02x07 - Defiance

Abby and David can't be together.

I can't tell you why, but they can't.

Her ex-husband used to beat her. You might want to use that.

Consider it handled.

Hospital photos of Teresa Dunn's injuries.

I didn't touch her. You look like a good guy, but you're not!

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

There was Shayna.

She was an artist.

We dated for five months, but she didn't like to read.

That was an actual thing she said...

"I don't like to read," as if that is okay.

So after her, I dated Maggie.

She loved to read. She did not, however, love to be monogamous.

Then there was Paulette.

Edison, you've made your point.

Have I? Because I still haven't heard a single detail about the men that you've dated since we broke up.

There's nothing to tell.

Because you're so ugly no one wants to be with you.

Because there's nothing to tell.

You won't be seen in public with me. What am I supposed to think?

That every reporter knows my face, and it would become a story that you're dating a professional fixer.

You're a United States senator. The focus should be on you.

What was his name?


Normal people talk. They share.

That is how a relationship works.

Okay. You want me to tell you something?

Fine. But it's between us, and if I tell you, you can't ask any questions. Are you in?

I'm in.

When something big happens in the senate today, you should be one of the first senators to make a statement of support.


When something big happens in the senate today, you should be one of the first senators to make a statement of support.

This is you sharing?

Whoever he was, he really hurt you, didn't he?

(Cell phone rings)



Harrison. You're gonna have to handle it.

You can handle incoming.

I have that other meeting, and I'm late. - Wait.

Statement of support.

We haven't finished talking about this.

You're probably not even listening to my messages anymore, Abby, but I miss you a lot.

And I know I keep saying this, but that whole Teresa Dunn thing is a complete lie, and I'm gonna prove it to you, and when...

Uh, I gotta go. It's a lie, Abby.

David Rosen?

Thanks for meeting me.


All right. Shall we, uh...

What are you doing? Don't read it here.

I like to see what I'm getting.

Hollis Doyle wants to build a pipeline through the middle of this country, but it's a tough sell with N.I.M.B.Y.S and environmentalists.

How's he do it? He rigs the voting.

Every single ballot measure in favor of the pipeline won in the last election.

You're saying he rigged the voting machines in all these states?

It sounded crazy to me, too, until I got a look at all this stuff.

No. I don't think so.

What? You barely looked at it.

You know how many conspiracy theorists bombard me with nonsense every week?

I should've known when you asked to meet me at a national monument.

Don't treat me like I'm crazy. I don't have an axe to grind.

I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job or the phone company killed J.F.K.

I'm just a damn good lawyer who stumbled onto something I can no longer pursue without losing the job I love.

So please, just take a look at it.

At the end of the previous quarter, the board considered, but did not make a decision regarding, using cash...

That's my father, Harold Pierce, Sr.

He doesn't look crazy to me.

That was a year ago.

(Motorcycle engine revving)

Ooh! Ee!


H.P., baby, you want this one shaken or stirred?

(Ice cubes rattle)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

That is the day before yesterday.

One of our servants sent it to us.

And that was before he told them all to, and I quote, "get out and go to hell."

As you can see, my husband is clearly suffering from some kind of psychotic break.


My ex-husband.

(Clicking) Harold Pierce dropped out of tenth grade to help his family after his father died, sold radios door-to-door throughout the lower midwest.

Is that how he made his fortune?

The lowest figures in the sales force.

Couldn't bear take the money from the down-and-outs, so he spent most of his house calls fixing people's radios.

Toying around, figured out a better device to find radio signals further away...

A chip that became the basis for what's in every cell phone today.

Your divorce was recent.

Just last month, out of the blue.

Was it amicable?

Oh. He was more than fair.

That's the problem.

He gave me $500 million without complaint, with a smile. That is not like him.

Married his high school sweetheart, had two kids, and spent the next 40 years building an empire.

His son Skip started in the mail room, worked his way up to a corner office.

His new girlfriend Jenna became a fixture on the Hollywood club scene.

She had a reality show, but only for one season, sadly.

Well, it was flawed, but highly addictive.

What kind of man quits his work, takes up with some bimbo, and then walks away from his own family without so much as a look back? I mean, who does that?

And with all due respect, if your dad wants to have a midlife crisis, I'm not sure what Pope and Associates can do about it.

If my dad was just my dad, he'd be free to do whatever he wants.

But he's not. He's the face of a multibillion-dollar business empire.

That just happens to be having an I.P.O. in three days.

Have you crunched the numbers?

It's estimated that Pierce Industries is worth about $35 billion, which sounds impressive, until you realize that going public...

We're talking somewhere in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Unless the world learns he's lost his marbles.

Remember the insterstellar I.P.O.?

Press discovered sexual harassment charges were filed against the founder and C.E.O.

The stock was offered at 70, end of the week... Between 4 and 5 bucks.

We're just worried that the eccentricities he's been displaying lately will get out to the financial press or worse.

He could show up on the trading floor and make a scene.

You want us to help you get through the I.P.O. and take the company public without incident.

The Harold Pierce we know would expect us to do nothing less.

So how do we keep him from ruining his legacy, from throwing 40 years of work down the drain?

(Laptop keys clicking)

If we could prove he's not in his right mind...

We can get him committed.


If we can get a court to give Skip legal guardianship...

Got us some ammunition. Let's go to work, people.


I'm lead on this.

Oh, lead. Cool.

(Chuckles) Supercool.

All right, let's hop to.

Don't say "people."




(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

What if I go to rehab, say I'm a s*x addict?

In 60 seconds, you're gonna walk out to that podium, read the statement in front of you, and resign the majority leadership position.

But this could all blow over. What if...

You had s*x way more than the public knows about with a 21-year-old intern...

The daughter of one of your wife's best friends.

She was not that innocent in this, believe me.

Let me tell you, these young girls, they... - 40 seconds.

Look at me.

This is over. You have no support within your party.


You walk out there, read the statement I wrote for you, you get to remain a U.S. senator.

(Sighs) This is really happening.

It is, and it's happening to your family, your staff, your friends.

All any of them want to hear right now is how profoundly sorry you are, how ashamed you are, and how you're going to work to regain their respect and their trust.



(Exhales deeply) Ready.

(Reporters shouting at once, camera shutters clicking)

I have apologized personally to the young woman and her family...

Governor Carmichael needs to be called. It has to be personal.

Maybe ask him about his kid.

I think he has cerebral palsy.

You got the joint chiefs for 20 minutes.

I have two briefings on East Sudan you should be in.

We need to talk about that budget committee thing and how you want to play that.

The chancellor of Germany made an idiotic remark about the holocaust, and so I need you to call him and slap him down without starting a war.

Apparently, the Yangtze river in China turned red a few months ago...

(Voice echoing) And religious leaders are asking if you think it's the apocalypse or just, you know, dirty water.

I wrote you a thing that insults neither Jesus or the ability of the Chinese to clean their rivers.

Oh, we need to discuss the military options for the...

(Normal voice) Mr. president?

I would like to thank my colleagues and my St...

That's not an easy thing to recover from.


It's gonna take some time to get over it.

The senator's actions were a blow to the country.

Wasn't talking about the senator, but let's all be W.A.S.P.S about this and pretend that I was.


You're back.

(Door closes) You knew I was coming back this morning.

You've been gone three weeks. Not one phone call.

I was starting to think you were dead.

I mean, I knew you weren't because I saw you on the news, but a girl can dream.

How's the baby?

Still in here.


The baby is fine. I am 32 weeks along.

He is healthy. I have not harmed your child.

I never said...

Cyrus, I finalized my end of the guest list for the gala, but I need you to take a look and see if it plays out on your end.

What? Wait.

I have removed senator Schumann entirely, which is fine, because I never liked his wife. Apparently, neither did he.

What gala?

For your birthday.

I thought I said I didn't want a big party.

We can't always get what we want, can we?

(Door closes) You're having a private party.

Just a few friends in the residence tonight.

Then a couple of nights later, 500 people, 4 world leaders, Stevie wonder's going to sing. It'll be fine.

Happy Birthday, sir.

(Door closes)

And these proceedings are being brought by the wife?

Mr. Pierce's son.

We're seeking this court to deem Harold Pierce incapacitated and make Skip his legal guardian.

And the family has attempted to get Mr. Pierce to accept treatment voluntarily?

Repeatedly, your honor.

Mr. Pierce had burned through tens of millions of dollars and racked up enough speeding tickets to have his license suspended.

Well, that does explain why he's taken to driving his motorcycle in the house.

He's also building an amusement park in his backyard.

Apparently, the new girlfriend loves roller coasters, but she hates waiting in line.

Oh, who doesn't? Look, your evidence is compelling, but without an independent psych eval, I can't say whether Harold Pierce is crazy or just eccentric.

Get him checked out. We'll go from there.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Sighs) That shrink sure is taking his time.

They let us in with him, we could've moved this along.

I should've said this before, but...

(Sighs) Thank you.

For what?

For getting me to look into David.

You were right.

He wasn't a good guy after all.

(Car door opens and closes)

Is he still in there? It shouldn't take that long to prove that he's crazy.

Dad. What the hell are you doing?

I'm onto you, junior. Trying to commit me?!

Here. Here's a little present.

Cross me again, come anywhere near this door, and I will empty both barrels.

Now take your quack and get.

Well, at least we proved he's beyond eccentric.

Statement of support. Do it fast.

You knew this was happening?

Statement of support.

(Beep) Is there a stakeout set up?

There's one in the crypt. Why?

Senator Davis, what's your response to the majority leader stepping down?

Should senator Schumann resign his seat?

I would.

So he should resign?

Or should there be a...

There's a hundred of us.

100 senators representing 314 million citizens of the greatest Republic ever formed.

I don't think it's too much to ask that a hundred of us don't take advantage of the young people who come here to learn how we make laws.

Young people looking to serve their country and doing it for free.

I don't mean to make an example of senator Schumann, but I do think that he should resign, not just as our majority leader, but as a senator as well.

Lawmakers shouldn't be lawbreakers.

Thank you.

(Man) Will you push for censure?

(Woman) Is this a call for ethics charges?

We're trying to help you, Harold.

We just want you to hear us out.

Why should I? You wouldn't hear me out when I handed you a pile of money and told you to leave Jenna and me the hell alone.

Dad, this I.P.O. is just a couple days away.

And I'm gonna tweet it right into the crapper.

I've got a manifesto.

You only get 140 characters, baby.

Well, then buy me more characters.

And start a Facebook group called "down with the Pierce I.P.O."

Bubble wrap him?

Bubble wrap him.

(Typing) I can block satellite stuff from here, but you're gonna have to cut his hard line.

Okay, now cut the blue wire.

No. Wait. The green wire.

Huck, don't pull this "Hurt Locker" crap on me.

What happens if he cuts the wrong one?

Nothing. As long as it's not the blue wire.

(Harold Sr.) Damn it!

(Harrison) Phone and Internet are shut down. (Sighs)

Now what happens?

Now it's plan "B"... making sure he doesn't leave the house.

If we can keep him here through the I.P.O., great.

And if leaves, our friends in the silver van are here to transfer him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

My colleague and I are here to babysit. You two can go home.

Thank you.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'm not being rude, James. I'm being considerate.

By disinviting me to a private dinner with the president of the United States.

By giving you an out if you want one.

(Whispers) To a private dinner with the president of the United States.

(Normal voice) Look, you already gave me the speech about making sure my journalistic pursuits don't end your career.

Did I not promise to behave myself?

(Cell phone rings) You did.

(Ring) Who is it?

My father.

Ah. Then allow me to remove my gayness from his hatred.

Yes, David? - Get a chance to look at the stuff I gave you?

I did.


I'm not convinced.

Did you see the list of counties using the Cytron voting machines?

I did, and I checked the exit polls. The results match.

Hollis didn't need to fix anything.

The pipeline was popular.

He made secret calls to Cytron in the weeks leading up to the explosion.

Look, I'm not saying there isn't a story here, but fixing state ballot measures... that isn't it.

I'm sorry.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Door opens)

That little speech of yours is getting a lot of play.

(Door closes) Cable, prime time.

You said to make myself seen. I didn't think you'd do it while standing on the neck of my client, which I actually think was a brilliant political move.

Honesty isn't a strategy, Olivia.

Saying "honesty isn't a strategy" is a strategy.

This is who I am.

I know, and it's refreshing and bracing and very Jimmy Stewart.

If we do this right, I can make a play for the senate majority leader.

Yes, you can.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Knocks on door) Hey. So I was looking online, and I saw there's drugs out there you can shoot people up with, and it makes them pass out for, like, ten hours at a time.

That's real, right?

Why are you asking me?

Because you're a spy. And I thought, if Harold Pierce proved to be a problem I.P.O.-wise, we could just inject him with drugs and stick him in a closet.

Olivia's not gonna do that.

Where do you get them... Drugs like that?

(Mouth full) I wouldn't know.

What's the best one?

We're not gonna use drugs on him, so what does it matter?


They call it M99.

Ooh. M99?

God, that even sounds like a spy name. Thanks, huck.

(Crickets chirping)

Abby, it's David.



(Door opens)


Are those margaritas?


Just 'cause you're intruders doesn't mean you're not guests.

Thanks, but we're on the job.

You don't have to be. I'll keep an eye on H.P.

Y'all can go.

They're hired guns, baby.

They're not gonna leave till Skip calls 'em off.

God, you look beautiful just standing there.

(Laughs) I wore my hair the way you like it.

Yeah, I noticed.

(Chuckles) Mmm.

(Jenna moans)


If you'll excuse us, uh, I think we're gonna turn in.


I bet they've got everything anyone could ever want in that house.

They could hole up in there for a month if they had to.

(Scoffs) Looks like we're spending the night.


Secret to politics.

Oh, do tell.

The secret to politics is never listen to pollsters.

We were down in Ohio...

Oh, honey, I think Cyrus and Verna have already heard this one.

I've never heard it. James has never heard it.

And it's a classic. All right.

So there we were on election night, tight race from the second we declared.

You don't have to remind me.

And we were down in Ohio...

Neck and neck but slightly down.

And the returns are coming in county by county, and we're sitting in Santa Barbara, getting the exit polls state by state, all day long. You remember that?

I'll never forget.

Longest day of my life.

And the red states are red, and the blue states are blue, and it all starts to come down to three counties in Ohio. I mean, three little counties.

And the exit polls are saying we lost it.

I mean, I got these numbers guys whispering in little sewing circles all over the place...
(Woman chuckles) wondering and how they're gonna tell me and who's gonna do it.

And, of course, he already knows.

Because my chief of staff is actually worth a damn. - Thank you.

You're welcome.
(Pats shoulder)

And the last tally that comes in...

I mean, it was the very last tally...

Is from a place called Defiance.

Defiance county, Ohio.

I mean, can you believe that name?

And in Defiance, of all the exit polls, we took that county and went on to win the election.


And that is why you should never ever listen to pollsters...


Because here we are.

(Verna) Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
(Cyrus) Happy Birthday!

(Woman) Oh, Happy Birthday!
(Fitz) Thanks, everybody.

(Cyrus) Yeah.

So glad you all could come.
(Women) Cheers.



(Opens drawer)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

What are you doing down here?

Car's waiting outside.

Sorry. I thought I...

I thought I forgot something in here, but I didn't.

Let's go home.
(Opens drawer)

You know, I thought that was lamb a little heavy.

Could've used something.

Lemon, maybe, or cumin.

Mm, lamb's always good with cumin.

(David) I miss you a lot.

And I know I keep saying this, but that whole Teresa Dunn thing... it's a complete lie, and I'm gonna prove it to you.



(Door opens)

Wake up. We got company.


Our phones don't work!

You guys have phones, right? Call this doctor.

H.P. is real sick. He's got a fever and everything.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

55 Democratic senators. All you need is a simple majority.

You talk to Garcia?

I talked to Garcia.

Yes, but did you talk to Garcia?

Gave him the whole routine. I sang for Garcia.

I danced for Garcia.

I moonwalked for Garcia.

(Laughs) Mm, no wonder he's sticking with Holly.

We'll see how well you do at the president's birthday gala.

That's not gonna happen.

It's bad business.

The outgoing majority leader is still my client.

How many of your clients are associates of mine? How long are we gonna hide in the shadows and worry about this?

You and me in public will bring up questions.

Questions you're not ready to answer.

Questions that will distract from your bid, which isn't a good idea when you're down by seven votes.

I hear we have a senate majority leader position to fill.

That's the other party, Hollis.

It's not our decision.

Now why would you want to leave it to the folks looking to squat in your stew?

More pecos poetry.

Senator Hawley of the great state of Missouri is a man I can work with.

I don't want to know what you've got on him.

Suits me 'cause I'm not about to share it.

We either get him or "senator integrity,"
Edison Davis.

You wanna spend the rest of your term trying to get him to play ball?

There's a limit to our influence.

Exceed it.

I'm getting tired of reminding.

You owe me.

Funny. I'd say you never seem to tire of it.

We have the same interests, Cy.

Always have, always will.

Dr. Walters, as I said on the phone, you are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, and I don't care if "The Wall Street Journal" calls and offers you a million bucks.

You cannot breathe a word about Harold Pierce. Got it?

Mm. Got it.

If you let me in, I can help.

Oh, no. You don't want to.

It's some kind of real bad flu or something.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Insuring the integrity of national elections.

That's what the article's about, yeah.

And you would like us to...

Explain to me in layman's terms how election rigging works.

You said in your dissertation that electronic voting machines are "highly susceptible to tampering."

So if I had to prove that the voting machines in a particular county had been tampered with, in the Grant/Reston election, for example, how would I do that?

Do you know where the machines are?

Let's say I don't.

Then your first step is finding them.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

"The times," huh?


And what is this newspaper story about, again?

Defiance county's successful transition into the digital age.

Uh, how many voting machines are assigned to Defiance?

150, state of the art, digital.

You know, we were the first...

And... and the same machines that were used in the last election are kept here?

In a warehouse near the ball fields.

It's interesting. Did you know we're the first...

Can you give me a list of those machines by serial number?

In a hurry, are we?

Yes, sir.

Let me fish it out for you.

Thank you.


You're welcome.

(Machine beeps) And once I find the machines?

Then it's all about the memory card.

That's where the software lives.

And if you know how to program one, you can pretty much make it do whatever you want.

Like reassign votes.

Say you vote for Reston/Howard.

The individual receipt would look find.

You'd never know your votes were stolen.

But the final tally... the one the voter never gets to see...

That would show you what actually gets sent to the board of elections.

So find a machine that skews the results.

And get your hands on the memory card. (Beeps)

That's your smoking gun.

Where's the memory card?

Are the cards missing from all of these?

I don't know.

Okay, we've drugged Harold Pierce, and he's out cold for ten hours.

We didn't drug him.

I know, but let's say we did.

Let's say he's knocked out in his bedroom closet, but the police have heard about it, and they're on the way over.

The police heard he was lying in a bedroom closet?

The maid called. The question is how do we get him from the closet of his house in Virginia to his estate in Martha's vineyard?

You can't drive him. That's not quick.

And we can't take him to the airport because there's no way security lets you through carrying an old guy over your shoulder, right?

Right, Huck?


Of course.

Hypotheticals are pointless.

Is there a real-world situation you'd like to ask me about?



Come back when there is.


You need to come in here, both of you.

Harold has something he needs to say.

Mr. Pierce?

You all right?

I'm more than all right.

I'm married.

You married them?

I'm a doctor of theology.

You're a minister?

Meet my beautiful bride, Jenna Newhall Pierce, the pride of Bakersfield and the only person legally authorized to commit me.

So pack up your men in white and beat it so we can kick off our honeymoon in private.

I love you, H.P.

I love you, too, sweetheart.


You let them get married?

Liv, I didn't know. I'm sorry. I just...

You want more responsibility around here, you need to earn it.

I did earn it... The hard way.

I'll talk to the family. They're already in my office.


So this... this girl who's ten years younger than me...

She gets to make the decisions when he's incapacitated?

She's the one holding the reins?


He's... sick.


It's not that I want him back. That's not what I want.

But when I think about Harold, the man I fell in love with, the man I married, I realize I-I owe him my whole life, and if he's sick, if he's hurting, I can't just turn my back on him.


All right.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I don't believe this. There's one missing.

Hey, Dennis?

Hey, Dennis? One's missing.

You wanted voting machines. These are the voting machines.

Right, but one's missing from the list.

I've crossed off every name but this one.

Are you sure these are the only machines?

Yes. There's not one in a back room or one of your offices or something?


One of the machines is missing, Dennis.

There's 150 on the list and only 149 here in the warehouse.

Do you know what this could mean?

I make $9.30 an hour.

I have four kids, two in college. I do not care.

Dennis, I am begging you.

This is every machine we have.

Except for the one at the high school.

The high school?

Yeah. They keep one in a display case there.

Supposed to be a commemoration or something, like a little museum.


(Door rattles)

Damn it.


Hey! Hey!

(Cell phone rings)



(Beep) Hey, honey.

I'm standing in your cubicle. Where are you?

Ah, my dad's having one of those days where he thinks I'm his Uncle Krystof.

I'm sorry to hear that. Anything I can do?

No. If it's okay with you, though, I think I'll spend the night here.

Oh, yeah, of course.

Yeah. Whatever you need.


Yes, uh, that's right. I'm looking for flight plans from two years ago.

Anything out of Sonoma County airport.

And, hey, does Judy Soltys still work at the tarmac?

(Chuckles) Of course I know her.

She was the beer pong queen of Petaluma High.

No, take your time, Sandy. It is Sandy, right?

No problem. I'll hold.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)



Majority leader. Race is tied. Going down to the wire.

He hasn't decided who he's backing yet.

You're here to lobby me, on behalf of your boyfriend. Adorable.

Just trying to figure out where the smart money is headed.

If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd say he backs Edison, cozies up real nice to him to get his republican stink all over him.

Sure, fire way to tank Edison's nomination...

Calling him a man he looks forward to working with.

The party will turn on him immediately.

I'll happily double down on that bet, but I hope I lose.

My heart's set on him backing hawley so Edison wins.

You want Edison to win? Why?

Because that means he's over you, which means I get my president back.

Hey, you asked.

How about you? What are you hoping for?

Take care, Cy.

(Door opens and closes)

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

These just came in for you, sir.

I thought we said no more surveillance.

I didn't get that order, sir. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

But from now on...

I'll have our men pull back, sir.

Thank you, Tom.


(Door closes)



(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

♪ I've never felt before

♪ now I know I could never let... ♪

You think she's just taking a ride on the gravy train?

(Scoffs) Of course she is.

But she looks happy.

They look happy.

♪ Day I die

♪ you know I love you I'm sorry about David.

♪ And I need you don't be.

I mean...

I dodged a bullet, right?

♪ Needs sunshine and rain

♪ if I can't have you

♪ I'll never love again

♪ so don't you see

♪ you've got to be

♪ my love man

♪ it thrills me

♪ when I speak your name

♪ don't let my love for you You're gonna find somebody that makes you happy, Abby.

♪ Be in vain Don't worry.

You are gonna find... a good guy.

♪ ...Man till the day I die

(projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Woman) ...Tomorrow as the white house takes over the national gallery to begin setting up for what is, without a doubt, the toughest ticket in town...

President grant's 50th birthday celebration.

Many of the president's key supporters, including a...

I'm thinking we work Woodhull.

She's the head of the appropriations committee.

What do you think?

When asked how he plans to celebrate...



Did you hear me?

(Tv turns off, cell phone rings)

(Beep) Hey.

He what?

He shot him.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! H.P.!

Oh, my God!

Who shot who?

(Skip grunts) You b*st*rd! I warned you!

Liv, you need to get down here now.

(Harold Sr. shouting indistinctly)

Harrison, you can do this. You're ready.

I have every faith in you.

Liv, you don't understand.

It... - You can do this.

See it through.

(Harold Sr.) Did you listen? No.

They just barge in here while I'm on my honeymoon, mouthful of insults, you don't even bother to congratulate me.

(Grunting) I can't believe that you shot me.

You came at me.
Don't try to make it my fault.

He did. I saw it. Skip tried to take the gun from H.P.

Okay, everybody, just calm down.

Neighbors must've heard the shots. Press just arrived.

Local affiliate. They're setting up to go live. - Stall 'em.

But they're...

Spin it.

Huck, he's gonna be okay?

Yeah, it's not too bad.

Okay, good. Live cameras means hospital's out of the question.

Is this guy even a doctor?

Close enough.

In the movies, the cowboys always drink whiskey while the other cowboys pull out the bullets.

Do I look like a cowboy to you?!

Don't touch my wife!

This gold digger is not your wife.

What the hell do you care?

Okay, that's it! Clear the room.

I need Harold and Skip alone.


You, too, Jenna.

Go on. It's okay.

All right, this family feud...

It ends now.

(Chair thuds)

Thanks, man.

Don't steal anything.

Please, God, let there be a card in there.

Ohh. (Laughs)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Who wants to start?


Okay. Fine.

I'll start.

Skip, I don't think Harold's crazy.

Well, you obviously haven't seen plans for the 90-foot tilt-a-whirl he wants to build near the driveway.


But you are being a huge pain in the ass about the I.P.O., and I want to know why.

For the last 50 years, I've done everything I was supposed to do.

I kept multiple roofs over my family's head, I took them on nice trips, I sent my kids to great schools, I never cheated, I was dutiful, I never complained or asked for anything in return.

Well, sorry to hear that spending so much time with your family was so painful.


I'm finally having some fun.

I know that I'm old enough to be Jenna's great-grandfather and she'd leave me the minute she lost her clothing allowance, but I'm having fun.

And it's not like I'm spending my ex-wife's money or your money or even your kids' money.

I'm spending my money.

So why try to take the I.P.O.? Why not just walk away?

Because he doesn't think that I can run the company.

He'd rather light the match himself and watch the whole thing go down in flames rather than hand over the reins to me. - Oh, Skip, for God sake, I know you can do it. I just don't want you to.

You're a megalomaniac.

No, because I love you, you idiot.

I don't want you to end up like me.

I don't want you to spend your life... to waste your life...

Building a pile of money, because it's not worth it.

Believe me.

You spent your whole life building Pierce Industries.

I spent my whole life working there.

I've been in every department from top to bottom.

I know everyone and exactly what they do.

Going to work is what gets me excited to wake up in the morning. You want to ride your bike in the house because it makes you happy? Go for it.

But what makes me happy, dad...

Working at my family's company, making it the best it can be.

By holding it over to complete strangers?

I was pushing the I.P.O. 'cause I thought that's what he wanted, the culmination to a great business career.


So, Harold, you're trying to make Skip happy by sabotaging the business.

Skip, you're trying to save your dad's legacy by pushing him out.


Sounds about right.

That's messed up, but I get it.

And I think there's a way out of this.

And it may even keep you two from shooting each other again.



Say you vote for Reston/Howard.

The individual receipt would look fine.

You'd never know your votes were stolen.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


(Man) You vote Reston/Howard five times.




Five receipts. They'd all read "Reston/Howard."

But the final tally, the one the voter never gets to see...

That would show you what actually gets sent to the board of elections.

(Camera shutter clicking)



(Camera shutter clicking)

That's your smoking gun.

And that's how you rig an election.


And so after protracted discussions with family members and weighing the pros and cons of our stock offering, we've decided to cancel the I.P.O.

The company will remain in the family.

Also effective immediately, I will be stepping down as the head of Pierce Industries after 42 years and handing the reins over to my son Skip.

I thought this would be some kind of temporary thing we'd get through, but, uh, it isn't, is it?

He's never coming back to me.

You still had hope that...

And I have the utmost faith in him.

You need to do what he did.

Find a way to be happy.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Then there's the majority leader situation.

Where do things stand?

You're not gonna like it.

So what else is new?

The choice is between senator Hawley Who Hollis Doyle is pushing for hard...

And Edison Davis, who... well, we know how you feel about Edison Davis.

Put out a statement saying we'd look forward to working with Hawley.

Which means Edison will be the new majority leader.


I'm just surprised.


But I lost a bet on this one.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

Uh-huh. Yes.

Yeah. Yes.

Thank you.

The White House just threw their support behind Hawley, sent half their caucus running over to our side.

It's all over.


You didn't have a hand in this?

No. No hand.


The White House did this completely on their own.

Why? If you didn't twist their arm, then who did?

You okay?

Of course.

Happy for you.

You don't look it.

I'm thrilled.

And I'll be proud to walk into that gala on the new senate majority leader's arm.

You're all in?

There was a guy before you.

I'm not gonna talk about him, but there was, and it was serious, but... we're done.

It's over.


I'm all in.



(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

You screwed me sideways.

(Door closes) It was what you wanted.

Don't piss on my stetson and tell me it's rainin'.

Did you not ask us to get behind Hawley?

In private, back channels.

I don't have to explain this to you.

You know damn well what you did!

I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

That's it. I'm all done asking, reminding.

I'm about ready to bring this whole house of cards down.

You wouldn't.

You have no idea what I would or would not do.

No idea at all.

(Door opens)

So I talked to Sandy at the Sonoma County airport and she put me in touch with Chuck, the flight plan guy at the F.A.A.

Sandy and Chuck went out once.

She thought he was nice but too old.

We handled Harold Pierce. That's all done.

No, I know. I'm talking about me now.

I'm talking about the night I was taken from the motel two years ago.

See, there was a private plane that left the Sonoma County airport that night and went to D.C.

And here's the thing I just learned about private planes...

If it's a domestic flight, you don't have to tell anyone the names of the passengers onboard.

You just have to say how many there are.

Chuck from the F.A.A. told me there were two passengers on that flight.

I don't know their names, but you know what I think?

I think one of those passengers was me, and I think you or someone like you was the other one.

I think you or someone like you injected me with M99 and put me on that plane and flew me here.

What do you think, Huck? Does that sound plausible to you?



Let me finish.

It sounds plausible to me because that plane...

The plane that flew from Sonoma to Washington, D.C. the night I was taken?

It was registered to Verna Thornton, the supreme court justice.

She's one of Olivia's clients, right?

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'm a very lucky man.

Did you turn your ringer off? It's me.

I had to leave early, but I reserved another car, so if you get home from your dad's and you feel like slipping into something a little less comfortable to join me at the gala, you'll find me at the bar.

(Both laugh)


What am I pretending you got me for my birthday?

The press is gonna ask.

Cyrus says to say I gave you a first edition of "To Kill a Mockingbird" signed by Harper Lee.

That's good.

Here we go.

What if we just...


I don't know...

Skip this whole thing and went home.

Is it the baby? You feeling okay?

I feel fine. I just...

What's the problem?

(Woman) ♪ even your emotions have an echo ♪

I just don't want to go.

I'm sick of smiling.

I'm sick of acting like we're happy.

I just don't want to go.

Is it because she's gonna be there... Olivia?

She got cleared by security an hour ago, which I'm sure you know.

Now suddenly, you force me to have this big party, and you don't want to go because you're afraid of my mistress?

Let me give you a fun fact... she's not my mistress anymore.

So buck up. You won.

(Knocks on window)

♪ I just knew too much Let's not go.
(Crowd cheering)

I don't want to go. I feel...

(Car door opens)

I don't want to go.

We can't always get what we want, can we?

♪ Does that make me crazy?

(Crowd cheering and shouting indistinctly)

♪ Possibly


(Mellie) Aah!

(Projector and camera shutter click)