01x02 - State of Emergency

Previously on Tyrant...

Barry: Fauzi, it's Barry.

I'm coming for my nephew's wedding.

Emma: Dad doesn't want to go either.

Why do you think he hasn't been back in 20 years?

(gunfire, men shouting)

Barry: They're not my family. You're my family.

Khaled: Bassam.

Barry: Father.

Amira: He's changed, Bassam.

Jamal: Little brother.

Barry: Jamal.

People are always spreading rumors about Ihab.

So he has no plans to blow up my son's wedding?


It's your father.

It should have been you.

He's gone.

Now you are in charge.

Aah. Jamal.

We're going home.

We're not even staying for Grandpa's funeral?

That's good.

What is this?


Mr. Al Fayeed?

I told you we shouldn't have come.

Yes I've got them.

We'll be there soon.

Yes, I will.

Yes, we are taking Bassam to the hospital.


Barry: Sammy?


I'm sorry.

Yussef: Yes.

I'm sure he is.

Yes, I will.


Bassam, I just got confirmation.

Jamal's accident wasn't an accident.

It was an attempt on his life.

Sammy: Wait. Someone tried to kill Uncle Jamal?

Yussef: I'm afraid so.

(monitor beeping steadily)

Cohen: What did he do to make her so angry?

Look at this.

She bit right through the pudendal vein and the circumflex artery.


Tariq: Leila.

Leila: The woman who did this to my husband... who was she?

Tariq: A follower of Ihab Rashid.

Leila: I doubt she was working alone, General.

Tariq: I've already arrested dozens of Ihab's followers.

Put up checkpoints, imposed a curfew.

I'm ready to impose a complete blockade.

No one gets in or out of Ma'an.

No food, no supplies.

Leila: There will be pushback.

From amnesty, the U.N.

Tariq: Would you rather I wait for your husband to get out of surgery?

Leila: Just find Ihab Rashid.

Guard: Step over here.

Guard 2: Your paperwork?

I have to look inside.

Woman: No.

Guard: Come on, come on.

Hands on the car.

Man: It's like this every day.

What did he do?


(man shouting nearby)

(trunk slams)

Curfew's at sundown.

(speaking in foreign language)

Ihab: Mohammed.

Mohammed: Ihab.

Ah, thank god you're all right.

Ihab: Yes, thank him.

And I thank him for sending us Samira.

Where is Kamal?

Mohammed: They arrested him.

But we cleared out his warehouse before the soldiers got there.

Ihab: My uncle has arranged a safe house for us.

Come on! Come.

(cell phone ringing)

Samira: It's my father.

(line ringing)


Fauzi: Where are you?

I've been calling you.

Samira: I'm just buying food in case things get worse.

Fauzi: Samira, you shouldn't be on the streets.

Soldiers just killed three people in Filan.

Samira: I'll be home soon.

Ma'a salama.

Fauzi: Hurry.

Samira: I will, I will.

Fauzi: Samira?

(line clicks)

Samira: I have a bad feeling.

It's-it's the wrong time.

You're not ready.

Mohammed: Ihab?

Samira: General Tariq will kill you.

Ihab: Samira, go home.

Okay? Go home.

Your father needs you.

You've been helpful enough already. Go.

Go home.

Molly: Uh, just put them anywhere. Thanks.

Sammy: Uh, are we really staying here this time?

'Cause I was kind of getting used to that hotel.

Yussef: That might be difficult.

There are security concerns.

Molly: Uh, no. He's kidding.

Adolescent irony can get lost in translation.

Yussef: Ah!

Emma: So, how long are we staying here this time?

Molly: At least until your grandfather's funeral.

Yussef: In the meantime, if you're looking for something to do, we have many activities.

There is a gym and a spa, putting green, bowling alley, a skeet shooting range...

Sammy: Skeet shooting?

Yussef: Your grandfather was an excellent shot.

(cell phone ringing)

Molly: It's your dad.

Excuse me.

Yussef: He once scored a perfect...

Molly: Hey. How's Jamal?

Barry: Uh, he went into surgery just before I got here.

But, uh, I think they're expecting him to make a full recovery.

Molly: Good.

How are you doing?

Barry: Uh, I'm, uh, I'm okay.

I guess.

Listen, can you, uh, can you go online and rebook our flights?

The funeral's tomorrow...

Molly: Come on, stop, stop.

Anytime you want a seat on a plane, someone will get you a seat on a plane.

They'll get you the whole damn plane if you want one.

Barry: Yeah, sure.

I'm just in the habit of...

Molly: Barry...

I know you don't want to be here.

I get that.

Honey, I just want to understand why.

Barry: My father asked me to stay.

In the hospital just before he died.

He was... he was asking me to come back here and help Jamal.

Molly: Help him do what?

(Barry laughs)

Barry: I don't know.

Help him... help him start running the country or, uh...

I don't know.

It's crazy, it's...

Molly: Honey.

Your father's not here anymore.

You don't need to keep running like the doors are slamming closed on you.

Barry: You don't know this place, Mol, it's... it's not like back home.

Listen, um, can we talk about this later?

Molly: Barry...

(Molly sighs)

Ahmed: Don't you want to be here for my father?


Nusrat: I'm just tired, okay?

That's all.

I want to go home.


Ahmed: Nusrat's going back to the palace.

Leila: You should take her.

Your father will be in surgery for the rest of the day.

Ahmed: I want to be here when he wakes up.

Leila: You're a good son.

And you'll make a good husband.

Take Nusrat to her car.

I'll be here.


Ahmed: Uncle.

Barry: Ahmed.

I'm around if you need me.

Ahmed: Thanks.

Barry: Duty nurse said he'd just gone into surgery.

Yussef was kind of vague about his injuries, but he said there was a woman in the car with him.

Leila: Jamal can tell you himself.

Before he went under, he kept asking to see you.

I didn't tell him you tried to run again.

Barry: You know that it's hard for me to be here.

Leila: Clearly.

Maybe someday we can be honest with each other about why.

Leila: Bassam, no.

Barry: Leila!

Where are you going?

How did you find this place?

Leila: My father.

He said it's where the crusaders hid from Saladin.

Barry: Okay, so they don't have this in America.

Leila: You don't get this... in America.

Barry: What are you...?

Leila: I don't want you to go.

Please, don't go.

Don't go.

Barry: Leila...

Leila: I know, Bassam.

Shut up. I know.

At least you have a reason to come back.

Leila: 20 years, Bassam.

20 years, and you're still running away.

Barry: That's my home.

That's my life now.

Leila: Right.

Treating overprivileged children with ear infections.

Barry: Excuse me.

Molly wants me to call her about Jamal.

Ahmed: Sorry if I was a jerk before.

Nusrat: No, you weren't a jerk.

I was.

Ahmed: We weren't expecting to spend our honeymoon this way.

Nusrat: Your mother's right.

You know what?

You're a good husband.

(loud popping)

(tires screeching)

Ahmed: Nusrat?

Fahmy: Leave it!

Get out.


Nusrat: Can't!

It's stuck!

(sirens approaching)

Yahia: Fahmy, look.

Fahmy: Where are you going?!

Get back here!

Ali: Forget it.

Let's just go.

Let's get out of here.

We'll never get her out in time.

(sirens approaching)

They're coming.


Emma: Pull!


I suck at this.

Who's that?

Sammy: Abdul.

Abdul: Salaam alaikum.

Sammy: Uh, walla something.

Abdul:Wa alaikum as-salaam.

Sammy: Right. That thing.

Abdul: Hi.

Sammy: Hello.

Abdul, this is my sister, Emma.

Emma: Hey.

Abdul: Please, um, accept my condolences.

Your grandfather was a great man.

And a great marksman.

Sammy: So we've heard.

Abdul: That's why we're here.

To... remember him.

We're on his team.

Emma: Yeah, we didn't know him very well.

Actually, we didn't know him at all, so it's all pretty weird.

(cell phone ringing)


My friend in the States keeps harassing me.

McKenna, you'll never believe what I'm doing right now.

Abdul: She seems, uh... nice, your sister.

Sammy: She's okay.

So, we're leaving after the funeral, and I thought maybe we could hang out before I go.

Abdul: I'd be disappointed if we didn't.

Leila: This is in our territory, do you understand that?

Tariq: Leila, trust me.

Leila: I don't need this now.

Barry: Something happen with Jamal?

Leila: Nusrat's car has been ambushed.

They're holding her hostage.

Barry: Who is?

Tariq: Ihab Rashid's terrorists.

Barry: Well, what do they want?

They must have demands.

Tariq: We don't negotiate with terrorists.

Ahmed: Do you even know what they want?

Leila: Ahmed.

Let the General do his job.

Ziad: Sir.

We have to leave.

Ahmed: I'm coming with you.

I don't need my mother's permission.

Barry: Call me when Jamal's out of surgery.

I'll be at the palace.

Nusrat: Let me go, and I will do everything I can to make sure you're treated fairly.

Fahmy: Keep her quiet.

Nusrat: Please.

You're making a mistake.

Fahmy: I said shut her up!

Yahia: Shh.

Ali: We should have run when everyone else did.

When we had the chance.

Fahmy: And let my brother rot in prison?

Ali: He'll rot there anyway, and we'll be dead.


We're all going to die because of you.

Fahmy: Then we'll die.

And so will she.

Molly: You're back.

Barry: Yeah, Jamal will be in, uh, surgery most of the day.

But, um... Nusrat is...

Molly: John told me.

It's awful.

Barry: What do you know about what's going on?

Tucker: It's what I know about the players.

With your father gone, Jamal out of commission, Tariq's gonna do what Tariq does: go in hard.

He doesn't have any incentive to resolve this peacefully.

Molly: But he wouldn't risk Nusrat's life.

Tucker: For Tariq, it's not even "consequences be damned."

The consequences give him political cover that he's been looking for.

Molly: Cover to do what?

Tucker: Impose martial law.

That's Tariq's playbook.

So, these "terrorists" holding Nusrat, they're just a bunch of kids in over their heads.

Barry: Can you, uh... can you talk to him?

Tucker: Oh, he wouldn't listen to me.

And I represent the U.S. government.

Now, he might listen to you.

Barry: Me?

Tucker: You're an Al Fayeed.

Barry: I have no standing here.

Tucker: You're Khaled's son.

You're Jamal's brother.

Blood is everything in this place.

You don't need me to tell you that.

Molly: You could try.

John just wants you to talk to him.

Tucker: Listen, if it's not something that you're comfortable doing...

Barry: Uh, I'm not.

Tucker: I get it.

Just a thought.

Walid: Well...

S-so how long will you be staying, Ihab?

Ihab: Don't worry, uncle.

We won't abuse your hospitality.

Walid: No, no, no.

It's just... when you asked for a place to stay, you never mentioned anything about storing weapons, and... if trucks are seen coming and going, it could arouse suspicion, you know?

Ihab: Ah. Uncle.

Walid: Ah, Ihab! Ihab!

Ah! Ah!

Ihab: You have filled your pockets collaborating with the Al Fayeeds.

The only reason I have tolerated you is because you're my father's brother.

Walid: Ihab!

Ihab: Uncle, the time for playing both sides is coming to an end.

Walid: It pains me to hear you make such accusations when my only concern is for your safety, Ihab.

Mohammed: Ihab.

Ihab: Huh.

Mohammed: Kamal's brother Fahmy ambushed a government car.

Ihab: Fahmy?

(groans) He's a child.

Mohammed: He's taken a hostage.

Nusrat Al Fayeed.

And General Tariq is there.

Barry: I came to look for you, but...

Amira: John Tucker told me you refused to approach Tariq.

Barry: Was it Tucker asking me or was it you?

Amira: Well, what difference does it make?

The situation is the situation.

Barry: It didn't feel like my place to get involved.

Amira: Your father is dead, your brother was nearly killed, your nephew's wife is being held hostage.

What more needs to happen before you feel compelled to get involved?

Barry: I'm just here to pay respects to my father.

Amira: How dare you.

You can't pay your respects to a man who you disrespected your whole life.

Who spent his whole life waiting for his son to come home to him.

He loved you, and you broke his heart.

I'm only glad that he died before he had to see you run away again.

Barry: I am not running away.

I'm going home.

Amira: Must be nice.

To absolve yourself of all responsibility.

To have a place where you can go.


Where the pain of your family doesn't follow you.

You think I couldn't have used a pasadena every once in a while?


Officer: Put three on position two and one on position one, two contact.

(clears throat)

Tariq: Bassam, what are you doing here?

This is no place for you.

Barry: What's the, uh, situation?

Tariq: (scoffs) You think I have time to brief you?

Barry: Uncle, I understand that they're children.

Tariq: Who told you this?

John Tucker?

(chuckles) Of course. Who else?

These americans... childhood in America is a different thing.

Terrorists start young here, like gymnasts.

Barry: Have you offered them anything?

Tariq: Yes, 20 minutes before I go in and kill them all.

Bassam... or should I call you Barry?

This is not a game.

Are your men in position?

Ali: They're not talking to us, Fahmy.

They won't negotiate.

Fahmy: Then we'll kill her.

Ali: Don't say that.

Fahmy: Why not?

Why does she deserve to live any more than any of us?

Ali: You're crazy.

Fahmy: Because they are making us crazy!

My brother did nothing, but they put him in prison.

And he'll die there unless I get him out.

Nusrat: You have never seen a woman's breasts before... have you?

Yahia: Not in real life.

I always wanted to see them.

In real life.

Nusrat: There's a woman out there for you somewhere.

But you'll never find her; not if you stay here.

They're not watching the back door.

You can untie me, and we can walk out of here together.

You don't deserve to die here.

(soldiers talking)

Ziad: Sniper team has a line of sight on one of the terrorists.

Tariq: Take one out and move on target.

Barry: Uncle...

Tariq: We're done talking.

Barry: No, we're not.

Look, it's my niece in there.

If you won't wait for my brother, then at least let me go in and talk to them.

Tariq: So I can tell Jamal when he's out of surgery I let his brother get himself killed?

Go back to the palace, Bassam.

Better yet, go home.

Barry: You know what?

I get it.

You don't even want Nusrat to get out of this, do you?

Because if she lives, then you lose your excuse to crack down on Ihab and his followers.

Tariq: I won't even dignify that with an answer.

Barry: I'm going in there.

Tariq: Bassam!

Let him go.

Nusrat: Please, please, please...

Fahmy: Idiot.

I told you don't talk with her!

You need to listen to me!

What the hell are you doing?

Ali: I'm not waiting for them to come in here and kill us.

Fahmy: What about my brother, huh?

Ali: Get up.

Fahmy: Ali!

Ali: I'm walking out with her, and begging for our lives.

Fahmy: Now you're the one who's crazy!

You think they'll just let you go?

Ali: We'll find out.

Fahmy: Come on, let her go.

Ali: Or what?

You'll shoot me?

Fahmy: If I have to.

Yahia: Guys.

Fahmy: Shut up!

Don't test me, Ali.

Let go of her.

Yahia: Look.

(Nusrat groans)

Barry: I'm unarmed.

Fahmy: Don't come any closer.

Barry: I just want to talk.

Fahmy: I said don't move.

Ali: Fahmy!

Let's hear what he has to say.

Fahmy: Fine.


Barry: You okay?

Ali: Who are you?

Fahmy: He asked you who you are.

Barry: I'm Barry...

Bassam Al Fayeed.

Fahmy: Jamal's brother?

Barry: And Khaled's son.

Fahmy: See? He's an even better hostage than she is.

They will definitely trade him for my brother.

Barry: No.

That's never gonna happen.

But any minute now, Tariq's men are gonna come in here and kill all three of you.

None of us has to die.

Not if you listen to me.

Fahmy: Why should we listen to you when no one listens to us?

Ali: Let him talk.

Barry: Tariq won't be satisfied with you, do you understand?

He'll go after your fathers and your uncles and your cousins.

But if you put your weapons down and walk out of here with me, I promise you, I'll do everything I can to make sure you're fairly treated.

Fahmy: Bullshit!

Ali: Fahmy...

Fahmy: He is Al Fayeed!

Barry: Only an Al Fayeed can save you now.

Tariq: You should have told me he was coming.

I won't forget you didn't.

Ziad: General.

Soldier: Coming out!

Ahmed: Nusrat!

Soldier: Move in!

(Tariq whispering)

(Nusrat sobbing)

Barry: Uncle.

Please, let them go.

Show them some mercy; they're just kids.

I gave them my word.

Tariq: Your word?

Barry: As an Al Fayeed.


Tariq: A month from now, one of them would have turned up at a bus stop or a train station wearing a bomb.

Better their blood than ours.

Yussef: Bassam, come.

You saved Nusrat.

If not for you, she would have been killed, too.

Let's go.

Cohen: You suffered severe lacerations and a lot of tissue damage, but we managed to repair the pudendal vein and most of the necrosis around the bulbar...

Jamal: - English.

Speak english.

Did you fix me?

Cohen: The surgery was successful.

Jamal: You're not answering my question.

Cohen: I'm trying, Mr. President.

Jamal: Just tell me.

Will it work again?

Cohen: It should.


But we'll know more once you've had time to heal.

(Jamal sighs)

(Jamal chuckles)

Jamal: You are enjoying this, aren't you?

Leila: Dr. Cohen, could you please wait for me outside?

Cohen: Of course.

Mr. President.

(door opens and closes)

Leila: Jamal, your father, whom I loved very much, died the day of our son's wedding.

Then, you nearly unmanned yourself and left me a widow.

How could I possibly take any pleasure in this?

Jamal: Did you hear what she called me?

"Mr. President."

Leila: Something happened while you were in surgery...

Mr. President.

(quiet chatter)

Cohen: Thank you.

Leila: My husband needs to deliver the eulogy tomorrow at his father's funeral.

He needs to be on his feet.

Cohen: I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Leila: The president can't deliver the eulogy from a wheelchair, can he?

Cohen: As long as he's careful.

Leila: Good.

I'd also like to remind you to keep this confidential, because if the story leaks, or it's on twitter, there will be consequences.

Cohen: Don't threaten me, Mrs. Al fayeed.

Leila: Dr. Cohen...

How old is your son now, Arya?


I've been told he has a beautiful smile.

Thank you, doctor.

Barry: How is he?

Leila: Still Jamal.

Barry: Can I go in?

Leila: Bassam.

Ahmed told me what you did.

Barry: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Okay. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's all right.

Shh. It's okay. Shh.

(Leila crying)

Leila: Oh.

You need to go to your brother.

(Leila sighs deeply)

Barry: Jamal.

Easy on the morphine.

Jamal: There he is.

The great American hero.

Barry: I doubt uncle Tariq would agree.

Jamal: Tariq.

Father called him "the hammer."

For him, every problem is a nail.

But, you know, sometimes you need a hammer.

(Jamal sighs)

This motherless pig, Ihab Rashid... he tried to kill me.

And he will try again unless I kill him first.

I need to be stronger, brother.

Like father.

Barry: You're ready for this, Jamal.

Jamal: Of course I am.

Why wouldn't I be?

Khaled: Jamal, get out right now, get out.

No please.

Do you hear me?


Get out of the car.

No. (gunshot)

Barry: There.

It's done.

Leave him alone.

My whole life I have been getting ready.

I knew this day will come.

Only, some part of me believed he will live forever.

I keep expecting him to walk through that door.


Angry, of course.

How do you work this?

Molly: Hey.

You been up this whole time?

Barry: I keep thinking about those boys.

Molly: Oh... baby.

That's not your fault.

You did everything you could.

Barry: Yeah.

Molly: You saved Nusrat.

Barry: I understand their anger... powerlessness.

When I was their age, I was so ashamed.

"What does your family do?"

"Oh, us? We're in the oppression business."

Molly: Oh, I think it was a little more complicated than that.

Barry: Yeah, but... I was a teenager.

I thought I only had bad choices.

Live with this obscene privilege and pretend like there's no price to any of it, or protest on the streets against my own father.

(Molly sighs)

Fauzi could speak his mind. I couldn't.

And so I ran away.

Denied all of it.

Watched thousands of hours of american TV so I didn't even sound like them.

Molly: When I first met you, buried in your books, I knew you were hiding.

I wanted to call you Bassam, remember?

I thought it was a beautiful name.

But you wouldn't let me.

You said you were Barry now.

Barry: And those arguments I made don't seem to hold up so well anymore.

Not with my father gone.

I'm an Al Fayeed.

That means I'm a powerful man here.

Even if I run away again, isn't that still on my head?

Whenever Tariq acts in my brother's name, whenever Jamal is too weak to say, "no, enough," won't there be blood on my hands no matter how far away I run?

Molly: Are you asking my permission to stay?

Barry: I look at those boys.

They died for their brother.

Now what do I say to mine?

♪ ♪

Sammy: How friggin' crazy is this?

Emma: How crazy is it what dad did yesterday?

I mean, what the hell?

Sammy: That was actually pretty cool.

Emma: It was totally reckless.

What, dad's some kind of action hero all of a sudden?

It's dad.

This... the whole weekend has been completely surreal.

(man singing in arabic)

Molly: Thank you.

John: Thank you.

Molly: You doing all right?

Barry: Yeah.

Jamal: Bassam.

Barry: I'll be right back.


Jamal: Tell my wife I can't read this sh1t.

Leila: You approved it.

Jamal: I was medicated.

This is no eulogy for a son to say over his father.

These are empty words written by a flunky.

Leila: These people... the entire nation... are expecting their new president to pay tribute.

Barry: Let me talk to my brother.

Leila: No, there is no other speech, Bassam.

(Barry clears throat)

Jamal: See?

It's bullshit.

Barry: You in pain?

How much, out of ten?

Jamal: Eleven.

Barry: Did you take anything?

Jamal: I'm eulogizing our father, Bassam.

I need my wits.

(singing ends)

Jamal: What do you think I should say, Bassam?

Barry: Forget the speech.

Jamal: And say what?

Barry: Hey, just tell them the truth.

(Jamal exhales)

Leila: Why do you have the speech?

Barry: It's okay.

♪ ♪

Jamal: My family, fellow countrymen, and visiting friends.

I am here...


It wasn't always easy being my father's son.

In fact, it was never easy.

My father was a hard man to please.



But only a hard, stubborn, demanding man could have healed the deep wounds inflicted by generations of civil strife and forged a lasting peace.

Only a hard, stubborn, demanding man could have summoned the strength to unite this great nation and lead it into the community of nations.

Today I stand before you to remember not just the ruler, but the man.

Not just the father who raised this great nation, but my father, who raised me and my brother.

Who taught us that without family, we have nothing.

Without family, we are nothing.

Molly: You okay?

(phone vibrates)

Jamal: Hello.

Barry: Jamal, it's, uh, it's me, Bassam.

So, um...

What would you think if I hung around for a while?

Jamal: Oh, Bassam.

Barry: Is that the vicodin talking or is that a yes?

Jamal: That is a yes, yes.

Thank you, little brother.