02x01 - Mark of Cain

Previously on Tyrant...

Barry: It's Barry, Bassam.

I'm coming... for my nephew's wedding.

It's not just me, you know. Dad doesn't want to go either.

Why do you think he hasn't been back in 20 years?

Little brother.


Jamal: The wedding night is very special.

It would break Ahmed's heart if the woman he married wasn't pure.

There it is.

I'm beginning to think he's insane.

I'm here as a man and a servant of Allah.

Did anyone appoint me?

Protests like these need to be strangled in their crib.

Peaceful demonstration is a basic human right.

I am the true voice of Abbudin, not this terrorist, Ihab Rashid.

So you want to have a coup, oust your own brother?

There will be no peace in Abbudin with my brother in power.

He has to be removed.

For the sake of our family, us, I'm asking you to come home with us.

Don't expect us to come back.

I'm sorry, Jamal.

I didn't want it to be this way.

We both need to pick our friends better.

General, you may arrest your prisoner.

Jamal will rule this country for the rest of his life.

Leila: Men in prison get out of prison.

As long as he's alive, you're not safe.

I will sentence my brother to death.

Amira: If you don't want to show him mercy, show mercy to me.

(spray paint can shakes)

(spray paint hissing)

(wheel squeaks)

Hurry. We'll be late to the Palace.

(door slams)

Knight to queen's bishop 3.


It's my move.

I'm done playing, Jamal.

Well, I'm not.

Knight to queen's bishop 3.

You look thin.

Yeah, well, my, um... my appetite's not what it used to be.

Just let me see Molly.

I'll bring you some cookies, the pecan ones you like from the baker next to the Grey Mosque.

Gift-wrapped apologies?

You think I'm apologizing to you?

Why would I apologize to you?

I'm waiting for you to say "sorry."

Just once.

I'm sorry.

I am.

I'm sorry I put us in this position.

That's not what I meant.


I did what I had to do.

Now, please... please... do what you have to do.

You can't force me to move.

I have the upper hand.

I could keep you in here, my prisoner, for the rest of your life.

Knight to queen's bishop 3.

These keep cropping up.

Faster than we can cover them.

Not just Ma'an, but here in Asima.

Even behind bars, Bassam is galvanizing the students and the liberals.

Not all of them.

I've been working with students, hundreds of them, who want a unified and peaceful Abbudin.

Who tell you what you want to hear because they fear you.

Your cynicism is an occupational hazard.

These are just a few troublemakers and idealists.

A few?

Almost a million tweets and social media postings calling to free Bassam.

And these are just from the last three days.

Shut down the service.

It isn't the service that needs shutting down.

It's been three weeks since the trial court pronounced the death sentence.

What's Jamal waiting for?

He won't talk about it.

Not even to you?

Has Jamal lost his nerve?

It's raising questions.

I understand.

Alive, Bassam gives the people hope.

Dead, he'd be forgotten.

And your husband would be free from his brother's living ghost.

It's time to show the world that Abbudin is open for business.

With our new friends from China, we will develop these fields.

Thousands of jobs will be created for the people of Ma'an.

And they will have you to thank.


I'm appointing you Minister of Energy Development, effective immediately.

What do you say?

I don't know anything about the oil business.

You will learn.

We will learn together.

The thing is I've been talking to some investors from Dubai about opening a boutique hotel.

The site that we're looking at is in London, so I-I would have to relocate.

Why would you move to a place without sun?

I don't mind the rain.

And the people, their skin looks like cheese.

It's a good opportunity.

I can show you the business plan as soon as we're finished.

Son, I give you the chance to bring Abbudin into the 21st century, and you want to open a boutique hotel in London.

You tell your friends from Dubai to find another partner who's name isn't Al Fayeed.

Woman: Here we found artifacts from over 4,000 years ago of a vibrant trade.

So not only has Abbudin been at the crossroads of the world's economy for millennia, it is also the source of an ancient culture shared by all of us who call Abbudin home.

(speaks Arabic)

Halima Nair made that film to introduce our cultural treasures to your great nation.

Like Halima, these students all hail from Ma'an.

As First Lady, I've enlisted them to serve as ambassadors of the president's vision for the future of Abbudin.

This is just a sample of the artifacts they've excavated, which will be exhibited next year at the Louvre.

Please, feel free to ask the students any questions you have.

(speaking Chinese)

Your soldiers have been targeted by a series of terrorist attacks in Ma'an.

Aren't you worried that the insurgency will undermine these lofty plans?

Our hearts are heavy with the pain for the loss of our brave soldiers, but we will not allow a few troublemakers, enemies of peace, to stand in the way of our dream for a united and peaceful Abbudin.

Next time, let's find someone closer to my size.

Musa, cover the bomb.

Malik, this arms the trigger, okay?

Don't worry, Coach.

I'll see you soon.

Okay, let's go.



Everyone take different routes back to the safe house.

Musa: Yes.

♪ ♪

Just have to take a piss.


Hey, you!


(people clamoring, screaming)

Mr. President, General Tariq.


Yes, Uncle.

How many?

I'm here.

Convene the council.

Tariq: One of Rashid's men just killed seven of my soldiers.

The week before, he killed a dozen.

You should be ordering me to clear Ma'an street by street instead of tying my hands.

Ahmed, did you hear me tell my uncle not to retaliate?


All I said was respond proportionately.

Avoid civilian targets.

There are no civilian targets in Ma'an.

Not as long as they keep giving sanctuary to Rashid.

Colonel Mahmoud, how much of Ma'an is still actively supporting the insurgency?

Well, our most recent intelligence, uh, estimate is running at ten percent.

And last month?

It was twice that, Mr. President.

We are going in the right direction.

But you will never win.

Look at Syria.

In ten years from now, with foreign investment gone because of the risk and thousands dead, you'll be asking me why we didn't end this today, once and for all.

What exactly do you want me to do?

Our intelligence has identified Al-Jafar as the base of Ihab's support.

I know the problem.

What is the solution?

A limited chemical attack on that neighborhood would break the back of the insurgency.

My office, Uncle.

Ahmed will brief you about the groundbreaking.


I won't be a pariah or a criminal.

I want those stocks of gas destroyed immediately.

Colonel Mahmoud has assets inside Ma'an.

He'll find you a target.

And I don't mean civilians.

Yes, Mr. President.

You would never have dared say those things in front of my brother.

Even though he's not here, I keep his voice inside my head for safekeeping.

Yes, Mr. President.

What's going on over there?

Molly: The Chinese are taking over our old embassy.

I just miss you guys.

I miss you, too.

Are you writing your father?

Yup. Every day.

What are you saying?

Uh, that I understand why he did what he did, and that I'm proud of him no matter what happens.



I'm saying exactly what you tell me to say.

Not that it matters 'cause he's probably not getting them anyway, so I...

Honey, I got to go.

Listen to me.

Our job is to never give up hope.


Yup, I know.

I'll call you back after Emma gets home, okay?

I love you.

I love you, too, Mom.


They won't budge, and I'm not welcome back there anymore.

I spoke to a lawyer from Amnesty this afternoon.

They're circulating a petition on Barry's behalf.

Ten Nobel Peace Prize winners have already signed.

Uh, I'm waiting to hear back from the woman at the U.N. Commission on Human Rights.

Oh, and I wrote a letter to the Canadian ambassador...

What? You think this is useless?

No. You're right to keep pushing.

You must never...

Never give up hope.

I know, yeah.

You're poisoning my son against me.

Whispering in his ear about leaving Abbudin to open a sweet chic little hotel.

What are you talking about?


It wasn't your idea?


This is the first I've heard of it.

I'm making him Minister of Energy Development, and he tells me he wants to move away.

I assumed you put him up to it.

Why would I do that?

You know I know the deal.

I wouldn't call it that.

You raped me at your own son's wedding, and then you killed my father for defending my honor.

And I'll never say a word of any of it or speak against the family because of this... your grandchild.

And this baby, my baby, is your heir after Ahmed.

Leila: Jamal?

That's the deal, isn't it?

You wrote the terms.

You want this deal, you keep your husband in line.

What are you two doing out here?



He's kicking.

Only when he hears his grandfather.

Leila: Come, we need to approve the seating chart for tomorrow night.

I want it to be just right.

It will be.

Put Ahmed next to the Chinese ambassador.

He needs to develop that relationship.

And I'll put Nusrat next to the wife of the Minister of Culture.

It's good she's managed to move past the unpleasant business with her father and take her place in the family.

She's a pragmatic woman.

Colonel Mahmoud found the target.

I need your approval.

Tell me.

Ihab's weapons depot, above a dress shop.

That sounds promising.

Proportionate, anyway.

Then I approve.

Where are we putting Tariq?

Set the date, Jamal.

It's time to end this.

Tariq put you up to this.

So what if he did?

I put Bassam on trial, asked for the death sentence.

I've done everything I said I would do, and I will do this, too, in my own time.

I have another color.

Excuse me.

I'm looking for my daughter.

Where is she?


Your father's downstairs.

These were just delivered by Amnesty.

The Dutch government granted us political refugee status.


I can write from there.

I'll fight from there.

Amnesty's funding a journal for dissident voices, and they want me to run it.

A journal for the Europeans to feel better about themselves.

This is where the fight is.

Your insurgency?


You may not approve, but Jamal's left us no choice.

This is slow-motion suicide.

We killed seven soldiers today.

And twice as many the week before.

That's a stalemate with no end where everybody loses.

And even if you would win, what happens then?

Half of you are Islamists, the other half is liberals.

What will it be?

Democracy or theocracy?

We can argue about what kind of country this is going to be after the Al Fayeeds are gone.

We would let the people decide.

It's the one thing we all agree on... self-determination.

Tell me, where were your friends in Amsterdam when Jamal outlawed Ihab's party and stole the elections?

Or when he shut off the Internet and sent his soldiers to hunt us like animals?

Have the last six months changed me?


Yes, because the world has changed.

And I'm not going to get my country back by writing articles in Amsterdam!

I'm afraid for you.

I'm afraid, too.

But your friend Bassam, he is still fighting.

So how can we stop?

How can you stop?


How come I'm the last one to find out that I'm the wife of the new Minister of Energy Development?

Doesn't it strike you a little absurd?

How am I qualified to be minister of anything?

Your father believes in your potential.

(laughs): My potential?


For what? Killing insurgents?

Convincing the same tribes we've been killing for generations that we don't hate them anymore because we're building an oil refinery in Ma'an?

Where is this coming from?

From him.

Our child.

I mean, what if we have a boy?

Maybe another year or two, we have another son.

What if one tries to overthrow the other?

This is about your uncle.

My uncle, your father, Ihab Rashid.

All we know here is blood and violence and revenge.

It's what we do.

Ahmed... Look at me.

I can't even kill a bottle of whiskey at 20 paces.

I'm not good at this.

This isn't me.

This isn't the life I want.

And after what my father did to yours... I can't see why you would want it either.

We have enough money to live wherever we want.

Do you really think that your father will just let you leave?

His only son?

He'll disinherit you.

This life we have, it didn't cost you anything.

But I paid for it.

Everything... that I had was taken from me.

This baby is an Al Fayeed.

And I want him... or her... to have whatever that means.

I know that it seems like a funny kind of revenge... but it's all I have.

Samira: Jamal thinks his refinery will give him legitimacy.

Ihab: Let him build it.

We'll just tear it down.

(explosion in distance)

What's happening?

Wait here.


Wait here!


(people shouting, clamoring)

(woman screaming)

Our weapons!


Our weapons!


Hey! Listen... Malik!

Musa sold us out!

Musa is no traitor.

Ibrahim caught him leaving Ma'an half an hour ago.

With his wife.

I swear to God, I didn't sell you out.


Malik told us everything you said!

So it's true.

It's true.

I don't want to become a martyr to a hopeless cause.

We'll never have enough bullets or bombs to beat Jamal.

I'm only saying out loud what each and every one of us is already thinking!

We're dying for nothing!

The people are getting tired of the raids and the checkpoints.

And they're blaming us.

And look at us!

We're turning on each other.

You can kill me, but whoever betrayed you will still be out there.


I believe you.

I know that you are no traitor.

No, you don't have... don't have the balls to be a traitor.

Go to Beirut.


To Beirut.

Anyone else who wants to go with him, you can go now.

I-I-I won't stop you.

Jamal Al Fayeed... he can take all our weapons.

I will get new weapons.

We will keep striking him and striking him until he falls.

Amira: Allow her to see Bassam.

No harm can come of it.

She's still the mother of your niece and nephew, and they are still your family.

Since when did you become her advocate?

We've spent some time together...


...in the last few months.

Didn't know that.

It's made it easier for us both, to have someone to talk to.

Please, stop looking at her.

Zero contact.

That was my explicit order.

Now, please... just leave.

Think about it.

(door closes)

You're torturing everyone with your indecision.

Including yourself.

Including Bassam, for whom I'm sure this wait is no favor.

Don't cross me.

I told you...

Al Jazeera.

Those monkeys are calling you Hamlet.

The president who cannot make up his mind.

We are hosting a state dinner.

It's supposed to be a celebration.

I can't very well kill my brother while our guests are here.

Then do it before.

Make the arrival of the Chinese your deadline.

Otherwise, this will go on forever.

And how will the pain go away?

How will it ever be better, Jamal?

Molly: Stop me if I've already told you this story.

Barry and I went to Paris, like... six months after we got married.

I haven't heard this one.

Romantic, but on the cheap.

One of those hotel rooms where you roll off the bed right into the toilet.

April in Paris.

It was maybe 30 degrees, snowed every day.


Some bad trip karma.



I have that problem.

If I close my eyes, I can almost remember I came here to go to a wedding.

And now...


I think the message is...

"stay home."


(door bangs open)

Let's go.

Molly: Exley?

Time to go.


(door opens)

I told you, I'm not playing anymore!




I missed you.

I was sure I was never gonna see you again.

Barry... it's over.

Tomorrow morning, they're carrying out your sentence.



It's okay.

All right?

I'm ready.


Um, they're making me leave tonight.

There's a plane.

Do the kids know?

The soldiers took my phone before I could call them.

When you see them, tell them that their letters kept me sane.


Or... saner than I would've been.

I will.

They love you so much.

Did, um... did Sammy sign up for the SAT?

It's coming up soon, right?

Yeah, I'm on it. Jenna's on it.



My practice, uh, the partnership agreement's in the safe in my office.

Lorraine's got the combination.

And for all of the legal side, you got to talk to Rachel Wilson.


I know. I know.

I made a list.

I'm gonna take care of everything.


I feel like there's so much I want to tell you I don't know where to start.

Could you just... tell me that... you forgive me?

Or that you understand why I did what I did.


Everybody lies in this place but you.

(chuckles softly)

Everything you said Jamal would do, he's done.

Outlawed free speech, the opposition...

But, Barry... you've inspired the people.

Free Bassam.

Free Abbudin.

You've become a symbol.

So, what happened, what you did... your life will have mattered.

Your death won't have been in vain.


I'm sorry I made a mess of us.


(door opens)


Guard: It's time.


You said five minutes.

You said five minutes, please. Please.

Been five minutes.


No, no. Please. Please.

Please, no.

I love you.

I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love...


Okay. Hold on.

I love you.


(door closes)

♪ ♪


(jet engines whirring)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Tonight's going to be a greater night than your father ever had.

The world is going to take notice of us.

Amira: Where is he?

Oh, not now.

Amira, please, don't do this.

You're as much to blame as he is.

You murderer, you...

(sobbing): You murdered your brother.

You just killed him.

You didn't tell me.

My son...

Who tried to steal the place of your other son.

And you celebrate the same night!

Only a monster would do that.

Apparently, you have trouble figuring out who the real monster is.

Please take her out of here.



You murderer.

Mr. Ambassador.


(speaks Chinese)

Welcome to Abbudin.

We've been looking forward to your visit.

Media's swarming the gate.

We're gonna meet your family on the tarmac.

(clears throat softly)

Need a minute?

I just need to see my kids.

He told me to tell you how much he loves you both.

News reader: ...attack that killed 17 mourners in a funeral procession outside Peshawar.

Earlier this morning in Abbudin, the government announced that Bassam Al Fayeed has been executed.

The American citizen was convicted last month for inciting a failed coup against his brother, President Jamal Al Fayeed.

In the Yemeni capital, the Saudi-led coalition smashed parts of...

Fauzi: You have to wake up.

Wake up from whatever dream you're in.

There's no hope here anymore, only chaos or tyranny.


You don't have to say anything.

Just use it whenever you want.

I know it's not the home we hoped for, but it can be home enough.

(door creaks open, closes)

Maybe you should go with him.



Maybe your father is right.

Maybe there isn't any winning anymore.


I'm not going to watch you die. I'm not going to.

Shh. Hey.

Listen, this is my home.

You are my home.

I won't run away.

We need to keep faith.

We'll find an opening.

Jamal will make a mistake.


We're going to live a long life.


(man panting)

How long will this take, Arif?

Not long.




You're not dead, Bassam.

At least not yet.


Arif sedated you, switched you with another enemy of the state who had an appointment with the gallows.


Why didn't you just let me hang?

I could have forgiven you for killing me, Bassam.

Really, I could have.

But making me kill you, that, I could have never forgiven you for.

Your blood won't be on my hands.

This land you betrayed me for, your own brother, I give it to you.

All of it.

Let the land you claim to love so much... take care of you.


(helicopter engine whirring)



Jamal. (groans)

♪ ♪


♪ ♪