05x16 - The Miseducation of Susan Ross

Each candidate will get one minute to answer questions and 30 seconds for follow-ups and rebuttals.

I'll give candidates time to respond if they've been singled out and criticized by another candidate.

[Camera shutter clicking]

All right, candidates.

Let's begin.


I didn't say everybody.

Yeah, just the ones you don't like.

Get rid of everybody, ain't no one to pick the cantaloupes and what have you.

We need some of them.


What we don't need are the murderers and thugs.

Your plan won't work.

You know how I know it won't work?

Eisenhower tried the same thing, sending out a posse to round up Mexicans in the '50s.

Ancestry. Hit the hypocrisy.

Eisenhower didn't have drones. We have the technology now to build an electric cyber-wall from San Diego to Brownsville.


Time's up.

If I may, Mr. Doyle should remember that his own great-grandfather...

Senator... emigrated from Ireland and worked at tobacco fields illegally.

Time is up.

All right. Madam Vice President, anything to add?

Madam Vice President?

It's a big problem.

We need to do better.

All right.

She's having a stroke.

We're watching her stroke-out on camera.

This is very bad.

The next question is to Senator Grant.

If you were to lose the nomination...

Not going to happen.

Humor me, hypothetically, were you to lose, who amongst your opponents would you rather see as president?

She's painting the image...

Mellie: I believe it is high...

.. of a losing Mellie.

.. time that a woman should run this country, be commander in chief.

She'll pivot, use it to attack Hollis.

I am that woman.

Vice President Ross is a decent, hardworking public servant, and she would be worlds better and far more deserving of this office than the misogynist playboy to my left.

Playboy?! Now, hold on a minute.

You flew the entire lineup of a New Orleans strip club to your hunting cabin for the weekend.

I can only imagine what your plans for Camp David would be.

A lot like your ex-husband's, I'd expect.


This isn't funny. I'm sorry.

This man has shipped over 600,000

American middle-class jobs to India and China and Mexico, all just to add a few million to his stack of...


Billions. Ole Hollis is the only one on this stage ever made a damn thing... [Cheers and applause] or done a damn thing, including firing people and restructuring and all the horrible and necessary things people in the real world got to do to stay alive and competitive.

And, hell yes, I made a buck or two along the way.

I'm damn proud of that.

Listen, if all it takes to be presidential is to shake hands and give speeches and know which color lipstick to wear to the party, then go ahead on.

Take your pick of one of these Bettys.

But answer me this, Senator...

How presidential is it to have your ex-husband's ex-mistress running your campaign?

- May I respond?

Not yet. That ain't presidential.

It's downright weird.

You want to question my choices?

And confusing as hell!

Let's talk about the choices that you have made.

After a quick break, Senator Grant.

You are watching the first Republican debate live on BNC. Stay with us. We're just getting started.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Man: And we're clear.


Phew. Hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock.

I missed my shot at ancestry.

You're doing great.

I could have led with it.

I'll drive the point home in the spin room.

But don't worry about it.

You need to respond to what he said about us working together.

Yes, sir. I've got her. Hold.

Susan, I have the president on the line.


Susan, having fun?

Fun? No, sir.

You lost a few rounds. It doesn't matter. Shake it off.

Tomorrow, no one will be talking about who stumbled here or fumbled there.

They'll only talk about who won.

That will be you.

You only need one moment, one punch.

20 seconds.

One good one is all it takes.


Man: 3... 2...

Welcome back.

My next question is about gun control, and it's for you, Senator Grant.

According to a recent BNC poll...

How is she doing?


We're in real trouble here because of you.

Couldn't you have at least waited until tomorrow to break her heart?

She figured it out on her own.

When you walk out on that stage with her, everybody better be smiling, David, because if they're not, I swear to God I will end you.

What are your feelings on the matter, Senator Grant?

My views on gun control...

I yield to no one in my support of the second amendment.

Oh, please.

This woman's husband stood behind that same podium less than three years ago, made the same empty promises.

Then, once he's re-elected... Boom!...

Comes out strong in favor of tighter gun restrictions.

How do we know this Grant ain't the same as the other one?

Come on, Mellie.

Because this is the 21st Century.

You can't look at a man anymore and assume that his wife shares the same positions, nor can you hold the wife accountable for his actions.

We are not our husbands' keepers, as they say.

We are our own women, with our own beliefs. And in case there is any doubt about where I stand on the president, you'll notice he's my ex-husband, not my husband.


It is a good line.

Sally: Madam Vice President, you've been awfully quiet. Do you agree with Mrs. Grant's assessment that women are not their husbands' keepers, or do you think she should be held accountable for her husband's decisions?

Come on, Susan, seize the moment.

No. We are not our husbands' keepers.

That's it?

Mr. Doyle...

But maybe we should be.

I'm sorry?

What is she doing?

Here we go.

My husband, John, served in the U.S. Army. He was a lieutenant in the 116th Infantry Brigade, served all over the world, including Afghanistan, where his platoon was tasked with the rather onerous job of patrolling a 20-mile stretch of desert along the Kandahar-Herat highway.

He called me one night while he was over there, and when he told me what their assignment was, I said, "Well, what is it" about this 20-mile stretch of desert that's so important to our country?

Is it a village that needs protecting from the Taliban, "a prison where we're holding terrorists?"

"No," he says.

"It's a pipeline."

A pipeline that the Afghani government, in exchange for billions of dollars, was allowing American companies to build on its land.

One of those companies... Doyle Energy.

[Laughs] Okay.


I'm talking now.

Hearing my husband say that, it made my blood boil. Here he was, putting his life at risk so American businessmen could line their pockets.

I wanted to say something, voice my rage, tell my husband to get the hell out of there, but I didn't.

I bit my tongue, because we are not our husbands' keepers.

14 hours later, a Taliban sniper put a bullet through my husband's neck, severed his carotid artery, killed him almost instantly.

I didn't blame the shooter. I didn't even blame the government or the energy companies.

I blamed myself.

I had an opinion, and I didn't voice it.

I kept my mouth shut, and I swore that day that I would never again be silent.

I became a United States senator, I became the Vice president of the United States of America, and I plan to become the president of the United States, because no, we are not our husbands' keepers, but maybe we should be America's.

Next question.

[Cheers and applause]

Oh, please. If we can hold the applause, please.

[Cheers and applause continue]

She did it.

Sally: Liberty lovers, the first Republican debate is over, and Susan Ross was the clear winner.

And to her, I say bravo.

It's clear that Susan is the kind of strong, moral woman America is looking for to be their president.

One would hope Mellie Grant would have the good sense to drop out early and let Vice President Ross collect the female vote.

But will she?

Mellie, it was one debate, one loss... one loss.

A hard one I know, but you can't take it personally.


America hates me.

They hate who I am, where I've been, who I think I have the audacity to try to become.

That's personal.

They hate me.

And they love Susan.

Hey, we will win this.

[Sighs] You keep saying that.

Look at me.

Mellie, I will get you in the Oval, come Hell or high water.


I hate to admit it, but Susan Ross won that fair and square.

Hard to compete with a dead husband.

We won't have to.

Why not?

Because he's not her husband.

Susan Ross is a liar.

We're gonna find out why, and then we're gonna take her down.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Why the heck would they choose a picture of David and me when I'm the one who won the debate?!

Well, America doesn't care about you winning a debate.

You won David.

My phone's been ringing off the hook all morning.

Every publication in this country wants an exclusive about your relationship with David...

The Journal, Vanity Fair. The Emerald, your high-school paper, called.

[Knock at door]


What's he doing here?

I asked him to come by.


I have a round of interviews with local affiliates lined up for the two of you together.

You need to sell this love story.

It's critical.

I will do whatever Susan needs me to do.

I want her to be president. I owe her that.

No. Why does it have to be me?

You're smart, even-keeled, good with people.

She's not people.

She is a privileged, miserable, mean...


Look, she can go with someone else.

You will be on the road with a presidential candidate.

That's brass ring, Marcus.

For anyone but me.

I'm too dangerous.

Huck stays here.

Well, what about Quinn?

I need Quinn here to help on Susan Ross.

So you need Quinn and you need Huck, but you don't need me?

What I need is for you to get Mellie on a plane and fly to Los Angeles so she can be likable to America on "Jimmy Kimmel."

I need you to do your job.


Ready to go get them, Mellie?

My bag is over there.

[Sam & Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'" plays]

Lieutenant John Latner, killed by a Taliban sniper outside of Kandahar on a routine patrol.

What's their story?

John and Susan lived on the same block growing up.

On-again, off-again through high school.

Susan's on record in several news publications saying she and John went to the justice of the peace on a whim just before his first deployment in 2006.


♪ And about to drown ♪
♪ Hold on ♪

County clerk's office is old-school paper.

Took me all night, but it's not there.

♪ I'm comin' ♪

No marriage certificate on file.

♪ Hold on ♪

I checked January and March to be safe.

So she's lying. Let's go to the press.



If the press calls Susan out for lying about being married, she'll just spin it, say she lied in order to protect her daughter. Easy.

But if she lied in order to collect veteran's benefits she was never actually entitled to...

Then she's not just a liar, she's a thief, unfit to be president.

That's unspinnable. That's... cold.

That's politics.

John's beneficiary information isn't digitized.

I can't exactly pick the front lock of the Pentagon.

♪ Hold on ♪

Susan's bank statements.

♪ I'm comin' ♪
♪ Hold on ♪
♪ I'm comin' ♪
♪ Hold on ♪


No regular deposits from the Army into Susan's accounts.

Check again.

Maybe Susan is just a good person who lied to protect her kid.

Quinn: Whoo!

Okay, Susan definitely didn't receive any money from the government, but I followed up on a suspicious check in 2007 to an Aston Labs.

It's a DNA testing facility.

Susan paid for a DNA test for Casey.

Not only was she never married to John...

John isn't Casey's father.

♪ Hold on ♪

So who is?

♪ I'm comin' ♪

And why is Susan hiding him?

♪ Hold on ♪
♪ I'm comin' ♪

[Camera shutter clicking]

Olivia: You're holding out on me.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Susan Ross.

Oh. Yeah, I was wondering why she was still standing.

You know what I want.

You want me to say I knew John Latner wasn't her baby daddy, and you want my source so you can track down Casey's biological father.

You can't knock me for trying to squirrel a little something away for winter.

I've got a general election to win.

You won't make it to the general unless you use what I gave you on Edison.


We're in a mutually beneficial situation again.

I gave you what I had on Edison.

No, you gave me a rumor.

It's a rumor because I can't find a second source to verify it.

That's a shame.

Is this how you usually negotiate?

Because you kind of suck.

Leslie Tannen.

She was the admitting nurse at Meridian Terrace during that time.

She'll confirm.

Your turn. Susan Ross.

Who's the real father? Is he around?

Mm. Oh, yeah.

He's not going anywhere.



Who the hell are you?

I'm here to talk to you about your relationship with Susan Ross.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Meridian Terrace...

A rehab facility in West Virginia.

Edison went there eight years ago after he had a car accident.

Showed up at the place with some achy bones and a vicious addiction to painkillers.

Went back a year later for depression.

That's a personal matter. Out of bounds.

I'm glad that Senator Davis got the help he needed.

[Sighs] This is how we do it every time.

I tell you what mud to sling.

You play church boy to start, and eventually, you come around to my side.

Look, America has a right to know if a candidate's a pill-popper.

Tell him I'm right, old-school.

It's risky.

People with mental-health problems aren't stigmatized like they used to be.

But those people don't have the nuclear codes at their fingertips.

Even so, I don't comment on rumors.

Now, I got a speech to prep.

Your hand is dangerously close to the flame.

Watch out, kid.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Senator Grant, so nice to meet you.

Big fan.

Well, that is always nice to hear.

So, what we'd love is for you to read some mean tweets.

Mean tweets?

You read mean things people say about you on Twitter.


It's funny. People love it.

So, for example, "Mellie Grant looks" just like my girlfriend's dog.

I hate that dog." Stuff like that.

I would read that out loud? That was...

Not mean enough.


Can you find meaner tweets than these?

Uh, yeah. How mean do you want them?


Your wish is my command. Nice to meet you, Senator.


This was a terrible idea.


Me and Susan... we knew each other all through growing up.

Our daddies worked in the mines together.

And, then, uh, in high school, we... we became sweethearts.


She was... She was always real smart.

How's she doing?

Did she tell you that Casey is your daughter?

No. And why would she say that?

I think you had an affair with Susan while she was with John.

You don't know that.

I know a lot of highly placed people in Washington and people who already think our country's drug laws are too strict.

We could get you out.

And what would you want from me for that?

Just the truth, Ronnie.

You'd submit to a paternity test, then make a public statement saying that Casey is your child.

But if I did that, then people would think she was hiding something, and here I am in prison.


Now, I-I don't think that'd be very good for Susan.

I mean, she's trying to be president.

You've been in this place for 10 years.

You help me and by this time next week, you'll be a free man.

I don't know. I got to think about it.

Don't take too long.


You sure you want to do this?

Even if he talks, who's gonna believe a felon?

They'll believe a paternity test.

I read Ronnie's file.

They gave him the chance to testify against his dealer friends in return for a reduced sentence.

He's not a snitch.

Well, maybe 10 years in prison has softened his resolve.


What was that about?

Susan lied and then decided to run for president.

She's asking for it.

Casey is just a kid.

This isn't politics.

This is ripping a family apart for no reason.

It's a presidential campaign, Huck, and we're losing.

You know how much she hates to lose.

It could be worse.

We could be making stuff up.

[Pounds on door]

[Knock at door]

Don't sit.

[Sighs] Can we talk?

I don't care what Elizabeth thinks.

We shouldn't be doing this.

Tell me something I don't know, stupid face.

We should just put out a statement that says we really care for each other and that we tried, but we both should be focusing on working for the country, and we remain close friends and wish each other well, that kind of thing.

People will hear that. People will understand.

You know what people will understand when they hear that?

That the person in the relationship with a pen1s...

That's you... Cheated on the person in the relationship without one... that's me...

And that we are looking for a way out that doesn't make me look bad.

I don't want to fake it anymore either, but there is no version of us breaking up that looks good for me, unless you're willing to say that I left you because you're an impotent alcoholic who hates kids and dogs and God.

Are you willing to say that?

Yes, I will say that.

I will say whatever you want me to say.

But what I want to say to you, Susan, is that I love you.

I want to say that, and that I hope that you'll consider forgiving me and that that you'll let me earn your trust back and that we won't have to break up or fake it, because we'll just be us together.

So, that's what I'd like to say.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Shocking allegations coming to light this hour regarding Democratic presidential hopeful Edison Davis. The senator reportedly checking himself into a West Virginian rehab facility eight years ago after struggling with, and I quote, "a vicious addiction to painkillers."

[Conversing in Spanish]


You shouldn't have leaked this. It's gonna be fine.

Alex talked to the director of Meridian Terrace.

She was the head nurse at the same time that Edison Davis was there.

She confirmed everything.

We make this kind of allegation and we get it wrong, we could take a hit in the polls that we'd never recover from.

My brother ran both my campaigns as governor.

Never once has he sent me down the wrong path.

[Cheers and applause]


Governor Vargas...

Governor, who do you think won the Republican debate last night?

Big money and the big banks.

Certainly not the American people.

The Philadelphia Courier is saying that Edison Davis was in rehab for addiction to painkillers and depression.

Care to comment?

I've seen the reports, and I'm glad he sought treatment.

Should it disqualify him from being president?

That's not for me to say.

I do know that generally, these things are a lifelong struggle, and the job of president is already hard enough, but I hope that he keeps getting the help that he needs.

I can't believe this.

You assured me this was buried.

It was.

Then how did this...

Your daughter. That's how.

She was the only person who knew.

You need to go to her and pull back the reins and stop her in her tracks before she gets any more out of control.

Did you hear me?!

Olivia did this!

I can't quite decide which part of your indecorous behavior troubles me more, the decision to interrupt me while I was speaking, the distasteful reference to my daughter requiring reins, or this foolish belief that I would ever take orders from you!


Oh, you want to be a boss?

Is that it?

No. I-I...

Spit it out, son!

Speak with some spirit!

Do you want to be a boss?!

No, sir.

So you don't want to be president?

Of course I...

Then you want to be a boss!

Which is it, yes or no?!

Should you ever be so unwise as to forget who the real boss, the only boss, is around here again, Meridian Terrance?


That will be the last of your worries.

I can guarantee that.

I'll handle this my way.

Until then, I suggest that you keep out of my sight and keep my daughter's name out of your mouth.

If you're hungry, there's more chicken in the fridge.

You guys, I think you'll want to see this.

Woman: I'm not sure how that rumor got started, but it's a lie. As a former nurse and now director of this facility, I can say that Senator Edison Davis did not receive treatment for addiction at Meridian Terrace.

Reporter: Are you saying Frankie Vargas is lying?

You told me your source was solid.

She was.

Leslie: I'm... I'm saying the whole thing is ridiculous. Governor Vargas' decision to comment on unsubstantiated rumors is hurtful and totally uncalled for, and I-I'm... I'm sorry Senator Davis and his family have had to deal with allegations that have zero basis in fact. No one... No one deserves that.

Reporter: Do you even know the senator?

You screwed me.

What are you talking about?

According to Leslie Tannen, Edison never set foot on the grounds of Meridian Terrace.

Someone got to her Or you lied to get what you wanted to take down Susan Ross..

Don't put this on me.

If someone got Leslie to agree to a cover-up, if they had the time to bribe her, to threaten her into changing her tune, then you're the one who did move quick enough.

[Chuckles lightly]

I hope to hell you can get that charmless robot of yours nominated, because that will give me a chance to wipe the floor with you in November.

[Camera shutter clicking]

You'll be reading the tweets off a cellphone.

"Mean tweets." "Mean" doesn't even cover it.

Crude, vile, disgusting tweets, maybe.

I should be talking about real issues, real things, expounding real views.


After all, I just debated my ass off on national TV.

Senator, please.

And now I'm gonna make a fool of myself doing some stupid comedy bit.

Are you kidding me with how annoying you are right now?!

I mean, damn!

Excuse me?

You are relentless with your whining and your groaning and your complaining.

You are officially the worst!

You have no idea what I am going through, what I have been through, the kinds of things that people are saying about me.

This is exactly why people don't like you.

This is exactly why I don't like you, even though I'm being paid to like you.

This is exactly why you'll never be president.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Time's up, Ronnie.

We need to take your blood now for the paternity test.

Now, look, uh, Miss Pope.

I prayed on it for a real long time, and, uh...

I-I just can't do it.

I can't ruin the lives of the people I care about.

I just can't do it.

This is your chance to leave this place, to get out of here for good.

This is your chance, and you are wasting it!

Look, when Susan becomes president next year, she's gonna help me get out of here.



And you... You may be special with your fancy contacts and all, but you ain't more special than the president of the United States.

Do you honestly think the president of the United States will have anything to do with you, Ronnie?!

You are protecting someone who doesn't even remember you.

I don't believe that.

She squashed you like a bug 11 years ago, and she never looked back.

She doesn't think about you. She doesn't visit you.

She doesn't care about you.

Yes, she does.

Do you want to stay here another decade!

With good behavior, I'll be out of this place in three more years.

Not when some prison guard finds a little oxy underneath your mattress.

That's another four years for hiding contraband.

What? I don't have any...

Add another five for the marijuana you've been smuggling through the visitation room.

How easy would it be to plant anything we want in Ronnie's bunk, Quinn?


We've done it before.

I don't see how we couldn't do it again.

You wouldn't.

You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Now, do we have a deal?

Ronnie Miller's paternity test. He's definitely the dad.

That good enough for you?

Not just good. That's great.

Leak this to the media... TV, print, online.

I want to see Ronnie's face.

I want to hear Ronnie's name everywhere.

Good work, people.

You mind taking BNC? I really don't like those dudes.


I'm not taking BNC, and neither are you.


This is wrong, Quinn.

We can't do this.

No, but Liv just said...

I don't care what Liv just said. She wants us to play dirty because her candidate lost a debate.

She wants to destroy a little girl's life because her candidate is down in a few polls.

We can't do this.

No, she wants to do what's best for her client.

You're taking it personal.

It is personal! She's crossing a line.

She's going somewhere she'll never be able to find her way back from.

We can't do this.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Sighs] This had better be good.

I'm sorry, it's not enough that I actually bring coffee.

You're pre-complaining about the quality?

I'm talking about the photos.

What photos?

You said in your text you have compromising photos of the treasury secretary.

Oh, right, that. No, I want to talk about Liv.

Wait. You lied to me?


So, you're saying there are no photos of Secretary Foster?


[Sighs] What's going on with Liv?

She's crossing the line, Abby.

What line?

Whatever one is in front of her.

Is this about the election?


It's an election. It's rough and tumble.

It's brutal. You know this.

It's not like that.

Besides, you shouldn't be talking about this with me anyway, because we're not exactly on the same side of things here.

We're on the same side of our friend, aren't we?

I'm not talking about a tough campaign, hardball tactics.

I am talking about our friend crossing the line.

I am talking about replacing the white hat with a black skullcap.

You know the kind of thing I'm talking about?



I should have called. I know.

Fitz. What are you doing here?

Giving you some advice.

Some advice?

That's what we do now, right?

Drop by each other's offices, exchange a few pleasantries, and give each other some advice, even when the other person never asked for it.

I haven't been able to think of something pithy enough to say, like, "The fish rots from the head," but I thought we're keeping it real with each other now, so...

Can I keep it real with you, Liv?

Whoever taught you that phrase should be fired immediately.

Go ahead. Keep it real.

Ronnie Miller's DNA test.

How'd you get it?

That's your only concern right now... how I got it?

It was supposed...

It doesn't matter, Liv.

What matters is that you're back to your same, old dirty tricks.

How are you not sick of playing this game?

Oh, I am the one playing a game?

Right. Of course.

Because it's not like you showed up here with your charming smile and your cute, little sayings, pretending to give me some advice, trying to shame me into not using the very information that will sink your candidate or anything.

You're so above playing games, aren't you, Fitz?

I suppose if there were ever a manipulation going on, you'd be the first to recognize it.

The only reason why you are here is because this affects your candidate.

I am here because I believe in my candidate because my candidate is brilliant and passionate and inspiring...

And a liar!

She lied to the public. She lied to you.

And your candidate's so different?

I happen to think that Mellie will be a great president.

She is smart, hardworking. She cares about this country.

You married her, Fitz, had children with her.

You must have thought the same thing about her at some point.

What can I say? You think you know a person.

Funny how that works.


I am trying to change, Liv.

I am trying to be the better person.


I don't want what happened to me to happen to Susan!

I don't want her to win by deceit!

I don't want her to be the victim of another Defiance!

Is that what you think you were... a victim?


You know damn well that receiving stolen property is a crime.

You got exactly what you wanted!

You think I wanted to win that way?!

You think anyone did?!

If you don't have anything else to say, any more advice to give...

We have the chance to do things differently now, not only for them, but for us.

This is our chance to move forward, to run a campaign in a hard-fought, competitive, and honorable way.

We're not these people anymore, Liv.

We don't have to be these people anymore.

Olivia's going to help him tell the world that Casey's his child?


This is a nightmare.

I can make this go away, Susan.

I can commute his sentence.

We can strike a deal.

From what I understand, he doesn't want to talk, and we can ensure that he won't.

I can make this go away.

Okay, then. Thank you.

Is that what you want to do?


Of course. What choice do I have?

You could come clean.

I can't do that.

The man who fathered my child isn't the man who I pretended to be married to, but is another man who is actually in prison?

That's not going to go over very well.

I agree.

But the truth might.

You were in a loving, long-term relationship with a man who served proudly and capably in the United States military.

Shortly into that relationship, you made a mistake...

A mistake that gave you a beautiful baby girl who was subsequently raised in a loving family with a loving mother and father.

You are imperfect.

You are human. You made a mistake.

And you have owned up to that mistake and asked for the forgiveness of the American people.

Will they accept this and continue to support you?

I don't know. But I think that they might.

I know I will.

I can't do that to Casey.


Far be it from me to tell you how to parent.

But I know you.

If you decide not to go public with this, it won't be because you're protecting Casey.

Don't fool yourself.

It will only be because you're protecting the path to this office because you believe it is worth whatever it takes to get here.

Let me tell you, Susan, that is not true.

I don't think you understand, Mr. President.

If this comes out, I'll be ruined.

This will destroy me.


What will destroy you is if you take this office and you didn't earn it.

I did not earn this office.

I was not fairly elected to this office.

I did not earn it.


I am going to tell you a story, and you are gonna tell me who you want to be, and I hope who you want to be is better than me.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Door opens]

[Sighs] What do you want?


I'm doing the show, Marcus. What?

"Is that bougie-ass scarf cutting the air off to Marcus Walker's brain, or is he just plain dumb?"



"More flavor in a dry saltine than Marcus Walker.

Can we say Boresville?"

"Those mutton chops, though? You ain't Shaft, bro. #SMH."

It means shaking my head.


It's what they tweeted about me when I ran for mayor.

Guess what trended 48 hours after I announced.

Go ahead.

I have no idea.

My high booty.

Your what?

Apparently, I have what the twitterverse refers to as a "high booty."

I wear my pants too high, belt too tight just to... You know?

[Chuckling] Show off your high booty?

That right there.


That's the person they need to see...

Someone relaxed, someone who can laugh...

Laugh at herself.


You're scared to lose.

Trust me, I know the feeling.

But you have a chance right now to show the world there's another side of Senator Mellie Grant, a side that America can fall in love with.

Do not waste it.

Use it.

Use it and win.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Sir, I've made a decision.

I have some difficult news, Susan.

Have a seat.

I want Ronnie to wear that suit for the interview, okay, those shoes.

What time are you going to the jail?

Quinn, what?

Ronnie's dead, Liv.

He hanged himself in his cell.

Frankie, got that list of field directors you wanted.

You want to take a quick look before I start contacting folks?

Why don't you hand that over to Cyrus?

I thought Alex was handling it.

He was, and now he's not.

Alex, hand the list over to Cyrus.

He'll take over from there.

Alex, give my campaign manager the paper.


Okay. Understood.

Mr. Beene.

Ah. My ride is here.

We'll get back at it... bright and early.

♪ Sunny ♪

Nice work on Meridian Terrace.

It's like Edison Davis was never there.

That was the job, sir.

And a job well-done. Thank you, Tom.

My pleasure, sir.

People are obsessed with you two.

We've heard.

Why do you think that is?

I think it's simple, Trish.

America loves a love story.

Frankly, so do I.

Very good, Madam Vice President. Thank you both so much for joining us today.

Thank you.

Our pleasure.

Feed's down. Tallahassee's in 10 minutes.

Keep up the energy, people.

You're doing great, you know?


I'm happy I could be of help, even happier that you've forgiven me.

You're a prop, David. That's all.

♪ Thank you for the sunshine bouquet ♪
♪ Sunny ♪

I need your help.

♪ Thank you for the... ♪

[Cheers and applause]

So, as you know, from time to time, we give famous people a chance to read some of the horrible things people say about them on Twitter.

And today, we extended the opportunity to our former first lady and current candidate for president, Senator Mellie Grant.

And to all of our surprise, she said yes.

[Cheers and applause]


[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Thank you for the truth you let me see ♪
♪ My Sunny ♪
♪ Thank you for the the facts from A to Z ♪
♪ My life was torn ♪
♪ Like a windblown sand ♪

They're here.

♪ Then a rock was formed when we held hands ♪
♪ Sunny, one so true ♪


♪ I love you ♪

Let's keep it real.

Stealing my catchphrases again.

I want to win, desperately, but I want to win clean.

I want to win because I ran the best campaign for the best candidate.

I want to walk away in November with my pride, with dignity.

♪ Thank you for the smile upon your face ♪
♪ Sunny ♪

So what do you say?

♪ Thank for the gleam ♪
♪ That flows with grace ♪

Some scotch?


♪ You're my spark of nature's fire ♪
♪ You're my sweet complete desire ♪
♪ Sunny, one so true ♪
♪ I love you ♪

I say...

♪ Yes, I do ♪

I'm gonna kick your ass.

[Chuckles lightly]

♪ I love you ♪