02x12 - Cry Havoc

[Breathing heavily]



Any sign of the sub?

The sonobuoys we placed in the canal indicate they're patrolling in a standard search pattern here to here.

And with Nathan James hiding out here in the pass?

They're closing in on us, sir... Little by little.

How long before they pinpoint our location?

It's hard to say, sir, but it could be a matter of hours.

Once we enter their kill box, it's a shooting gallery.

If we go deeper into the pass, it might buy us a little more time.

Chandler: No.

We're not hiding any longer, and we're not waiting for Ramsey to make the first move.

If that sub's waiting for us at the mouth of the river, we go around... Take her on from the flank.

This ends today.

Aye, sir.

[Radio chatter]

So, this is where it all happens, huh?

Always with the secrecy.

You wonder why people don't trust you.

I know why people don't trust us... You.

And because of that, four of my friends are dead.

Well, Sean lied to me, too.

Right. So, which is it?

Are you with us or are you gonna keep taking shots?

Because we've got work to do.

Can you reconnect to the Valkyrie Network or not?

You have an antenna lead?

Then let's find out.

[Click, device whirring]

So, this woman, Val, is trying to link back into her network?

As we speak.

And you feel we can trust her?

I think she's been won over.

But we'll be observing everything she does.

And we still have no sonar?

No, sir.

Our engineering team is trying to rig up a depth finder, but once we go hot with it, we'll be putting 10 times more current through it than it was designed for.

So it may burn out?

Could last an hour.

More likely, minutes.

And without it?

No sonar, no way to see that sub.

So you'll just have one shot at them?

That's assuming it works at all.


Should be interesting.

I can't have you here when it all goes down...

Not you, not Dr. Scott and her team, not ray and the kids, not the cure.

Especially not the cure.

You can't tell me it's safer on land than here...

Not with roving immune armies and non-immunes conned by Ramsey.

Mr. President, as of today, this ship has gone from being one of the safest places on earth to one of the most dangerous.

You'll disembark with a team of our most experienced operators, led by the X.O., along with the other assets we can't afford to lose.

I understand about the cure, about Dr. Scott, and about the children, but I'm the commander in chief...

Which is why you need to be protected at all costs.

You saw what happened the last time we faced these guys.

There's no real choice here, sir.

Man: Hey!

Hey, you see anything over there?

No. You?

Just a matter of time.

Head east.

Navy ship can't hide long in these waters.

Alisha: We've picked up radio chatter from over a dozen boats in the area.

American civilians are closing in at the mouths of all the canals between us and the open sea...

Here, here, here, and here.

We're completely surrounded.

They're forming a blockade...

Trying to force us toward the sub.

How do you know where they are?

I accessed the Deadman Network and plotted the position of all the phones.

I thought only the immunes had the deadman game.

They do.

Sir, it looks like the immunes and the civilians are working side by side.

Sean Ramsey ordered the blockade directly.

Can't you shut down the network, keep them from communicating altogether?

I built the network so it can't be killed that way.

You'd have to physically disable each relay station.


I thought so.

At the time.

Well, we can't just sit here trapped on the canal.

Give me three operators, a couple RPGs, and a RHIB.

We'll take out the blockade ourselves.

We're not firing on American civilians...

Under any circumstances.

With all due respect, sir, those civilians fired on us...

Drew first blood.

Lieutenant, the president's right.

Even if we use our non-lethals, the instant those civilian boats see us, they'll give our position to the sub.

Then we head right into the ambush...

Take our chances in a dogfight.


There's another way.

I can't kill my network, but I can flood it with disinformation.

Spoof messages saying we're somewhere else...

Send the civilians on a wild goose chase.

And away from us.

Till someone shows up on a jet ski, sees there's only open ocean where we're supposed to be.

Oh, I can take care of that...

Bounce messages off multiple repeaters so the boats think you're on the move.

Then everywhere they show up, it'll look like you just left.

And if the sub bought it...

They'd head North, too.

We could send Ramsey racing to a location of our choosing and cut him off.

That would be your one shot.

Whew. I can almost smell the jambalaya.

You know, I grew up just 20 miles North of here.

I remember.

What? You figure you're getting a homecoming dinner?

What do you mean?

You got eyes, don't you?

Even if we beat that sub, I don't recognize this country anymore.

Well, I guess we'll just have to work a little harder to get it back.

Know what I'm saying?

[Indistinct talking]

You all right, Radish?

Just lost a bunch of my friends.

Maybe gonna lose the rest of them now.

Ravit was the closest thing I had left to family.

But we march on, mate.

It's all we can do.

Do you need help with this, sir?

Thank you.

What's your name, son?

Ray Diaz.

Future secret service man.


Hey, Doc.

[Gun cocks]

Just in case.

Clips to your belt. Wraps around your upper thigh.

I'll let you put it on.



You doing okay?

Good as I can be.

Stay safe out there, okay?

You too.


This sub...

You've beaten them before.

You'll sink it this time.

Don't you dare make me raise this child by myself.

That will not happen.




I'll see you soon.


Figures the one time you don't go with the land team, all the action's gonna be on the ship.

The cure's the thing.

Whatever happens, I know you'll get it where it needs to go.

It's coming right back here.

I'm glad you're so confident.

Well, it sucks, though.

I really wanted to be there when you sank that son of a bitch.

For my family.


[Inhales deeply]



Land teams, let's load up the RHIBs.

Move out!

Slattery: Burk, Miller, you're on POTUS.

Walkies are off. All comms are face-to-face.

We do not, under any circumstances, make contact with the ship.

We are officially dark till we hear from them that they've killed that sub.

We'll be putting juice down all 50 leads now.

It's gonna light up like a flashbulb.


How's it coming?

About halfway through, ma'am.

Thanks for your help, Master Chief.

Kind of shorthanded down here.

Brilliant idea, ma'am...

Turning the depth finder into a sub-hunting sonar.

Yeah, well, it's only brilliant if it works.

Chandler: We're betting that the sub is roughly here.

We're gonna spoof that we're at the mouth of Quarantine Bay.

That should draw the civilians out of the waterways north.

If the sub takes the bait, they'll head along this route.

That's where they'll get the most depth.

And stealth.

Yes, sir.

Assuming the civilians clear the blockade and head upriver, we'll make the turn out of pass a loutre and head northeast up through the Main Pass.

And if all goes as planned, we'll make contact right here.

Hit them while they're looking the other way.

We'll need to be completely silent when we reach the opening, or the sub will hear us coming.

So we build up a good head of steam, kill the engines, and coast into open water, light up that sonar, and fire at whatever's there.

Once sonar's up, we can fix target and fire in less than 10 seconds, sir.

Very well.

Sir, we have a remote connect with CESS so Val can work from here.

This goes wrong, a lot of people are gonna get caught in the crossfire.

It'll work.

Time to flood the network, then.

Let Ramsey's armada know Nathan James has been spotted and on the move.

Start now.

[Exhales shakily, clears throat]


[Keyboard clacking]


I'm not a double agent.

I'm on the ship, too.

I'm not worried.

First sign you're not on our side, I'll kill you myself.



Sir, incoming messages indicate civilians are responding.

They're on the move. Looks like they're buying it.

On the move and headed North.

Just make sure you don't put us too far east.

We need that sub to cross the mouth of the northern pass.

O.O.D., get the ship under way.

Let's move.

Aye, sir.

Hell of a day to sink a ship, is it not?

Right. Yeah!

Any news?

Not yet.

The plan's closing in on him, though.

Civilians got all the escape routes blockaded now.

They'll flush them right out to us, and then it's over.


Multiple sightings of the destroyer, sir.

Speak of the devil. Where?

Says here Quarantine Bay.

You slippery b*st*rd.

Must have flown the Coop before the blockade formed.

Well, so much for your American armada.

They let a 500-foot ship get right past them.

Fret not, Bruv.

I've got a contingency on land for this very reason.

Have Ian ready the rocket battery.

We're gonna give him something to shoot at.

Right, Guv.

We got them.

Don't lose faith in me now.

Set a new course - come 295, Quarantine Bay.

All ahead full.

Aye, sir. Setting new course, 295.

Around the next bend is where we estimated the American blockade to be, sir.

You sure they're all gone.

Should be.

Everyone with a phone, at least.

C.I.C., bridge.

Bring all non-lethal countermeasures online.

If there are American boats around this bend, we do not shoot to kill.

T.A.O., aye.

Combat, ready LAWS and LRAD.

Gator: Here we go, sir.

Chandler: First time in my life, I'm hoping not to see any Americans.

[Exhales deeply]

It worked.

Good job.

Now keep it going.

[Keyboard clacking]

[Animals chattering]

This is it.

Taylor, Miller, Cruz, set security.

Ray, I think it's time you got your people fed.

Remember, rations might have to last us the week.

All right, guys, chow time.

Two granola bars each and half a liter of water.

Next meal's at 1900.

Next mark... Southeast corner of Black Bay.

Got it.


We're keeping the American armada on the move, sir.

If the sub has joined the hunt, I estimate they're here, heading right for our ambush.

How long till we're out of the canal?

10 minutes, sir.


CCS, bridge.

Stand by to go hot with the sonar.

I want to test her out.

Copy that, sir.

Go ahead, Eng.

Sending juice to the sonar head.

[Machinery whirring]



Ma'am, you can cook a steak on this thing.

It's gonna get even hotter once we go active.

Ma'am, can you call the Galley and have them start sending buckets of ice?

I'll organize a team.


Hardest thing about goodbye is...

All the things you didn't say.

All the... Unresolved stuff...

Your feelings, whatnot.

You and the captain...

You'll get a chance to say what you need to.

The hell is that?

Rachel: That child is sick.

Shh. Stay put.

You want me to stay put when you know very well that I can heal her?

Until this battle is over, we don't exist out here.

Once the captain gives the all-clear, we can go after them if you want.

By which stage, she'll be dead.

Excuse me.

Damn it!

Wait! Dr. Scott!


E-excuse me. The girl is sick.

[Guns cock]

Hold it!

Whoa! Whoa!

Listen to me.

Not another step, or I'll shoot!

The girl is sick.

You all are.

We have the cure.

Got him.

Hold your fire, Burk.

I can help you.

Don't lie to me! I know what you are!

I'm not lying to you.

I got the shot. I can take him.

Hold your fire.

Y'all stay back! We don't want no trouble!

[Velcro rips]

Easy, cowboy.

I'm gonna treat the child.

If you want to stop me, you're gonna have to shoot me.

All right?

Stay back.


Stay back!

Lower it, Mase!

It's all right. It's all right.

Give me your hands.

You said you could cure my daughter.

I already have. I already have.

Mase: Sorry we came at you like that. We thought you was immunes.

We was sure of it, the way you came at us.

No one was wearing any masks.

They was the ones gave us the sickness...

At one of they camps.

Wrapped my daughter up in one of they infected blankets.

Couple days later...

First sign of the fever, they kicked us out.

We found a car, but it died on the road a few miles North of here.

Where were you headed?

Back home.

To do what?

To be together.

You're not gonna die.

The cure is contagious as the common cold.

You sure you don't want to give them the shot?

You never tried this on a human before.

It's gonna work, Tex.

All right.

Slattery: Lieutenant Green, bring these people some M.R.E.S and water, please.

Yes, sir.

Y'all with the Navy, then.

Yes, ma'am.

We should tell them.

Tell us what?

When we were there at the immune camp, yesterday morning, right before we left, we heard some people talking.

They said some English ones from the sub was bringing something to Lomas Point...

Something to sink your ship.

What do you mean, "something"?

I got the idea it was some kind of gun or tank...

Serious artillery.

They just said it was something big and it could take you out.

If it's a threat, we better warn them.

Yeah, if we warn them, it could give up both our positions.

Well, then, we got to go after them ourselves.

Lomas Point's just a few miles north of here.

Mr. president?

Do what you got to do.

We'll be fine here.

Tex, Green, gear up.

We take one RHIB. Everyone else stays put.

Burk, it's on you now here.

Don't worry, X.O. I got it.


Lots of sightings, sir.

Ship's on the move again... Heading north-northwest.

It's all the way up to Black Bay.

Sean: He's moving fast.

Too fast for someone trying to tiptoe around a sub.

Bloody hell.


Stand by to go hot with the sonar.

All engines stop. E-stop all main engines.

CCS, bridge, e-stop all main engines.

All stop, aye.

Feather props.

We're drifting into the fight zone.

Keep an eye on our speed as we decelerate.

If we start to lose steerage, I want to know.

Aye, sir.

CCS, captain.

On my call, fire it up.

Aye, sir.

C.I.C., prepare to calculate a fire-control solution.

T.A.O., aye.



[Machinery whirring]

[Sonar pinging]

Where are they?


Shut it down.

[Whirring stops]

What the hell?


I could swear I just heard something.

We got pinged?

No, it was an echo off the sea bottom.

But it's gone now.

Go active sonar?

No. Not yet.

How much speed left?

6 knots, sir.

We lose steering at 3 1/2, approximately 90 seconds from now.

I can't spoof you any deeper into the bay.

It'll look like you're on land.


Roll F.I.S. Green. Ready torpedoes.

T.A.O., aye.


F.I.S. is green.

On my mark.

Target, sir?

I'm working on it.


4 1/2.

Ned: What are you doing?


He's close.


Come right.

Steer course 0-9-5.

Aye, sir.


You got one more in you?

Ready as we'll ever be, sir.

Fire it up on my call.

Spin the prop a moment.

Full slow, rudder a touch to port.

Aye, sir.

Light it up.


[Machinery whirring]

Keep 'em coming!

[Sonar pinging]

Contact! They're here!

[Pinging continues]

Son of a...


He's right below us.

Chandler: We can't fire with them right below us.

Come to full power! All engines ahead, flank three!

Gator: All engines ahead, flank three, aye!

[Engines roar]

We need room.

Engines, all ahead full.

Aye, sir!

They're accelerating.

Right 20-degree rudder.

Stay on him!

C.I.C., prepare to fire. Yes, sir.

Is he turning?

Stay under him.

As soon as the bottom drops off, we dive and fire on my order.


Stay on them!

How fast are they moving?

Approaching 30 knots, sir.

He's going too fast.

CCS, disengage rev limiters. Override engine safeties.

Come on. Kick it into overdrive.

I got a surprise for you.

O'Connor: Come on! We need more ice!

Come on, baby! Stay with me!

Fire torpedoes, sir?

Too close. They're almost right above us.

I'm ready to fire right now, sir.

We'll blow ourselves bloody up!

We can stay under him until we reach deep water.

We're coming up on deep water! He's gonna dive!

How long before we can dive?

Two klicks to the trench, sir.

They have to know we're running for the deep.

They're gonna make a move any second.

On my mark, all back full!

Arm torpedoes.

Aye, sir!

Call it out when we can dive. Yes, sir!

Engage emergency power.


500 meters from the shelf!

Prepare to fire.

Aye, sir.

Fire while diving. Release at 100 meters.

Prepare to dive!

Come on! More ice!

[Electricity crackling]

This thing's going!

No sonar!

Dive now! Dive! Dive! Dive!

[Klaxon blaring]

We're at the drop-off, sir!

All engines back full!

[Engines roar]


Fire torpedoes!

Four downrange now!


Man your station.

85 meters!

90! 95!

Call it!

Fire torpedoes!

Hydrophone effects! We've got incoming!

I count three!

Now four!

Emergency dive!

Full ahead! Point her down!

T.A.O., what's the status of our torpedoes?

Captain, we're blind here. Sonar's out.

He's probably launched on us.

Hard right rudder!

[Engines roar]

Activate prairie/masker air.

Launch acoustic decoys.

[Rapid beeping]

[Beeping quickens]


I need eyes out there. Did we hit them or not?

Man: Torpedo trails, portside, 0-1-0!

All hands, brace for shock!

Holy sh1t!

[Alarm blaring]

We're hit!

D.C. central, dispatch teams to portside midships.

Fire on deck 4, portside amidships!

Fire in the magazine! Fire in the magazine!

Man: Captain, fire in the weapons room!

Flood it! Flood projectiles magazine!

Port shaft is down! No turns on portside shaft!

Enable shaft seal. Head 2-9-0. Maintain evasive action.

Seal compartments, frames 7-2 through 1-2-4, decks 4, 5, and 6.

Set primary boundaries...

Frames 7-2 through 1-2-4, decks 4, 5, and 6.

[Blaring continues]

Commander! O'Connor!

Come on!

Ship's flooding! They're gonna seal us in here!

Ma'am, come on!


Come on. This way.

T.A.O. Status.

Did we hit that sub or not?

We cannot confirm, sir.

Alisha: Magazine's flooded, sir.

We're out of weapons.

Woman:: Yeah. She's getting better.

What are you doing, Doc?

Documenting history.

A contagious cure.


Any word?


T.A.O., what's left in the holster?

Just the rounds in the 5-inch, sir.

How many?


If all we got are surface weapons, we'll make this a surface fight.

Head 2-9-5. Go for shallow water.

We'll make that sub show its ugly face.

[Alarm blaring]

Oliver: Switching to emergency generators!

Pressure hull's buckled, sir! We got to surface!

Shut your mouth!

Turn for target!

Back at them?! Are you completely mad?!

He said, "turn to target," mate! Do it!

Drive them to the rocket battery!

Get us to periscope depth!

Guys, have a look.

That's a truck hauling something heavy.


On me.

Ooh. That is some piece of hardware.

That's a ship killer, all right.

One of those warheads hits the James, she's sunk.

Danny: Looks like the same guys we fought on Solace.

I count seven.

Well, let's see if we can take that bad boy out.


Oh, Tommy. What'd you go and do?

Sir, approaching shoal water fast.

How deep?

35 feet below the keel. Seabed's rock here, sir.

If we touch at this speed, we're gonna take the bottom out of the ship.

Not much longer.

Slattery: It's too late to warn the ship. They're already in firing range.

Okay. Here's the plan, boys.


Good plan.

Not long, guys. This is what we've been waiting for.

I'll draw their fire.

[Machine-gun fire]

Cover me!


Oliver: Dead to rights at 2-9-0!

All full ahead.

Aye, sir.

Arm torpedoes.

Aye, sir.

Submarine on our 6:00, 200 meters, bearing 2-9-5.

They're accelerating!

[Gun cocks]

Max: 400 meters, sir! Locked on target!

Prepare to fire!

Gator: Submarine 300 meters, coming straight at us, sir!

Buttonhook starboard!

Aren't you a little old for this? Eh?


Come on!


[Bones crack]

[Both groaning, grunting]


[Knife plunges]


T.A.O., fire control will fire as 5-inch bears on target on your call.

Aye, sir.

Once that sub clears our superstructure, we fire.


Solved! On your order, sir!

Sub's locked on us! They're going to fire!

Kara: Sir, we still don't have a shot.

Maintain heading!



Cheers, asshole.

T.A.O., let's finish the job.

Fire four at will.

Abandon ship!

[Indistinct shouting]

Get back! Get back to your posts!

Get back to your posts! That's an order!

We're chosen!


[Explosions in distance]

[Explosions continue]

Gator: We did it, sir.

We did it.


Tex: That is a damn fine sight.


Vulture Team...

The sub is sinking.

Saddle up.

We're headed home.

It's over.

It's over.

Come here.

Thank you.

Michener: It worked.

Your cure... It's a miracle.

[Electricity crackling, metal creaking]