02x12 - Pax Abuddin

Previously on Tyrant...

All we know here is blood and violence and revenge.

This life that we have... it didn't cost you anything, but I paid for it.

Ahmed: Did Nusrat ask for the annulment, or was it you and Father?

It was understood that an annulment was the only way...

You're lying.

You and Father can bring the Palace down around you for all I care.

I will wait here for you. Come back, okay?

But if you don't...

General Said isn't coming. No one is coming.

What do you mean, no one is coming?

Jamal had General Said arrested.

You have to get out of there.

...is that my husband needs your help.

I can't help anyone.

You killed him once.

You can't give up and watch him die again.

Bassam Al Fayeed was still alive.

Leila: You spared him, Jamal.

I freed Rami so he could save your brother.

They're beating back the Caliphate.

They're fighting for you.

The only way to preserve your place in the future of Abuddin is to sacrifice your father's.


Jamal: Good people of Abuddin, with God's help, and after three days of intensive fighting, our forces combined with the Red Hand have driven the Army of the Caliphate from Ma'an.

Their so-called leader, the foreigner, Abu Omar, has fled Abuddin.

And his puppet, Ihab Rashid, is in custody.

Leading our country to victory, reunifying our great nation has been a true privilege for us all.

The people of Ma'an have our eternal gratitude and my personal assurance that whatever rebuilding needs to be done will be done.

And that so long as I'm alive...

Sammy: Hi.


...I will not sleep and I will never rest...

Have you been watching this bullshit?

...while there is a threat to Abuddin.


Our answer to that.

We didn't win this war for him.

My sister and Marwan, Ru'a and Abdul... they didn't die for that, for nothing.

No way.

You're not gonna let that happen.

Me? We. We won't let this happen.

We did this together.

We can't stop now. We're only halfway done.


You're going to America?

We're not just stepping away, right?

That's not what I'm... saying.

I just don't know what part we're gonna play.

I understand. I do.


I'm just jealous, that's all.

Everything we're fighting for, someone handed you when you were born.

You have a reason why your life matters.

I just...

I don't really know how this will turn out.

I was so happy the other day.

Like I'd actually won something.

But that's not how things work around here.

It's never that simple.

You know, my father's alive.

Bassam Al Fayeed is alive.

Which means the movement is alive.

And that's hope right there, isn't it?

Things are gonna change.

Don't stop until they do.

Not until I die.

Rami: Bassam, it's good to see you here.

Were you waiting long?

We didn't realize you were here.

It's okay. I know you're busy.

Busy every day trying to provide basic services to the people.

Siddiq's been a great help.

I'll be quick.

I'm, uh... I'm taking Sammy back to Asima.

I was wondering if you could provide a vehicle and maybe a travel permit so we don't get too held up at the checkpoints.

Of course.

I'll be right back.

Have you heard from your brother?


Not directly.

I thought you might want to know that the Arab League is asking Jamal to step down.

They haven't told him yet, but...

How do you know?

They reached out to me... and Solomon to help contain any potential civil unrest.

Well, based on his speech this morning, they've got their work cut out for them.

Apparently, the ICC has new evidence that he ordered the gas attack on Ma'an.

From somebody inside the Palace.

I don't know who.

Mr. Awad and his colleagues are representing the Arab League.


Thank you for asking us here.

We all appreciate how difficult this must be for you.

Betraying my husband, you mean?

Or sitting down with an Arab League that abandoned my country while we fought the Caliphate alone?

Madam First Lady...

None of us is without stain, Mr. Awad.

None of us.

But I'm a pragmatist.

And Colonel Al-Ghazi says we may be able to help one another.

I hope the colonel also made clear that our investigation into the gas attack in Ma'an is ongoing.

Ongoing? Or dead in the water?

Excuse me?

Mr. Awad, if you had any real evidence against my husband, I doubt you would be so eager to meet with me.

I will testify against my husband if my son has a part in the new government.

The ICC has agreed to give you both immunity.

But as for guaranteeing your son a seat at the table, I can only recommend that my colleagues consider your request.

The Arab League wouldn't have sent you here without that authority.

So, if you want my testimony, you will find a seat for my son at the table.

Barry: Emma sounded good.

She sounded like school was agreeing with her.

Did you talk to her about our plans?

When we're going home?

Not yet.

Listen, um, I hope you don't mind.

We're gonna make a quick stop in Tal Jiza.

It's sort of on our way.

Who are you to each other? You-you and Daliyah?

Sammy, we survived... a war together.

We saved each others' lives.

Actually. Literally.

I would not be here, she would not be here.

We're tied together... in that way.

Even if I never see her again... we'll always be tied together.


(goat braying)

(goat braying, chickens clucking)

I wasn't gone that long.

Look how much you've grown.

I built a sundial, and we have a new goat.

Do you want to see?

(laughing): Not right now, Ghani.

Go tell your cousin Ziyad we're almost ready for lunch.

I-I'll see the sundial.

Ghani: Yeah.

You look different.


Oh, yeah.

But it's like you never left.

I was worried about him, but... he seems to have held up pretty well.

Yeah. (laughs)

Nasrin really whipped him into shape. (laughs)

You're, um... you're packing?

I'm moving into the house of Ahmos' younger brother.

The family thinks that I should marry again.

And Ghani needs a father.

Of course.

How's Molly and, uh... Emma?

Yeah, Emma. They're, um... they're really good.

I can't wait to see them.

I can't believe you took a moment to stop here on the way.

I have something for you.

I was hoping I'd get to give you these.

I didn't think I would.

As a thank you.

Something to remember me by.

You will remember, right?

Years from now?

The Bedouin woman you knew for a summer?


Should probably get going?


(phone vibrating)


Lea: Hi, Molly.

It's Lea Exley.



I'm-I'm sorry if I caught you at a bad time, but I was really wanting to speak with you.

Face-to-face would be best.

What? You're in Abuddin?

Two floors above you, but I'm not supposed to be here. I was hoping that maybe you could come to my room?

Sorry for the secrecy.

Come in.

You don't look very happy to see me.

Sorry. I am. I am happy to see you.


Exley, what are you doing here?

What if I told you I was part of a multilateral effort to affect regime change in Abuddin?

Okay, I know what this is about.

The state department or whoever you really work for wants to use Barry, leverage his popular support.

Barry Al Fayeed resurrected from the dead as Khalil, liberator of Ma'an.

I mean, for these people, that's like, uh, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson all rolled into one.

I'm trying to prepare you, Molly.

No, you're not.

You want to know if I'm gonna stand in your way.


Oh... (sniffles)

It doesn't seem possible.

I haven't seen you all day.

Were you looking for me?

What did you think of my speech?

It was very good.

Very good?

You won, Jamal.

You won a victory for the people.

Abuddin won. We all won.

And that's what the Arab League seems to think.

They've requested a meeting tomorrow.

Maybe to congratulate us in person for handling the Caliphate.

Well, it's about time they did.

You were right, Leila.

In spite of all my mistakes, somehow God led me to save my brother, so we could save Abuddin.

Come to bed.

I'll be right there.

You tired?

I'm wiped out.


This is a real mattress.

So tell me, do I need to lock your door or do you promise to stay in all night?

I promise. Yeah.

(chuckles softly)

You mad at me?

You're here.

And you're safe.

You'll always be my baby, but you're not a little boy anymore.

I'm not who I was even a month ago.

I know you're not. I know.

All you said to me was, "I'm safe, Mom. Don't worry."

Do you think you'll ever tell me?


Some of it.

Some of it, but... not all of it.

That you and your dad... you have this piece of you now that I'll never really know, and...


...my guess is, maybe more than anything I ever did for you or shared with you, that's the piece that's gonna make you who you are.

You made me who I am.

That's why I went.

(praying in Arabic)

Uh, you don't have to stop.

No, no, it's okay.

I'm, uh...

I've... never seen you pray.

Does it bother you?



I started going to church when you were gone.


Those are beautiful.

Like rosaries.

Guess we're not so different, right?

Barry, I missed you so much.

But still, when I... when I heard you were coming back, I got so scared.

I get it.

Well, I guess we'll just have to get to know each other all over.

From scratch.

I'll take you out on dates.



My name is Bassam.

Hello, Bassam.


Speaking of Bassam, Exley came to see me.

Apparently, the Americans and the Arab League are...

I know, I know. I've heard.

And I'm, um...

I'm not up for any more coups d'├ętat.

The president should not be replaced by the president's brother.

Anyway, tonight, I just want to think about us.

Me, too.

Uh... Uh, we could call room service.

Act like this is our first date.


Any chance you might... sleep with me on the first date?


We've barely talked since our fight.

It's been five days.

You're the one who's been avoiding me.

I know.

I wanted to be able to say something more than just, "I'm sorry."

I'm thinking about staying here.

In Abuddin.

Because your mother wants you to?

It has nothing to do with her.

I'm staying here because I want to make the case of me playing a role in the future of Abuddin.

What does that mean?

I can't say yet.

If I did... I mean, if I succeeded... would you do it with me?

I won't press you.

I know you'll make the right choice.

For you.

"Warrant of arrest under Article 25 of the Rome Statute, five counts of crimes against humanity: murder, article 7(1)(a); intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population."


After all I've done for Abuddin, you come to my home, eat my food, accuse me of being a war criminal.

We're speaking on behalf of the member states of the Arab League.

We've defeated the Caliphate, and this is my thanks?

Mr. President, the ICC's investigation has made Abuddin's membership problematic.

The ICC has no case.

I've done nothing wrong.

And everything I've done was to save my country.

New testimony has surfaced.

Testimony from who?

Tell me, Mr. Arab League.

Whose testimony?

All we can say at this point is that a reliable source is willing to step forward.

Mahmoud, do you know anything about this?

No. This is the first I'm hearing.

Mr. President, we don't expect you to accept all our recommendations all at once.

It's a process we hope you'll consider.

Perhaps you should take some time to review the document.

Colonel Al-Ghazi will show you out.

(clears throat)

Uh, gentlemen, please.

(knocking on door)

I couldn't wait another minute.

You're alive.


Come on.

(short chuckle)

I came to you.

Since when does a president do that?

Why aren't you as happy to see my face as I am to see yours?

I gave you a full pardon.

Our mother is dead, Jamal. Because of you.

It was an accident.

I'm never gonna see her again.

How can I forgive you for that?

You have to forgive me.

Please, I ask you, forgive me.

We're brothers.


I was lost without you.

You had me.

You had me.

I tried to help you and you wouldn't listen.

I'm-I'm ready to apologize to everyone.

To Molly.


To all the people I've hurt.

I don't think there's enough time in one life for that.

I will start today with you.

You can have everything I have.

We can be partners, if you like.

Equal say, with whichever title you choose.

We don't agree on anything, Jamal.

Listen, I-I can't do this alone anymore.

I can only do it with you.

That's all I ever wanted since we were boys.

Since the first time you left.

I don't think that's gonna happen.

Bassam, we can always figure it out.

Do it your way.

We can have elections, real elections, if you like.

Just think about it.

I'm not doing this with you, Jamal.

Just think about it.

(door shuts)

Oh, hey, honey. Where you been? It was getting cold.

I was in the lobby, on the phone with Halima.


Sammy: Have you heard what's going on in Heroes Square?

Molly: Is something wrong?


The opposite.

It's all over social media.

A crowd's been gathering all morning... students, workers.

It started out as a rally asking for Jamal to step down.

They say it's grown to 5,000 people.

And about an hour ago, they all started chanting your name, calling for you to be the next president.

And, apparently, they won't stop.

I don't think they'll stop until they see you.

(cheering, shouting)


Barry: You can stop here.

Okay, you'll be safer here.

(cheering, shouting)

Crowd (chanting): Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

(cheering, shouting)

(chanting and cheering continue)

Crowd (chanting): Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

(chanting stops, cheering and applause surge)

Bassam... Bassam, here.

(crowd quiets)

I'm, um...

I'm not sure what to tell you all, except to thank you for having the courage to come out here today.

We have, all of us, everyone here, survived a terrible test.

And if we've learned anything, I guess it's that... no single person can ever mean more than all of us together.

Not my brother... and not me.

Today is your day, not mine.

This is about you.

So stay here, stay right here in this square until that change happens.

Demand elections and an end to dynasties.

That is your right as the free people of Abuddin.

Man: Bassam!

Crowd (chanting): Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

Bassam! Bassam! Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

Bassam! Bassam! Bassam!

Bassam! Bassam!

(chanting continues)

My cousins live here.

This is where you were going when you said you were packing?


You never lied to me before.

No, I...


I thought it was better that you didn't find out.

And you shouldn't have called me on the phone, Bassam.

You shouldn't have come here.

I've already said good-bye to you twice.

I didn't want to have to say good-bye again.

Why should we have to say good-bye?

You know why.

You have a life to go back to.

Without reservations.

And you have to answer the call of those people in the square.

I know you said it wasn't about you.

But it is.

The cause may be for all people, but a single person makes it happen.

You started the job.

Finish it.

You and Sammy and Molly.

Do it for me then.

I'm one of those people in the square, calling your name, waiting for an answer.

That's it?

That's all you are now, one of those people?


That's all I am.

Not to me.

Daliyah, if you're staying here, then let me help you.

You have helped me.

You know what I would have been if I hadn't met you?

The second wife of an old Bedouin man in a tiny village at the edge of a desert.

I never got to be a solar engineer, but maybe I can be part of making a new Abuddin.

That's why I came here.

You woke me up.

You... somehow gave me the whole world.

And my life.

I'm gonna send money for Ghani to go to a good school.

I owe that to Ahmos.

Please don't.


...there are things that I want I need to stop wanting.

You didn't have to answer the phone when I called.

Barry (on computer): Demand elections and an end to dynasties.

That is your right as the free people of Abuddin.

Did you see this?

What Bassam said in the square?

He's inciting the people against me.

I forgave him. Why can't he...

Stop it, Jamal.

It's over.

The ICC is issuing a warrant of arrest for five counts of crimes against humanity, Jamal.

What crimes? Tell me.

They have no evidence I gave an order to gas Ma'an.

They have the sworn testimony of a reliable witness.

Someone who heard your direct confession.

If you step down peacefully, the Arab League can get the ICC to reduce or even suspend your sentence.

First my brother and then you, hmm?

You left us no choice.


(door opens)

(door shuts)

Molly: Oh, I didn't hear you come in.

How was your walk?


I needed it to, um... clear my head, work through some stuff.

Yeah, I bet.

Hearing thousands of people chant your name in unison, that's got to be...

(knocking on door)

Your brother would like to see you.


He didn't say.

(door opens)

You abandoned me again.


I watched you in the square.

I heard what you said.

(clears throat)


I'm not abandoning you, Jamal.

I'll be right by your side whenever you need me.

I'll stand next to you in court, if that's what you want.

That's very generous.


We can't make some private bargain against history, you and I... it's not possible.

The people that you've hurt were eventually gonna have their say.

The funny thing, Bassam, is that...

I've done so many terrible things.

And now, I'm signing a confession for the one thing I didn't do.

And for the record, it was Tariq.

I didn't gas our own people.

But if this is what you want, I will do it for you.

It's what you always wanted, isn't it?

This job. This power.

(signing document)

No, it really isn't.

Don't fool yourself, brother.

I hope you are finally happy.

I'm finally free.

I'm paying off a debt today.

A promise I made to someone that I'd see this day come.

Mm. Who is this person?

Just a girl. No one you know.


Now go away.

Just go.

Leila: Bassam.

What did Jamal say?

It's over.

He's stepping down.

This was the last thing I ever wanted to happen.

But now that it has...

I feel...

I feel like I can breathe again.

Yeah. Me, too.

You were right, Bassam.

Not just about Jamal, but... how this country needs to be governed.

It took me a war to realize that.

Ahmed shouldn't be stained for his father's crimes, and I'm hoping you will advocate for his inclusion in whatever democratic government replaces Jamal's.

So that's what all this is about for you.


I should see what part my husband needs me to play in whatever time remains.

War agrees with you.

Peace agrees with me.

Sorry I haven't had time to see you before.

Things have been crazy since I got back from Ma'an.

What's going on? There's been people whispering behind closed doors.

You don't know?


Ahmed's being very vague.

The international community has made a deal with the president.

He's agreed to step down.


In exchange for a reduced sentence for war crimes.

Oh, my God.

I didn't think this was possible.

He's finally going to be punished.

He's going to be gone.

He's stepping down.

Tomorrow he'll make a televised speech pledging his support for the transitional government.

Barry, that's...

S-So it's... over.

It's not even close to being over.

We have no experience of democracy in this country.

Expecting us to learn overnight, it's...

Now, I know we all want to go home...


Just-just hear me out.

I am not saying that I'm the person to lead this country.

I'm not.

But the people are asking me to speak for them, at least for now.


We wouldn't have gone home if you'd asked us to.

Sammy and I have been talking about this all afternoon.

Barry, it's not just you anymore.

This is our fight, too.

We're with you.

Let's finish this.

Thank you.

(vehicle approaches)

So... what's so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow?

I tapped the phones and bugged the suites of the Arab Delegation, as you asked, and, um, this was earlier tonight: It's a conversation between Mrs. Al Fayeed and the lead delegate, Anwar Awad.

Awad: The ICC is refusing to extend immunity to Colonel Al-Ghazi.

Leila: I gave Mahmoud my word, and you gave me yours.

Awad: I said I would try.

And I did.

Leila: (sighs) You are giving me no choice here.

(beeps off)

Thank you.

A moment of your time, Mr. President.

(indistinct chatter)

(metal detector wands whine and squeak)

Today, in a stunning reversal for the controversial president, Al-Fayeed, who only days ago... (reporter's voice fades into distance)





Big day.


Commander: Present... arms!

(camera shutters clicking)

Order arms!

My fellow Abuddinians, I come before you today at a critical moment in the history of our country.

Just days ago, we emerged victorious from a battle against a dangerous foreign invader.

In the aftermath of that victory, we rightly look forward to our future with great hope.

I have a firm belief in you and in this country.

But now there is a question of my role in that future.

The Arab League and the International...

Yes, Mr. Secretary, they are staying.

It looks like we will have another bite of the apple here in Abuddin.

...against my own people.

For ordering the gassing of the citizens of Ma'an.

They have made an offer for me to step down peacefully, to ensure a smooth transition to a new government.

No one who is guilty of such crimes can continue to be your president.

However... there is no evidence to prove the case against me.

In fact, I have irrefutable, undeniable evidence of my own.

The order to gas Ma'an, signed by General Tariq Al Fayeed proves to the ICC and to the whole world that the chemical weapons in question were deployed without my knowledge or consent.

What the hell's going on?

I don't know.

I did not commit this crime.

Therefore... why should I step down?

Shall we allow our future to be dictated by apostate Arab states, by foreign meddlers?

Shall we let the so-called international community... and traitors within Abuddin succeed in...


(crowd gasps)

Man: Get down!

Woman: She's got a gun!

Got her!

Man: Secure her!

(crowd clamoring, shrieking)

Guard: Clear the room! Everybody out!

Sir, please get back...

Get him out of here!

Come on, come on, come on, we gotta go!


Forgive me.

I tried... (gasping)

Let him go, let it end.

(Jamal coughs weakly)

He's my brother.

(Bassam breathes heavily)

This is justice.