01x10 - Gone Fishing

Previously on Tyrant...

Barry: There will be no peace in Abbudin with my brother in power; he has to be removed.

John: So you want to have a coup, oust your own brother?

We need to remove Tariq before we remove Jamal.

You have three days to turn Jamal against Tariq.

You'll have to come up with a credible reason to send Molly and the kids back to the States before this goes down.

And, uh, until then, best to keep her in the dark.

Why would you stay here if Jamal won't even be president?

There's nothing you can do.

Molly, I'm taking his place.

They hang people in this part of the world for this sh1t, Barry.

You will assume my uncle's position as head of Abbudin's military.

General Tariq, you are hereby under arrest for treason.

Let whatever happens here happen without you.

Come on. Just come home with us.

Don't expect us to come back.

See, Bassam?

I don't murder family.

No matter how treacherous.

How... traitorous.

Tariq: You were a killer when you were nine years old, and you still are.

I know your soul, Bassam.

Killer! I know who you are!

(birds singing)

Jamal: Bassam, which one you prefer?

Barry: Uh, whichever's fine.

Jamal: No, you have to choose.

Barry: What's the difference?

Jamal: One is black, one is red.

Barry: I'll take the black one.

Jamal: I prefer the red. That's fine.


The lures, uh, I have picked for both of us.

I hope you don't mind.

(Barry laughs)

This one, uh... was father's favorite.

Barry: The fatma jig. I remember.

Once caught a 20-pound yellowtail with that.

Jamal: It was me who caught the yellowtail, as I remember.

Barry: Yeah, you're right.


Tariq still won't name names, huh?

Barry: Well, maybe there are no names to name.

Jamal: There are always names.

And Ziad will get them for me.

Ziad: The president... he was very insistent on knowing every name.

Tariq: There are no names.

There is no coup.

Other than the one you are planning.

Ziad: We shall see about that.

Tariq: Yes, I know.

Most days, I stood where you are standing, so I know how this goes.

I'll make up names, Ziad, if you'll tell me why you're betraying me.

Did I abuse you too much?

Humiliate you?

You made it so easy.

I still can't fathom how I could've missed it.

Your hatred.

Your ambition.

Ziad: Now, that's insulting.

Tariq: Why don't you just kill me and end this charade?

Ziad: Think of this as my first act of penance for all the unspeakable acts of cruelty I committed on your behalf.

Shadid: Under orders from the President, General Ziad has taken control of all the military bases and secured the perimeter of the capital.

Your brother has placed the noose around his own neck.

Barry: Thank you, General Shadid.

Yussef: This is Ayoob Aziz, the new head of Palace security.

Barry: We're counting on you, Mr. Aziz.

Ayoob: Everything is in place...

Mr. President.

Barry: Call me Bassam for now.

John: So...

Once Molly and your kids are in the air, Mr. Aziz will relieve the Palace guard of their duties and place Leila, Ahmed, Nusrat and your mother under house arrest.

Barry: No. Not my mother.

Ayoob: For her own safety.

Just until the situation is stable.

Hakim: My daughter, too, please.

I want her protected.

Barry: Tomorrow, when Jamal and I return from fishing, Ziad will place him under arrest, and then you lift the television blackout.

Yussef: What will you tell the people?

What you choose to say will be crucial, Bassam.

Barry: I'm hoping to convince Jamal to offer his resignation, make a statement to the people that he loves his country, that's why he's choosing to step down.

John: You really think his ego will allow that?

Barry: I think his ego will demand it.

Otherwise, it's being overthrown by his brother.

John: Either way, someone will need to assure the world of a smooth transition to the promised democratic elections.

I, uh...

I wouldn't count on that being Jamal.

Fauzi: Who else is behind you on this?

Barry: It's better you don't know. Not yet.

But I need you to help make this work.

Fauzi: Me?


Barry: Fauzi, they're gonna call me a usurper.

An American.


I need you to help me make my case to the people.

I need you to help me find the right words.

(Fauzi scoffs)

Fauzi: You want me to be your propagandist.

Barry: No, I'm asking you to write a speech.

Fauzi: Bassam, I've been imprisoned and tortured by the Al Fayeeds.

Now you're asking me to work for one.

Barry: Goddamn it, Fauzi, you're the one that keeps telling me I have a responsibility to fix this place because of who I am.

Fauzi: Bassam...

Barry: What about you?

I'm giving you a chance to do something here, not just write about it.

(phone ringing)


John: Barry.

We need to talk.

Get here as soon as you can.

(phone beeps)

Barry: Are you in or out?

I need your answer by tomorrow.

Lea: They want out of the democracy business.

Barry: Who does?

John: State department.


Barry: What do you mean, "out of the democracy business"?

Lea: Take a look at Iraq.

Barry: This isn't gonna be Iraq. I would be the president.

John: Our, uh, analysis is that you lose and Ihab Rashid wins, his party cracks down...

Sectarian violence all over again.

Barry: So that was all true two days ago. What the hell has changed?

Lea: Well, with the plane crash and the arrest of Tariq, your brother's taken his entire senior command out of the picture.

We thought we needed a coup to do that.

With them gone, state department feels that you can handle your brother.

John: No more need for a coup.

Barry: And Jamal wins an election that I would lose?

Lea: Uh, no, we're inclined to think he would fix the election, but we're okay with that.

We could use a good, strong, secular leader who makes all the appropriate noises about democracy without any of the messiness.

Barry: No. No way. This has gone too far.

Lea: Actually, you've gone just far enough.

It's perfect.

Barry: Fine.

This is ours now. We'll do it without you.

Lea: Really?

Without our encrypted comms?

Without our cash to pay the military while you take control of the treasury?

Without our assurances to the foreign governments that the U.S. stands behind you and your currency?

And without our protecting your family once they're stateside?

Barry: You are so smug, aren't you?

You lose track of that in the U.S.... the smugness.

Lea: Well, actually, we're a lot less smug than we used to be.

We got our asses kicked recently.

No, smug is thinking you can turn Abbudin into a democracy overnight.

Here's the thing: either you really want the power or you're an idealist, and either way, that's a problem.

John: I tried, believe me.

Barry: Not hard enough.

John: My hands are tied.

Barry: Bullshit.

John: Let it go, Barry. It's over.

Barry: Tucker, you know Jamal.

You know what he'll do.

(footsteps receding)

(sighs heavily)

(birds singing)

Jenna: So, listen, there's this city on the coast about half an hour from here.


It's supposed to be perfectly picturesque, with the most amazing shopping.

Emma: Mmm.

Jenna: I really wanted to go before I leave.

Emma: Yeah, sounds great.

But why not just wait till we're back and then you don't have to rush it?

Jenna: But I don't think I'm coming back.

Emma: Why wouldn't you come back?

Jenna: Really?

Your father clearly sees his chance to get rid of me.

Why else would he be paying for me to go with you?

I don't need a dose of home.

I was just home.

I was running away from home.

Emma: I guess.

Jenna: Look, the whole thing doesn't make sense.

You guys going back, spur of the moment without him, after he suggested it?

But people do what they do. I'm just saying he's not flying me back, and I can't afford to fly myself.

So what do you say?

Azlan tomorrow?

(phone ringing)

Barry: Fauzi.

Fauzi: Can we talk?

Barry: Listen, um...

Something's come up. We may need to...

Fauzi: Just meet me outside the mosque.

I'm here.

Jamal: Mmm!

(light laughter)

This is better than the Moroccan food in Morocco.

I am telling you.

Sophia: It's delicious.

Leila: Your husband doesn't agree.

Hakim: No, not at all.

It's delicious.

Leila: We can have the kitchen prepare whatever you like.

Don't be polite; we're family.

Hakim: Really, I am enjoying it.

Sophia: Hakim has been distracted.

His cousin was on the plane.

Jamal: Mmm.

Yes, uh, sure. I'm...

I'm very sorry.

Colonel Hassan was a good man.

Sophia: Yes, a terrible loss.

Hakim: Anything new with the investigation?

Jamal: A fire, caused by catastrophic electrical failure.

That's the prevailing, um, theory for now.

But enough with, uh, bad news.

Let's celebrate the good news.

That our children worked out their problems.

Leila: Yes.

Jamal: The key to success in life...

A healthy marriage.

(Leila chuckles)

Uh... more wine for Hakim.

Hakim: No, I'm fine, thank you.

Jamal: No, not fine enough.

More wine.

Hakim: Thank you.

Jamal: To our children.

Leila: To our children.

(Jamal sighs)

You will tell us the truth, won't you?

Hakim: The truth?

Leila: When Nusrat is pregnant.

We must know when you do.

Hakim: Mmm.

Leila: No secrets, please. We're family.

Hakim: Sure.

Jamal: As soon as talk turns to babies, that's the cue for the men to move on.

Hakim, let's have, uh, some brandy in the private room.


Hakim: Okay.

Fauzi: So, I've been thinking about what you said.

In fact, it's all I've been thinking about.

Why I didn't say "yes" right away, I...

I don't know.

But I spent the afternoon writing a draft of a speech.

I hope it helps.

Barry: Fauzi.

It doesn't matter.

Thank you.

Fauzi: I'm probably the one who should be thanking you, my friend.

Good luck.

♪ ♪

(phone beeps, line ringing)

John: This is Tucker.

Barry: Tucker.

Tell the secretary I'm going ahead.

With or without his support.

John: Don't be stupid, Barry. You heard our analysis.

Barry: They can shove their cynical calculations about my country up their asses.

I'm gonna finish what my father started.

John: Oh, yeah, without U.S. support? All right, good luck with that.

Barry: Well, you all better hope I succeed, because I'm gonna have a letter to the New York Times ready to be sent in the event of my capture. The whole story.

John: No, no, no.

Barry: "Arab living in the U.S. for 20 years"

"stages U.S.-backed coup."

John: (stammers)

Let them recalculate their risk with that in mind.

John: Hey, hey. (stammers) Tell me where I can meet you, please. (stammers)

Barry: John, John, I've made my decision... okay?

Now it's your turn.

John: Hey, don't hang up! Don't hang...

Barry! Bar...!

Get me Exley!

Barry: The, uh... car for the airport needs to leave by noon.

Molly: I know, Barry, okay? I know. I'm on it.

It's taken care of.

Barry: What?

Molly: Look at you.

I keep thinking...

20 years... we've slept in the same bed.

(chuckles softly)

That's a lot of nights.

Barry: Hey.

Molly: No, don't.

(crying) I'm just so angry at you...


For saying good-bye to me, for making me say good-bye to you.

Barry: Molly...

I know.

And I'm afraid, too. I'm...

I'm afraid of losing you, losing the kids.

I love you.

(Molly sniffles, groans)

Barry: Please, don't pull away from me.

Molly: Just tell me it's gonna be okay.

Barry: It'll be okay.

Molly: You're just saying that... because you say whatever you need to say to anyone.

(phone buzzing)

(phone beeps)

Barry: Molly...

I promise you... it'll be okay.

♪ ♪

Barry: Safe flight.

I'll see you in a week.

Molly: Okay.

I love you.

Barry: I love you.

So... be good.

Sammy: Mm-hmm.

Barry: I'll miss you guys.

Sammy: What can you do?

You got to help Jamal in the country.

Barry: Yeah.

So, where's Emma?

Molly: I told her to say good-bye to you before she left.

Hold on.

(phone dialing)

(line ringing)

Emma: What's up?

Molly: What happened to saying good-bye to your father?

He's leaving in five minutes.

Emma: Oh, my God, oh, my God, I... I totally forgot.

Put him on.

(whispers) We screwed up.

Barry: Emma?

Emma: Dad?

Dad, I-I'm so sorry. I totally forgot about your fishing trip.

Barry: It's okay.

Listen, just, uh...

Just make sure you're not late getting back, okay? You need to... you need to leave by noon.

Emma: By noon, I know.

Barry: I love you.

Emma: I love you, too, dad.

Jamal: Molly, Sammy, bon voyage.

Come, Bassam, the fish won't wait forever.

Whoa! Salim, you need any help?

Salim: I'm fine here, Mr. President.

All you have to do is bring home some supper.

Jamal: I will.

Today... is a day for catching things.

Barry: Me and you.

Jamal: The first quiet either of us have had in months.

(Jenna deeply sighs)

Jenna: I'm gonna miss it here.

Emma: Yeah, it's growing on me, too.

Jenna: Of course it is.

For all the crazy stuff that happens here... there's something kind of magical about this place.

(Emma chuckles)

It's changed you, Em.

Maybe because... everyone's so different here... it's forced you to figure out who you are.

You seem really good... like a princess.

Emma: Okay, first of all, I'm not, but thank you for saying so.

Jenna: You're welcome.

One more before we go?

Emma: Yeah, sure.

Young man: Hey, ladies.

(young men whistling)

Jenna: Oh, come on.

Are you five years old?

(Emma giggles)

Young man: I got it. Let's go.

Jenna: Two more, please, and we'll take the check.

Man: You got it.

Jamal: Isn't it amazing?

So clear... so beautiful.

You feel like you should be able to see right down to the bottom... when, actually, you have no idea what is happening even just below the surface.

Barry: So, we wait.

Jamal: That's what fishermen do.


They wait.

Perhaps we're doing it wrong.

Barry: Whoa.

I got something.

Jamal: Me, too.

Mine's a whopper. Keep reeling.

Barry: Oh, it's putting up a fight.

Jamal: We are the masters of the sea.

No creature is safe! Ah!

I caught you!

Barry: I caught you!

(both chuckling)

Jenna: Someone took our wallets.

Emma: My phone, too.

Man: You have no wallets?

Emma: No.

Man: You have no money?

Jenna: No, I'm telling you...

Man: This happens all the time.

Jenna: Pickpockets?

Man: People stealing from me.

They eat my food, drink my coffee, and then they run off without paying.

Emma: We're not running off.

Man: Oh, no?

Jenna: Look, we're the victims here.

Emma: I don't think that's the best tactic.

Will you take my jewelry?

Man: That stuff is garbage. It's worth nothing.

Emma: Really?

Jenna: Give us five minutes, we'll run to our car, we'll come back with your money...

Man: Oh, you think I'm an idiot?

Emma: Walk to the car with us.

We have a driver.

He'll give you your money.

Man: No way!

Emma: It's three blocks away. It'll take five minutes.

We'll give you a really big tip.

Please, we have to get home.

And today's starting to go in a really wrong direction.

Jenna: It's okay.

(Emma sighs)

Jamal: You're not keeping up.

Barry: Look, how are we supposed to catch any fish if we're drunk?

Jamal: I don't care.

I've waited 20 years for a day like today, for someone to play with again.

You don't have to say anything. It's a compliment.

Just drink.

Come on. I mean, drink.

You need to loosen up.

Barry: I can't keep up with you.

Jamal: You never could.

At least not when it came to things that didn't... matter.

Barry (sighs): Okay.

(Jamal chuckles)

Barry: There, you happy now?

Jamal: Uh-huh. Mm... (chuckles)

Barry: You okay?

Jamal: 20 years.

We need to get drunk and tell each other everything.

Everything, Bassam.

That's why you go fishing.

Ramy: Eggs and milk? Yes.

Baby, I wrote it down.

I always write it down.

(phone line beeping)

Listen, my other line is ringing.

I'll call you right back.


Molly: Ramy, this is Molly Al Fayeed.

Are my daughter and sister with you?

Ramy: No, ma'am, they haven't come back from shopping yet.

I thought they'd be here by now.

Molly: I've been trying both of their cell phones.

Neither one are answering.

Ramy: It might just be the bad reception.

Molly: That's not an excuse. They have to be back here in an hour.

Listen, will you please go find them?

My sister is... never mind. Just please find them.

Ramy: Yes, ma'am. Right away.

Jenna: sh1t.

Man: What?

Jenna: This is where we parked, right?

Emma: I-I don't... I think so.

Man: What?

Emma: Look, I know from your perspective this probably doesn't look great.

But you have to believe me... we told our driver not to move from this spot, okay?

Jenna: What are you doing?

Man: Police captain, please?

I have it on speed dial.

Jenna: Let's make a run for it.

Emma: Honestly?!

Look, just please don't do this. Okay? We'll make this right.

I'm Emma Al Fayeed, as in the Al Fayeeds.

Man: The Al Fayeeds?

Without a car or without money for paying for things?

You are an American tourist full of sh1t.

Yes. Hello?

Jamal: I'm not a philosopher, Bassam, but I'm telling you... fate is everything.

Barry: Not everything.

Jamal: Both of us were trapped being our father's sons.

Sons of coal miners, bricklayers, fishermen... they all dream of escaping the life they were born to.

The world expects that of them.

The two of us... what were we allowed to want?

Only what we had.

This is our tragedy.

Barry: Tragedy?

Jamal: Inevitable, inescapable destiny.

You ran for a while.

But here you are.

Neither of us can ever get away.

Nothing worse than being the son of a king.

Barry: Well, maybe being the son of a coal miner.

Jamal: Maybe.

What would you have been if you weren't...?

Barry: I'd be a doctor.

Jamal: A doctor. Well, I missed that. (laughs)

I'm-I'm drinking.

I would live in a small town.

And maybe... make furniture.

Barry: You were good at that.

Jamal: We'd live in the same town.

You would be the doctor.

And I would make tables for the patients to lie on. (both laugh)

And our wives would be friends.

Wouldn't you like that?

Barry: Yeah.

Jamal: We would have been the closest of brothers if things had been different.

Barry: Yes.


John: Fresh intel.

Ziad's men are in place to seize control of the three remaining bases.

It's happening.

Lea: I caught a load from the secretary. I spared you.

He does not appreciate being blackmailed.

John: Well, he pulled the rug out from under Bassam and Bassam turned the tables, you know?

They'll toast each other when it's over.

Lea: Yeah, maybe. We'll see.

I know he's a friend of yours, but usually around here, friends make more trouble than enemies.

John: Bassam's not Hamid Karzai.

He's not Al-Maliki, okay? He's the real deal.

I know it's tough in everyone's cynical calculations to process the value of a man who actually believes in something...

Lea: You know, spare me, Tucker...

You make that speech from Who-Ever-Heard-of-it-Istan or wherever they send you next when reality begins to set in in Abbudin.

(cell phone ringing)

John: Excuse me.

(phone beeps)

This is Tucker.

Molly: I can't find Emma.

She went to Azlan with my crazy sister, which I knew I shouldn't have let her do...

John: Molly, slow down.

Tell me what happened.

Molly: I don't know. They went shopping.

I've been calling to see if they're on time.

Neither one of them are answering their phones.

I-I sent the driver to go find them.

He has no idea where to look.

John: Okay, listen to me, Molly.

Molly: We need to be leaving for the airport now.

John: I know. I know. And we'll find her, but you and Sammy need to get moving.

Molly: I'm not leaving without Emma.

John: Well, I'm gonna go over there right now.

I'm gonna find her.

Molly: This isn't happening.

John: Take a breath.

Get to the airport with Sammy.

Because you cannot miss your flight... you understand me?

Molly: Yeah.

Salim: There we go.

Our biggest one yet, no?

Barry: Yup.

You win.

Salim: Nice job, Mr. President.

Jamal: We'll have a good supper tonight.

Salim: We should head back now, sir.

It's time.

Jamal: What do you say, Bassam?

Barry: Sure.

Jamal: Unless you want to keep going.

Head for open water.

We can throw Salim overboard.

Barry: I don't know. He's younger than us.

Jamal: But we are smarter.

We can surprise him from behind.

No one will ever find us.

Let them think we've all drowned.

We can live as fishermen for the rest of our lives on some island.

Barry: I think we might need to find another profession.

Jamal: What if I tell you I'm serious?

Barry: It wouldn't work.

I tried it once, remember?

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that... we all have a part to play in life.

And all you can do is play it.

Jamal: Salim?

Take us back home.

Emma: Oh, God, I am in so much trouble.

Policeman: What time did it happen?

Man: Uh, 11:30. No, no. 11:40.

No, no. Wait, it...

Jenna: For God sakes!

Emma: I'm telling you... I'm Emma Al Fayeed.

Man: Uh, yes, and I am Jesus Christ.

Jenna: No, you're not.

He would've been more forgiving.

Emma: Just go online. Look it up, okay? I promise you.

The president is my uncle.

(policeman chuckles)

Policeman: Why would the president's niece steal from this man?

Emma: I didn't... can you please just look it up?

It'll take 30 seconds, and then you can fill out your forms again.


(indistinct chatter)

Emma: Emma.


Policeman: E-m-m-a.

Jenna: Those are really good photos.

Policeman: I'm gonna get fired.

You do know that, don't you?

Man: I didn't..

Uh, uh, how-how could I know?!

Emma: Can I just borrow a phone, please?

Policeman: Yes.


Molly: They just made the announcement. The plane's about to board.

John: Well, we found the driver.

I don't know where the hell they could've gone.

Molly: sh1t. Emma.

What if something actually happened to them?

John: I have a dozen people combing the streets.

We'll find them and take them to the embassy.

You need to get on the plane.

Molly: Are you insane? I'm not leaving here without my daughter.

John: Fine, then take Sammy and get him to the embassy.

Molly: Hold on. I'm getting a call.


Emma: Mom?

Molly: Emma?

Thank God. Are you okay?

Emma: Yeah, we're fine.

Uh, we kind of got robbed, but we're with a really nice policeman, and, uh, it's kind of a crazy...

Molly: Okay, tell me later.

Right now I need you to listen to me very carefully.

Emma, stay right where you are.

John Tucker's in the area. He will come by and pick you up.

Okay? I love you.

John: You two really screwed up.

Emma: It's not like we asked to get ripped off.

Jenna: I don't get what the big deal is.

We could've taken another flight tomorrow.

I mean, what's the big deal?

John: I'll let your sister explain it.

Barry: I'm sorry, Jamal.

I didn't want it to be this way.

I'm doing this to protect you from yourself.

Jamal: We both need to pick our friends better.

You've known Hakim for how long? Two months?

I've known him for... 15 years.

Two drinks, and he confessed everything.

General, you may arrest your prisoner.

Tariq: With pleasure, Mr. President.

Jamal: All afternoon on the boat, I prayed.

I prayed you would change your mind.

I gave you a second chance to love me.

Barry: I do love you.

Jamal: You do not get to use that word.

The funny thing is... if you had said you wanted this... my presidency...

I would have given it to you.

I would have given you anything.

You thought you could come after all these years and...?

Take him away.

(door opens)

(clicks tongue)

(door closes)

Molly: Well?

John: I don't know anything.

Molly: How can that be? You have eyes and ears everywhere.

John: I thought that, uh, we might have some signal from inside the Palace by now, but...

We have nothing good or bad.

Then again, it's the early hours of a coup. It's...

It's all confusion. That's just how it goes.

Molly: I don't believe you.



John: These stations should've gone dark by now.

I don't know what it means, but something isn't going according to plan.

Amira: Bassam should never have come here.

You and I both knew that from the very beginning, didn't we?


You're both my sons.

If you don't want to show him mercy... show mercy to me.

Jamal: You can't ask me this.

Amira: I am asking you.

I am begging you.

Send him home.

Exile them all.

Jamal: Is that what he would have done for me?

Or would he have murdered me?

He was planning to arrest you, too. Did you know that?

And Leila.

And Ahmed, your grandson.

Who would have pleaded for our lives?

Amira: I don't know.

But that's not what happened.

You are here.

You are the president.

(Jamal sighs)

You are the one who can be merciful.

My gentle son.

I am not your gentle son.

He was.

Amira: Please. Jamal.

End it here... before we all murder each other.


He's still your brother.

Tariq: Your father has admitted to plotting to overthrow the president.

Nusrat: What? No.

I don't believe you.

Ahmed: It's not possible.

Tariq: We want to talk to you and your mother.

Nusrat: Me? Why? I don't know anything.

Tariq: I would prefer that you come voluntarily.

Nusrat: Ahmed...

Ahmed: Do you know anything about this?

Nusrat: No.

Tariq: Come with me.

Ahmed: It doesn't make sense.


Nusrat: Ahmed, don't let them take me.

Why would her father do this?

I swear I didn't do anything.


(door creaks open)

(footsteps approach)

I wanted time with you... myself, before my husband is going to do whatever he's going to do to you.

Barry: I had to stop him, Leila... before he did something that you and I couldn't fix.

Leila: Between the two of you, you are the monster.

This is your democracy? Deposing presidents?

You can forget about democracy, Bassam.

We'll give them a show, if that's what they want.

An election.

But then Jamal will rule this country for the rest of his life.

As his father did.

Barry: You're kidding yourself.

Leila: You are the one who's kidding himself.

I told you I would protect my husband.


20 years ago, you left me.

It was June, and I cried all the way until September.

And then I spent every day of my life, even though I hated you, wishing you would come back.

I imagine you are going to spend the rest of your life wishing you hadn't.

Barry: Tell my family I love them.

Leila, please!

Lea: Thank you.

There's gonna be a sh1t storm. And it's all coming down on us.

Molly: What does it say? Tell me.

John: They were discovered. I don't know how.

It didn't work.

Molly: Is he dead?

John: I don't know. I don't know anything else.

(Molly panting)

Molly: Wh... so what do we do now?

Where do we go?

John: You stay here.

This is the only place that's safe.

They can't come for you here.

Molly: For how long, Tucker?

My God. Oh, my God. No. I told you. I-I knew.

I knew this would happen.

No. I don't want...

John: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

(Molly crying)

I'm sorry.

(Molly crying)

Hakim: Please, you promised to let me live.

I told you what I know. I told you everything.

Mr. President.



We are family.

(stammers) No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

Tariq: Ready?

Hakim: Please. Wait, wait!

Mr. President.


Wait, wait, wait! Mr. President, wait, wait.

We are family.

♪ ♪

Jamal: To your sons, father.

Nicely done.


Any last piece of advice?

Or will you trust me with this one?

(door opens)

Leila: We need to discuss your brother.

There is only one punishment for treason.

Tariq: Mr. President, I understand how difficult this must be for you.

Jamal: I spared your life, uncle.

Even when I believed you were the one betraying me.

Tariq: I would have advised you differently.

Jamal: He's still my brother.

Tariq: Exactly why this must be done.

To show the people that no one, not even your own family, is above the law.

Jamal: The law?


Suddenly you care about the law?

Leila: What message will you send to anyone who would try what he tried?

Men in prison get out of prison.

Like Tariq.

Men who are exiled return.

Like your brother.

As long as he is alive, you are not safe.

Neither am I.

Or your son.


Jamal: I will tell my mother first. Then I will sentence my brother to death.