02x02 - Enter the Fates

Previously on Tyrant...

It's over.

Tomorrow morning they're carrying out your sentence.

Ahmed: All we know here is blood and violence and revenge.

It's what we do.

This life we have, it didn't cost you anything.

But I paid for it.


My name's Sammy, by the way.


And I thought maybe we could hang out.

I'd be disappointed if we didn't.

Do your parents know?

Know what?

Hey! You!


(explosion, people screaming)


Jamal: You are not dead, Bassam.


Arif switched you with another enemy of the state who had an appointment with the gallows.

This land you betrayed me for, your own brother, I give it to you. All of it.

♪ ♪

(man grunting, woman moaning in pleasure)

Leila: You all right?

Jamal, stop this.

You had no choice.

I... don't know if you ever liked him, but I did love him.

Even after he left that first time, when I should have realized that what I felt for him, he didn't feel for me.


You're wrong.

I loved him, too.

Because he was your brother.


I'm sorry he let you down.

I'm sorry he let us down.

But I'm glad this is behind us.

(wind whistling)

(lighter clicks)

(water bubbling)

(man coughs)

(lighter clicks)

What are you doing?

That sh1t stinks.


And it's not good for the baby.


It's just the Minister of Energy Development fortifying himself for the work week.

(whistle blows)

...then at 3:00, there's a presentation from the Safety Cap Corporation in anticipation of their bid to provide Blow Out Prevention Equipment for all the new wells.

I'm sorry.

What is Blow Out Prevention Equipment?

Well... do you know what a blow out is?

I'll e-mail you some literature.

Yes, Chao?

Sorry to bother you, Mr. Al Fayeed, but I was reviewing your layout for tomorrow's groundbreaking ceremony and was wondering if I could call your attention to a couple of things.

What do you need?

It occurred to us once we arrived that the event is at 4:00 in the afternoon.


At 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun will be there in the sky.

Directly behind the stage.


So I'm worried it will blind the audience.

Make it very difficult for them to see your father or my boss, the ambassador.

This is the desert.

The sun is always somewhere.

No matter where you move the audience, it will find them.

Yes, but...

Would you rather it blind my father?

Or for that matter, your ambassador?

Trust me.

I know what I am doing.

This is my home.

My sun.

My oil, hmm?

Ihab: He is going to be here tomorrow.

Six miles away.

Him and his new Chinese friends.

This timing is perfect.

The image of his brother's body hanging from the gallows is still fresh in everybody's minds.

How do we not go after him?

Man: How do we not?

It's simple. We cannot, Ihab.

We have no men, we have no money and we have no guns.

Ihab: We don't need guns.

We need a gun.

We need someone to fire it at Jamal Al Fayeed.


Bullet to the head.

Namir: How do we do it, Ihab?

How do we even get into such an event?

No. We are all wanted men.

We're all on the watch lists, our pictures are everywhere.

I don't think my picture is on any... watch list.

No. Not as of this morning, Malik.


If you can get a gun in there, with Allah's help...

I will fire it.

Guard: Mr. Al Fayeed?

Your father wishes to see you.

Jamal: Come in, Ahmed.

Close the door.

I need your help with something.

What is it, Father?

Who do you think we should get to be the new Minister of Energy Development?

What are you talking about?

I'm the Minister of Energy Development.

Are you?

You think it's all right for the Minister of Energy Development to show up for work high on drugs?

The son of the president?

The next leader of Abuddin?

You think it's wise, when a citizen of a foreign government... a government with whom we are trying to curry favor... points out that you might have made a mistake, to lecture him about whose sun it is?

Whose oil it is?

People hate you.

They don't even know you, and they hate you.


Because you are my son.

Because you've been given everything they have been denied.

They think you are a fat, lazy slob.

Why would you work so hard to prove them right?

If you don't want the job, just tell me.

Either job.

Minister of Energy Development or my son.

I want both.


'Cause they hate me, too.

Together, we can prove them wrong.

(crickets chirping)

(Barry panting)



(indistinct chatter)

Malik: If you ask me, the greatest moment of my life?

I tell you it was that moment.

When you push the button.

There is all this... heat.

Light and screaming.


And while that is happening, you're thinking...

"I'm still alive.

I'm still alive."

And it's amazing.

And you know you have done something good.

You know you've done something just.


Understand this is... this is different.

If we...

(indistinct chatter nearby)

(whispering): If we go through with this, this is a gun.

It's not a bomb.

You might... Hey!

You might not get away.

I'm very clever.

Very determined.

And if I don't get away, but I get my target...

I will still think, "This is amazing.

"I've done something good.

I've done something just."

And you will see me smile.

What are you doing out here?

We need you inside.

Tell them I'm taking a sh1t.

I'm telling them you are a sh1t.

Hey, watch your mouth!

You know who these people are?!

Woman: I have no idea.

And I wouldn't be gloating about being with them if I were you.

Three days from now, she'll be singing a different tune.

(wind whistling)





Ah... camel tracks.

Molly: No, no. You're not hearing me.

When we left the country, Mr. Cooper from the State Department assured me that your office and his office would do anything in their power to ensure that my husband's body was returned to me. He said when I woke up this morning, there would be something in my e-mail from the congressman's office. Well, it's afternoon.

There's nothing in my e-mail.

I appreciate that the congressman is doing his best.

Ye... yes.

I realize we have no diplomatic relations with Abuddin at the moment, but...

Thank you, but please tell the congressman I don't need his sympathies.

I just need him to bring my husband's body home.

How long have those people been outside the house?

Emma: They've been out here since I was up.

Aunt Jenna says we should call the police.

Uh-uh, that's more drama than I can handle right now.

I'm sure they'll go away at some point.

Everyone, uh, wants to know when the memorial is.


I don't know.

I promise you, I'll figure it out.

Baby... I think we just need to get out.

Get some American coffee.

Convince myself I'm actually home.


I might, um, stop by my practice, make sure it's still there.

You want to come with me?

I don't know.

I just...

I-I don't think I can face people today.

You sure?



I love you.

(quietly): I love you, too.

Where are my keys?

I think Sammy took your car.

Without asking?

You could take Dad's car.

(crying softly)

Excuse me, excuse me.

Please, please, get out of my way.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Thank you so much.

Oh, Jesus.

Mahmoud: Yeah, come in.

(door opens)

Man: Colonel?

That's it?

According to the Highways Department, there are seven cameras covering that intersection.

You've seen everything.


Everything but his face.



What's that?

A map.


To help our young friend to find his way around.

A friend of mine owns the company that supplies the portable toilets.

I'm going to give this to him.

And he's going to make sure it's in there for Malik.

Cancel the groundbreaking?!

You asked me what I would do to ensure nothing goes awry.

Given the state of the country, this is what I would do.

We have... as you insisted... used measured and proportionate retaliation tactics against Ihab Rashid and his followers.

But as the attack on the Ma'an checkpoint last week demonstrated, they're still capable of wreaking havoc.

Were we free to respond in a more muscular way, additionally...

I'm trying to convince the Chinese...

I'm trying to convince the world, that we are... that we are a peaceful and friendly nation... anxious to do business... eager to welcome visitors.

Canceling public celebration, dropping bombs, using gas against our own people would make that difficult.

Don't you think?

Now then... since we are all in agreement that this ceremony will continue as planned... review for me the security precautions you've put in place.

The entire site will be ringed with armed soldiers.

Credentialed guests will make their way to appropriate gates, qualified...

(whispering): We found another camera.

The cash machine across the way.

I think you should take a look.

Tariq: ...additionally, save for those with the highest security clearance...

(wind whistling)

(water running)

Khaled: Looks like it's always been here, but it will all be gone tomorrow.

That's how the wadi works, Bassam.

After the rain, it's a river.

But by the next sun, it's dry.

Molly: Well, just so you guys know, I hated it.

I hated being away from you.

I hated being reminded every day how powerless I was to help your father.

And it never once seemed at all heroic.

Mostly, it just seemed... pathetic and scary and tedious.

And incredibly lonely.

Everybody thinks what you did was amazing.

Everybody thinks what Dad did was amazing.

Not everyone, some actually think (cell phone rings) it was kind of stupid.

Emma: Sammy.

(cell phone continues ringing)

I-I-I-I'm sorry, I...

I-I can't hear you.

Wh-Who is this?

Abdul: It's Abdul.


Wow, uh...

It-it's great to hear your voice, man.

H-How... What's going... what's going on?

I'm so sorry.

A-About your dad.

About everything.


Yeah, uh...

Thank you.

It's unbelievable, man, what he was trying to do.

He gave up his life to change things.

And I knew him a little bit.

Or at least I... I feel like I did.

So, anyway, I'm thinking of heading to Ma'an.

There's all kinds of jobs there now.

New oil fields and everything.

Yeah, that's... that's good.

That's... that's great.

And look... I know we'll probably never see each other again, but I-I just wanted to tell you...

I miss you.

Uh... thanks.

Thank you, um...

Me, too, man.

I-I... I miss... I miss... I miss...

(cell phone beeps)

(thunder crashes)

(thunder crashes)


Rain, goddamn it, rain.

(thunder crashes)

Ihab: What is your name?

Jaleel Hosam.

What is your name?

Hmm? Hassam!

Jaleel Hassam.

Again, what is your name?

Jaleel Hassam.

Jaleel Hassam.

You have a student credential.

Where do you attend school?

I go to school at the Abuddinian Technical Institute.

I study geology.

I have been there for a y...


I study geology; I have been there for a year.

And I write for the student paper called The Bugle.

Good. Good.

And what if someone asks you why are you approaching the stage?

I'm going to get a better picture for my paper.

Where is the gun?

Furthest men's toilet furthest from the stage.

First men's toilet furthest from the stage.

You better not miss... you better kill him.

I had to trade Mr. Hassam my car for this.

Mahmoud: He's Malik, yes?

Your friend.

Your colleague.

It's hard to be sure.

I've never seen Malik dress like that.

And his face is kind of blurry.

How about this man?


Ever see him around here?


Maybe with Malik?

I can see you're uncomfortable.

And I don't want you to lie.

You know, uh, people who lie, sometimes they disappear.

And are never seen again.

So we don't want that.

So... let's do this.


Now... if the answer is, "Yes, you've seen this man," just say yes.

Or better still, don't say anything.

(whispering): I'll know what you mean.

That way, no one can accuse you of lying.

And no one can accuse you of giving up your friend.


So... have you ever seen this man around here?

You are a brave young woman.


Your country is very proud of you.


(approaching footsteps)

Your new Minister of Energy Development and his very pregnant bride are already in the helicopter and are waiting to go to the groundbreaking.

Well, tell my new Minister of Energy Development and his very pregnant bride that I will be right there.


♪ ♪

(wind howls)

(wind howls)

(wind howls)

(wind howls)

(howling ceases)

Allahu Akbar!


Allahu Akbar!


Allahu Akbar!


God is great...

God is great.



(wand squeals)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.

We are about to begin.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.

We are about to begin.

(wand squealing)

(crowd applauding)

Thank you.

Oil... has always been God's gift to the people of Abuddin.

But this newest discovery of an oil reserve here on the outskirts of Ma'an is a gift of almost incomprehensible wonder.

Not only will it help fund schools, hospitals and roadways for decades, it will provide over 4,000 jobs.


Jobs, revenue, exciting new public works projects...

All that dwarfs the real bounty that this new find bestows on us.


Excuse me.

Which is our newfound friendship with our partners from China.



Two countries... one big and powerful, the other small but determined... locking arms and making their way...


(crowd screaming, clamoring)


(yelling in Chinese)



(panicked shouting)

Boy: G-Gentle. You don't want to wake him up. He could be a killer.

I'm not worried.

He doesn't look very scary to me.

I'm more worried he'll be dead before we have a chance to turn him in and get the reward.

You know what?

I might just shoot him now.

I think the reward for an escaped prisoner is the same whether he is alive or dead.

Is that true?

Do they pay as much for a dead man as they do for a living man?

I saw it in a movie on YouTube.

(camel grunts)

You think we're going to be rich?

I think so.

(bell tolling)


(bells continue tolling)

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

And how long has it been since your last confession?

I think it was... 1997?

Okay, would you mind me asking what's kept you away for this long?

Well, I... met a man, and he wasn't Catholic.

I married him.

And how would he feel about you being here today?

Actually, I think he's probably fine with it.

He, uh... passed away a few days ago.


Well, I'm-I'm sorry.

I'm, I-I truly am.

It's okay.

I think I just need someone to tell me what to do.

How to... grieve.

How to breathe, how to... be a mother to my children.

I've lived in this town my whole life, and I-I feel like I've never been here before.

I-I'm just... completely lost.

(choir singing a hymn)

(quietly): Take it.

You want to go?




Uh, that was so nice... what you did in there.

I just wanted to say thank you.

Not at all.

Uh, Jimmy Timmons, James Timmons.

This is my daughter Leslie.

She's home from Stanford for the weekend.


Nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm Molly... Um...

I know who you are.

Everybody knows who you are.

Jimmy: I'm so sorry.

We're all so sorry.

Thank you.

I was four or five years ahead of you in school.

Um... you and my sister Connie played field hockey together.


Uh, yeah, how's she doing?

She's great.

She's at the University of New Mexico.

She teaches computer ethics, whatever that is.

She has two lovely boys.

Uh, Connie's brother.


Um, wait for me by the car, will you?

Oh, look, I know you don't really know me from Adam, but I'm guessing in the next couple weeks you're gonna be hit with a hurricane of legal papers and lawyers and wills and trusts and if can be of help... a second opinion or even just somebody to talk to.

Um, I make a great cup of coffee and file a hell of a legal brief.

I'm an attorney, by the way, not a barista.

That's very kind of you.


♪ ♪

How is she?

The bones in her upper arm were fractured by the bullet.

They've performed one operation already.

The finest doctors in China will be arriving in the morning.

They'll be doing another procedure to prepare her arm for a steel elbow.

There are no words to express how sorry...

...how horrible...

Let's not.

The man who did this... the man at whose behest this was done is a terrorist.

You must know we are doing everything we can to apprehend him.


How can I...?

How can my nation make this enormous commitment to a country that cannot even keep my own wife safe?

I don't think there's anything else to discuss.

In the morning, my staff will meet with your staff and we will begin the work of unwinding our various commitments to each other.

Listen to me.

This will be taken care of.

It will be handled swiftly and certainly.

By the time you wake up tomorrow, we will have this man's head on a stick.

His movement will be dead.

Any threat eradicated.

And we will proceed with our project.