02x08 - Fathers and Sons

Previously on Tyrant...

Ahmed, Ahmed.

I'm bleeding.

...but we will push them back.

Ahmed: Nusrat.

Your wife is fine.

The baby didn't make it.

I'm asking you as an Al Fayeed for the money that my grandfather left to me.

I will arrange to transfer money to you from a Swiss account.

Ten million.

Then you go, you leave, Sam, and don't come back again.

I have a friend, Halima.

She says that there's a growing insurgency called the Red Hand.

Why are you telling me this?

They need money.

You have your bombing targets? You need to act now.

Do you want to give us our targets?

The outskirts of the city.

Somewhere where you're sure no one is.


I don't care if we don't kill a single member of the Caliphate; I do not want reports of civilian deaths. Do you understand?

Samira: Bassam! Stop!

I warned you, I'll kill her.


Oh, my... my God.

Oh, my God.

Good morning.





So... we, um...

Drank Chinese whiskey.


And then?


We didn't...?


I don't really know how to do this.

That's okay.

There's no rule book for these kind of things.

I'm gonna think the last time I went on a date, I was 20.

Oh, that's what this was?


I don't know.

I think sleeping in all my clothes on a first date sends the right message.

Says I'm a good time, but I'm in no hurry.


Whatever this is, we'll have time to figure it out when we get home.

We're really going home.

That sounds good.

(cell phone rings)

(clears throat)

Hey, honey.




I need to tell you something.

What's wrong?


I'm-I'm fine.

Um, but I'm not coming back.

Not-not right now. I-I just need to...

W-W-Wait, what do you mean, you're not coming back?

There's a man inside Ma'an who's fighting the Caliphate, and his name's Khalil.

He needs money.

I'm giving him my money, or as much of it as he can use.


I'm just going there, making sure it's him, and then I'll be right back.

Sammy, listen to me.

They killed Abdul.

Threw him off a building with eight other gay men.

If I lived here, it could have been me.

But you don't live here, honey.

You're an American kid with money.

Which is why I'm doing this.

How are you even getting there?

Abdul's friend is taking me.

Abdul's friend?

Look, I know I'm taking a risk.

Do you?

What if he turns around and holds you hostage?

Then pay him.

(phone beeps)


Who was that?

Um, it was my lawyer.

Marwan: Black market traders used these tunnels to avoid paying taxes on goods in and out of Ma'an.

The regime plugged most of them, but they never found this one.

(Sammy coughs violently)

How can you breathe down here, man?

Ah, yeah. I...



There are other ways to get your money to Khalil.

I want to meet him.

Okay, keep pressure on the wound.

(distant artillery fires)

(explosion crashes)

Siddiq: We just lost two fighters.

Did someone follow you back here?

It's not the Caliphate.

How do you know?

They wouldn't attack us from the air; they'd use ground forces.

This is the government... they must have spotted us flying over and mistaken us for the Caliphate.

Well, who are you calling?

(explosion crashes)

God in Heaven, are you listening?

Are you there?

Is someone who has done what I've done even allowed to pray to you?

I don't know what to do.

I can't bring my brother back.

And there's not enough rain in Abuddin to wash the blood from my hands.

Am I being punished?

I know I-I should be punished, but when does it end, and how?

You want half my country?

Take it.

My grandson?

You have him.

What more do you want?

When have I paid enough?

You want to take me, yes?

Take me.

Just don't take my son.


Whatever you do, don't take my son Ahmed.

Leila: You think praying will solve our problems?

We're dropping bombs in Ma'an.

You have a war to run.

This is my fault.

For God's sake, Jamal.

No, not in here.

God has better things to do than punish you.

Whatever delusions you might have about being punished you need to leave in here.

You are the president of Abuddin, commander in chief.

Bassam betrayed you.


(shouts in Arabic)

Rami: We're bombarding the northwest outskirts of Ma'an, beyond the 26th district.

And here and here along the western border.

No man's land.

An empty industrial park.

You wanted a victory.

This is the best we could do without killing civilians and turning the people against us.

The Caliphate is deeply embedded in the local population.

We can't make a plan to retake the city until we have proper intelligence.

Mahmoud said he was developing new assets inside Ma'an.

Right, Solomon?

He had a setback.

One of Mahmoud's informants turned out to be a Caliphate plant.

20 of his recruited assets were executed late last night.

Of course they were.

A man can't win a war without God being on his side.

Without God?

You are the only good news I've had in a long time.

An island in a sea of troubles.

I'm glad, Mr. President.

You are my son.

Call me Father.

End this foolishness.

Stop wasting good bombs on bad targets.

(bomb whistling)

(shouting indistinctly)

I need to talk to General Said.

My name is Khalil.

Yes, the same Khalil who's fighting the Caliphate inside Ma'an.

(explosion crashes)

You're not targeting the Caliphate.

You're hitting my fighters, killing innocent people.

You need to put me through to General Said.

What is it?


Someone claiming to be Khalil called the-the switchboard.

He's on line three.

Is he for real?

He's on line three.

Khalil, is it?

This is General Said.

General, you are currently targeting your only potential allies inside Ma'an.

Your bombs just killed three of my fighters and wounded another seven.

And you expect me to believe you are who you claim to be because...?

I'm the one that broke the Banu Zahra out of prison.

That's public information.

That doesn't mean you're Khalil.

Okay, you want proof?

I'll give you a high-value target.

Hit the northeast corner of Qusair Street and Idris.

That is the residence of the refinery manager.

Not anymore.

The Caliphate leadership took it over.

And you know this how?

We conducted reconnaissance.

Abu Omar, Ihab Rashid... all of them.

That's where they are, but I'm not sure for how long.

General, I'm giving you their headquarters.

Or manipulating me into killing civilians.

You have to trust someone on the ground inside Ma'an.

Right now, you have no one.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be conducting bombing runs over empty industrial parks.

I want to trust you.

But I need something reliable.


Like what?

A Caliphate target.

Tell me what and when you're hitting it, and once it's reported by a reliable source, then I'll know I can trust you.

I'll be in touch.

We could be missing the chance to decapitate their leadership.

If we're wrong and we kill innocent civilians, we're no better than they are.

The people would turn against us.

Yes, it's a gamble.

But shouldn't your father be the one who decides if it's a gamble worth taking?

Fine. I'll tell him.

I need Munir to find us another target.

We may have an ally.

You would work with your brother?

One devil at a time.

I keep thinking what I could've done differently.

No, this is not your fault.

There must've been something.

No one is blaming you.

Ahmed's not blaming you.

But everything's different now.

Everything that I planned on.

That's true, but we don't have to talk about it yet.

What do you mean?

Why don't we take you home, we get you better?

No, tell me what it is that we don't have to talk about yet.

We're family.

You're like a daughter to me.

I mean that.

But we're not an ordinary family.

We are the Al Fayeeds.

My son will be president.

And his son... will be president.

A son that I cannot provide him.

As much as Ahmed loves you, he needs an heir.

The people of Abuddin need an heir.

Especially now.

And it's our job to do what's best for the people.

Does Ahmed know this?

Not yet.

But you'll convince him.

You'll tell him you're ending the marriage.

For his sake.

For the sake of Abuddin.

Of course, we'll take care of you wherever you decide to go.

Anything you want, anywhere you want.

London, Paris, Dubai.

You deserve... a life outside of this place.

It's taken far too much from you.


This devil Khalil, he lived with you for a month and you know nothing, nothing about him, hmm?

He stole your father's wife.

He killed mine.

Abu Omar: Ihab.



Kasim's already told you what he knows.

Wait outside.

You should take three days.

I don't want three days.

It's God's will.


As it was his will to take Daliyah.

Then it is God's will that I get my justice.

You will have your justice.

Already tonight, we're rounding up the Christians and other apostates who we suspect are supporting this man Khalil.


I want Khalil.

Operator: The number you are calling has been disconnected.

I finally talked to Ghani.

Nasrin put him on the phone.

He's good.

He sounds good.

He's not much of a conversationalist.

At least not with me.

Maybe you'd be able to get something out of him.


It's Fauzi. Um... I can't reach him. He... he's changed his number or...

Sorry. Tell me about Ghani.

What good does it do to call him?

What if he's looking for her?


I want him to know.


That you're sorry?

That you need forgiveness?

He won't be able to give you that.

I want him to know how hard she tried to be good and that no one should ever judge her.

I can't breathe.

We just keep busy.

We have things to do.

Halima: Khalil?

Marwan is bringing someone who wants to give us money.

But he wants to meet you first.

Who is it?

Some rich kid from America.

Don't worry. If he doesn't checkout, we'll leave him there rotting in the tunnel.

(cell phone rings)

It's Munir.

Be careful.


You got my message.


Daliyah's safe here with us.

Because of you.

She's here because of what you did.

I'm glad.

I am.

But that woman who died... she was Ihab's wife.

He is on a rampage.

Just tell me you found a target.

(indistinct chatter)

Abu Omar is arresting five families.

Christian and other minorities he thinks are supporting you.

When's it happening?


That's enough time to evacuate the families, set each house with explosives and detonate them once the Caliphate soldiers are inside.

You have the addresses?

I had to get into my brother's computer.

He almost caught me.

I don't think I can do this anymore.

Everything was normal last week.

But it feels like ten years ago.

Everyone's gone insane.

My brother... he's not my brother anymore.

(voice breaking): It's like a nightmare, and I keep thinking I'm going to wake up.

Hey, hey.


It's okay.

You'll be okay.

Come on.

Show me your hands.

Keep them up unless you want to die here.

Halima, it's me.



Hey, he's not armed.

I used to be more trusting than you, Marwan.

Not anymore.

He's got access to $10 million.

Have you seen this money?

Not yet. But I believe him.

I need proof.

Not until I see Abu Khalil.

You don't make the rules here.

No weapon, but...

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, back off!

I'm Sammy Al Fayeed.

(birds singing)

I haven't seen you here since your father died.

Jamal: No.

You haven't.

And your mother?

How is she?

I didn't come to discuss my mother.

He is punishing me.


I keep praying for forgiveness, to end the punishment, but...


For what?

Dooming Bassam, my brother.

This is why you believe God is punishing you.

What else would you call losing half the country, my grandson?

Everything that's happened, everything that keeps happening...

Is God's will.

It's God's will, is it?

Or is it because of me?

There must be some way to end all of this.

Because if not, Ihab Rashid will come for us.

For me, my family.

They will destroy us and Abuddin will fall.

Like Libya. And I'm not Gaddafi.

You won't destroy the threat from outside the Palace until you deal with the threat from within.

From within?


Are you saying someone inside the Palace is working against me?

The poison lies within.

(door opens)

Where have you been?

I've been looking for you.



Organizing these.

There's so many boxes, you know?

Too many to count.

I've been here, counting.

Okay, well, count later.

You're coming with me.


I've got us both onto one of the arrest teams.

But we're not on the roster.

Abu Omar assigned me.

He felt bad about Ihab pushing me around, so I asked him if you could come, too.

I-I can't.

I need to finish these.

And I need you to help me.

Maybe we can go on the next one.

(laughing): Yeah, no, thanks.

Whatever we collect, we get five percent.

You can finish off later.

You're my brother and you're helping me.

Let's go. Come on.

(indistinct conversations)

Detonators are armed.

Say when.

They should be here soon.

They marked all the Christian houses.

We grew up with the Christians.

They were our friends.

Our neighbors.

We all got along, but now...

Okay, here they come.

Everyone on my team, let's go.

Tum'a Street, number 42.

(indistinct chatter)

Barry: sh1t.

It's Munir and his brother.

What the hell is Munir doing?

He knows what he's walking into.

They're headed to number 42.

Kill the detonator for number 42.

I can't.

They're all wired together.

It's all of them or none of them.

sh1t, sh1t.

(chatter, shouting)

We should stand down.

Munir's our inside man.

We need him.



If we don't do this, we lose General Said.

We can't defeat the Caliphate without him.


Here, the door. Go.

(knocking at door)

Man: Open up.

This is the army of the Caliphate.

Come on!

(knocking continues)

Open the door or... [continues indistinctly]

Open the door!

Kasim: Just break it down!

Kasim... Kasim!

This is the army of the Caliphate.

(panting): I'm feeling sick.

Wait, wait, wait.

They're almost inside.

They'll see it's wired.

I know.

I know. I'll tell you when.

You've got a problem?


I put my neck on...





He's alive.

Let's go.


(men sobbing, groaning)

Reporter: Multiple bombs killed at least 20

Caliphate fighters in Ma'an a little over an hour ago.

Claiming credit for the attack was the man known only as Khalil, whose Red Hand Brigade is waging an increasingly lethal insurgency.

Meanwhile, ba...

This man.


He's the break we've been waiting for.

Once we meet, we can work up a plan and retake Ma'an.

With a man you neglected to tell me about until now?


I was being cautious.

Before I involved you, I had to test him.

See if he was telling the truth.

Yeah, and by doing so, we lost an opportunity to kill Ihab Rashid.

It would have been a reckless decision.

That decision was mine to make, not yours.

From now on, no more decisions without my consent.

As for Khalil, no one speaks to him but me.

Mahmoud, come with me.


(footsteps recede)

You knew about this?


General Said said he would tell you.

I thought he had.

I swear it.

You, I trust.

With Rami, I'm...

I'm not so sure anymore.


He made a mistake.


Maybe I made a mistake to let him into the Palace.

Maybe that Rashid blood in him burns too hot.

This man, Khalil...

I want to talk to him myself.

Yes, sir.


My advice?

Get a jet.

Gassed. On the runway.

So you can escape this nightmare that you're about to find yourself in.

I have been here before.

More than once.

You will not even get a chance to fire a shot at the Caliphate before Jamal turns on you.

He's my father.

My family.

Idi Amin, Baby Doc, Saddam Hussein.

Family is always the first to disappear.


Daliyah: What took you so long?

We, uh, we went north before doubling back.

Siddiq thought we were being followed.

I was wrong.

Better to be safe than sorry.

It's all over the news.


The young man Halima went to meet.

Is she okay?

She's fine, of course.

I just...

I don't know how to say this.

Say what?

He is your son.

My son?


That's... that's impossible.

Apparently not, because he's here.

Send him away.

Tell Halima to get him out of the city.

He-he cannot be here. He can't know who I am.

I realize this isn't how you intended this to happen.

But he's come all this way and he's got the money that we need.

What money? He doesn't have any money.

Yes, he does.

He inherited it when you died.

You have been hiding since the moment that we met.

And now your son has found you.

I know a thousand things are going through your head right now.

Jamal promised to execute me.

But he couldn't do it.

So he left me for dead in the desert.

I barely survived.

Walked for days in the sun.

And since everyone that I know and love thought I was dead...

...I decided to stay that way.

I couldn't hurt you again.

Your letter... was the last thing I saw before they took me from my cell.




No. (grunting)

Let go of me!

Let go! (sobbing)

How long till we get the money?

A day.

Less if we're lucky.

Sammy's not stupid.

He's a smart kid.

Yeah, well, smart kids do stupid things.

What he's doing, what he's done, it's pretty admirable.

Jim, it's not like he stole the keys to my car.

He's going to a war zone.

I'm sorry.

No, I understand.

But we'll get through this.

Once Jamal releases the money, I'll transfer it to an offshore trust for this guy Khalil.

It was either this or smoking.

He'll call soon.

Sammy will call, we'll send him the money, and we'll all go home.

You know there was a memorial service, right?

Never occurred to me you weren't actually dead.

Sammy, I couldn't tell you the truth.



I'm a man sentenced to death for treason.

They would never let us be together.

All I'd have ever been to you was a... a voice hiding out on the end of the phone.

Yeah, well, maybe I would've liked to hear your voice one more time.

Yeah, me, too.

But that voice would've kept you from moving on.

And your mom... would never have let herself be free.

And so I chose silence.

And if that was wrong, then it was wrong out of love, not from cowardice.

Is that what you tell yourself?


You know what the weirdest part is?

Seeing you right now standing in front of me alive... should be a relief.

It should make me happy, but... growing up, you just kept pushing me away over and over again.

Made me feel like there was something wrong with me.

I thought you secretly hated me.

I thought I was a disappointment.

But now I-I realize that I-I wasn't.

You were. (laughs)

I guess I have more to apologize for than I thought.

I guess you do.

Sammy, I love you.

But this is a war zone.

You have to go home.

I'm not going home.

I can't protect you here.

I'm not asking you for your protection.

I'm still your father.

No, you're not.

My father's dead.

You're Abu Khalil.


And I'm not gonna sit by and watch men like me die.

You've got a call. It's urgent.

Show Sammy where he can sleep tonight.

You need to get some rest.

It's President Al Fayeed.

Barry: Mr. President?

This is Khalil, commander of the Red Hand.

I did what General Said asked me to.

Now I'm hoping we can find a way to work together.

Yeah, well, first tell me who you are.

I told you... my name is Khalil.

Yes, but who are you really?

I'm someone that can help you defeat the Caliphate.

That's all you need to know.

Hmm. (chuckles)

I suppose you are right.

The thing is, in time of war, you can't be sure about who to trust.

But something in your voice tells me you can be trusted.

So... tell me, Khalil, can I trust you?

Yes, Mr. President.


Because we have a lot to talk about, you and I.