02x12 - Truth or Consequences

If you will have me, I would very much like to marry you.

Previously on "Scandal"...

(Huck) If he's alive, she's not done.

She's coming back to finish the job.

It's not over!

What's your name?

Does it matter?

What do you want?

I want a divorce.

Does he deserve to be president?

Do you think he can win it on his own?

If you can say "yes" to both, then we'll never discuss election rigging ever again.

(Breath quavers) Yes.

It's a go.

We are very excited and proud to be the first county in the state of Ohio to use brand-new touch-screen voting.

Before the polls open tomorrow morning, we will insert these memory cards into the machines.

They will store and tabulate the votes.

No paper ballots to be collected this year.

Now, that's progress. All right, everybody.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking) Now I'm going to show you over to the polling place so we can demonstrate the voting machine and how it's used.

The software has been tested all the time.

We don't anticipate any problems...

(Cell phone rings)


Guess who you are talking to.

My girlfriend?

In addition to your girlfriend.

A lawyer, Jesse. You're talking to a lawyer.

You passed the bar.

(Laughs) Wait, so how's Palo Alto?

Are those venture capitalists gonna give you any money?

It's looking good. We'll know for sure tomorrow.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(projector and camera shutter clicking)

Sorry, I don't have enough seating for you all.

For what they charge me by the hour, they can stand.

I've asked you here, Mr. Doyle, because my continuing investigation into the Cytron explosion case has led me to an unexpected finding...

Namely that the explosion at Cytron was linked to a scheme to manipulate the most recent election for President of the United States.

Do tell.

The explosion was an attempt at a cover-up.

I have reason to believe that you were a participant in this conspiracy.

I also believe you had co-conspirators, possibly ones in the very highest reaches of the White House.

I'll be talking to these other individuals, prepared to make a deal in exchange for their cooperation in revealing the details of this scheme to rig the election and subvert the will of the American people.

But there's only one seat in the lifeboat.

You have until the end of the week to decide if you want to take it.

What's left of your reputation, not to mention your future ability to make so much as a nickel practicing law anywhere in this great land, is presently hanging by an itty-bitty thread.

I expect you know how we turn bulls into steers.

Don't make me haul out the clippers.


(Door opens)

You need to get your guy under control, because I am not gonna sit here and let him yank the wheels off this thing!

Good morning, Mellie.

Pregnancy gives you such a glow of warmth.

Cyrus, do your job and get your guy in line!

Okay, "a", I have no idea what you're so angry about... (Inhales sharply)

And, two, he is not my guy, he is our guy.

We share custody. I get the weekdays, and every third Saturday you get...

He asked me for a divorce!

Say something!

He asked you for a divorce?

Is he insane?

Yes, he is insane.

He got shot, and he saw the light and baby Jesus or whatever, and now he thinks he can do anything he wants!

Fix him, Cyrus, or I swear to God...

I'll get into it.



It never stops.

I am so tired.

He's not getting a divorce. Everything's going to be okay.

Go. Get some rest.


A lot of this has to be pregnancy hormones. - (Sighs)

Maybe you should see the doctor.


Eh? You look a little pale.

Okay. Thank you, Cyrus.


(Whispers) Breeders.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

It's a ring. She's staring at a ring.

It is not. Let me see.

(Exhales deeply)

Do you think Edison proposed?

Wife of a senator. Not too shabby.

Please. Husband of Olivia Pope.

(Door opens)

(Door closes) I'll take mine black with three sugars.


I'm sorry, darling. Have we met? I'm here to see Liv.

Olivia's not here.

(Olivia) Huck. It's okay.

It appears we still have a David Rosen problem, which means you now have a Hollis Doyle problem.

Because I seem to recall you were supposed to fix this some time ago...

And fixing's supposed to be your business!

I've been a little busy, Hollis, what with managing the fallout from the attempted assassination of the president.

How's Fitz doing anyway?

Send him my best.

Must be a letdown seeing him back in office, given how chummy you got with Sally Langston.

Oh, you know me, darling.

I can get along with everyone.

New boss, same as the old boss.

That sense of personal loyalty is so touching.

I don't know what's bunching your panties, but you need to fix this.

For real this time, and right quick, 'cause make no mistake... If it comes to it, I'll grab that seat in that lifeboat, and you, Mellie, verna, your boy Cyrus, and your precious Fitz are gonna be the ones stranded on that sinking ship of state.

(Door opens and closes)

Cyrus, if we go for gun control now, the N.R.A. can't fight back, am I right?

You are right, Mr. President.

Everyone, we need the room. Now.

(Indistinct conversations)

You know what I love about this job?

It's all big ideas.

(Door closes) I get to have the big ideas, and your job is to make sure everybody works on the details to make it happen.

It's... remarkable, really.

How are you feeling, sir?

How am I feeling?

I ask because you took a bullet to the head not too long ago.

And one of the possible side effects of an injury to the...

I think it's called the prefrontal cortex... is recklessness, a predilection for making bold declarations...

Declarations like, "I want to torpedo my political career by divorcing my wife."


Another common side effect is delusion.

Maybe you're having that.

One hell of a grade "A" delusion that makes you believe that while in office you could divorce your nine-months-pregnant wife and... what?

Kick her out of the White House and move in your mistress?

No, you can't think that, because we're not French.

Marry your mistress?

Now, Liv is a lovely, smart woman.

I can't get enough of her. But she is not exactly a hue that most of your republican constituents would be happy about, even if they could get past the divorcing and the cheating and the abandoning of America's baby.

It concerns me, sir, how big your delusion is.


Here's what's great about having someone attempt to assassinate you.

You're being rushed somewhere on a gurney, and doctors are yelling, and blood is pouring out of you, and you could die.

And you suddenly stop being afraid.

Of anything. Or anyone.

And when you don't die, when you miraculously live, you realize that you have nothing to lose and no time to waste.

This is going to happen, Cyrus.

I am going to divorce Mellie, and I am going to remain President of the United States after I do so.

That is today's big idea.

That's my job.

Do your job.

Work out the details.

(Pats shoulder) Make it happen.

As soon as my options vest, I'm out of here.

Bye-bye, Cytron, hello, Jesse-tron.

You can't leave.

Who am I gonna de-bug with on a Friday night?

When I start my company, you'll be the first hire.

Of course, you'll have to start coming in on time.

Ready for lunch, babe?

Hey. Linds.

Is he really leaving?

Six months. That's the plan.

Everything okay, Jess?

(Taps keyboard)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I am being calm, Mr. Doyle!

No, I don't think a million was enough!

Because you're making
$2 billion off of this deal!

That's $2 billion more than you would have made if these guys weren't in power!

Hey, you.

(Lowered voice) I want another $5 million, or I'm gonna start calling reporters.

No. Listen to me... hello?
(Line disconnects)

Damn it!

What happened? What's the matter?

Nothing. It's just...

Crap. Is that...

I think it might be fried.

Damn it!

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

We can't go directly to justice on this.

President's office can't seem like we're influencing.

Okay, I'll reach out to the Attorney General on this, but I don't know how much I can do and still keep this under the radar.

What do they know exactly?

And more importantly, how do they know it?

Hollis say anything about that, Liv?

Who in their right mind offers Hollis Doyle a deal, and who in holy hell does David Rosen think he is?!

The good guy.

David Rosen is the good guy.


You have to stay the course.

Olivia. - He is the good guy, and we are the bad guys.

Everyone is a good guy to someone.

Just depends on the point of view or your political affiliation.

We made a mistake, Cyrus.

No, we did not.

Okay. I made a mistake.

I sat on that plane, and I voted "yes."

And ever since...

(Sighs) Oh, I made a mistake, and it's...

I don't do things like that.

I fix things.

That is who I am. I should have fixed it so there wasn't even a reason to vote on that plane.

If I hadn't been emotionally involved with Fitz, if I had kept it together, I would have fixed it.


We should never have done it.

And now... We're the bad guys, and I don't know how to fix that.

And I have been running and running to stay out of it.

And I'm tired, and I don't know what to do next.

Look at me.


You don't have to fix anything.

You don't have to think about it.

I'm in charge now.

I'll fix it.


You're not yourself.

The man you love almost died.

You haven't had a chance to process that yet.

Go home and get some sleep.

(Exhales sharply)

What about Hollis?

Hollis Doyle is now my problem.

Consider it handled.

(Fitz) I can't just stop, can you?


So you're...


It's a go.

It's me... Olivia. We're gonna lose this thing.

(Verna) I won't lie, Liv.

There's a part of me that wishes we'd let her hang.

She didn't ask for any of it.

Let her hang.

(Rosen) - I know you did it.

We're gonna lose this thing.

I don't know how, but I'm gonna find out.

Her ex-husband used to beat her.

She didn't ask for any of it.

You might want to use that.

It's a go. (Rosen) I'm gonna find out.

(Hollis) There's no turning away if things get a tad messy.

It's a go. You're living in a fantasy.

(Overlapping voices echoing)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Telephone rings)





(Weakly) Hello?



I just... wanted to hear your voice.

And I have some news.

What's wrong?

Something's wrong. I know you well enough to know.

You don't know.

You don't know who I am.

You don't know me.


Edison asked me to marry him.

He gave me a ring.


I could... quit, go have some babies.

Live in the country or something.

Make jam.

Make jam?

Have a normal life.

Get some normal.

I asked Mellie for a divorce.

Listen to me.

Whatever's wrong, we'll fix it.

Don't say you're marrying Edison.

Not yet. Just... wait, okay?

Whatever's wrong, we'll fix it.

Just say you'll wait for me.


Say you'll wait for me.

(Dial tone)


Olivia, what's wrong? You okay?

Are you... are you sick? Can I get you anything?

(Weakly) Go away, please.


Go... away, please.


(Camera shutter clicking)
(Edison) - She won't get out of bed.

She won't tell me why.

She doesn't want anything to do with anyone.

I can't help her. She won't let me help her.

I don't know what to...

Look... she doesn't talk to me the way that she talks to you.

You're her family. You see her every day.

You know her. You understand her.

So, please, talk to her.

Help her.

I have to go.

I should be on the floor of the senate right now.

(Door closes)

I think we found our next client.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Everything's going according to plan.

(Beep) Well, of course you can expect results.

I even found a perfect patsy.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Yes, Mr. Doyle. We are definitely a go.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Look, I know.

We don't ask questions. We don't talk.

We just gladiate. That's the rule.

But it's not working.

Everyone in this room knows things the rest of us don't know.

Everyone in this room has secrets.

If we put all the secrets together, maybe we figure it out.

Figure what out?

Why Olivia hasn't turned in Hollis Doyle for shooting the president.

I don't want to know. It's not my job to know.

Which is the problem. We're blindly loyal.

We're Liv's little army.

And what, you're gonna set us free?

She wants to help Olivia.

Yes. Okay, so can we all just agree that right now, for one day, we each tell what we know?

No hurt feelings, no judgments, no repercussions, just a free exchange of information in service of Olivia Pope.



(Exhales) - Huck?

(Exhales) All you have to do is let us know if anything we say isn't true.

Blink, cough, raise your hand. It's totally up to you, but you have to let us know, okay, buddy?

Huck's in, too.

Who goes first?

The night of the Cytron explosion, Huck shot me with etorphine, or M99, like the super spies say.

(Muffled shouting)
And it was only hours ago a deadly bomb exploded at Cytron software company...

(Quinn) He took me from a motel room in Petaluma to a hotel room here in Washington, D.C.

It was Huck who created my new identity.

Huck, if you're not saying anything, then that means what you're hearing is true.

Think you could help me save someone?


Her name's Lindsay Dwyer. She's in California.


So you jammed a needle...


Right. Sorry.

No judgments. Continue.

(Quinn) Huck took me to D.C. using a private plane.

The plane was registered to Verna Thornton.

The supreme court justice?

She's one of Olivia's clients, right?

If justice Thornton was involved with Cytron, if she helped save you once by getting you out of California, then she might have helped save you a second time.

You think she got to the judge in Quinn's trial.

A supreme court justice asks for a favor, you don't turn her down.

What the hell?!
(Judge) - Order!

(Gavel pounds)

Your honor, on what grounds?!

I think whoever framed me for the Cytron bombing was angry at Huck for saving me, so they framed him for shooting the president.

And I think Hollis Doyle was the person who framed me, so...

I know Hollis Doyle was the person who framed you.

Your turn.


I was...

Sleeping with David Rosen.

The man who wanted to execute me?

Hey! No judgments.


David and I discovered that your ex-Cytron employee boyfriend Jesse Tyler... he called Hollis Doyle 11 times the week of the explosion.

Why would Jesse be calling Hollis Doyle?

Voting machines.

Jesse sold vote-rigging software to Hollis.

"The Doyle energy superpac has donated millions "to ballot measures in all five states.

"The proposed pipeline would pass through on its way from Canada to the Gulf."

Hollis was rigging votes to get his oil pipeline approved.

(Coughs twice)

Hollis was rigging votes?

For a pipeline?

(Coughs twice)

It's got nothing to do with a pipeline. (Slaps table)



We know Olivia was covering for Hollis shooting the president.

And if Hollis was the one who blew up Cytron, she was covering that up, too.

Obviously the man has something on her...something big.

And whatever it is, it dates back to before the Cytron explosion.

When did Olivia and Hollis meet?

On the grant campaign.

They worked together on the last election.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Okay, ma'am, everything looks great.

The baby is high. Your cervix is closed.

Doesn't look like he'll be here till right around your due date, which is in...

Four weeks and three days.

Exactly. Okay, well, then, um... oh.

We don't need it, but we could do a 3D ultrasound, get you a look at your baby.

Yeah, maybe even print out some pictures for the president.

He's a busy man, isn't he?


He hasn't been able to make it here for any of your doctor's visits.

Must be such a disappointment for him.


But he will be here for the birth. Don't worry.

Secret service put a plan in place so he won't miss it.

Was he there when Jerry and Karen were born?

He held my hand both times, got me to push through the pain.

Called me "champ," which I hated, but it worked.

Cut the cords. So proud.

I can't remember a time when we were closer than in the delivery room.

Both times, we were a team.

Well, that sounds nice.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Door closes)

Hollis Doyle has to go.

I can take care of that for you if you want.

Huck, you have to stop killing people.


It solves the problem.

You know why.

Because killing people is wrong.

In certain circles, that's not true, you know?

In this circle, in our circle, it's wrong.

I need you to learn that.

I'm not always gonna be around.

So what are you gonna do? About Hollis?

Cyrus Beene is taking care of it.

Is he?

Yeah. So...

You know, don't worry about it.

It's handled.

Cyrus is handling it.


Cyrus beene is not in this circle, our circle.

Cyrus is in my circle.

No. Cyrus is the White House chief of staff.

He'd never...

If he said he's taking care of it...

Huck, I know Cyrus...

He has a guy. You've met him.

Charlie from B613.

Oh, my God.

Cyrus is going to kill Hollis Doyle?

Are you... (Breath quavers) Are you sure?

Oh, my God.



(Monitor beeping)

What a pleasant surprise.

I'm turning him in.


I'll try to keep election rigging out of it.

Whether or not that's possible, I don't know.

Probably not, since David Rosen is about to launch his official investigation into defiance.

I thought we took care of that.

Not well enough.

He tried to kill Fitz, Verna.

What does Cyrus have to say?

Cyrus is exploring a more permanent solution to our Hollis troubles.

I'll do what I can to protect you.



Look at me.

There's nothing left to protect.

The day I agreed to election rigging is the day I signed my death sentence.

I've paid my price already.

But you...

You have a chance at redemption.

Take it.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Damn it! Trixie!

Don't ever talk me into Sushi again!

I've eaten a whole plate of this stuff, and I'm still starvin'!

Go to Gettysburger and get me a general Lee with cheese and bacon!


What the hell is this?

A warrant for the search and seizure of any evidence relevant to the attempted assassination of the President.

Attempted assassination? Are you out of your damn mind?

Hey, easy!


Whoa! Now hold on a second.

I don't know what that is, but it's not my phone.

(Snaps shut) You hear me?

I'm talking to you.

Got it.

Bring him in.

So what now?

I question him, try to squeeze a confession out of him.

I have 48 hours to file charges if I can.

You let him go.

Not that the phone isn't great. The phone is lovely.

Bless you for bringing it to my attention, but it's not enough to file charges.

Not when you're Hollis Doyle and own half the planet.

For that I need evidence...

Witness, proof of money exchanging hands, motive.

I'll do my best with Hollis and Becky, but anything you can bring to the table is much appreciated.

I'll keep that in mind.

But just so you know, this doesn't make us even.

Not even close.

And it won't stop me from coming after you...

Guns blazing, both barrels... If it looks, as I strongly suspect, like you were involved in illegal activity, or worse, if you try to screw me again.

In that case, God help you.

What have you done?

Why the hell is Hollis Doyle in custody?

What I had to to make this right.

I had a solution.

And I chose another one.

I told you I would handle it.


"How" is not the point!

"How" is exactly the point!

Hollis Doyle is a tumor on this administration and on everything we built.

He tried to kill Fitz. How are you not wanting to rain vengeance down upon that man?!

I'm more interested in justice!

Justice is for regular people!

Justice is for fatty in Ohio folding their laundry and drinking their beers.

We are not regular people!

We are.

We're the people.

And if we're not, we should be, because that's what it means, "we the people."

It means all of us.

Hollis should be brought to justice.

And if what we did gets out?

Then it gets out, and we're brought to justice.

You're willing to bring down the whole Republic because you feel guilty.

You know what our electoral process is!

It's magical!

It's like believing in Santa or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny...

Magical, as long as they believe.

What you're doing is telling the people that the shiny presents and the bulging stockings on Christmas morning are just mom and dad staying up all night to do the work.

You're telling them we're Santa, we're the Easter Bunny, we're the Tooth Fairy.

You're taking the magic away!

You're ruining Christmas morning, and the whole Republic is gonna come crumbling down because you're not tough enough to do what needs to be done!

Get your house in order, Cyrus, and hire a lawyer.

A good one!

And Olivia's turned Hollis Doyle in for conspiracy to assassinate the President.

I don't understand.

He's being held and questioned.

The thing she didn't want to do, which we all wanted her to do, she's now gone ahead and done?

That's correct.


Doesn't matter.

Yeah, see, that doesn't work for me anymore.

She must have had her reasons.

That, either.

Olivia does want she does when she wants, and no one dare question or ask for an explanation.

What do you want to know?

I did things...

Things that have affected your lives, made life hard for each of you.

I need to apologize for all of that.

I was wrong, and I'm very sorry.

And it's time for me to come clean to you.

To answer any and all questions you have.

I don't want to know. Well, I do.

No, you don't.

'Cause that puts you in legal jeopardy of being subpoenaed and held as a material witness.

You want to make that choice, I'll leave the room.

I'll go with him.

Me, too.

Moment of truth. You in or you out?

On the team, or in the cold?

What do you need us all to do?

The phone... it's not enough to tie back in Hollis.

Can't the feds give Becky a deal, see if she'll name Hollis?

Becky's not talking, but maybe Becky got paid.

We follow the money trail.

Find me a payment from Hollis to Becky, I can make this stick.

(Sighs) Where did you get all this info?

I took photos of Becky's I.D's.

It's all lies.

Got a firm that handles security for Doyle Energy.

They farm out a lot of jobs to a myriad of mercenary firms and individuals.

Probably how he found Becky.

David Rosen has been building a case against Hollis and you for months.

You want me to talk to him, see what else he's got on Hollis?

I saw David. He's the one I turned Hollis in to.

You saw David?


I'll keep at the superpac filings, see where it leads.

If Jesse used software to rig the election, working for Hollis...

If we can get into Jesse's bank account, we can maybe see the payment Hollis made to him, and then see if he used the same account to pay Becky.

Good idea. Too bad you can't access a dead man's bank account.

Maybe you can.

(Earth, wind & fire)
♪ To see what you can truly be ♪
♪ what you can truly be

(abby) Jesse banged Elaine!

Quinn saw a text on his phone that read, and I quote, "u wore me out.

Think you broke my bed," sideways happy face.

♪ Shining star come into view

♪ to shine its watchful light on you ♪
♪ yeah, give you strength to carry on ♪


♪ Yeah, make your body big and strong, yeah ♪

I helped you move!

I lent you 2,200 freakin' dollars, and you go bang that skank while I took your freakin' laptop to the freakin' genius bar for four freakin' hours?

You are so dead!

♪ No matter who you are Hi. I need to pick up a laptop I dropped off.

What time?

Two years ago.

♪ Truly be

♪ shining star for you to see

♪ what your life can truly be I can wait.

First off, David, I was just saying to the Attorney General here you've done a great job keeping this out of the public eye.

Obviously, if this were to get out...

Prominent citizen, friend of the White House...

It would be calamitous.

Nothing stops this town like a scandal.

We wouldn't get anything done...

No legislation, nothing on the international stage.

Even if the man were innocent, it might take weeks or even months...
(Mouths word)

Before we could gear up again.

I would think that would be a small price to pay if we find out he wasn't innocent.

I'm just giving you the White House's point of view.

Your investigation is your investigation.

The executive branch doesn't have any influence on justice.

And yet here we are.

There are some concerns, David.

Yours or the chief of staff's?

Mine, actually.

I'm only asking because yesterday you didn't have concerns.

Yesterday you thought we might have a pretty good case.

We had a burner phone in Hollis Doyle's desk that had only one number on it...

A number that belonged to the assassin.

It allegedly had only one number on it.

There's no "allegedly" about it.

We checked the phone log. It had one number on it.

You're not talking to a bunch of reporters right now, Susan.

No, but at some point in the very near future, I probably will be talking to reporters, David.

And those reporters are going to ask me about how long we plan to detain Mr. Doyle without charging him.

How long we plan to detain him? You tell me.

What's the standard amount of time you keep a man who might have tried to kill the president? - 48 hours.

I'm not a lawyer, but... that sounds fair, doesn't it?

I think Cyrus just wants to know whether or not anything is to be gained by detaining Mr. Doyle for much longer.

Again, folks, this is your call.

I'm just a sounding board.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

These are Jesse's financial records.

Barely even password-protected.

Is that...

A Cayman bank account with million-dollar deposit in it.

Boy got paid.

Look at the date.

A day after the election.

Can we trace the deposit back to Hollis?

We can trace it to a routing number.

Becky has an account with a deposit made using the same routing number.

We'll have proof that Hollis Doyle paid Becky to assassinate the president.

Assuming we can find Becky's bank account.

Which we can't. It's a needle in a haystack.

She's too much of a pro.

(Taps keys)

Unless what?

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

What's this about?

This is about me and my fellow counsel being afforded access to our client.

Prisoner declined representation.

She declined a public defender.

She's upgraded... to the dream team.

(Keys rattling) I didn't know you went to law school.

(Handcuffs clicking)

Nice suit.



I need your bank account.

What bank account?

The bank account you keep your money in.

So you can find out who paid me? Pass.

No, so I can hire you a lawyer.

This coming from the man who set me up.

That was business.


You hate me with every bone in your body.

No. - I killed your family, Huck. How could you not?

Because I cast the first stone.


Who told you?

I figured it out.

Here you go.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(People screaming and shouting indistinctly)

(Woman) 9-1-1. What's your emergency?

I just saw that girl from the news...

The one that blew up that building.

She's at the Star Mesa motel...

You ruined a perfect job.

Let me make it up to you.

By hiring me a lawyer?

What's he gonna do for me?


You're gonna die, and there's nothing I can do to stop that.

So why?

For me.

So I can visit you. He can arrange that.

But he has to be good.

And good costs money.

The bank account?

(Scoffs) I'm supposed to trust you? Why?

Because you gave me your word?

Because I gave you my name.

You're the only person I can be myself with.

Don't make me say good-bye.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Door closes) Fitz is serious about the divorce.

Of course he is.

And Olivia gave up Hollis to the feds.


He's in custody.
(Exhales deeply)

You're supposed to hate the woman.

Isn't that the standard trope? The seductress, the slut, the tramp who led your man astray.

And I do.

I loathe Olivia Pope.

But it's a boring sort of hate.

Uninteresting, cliche.

It's hard to even get my back into it. But... Fitz?

I found him.

I cleaned him up after that monster who raised him damaged his spirit.

I am the one who told him he was someone.

I am the one who cheered him on and listened to him ramble about his hopes and his dreams.

I am the one who focused him.

I did all the work!

I did all the work, and now she gets to reap the benefits?

No. No! I made him.

He exists because I say he exists!



I can handle the Hollis thing.

But Fitz... Since the shooting, Fitz is an enigma to me.

So if you have anything... A card to play, one last trick up your sleeve, now's the time, Mellie.

(Indistinct conversations)

Ma'am. Is everything okay?

It will be.


It's me. I'm still working on getting him out, but it shouldn't be much longer. Just...

The minute he's released? Make it look like an accident.

Copy that.

(Abby) Why didn't Becky just give you her P.I.N.?

Offshore account, the P.I.N. regenerates every 48 hours.

If Becky's bank account shows a deposit from Hollis...

We've solved the crime of the century.


Huck seems confident.


We can just stop.

Nailing Hollis for what he did is the feds' job, not ours.

Harrison... My job, our job is to protect you.

Proving this transaction, having Hollis' head in a vise is the opposite of that.

I know.

This can change everything. Do you understand that?

I understand that.

This guilt... It was eating me alive.

That white hat was starting to feel like it was a lie.


That white hat will always belong on your head.

(Breathes sharply)

Everything is gonna be okay.

And even if it's not okay, I got you, Liv.

I'll hold him for as long as it takes to get answers about that phone.

(Laughing) Great. You're making my case for me.

Your case? - Oh, I'm suing the government for abuse of power by an out-of-control partisan loser attorney who's trying desperately to compensate for the embarrassing public loss...

Here's your coffee, sir. of a major domestic terrorism case. Thank you.

It's just a side thing. I'm supposed to be scared when it was your client who was in possession of a phone used exclusively to communicate with the president's shooter?

My client is a model citizen and a proud supporter of the president.

Who he put in office illegally.

I love it! Love it.

One minute he puts the guy in office, next he hires someone to shoot him?

(Exhales deeply) I'd see that movie.

But selling that story to your bosses, or, God forbid, a jury... whole other story.

Too bad you'll never get the chance.

Keep my client one more minute, and I guarantee you'll be wondering how to make a living creating apps for mobile devices by the end of the week.

I've got everything I need. I've got the smoking gun and the phone that ordered it to shoot.


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just...

"Family circus" is a hoot this week.

They do so much with so little.

Don't mind me none.

The American people have spoken.

Polling data on the divorce?

It's a fascinating read.

Rona really brought her "A" game.


80% of women support divorce in cases when it's considered best for the children.

It surprised me, too.

It was at 50% just 20 years ago.

People have a double standard when it comes to politicians, unfortunately.

So I see. Closer to 60%.

Not great, but not insurmountable.

But then Rona threw yours and Mellie's approval ratings in the mix.

Putting me at 30% approval?

So it's political suicide.

Oh, that's nothing. Turn the page.

Rona added Mellie's baby bump to the mix.

Wow. 10%.


Which translates to pitchforks at the gates.

A very colorful way of saying you don't see a way out of this.

Mellie would have to turn into the wicked witch of the west.

I mean, publically.

This can't happen.


Tell Tom and Hhal I would like to go out!

And bring me my coat!

Sir, where are you going?

To see Olivia... in broad daylight.

I don't think so, sir.

She's upset. I want to see her.

Louise! Where is she?

Fitz! The numbers don't lie. This cannot happen!

It's happening, so get your head around it.

I'm sorry, sir.

What is it?

It's the First Lady, sir. They're saying...

They're saying it's an emergency.

They're saying you should hurry.

(Tapping keys) Damn.

(Tapping keys)



(Tapping keys)

Yes! He's in.

Nice job, huck.

$500,000 from Hollis Doyle's account.

That was made two years ago.

One day after the Cytron explosion, so our next big number will be...

How much he paid Becky to kill the President. (Sighs)

(Taps key) Here.

(Exhales) Deposit was made three weeks ago.

The day after the assassination attempt.

$5 million to kill the president.

Wow, that seems like a bargain.

(Harrison) Hollis is a cheap b*st*rd.

It wasn't Hollis.

(Olivia) - What?

It wasn't Hollis.

Every account has an encrypted customer I.D. Number.

Your number. It's like a social security number for banks, and this one doesn't belong to Hollis.

So someone else paid Becky to kill the president?

It's not Hollis.

This entire investigation was your idea.

You gave me the tip. You came to me!

David, I'm sorry. I'm genuinely sorry, but when you release Hollis, I need you to wait an hour so that I can...

It's funny. When a man is unable to tell us anything about a crime, especially one he never committed, releasing him is in fact the polite thing to do!

We let him go an hour ago.

(Exhales) Huck!

They let him go.

Hollis Doyle is out.

(Mellie screaming)

What's going on? She's in labor, sir.

Ma'am, don't push yet, okay?
(Screaming continues)

(Breathing rhythmically) All right. All right, there you go.

I forgot how much it hurts!


It hurts!


It's gonna be fine.

(Screaming continues) Honey, it's gonna be fine.

(Crying) We're old pros at this, remember?

We're old pros. Okay? We got this, all right? (Screaming)

All right. When she says "push," we go on three, right?

(Screaming and crying)

And you get to scream as loud as you want.


Because it is my right!

Because it is your right! Now, you can do this. (Screaming)

Say it.

I can do this!

Yes, you can.

Okay. All right, ma'am. Ma'am?

I want you to push, all right? Right now.

All right, ready, champ? Okay? All right.

Here we go, champ. All right, one, two... three!

(Screams loudly)
(Speaks indistinctly)

Which floor?

Same as you.

(Projector and camera shutter click)