01x02 - The Sugar Point Run

Previously on Killjoys...

Killjoys, huh?

Reclamation agents.

We offer one, simple service... find who or what you're looking for and bring it back to you in the condition requested.

If I don't terminate you by the warrant's end, they'll send another agent and another until it's done.

Look, you don't want me here, I don't wanna be here.

So just drop me off at the next port and I'll be on my way.

Do you even know what he did to earn this warrant?

No, but I know him. He's my brother.

Someone obviously put a lot of time and money into training her. Don't you want to know who or why?

I'll show you how to use this, shall I?

Each time you receive a red box, you will have a duty to perform.

(hard rock music)


And we have stick.

Make it count, Dutch.

Keep it tight and him busy.

That's what she said.


Sorry. Monsoon! Monsoon!

This is Reclamation Agent John Jaqobis.

I'm staring at a warrant for 200 crates of primo Qreshi sea salt that magically got up and walked into your hold.

So what say you throttle down and we see if we can't turn that cargo back towards Westerley.

Killjoy! You think you can slow me down back there?

You can take your warrant and shove it where the air ain't sweet. (laughs)

Charming. Dutch, got ourselves a live one!

Damn it, John, are you on a pee break? Level out!

I told you, harpooning a heavy hauler is not like catching satellites, Dutch, we're bruising.

Lucy, engage thrusters.


(uneven breathing)

(deflagration and yelp)

Warning, sharp turn.


Look, Lucy's not built for this abuse, nor does she deserve it...

Thank you, John.

Calm your pants, I'm almost there. 30 seconds.

I'll give you 10. 9, 8...

I need more time.

10 seconds for what?

We're trying to clear the tab for the damage done saving your ass. 4, 3...

Where's the "we"? I just see you.

Yeah, Dutch had the bright idea...

Lucy, what the hell was that?

I just lost my rear gyroscopes.

Tight outfit you guys are running here.

Dutch! I've gotta cut bait! Lucy can't take this.

Ah, here goes nothing.

Much better John. Thank you.

You hear that, Killjoy?

That's the sound of me toasting the windfall that you let me get away with. Cheers!

Knock! Knock!

Hear that, genius?

That's the sound of a Killjoy breaching your ship and laying hands. Cute knife!

(grunt and yelp)

You've been locked and served.

Whoa... Marry me.

Tempting... but let's turn this baby back to space-port and lighten your load. I will say this: you do have some fine taste in gear.

Dutch, you pushed us too close to the edge on that one. And bribing me with sleazoid's gear, that's not gonna make up for it.

Copy that. No buying of love.


Peace torch accepted!

Hey, I know what you like.

You know what I'd like?

Not to stand in line for my own shower.

I know D'av can't stay here without papers, but I haven't had a minute between gigs to talk to him.

Well, if you're not up to it, I'd be happy to help.

No, no. He's my brother, he's my responsibility.

Obviously, he's a little fragile, just gotta warm him up a little, ease him into it and...

Hey, Soldier Boy!

I said you could stay on my ship one night, it's been a week.

Find another crash pad.

So... yeah.

Look, Johnny, I'd love get out of your hair. But you know my situation. No money, no ship and no... papers for any world in this system.

Then let me help.

Oh, here it comes.

We'll find you work... which means papers for Westerley at least and money and all the time in the world to figure out your next steps together.

John, I've been under the boot of the army, 9 years.

6 months stuck in a cage on a fight ship.

I'm not gonna get stuck in some mining job or whatever crap-slinging gig you want me tied to.

I need to be free.

How are you free, stuck inside Lucy?!

Hey! I'm not done with you!

Know what? You want me gone? I'm gone!



Whoa! Illegal... where do you think you're going?

To drink.

A lot.

You know you can't...

You want me off, you want me on... Make up your damn minds.

No Papers!

Back on the ship. Goofy Smile, load the prisoner. Hot Hands, you're with me.

Belay that!

Hills! What's the issue?

It's your new warrant.

And this one ain't optional.

(theme music)

Your daughter's safe for now, Madam Mayor.

She'll come back to you... if my brother walks.

I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean to cause all this.

Please, just... do what she asks and she won't hurt me.

Hostage situation.

She got nabbed last night.

Piece of work holding her is named R'yo.

Let me guess, the brother's the freak on my ship?

Simon Muraayn. Been cooling his jets in Westhole Prison the past three years on "attempt theft, Company gear".

We bought a hostage exchange warrant with the Rack: you give Simon to his sister, you bring Vena home safe.

The Company releasing a convict... your people aren't big on that.


Company brings back the Mayor's baby, Her Worship becomes a loyal friend in a high place... that's why we need Killjoys.

Can't have Company boots on the ground.

When hiring you people, it can't be traced to us.


Don't sweat the politics.

It's a quick and dirty... get in, get out, get paid.

Secure key. Use it to contact R'yo to arrange the meet.

One, Hills; I don't work for the Company, I work for the Rack. I pick my own warrants.

Two; I really need a break.

Look, let's make this simple: you don't take the warrant, I charge you for letting an illegal step off your ship... and...

I burn your docking privileges.

I knew I should have never let him on in the first place.

Actually, where you're going, you might want him.

Where are you sending us?

Sugar Point? Great.

What's Sugar Point?

Well, not like I wanted a pint at the Royale or a tumble in the back room, like, ever again.

Don't blame me, blame your brother.

Excuse me?!

So, this R'yo, she's...?

A warlord. Smuggles in weapons and drugs.

Guys, seriously, what's Sugar Point?

My home.

Oh! God!

Company sentenced me to 10 years...

I've been in solitary for 2.

Finally... I'm going home.

First thing you do, Simon: brush your teeth.

I got a bad gut.

The belt's gonna make me... the belt's gonna make me hurl.

Please, Chief, maybe, uh... maybe you could leave it off?

Nausea? Riiight. This is a warrant, not a pleasure cruise.

Full lockdown.

Dutch, he's going back home to his sister, no flight risk.

I don't know him, I don't trust him.

Already got one of those running loose on my ship, don't need another. Holler when we're ready to bounce.

She your partner or your boss?

She's my partner.


Partner-boss, whatever. So?

OK, look... being stuck on the ship's got me on edge.

I know it's done a number on you guys too.

So when we're back...

I'll take your advice and find work.


Good! Good.

And whenever you're ready to talk about... why you're here or where you've been...

I'll find a pretty girl who'll listen.





Biohazard detected.

Maybe you can leave it off, huh? Just to be safe.

You get the mop.

"One name; one weapon."

From the time you receive the box, you'll have one week to do as I've asked.

What happens if I don't?

Very bad things.

Fueled and ready.

What's the box?


Souvenir. Let's make this warrant.

Lucy, take us out.

Welcome to Sugar Point.

What the hell happened here?


The whole city was one big sweet gas operation.

Workers squawk for better conditions, the Company answers with guns. Gas wells go up in flames, executives get beheaded... the uge.

But the Company ended the rebellion by bombing the hell outta the place and put the wall up. Now it's no one in or out.

I've seen bad, but not with people still living there.

Not by choice.

Anyone that was left was punished by the Company. Forced to work for crap wages.

Strip what's left of anything valuable and ship it out.

Or, you know, become a warlord and smuggle contraband in.

Like our new friend, R'yo; Company intel says yellow's R'yo's turf. Dangerous.

And the green?

Even worse.

Desperate scavengers. Recycling meets gang warfare.

The only thing R'yo and the scavengers hate more than each other is the Company.


So that's why they hired you... neutral party.

We close?

Gotta come in low because of the smoke, but that tower, that's our rendez-vous.

Looks like a plasma cell on the roof.

What's it for?

I'm afraid the more immediate danger is on the ground, south by southwest.

Hey, Lucy, what the hell was that?

A ground-based hostile is showing unwanted attention.

Get down for cover!

Too tight. Starboard and high!

We don't know where the weapon is! John can squeeze us through.

Do you have a death wish?

Do you?!

I don't! Both of you shut up!

I've lost my rear stabilizers.

The short-circuit could cascade through my systems.

Oh... could it?!


Emergency power online! Asses in both hands, you guys, we're coming in hard!

(grunts) Lucy?

Are you there? I need a full diagnostic.


What are we carrying?


Weapons, shields. We're sitting ducks here. Whoever shot us down will come after us.

Yeah, yeah, about that, who did? What do they want? We're here to do the exchange!

John, why are you opening the cargo door?

I'm not.


Why would he do that?

We had a gentlemen's agreement!

Remind me to shoot one of you geniuses later.


I know who shot us down.


We landed on the wrong side.

Look, why would he run? He knows we're bringing him back to his sister.

And may I add how the hell did he slip the restraints? Just don't.


Gear up. Long guns and survival packs.

We're running down Simon and walking him to the exchange with R'yo.

And then what?

You're gonna need an extraction. I'm the only one who can get Lucy flying again. So I have to stay here... and you have to take D'av.

No way. He's no Killjoy, I need you, John.

You're a stationary target with hostiles on all sides. Sitting here alone is suicide.

That girl is out there waiting for rescue. So take D'av, use his skills.

The warrant is all.

Analyzing cargo hold ion values.

Preparing output.

Here, I've tuned this to Lucy's ion signature.

Now Simon would have picked it up from the flight, but it's fading fast.

You're sure you're good alone?

Yeah, I have Lucy, don't I? Emergency power got her defenses at full. Just... Nothing can touch me, go, go.


Are you confused, John? The defense protocols will deplete

my battery.

They don't need to know that, Lucy. Besides...

I'll have you back in shape long before then, sweetheart.

But... thanks for the vote of confidence.

You're welcome, John.


I've got Simon's trail.

So I want to set your mind at ease.

Sorry, what?

I told Johnny I'd get a job when this is over.

Good plan!

Yeah, well, I lied.

You can't live on Westerley without a Company job.

People do.

Sure... warlords in Sugar Point, scarbacks, illegal rats in the sewers of Old Town...

Outlaws in the Badlands. I've been doing my research.

This way. I've put a hundred outlaws behind bars.

You're no outlaw.

All I'm asking is, when this is over, you drop me off in the Badlands.

You never have to see me again.

Why are you really here, D'avin?

What are you running from?

(transmission signal)


Was that your ship the scavs shut down?

Rattled an ovary or two, but nothing I can't shimmy back into place.

Well, you're in their house now.

Too hot for my people.

Bring me my brother or I kill the girl.

Don't dawdle.



Johnny, please tell me something good.

Checking Lucy mod by mod, looking for any damage.

Is there any sign of scavengers?

Nothing up close and personal yet. Stay safe.

Warning... five hostiles approaching.

Recalculating. Nine hostiles approaching.

Lucy, put on some tea; we have company.

Wish me luck.

Good luck, John.


This Badlands "plan B" of yours. You serious?


You gonna give Johnny a heads up before disappearing from his life this time?

Not if he's going to make a thing of it.

I'll make a thing of it if you don't.

I'll think about it.

He missed you, you know?

Simon's trail... barely.

In there.

Hey. Front-door-only access, reinforced walls... not the easiest place to recon...

You wanna make some sketches?

Look, you have your specialties, I have mine.

Breaching a fortified position with opposed entry takes a little finesse. Scavenger!


This ought to be interesting.


Keep your hands where I can see 'em, ma'am.

We're not here for you.

We just want the guy who entered.

Simon Muraayn, have you seen him?

Where is he?

Drop the gun and get on your knees!

You stuck your head in the wrong door!

And now you're gonna get it blown from here to the Stank Belt.

Who are you with? You with the scavvies?

We're not with anyone...

D'avin, shh!

...just want Simon Muraayn!

Shut up, I've got this!

Stop pointing that at my mom!

Give him the five count, Dan!

Stand down! I don't want to hurt anyone!

1, 2...

D'avin, put your weapon down!


I will drop all of you!


Down, boy!

Reclamation agent.

My warrant is not for you. Now let's behave ourselves, shall we?

(foreign language)

Eo che ar.

For the pain.

She's near the end.

What's wrong with her?

Jakk addict. Worst drug in the Quad.

R'yo's bringing in some bad sh1t.

My warrant is to take Simon to his sister.

I know he was here. Why?

After his parents were killed in the bombings, he and R'yo came to live with us.

We're like family. He just came to say goodbye.

Where was he going?

Give us his pack, and we'll tell you.

Do it.

(blowing air): That's a big 'un!

How do you like my odds, Lucy?

Calculating odds.

Forget it.

(deflagration and yelp)

Yeah, you lick that socket, bitches!

John, every time my defence fields react, it consumes power. A great deal of it.

Never come to Sugar Point, man... never... come to Sugar Point! (sigh)

So a Killjoy badge always gets you in the door like that?

Pretty much. The Company may own Westerley, but everyone in the Quad respects a Rack warrant.

Wait, I thought the Rack was the Company.

Nope. They're our biggest client in this system.

Quad politics are complicated.

One planet, three moons, lots of borders.

Warrants served by a neutral party helps keep things... clean.

So Killjoys are the Quad's bagmen!

Nice job you got, there.


We're as powerful as law enforcement, as free as mercenaries, and make joy you soldier-boys only dream of.

Meanwhile... you're on our sofa.

Dutch, progress report coming at you...

Go ahead.

Good news, I found the issue.

Bad news... (sighing): we're shanked.

But I can fix it.

How long?


How long?!

(sighing): Two hours.

I'll pick you up in two hours. You just... say where.

Oh, come on, Simon, we can smell you from here.


We'll get back to you, Johnny.

Simon Muraayn!

What up, buddy?

You should've mentioned you wanted a side trip.

Could've worked it into the tour.

I used to sit here.

Mom and Dad, they'd... they'd tend the vegetable garden there.

R'yo would bounce her ball against those stones.

We were a family.


I just wanted a good picture in my head... before R'yo slits me open from throat to crotch.

Look at me. R'yo moved orbits and tides because she loves you and wants you with her again.

She doesn't care about me. The war killed my parents, but it destroyed my sister. She stopped being happy just playing ball.

This became her favorite game.

One for every time I messed up.

Look, all I ever wanted was to come home. Please... just leave me here.

I'm sorry about what's between you and your sister, but I still have my warrant and a girl is going to die if I don't finish it.

I'm ready.

(discharge and yelp)


Hold fire, there's too many.


(incomprehensible chatter)

(discharge and yelp)


(discharge and grunt)

(incomprehensible chatter)

Please. Please!

It's not my fault. I didn't pick you, he did!

You're being emotional, little bird.

I didn't want this!

That's why you're here.

You tried to refuse the gift.

Sadly, the only way out of here now is if you reach the gift first. It's him or you.

Please, Khlyen. I don't want to kill him!

From where I'm standing, little bird, it doesn't look like you can.

I thought you were special.

I thought you wanted to make me proud.

I do.

Then divorce yourself from your feelings. Master your body.

Own the pain.


(grunting and panting)

Welcome back.

So you were right, I totally overstayed my welcome.

John? Are you there?

Signals are out. Needles must have shorted our coms.

What are we dealing with?

These guys do more than strip material from the city.

They strip people.

(loud desperate screams)


(suffering and crying)

Well, there goes your warrant.

You have any sharp edges on you?


...Or that works!

(incomprehensible chatter and crying)

Dutch. We need a tactical retreat and emergency evac.

The mission is over.

Quit thinking like a soldier.

I decide when the mission's over.

Thanks a lot.



(strenuous breathing)

It's OK, Simon, you're home.

You can let go.

(breath stops)

I told you. It's over.


(cry of pain)



You can handle a blade at least.

Yeah, well, I know what end's pointy.

I don't want to be here when he comes back with reinforcements.

Ah... gross.

I know what this is.

Simon did steal something from the Company.

And he hid it... in there?

You heard him; his sister wants to cut him open.

Info bandits sometimes use devices called a smuggler's nut.


It's swallowed and latches onto the guts. It safely stays there up to 6 months.

And after 6 months?

It becomes ingrown, causing nausea, bad breath, blue-rot of the organs...

Sound familiar?

Simon... was already dying.


This... is what R'yo wants.


Don't you wanna know what's on this thing?

If she gives us Vena in exchange, that's all that matters.

Yes, sir!


This is your 20 minute warning.

Battery reserves have only 20 minutes of power remaining.

Wait, wait. What?

That's not enough time to fix the inductor, I need a replacement.

We should have at least an hour. I need an hour to finish.

What's the big power draw?

Enhanced security measures.

Since when?

Dutch made the request.

She was concerned about forced entry.

Forced entry? What the hell are you talking about?

Dutch never said anything about that! When did this happen?

John, would you like to discuss this later?

We have a development.

Damn, I think I'm about to do something crazy.

Are you in?


Looks like the scavs are hunting us to R'yo's border.

(foreign language)

That's where they're holding the Mayor's daughter.

Past that door, it's all R'yo's territory.

Try to keep up.

Stop huffing. You're making me tense.

We should be tense. I'm clocking a thousand ambush points and sniper hides...

If R'yo isn't happy to see that thing in your pocket, we're not getting out of here.

Fine, it can't hurt to take a peek.

Those are launch codes for a missile.

Doesn't change the warrant.

Dutch. You aren't seriously thinking about giving launch codes to a sociopath?

Want me to consider other options? Give me some.

Because leaving here without Vena isn't one of them.

I can get the three of us out of here without giving up the codes.

But I need you to follow my lead.

Yeah, that's happening!

I've seen you fight; hand to hand, close kills; you're amazing. But that's not what we need here.

Look, you've been hazing me all day about not being a Killjoy, and you're right, I'm not.

Maybe that's a good thing. I'm a soldier.

So use me.

Do you trust me?


Why did you come to the Quad, D'avin?

The truth.

I'm looking for someone.

A doctor. I need her help.


Now you have my permission to play soldier-boy.

What do you have in mind?

Cover me.


Message from R'yo!

Pissing them off, that's your plan?!

You said you trust me!

I just need two minutes.

(loud defense shutdown)

(incomprehensible talk)

(engine start up)

(tires skidding)

John, I've been breached.

They took the bait, Lucy. Boot up life support controls and use remaining reserves for Phase 2.

(mechanical whirring)

Doors sealed and locked. Initiating oxygen purge.

Come to Papa.

Whatever happens, you grab the hostage.

And you'll be...?



I think you're missing something.

Show us yours and we'll show you ours.

Bring the girl.

(frightened panting)

Now... where's my brother?

My condolences. He didn't make it.

Then neither will you.

I hope you've made your peace with the woods.

(weapons charging)


So you don't want this little thing we found inside him?

And that's supposed to be...?

You know what it is.

A guarantee of safe passage.

Wired to go boom if you tamper with it.

I disarm it only when we're away with the hostage.

I don't negotiate!

I don't bluff!


...But I do bring backup.

You sent an incursion into our land! We demand blood for blood!

You come in here and you make demands?!

These are outsiders, not my people.

Then give us the outsiders!

I have business with them!

Now put down your weapons and leave here... or I will burn you to ash!

No, witch. Today we will not run!


Today you will die!

Let's do it.


(detonation and hard rock music)

(multiple groans, grunts and yelps)


Vena! We're getting you out of here, stay close.

I can't see!

Me neither.

Going down!


(more groans, grunts and yelps)



How are oxygen levels?

Oxygen levels are nearing baseline.

Alright, Lucy, boot up pre-launch sequence, and get me Dutch again.

Searching for signal.

So this forced entry Dutch is so concerned about... was anything stolen or any systems accessed?

After the breach, I'm missing 10 minutes of memory.

So someone broke into the ship and erased ten minutes?

I agree John, it is rather troubling.

(booting signal)

Pre-launch sequence completed.

Alright, Lucy, start us up.

I'm afraid I can't find Dutch's com signal.

Well, that's just perfect.

OK, I'm gonna get rid of these guys... and figure out our next play...

(heavy breathing behind)

Ah, crap! Unh!


Let's move! Eyes?

Lightshow blinded me. I can see again now... mostly.

You honestly memorized the whole layout? Where the hell did you train?

Let's just say I was homeschooled.

Well, you missed a pretty impressive skills display.

You sounded awesome.

Where are we going?

Head down in the small of my back, grab my belt.

I move, you move.

I keep them pinned, what then?

Get to high ground, wait for Johnny to hit his mark.

We didn't give Johnny a mark.

Dad always said he was the smart one!


Missed me.

(groan and laugh)

John, you sound distressed.

May I help?

Big balls, big target.



Hey, can we discuss this like gentlemen?

How about a peace offering?

That was fun!

As promised... high ground.

How are you for ammo?

Drained. You didn't wonder why I was throwing finger grenades for the last 2 floors?

Figured you were a blow-up sh1t kind of guy.


I'm out too.

Are we trapped?

I don't know.

I hope you've got a plan to get us down from here 'cause Mama can't fly.

Lazlo Chamber Inferno missile.

200 klick range. Burns like the sun.

No one should have one of these. That's what the code is for.

Did you take us up just to disarm it?

No, but while we're up here, we might as well.

Keep it holstered, darling!

Look who's talking.

That's some junk you've got hoisted.

Do you know what happened here, little girl?

The Company unleashed a firestorm on us.

My parents. My friends...

I watched them burn.

Then they made the survivors strip our own homes down to the dirt. This is payback.

An unopened love letter I'm returning to sender.

Right in the heart of Old Town where it will hurt the Company most.

Yeah... Too bad we fried your launch codes.

I'll find another way to get them. Get rid of this trash.

I'll draw their fire. You make a run for it.

Like hell!

(engines rising)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your social director.

Those of you not wishing to be blasted into a dewy mist, please step away from your firearms.

(Dutch): Johnny!

Smart and punctual. Two hours on the dot.

Would you look at that.

You guys didn't kill each other after all.

Glad you made it to the party!

Looks like someone had some fun with his new plasma torch.

Let's get Vena home to Leath.

You know, I could strip some really great gear off that missile down there.


I might've made a few modifications.

Hurry it up!

sh1t, it's gonna blow!

Clean your weapon and get back to your chambers.

It was him or you.

Never let it be you.

But... but who was he?

Why him?

"Why" is a question my little bird must never ask.



Vena's mother says thank you, via a hefty a bonus.

Warrant fee and tip, minus the Rack's 10% skim on all gratuities, and minus the outstanding bill for damages on Qresh... and we're flush.


So let me ask you this...

Yes, take a week off. You earned it. We all did.

Who broke into Lucy?

No one.

You increased security.

I was paranoid about your brother.

Before I got to know him.

Dutch... if you have any business that you need squared away...

I'll square it away.




Not that I'm complaining, but why has this delicious thing been allowed off-ship without papers?

Temporary permit.


How'd you swing that?

Hills owed us after what we just pulled off. I mean, I don't like to use the word "heroes", but umm... we're heroes.

We cleaned up a mess they didn't see coming. We agreed to keep our mouths shut, and bam! One shiny new visitor's permit for me!

One week to find a job or clear out.

Hm. Bar-back position is filled, but I have sexer-rooms for rent upstairs... if you're willing to work with someone's legs around your ears.

Pree, please. Let's not lower the Royale's standards.

Oh, sweetums, this is Westerley.

Low is the standard.

You're just in time, we're helping D'avin decide on a job. Hey, I got it!

Algae farm night watchman.


Actually, John, there's something I should tell you. I know you want me to stick around and get a regular job, but I've been considering... another option.



I'll sponsor you. If you pass the tests, you have a berth on Lucy.


Well, you don't suck at it. And new blood's good sometimes, keeps things interesting. Plus for some dumb reason, Johnny seems to like you.

Sort of.

Say I was a badass today.

I'm saying you helped us make the warrant, save the girl, and keep a weapon of mass destruction away from a crazy lady.

If you want to scrub toilets in the Badlands, fine... but if you want more of that... come be a Killjoy.


You got a week to think about it.


Enjoy your night, boys, I've got some business to get squared.

Well, all right!

The Jaqobis brothers together as Killjoys.

That's... awesome. Right?


(insistent knocking)



Khlyen wants you dead.

And I want to know why.