01x07 - Preventative Medicine

Previously on "Tyrant"...

Sheik Rashid: I demand to sit down with President Jamal Al Fayeed.

Jamal: He demands?

Barry: This is it.

You can finish something our father couldn't.

Jamal: Where should we start?

Sheik Rashid: If you allow there to be open and free elections for the office of President of Abbudin.

Tariq: The constitution does not call for these elections.

And in fact, may have created for ourselves the mechanism of our own demise.

Katerina: No hello?

No "I missed you"?

Barry: There are people that have come from all over the world to see you do what you are about to do; You are making history today.

(Sheik Rashid violently coughs)

(Jamal grunts)

(Sheik Rashid gagging)

(Jamal grunts)

(Indistinct conversation)

John: Well, Sheik Rashid may have been trying to stir the pot when he called you Jamal's lion tamer, but he wasn't wrong, huh?

Barry: Can we all stop talking about that?

John: A lot of people in this room... would've never believed that he'd go for this kind of political reform.

And if you hadn't brought him to the table, I suspect some of them might have forced the issue.

Barry: What do you mean, "forced the issue"?

John: Jamal's lucky you're here.

Let's leave it at that.

Barry: Don't underestimate my brother.


Molly: Sheik Rashid just collapsed in the men's room... they're saying he's dead.

Barry: Jesus.

What happened?

Namir: He must have fallen.

He's not breathing.

Ihab: No, no, no!

You don't touch my father!

Barry: We're both doctors.

Molly: He needs help.

Namir: Ihab, Ihab, please.

Molly: His forehead is contused.

Ihab: You, you, you saw no one coming in and out of here after my father, hmm?

Security guard: No, sir.

Ihab: No one?!

I want full access to the security videos.

Jamal: Ihab...

I'll personally make sure you get everything you need.

Molly: Wait, wait, I got a pulse.

It's thready, but it's definitely there; He's in respiratory arrest.

Barry: How far out are the EMTs?

Security guard: They're coming up now.

Molly: Okay, begin CPR. Someone keep his neck stable.

Give me your phone, I'll page Dr. Mansour. He's chief of neurology at the hospital.

(Jamal sighs)

Emma: You're at the airport?

Jenna: I'm about to make my connection in Heathrow.

I almost missed my flight; saved by mechanical trouble again.

How's that for dumb luck?


Sorry, it's in here somewhere.

Emma: Hey, aunt Jenna's coming.

Sammy: Here?


Emma: Now.

Sammy: Aw, you got to hand it to her.

Emma (Sighs): The thing is, this really isn't such a good time to visit.

Jenna: Oh, and, Em... Don't tell your mother.

I want to surprise her.

Emma: Because you know how much mom loves surprises.

Jenna: Love you, guys.

(Laughing): Very excited.

(Phone beeps)

(Ihab sighs)

Ihab: Bring it to me.

Because I want to see it for myself.

(Phone beeps)


My people have reviewed the security video from the hotel.

Namir: And?

Ihab: And... father was alone... in the bathroom.

(Ihab sighs)

Namir: You seem disappointed.

Ihab: No.

Namir: Ihab.

There's been no evidence of foul play.

Ihab (Whispers): I don't trust the Al Fayeeds.

Namir: Those Al Fayeeds just saved our father's life.

(Ihab scoffs)

(Jamal sniffs)

(Tires screech)

(Engine shuts off)

(Door opens)

Jamal: Are you coming?

Leila: And pretend to be concerned about the sheik's well-being?

Maybe this is Allah's way of telling you how foolish this election is.

Jamal: You finished?

Leila: Take me back to the palace.

Mansour: There was significant subdural swelling, so we had to induce a coma to relieve the pressure on the brain stem, so his condition is stable, at least for now.

Ihab: So... from everything...

...from... everything you have seen you are sure he fell?

Mansour: We won't know exactly what happened until he is conscious.

Usually the drugs take 24 hours to wear off and then we will get a sense of really what we are looking at here.

Namir: But he will wake up?

Mansour: Look, he is not young and he has preexisting medical issues.

But if there are no further complications, I am reasonably hopeful that he will regain consciousness.

Jamal: Out of respect for your father's condition, I have postponed the signing.

If there is anything you need, anything at all, just ask.

I have put the hospital staff on notice as well.

Namir: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. President.

Jamal: May I have a word, Bassam?

(Jamal groans)

So... the doctor said he could still wake up?

Barry: He could, but given his age, it's, you know...

Jamal: So, you don't think so?

Barry: Jamal, I don't know.

Jamal: If you were to guess 50-50, 60-40?

Barry: Is this why you brought me in here?

Jamal: I needed 100%.

Barry (Scoffs): Look...

Look, I want him to wake up, too, but, uh, he's an old man, so...

Jamal: I need it to be 100% that he doesn't.

Barry: Why?

Jamal: What difference does it make?

It's what I need.

He just can't wake up.

Who knows what he's going to say.

He could lie... try and blame everything that's happened to him on me.

Barry: Jamal, what did you do?

Jamal: He was mocking me.

Barry: Okay.

So, what did you do?

When the sheik wakes up, what is he going to say?

Jamal: He's not going to wake up, Bassam.

You're my brother; I need you to see to it.

I already took care of the security video at the hotel.

Barry: Oh, my God.

Jamal: The sheiks trust you.

They think you saved their father's life.

You just slip into the room...

Give him something...

Finish the job.

I'll sign the amendment.

We'll hold the elections, just like you planned, just like you want.

Barry: Do you hear yourself?

Jamal: Fine.

Let's just let him wake up.

Tell his story, forget your precious elections.

Let's have a civil war.

This what you want?

(Barry groans)

Barry: You know what I want?


I want to go home.

I'm done here.

Jamal: Fine. Go.

Run away, Bassam, like you always do.

It's all your fault anyway.

These elections were a stupid idea.

Barry: All the king's horses and all the king's men...


I finally get it, Jamal.

I do.

You're broken.

And I can't fix you.

Preventative Medicine

Leila: I'm not normally superstitious, Jamal, I don't believe in signs or symbols, but...

This accident could be an omen we should heed.

Jamal: Did you know we have a compound in the Maldives?

Leila: Did you hear what I just said?

This is an opportunity for you to call off these ridiculous elections.

Jamal: It just sits there, untouched, unoccupied.

Palm trees...

Swaying in the wind.

I was 11 the last time I was there.

I spent the whole day... making this.

That's the last time I felt completely free.

We should go. Tonight.

Leila: To the Maldives?

(Jamal sighs)

Jamal: We can lay on the beach naked.

No one will even know who we are.

We'll be anonymous.

Leila: Why would you want to be anonymous?

You are an Al Fayeed.

Jamal: In my lifetime, I have killed seven people.

Did you know that?


Six... on the field of battle.

One in a bar in Tangiers.

One of my own men called my father an exterminator.

I crushed his skull with a table leg.

Leila: Why are you telling me this?

Jamal: Because I want you to know I... know how to kill a man.

I know what death feels like when it's present.

I think I must have confused the smell of old age... of infirmity... with death.

When I heard the sound his skull made against the tile, I was sure he was dead.


Apparently I... I was wrong.

It wasn't even something I planned.

Leila: Oh, my God, Jamal.

Jamal: If he wakes up, everyone will know this horrible thing I did.

Leila: It's not horrible.

It's beautiful.

That man? That is the man I married.

Jamal doesn't give power.

He takes power.

And if the people rise up, you'll bring them down.

And if the world hates us, you'll just build a beautiful new hospital.

Jamal: Bassam says I'm broken.

Leila: Bassam has been poisoning your mind with foolish ideas.

We don't need him.

We can do anything together.

Jamal: Well... let's go to the Maldives.


I'll call for the plane.

Where's the telephone?

Leila: Jamal.

What's wrong with you?

We are in the middle of a crisis, we can't just leave.

Jamal: Why not?

You just said we can do anything we want.

Leila: I need to prepare a draft for the speech when the sheik dies or... for when he doesn't.

You had enough.

(Phone rings)

Barry: Hey.

I'm, uh, sorry I ran away without saying good-bye.

Molly: I understand.

Honey, uh, the sheik seems to have stabilized a bit.

Brain swelling's down slightly.

So that's good news.

Barry: Yeah. Yeah, good news.

Molly: Listen, we're shorthanded.

I'm probably pulling an all-nighter, if you can believe it.

Barry: Sure, uh, we'll talk tomorrow.

Molly: Okay.

Hey, Barry?

It's gonna be okay.

I love you.

Barry: I love you, too.

Amira: Molly?

(Barry sighs deeply)

You look tired.

Barry: It's, uh...

It's been a bad day.

Amira: What happened to Sheik Rashid?

Are we absolutely sure that there was no foul play?

Barry: What are you talking about?

Amira: Do you think what happened today was an accident?

Barry: Why would you ask me that?

Amira: 20 years ago, your father tried to sit down with Sheik Rashid to end a civil war.

Just as you are doing now.

And just as happened to you, fate intervened.

(Barry laughs)

Barry: What do you mean, fate intervened?

The Rashids bombed an army barracks and my father responded by gassing his own people. Is that what you call fate?

Amira: That's not what happened.

(Barry scoffs)


History is almost never the story of what actually happened, Bassam.

It wasn't sheik Rashid or his followers who bombed our soldiers.

Barry: Then, who was it?

Amira: Your Uncle Tariq.

He bombed his own barracks and blamed the sheik.

All in order to scuttle the peace talks.

Barry: I don't believe you.

Amira: And when your father refused to take the bait, Tariq gassed Ma'an without your father's consent.

Barry: You knew this whole time... and you didn't tell me?

I have spent my entire life ashamed of my father.

Hating him for something you now say he didn't do.

Amira: Bassam.

Barry: I-I always knew that the Al Fayeeds had a special talent for cruelty, but this...

Amira: Your father forbade me.

And he was afraid that knowing the truth would put you in danger.

Tariq is the most dangerous man you know.

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that he tried to kill the sheik.

(Barry laughing)

Barry: Tariq didn't kill the sheik, mother.

Amira: How can you be sure?

Barry: Because the sheik would be dead.

Does Jamal know?

Amira: No.

Barry: Besides you and Tariq, who else knows the truth about Ma'an?

Yussef: I understand. Don't worry.

He's here now.

Barry: My mother?

Yussef: Bassam...

Barry: How-how did you work alongside my Uncle all these years?

H-how does he say something about the weather or-or what you had for lunch and you smile?

Yussef: To survive, you do what you have to do.

Barry: So... so it turns out that my-my father was the soft one.

The man of peace.

Yussef: So far as he could be.

So far as this place would allow.

I'm so sorry, Bassam.

Barry: He died knowing that I hated him.

Yussef: Maybe you can finally come to terms with him.

Barry: No.

No, he-he makes even less sense to me now than he did before.

He was... he was cold, he was cruel, he was distant.

He humiliated Jamal.

And look how well my brother learned from him.

He put a gun in my hand when I was ten years old.

Yussef: As I recall, you picked up the gun yourself.

Barry: To save my brother.

Now, h-how does a man that works for peace make his child into a murderer?

Yussef: To prepare you for the world you were born into.

To teach you the rules.

Those who are feared make peace; those who are not get killed.

That's why your father and your Uncle could work together, even after the betrayal.

Your father could be kind because your Uncle was cruel.

Barry: No. No, it's...

Yussef: No, what?

It's not neat?

It's not simple?

Here nothing is black and white.


Barry: So this makes sense to you, does it?

Yussef: In its way, yes.

Barry: And the man I killed, how do I make sense of that?

Malik Hassad.

That was the name of the man I shot.

Yussef: I remember.

Barry: I want you to get me the address of his family.

Katerina: Hey, you. I thought our date was Tuesday.

Jamal: I needed a vacation.

Katerina: Well, I'm glad that I was home.

Jamal: I had to get away from everyone who expects something from me.

Katerina: Well, you can hide inside me.


Jenna: Shut... the front... door.

Shut the solid gold, ivory-inlaid front... this is so much nicer than my studio.

Though I do have a great view of a bus stop.

Sammy: Yeah, I guess it takes some getting used to.

Jenna: It's funny.

I never thought your dad was that great of a catch.

Emma: Not that you're the best judge.

Jenna: That is so true.

So where's your mom?

Sammy: The hospital.

Started working there a couple weeks ago.

Jenna: Of course she did.

You know what I just realized?

I've never been the guest of a dictator before.

(Moaning, grunting)


Katerina: That was something.

Jamal: (Sighs) No.

Katerina: What, you don't think so?


Whatever demons you're exorcizing, I wish they haunted you every time.

Jamal: If I... weren't president... would you say that?

Katerina: What?

Jamal: Would you flatter me?

Would I be here, with you, like this, if I wasn't the president?

Katerina: What kind of a question is that?

Would you be here with me if I wasn't pretty?

I mean, we are who we are.

I don't know.

Jamal: So it matters to you.

Katerina: That you're the president?

I couldn't care less.

In here, you're just a man that I love being with.

Jamal: That's good. Because I don't really like being president.

I don't think it's good for me.


I'm not very good at it.

I would walk away from all of this in a heartbeat and never look back.

Have you ever been to the Maldives?

Katerina: The Maldives?

Jamal: They are islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean...

Katerina: Mm-hmm.

Jamal:...with the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen.

Miles, Katerina, miles of white sand, gentle waves.


Would you come with me?

Katerina: Stop teasing me.

Jamal: I'm not teasing you.

Katerina: Mmm?

Jamal: I show you something.

(Grunts, sniffs)

(Katerina chuckles)

(Jamal chuckles)

I made this when I was...

11 years old.

Katerina: It's beautiful.

Jamal: What if we went there together and never came back?

Katerina: Mmm.

(Both chuckle)

Jamal: What would you miss?

Katerina: Um, I'd miss my cat.

Jamal: Okay.

(Katerina chuckles)

Ask me what I would miss.

The country?

The people?

I wouldn't miss them.

Not for a second.

Katerina: That can't be true.

Jamal: You know what I miss?

I miss me.

I miss me being happy.

Katerina: Well, how do you know the Maldives would make you happy?

(Jamal Sighs)

Because that's the last time I was happy.

I'm still the president.

Say yes.

Malik: Please, I have a family.

No, please.





Barry: Hi, uh, I'm sorry to bother you.

I'm looking for the family of Malik Hassad.

Woman: Oh, they don't live here anymore.

Not for a long time.

Barry: Do you know what happened to them?

Woman: You know the father was shot for being a traitor?

Barry: Yeah.

Yeah, I heard, um...

What about his wife and children?

Woman: Uh, they moved away.

Afraid the government would come looking for them.

Barry: Right.

Woman: The family that moved in after were all killed in the gas attack.

All around here, all these houses.

Everyone died.

But not the Hassads.

They escaped.

(Man praying in arabic)

(Fauzi chuckles)

Barry: Don't say it. I know.

Fauzi: I thought I was seeing things.

Barry: It's been a long time.

Fauzi: It feels good, doesn't it?

Why are you here, Bassam?

Why today?

Barry: I finally reached my tipping point.

Fauzi: You know, I...

I heard about the sheik.

I know how much you invested in this.

Barry: You think you get a handle on this place, you... you think you know how to get from point "a" to point "b."

And then it punishes you for your arrogance.

It is an unwinnable game.

Fauzi: Oh, you don't know that.

This game is not over yet.

Bassam, this place is messy.

And I don't know how tomorrow will be, and... and when the sun goes down, it will set on a thousand things that I could never have predicted.

But since you came home, my friend, I'm looking forward to it.


With hope.

(Short laugh)

For the first time in 20 years, I have hope.

Barry: Oh, don't say that.

Fauzi: It's true.

Forget about certainty.

Hope is enough.

Jenna: This place is amazing.

Your life is amazing.

Molly: It's very complicated.

Jenna: Everyone's life is complicated.

Mine's complicated and boring.

Complicated and intermittently depressing.

You should get some perspective.

Molly: I know, I have perspective.

Jenna: Emma and Sammy told me all about what you're doing.

You're hardly just a doctor, sis.

All the work with the world health organization.

And Barry's political stuff. You were always way too modest.

Molly: I'm actually really happy to see your face.

It feels a little bit like home.

It hasn't been easy here these past couple months.

I mean, I thought I was coming here on vacation, you know?

For a week.

Well, it's going a lot better now.

I think we found our footing, all of us, and... it'll be good for Sammy and Emma that you're here.

Jenna: I'd like to stay.

Molly: Yeah, of course. I'm not gonna put you in a hotel.

We have plenty of room. Plenty of rooms.

Jenna: No, I'd like to... stay.

Molly: How long... what about your job?

Jenna: I can't work at a place that doesn't respect me.

Molly: You could try.

Jenna: My boss came on to me, and when I told him no, he fired me.

Molly: Well, you should sue him, then.

Jenna: And we had an affair in between and I broke up his marriage and then I thought that was a mistake.

I'm not in love with this guy.


I need some time to clear my head.



You always end up on your feet.

And I end up on my ass.

You can afford to pick me up, every once in a while.

Molly: I always pick you up.

I got to get back to work.

Barry: Namir.

Any change?

Namir: No.

Which Dr. Mansour says is a good thing.

Barry: Would you mind if I... if I spent a few minutes with your father?

There's something I want to say to him.

Namir: Sure, please.

Barry: Thank you.

Ihab: Hey, Amriki.

I, um...

I've lived my whole life hating your family.

Barry: I understand.

More than you know.

Ihab: Hmm.

I still believe that the time for your family's rule, it is coming to an end. But...

I am grateful to you for bringing my father back to me.


(Pulls chair)

Barry: I don't know if you can hear me.

There's something I need to tell you.

It wasn't my father who ordered the gas attack on ma'an.

Who betrayed you and sabotaged the peace process.

It was my Uncle.

(Short laugh)

Probably makes no difference to you, you... you probably think that one Al Fayeed is pretty much interchangeable with another, but, um...

But to me it makes all the difference.

Because it means...

That my father meant what he said to you 20 years ago.

He wanted to make peace.

I have a chance... to finish what he started.

To do what you and I talked about when we walked in your garden that night.

But I know you're the only one in the way of making that happen.

I know I have no right to take what I'm taking.

And I have racked my brain trying to think of any other way.

But the worst thing about evil... is that it forces you to become evil in return.


It won't happen right away.

It may take a few hours.

But you won't feel any pain.

If you can hear me...

I hope you can forgive me.

Or at least understand why I'm doing this.


I want you to know that you're dying as you lived... for the people of Ma'an.



(Phone vibrating)


Jamal: Hello?

Barry: Jamal.

It's me.

Jamal: Yeah.

Barry: That, um... situation that you wanted me to handle...

It's done.

Jamal: What do you mean, "done"?

Barry: I mean the man that you were worried about...

He's gone.

Or will be in the next few hours.

Jamal: You...

You did it, Bassam?

Barry: Yes.

Jamal: For me?


Barry: Yes.

(Exhales, chuckles)

Jamal: Oh, Bassam.


I thought you'd leave again.

Barry: I know I said that, but, um...

Jamal: You love me.

Barry: We're brothers.

Are-are you at the palace?

Jamal: No. Why?

Barry: Because when this happens, you're gonna need to make a statement.

About how much you admired him.

And about how much he will be missed.

Jamal: Yeah.

Of course.

I'll be there soon.

Listen, Bassam...

I love you.

Thank you.

Katerina: Was that the pilot?

They getting the plane ready?

No one's ever left anyone for me before much less a whole country.



I was just dreaming that we were in the Maldives.

I swear, it was so real. I could... hear the waves and... feel the sand on my feet.

It was the most beautiful place I've ever been.

(Muffled shout)


(Muffled shouting)

Barry: One more.

Man: Right away.

Barry: You know what, forget it.

Just-just bring me the bottle.

(Phone rings)

Barry: Hey.

Um, sorry I didn't call you back.

I've been... uh, dealing with some things.

Molly: I know.

So, guess who rolled into town on her train of disaster.

Barry: Molly, let's-let's talk about it later, okay?

Molly: Yeah.


(Alarm beeping)

Doctor: He's coding!

Load an amp of epi.

Come on!

(Beeping faster)

Doctor: Keep trying.

(Flatline tone)

Molly: I got this. I'll take over. I'll take over.

(Flatline continues)

(Line ringing)

John: Hello?

Barry: Tucker.

Listen, I need you to meet me in the Plaza.

John: It's 4:00 in the morning.

Barry: Yesterday at the signing you said there were people who didn't think my brother was up to the job.

I need their names.

John: Why? Barry, what's going on?

Barry: Jamal can't run this country. I know that now.