02x14 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

(Tires screech)

You almost died.


Don't do it again.

Previously on "Scandal"...

What do you want?

I want a divorce.

I would like to marry you.

Whatever's wrong, don't say you're marrying Edison.

You're willing to bring down the whole Republic 'cause you feel guilty!

And if what we did gets out?

Then it gets out, and we are brought to justice.

You are not the president.

Hollis Doyle rigged the voting machines.

It's a go. We all helped cover it up.

Mellie? Cyrus? Olivia?

I told Edison I wouldn't marry him.

I changed my mind about that.


Don't wait for me.

(Water splashing and echoing)

(Gasps and panting)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Water running)

(Mellie) Honey, I'm back.

Do you have it?

It's 7:00 in the morning.

Do you have it or not?


(Door clicks)

You didn't sleep at all last night. Maybe you should...


(Door closes) Okay.

What are you doing?

I thought you could use a little morning pick-me-up.



You don't have to do anything.

I'll do all the work.



(Knock on door)

Ignore it.



Mr. President?


Cyrus, you're in my bathroom.

Yes, sir, Mr. President.

I'm as unhappy about that as you are.

I sent two aides, and neither had the courage to knock.


Hi, Cyrus.

Good morning... ma'am.

A-all set for the christening tomorrow?

Yes. Thank you. Sir?

(Exhales) You have bad news.

Four Americans have been kidnapped abroad.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


(Gasps) Oh, God.

(Panting) Oh, God.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.
(Knock on door)

(Man) Mr. Rosen? Police!


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(David panting)

(Knock on door)

Mr. Rosen?

Be right there!

Mr. Rosen?

I'm officer drew. This is officer Bristol.

Hello. Hi. Uh, I'm sorry.

Took a second to answer the door.

I had to, uh, throw some pants on.

Anyway, what can I do for you?

We got a call from one of your neighbors.

Said they heard a disturbance coming from your place.

Really? No, uh... Not that I...

No. I don't...

What kind of disturbance?

A woman screaming. A fight of some sort.

No. No. Uh, no fight. Uh...

Maybe the tv was on too loud.

I don't hear the tv.

I turned it off when I heard you knocking.

No one else was here last night or early this morning?

Just you?

Yep. Yep. Uh-huh.

Just me. I-I live alone.

(Exhales) All right, Mr. Rosen. Thank you for your time.

I will be sure to keep the tv down.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Man speaking foreign language)

This tape arrived at our embassy in Kashfar an hour ago.

"Head up. Look into the camera."

The guys with the guns are Kashfar liberation front, a local terror group affiliated with Al Qaeda.

Most of them can't even read the Koran.

Thugs with an excuse to wreak havoc.

"Tell them what you are.

Tell them what agency you work for."

What do they want?

The release of Moktada Al Far.

Local leader, picked up last year, now in gitmo.

We don't negotiate with terrorists. They know that.

(Speaking in foreign language continues)
"Speak into the camera, you bitch."

If he's not released in 48 hours, they say they'll start shooting these guys, one per day.

What's he saying?

"Speak, you godless American whore.

Tell them who you work for." I work for the international red cross.

I was delivering medical supplies.

(Speaking foreign language) (Sharp crack)

(People gasp)

What about the family?

We're waiting on that, sir.

They deserve to know. What are we waiting for?

It's complicated.

And why is that?

Because they're ours, sir.

Are you saying that they're spies?

They're our top C.I.A. assets in the region, Mr. President.

You want to tell me how these two-bit junior jihadis got their hands on legitimate U.S. operatives?

We don't know... Well, find the hell out!

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'd like a large coffee and a bran muffin, please.


No. Make that banana nut.

Ah, hell, make it a doughnut.

(Phone clatters) Ooh.

Sorry about that.

Is it okay? Did I, uh... I short-circuit your life?

(Chuckles) My life is still intact. Thank you.

Good. Well, how about a doughnut?

The doughnuts here are amazing.

They are the unsung heroes of the pastry case.

I'm good. Thank you.


So, what do you do?


Ok, come on.

Top-secret government official?

C.I.A.? N.S.A.?

You know, this place is like a...

Like a "who's who?"
Of high-powered D.C.

Once, I saw the vice president take someone else's latte.

I did.

Not cool.

What do you do?

Me? Nothing.

I sell office supplies.

No, you don't.

Sure, I do. Yeah.

I can get you a great deal on, uh, protractors in bulk.


I'm a tour guide.

Up on that double-decker bus all day.

Did you know there's a typo in the inaugural address on the right wall of the Lincoln Memorial?

Mnh. Mm.

That is a very impressive fake job you have.


(Both laugh)

(Cell phone chimes)


David Rosen just called. He's in trouble.

Her name is Wendy.
Was Wendy.

Wendy Westerberg.
25 years old.

Came to D.C. five years ago from Allentown to attend G.W.

Dropped out her junior year. No social network presence.

Where'd she work?

So far zero employment history.

But she lives on Mintwood Place.

Rent's probably about 4 grand a month.

Find out how she swings it.

Did you know her well?

A little. We hung out a few times.

She's a regular at Mc Ghee's on Prospect.

Did you have s*x with her?

David, you need to tell me everything.

Your life could depend on it.

Yes, we had s*x.

It's the last thing I remember before...

I didn't kill her.

I didn't kill her.

What's David been up to?

After losing his job as an A.U.S.A. and being blackballed by the justice department due to a series of embarrassing high-profile failures, Mr. Rosen knocked on just about every door on K street and the Hill looking for work.

When none of those doors opened, he tried forming his own firm, working out of his apartment.

Made business cards and everything. - Mm.

I didn't even know they made, uh, stock this thin.

The phone never rang.

Pupils are dilated.

Also you see how they're turned inward? Yeah.

My pupils are turned inward?

You got roofied.

I'd say seven, eight hours ago.

No lividity or rigor mortis, so Wendy here's pretty fresh.

I'd say she died an hour ago, maybe two.

Oh, thank God. Thank God. I knew I couldn't...

Are we moving her?

Moving her?!

If we're moving her, we gotta move now.

Moving her means the killer might go free.

We're not moving her!

Everybody, hold on.

David, you've been set up.

Professionally, by the looks of it.

Now you tell me you lied to the police.

I panicked. I did.

But I cannot tamper with a crime scene.

We can try to help you sell the truth, try to explain away your lies to the cops, dead woman lying in your bed, but you have to ask yourself, will the police believe you?

Will they work overtime getting to the bottom of this mystery, or will they go for the easy arrest?

But moving the body has its own risks.

It's illegal, and it makes it harder for the police to find the real killer, so tell us what you want.

Either way, we'll help you fight this.

Do it.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

You got her jewelry?

Electronics, too.


No laptop.

She has one. There's a power cord.

I looked everywhere.

Fine. Break that lamp.

Why? - Needs to look like a "b" and "e."

It won't throw off the examiners, but it'll buy us more time with the cops. (Lamp shatters)

What happens next?

You go to work.

You have a job, right?

Yes, I have a job.

No thanks to any of you.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Who can tell me the three branches of government?


How about just one?

(Abby) David's bank statements.

There was only one recent deposit, for $5,000.

Who's Eugenia Bergman?

David's grandmother.

She paid his rent last month.

We ruined David's life.

So you go to your job just like nothing ever happened, because, David...

Nothing happened.

What are you looking for?

We need spatter for the sheets, for the walls.

We need fresh blood.


You said you wanted to learn cleanup.

This is cleanup.

(Breathing heavily)

Wait! Eyes open. You can't miss.

She's already dead.

It's not her I'm worried about.


(Exhales) You're a natural.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Indistinct conversations)

He's in a meeting.

There's nothing on the schedule.

You think I make this stuff up to amuse you?

Louise, who's he meeting with?
(Door opens)

Together we will resolve this crisis.

And may we become better friends in the process.

I didn't think that was possible, Mr. Ambassador.

Keep me posted.

You got... thank you.

You met the Ambassador to Kashfar without me, sir?

I saved you an hour of your life...

An hour I wasted trying to get the Kashfaris to step up and take responsibility for their own security.

You didn't want me in the meeting.

Can I help you with something?

Is there something we need to discuss?

You tell me, Cy.

I guess not. (Chuckles)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Typing) I'm in!

Wendy's cell was stolen at the scene, but I hacked into the cloud.

There's nothing on her finances yet, but it looks like she was uploading a bunch of photos from her phone almost every night.
(Olivia) - Okay, let's see 'em.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Uh, these are a bunch of pictures of, uh...

Men. Lots and lots of naked...

Hey. She wasn't a fan of faces.

If she was sleeping with all these guys, maybe one of them got jealous.

Is that's someone's...

Hairy baby arm? No.


Oh, right.

The good news is it doesn't seem like we have to worry about any doormen or cabbies.

Bad news? The bartender at Mc Ghee's definitely remembers Wendy and that she left with David. (Sighs)

Cops will be coming with a warrant.

Well, they won't find anything at his place.

We were thorough. - How long till they find her at her home?

Well, based on the ambient temperature in her apartment, two days, three max.

I've got Quinn on surveillance.

She's good at it.

So we have at least two days to figure out who all these men are and if any of them might have wanted Wendy dead.

She ordered cable. Wendy ordered cable. - What?

(Hot chocolate's "I believe in miracles" playing)

Cable guy came. Her neighbor left him in.

So we just went from having two days to find out who framed David...

To having two hours.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

It's like a puzzle.

A thousand-piece puzzle.

Of man parts.

We don't have time, we don't have names. We don't have numbers.

What do we have?

Location stamps.

Huck can pin the location where each photo was taken.

We know where they live.

We know their names.

(Huck) Like this guy here... Based on the location stamp of where the photo was taken and some spring break shots on Facebook, I'm gonna say he's Chase Coleman, bike messenger for beltway courier until six months ago, when clients' sensitive materials were leaked to the "Times."

Bitch put something in my drink.

Stole my messenger bag.

Next thing I know, I can't get hired anywhere, and I'm selling my bike.

Please take one. I have to get rid of 500 by noon.

(Abby) Jason Davies.

Photo was snapped at a duplex.

The only other male resident is a Norm Dinova, born 1928.

So unless old Normy keeps himself in amazing shape...

The sad thing is I actually thought we kinda had something, and then two weeks after we start bangin', my club's all over the frickin' news.

Davies owns the Luna lounge on 9th street.

They had that big drug bust the "Post" broke last month.

They've all had some kind of thing.

That guy was connected to the massage parlor bust.

Ah, this is the guy that had an affair with his daughter's best friend...

Congressional aide, remember?

Wendy wasn't just sleeping with these guys.

She was digging up dirt, exposing secrets. - But... why?

Yeah. I paid her for some stories.

I mean, what's a few g's for seven front-page bylines, huh?

I am really sorry she's dead.

Good source.

So Wendy... she's some kind of story whore?

She targets men with access to sensitive information, tries to get it out of them through s*x.

If that doesn't work, she roofies them, digs for dirt herself, and sells it to the highest bidder.

Now we know how she made rent.

Huck says the cops are at the bar talking to the bartender.

Their next stop is gonna be David.

I'm on it.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

What did she want from you?

What do you think she wanted from me?

That we faked the moon landing?

That a Starbucks tall is really a small?

She wanted Defiance, Liv.

She wanted to know why a grand jury had been convened.

What did you tell her?

Nothing. I didn't get the chance.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up covered in blood, framed for her murder.

Because apparently I am the single most unlucky schmuck.

(Slaps desk)

Or because that's the way you wanted it.


You won.

Defiance is dead, and so am I.

So why isn't it enough to ruin my career?

Why do you have to throw the rest of my life on the fire, too?

Are you actually suggesting...

Unless you haven't won yet.

Or maybe you didn't win until just now.

Or rather until you planted a dead girl in my bed.

I'm the last loose end, aren't I?

Lock me up, and you have nothing more to worry about.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Breathing heavily)

I only hava a minute. He's watching me, Liv.

He's not watching you.

The president is watching me.

I feel like every time I leave to see you, he knows where I'm going and he adds another mark against me.

Can we not talk about him?

What did you need?

Did you have David Rosen framed for murder?

No offense.

None taken.

Why would I have David Rosen framed for murder?

To put Defiance to bed once and for all.

I can't say it's the worst idea I've ever heard, but no. - No?

No. Defiance is over, Liv. It died with Verna.

(Breathes deeply)

I know things are bad between you and Fitz, but...

I-I'm sorry about the christening by the way.

(Sighs) I'll have you in and out in an hour or two.

You'll barely have to see him.


I think... he knows.

I think he knows what we did. I'm pretty sure.

Liv, there's no way... I haven't slept in ten months.

I have our last conversation on a loop in my head all night every night.

I think he knows what we did, Cyrus.


My minute is up. I have to get back.

Are you...

I'm fine.




Defiance isn't ever going to be over.


(Cell phone alert chimes)


We just ran out of time.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

(Makes kissing sound) You kiss?

You give that monkey a kiss?

Give daddy a kiss?
(Trills and kisses)

What do you want?

(Lowered voice) Is he in there?
(Lowered voice) Shh. It's baby time.

He can play with that baby for hours.

I don't know how he does it. I don't have the patience.

Me, either. (Sighs)


Something has to be done.

He can't keep this up.

What do you propose we do, Cyrus?

I have tried everything.

Right now I'm just trying to keep him focused and calm so that he can run the country.

Sometimes I think that baby is all that's holding him together.

He knows about Defiance.


No. This is about Olivia.

Something happened, and they're done, and he just needs time to adjust.

That's what I thought, too.

But it's been almost a year. This isn't just about Olivia.

(Sighs) So he's drinking more than usual.

We can handle that. I am handling that.

He could bathe in scotch for all I care.

That's not the problem.

The problem is, he's not using me like he's supposed to.

I'm the guard dog, I'm the bad cop, I'm the dragon that gets released.

I run the meetings and make the calls and help him come to decisions.

Except I'm not.

He's isolating himself. He's shutting me out.

He's running for the country, for real, on his own.

(Sighs) He doesn't trust us, Mellie.

I've tried talking to him.

Try again.

I will. After I get him through your daughter's christening.

Whose brilliant idea was that?

Olivia Pope as godmother?


(Sighs) It's not just my... problem here.

If I'm right, if he knows about Defiance, it's both of us he doesn't trust.

And if he doesn't trust us when he gets tired and thirsty and goes looking for water, he's going to drink from someone else's trough.

He needs somewhere to lean, he's going to lean on someone else.

He's going to start trusting someone else, and once that happens, someone else is going to be riding our horse across the finish line.

(Fussing) Um... boo!

(Playful voice) What do you see? Hmm?

Um... boo!

(Woman) And back to our story that led the hour.

The White House has issued a statement regarding the four American aide workers who went missing near Kashfar city yesterday morning.

And while some reports suggest the Americans may have been captured by rebel forces, the White House is denying those claims, saying...

(Turns tv off)

Any news?


(Sighs) Is David gonna go down for this?

Not if I can help it.


Are you...

I'm fine. I'm... I'm fine.

Work helps.

So does exercise...

Stuff that numbs you keeps you from thinking too much.

Dating also helps, but...

It also helps to remember that he hates you, and it helps to try to hate him, too.

And that works for you?

I was talking about you and David.

(Knock on door)

Someone keeps calling Wendy.

I've been monitoring her cell phone activity just in case anything interesting came up, and today something did...

Four calls, all from the same line.

Can we track the number?

I already did.

They're coming from the joint chiefs' office.

In the Pentagon.

It's a fishing expedition. They got nothing... no case.

They're grasping at air.

So you? You do exactly what was done to you as a A.U.S.A.

Guy comes in with his lawyer, clams up, flat-out refuses to play ball.

Probably annoyed you to no end, right?

Now see, that's how we do this.

Say nothing, do nothing, admit to nothing.

Let me do the talking, and we'll be fine.

Good. Just like that.

You got it.

These past several months have been very difficult for you, haven't they, David?

You don't have to answer that.

I mean, if I were fired, gosh, I'd be so frustrated.

And not just frustrated, but angry.

The kind of anger that just sits there and doesn't go away.

Are you angry, David?

You don't have to answer that, either.

In fact, my client doesn't have to answer any...

Do you remember the case I was working on when I got fired, Mike?

We referred to it internally as Defiance. - What are you doing?

Defiance is the county in Ohio that elected our president.

Not by an honest accounting of votes, the case alleged, but through an illegal manipulation...

(Exhales) voting machines.

Okay, I need to, um, speak with m...

It's a bold claim, and I say "claim"...

(Harrison sighs) Because it never saw the inside of a courtroom.

You wanna know why?

David, please.

Because I was an idiot. Are you an idiot, too, Mike?

Your theory of the crime is that I, David Rosen, the man whose job you're now occupying, whose chair you're now sitting in, your longtime colleague with extensive legal training and no prior record whatsoever picked up a woman at a bar and then brought her to my place, where I promptly stabbed her to death.

Because that's what I am... a stabber.

Give me a knife and I'll stab anything.

Oh, how I love to stab.

Which is why, when I finished stabbing her in my apartment, I carried the body to her place and stabbed it some more.

Why settle for a crime of passion when a burglary gone wrong is so easy to stage?

You were the last person she was seen with.

By a bartender who's routinely drunk for the last two-thirds of his shift.

Trust me, I'm a regular.

Which in evidentiary terms means you have absolutely nothing.

So if you want to keep this job, stay in this nice office, look out at that beautiful view of the mall every day and put yourself on the fast track to Attorney General, don't be an idiot.

Leave me alone and forget this ever happened.

Because only an idiot pursues cases he stands no chance of winning.

I learned that the hard way. If I were you, I'd spare myself that shame.

And since I'm under no legal obligation to continue this bizarre and humiliating visit to my old office...

I'll leave you to it.

(Clicks tongue and exhales)

Well... (Sighs)

That was fun.

(Clears throat) We should, uh, do it again soon.

I expect we will.

(Telephone ringing in distance, indistinct conversations)

I'm looking for a captain Jacob Ballard.

You found him.

You could have just called me...

Or run into me accidentally at the coffee place.

You didn't have to come all the way down to the Pentagon just to ask me out.

That's a hike.

She was stabbed to death? Oh, my God.

Do they know...

Who did it? No.

No idea. Was she working on a story?

Maybe trying to get some information from you?

Are you a detective?


'Cause you sound like a detective.

I'm not a detective.

Well, then why are you asking me detective-like questions?

I can't tell you that.


I know Wendy traded in secrets.

Was there anything she had on you, anything you might have leaked to her?

So even though you're not a detective, I'm some kind of suspect here?

At this point, I think everyone in her phone log is a suspect.

She came to me a month ago with some information she wanted to sell.

I didn't take it very seriously until a couple of days ago when something I was working on suddenly made that information pertinent.

What were you working on?

My turn.


Unlike you, I don't have the choice about what I can and cannot say.

Were you going to buy the information she was selling?


I work at intel for the joint chiefs of staff.

We are not in the business of paying for information.

Even though she knew something you didn't?

An assumption I can neither confirm nor deny.

By the way, shouldn't the police have her phone log?

How do you have it, too?

I can't tell.

Can't tell me.


Well, since you're not able to tell me anything, and I'm not able to tell you anything, I guess we're done here.

I guess we are.

Unless you'd like to go out to dinner with me.

Then we can not talk about all sorts of things.

(Chuckles) Sorry. I don't think so.

You sure? I can be very unhelpful.

Oh, I'm sure you can.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

We can't get human intelligence on where the hostages are being held.

The guys they grabbed were our eyes and ears on the ground there. But the N.S.A. picked up chatter from a small city in the northeast after a recon overflight, we pinpointed the building where the hostages are being held.

Degree of confidence? - High. These K.L.F. guys like to talk.

Send in a S.E.A.L. team.

Mr. President, can we just take a breath to consider other options?

It'd be faster to let the Kashfari military handle it.

I wouldn't trust them to watch my dog.

And no one in their government can even know about this.

If I may, s...


How soon can we dispatch a team?

They're locked and loaded, sir, just awaiting your go.

Mr. President, please, a word?

There's a way that this works.

If you pulled me out of the sit room to give me a civics lesson, or to tell me I'm ticking...

Your job is to process all of the various opinions...

Here we go. Should I get a notebook and pencil?

No, sir. I simply... Then make your point.

You've been isolating me, shutting me out.

I've been waiting to address it with you until...- Make your point, Cyrus.

You can't do this alone. No one can.

You're my bulldog, my dragon.

Is that today's rehashed speech?

You're isolating me, and it's bad business.

It's bad for the country. It's bad...

For me, Mr. President.

It makes it very hard for me to do my job.

And my job is simply to make yours easier, so, please, will you let... - Are we done discussing your hurt feelings?

Because I would like to get back to saving American lives.

Can we do that? Will you let us?

Yes, Mr. President.


Now, what's your take?

It's my opinion that it's too early to send in a S.E.A.L. team.

We need to be careful.

We need to contain this situation.

Allow the Kashfaris some time to gather intel on the ground, so we can be better prepared when and if the time comes to pull the trigger on an extraction.

Fine. We'll hold off.

For now.

All right.


We're done.

Very good, Mr. President.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

She was on to something big... Wendy.


A high-level military intelligence officer was desperate to talk to her the day she died.

He wouldn't tell me why, which means she was on to something big.

And I'm willing to bet whatever she was on to is why she's dead now. It's why you were framed.

How much do I owe you?


For your services. Or did you take a commission when I sold my soul to the devil?

Your troubles aren't over. Not by a long shot.

But you and I are.

Everything you've ever done for as long as I've known you has been tailor-made to hurt me, so I'm done.

I'm done with you, I'm done with your people.

So how much, Olivia?


How much?!

You can't afford me.

(Door closes)

(Water gurgling)

(Water gurgling)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)



Mint. You smell like alcohol.

You're Ella's godfather. We're going to her christening.

You can't smell like alcohol.

You know, don't you?

About Defiance.

You feel betrayed, and I am sorry.

It was... there was a decision made in a moment...

I don't want to discuss it.

You deserve to be president, Fitz.

No, I don't.

But that doesn't matter, because here I am.

Fitz, if you had been a part of that conversation... - But I wasn't.

No one asked me, and I said I don't want to discuss it.

No, you just want to drink.

You're shutting Cyrus out.

He's not stupid.

He knows he's on the outside. He's your chief of staff.

If you're gonna try to tell me how to run the country that you helped steal for me...

I was going to say you're right.

You're right to shut Cyrus out.

You are right.

It was Cyrus.

Cyrus... pushed and he plotted and he planned and he dug his heels in, and he made us.

I wanted you to be president. I did.

I am unashamed of how much I wanted the white house for us.

And I can be an animal if I need to be.

I'm proud to rip the flesh off anyone who comes between me and...


Cyrus... stole the election.

He decided, and he got Liv on board and Verna and... me.

He got me.

(Sighs) It was Cyrus.

I'm not trying to excuse what I did.

I'm not trying to say I didn't have a part.

I'm just saying you're right.

To shut him out.

To not trust him.

I think you're right.


It was Cyrus.

You have me.

You can trust me.


I'm thinking of sending an extraction team into Kashfar.

I need those guys to come back alive.

I think you should trust your instincts.

I need to know I'm making the right call.

You are the president. Any call you make is right.

And if it doesn't work out, we'll figure out what the next step is.

We can do this.


It's gonna be all right.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Whispers) Hi, darling.

Don't worry. The ceremony will be short and sweet.

They abbreviate for the godless. Call the secretary.

Tell him to send in the S.E.A.L. team.

Do it before the ceremony.

I thought we agreed to take a breath on this.

Take as many breaths as you like, then recount them in your memoirs.

Call in that S.E.A.L. team. Now.

(Indistinct conversations)

Hey, James. How are ya?

(Stevie wonder's "I don't know why" playing)

(Bishop) How fortunate is baby Ella?
(Baby fussing)

To have such fine examples of leadership and commitment to our lord and savior.

Ella Margaret Novak Beene...

I baptize you in the name of the father...

(Fussing continues)
♪ I don't know why I love you ♪

And of the son...

♪ I don't know why ♪

And of the holy spirit.

♪ I love you ♪


(All) Amen.

Ella won't remember today.

She won't remember all of you cooing over her.

She won't remember the president of the United States holding her.

I hope to God she won't remember the temper tantrum I threw when I found out the Japanese peonies would not arrive in time for the ceremony.

It is, however, etched deeply into my memories.


She won't remember, but I hope all of you will remind her.

Not about the absence of the peonies, but how she was surrounded by love.

To Ella. To family.

Thank you.

♪ With another guy ♪
♪ laugh in my face ♪
♪ lord, how long must I be disgraced ♪
♪ 'cause I love you ♪
♪ oh, baby, baby, baby ♪
(Glass clinks on table)

♪ I don't know why I love you ♪
♪ I don't know ♪
♪ you and me, baby, oh ♪
♪ I don't know why I love you, baby ♪
♪ but I love you, baby ♪
♪ oh, darling, darling, darling ♪
♪ you throw my heart down in the dirt ♪
♪ you made me crawl ♪
♪ on this cold black earth, baby ♪

♪ no, I never ♪
♪ I never knew how much love could hurt ♪ (Breathing heavily)

♪ Oh, till I loved you, baby, till I loved you, baby ♪
♪ oh, baby, I can't stop ♪
♪ I can't stop crying, can't you see? ♪
♪ ahh, here I'm pleadin'
♪ (Both moaning)

♪ On my knees, I'm on my knees ♪
♪ won't you help me ♪
♪ help me, please, 'cause I love you ♪

♪ I love you, baby ♪
♪ whoo, sure enough, baby ♪
♪ I don't know, you don't know ♪
♪ we don't know, none of us ♪
(Moaning continues)

♪ Can't do nothing about it♪
♪ I don't know, baby ♪
♪ I don't know ♪

♪ Ahh, ahh ♪
(Moaning continues)

♪ Oh, baby, sure enough ♪
(Both panting)

(Door closes)

I made a mistake.

We both did.

It won't happen again.


I was talking about Defiance.

That wasn't a mistake.

That was betrayal.

We are done.

I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that does not mean I want you.

We... are done.

Sir, it's a go. Right now.

(Man) First floor secure. Advancing towards target.

Based on heat-sensored satellite imagery, we're expecting anywhere from five to eight enemy combatants guarding the hostages in the northwest corner of the second floor.

Centcom, we've reached the target.

Alpha, you're a go.

(Man) Fire in the hole!

This is it.

Whiskey tango foxtrot! It's empty!

No hostages.

What the hell?

All clear.

Alpha bravo ten, awaiting orders.

Tell them to abort.

Centcom, do you copy?

Charlie Mike?

This could be a trap.

Get them out of there now!

Centcom, abort. Do you copy?

Copy. Relaying order now.

"E" and "e"! Echo echo,go, go, go! Move, move!

Stay on your six.

Alpha bravo, go two.

(Men shouting indistinctly)

What the hell just happened?

How did we send a S.E.A.L. team to the wrong address?

We didn't.

How did this happen?

Permission to clear the room, Mr. President?

Go ahead.

Sir... we have a mole.

Damn it.

I'll get the director of national intelligence over here right now.

We'll start an internal investigation.

Hold off.


Hold off.

But, sir...

Are you having trouble hearing lately?

When I say "stand down,"
I mean stand down.

We've got a mole.

I need to think about how to proceed.


I need to figure out who I can trust.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Knock on door)

Since when do you knock?

I'm sorry.

Really? For which part?

All of it.

Don't be. I'm fine.


I'm fine. Never been better.

Found my calling...

Molding the young minds of America.

Good night, Abby.

What is that?

Wendy's flash drive.

She had just started downloading my Defiance files when she died.
(Glass clinks)

Whoever killed her probably didn't even know it was there.

Take a look.
(Pouring liquor)

Click on the one titled "Albatross."

There's over 350 pages of high-level, classified military intelligence on there.

Nuclear missile locations. Black sites.

The coordinates for the president's wartime bunkers.

There's six of them in the country, just in case they ever ask it on "Jeopardy!"

This is a major security breach.

No civilian should have their hands on this stuff.

I think this is your something big.

I would love to forget about this whole thing.

I would love to forget I ever met Wendy.

I'd love to forget I ever met you.

But now... I need you, because I'd be really terrible at prison.

That's if I'm lucky enough to live that long.

You're not just here for you.

I know you, David. This is about justice.

This is about dusting off the white hat and putting it back where it belongs.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Water running)

Baby's asleep.
(Glass clatters)

Thought we could pick up where we left off yesterday.




No. No.

Come on. It'll be fun.

No. No. Mellie, damn it, I said no!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

(Exhales sharply)

(Breathing unevenly)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Keys clatter on table)



It's Olivia Pope.

Ah, I thought you might call.

Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Because that's what beautiful women do when I invite them to have dinner with me.

You're assuming I called to accept.

I'm a high-ranking intelligence officer.

They train me to read people.

(Clicks remote) Where should we go? Got any ideas?

There's a quiet little French place on Connecticut everyone's raving about.

Quiet's not really my thing.

No? - I had four brothers and two sisters.

Quiet, uh... Quiet freaks me out.

So what is your thing?


People watching.

It's got its own category on Zagat.

So does late-night dancing, but I'm guessing that's not in the cards.

Depends how much wine I drink.


Well, then maybe we should go to that French place.

How does, uh... how's 8:00 on Friday sound?

8:00 on Friday sounds perfect.


Well, I will see you then, Olivia Pope.

See you then, Captain Ballard.

(Laughs inaudibly)