02x18 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl

That's the guy who wanted what Wendy stole!

That's the guy who killed her! That's him on the tv!

Previously on "Scandal"...

Is it a date? Who is he?

You wouldn't know him.

I don't even know if I know him.

You were involved! I know you were involved!

What the hell do you want me to tell you?!

Tell me you stole the White House.

I stole the White House!

So it's done?

It's done.

And the police believe it's a suicide?

And now everyone thinks that Osborne is the mole.

(Camera shutters clicking) Today I can confirm that former C.I.A. Director Grayden Osborne was responsible for a leak of confidential information to our foreign adversaries.

We believe he was a mole working in the United States government.

(Fitz) It's unfortunate for me to say that a man I appointed, a man I trusted, was secretly and actively working against this country in hopes of destroying it.

(Static blips)
But he did not succeed.

(Camera shutter clicks)
Our national security is intact.

(Static blips) Our intelligence community is stronger than ever.

(Static blips)

And our government continues to do everything in its power...
(Camera shutter clicks)

(Static blips) to keep Americans, both abroad and right here at home, safe.

(Camera shutters clicking)

And we need to do this how often exactly?

Every third Wednesday of every month.

Sweep day.
(Static crackles)

(Fitz) I have instructed F.B.I. Director Foster to lead an independent investigation into the matter.

He will liaise with the senate intelligence committee, and will have the complete cooperation of the C.I.A.

We will find anyone...

(Projector and camera shutter clicking) who may have helped Osborne commit these deplorable acts of treason.

(Static blips)

I am taking full responsibility for what happened.

And the American people can rest assured that I will work tirelessly...
(Static blips)

To uncover the full extent of his crime.

(Static blips)

I hope my message is clear.

I, along with my entire administration, will leave no stone unturned in our mission to bring Mr. Osborne, as well as anyone he may have been working with, to justice.

(Camera shutters continue clicking)

(Olivia) Jake.

Aha. She answers.

Really, do you have any idea how hard you are to get a hold of?

I mean, you are never home.

I'm working.

So am I.

(Door opens) Liv, all clear.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(projector and camera shutter clicking)

So now that Osborne's gone, what happens next?

You go home.


The mole is dead. There's no one looking for the flash drive.

Or for either of you.

You're not in danger anymore. You're both safe.

You're both free to go and resume your lives.

Wow. Well, thank you for making sure we have lives to go back to.



(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I need a yes or no by noon, which is an hour away.

Anybody? (Sighs) Any thoughts at all?

Sir, ma'am, this interview has been booked.

It is your first one-on-one network interview since the birth of your child and the assassination attempt.

It is a very important interview.

It's not Oprah.

No, it is not Oprah. Oprah is more important.

Would you like Oprah?

Would Oprah be better?

Because I can call Oprah. I'll call her now.

Will that make the two of you say yes to this interview?

The president is going to need to announce his re-election bid in less than six weeks.

This interview is everything.

We'll do it.

(Sighs) Ma'am?

We'll do it.


I could tread carefully here and parse my words, but instead, let's just be modern.

It's faster. In this interview, Rose is going to want to see a happy couple, a warm couple, a connected couple, two people in love.

They don't want you... They don't want this.

This is "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

This is "MacBeth."
They want the fairy tale.

We know what they want.

I-I know you know, but that's not the same as being able to deliver.

Can you give good fairy tale?

Cyrus, we've been doing this circus act for 20 years.

We'll be fine.

(Door opens)

(Sighs) We'll be fine. We've had enough practice.

We can't all be you and James, Cyrus.

We can't all have a perfect marriage.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'd like you to knock!

It's my house. I shouldn't have to knock on my own door to my own house.

Or you could call first.

It's my house! And if I knocked or called or rang the bell or did anything else to redundantly announce my own presence in my own house, I'd wake the baby, our baby.


Who I've barely seen in 22 days.

Instead, I'm living on room service and pay-per-view and wearing wrinkled shirts.

I don't want to knock on my own door, James.

I want to sleep in my own bed.

I want to drink my wine from a normal-sized bottle!

I want to live with my husband. I want to come home.


(Sighs) No.

James... I can't trust you!

I-I can't even look at you without immediately assuming that you're lying.

I-I need time. You've had time.

You've 22 days worth of time, not to mention the six months before that when you were barely speaking to me.

I was speaking to you.

In public! For show.

Like we're some political couple.

What office are we running for?

I told you, I don't believe in airing our dirty laundry.

My dirty laundry is at the hotel laundromat.

I want to come home.

I need time!

How much?

How much time?

I don't know.

(Slaps door)

(Man) A one-night special event...

In their first interview since the attempted assassination of president Grant and the birth of America's baby,

the first couple sits down live...
- You set your DVR yet?

For this?

No, not really my thing.

Are those the Albatross files?

I was wondering if there's anything you wanted to add to them before we put them in storage.

(Quinn) Ma'am. Ma'am. Ma'am. Please.

You're not allowed back here without an appointment, ma'am.

I just want to talk to her!

Can I help you?

Are you Olivia Pope?

I am. And you are?

Susan Osborne. You probably know me as...

Grayden Osborne's wife.

Which means we can skip the part about what they're saying my husband did and talk instead about the fact that everything they're saying is a lie!

Mrs. Osborne, you've been through an awful lot in the last few days.

No... I know this must be devastating for you...

Don't. Please don't...

For your family...

Don't tell me how I'm feeling or how I'm grieving or delusional.

Grayden didn't kill himself. He was murdered.

Mrs. Osborne...

He called me "Susan."

I'm sorry? - In his suicide note, he called me Susan.

He never called me Susan.

It was always "Susie" or "honey."

In 30 years of marriage, he never called me Susan.

He was distraught. Maybe he was being formal. (Scoffs)

Someone... forced him to write that note!

Because someone killed my husband.

What if we were wrong?

We were not wrong.

What if we were?

We were not wrong.

Which is why Liv's probably telling that woman we're not taking her case.


So why is she...

Doesn't matter.

Osborne's guilty. She's not taking the case.

We're taking the case.

(Door closes)

(War's "Low Rider" playing)

Every loose end that we thought we tied up, we untie.

Every person of interest we already talked to, we revisit.

We don't stop until we're 100% sure that Grayden Osborne killed himself because he betrayed this country.

I know it's tough to say no face-to-face to a grieving widow, but...

A man is dead. We can't be wrong.

Powder burns inside the wound?

Yep. Consistent with the weapon.

Blood and tissue on the weapon?

Yeah, but consistent with the subject.

(Clattering) What about the, uh... uh...

(Whispers) Residue.


Red residue. Which finger?

On the one that pulled the trigger.

Look, Nancy drew, this is a classic suicide.


Well, what's wrong with this picture?

There's nothing out of place. Osborne's suicide was perfect.

'Cause he killed himself.
'Cause he knew he was caught.

Because he was the mole.

Maybe it was too perfect.

Every box checked, every "I" dotted...

Maybe that's what's wrong with this picture.

Murder staged as a suicide.

Albatross has done it before.

They pinned Wendy's murder on David.

We need more. Who else can we talk to?

The man was the director of the C.I.A.

His job was his life. It's not like he had drinking buddies.

Wife said he worked 24/7.

Then we talk to the person that was with him 24/7.

You were Grayden's security detail.

You protected him, drove him everywhere, spent more time with him than anyone.

Yes, ma'am.

Do you think he was murdered?

It's not for me to say.

Do you believe he was selling secrets?

It's not for me to say, ma'am.

Was my husband a patriot or a traitor?

Can you answer that, Rick?

It's not for me...

To say?

He's dead.

Grayden Osborne, your boss, her husband, the father of her child, a child you know, is dead.

And regardless of how that happened, it happened on your watch.

So the least you can do is stop toeing the official line of the C.I.A.

Don't leave her wondering if her husband was a patriot or a traitor.

Don't leave her daughter wondering. Help them.

If he was a good man, honor him.

He was a patriot, ma'am, through and through.



He had a bit of a gambling problem.

He liked to bet the ponies.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)
(Olivia) - Dry cleaner was his bookie.

Betting the ponies doesn't mean he wasn't selling intel.

Betting the ponies means he could have been in debt.

It does speak to motive.

He was selling government secrets to the highest bidder.

We circle back to Molly.

Maybe she remembers something Osborne said when he was threatening Wendy, something definitive we can go on.

It all began with Molly. Maybe it ends there, too. - Hmm.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

What is it, Cyrus?

Just wanted to go over your talking points for the interview, see if you're comfortable with everything we discussed.

Am I comfortable?

(Paper rustling)

You still camped out at The Masland?


The hotel, Cy?

Has your husband let you come back home yet?

I wasn't aware that you...

I'm the president. I know all kinds of things.

I'm fine, sir.

You certainly don't have to concern yourself with my love life.
(Forced chuckle)

But you do love him.

Of course.

Don't give up on him.

If you love him.


Don't give up.

(Paper rustling)


Molly wasn't answering her phone, so I went by her place.

Was she there? - No. It was cleaned out. She's gone.


On it.

(Typing) I'm in her bank account.

(Harrison) Looks like miss Molly just got paid.

$100,000 deposited yesterday afternoon.

(Huck) She was a plant. Somebody owned her.

She played us. She lied.

The mole must have hired Molly and paid her to tell us it was Osborne.

So Osborne didn't kill Wendy to get the flash drive.

Which means he was not the mole, which means the real mole is still out there, which means...

David's still in danger.

(Pounding on door)

David, oh, good. Thank God you're here.

Get your things. Pack a bag.

You're coming back to the office right now.

I just got home, and now you want me to come back?

We were wrong. Osborne isn't the mole.

Which means you're not safe, which means... (Sighs)

Let's go!

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Phone chimes)

(Olivia) Osborne wasn't the mole.

Uh, say that again.

Osborne wasn't the mole.


Osborne was the mole, because the president went on national TV and said so.

I'm alerting you to a national security problem, and you're worried about the optics?

You as much as anyone know that optics are everything.

Cyrus, he wasn't your security breach.

All right.

I'm listening.

Who's your source?

Osborne's wife.



Come on.

His grieving widow doesn't think he was a traitor?

Why didn't you say?

That makes all the difference. Have you talked to his kids?

I'm dying to know what they think.

There are irregularities in the case.

There are irregularities in life...

Why you and I spend so much time and expend so much energy fixing them.

What is going on with you?

What do you mean?

I mean, I'm trying to help you.

You sure about that?

What do you mean?

(Chuckles) I mean, are you sure you're not subconsciously trying to sabotage this White House?

Okay, that is ridiculous and petty and insulting.

Liv... (Sighs) I want to take this seriously, I do, but I've just gotten my hand back on the tiller, so I cannot let you rock this boat.

Osborne was a traitor.

You know I can't let this go.

I have to. 'Night, liv.
(Line disconnects)

(Phone clatters)

(Exhales deeply)

Olivia Pope knows Osborne wasn't the mole.

Which means she won't rest until she discovers who is.

I know.

I trust...

You'll take care of this.

You were right.

You mean...

Your husband didn't commit treason.

He didn't betray his country.


And he didn't kill himself?

He didn't kill himself.

Oh... (Exhales)

So now what?

You go home, you grieve for your husband, you tell your daughter her father died an honorable man, and you let me work on clearing his name, which I will do.

I promise you.

Grayden loved this country, Miss Pope. - I know.

The White House doesn't care?

They think we're lying to help our client. (Scoffs)

If we want them to take us seriously, we need to give them proof.

Huck, I need you to follow the money.

Trace it back to its source. See where it leads.

I need the rest of you to look for Molly.

She's our link to the real mole.

If I were Molly, if I played us and got a payday, I'd be heading to an airport right now.

Harrison... - I'll work my contacts at justice, see if I can get some flight manifests.

Or... I work my contacts at homeland security and we put this girl on a no-fly list.

They'll stop her from buying a ticket, put her in a room till we get there.

Gladiators in helmets, right?


Do it.

How do we find Albatross if all we know is a deposit was made from some mystery bank into Molly's account?

Reverse promontory point.

You digitally trace back the transaction until you find where the code from the receiver's A.B.A. number overlaps with the code from the depositor's A.B.A. number.

Right... here.

Then we send a little worm along that nexus until we have...

The mole's account.


"Bud Johnson"? Really?

He couldn't do better than "Bud Johnson" for a fake name?

Well, here's one thing that's real.

Albatross rented a storage unit in Ashburn three hours ago.

We're gonna go check it out.

Maybe that's why there's no sign of Molly.

Maybe he killed her and stuck her body in there.

You don't bring a body to a storage unit.

Too many witnesses.

Also, the smell. You're much better off finding a dumpster on trash day.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

I'm hungry. Starving.

That is why we are having dinner tonight.

Did I mention that I cook?

You did not.

Well, I do.

And not just pasta.

Any guy can boil a pot of noodles. I actually cook. (Door closes)

So I'm gonna come over and make you a meal in that beautiful kitchen that you never use.

How did you know?

(Sighs) Know what?

That I never use my kitchen.

Just a hunch.

Well, I would love for you to break it in for me, but I can't.

Let me guess. Work.

Oh, you're killing me here.

I'm sorry.

I am going to take you up on the offer, just not tonight.

Well, I'm gonna hold you to that.

Please do.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Date night sounds more like an order.
(Mellie laughs)

"You will have fun on wednesdays between 7:00 and 9:00."

And who wants to be told when to have fun?

But if it's the only way I can carve out time on my schedule for us to be together...

Date night it is.

It gives us something to look forward to.


It must be so hard living in a bubble, the weight of the world on your shoulders.

- We're a long way from Frank's Tavern. - Ahh. (Chuckles)

It wasn't hard to focus there.



Frank's. That's where you met, right?

Yeah, I was fresh out of the Navy.

Mellie was on a date...

With Jim... What was it?

Let's spare Jim the press attention.

Anyway, I was at the bar goofing around with some buddies when I first saw her lighting up a booth by the window, and...

It was just one of those rare moments, a crossroads where you know...

You just know, if you don't act now, if you let this moment slip away, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

(Mellie) He didn't realize we were gonna be classmates for the next three years.

(Laughs) And also I didn't want to step on Jim's date.

Against some code you men have?


So I did the proper thing.

I waited until Jim went to the bar for another round... (Laughs)

Then I swept in.

But then...

He just stood there.


This girl was just clearly out of my league.

Somehow I got her name and number.

Of course he didn't have a pen or paper.

I had to write it on a coaster with eyeliner.

Sounds like nothing was going to get in the way of fate that night.

One way or another...

I think we would have found each other.


(Turns off TV)


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

This is it.


You find which storage unit he rents? - Yep.

(Seat belts clicking)

No, stay in the car. Keep watch.

If anyone suspicious starts to go in, text me. (Sighs)

(Seat belt clatters)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Lock clicks)


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Thuds) (Gasps)

(Doorbell rings)


(Remote control clicks)


I come bearing Gettysburger.

Sorry I bailed on dinner.

For the record, I was gonna make you something a little classier than cheeseburger and fries.

Duly noted. I like your place.

We're gonna need plates and napkins.

Many napkins.

And I hope you have better wine than this.

For the Gettysburger? For the Gettysburger.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Playing indistinctly)

(Bell dings) Fill out the forms.

Deposit... first and last month's rent due.

I'm actually looking for a friend.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

No, I mean a friend of mine came in a while ago and hasn't come out.

Unit number?

I don't have one. I don't even know...

(Sighs) Hey, would you just mind if I looked around?


Ten floors. Elevator's that way.

Good luck. And don't get lost.

(Door closes)


I don't drink beer.

Tonight you do.


It's a light ale.

Of course, a dark ale would also do the trick.

Really, any beer pairs well with a burger.

It's what regular people drink.

I'm regular people.

No, no. (Chuckles) You're special... and fancy, so...
(Laughing) for one night, come down to my level.

Have a beer with me, Liv.
(Continues laughing)



(Shudders softly)

(Both laugh)

Let me guess. Your phone. I should check my messages.



No. Because if you check your messages, then you'll decide that you have to go back to work, and that means that you'll leave, and I wouldn't have the chance to do this.

And this.

Or this.

(Sighs softly)

What is it?


Back to work?

What's your excuse this time, Olivia Pope?


I got nothing.

(Moans and laughs)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Panting) Of course I called him.

He didn't answer?

He said he'd be gone a minute, and it's been a couple hours.

In this place, it would take an actual search party two days just to get to every floor.

What if something happened?

Things don't happen to Huck. He's Huck.

He's probably waiting for you back at the car.

And what if he's not?

Molly's being detained at Dulles.

My friend at homeland says she was trying to board a flight to Belize.


Hang on.

But they can only reasonably keep her for an hour.

I called Liv. She's not answering, but we need to move.

Quinn, I'm sure it's nothing, but if it's something, you're gonna have to handle it on your own.

So handle it.
(Keys jangle)

Nice work, Rosen.

(Bell dings) No luck.

(Cartoon playing indistinctly)

(Sighs) You try calling?


Well, maybe his phone's off.

Do you mind if I take a look at the security feeds?

No. No can do.

You don't understand. His phone is never off.

Maybe his battery is dead.

My friend is inside this building, and he's in trouble, and his battery never dies.

And on the off chance it does, he's got two extras and a spare phone.

Well, la-di-da, fancy friend.

Something's wrong. You need to let me see those camera feeds.

Darling, I don't need to do anything.

Listen, Zeke.

"Darling" has a law degree from Stanford and the chief of police on speed dial.

I sat outside here for an hour and watched three ladies enter with three gentlemen, each of whom departed with a spring in his step and probably 200 bucks poorer.

(Sighs) So I suggest you go ahead and let "darling" take a look at the damn security cams.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Sighs) (Static crackling)

You rocked her. She was asleep.

You rocked her.

To sleep! - I spent the last three weeks breaking her from her sleep crutches, the worst of which is rocking.

Did you not read any of the sleep books?

You set us back weeks.

(Sighs) W-well, what do you think you're doing? - Reading.

(Scoffs) You're not going back to the hotel? - No, I checked out.

You checked out of the hotel?

After 23 days, they consider you a resident.

Every maid knew my name. It was humiliating.

Well, you're not staying here.

Watch me.

Cyrus! - I think it's time we talk to someone.

Wh-what does that mean?

Get some help.

Well, you mean couples therapy?


You cannot be serious.


Because I've been asking you to go to therapy with me since we moved in together, and you refused.

And the only reason you're even suggesting it now is because you know we could never go!

Why can't we go?

Because couples therapy is for people who have normal marriages and normal problems, and we don't have either.

What do you want me to say when they ask me what our issues are?

That... that it really gets under my skin when he does things like... like steal the covers, and he leaves dirty dishes in the sink, and he rigs national elections!

Therapy requires telling the truth, and you don't tell the truth, Cy.

You lie for a living. You are a liar.

I told you the truth.

Yeah, you made me beg you and fight with you...

I told you the truth. I told you, and now I'm paying for it.

You want the truth from me? You make it worth my time.

Make it worth your time?

You love me anyway.

You don't use it against me.

You don't keep a list of my crimes.

You wanted to know who I am? This is who I am.

Defiance is who I am. This is me.

This is who you married. This is who you love.

I got on the stand in front of that grand jury and I perjured myself.

You made me perjure myself!

I never made you perjure...

You made me.

You told me the truth and you gave me a baby and you bought my soul, and I didn't have a choice!

You had a choice!

I didn't! What was I supposed to choose?

What choice did I have?!

You had a choice, James!

You could have put me in prison.

You could have brought down the White House.

You could have chosen justice. You chose love.

You chose me. You chose our life.

You chose yourself. You chose your own happiness.

And that's not sitting so well with you now.



(Breathing heavily)

It's just inside, rotting deep inside you, this choice you made, and it's not so much the choice.

It's the fact that you now know you're capable of making that kind of choice.

That's what's keeping you awake at night.

And you can pretend it's me, that I've... (Exhales) infected you with... all my bad, bad ways.

But it wasn't.

You made a choice.

You did this. This is the man you are.

And guess what? I love... you... anyway.

Because that is the man I am.

I wish you didn't tell me...

When I asked about Defiance.

I wish you'd just lied to me.

I wish you'd let me believe that...

I wish you'd lied.

You get five minutes alone with her, and then I need to release her.
(Opens door)

We know you got paid, Molly.

So either tell us who paid you or continue to lie to us and never set foot on an airplane again.

Hard to dodge obstruction of justice charges when you can't leave the country.

I don't believe this.

We're not the police.

We're not gonna throw you in jail, we're not gonna take away your money.

My money?

You think I did this for the money?

I did this because not doing this meant ending up dead, and then waking up in bed with my throat cut and my tongue pulled out so I couldn't scream for help!

That's what this person said they would do to me if I didn't do exactly what they said.

So, yes, I lied to you, but it wasn't because of the money.

(Crying) In fact, if this person knew I was talking to you right now...

Time's up. She's free to go.

I-I'm sorry.

(Door closes)

(Gasps) That's him. What floor is that?

The third.


(Clicks mouse)

He just...

He's gone.

(Sighs) There must be...

Is there somewhere else he could have gone that's not on the feed?

A-a stairwell or bathroom or something?

I just take deposits.

I don't notice the magic of the place.

...Turn off the distractions and focus on one another.

It's getting tons of play.

The story of how we met... people can't get enough of it!

Jim Wyatt... Was that his name?

Was that whose name?

The guy you were with you were dating when we met.

What's this about?

The real story.

This is about the real story of how we met.

Do you remember?

Or have you told the fake one so many times that it's drifted away, replaced by fiction?


It goes something like this.

My dad swings through town on business, says he wants to take me out for dinner, which in retrospect was odd, because as a senator from California, he didn't have any business in Boston.

Or the entire state of Massachusetts, for that matter.

So... we go to Frank's tavern to meet up with an old college buddy of his, who just happened to bring along one of his clerks...

A bright and charming clerk, I might add.

My father was always displeased with who I was dating.

He had this thing about breeding.


Breeding... like we were discussing racehorses instead of women.

Which was ridiculous, because his father worked the docks his whole life, but you know what they say.

There's no snob bigger than new money, and our money stank of new.

But you...

Your blood was blue.

Mayflower blue, D.A.R. blue.

Sure, there was some slave trading in your background.

Your granddaddy ran liquor. But...

Old money meant something to Big Jerry.


And you have breeding.

You're a thoroughbred racehorse.

You can play the majors, and there you were.

It wasn't even a blind date. It was a merger.

It was just shy of prostitution.

They sold you to me.

They made a deal, and they shook hands.

I often wonder, did you know what was happening?

Was I the only one naive enough to think that you being there was a coincidence?

It doesn't matter.

Big Jerry got what he paid for.

(Exhales) Scheme worked like gangbusters.

We did meet at Frank's Tavern. That much is true.

What's your point?

Does it ever bother you?

The lies, all the pretending?

And that's not an accusation, 'cause I do it, too.

I do it well.

It's just a question.

Because it's just gotten so easy.

I don't know anymore.

Pretending is what's real.


Every married couple alive pretends.

They pretend they don't hate their in-laws or their husband's stupid jokes or their wife's real laugh or that they don't actually love one of their children more than the others.

Marriage is... (Sighs)

Well, it's almost all pretend... for everyone.

That's the reality. That's what's real.

Buying into the delusion that there's any other way to live together, to get through an entire life together...


(Breathes sharply)

Well, that's the fantasy.

That's pretending.

Did I do this to you?

Or have you always been like this?

Because if it was me...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Fitz, what's wrong? What's bothering you?




(Exhales and sighs)


Where do you think you're going?

I was just gonna get a glass of water.

Oh. I will get that for you.

You will?

Sure. Well, right after this.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Settled back in okay?

Home sweet couch.


You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you still have feelings for me.

(Laughs) Please.

I don't know. You were pretty freaked out back at my place.

Because I like sleeping with you.

And I didn't want you to die.

Liking sleeping with you and not wanting you to die is not the same as having feelings, which I don't have... for you.

I saw your face, Abby.

I know you.

Admit it.



Maybe I have... some feelings.

It's funny, you know. You can admit to having feelings for me, but you can't admit you stole my Cytron card.

You can like me, but you can't admit you ruined my life.

I didn't steal the cytron card!


I can forgive a lot of things.

I didn't know how many things until now, but it turns out it's a lot.

What I can't do is let myself love someone I can't trust.


(Quinn) Something's wrong with your security cameras.

There's nothing wrong with my ca...

Really? Then explain this.


Where'd I go?

Dude, that's weird.

Now, look at this feed.

Look at this piece of wood right here.

It's the same piece of wood that's on the other screen here.

Why would there be two cameras facing the same hallway?

Because someone turned one of them around on purpose because they didn't want you to see what they were doing in that hallway.

Damn, girl.
(Keys rattle)

It's in the details, Zeke.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


(Door slams, door opens)

(Door closes)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Under breath) Oh, my God.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


(Jiggling crowbar)



Huck! Huck! Are you okay?




Huck! Huck! Are you okay?

Are you okay, Huck? Huck?

(Pours water)

(Clears throat)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Remote control clicks)

(Door whirring open)

(Breathing unevenly)

It's not what you think.

What is this? Who are you?

Sit down. Let's talk.

Sit down?

No, you need to get the hell away from me.

Stop moving right now!

I can't let you leave, Olivia.



(Both grunting)

(Shrieks) (Grunts)

(Thuds) Ow! Aah!

Aah! Aah!


I'm not going to hurt you. Calm down!

Who are you? Why are you spying on me?

To protect you.

Protect me from what?!

From him.






(Muffled voice) Olivia!

(Cell phone vibrating)


Mr. President?

You work things out?

Sorry, sir?

With James.

I'm... back home.

Well, that's good.

That's a start.

(Breathes unevenly) It's a start.

Why are you calling, Mr. President?

I killed Verna Thornton.



Would she forgive me... if she knew?

There are things...

(Breathing unevenly) We don't tell them.

Things we never tell them.

Things we bury. Things we hide.

That's the job.

You did something... sir.

It doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy.

(Knock on door) Mr. President, there's a situation.

I gotta go, Cy.

Good night, sir.


Has he said anything yet?

Not a word.

I saw him after being waterboarded for days.

This is worse?

Incomparably worse.

And Liv? - She's still not answering her phone.

(Cell phone vibrates)


We'll be right there.


It's Molly.

(Harrison) Yeah, that's her.

That's Molly Ackerman.

She didn't have any I.D. on her. Just her cell.

Your number kept coming up on her caller I.D.

You said it was a hit-and-run?

Yeah, some jerk ran a red, smashed into her.

Poor thing didn't stand a chance.

Thanks for coming down. Here's hoping I don't see any more of you people this week.

Hit-and-run, my ass.

Looks like the mole took her out before she could talk.

Take a look at this.

This guy shows up an hour before huck goes in, and then...

He comes back to the elevator 20 minutes after huck arrived.

So this guy was there around the same time.

That doesn't prove anything.

Both times...

Going in and going out, he was empty-handed.

Who goes into a storage unit with nothing and comes out with nothing?

No one.

Whoever that is, he's the one... The one who hurt huck.

And probably killed Molly.

And Wendy.

You think he's our Albatross?


A guy like Albatross doesn't do his own dirty work.

Baseball cap works for Albatross.

(Cell phone rings)

You better have a damn good reason.

Why are you calling me at home this late?

All right, calm down, chief.

There's been a development.


(Monitor beeping steadily)

You know, you had a pretty bad concussion.

They've got you under observation.

I never knew what that meant until now.

From what I can tell, it means a nurse will come in here every five minutes, wake you up, and ask if you're resting okay.

I don't have time to explain everything, Olivia.

Here's what you say... You were at your apartment.

There was a break-in. A man attacked you.

I showed up and saved you.

You never met me until now.

Do you understand me?

Olivia, this is very important.

Do you understand?

Thanks for calling me, Jake.

You're welcome, sir. We had a bit of a scare, but she's gonna be all right. It's lucky you were there.

(Door closes)


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)