02x09 - Blown Away

Uh, once again, some three hours ago, President Grant was shot.

Previously on "Scandal"...

The FBI is issuing a high alert, and they... they do have a description of a suspect.

Ms. Pope?


Are you... back?


I'm back, for as long as you need me.

The vice President is making a play.

She spent the last two hours lobbying cabinet members about signing over the presidency to her. - She what?

(Reed) President Sally Langston makes history today as the first female commander in chief.

Good morning.

First, let me say that all that I have I would give not to be here today.

Like all of you, my thoughts and prayers are with the President and his wife and children.

The doctors at James Madison hospital have informed me that President Grant's condition remains critical.

The doctors have been candid, and I will be, too.

They hope the President will wake up within a few days.

If and when he does, they may not know the extent of the damage to his brain for at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

In the meantime, we have extended the manhunt for the person or persons responsible for the attack on the President.

I have directed the leaders of the FBI, Homeland Security, and the CIA to pursue every avenue, run every threat to ground, until we have captured whoever is responsible for this evil act.
(Breaths heavily)

The person they're looking for, the one they think shot the President...

That's me.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'm gonna need to talk to Colonel Jessup over at M.D.W.

He's the chief of ceremonies and special events.

Call D.H.S. and justice.
(Cell phone ringing)

Tell them to be here at 1:00 P.M. for a briefing.

Hold on. What?

You need to get back here.

I can't.

In fact, I'm staying on for a while longer.

I'm not asking.

Whatever it is, deal with it.

I'm not asking.

What is it?

Can't say. Open line.

Harrison, I'm in the middle of something.

I will call you...

Get your ass back here now.

(Cell phone beeps)

I'll be back in an hour.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


I think she relapsed. We need to find her.

You have to help me.

(Voice echoing) I messed up. I'm in trouble, Huck.

I mean, you have to come.

She's in a lot of trouble.

When did Becky call you?

Oh. Yesterday or the day before. I was talking to Quinn.

It was registered to Verna Thornton.

The supreme court justice?

She's one of Olivia's clients, right?

(Cell phone rings)



Becky? What's wrong?

She was crying, scared.

I don't know what to do.

Can you come get me, please?

She gave me a room number, and I went.

To the Stanworth.

Room 807.

Uh, the door was open.

(Knock on door)


But she wasn't there.

(Beeps and whirs)

(Multiple gunshots)

(Crowd screaming)

I'm new to the field of remote-controlled sniper rifles.

Is there a trade magazine they send out to enthusiasts, psychopaths, assassins?

There's a camera in the scope.

The movement operates on a radio signal.

It's the same technology you use to fly model airplanes.

You can find it at any toy store, electronics store.

It's untraceable.

What's its range?

Depends on if they bounce the signal.

It could be 50 feet, it could be 2 states away.

What did you do?

What I'm trained to do.

I couldn't find the fifth cartridge, but I couldn't spare another second, so I ran down the stairs and snuck out of the service entrance.

(Alarm blaring) Why disable the gun? Why take it?

If someone found you with it...

It could help us find who did this and who took Becky.

Every gun has a story.

What did you do with it?

So that's the...

That's the gun that shot the President.

Rebecca Flynn... Born January 17, 1982.

Freelance graphic designer.

Works out of a shared space on 9th street.

Attends A.A. meetings at a church on Florida Avenue.

It's where we met.

She's an alcoholic?


You're an alcoholic?

I have an addiction, but not to drugs or alcohol.

(Olivia) When was the last time you saw her?

Thursday morning.

You've known her for how long?

Three months.

Huck, I know you love this girl, but I have to ask...

Is there any chance she was involved in setting you up?


I'm trained to detect lying, and all that aside, I know her.

I know she would never do that to me.

Never. She's in trouble. Someone grabbed her to lure her to that hotel. They knew I would come for her.

Someone has her.

Someone professional who kills for a living, who's good enough to do it with a remote sniper rifle.

Someone like you? That's what you mean, right?

Someone like you.


I need to find Becky before they decide she's disposable.


She's a nice person.

I need to find her.

Okay. So we find her, connect the dots, find out who she talked to, where she went.
-I'm going, too.

No. You stay here.

There's no way in hell.

You're the most wanted man in America.

The FBI has sketches of you everywhere. You stay here.

You do not move. You do not leave this office.

Huck, look at me.

Look at me.

Do not leave this office.

The FBI sketch is based on one individual's description on what is being described thus far as a person of interest in the events surrounding the shooting of President Grant and Britta Kagen.

For further details on the investigation, I'd like to turn the podium over to the Attorney General and her team of investigators.

(Camera shutters clicking)


The sketch is the result of an eyewitness who saw the suspect with a red hoodie pull the fire alarm on the eighth floor.

We are going through hotel security footage now to look for leads.

Facial recognition software is being used to seek a match with every record available.

I'm leaving the cabinet briefings and the White House schedule on your desk.

Also the minutes from yesterday's N.S.A. meetings.

I figure I would patch you into the White House for any intel updates. - Don't bother.

Just because President Langston... I'm sorry.

Just because that woman kicked you out of your office, doesn't mean you can't move to another office in the White House.

I have another office, Mary. You're standing in it.

And I'm not leaving here until President Grant...

The only President of this great nation... leaves his hospital bed.
(Telephone ringing)

(Woman) That the shooter most likely has...

Are you getting that?


Mary. - That's your home phone. I don't answer your home phone.

Because unlike you, I still work at the White House.

(Door opens)

Okay. (Mutters)



Mrs. Novak?

No. I'm not at work.


Yes, I... (Sighs)

Yes, I know with everything that's going on, you would think they need me, but they don't.

So I have time to talk to my very favorite mother-in-law.

Yes, I hope the President pulls through, too.

No. James isn't here right now. He's at work.

Yeah. They need him at work.

Did you want me to give him a message?

His next visit? I don't know. Probably not for a while.

Because he was just up there last weekend.

James did not come and visit you and his dad this past weekend?


I guess that's my mistake.


I'll have him call as soon as he gets back home.

I'm standing in your cubicle. Where are you?

Oh, my dad's having one of those days where he thinks I'm his Uncle krystof.

I'm sorry to hear that. Anything I can do?

No. If it's okay with you, though, I think I'll spend the night here.

No. No. Of course.

Yeah. Whatever you need.





David, hey.

What happened to you?

What do you mean?

You told me last night you found something in Ohio, but you didn't say what it was, and now you're not returning my calls.

Is it something about Cytron?

Look, I-I really can't talk about this right now. - Why?

Because it's complicated, especially... Especially in light of this.

The assassination attempt?

I know that it sounds vague, but you just have to trust me.

Fine. But if it has anything to do with the President getting shot, anything at all...

You'll be the first to know.

Madam President, I am humbled and truly honored to stand before the first female President of these United States.

Very kind.

Ma'am, I'm not one to speak out of school, but...

Oh, well, hell... Excuse my French.

We both know if I'm breathing, I'm speaking out of school, but it's my pure belief you didn't get your proper due as V.P.

There. Said.

Well, my position has had its, uh, challenges.

Now can we get to your business, Hollis?

Whatever stretch the almighty has in mind for you to now lead this great land...

Be it a week, a month, or longer...

You were put here for a purpose, sure as he made the world.

And that purpose is to make yourself some history.

That is, if you're so inclined.

Might be time to pay a visit to Verna Thornton.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Nothing knocked over or even askew.

If Becky was abducted, it wasn't from here.

Still holding?

The President was shot. They're a little busy at justice.

But don't worry. My guy's solid. Owes me big-time.

Yeah, Jim. Listen, that security footage at the Stanworth hotel before and after the shooting... I'm gonna need a copy.

So I'm gonna have to call in that favor.

Dude, I made that D.U.I. go away. I saved you 12 grand.

No, this is exactly the kind of thing people mean when they say, "I owe you."

Wait. Wait.

(Beep) He hung up.

Wow. Mr. Big time.

They're on lockdown.

They're not releasing anything to anyone for any reason.

I may have someone I can call.

(Keyboard keys clicking)

Any luck with the hotel security feed?

Uh, the FBI pulled it. I'm seeing if they have it cached.

(Sighs) So I guess we're both patsies then.

Me for the Cytron explosion, you for shooting the President.

Makes you wonder if they're related.

What do you mean?

I mean, whoever set me up for the Cytron explosion must've been pretty unhappy I slipped through their fingers.

If they knew you were the guy who took me, first of all, they'd be pissed, but more importantly, if they did their homework, they'd know you were ex-CIA, and who better to pin an assassination on than someone who's been tossed aside by the government?

So who were they, Huck? Who set me up?

I don't know. - You don't know because you never asked or you don't know because you're still pretending it wasn't you who flew me cross-country in Verna Thornton's jet and dumped me in a D.C. hotel room with a brand-new identity?

I never asked.

(Computer beeping)

A woman tells you to kidnap someone and you don't ask why?

Is Olivia Pope really worth that kind of loyalty?

My girlfriend is missing, and I'm trying to find her.

Are you gonna help me or not?

(Typing on keyboard)



Hotel security footage for the last 72 hours.

(Sets flash drive down)


(Door opens and closes)

I mean, Becky's only been at her job for three months.

Her credit cards... All opened three months ago.

And get this, she's been dating Huck for exactly...

Three months.

Abby, what is it?

She went into the hotel alone.

Well, she could have been meeting her dealer upstairs.

No way to tell.

Security cameras on the eighth floor were all messed with.

Huck, I checked her phone.

No calls to or from any dealers or anyone, for that matter. Only you, Huck.

For the entire three months she had that phone, she only called you.

That doesn't prove anything. She was getting sober.

She left her whole life behind and moved here to get sober.

She doesn't have a lot of friends.

We checked her bank statements.

She kept exactly the amount she needed to pay rent and utilities in that account. Never wrote any other checks.


Becky doesn't exist.

Yes, she does.

She set you up, Huck.

No, she'd never do that.

I'm sorry.

You made a mistake.

I'm gonna find her.

Olivia said you don't leave here.

Who's gonna stop me?

You don't leave here.

I am a trained killer.

Do you understand that?

You leave here, you gotta go through me.

You missed something.

You are wrong about Becky, so you are of no help to me.

None of you.

I'm taking care of this myself.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


(Hollow thud)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Projector clicks)





(Monitor beeping rhythmically)

Madam President.

Hello, justice Thornton.

I heard you were feeling under the weather.

Though "under the weather" really doesn't quite cover it, does it?

Is there something I can do for you?

You can take care of yourself, for your own good, for the good of the country.

You can focus on your health, concentrate your energies on getting better.

Such a stressful job can't be good for you at a time like this.

I am not stepping down from the bench.

Justice Thornton, your President is making a request of you.

Wouldn't be patriotic not to acquiesce.

You're gonna be President for about the next 15 minutes and then your time will be done, and I will be still be on the bench.

If I have to rule from the confines of an iron lung, I will be on the bench.

The seat your butt is filling on the supreme court belongs to me to fill as I see fit.

It was promised to me during the campaign.

It is mine, and I mean to have it, and for someone other than a left-wing, baby-killing, homosexual loving, godless creature such as yourself.

I want it now, and you will give it to me, because if you don't, I will leak to one of your liberal media papers that you have terminal cancer, that you had terminal cancer during the confirmation hearings, that you lied by omission about having terminal cancer to the American people, that the drugs coursing through your system...

Including the medical marijuana pills you take at night...

May possibly have clouded your judicial judgment.

I will call into question every decision you have ever made from the bench of the highest court in the land.

I will disgrace you in the eyes of your peers and in the annals of history.

I will ruin what little time you have left on this earth, and I will be right to do so because it is the God's honest truth.

Step down from the bench, Verna.

I'm asking you nicely.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

It's nice that you came home for lunch.

Well, I have to admit, I was a little worried about what I might find when I came home.

I mean, it's been four hours without a political hit in your veins.

Thought you might be huddled in the corner, mainlining c-span and trying to snort shredded pieces of the congressional record up your nose.

But you're fine.

Oh, I'm good. I'm very good.

A little time off was just what I needed.


H-how did you say your dad was doing?


Your dad.

You had to spend that night at his house the other day.

And we never had a chance to talk about it, because, well, all hell broke loose with Fitz and the shooting, so I was wondering, how is your father doing? Better?


Oh, about the same, I guess.

This could really use some mustard. You want?

No, I'm good.

There. That's him.

Same red sweatshirt as the man seen pulling the fire alarm.

And he's heading up to the eighth floor, which is where the shots were fired from.

But no clear angle on his face?

No clear angle on his face, and the cameras on the eighth floor were tampered with, so we don't have any footage of him from there. However, ma'am, if you'll focus your attention back on the monitor...

There. See? He picks up that woman's cell phone.

And presumably left his fingerprints on it.

Have you located the woman yet?

We're looking for her now.

Huck's fingerprints...

Find out if they're in any government databases.

Okay, but first...

The FBI has security footage of Huck picking up someone's phone in the hotel elevator.

Okay, but...

If they find the phone, they'll have his prints, so we need to know if they'll be able to match them.

If that's the case, we track down this woman and take her phone before the FBI can get their hands on it.

Liv, Huck's gone.


(Girls speaking indistinctly)

(Girls laugh)

Sundays is pasta and mondays is sandwiches, but tonight... Tonight's my favorite night.

They eat pizza and they play games.

That's the best part. It's game night.

She's Carol, 34, not a natural blonde, but that's okay.

She teaches math at the junior high.

And he's Billy. He sells sporting goods, which is an actual thing... Sporting goods.


And the little girls are Lucy... she's 8, and Sarah Beth... she's 10.

So what about you?

What do you like to do?

(Billy chuckles) Let me get that.


(Gun cocks)

Hi, Huck.

What, you're not speaking to me now?

You set me up.

Yeah, I set you up.

Who hired you?

You know I can't tell you that.

Professional ethics. Gal's gotta have standards.

Who are you?

I'm Becky, like "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm."

Nice to meet you, Huck of "Huckleberry Finn."

Is today the day I'm gonna die?

Because I'd like to know ahead of time.

I'm not here to kill you. Why would I kill you?

We're the same, you and me.

Except that I shot the President. That's a big job.

You want me to go down for this.

Come on. Don't you think if I wanted you to go down for this, you'd be in lockdown in the deepest, darkest hole in gitmo by now?

Sweetie, I could've paid for that hotel room with your credit card.

I could've spread your D.N.A. all over that place.

I could've killed you, made it look like you shot the President and then yourself. But I didn't.

I was supposed to, but I didn't.

How come?

Because I like you, Huck.

You shot the President.


Becky... - You were in B613. You killed three world leaders.

Made 'em look like heart attacks, but still, three.

I shoot one a few times, and you're suddenly better than me?

What, I thought you were in A.A. because you like to collect chips?

You like to kill people.

It's what you do. It's who you are.

Look, you're mad right now because I had you, because you let your guard down, and I fooled you.

But, Huck, you're missing the point.

We're alike. You're like me.

We're the same.

We're built for each other.

So you can sit here every night and watch your little family eat their sandwiches, or you can come with me.

Come with me.

I'm leaving town.

We could go on the run, do the whole Bonnie-and-Clyde-for-hire thing.

Just you and me.

Think about it, Huck.


You know where to find me.

(Car door opens)

(Car door closes)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Doorbell rings)

'94 Du Bellay Chateauneuf du Pape.

Wow. What's the occasion?

My husband is cheating on me.

What did he say?

I'm not asking him.

He's lying to me about visiting his parents.

He loves you.

He's much younger than me and very handsome and a bit of a slut.

(Laughs) Cyrus.

Before he met me, he was a bit of a slut, which I found very sexy, and I shouldn't have, because now my young, handsome, slutty husband is cheating on me, and I am going to grow old alone.

You don't know for sure he's cheating.

(Chuckles) I will know for sure as soon as my private investigator gets back to me.

You hired a P.I. on him?

Wouldn't you?


I am going to grow old alone.

I'm making lists... of Fitz's favorite songs, bands he loves, poems he's quoted, Bible verses that seem to fit his personality, hymns he likes.

Sally has me planning his funeral.

Mellie's let me visit him exactly once, then she revoked my privileges.

I may not even get to say good-bye.

I'm gonna say this once, and I better not ever have to say it again...

Don't you ever again suggest to me that Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III is going to die.

That is unacceptable coming from you.

He calls you the love of his life.

Don't you dare give up on him.

(Whispers) Yeah.


Do you wanna watch the news?




(Man speaking indistinctly)

You are not going to grow old alone.

You're never alone.

I'm here.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

It's blackmail.

That Bible-thumping bitch is blackmailing me, and I don't want to give in to her. I won't.

But I have every intention of living long enough to resign when there's a legitimate President in office.

Fitz is a legitimate President.

You know what I mean.

I'm talking about...

He's lying in a hospital room, fighting for his life, and he had nothing to do with how he got elected.

He's a patriot and he's legitimate.

We're both in hospital rooms.

(Sighs) Karma's a funny thing.

We're paying the price for what we did.

Liv, is there any way out of this with Sally?

Anything I can do to keep her from blackmailing me?

You can resign. Step down from the bench.

Liv... - It's the only way if you want to keep your legacy intact.

You spend the time you have left with your family, your grandkids.

Oh, that sounds nice.

I've been seeing pictures of that fellow wearing the red hoodie all day.

He looks a lot like Huck.


Like I said, karma's a funny thing.

(Keys jangle)

(Keys jangle and thud)


I'll leave with you.


Yeah, we're the same.

We're built the same.

I love you.

I love you, too.

What's your real name?

Does it matter?

No, it doesn't.

Just give me an hour to get my stuff.

I'll meet you at our spot?


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Just tell me.

Don't sugarcoat it. How long has it been? Is it serious?

Did you take pictures?

I looked into it. Your husband's not seeing anyone on the side.

(Exhales) Oh, thank God.

The number on your phone belongs to a guy named David Rrosen.

David Rosen?

He's an assistant U.S. attorney, who, by the way, is straight.

Just got dumped by some redhead. He's taking it really hard.

Anyway, he's been calling James for some kind of information, and as far as I can tell, James hasn't given him anything.

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm an artist.

I'm an innovator in my field.

The retainer you're paying me is generous, but maybe don't call me up every time your husband takes a business trip to some tiny little town in Ohio.

What town... in Ohio?

Which tiny little town did he visit?

Defiance, near Toledo.

And he charged it to his expense account... work, not personal.

(Exhales deeply)

Keep watching him.

I'll pay you whatever you want.

(Tires peal)

I tracked down the woman from the hotel elevator.

That's good news.

Unfortunately, so did the FBI.

They got her and the phone he picked up.

We were too late. I'm sorry.

So not-so-good news.

(Cell phone beeps)

(Rings and beeps)

Huck, where are you?

(Indistinct conversations)

Are you insane? Go back to the office.

It's not safe for you here. I promised I'd say good-bye.

What are you talking about?

I was in the hotel room. People saw me.

I don't care. You didn't do it.

Doesn't matter. People saw me.

If they want to hang me for this, they will.

What? She got to you, didn't she?

No. She did.

You found her, and she got to you.

Huck, she shot the President.

Not just that, she shot the President, and she framed you for it.

She was doing her job.

Her job? Huck, this isn't just about you anymore.

It's about a man lying in a hospital bed because your girlfriend shot him in the head, a woman who's clearly using you to protect herself.

And if you can't see that, you're blind. Huck...

Don't touch me.

Do I tell you who to love? No.

So don't tell me.

(Indistinct conversations continue)

Up Independence Avenue, swinging back on Pennsylvania.

Ms. Pope.

We're just discussing possible routes for the funeral procession.

We're operating on the assumption that the body would lie in state in the Capitol rotunda.

Tradition calls for 24 hours for public visitation.

Yes, of course. - Then there is the question of open casket or closed.

I'll take that question to the first lady.

As far as military presence and protocol at the site, if you'll turn to page seven, you'll see we've arranged a 21-gun salute, as well as six honor guards to fold the casket's flag before presenting it to the first lady.

(Volume fades) We've also confirmed a missing man aerial flyover by the U.S. air force.

(Speaking inaudibly)

Have you thought about putting the casket outdoors?

He loves being outdoors.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that. Huck?


You're doing the right thing.

Don't go in before the ten minutes are up.

Half the time people think they've forgotten something and come back.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Door closes)

I'm home.


What are you...

Did you cook all this?

I ordered it from a restaurant.

Well, you set the table and...

Amalia set the table. She's off today, but I made her come in and set the table, which is... I'm a republican overlord, I know, but...

Cyrus Beene.

But there's a reason.


What did you do?

A baby was born at County General this evening at 5:42 P.M. ...

A girl.
5 pounds, 11 ounces.

We can bring her home in a week, if...

You say yes.

You stole a baby?

I did not...

You bought a baby?

I pulled some strings and got us to the front of the line, which is wrong, very wrong.

But like I said, I'm a republican overlord, and your dream is a baby, so...


And now you're thinking "why now?"

When I didn't want a baby before, why now?

Someone sh...

Shot my best friend.

He's lying in a hospital bed dying, which makes me denying us a chance to start a family seem ludicrous.

So there's a baby girl in county general, and if you say yes, in one week, she could be our daughter.

We can...


You know I'll go back to work soon.

Yes. This is our baby.

Which means you'll need to stay home.


You'll have to quit your job because one parent should be at home.

I'm not gonna stop saying yes.




Yes. Yes.

Yes. (Kisses)

Okay. Come here.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Crickets chirping)

(Dog barking in distance)


(Error tone)

(Woman) The number you have reached...

202-555-0186... has been disconnected.


(Huck) Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

(Harrison) Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

Becky's meeting me in an hour.

As soon as she leaves her apartment, wait ten minutes, then go in, and plant the gun.

Copy that.

President Grant's funeral plans, pending the first lady's approval.


Why a riderless horse during the funeral procession?

It symbolizes a warrior who rides no more.

And the boots reversed in the stirrups?

They represent a fallen leader looking back on his troops for the last time.

Nice job.

Hopefully, we won't have to use it.

By the way, did the FBI manage to get a print off that woman's cell phone?

They did. But it was only a partial, which is as good as nothing without a suspect in custody.

Anything else?

No. Good night, madam President.

Good night.


So you finally got a President that'll do your bidding.

Didn't your mama ever teach you to share?

We're supposed to be in this together. We had a deal.

Am I the pot or this kettle in this here dealio?

You took down Verna.

You drew first blood. You and Verna turned on me when you conspired to save Lindsay Dwyer behind my back.

I believe everything that comes after now, well, that's just what they call... (Whispers) fair game.

Your boy really went crazy tonight.

He stopped by two baby stores. At the first place, he made the clerk explain how to put in a car seat.

It was... thrilling.

Where is he now?

Probably still at the baby store. You want me to go back?

That's okay. You can stop watching him.

At least for now.

The slow nipples work for most newborns.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A girl.


If you have any questions, I'll be right around the corner.

Thank you.

Okay. Where were we?

Something about the national election being rigged, which you say you can prove.

Yes, what I can't prove is who on the Grant team knew about it.

Does your husband know you're looking into this?

He offered me a baby.

He hates babies.

So he knows.

He'll be watching you.

Which is why I need you to take this.

And this is?

The memory card I stole from the voting machine in defiance.

Lose it and we bungle the biggest story since Watergate.

Keep it...

And we bring down an entire administration together.

I need to go.


See you.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Keys jangle)

(Keys jangle)

(Sets glasses down)

(Unzips zipper)



(Door closes)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Madam President, supreme court justice Verna Thornton is here to see you.

You're looking well.

Yes, I am.

Are you here to deliver your letter of resignation?

I do have it, however...


However, I would like to offer you something else instead.

I'm not sure there is anything I want from you, other than your seat on the bench, so...

Not even the name of the man in the red hoodie?

I could give you my letter of resignation or I could give you the name of the man who tried to kill the President.

The most wanted man in the world, your Osama Bin Laden.

One pill makes you larger.

One pill makes you small.

You need to come here. Huck needs you.

He keeps saying that she killed his family.

Do you know what that means?

What family?

Huck, you need to listen to me right now.

She will not get away with this. We will find her.

We will find her.

I don't know why we're not telling the FBI about Becky.

Won't do any good. She's in the wind.

So? They could mobilize thousands of agents to look for her.

They could get the whole country looking for her.

It took the whole country two years to find you, and you weren't even a superspy.

Also, if they start looking into Becky, they'll eventually find a Huck connection.

The FBI only has a partial print.

As long as they can't match it to him, he's safe.

I can't watch this.



Where is he?

(Thud) (Man) Get on the floor! Get on the floor now!

(Olivia) What are you...

(Man speaking indistinctly)

(Man) Do not move!

(Handcuffs click)

What's the charge?

This man is being held under the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.

(Projector and camera shutter clicks)