Everybody else okay?

Yeah. Yeah.


Everybody's good.


[Breathing slows]


Ravit, come on, girl.


Everybody okay?


Hey. Everybody's all good.

It's all good.

Schma Yisrael...

Adonai Eloheinu...


Ad-adonai Echad.





[Gasping stops]

[Voice breaking] Ravit.


Yeah, that's the spot.


Just trying to keep you from bleeding to death.

[Monitor beeping]

I do still know how to use my powers for good.



I lost four sailors.


Four more.

Well, we thought you might've been the fifth.

It was touch-and-go there for a while.

[Inhales deeply]

Still gonna need to operate and [Sighs] remove this souvenir I found behind your liver.

That can wait.

Actually, it can't.

The shrapnel can move and cut you.

I'm not going under... Not now.

Stubborn as ever.

Says the pot to the kettle.


Thank you.

Jeter: We've taken our share of hits these past few weeks...

Suffered painful losses.

Sometimes, it feels like more than we can bear.

Yet, here we gather, united.


Every time we're called, we answer, "here I am."

We answer knowing that the world, survival of our species depends on our actions here at sea and fullaware that we answer at our own peril.

And still we answer, "here I am."

I'm not gonna put a silver lining around our pain.

Today, we grieve and we remember our fallen, and we thank them for their service to us and to mankind.


Today we grieve, but tomorrow, we do press on.

We continue to answer the call, "here I am."

[Indistinct talking]


You could've run away or saved your own people.

[Sniffles] But you ran back for me.

Wasn't all out of the goodness of my heart.

We need you.

I'm a little, um...

I-I thought I knew what was going on.

There's still a lot I don't know.

I wanted you to be here so you could see who we are.


Whatever was so important in that bag of yours...

Can it help us?