06x04 - The Belt

[Reporters shouting]

[Camera shutters clicking]

[Shouting, clicking continue]

It's time to go.

[Seat belt clicking]

Officer: Full name?

Cyrus: Cyrus Beene.


[Louder] Cyrus Beene.

Full name.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene.

Arrested for?

[Police radio chatter]

Arrested for?

Assassinating the President.

[Flash bulb popping]

Officer: Turn to your left.

Turn to the right.

Officer: Right thumb on the glass.


Other four fingers on the glass.

Left thumb on the glass.

Four fingers.

Remove your clothes, shoes first.

Remove your clothes.

Open your mouth.


Put the pinkies in the corners.

Lift them up.

Pull them down.

Stick out your tongue.


Lift the tongue.

Turn around.

Bend over.

Spread 'em.

Spread 'em.



[Door buzzes]

[Lock disengages]

Sink. Toilet. Bed.

You shower every other day.

You're up at 6:00, inspection at 7:00.

Exercise, one hour at 3:00.

Prisoner in.

[Door buzzes]

[Lock clangs]

[Metal door closes]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" Playing]

Mm, dreams do come true.

You bet your ass they do!


Oh! I love this song!

[Volume increases]

I wear tight clothing

[Chuckling] Oh, so we're dancing now.

High-heeled shoes


We are dancing because I am going to be the President of the United States of America.

Me. Me!

[Chuckling] No.


♪ POTUS 45! ♪



Oh, my, forgive me for having straight hair, no
It doesn't mean there's another blood in my heir ♪ [both laugh]

Yeah, yeah
I might date another race or color
It doesn't mean I don't like
My strong black brothers


Oh. Oh.

Excuse me a minute.


Why, oh, why must it be this way?


What is she doing in there?

None of your business.

She's dancing. It's nice.


You know, I didn't know the leader of the free world is supposed to twerk.

Stop watching.

Have a little respect.

She's not the leader of the free world, not yet.

What do you mean "not yet"? We won.

No, we did not win. We've won nothing.

We are not there until we are there.


Until Mellie gets up on that dais lays her hand on that Bible, we are nowhere.

So just avert your eyes and don't make me come out here again.

Am I clear?

So I'm a sistah, buy things...

[Computer key clicks]


Liv basically kicked us out of the office for watching her grind with the next President, so Charlie and I are gonna celebrate with a drink at the Old Rail.

Want to come?

I'm busy.

Busy? With what? We just won the election.

Take a night off.

I'm busy.


[Door opens, closes]

Meg: Ugh.

Jenny: Come on, Meg. Introduce yourself.

Jenny, you're not gonna use this, right?

Introduce yourself!

Yeah, right there.

Oh, good, good, good.


Meg Mitchell.

Campaign statistician.

And what rating would this campaign statistician give to Frankie Vargas' birthday party?


A solid 10.

Actually, a 9.

Docked a point for the campaign videographer who kept nosing in to everyone's cake time.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Marcus! Marcus!


Yeah, thank you.

Do you have a timetable for Cyrus Beene's prosecution?

The White House has been briefed, but I'll refer your specific questions to the Attorney General's Office.

[Indistinct shouting]

Is it true the Attorney General's gonna seek the death penalty?

Again, that's a question for the Department of Justice.

[Indistinct shouting]

Tell me you're not seriously considering making this a death penalty case against Cyrus.

[Clears throat]

Director Webster.

Ms. Whelan.

This is going to be a death penalty case, Abby.

You can't!

The evidence supports a conviction.

The law supports the death penalty.

You have discretion.

And I'm using it.

The American people need to see that he is being prosecuted to the fullest extent possible and that he pays the ultimate price.

This is no ordinary crime.

This is no ordinary man.

We agree on that.

This is Cyrus Beene, the Vice President-Elect, the Chief of Staff.

Which is exactly why the American people need to know that he's not above the law.

This isn't about the American people.

It's about the President.

This was his right-hand man.

The President is not going to allow him to be publicly tried and executed!

What exactly are you saying?

I'm saying you're gonna need to change your plans here.

All due respect, Ms. Whelan, the Chief of Staff doesn't make these decisions.

The President does.

With all due respect, Ms. Webster, I speak for the President.

Right here, right now, I am the President.

And I'm telling you this isn't a death penalty case anymore.

Do I have to make myself more clear?

Because I certainly can.

Do I?



[Door opens, closes]

[Keys jingling]

[Knocks on door]

Time for your walk.

[Snapping fingers] Up, up, up!

Helps if you count 'em while you walk...

The circles.

[Lock disengages]

Let's go.

[Door creaks open]

[Indistinct shouting in distance]

[Door buzzes]

Cyrus: We're not going outside?

Feet on the line, hands through the slot.

I wonder what the Eighth Amendment would have to say about this.

[Door buzzes in distance]

If you ask me, it's a clear violation...


T... Tom!

Tom! Hey!


I need to talk to that man.

You're not talking to anyone.

Please, I'm begging you.

I'm not gonna hurt him.

I just... I...

He... He... He's the reason I'm in here, him and his lies.

If I can just...

I-I j-just need to sit down with him and appeal to his human...


You see that door right there?

That's Gen Pop.

There's a lot of Frankie Vargas fans in there who would love to make your acquaintance.

Now, either we can go back to your cell that way or the way we came.

Which would you prefer?


I can't hear you.

[Sighs] The... The way we... came.


Now walk in your circle and keep your damn mouth shut.


Elizabeth: This better be good.

I need you to get a message to Cyrus.

Cyrus? I'm not talking to Cyrus.

Are you crazy?

You work for him.


I worked for him, back when he wasn't John Wilkes Booth.

He hasn't been convicted.

He's in jail.

Lots of innocent people are in jail.

I'm a Republican, Abby.

That argument doesn't work on me.

I need you to tell him that he's not gonna get the death penalty.


What about my death penalty?

What about the fact that I can't get a single United States senator to play squash with me because of the 24 hours I spent fronting for that assassin?

What about the fact that I can't use my own name to get a reservation at Le Diplomate?

I was told to check availability on something called "OpenTable," Abby.

An app.

An app!

[Breathes sharply] What are you offering?


What are you offering?

If you're offering me a job, I'll consider getting him a message.

Well, get him the message, and... I'll see what I can do.

[Door buzzes]


[Indistinct conversations in distance]


I need entrance to prisoner cage.


[Door buzzes]

Feet on the line.

Hands through the slot.

Would it be possible to get a pen and paper?



Feet on the line, hands through the slot.

Or do you want me to tell your visitor to go screw herself?


How's it going?

"How's it going?"


Given the fact that I am in hell, delightful.

Mm, it's not great out here, either... I'll be honest.

The public seems to have really turned against you in a very bloodthirsty way.

[Chuckling] Very bloodthirsty.

I've never seen anything like it in my life.

I suppose it's understandable.

You just came here to tell me that?

Right. No, thank you.

I came here to tell you that Abby says you don't have to worry about the death penalty.

Well, okay.


So, I guess I'll just settle in for a life of solitary confinement.

Mm. Sounds like a plan.

No! Stop!


I need your help.

Tom Larsen is in here.


I need you to get Tom a letter.

You just said Tom Larsen is in here.

Yes, he is in here.

So, then, you get it to him.

He's in a different wing.

Well, can't you go by?

"Go by"?

This isn't an apartment complex.

It's jail.


When you say "a letter"...

Listen. You don't know Tom.

You don't understand Tom.

He is simple...

Deeply deranged, but emotionally simple.

Right now, he is hurt.

And so he is trying to hurt me.

If I can get him a letter, convince him that I love him, he will recant.

The entire case against me rests on Tom, so I just need to turn Tom.

Please. It's the least you could do.

Fine. Give it to me.

Well, I don't have it yet.

I haven't written it yet.

I don't have a pen or paper.

They don't give you that kind of thing here, but I'll figure that out.


[Door buzzes]

Meg: 8-9-1-2-1. Pound.

Now, if somebody breaks in, the cops will be here in under five minutes.

I'm also gonna upgrade your locks, and I'm gonna install Plexiglas over the windows.

It'll be impossible for anybody to get in here.

You don't have to do all this.

How much do I owe you?

I get all this stuff for free from work.

Well, I at least owe you dinner sometime or something.


What about the garbage?


Yeah, I heard criminals go through garbage for clues.

If that guys comes for me, I...

Should I get locks for my garbage cans?

What guy?

The guy who got Jenny.

Tom Larsen's in jail.

It doesn't mean that he's the guy who got Jenny.

I mean, Tom Larsen hasn't been charged for Jenny's murder.

No one has.

No one's even thinking about Jenny.

The police just forgot about her.

Her killer could be anyone.


[Camera shutter clicking]

Charlie: General Schultz's meeting with the transition team is confirmed.

And that reporter from the Post called again for a quote on Cyrus possibly getting the death penalty.

I'll take care of it.

Who killed Jenny?

Jenny? Who the hell is Jenny?

The voicemail?

The severed hand with the ring?


It was Tom.

He blew up the cabin to keep Jenny from talking, right?

Oh! Cabin girl. Chicken-roasted hand.

Yeah, totally Tom.

Are we sure?

Huck, what are you talking about?

Jennifer was the loose end.

She's the one that left the voicemail on the FBI tip line.

Cyrus needed Jennifer dead.

Wait, why are you even...

He didn't admit it... Tom.

In his confession, he never mentioned Jennifer or the cabin.

He said he killed Frankie Vargas, but he didn't say anything about killing Jenny.

Are you saying he didn't do it?

That's not...

I'm saying the prime suspects are in jail, but they haven't been charged with her murder.


Oh, great. There goes any chance I had of getting any sleep tonight.

I mean, if Tom didn't do it, who did?

We have to be absolutely 100% sure.

No loose ends.

If we can prove that Tom blew up Jennifer's cabin, Cyrus will go away for two murders and the cover-up.

We know Tom did it.

We need proof.

I want there to be no doubt about his guilt.

Mellie Grant danced in my office because we made her dreams come true because she's going to be the next President of the United States of America.

We can't be wrong.

We can't take this away from her.

Not again.


[Metal door creaks open]

[Door buzzes]

[Door buzzes]

[Metal door opens, closes]

Hey. You.

What's the currency around here?


How do I get things?

Depends what you want.

Pen and paper.

The guard with the beard...


He just slipped a prisoner a pack of gum.

Clearly you can buy things.


You think anyone around here gives a nut about minty-fresh breath?

That wasn't gum, bud.


Some gang made him their bitch.

I bet you can relate to that, a man who used to be someone.

Now look at you.

Can't even get something to write with.

How do I get a pen and paper?

Forget the pen and paper.

Whatever you're using it for, it's a waste of time.

But what I can get you is a belt.

A belt doesn't help me.

Because you're not thinking ahead.


To when you can't take being on the bottom for another minute and want to hang yourself.

I'm not a coward.

The last two dudes who hung themselves where you're standing said the same thing.

Ask me what I'm in for.

I ate my sister and my mom.

My dad, too.

Up in Fort Collins.

Couldn't eat the dog, though.

Only an animal would chow down on their own dog, don't you agree?




Welcome to the Murderer's Hall of Fame, bud.

Either figure out a way to leverage Gerald or take the damn belt now.

[Door buzzes in distance]

I could use some fresh air.

I could use a 6-foot Victoria's Secret model.

This is driving me mad.

If I can't go outside, the least you could do is give me that pen.

Excuse me?

And a pad of paper.

I'd prefer heavy card stock, but I'll take whatever's available.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear.

You've made yourself perfectly clear.

Yeah? Then why do you keep asking me for things?

I look like a store to you?

What else can I get for you?

Maybe a, uh, carton of milk, loaf of bread?

A radio would be nice.


I bet it would.

Or I can tell your supervisor that you're moonlighting as a drug mule.

I've seen your little transactions.

He's got something on you, right?

Some kind of leverage?

He's forcing you to smuggle contraband in here in exchange for what... His silence?

You watch yourself.

I've got something to exchange, too, Gerald.

You get me that pen and paper, and I tell you how to get yourself out from under those guys.

I'll tell you how to get your freedom back.

That's what you want, right?

I can make it happen for you.

Or... I can talk to your supervisor...

Your choice.

I've served a President, Gerald.

I know a thing or two about power.

Just think about it.

Now, you're gonna need the right stance if you're gonna block it properly.

Okay, put your... Put your left leg back.

Like this?

Not so much to the side.

Show me.

Okay, um...

Square your hips.

Yeah. Good.

That's good. Good, good, good.

Now, um, keep your arms level with your shoulders and move your palm into the punch to block it.

I'm gonna throw a hit now.

Don't tell me.

Just do it.


Do it for real this time.

No going easy on me.

Okay, but if you're gonna protect yourself, you got to, um... you got to get out of the defense, okay?

So, block and then bounce back into a punch.


Now use your back foot to send energy into your fist.

Okay? And bounce.



Oh, no! Huck!

I'm so sorry!


That was amazing.

[Breathes sharply]



[Both laughing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Tom rented a car in Arlington at 9:00 a.m. on the day of the election.

Oh, he went economy?

You'd think on the day you assassinate the President, you'd at least spring for a mid-size.

Let me see the license plate.

I'll search the traffic cam grid and see if I can track his movements.

[Computer keys clacking]

How do you know if somebody's a client or a friend?

Like a girl somebody?

Well, not necessarily.

So, a girl. How does she look at you?

Like she wants to rip your clothes off or like she's making a to-do list in her head?

[Sighs] I don't know.

Honestly, if you have to ask the question, you're probably not gonna like the answer.

Don't listen to him.

If you want to know if somebody's a client or a friend, just ask.

[Computer keys clacking]

You are gorgeous, you know that?

Absolutely stunning.

You're okay.

Just okay?

I'm the President of the United States.


I cannot believe that something good has actually happened these last couple of weeks.

Because it has not been good around here.

[Bed creaks]

How are you doing with all of this?

You and Cyrus have been close for a long time.

I'm fine.

It's the country that concerns me.

Mm. You don't have to be stoic, Fitz.

Not with me.

I've put hundreds of people behind bars, and I'm keenly aware that every one of them is someone's daughter, father, friend.


When Abby said you wouldn't want to pursue the death penalty for Cyrus, it hit me that you are the friend this time.

His guidance and support has meant a lot to you over the years.


Abby said I didn't want the death penalty?

She told David Rosen to take it off the table.

President's orders.

I thought you knew.

[Footsteps, keys jingling]

You said you could help me.

In my line of work, I could leverage anyone into doing what I wanted them to do because I had something they all craved...

The President.

I had the Oval.

Right now, all you have is access to drugs.

You need to find your Oval.

Something that these people value more than drugs.

Is it food, their health?

An inmate who snitched on them they'd love nothing more than to exact revenge on?

The Oval.

Everyone has an Oval.

There's always an Oval.

Figure out what yours is in here.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[Metal door closes in distance]



[Knock on door]

[Door buzzes, clicks open]

I had breakfast at Defense, and they had these little doughnuts shaped like submarines... I brought some.

Sit down.

Well, I was going to sit down.

I guess I'll do it faster.

What's going on?

You interfered in a federal criminal investigation.


To try and overturn a charging decision of the United States Attorney General.

Is this about Cyrus?

Did you go and complain to the teacher?

I am the President!


Mr. President.

Can... Can we talk a minute, the two of us, alone?

Anything you have to say about this, you can say in front of the FBI Director and the Attorney General.

[Breathes deeply]

[Clears throat]

I had a discussion with the Attorney General and the FBI Director...

I wouldn't call it a discussion.

Where I articulated concerns that we have about criminal proceedings in light of larger national interests.


You invoked my name without ever even talking to me.

You said that all I care about is my interest.

That was inappropriate and wrong, and I am ordering you to stay away from this investigation.

The Chief of Staff doesn't make these decisions.

The President does.

Do you understand?

Oh, yes.

I understand.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Door buzzes]


I thought you weren't coming until next week.

I would have...

Doesn't matter.

Come here. Come here.

Guard: No contact! Hey! Hey!

Take a seat!


How's Ella? How are you?

I'm leaving you.

[Door buzzes in distance]

What? I've already met with a lawyer.

He's drawing the papers.


The house will be mine.

Ours. Me and Ella's.

I'll have full custody of her. You can try...

Michael, what are you saying?

You can try to fight this, do whatever you have to do.

What the hell is going on?

Certainly not a Presidential address, is it?

I would call this a love letter, but some of the language is just so filthy.

You shouldn't have seen this.

Elizabeth shouldn't have given you this.

I made her.

Some people are smart enough to be afraid of me, you know.

I wanted to know what the hell her plan was, how she was planning to get you out of here.

So I made her tell me. I wasn't expecting...

This wasn't meant for you, Michael.

This was meant...

I know who it was meant for!

You never touched me like that.

Is that what you like?

Is that what you...

Did you do that to him before you came back to me with that mouth?

Nothing in this letter was true.

It was all a ruse to get Tom to recant his confession, get him back on my side.

Our side.

There is no our side, Cyrus.

Michael, please.

[Breathing deeply]

Did Tom ever see the letters?

Did she ever show them to him before she gave them to you?

I need to get out of here.

Michael, don't do this. Michael.

You said you'd never leave me.

♪ For all... ♪

[Door buzzes]

[Door opens, closes]

♪ ... we know ♪

The assassination of Governor Frankie Vargas was not just the brutal murder of a good and decent man.

♪ We may never meet again ♪

It was an assault on our government, on civil discourse, and on democracy itself.

For these reasons, I want the American people to know that I fully and unequivocally support the decision...

♪ Before we go ♪

of our Attorney General to pursue the death penalty against Cyrus Beene, for a crime of this magnitude deserves no lesser punishment.

[Reporters shouting]

♪ Make this moment sweet again ♪

Ralph: Ready for the belt now?

Give him your belt, Gerald.

I think our friend is ready.

♪ We come... ♪



♪ ... and we go ♪

You're here to gloat?

♪ Like the ripples... ♪

Rub some proverbial salt into the wound?

Go ahead. Get started.

♪... oh, in a stream ♪

You won't be the first.

I actually came by to see if you wanted some fresh air.

♪ So, love me ♪

Yard's empty at night.

A friend of mine works C-Block.

He said he'd get you a few minutes outside.

♪ Love me tonight ♪

I figured, you know, uh... with the day you had...

[Sobs, laughs]

♪ Tomorrow was made for some ♪

Is that a yes, or...?


[Door buzzes]

♪ But tomorrow may never come ♪

[Handcuffs unlock, clinking]

[Crickets chirping]

♪ For all... ♪


♪... we know ♪

[Door buzzes]

[Door closes]

♪ We know ♪

What are you doing?

[Door buzzes]

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

[Gate creaks]

Op... Open the door.

♪ We know ♪

Everyone in my family voted for Frankie Vargas.




Don't let this happen!

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪


[Monitor beeping]

Hey, Cy.


Don't try to talk.

You're at James Madison Hospital.

You took quite a beating.

The doctors patched you up. You're gonna be okay.

And I'm here.

I'm not leaving.

That's Darren. He's, uh...

He's keeping an eye on things.

You want to take it from here, or...?

Olivia: Sure.


I'm so sorry.

If I had known the facts, I never would have let it get this far.

Cyrus, Tom Larsen recanted.

He said you had nothing to do with him killing Frankie, and the only reason he ever said that you were involved is because he was angry and wanted to hurt you.

[Breathes sharply]

They're dropping the charges, Cy.

There's more, Cyrus.

The Electoral College is meeting in two days.

They were planning on voting for Mellie, but now that Tom has changed his story...

[Beeping continues]

But if you can promise me right here today that you'll make Mellie your Vice President, then I can promise you that I will not stand in your way.

You've been through enough.

It's time we move on, okay?


[Breathes sharply]

[Hoarsely] Darren?


He's Secret Service.

Protecting the man who's about to be President.


[Cyrus chuckles weakly]


Chief Justice: "I, Cyrus Rutherford Beene", do solemnly swear..."

I, Cyrus Rutherford Beene, do solemnly swear...

"that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States..."

that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States...

"and will, to the best of my ability..."

and will, to the best of my ability...

"preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Congratulations, Mr. President.

[Cheers and applause]

Mellie: Gorgeous, isn't it?


It's custom-made.

It's the quotes that make it special.

Sojourner Truth.

Nice touch, right?


Feminine, but powerful.


I don't mind you dropping by, but you should probably go.

I've got a lot of work to plow through.


I don't want your blood on my carpet.

[Alarm blaring]


[Distorted shouting]

[Blaring, shouting continue]

[Blaring, shouting continue]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Computer keys clicking]

[Cellphone ringing]

Olivia Pope.

Operator: This is a Global Tel Link, prepaid call from...

Cyrus: Cyrus Beene.

Operator: An inmate at Hamilton Federal Penitentiary.

To accept, press 1.

To decline, press 2.

[Beep] Liv?

Liv, are... Are you there?

Hello? If you're there...

I'm here.


[Sighs] Okay.

I wasn't sure.

I-I... Liv, I...

You're there.

It wasn't me, Liv.


No, no.


Please. Just... Just listen.

It wasn't me.

I never told Tom.

I never asked him to kill Frankie Vargas.

I told him not to touch a hair on Frankie Vargas' head.

I forbade him from...

It wasn't me.

It was Tom.

All of this... it was Tom.

Please, Olivia. [Breathes shakily]

Liv, you know me.

I am a monster, but I am your monster.

I can't help you, Cyrus.

You can.

You know me.

Think about it.

Trust your gut.

You believe me.

[Breathes shakily]

I know you believe me.

No, I... I can't.

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what I believe.

It doesn't matter what I want to believe.

This is too far.

It's gone too far.

But I didn't do this!

Cyrus... at some point, the bill has to be paid.

Your bill is due. Your time is up.

Do what needs to be done.

Do it right.

Stop being a monster and be a man.

Be a man you can be proud of, Cy.

I'm... I'm going to die in here.

[Breathes sharply]

I will always be your friend, but I will not speak to you again.

No! Please!

[Clicks, dial tone]

[Receiver clatters]


[Indistinct conversations in distance]

Gerald: There's extra bread there and butter.

That's... That's good butter.

That's... That's butter we use.

I was the Oval.

I don't have to smuggle drugs in here anymore, so...

[Speaking indistinctly]

Give me your belt.

I can't let you hang yourself.

I'll wait till your shift is over.

I can't.

Look, you don't want to do that.


Give me your belt.

They're standard issue. You all have them.

There's no way it traces back to you.

Is there a guard you don't like?


Just one?

Give me a name.

Keith Bosko.

We'll blame it on Keith Bosko.

You'll be dead.

Ralph: Keith Bosko gave him the belt.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Do me this kindness.

Keith Bosko.

Keith Bosko.

Not on my watch.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank... Thank you.

[Knocking on door]

Huck? Were we supposed to meet up?

Are you a client or a friend?

I don't understand the question.

Is this... What... what we're...

Is it business or...?

[Cellphone ringing]

[Cellphone beeps, ringing stops]

Quinn: Huck?





We got something on Tom Larsen.

[Footsteps, keys jingling]



I'm off shift.

You still want the belt?


It's no longer my watch.

Can you give this to Ralph first?

Goodbye letters.

[Clears throat]

[Bed creaks]


For you.




[Choking continues]

[Lock disengages]



[Lock disengages]

[Door creaks]

[Door closes]

I promised Ralph a kill.

That can be you, or that can be Tom Larsen.

Which is it?


What? What is it?

It's about Tom Larsen.

[Lock disengages]

[Metal door creaks open]


[Both grunting]


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry I taught you all the wrong things, that you never had a real chance.

You were... You were a good boy, but it's time for me to handle my mistakes.

Time to pay my bill, Tom.

Time to be a man.

[Strained] I'm innocent. I'm innocent.

What? What? What's that?

I'm... innocent!

Tom wasn't anywhere near Philadelphia on the night of Frankie's shooting.

Where the hell was he?


You're innocent, huh?

It's t-t-too late for that, don't you think?

You're innocent!

I'm innocent?

Charlie: Tom was 600 miles away, grabbing dinner outside Atlanta.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Tom couldn't have shot Frankie.

[Strained] If I die, nobody will hear the truth.


Let him down.

Almost there!

Let him... Let him go!

Ralph! What are you doing?


You promised him a kill.

Guard! Guard!


Charlie: That confession Tom made?

Totally bogus.

Somebody paid him to say everything.

We dug into his bank accounts.

Found $2 million.

[Alarm blaring]

Tell... T-Tell me the truth.

I didn't kill him.

Frankie... [Gasps]

I need this to be the truth.

Man: What in the hell's going on here?!

Don't say it if it is not the truth.

Over here!


[Crying] I just wanted to see you suffer.

On the gate! On the gate!

I didn't...

Open Gate 9! Open it now!

I didn't kill him.

[Lock disengages]

That's the truth.

Get off of him! Come on!


[Speaking indistinctly]

We don't know who it was. All we know is...

Tom's innocent.

Which means Cyrus is innocent.

[Door buzzes]

I'm... I'm innocent!

[Chuckling] I'm innocent!

[Camera shutter clicking]