01x05 - A Glitch in the System

Previously on Killjoys.

What do you see in those nightmares?

And why does someone here want you dead?

Look, if you care at all about yourself or your team, you need to get help.

Can you treat me?

What's in it for me?

I don't like most doctors, I like you.

If you have any business that you need squared away...

I'll square it away.

Hello, little bird.

woman: How did you find me?

man: I never let you go. From the time you received the box, you'll have one week to do as I've asked.

Khlyen wants you dead, and I wanna know why.

I love you, but you're an idiot.

man: I have a real feel for asteroids, and I'm telling ya the ship is behind that one.

(electro pop song playing)

OK, then.

50 joy.

One, no one has "a feel" for asteroids; and two, this is the last time I take a C&C after you've been into the Hokk.

computer: I.D. beacon location confirmed.

John's selection of asteroid is correct.

Lucy always takes your side. You're her favourite.

She's a systems computer, Dutch, she doesn't have favourites.

Lucy: Correct again, John.

Or we could make this interesting...

(grunting with effort)



(electronic beeping)


Hey, our therapy session was supposed to start an hour ago, Jaqobis.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I've...

I've lost track of time. Sorry.

Are you still having the memory issues?

I'm fine.

A lot of people with trauma don't want to remember what traumatized them.

Maybe you aren't ready to try.

No, it's, uh...

It's, uh... It's just...

(knocking on door)

Hey, we found an abandoned ship.

Um, Pawter. I'm sorry, I can, uh... come back.

Sorry, duty calls.

Next time.

(electro music)

Is the ship signal coming from Arkyn?

Arkyn's empty. It's a dead Moon thanks to the company.

We're passing the graveyard...

A graveyard?

Asteroid belt. Lucy picked up a repeating ID beacon over a decade old.


You said "Hokk Pong," whoever wins gets to go onboard first.

You left, I made an executive decision.

You told me to go get D'av to be judge and then you scoop me?

That was my decision. It's a C&C warrant. Claim and...

Claim and Clear. "Any abandoned vessel found in non-territorial space can be boarded by any Rack Agent in good standing. Any and all items found on said ship can be claimed by said agent, after which time..."

Hey, he reads instruction manuals too.

Ow. I don't know who's more annoying - him, or you having to be first all the time...

It's my thing.

So, how are we boarding?

Mobile bridge to the ship's emergency airlock.

I'll make sure the life support's online.

You guys follow. Then, we grab everything we can find.

Lucy, you decrypt that beacon yet?

Lucy: Affirmative.

The Aegir is classified as a cargo ship.

Planet of origin unspecified.

G.W.T. of 20 000.

Grav weight of 20 000? Must be hauling heavy.

Right? Under no colours? Who knows what we're gonna find?

John, why don't you do the honours? What with your "feel for asteroids..."


Alright, Lucy, time for a little treasure hunting.

Lucy: With pleasure, John.

(techno music)

John: Whoa!

Lucy: Airlock bridge extended.

Gravity at 96%.

(breathing sounds)

I'm in the mobile bridge.

Approaching the Aegir's emergency airlock now.

That's great to hear, Dutch.

I am so happy for you. Really.

Come on, Johnny.

First cool thing I find is all yours.

Lucy, any luck opening the airlock door?

Lucy: Limited system interface, unable to override security protocol.

Bet you'd find a way if John was doing it.


Alright, let's see if the default company code works.


(alarm ringing)

Lucy: Aegir security initiated. Return to ship immediately.

Dutch, get back here. You don't know what kind of defense system this ship has.

It could set off thermals or a gas cloud.

If they go off when Lucy's opening her door for me, we're all screwed.

Setting a directional charge.

Dutch, what are you doing?

If this bitch won't open on her own, I'll make her.

Dutch, no!

(Going faster)

Lucy: Charge deactivated.

(The alarms stops.)

Dutch, what happened?

I don't know.

It just... stopped.

John: I don't like this.

Lucy, scan again for lifeforms.

Lucy: Still reading zero lifeforms.

I'm in.

Grav is online.

Lucy, check the O2 levels on my suit sensor.

Lucy: Oxygen optimal. No toxins detected.

(techno music)

Well, alright then. Let's get this party started, shall we?


Time for some treasure hunting, boys.

John: Lucy's plugged in. We'll be right over.

Protocol says we clear the ship then detonate it, so mines?

Oh yeah. Big ones.

How can you not love this job.

Let's go find some treasure and blow sh1t up.

(electro music)

♪ Come, come, come uninvited ♪
♪ Run, run, run till I find you ♪
♪ I don't care which side that you're fighting ♪
♪ Gonna get you gone ♪

Best guess what's onboard?

Hard to say. And that's assuming the ship pickers haven't already gotten to it.

Look out! Space rats!

Grow up, Johnny. Space rats, really?

Yeah, it's an old family joke.

Hilarious. System status? Any idea what happened to this rig?

Plugged into the top level BIOS.

Telemetric engine's cacked.

Drive blew out, and crew hightailed it out.

Any idea where she's from?

Haven't seen any markings I recognize.

Beyond the Quad maybe?

Planet of origin info should be printed on the transponder, which we will need for proof of our claim.

So... you can find the transponder, sugar pants; D'avin can plant the explosives, while I go look for some booty.

You wanna say something?



negative: Mm-mm.

Lucy, some music please?

Lucy: Absolutely, John.

"Sugar pants."

(retro soul music playing)
♪ Take me ♪

Nice pick, John. Will let you know when I find something pretty.

♪ Ohhhh yes, darling ♪

You know, there never were any actual space rats.

Dad just made them up to scare you away from the junkyard.

Me? I thought he made them up to keep you from joining Nova cadets.

Didn't exactly work for either of us, did it?

Yeah, like pretty much everything he did.

Hey. He was trying his best like we all do, right?

You're trying to have a moment, John?

No. Maybe.

♪ Sent from heaven above ♪

Shut up. Ow!

I'm glad that you're seeing Pawter. Help you with your memories, you know.

♪ Nobody made me ♪

You always were the optimist of the family.


Someone had to be.

Alright, the engine room is in the aft deck.

I'm gonna grab the transponder, and then we should go see if we can find something before Dutch gets her hands on everything.

♪ Let's start right now ♪

Don't blow yourself up.

♪ Come on, come on, baby ♪

I'm entering the cargo hold.

♪ Baby ♪

(static) (song cutting out sporadically)

Johnny, the music?

♪ Oh, what I am ♪

Cargo hold's empty.

(song still cutting out)

Ship pickers must have gotten here already.


♪ Hold my hand Oh yeah ♪

Guys, I found something.

Not cargo, I mean.

Something. I don't know.



(song cutting in and out)

Come back?

♪ It will be ♪

Lucy, what's going on with the music.

I'm experiencing interference. Recalculating.

(music interference)

♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Can you see ♪

Dutch: Come back.

Dutch, say again.

I said there's some kind of barricade.

Signs of a fight.

(strange breathing)

Guys, we're not alone!

I ain't sure if you guys can hear this, but I found the transponder, and it's...

It's weird. There's no planet of origin info, there's no serial numbers, it's blank.

(Dutch panting)

Stop! I'm in pursuit! Lower level!

(techno music)

John, D'av, come in. Heading for the stairs.

cutting out: ♪ Changing me ♪

Hey, Johnny, wanna fix the tunes?

♪ Was just meant to be ♪
♪ In love ♪

Slacker. (electronic beeping)

I got a visual on some blood here.

Looks fresh. Copy?


Whoa! Whoa! Guys!

Warning. Possible contamination detected.

Quarantine procedure initiated. Disengaging.

Lucy, what the hell?! What are you doing?



Dutch: Hey! He's at the airlock.

Get back, you sonofabitch!

D'av: Guys, I found someone.

Get back!

Stop! Lucy, possible breach!

Buddy, do not even think of entering my ship.

What the?

I don't understand.

Stop, what are you doing?

Lucy, do not open. No!

Lucy? Lucy?

(The song starts playing again.)

Return to ship and reengage. Acknowledge.

Lucy, this is Dutch, acknowledge.

John: Somebody talk to me, anybody...

John, where are you?


Lucy went into quarantine. I can't get a response. She retracted the bridge.

What the hell is going on?!

I have no idea.

Lucy's barely 50m away; without a bridge, she might as well be 50 000.

Why can't we get a response? Why won't she come back?

I don't know. It's like she sensed some kind of... contamination and went into full quarantine.

That's deeply unnerving.

Plus my deep suit's gone missing.

At least, our coms are working again. Thanks for that.

And I do have full access to all the security-cam feeds.

I'm working on access to Lucy now.

Be careful with that guy D'avin apprehended.

We're just about to interrogate him.

You want to tell us what's going on, Mister...?

Hogan. We're just ship pickers, me and Wilson.

We picked up a beacon, same as you. Cargo ship, origins unknown. Sounded like a big payday.

Once we boarded, our ship's anchor line retracts.

No way back. No engines.

No coms. Nothing.

How long ago was this?

Couple years maybe. More?

You lose track...

We would've been happy to get you out of here if your pal wasn't too busy trying to hijack my ship.

Lady, you see what he did to my leg?

His fingers? Poor b*st*rd was spaced. Seen enough of it in the service.

D'avin: You an officer?

I worked for a living, son.

Infantry. First and Seventh, Howling Mavs.


From Korel? You guys were in the ass end of the J.

Skyborne. Royal Syndicate.

Well, you don't say! The cavalry has arrived.

Lead on, son.


Before we go bringing this guy onboard, what's your gut on him?

Considering how long he's been stranded, I'm not sure I'd be any better off.

Plus he's infantry, they're usually not known for their personalities.

I heard that.

But as soon as you're done insulting my beloved corps, maybe we wanna figure out how to get the hell off of this coffin?

I'm all ears.

We have no contact with our ship, and my deep suit's gone.

It must have been Wilson.

I still got ones me and Wilson used when we first boarded.

You have deep suits, and you never used them to get away?

Ship was gone, so where to?

Nearest rock? Here, let me show you where they are...

Argh! Sorry. Leg. Dammit.

You need that looked at. You got an infirmary on board?

Yeah, yeah, but it's on the lower deck.

Suits are upper level, aft.

Look, I'll take Mr. Hogan to the infirmary, get him patched up. You go get the suits.

We'll meet back up in the engine room.

"Omega clearance required."

Oh, you... Fine. Be that way.

(electronic beeping)



Hey, hey, hang on.

Dutch, I think I got something here.

Any luck with Lucy?

Not yet. I'm resetting the ship's signal system, but I don't think that this is a cargo vessel at all.

What does IMUR mean to you?

Imperial Marines of the United Republic, out near the rim?


And that's why there's no cargo. It's military.

Military? What kind of mission?

I'll go through the logs while the array resets.

Just do it fast. As soon as I find these deep suits, we are off.


You OK?

Stand by.

I thought the old man said the infirmary was on the lower deck.

(breathing audibly)

Any chance you can put the heat on in the infirmary?

Room's an icebox...

Sure. As soon as I'm done with the logs and reconnecting to Lucy. Hey, you want lunch too?

That would be nice.

Always amazes me.

Meet a new guy, serves on another planet, whole other system even, same jokes, same crap.

The military is nothing if not predictable.

What about you?

Oh, you know.

Same old story, looking for fame and fortune... nice safe retirement.

And now that we have received the final batch, I am very excited to begin our first procedure on live subjects.

Oh! Uh, just over there, please.


What?! Hogan?


My guys all told me it was a dumb idea.

Miss those idiots.

Well, you know what they say.

"You join for your nation, but you stay for your squad."

It's alright, son. You're here now.

Whatever you were looking for, this is the answer.

Excuse me?

D'av, it's John. Don't respond. Just listen.

Trust me.

John: This old guy is not what he says.

Get to the engine room, now. Give me a signal you copy.

How, uh, how's this ship for space rats?

Hm. Nice.

See you soon.

"Space rats"? The hell you talking about?

Sorry. It's old Skyborne slang.

We got a problem in the engine room. Sooner I can swing by there, the sooner we can get you to the infirmary.

Well, suit yourself. Elevator's this way.


(Dutch gasping)

Johnny, where's D'av?

John: He's on his way to the engine room. Why?

How deep is this engine room?

Don't worry.

When we get there, you'll understand.

Dammit, thing's coming off. (Hogan moaning)

I told you it would come undone the way that you tied it.

Sorry, son.


D'av: What the hell?

Hogan: We got work to do.




What the hell is this?!

metallic voice: Prisoner 248-A, you will submit to questioning. Prepare for implantation.

Just relax.

Trust me.

What the hell is this about?

Where is my crew?

It will be their time soon.

Implantation commencing.

Well, I can't say it'll be OK.

(D'av coughing)

But at least now, we'll get to the truth, won't we?

For instance, I never left the service.

And I love my job.

What did you do to me?

What was that cloud thing?

Just listen, you'll see.

metallic voice: Prisoner 248-A, what is your name, rank

and serial number?

Go on. Tell him.

Name, rank and serial number.

I'm not telling you anything.

Unacceptable response.

Son, I've been a guard on this ship since she made her first skybreak.

Trust me, you will talk.

Commencing persuasion. Dominant forearm.

(D'av gasping and moaning)

Name, rank and serial number.

No! Stop! Ah!

Name, rank and serial number.

D'avin Jaqobis!

Skyborne Second Shield, niner-five-six!


Commencing reconstruction.

There. That wasn't so hard, was it?

(coughing and gasping)

I don't know anything about it!

I don't know anything about Red 17!

Prisoner 23-B, what is your connection to Red 17?

I don't know! I swear, you are crazy!


Commencing persuasion. Ocular region.

How many?

(woman in video screaming)

Dozens. Recordings are from years ago, but they're all the same. Starts with easy questions and then gets more personal. Last stage is this...

Red 17.

Where the hell is D'av?

I don't know, but he's not answering his coms.

I'm searching the feeds for him. We've got to find him, now.

(woman crying)


Can we check them on another monitor?

Yeah, why?

Because I recognize that woman.

You gotta see this.

I get it.

Hogan: Oh yeah? Get what, son?

Your ship.

No cargo. No ID.

You're not regular military.

You're black ops.

"Enhanced interrogation."

You're a torture unit.

Like I said, nice not to have to lie anymore.

But you're the one with questions to answer.

So where's your crew? What happened?

Come on. Soldier to soldier...

Well, we were out on tour maybe six weeks when we ran through the path of a solar flare.

Blew the engine right out.

Started drifting.

I got sent down to check the machine.

That's when it chose me.

Prisoner 248-A...

No! Wait, hold on.

First few weeks, you think... well, bad luck. Next few, you think, but maybe there's a reason.

Prisoner 248-A, detail your last mission.

But that doesn't matter now, son.

John: Come on, D'av, where the hell are you?

You gotta be somewhere.

Most of these people have military ID. It's not just prisoners; it's the ship's crew. What the hell did this to them?

That cloud, it's like some kind of drug?

Dutch: What kind of drug puts a hole in your head?

Or these other ones? These people died from massive brain trauma.

D'av? Dutch, it's him!

Dutch: Where is that?

I don't know, feed's blank.

This is just what's coming through raw. Come on, give me some sound.

No, wait. Please.

We have to go.

We have to go, to get him!

Yes, we do, but we don't know where he is and we don't know what the hell is happening to him.

That console is our only link to him. Use it.

Stop! I don't know anything. There's no point!

The captain said the same thing.

"I don't know what happened.

It was an accident. You're just a guard!"

So, I showed him the way, gave him his turn.

You killed your own captain?


I helped him. I helped them all to do their duty.

Commencing persuasion. Lower left abdomen.



D'av! D'av, we're here!

The room must be shielded. It has to be why our coms don't work. We're cut off.

John: Come on, D'av, give us a clue to where you are.

(D'av moaning and panting)

Are you scared?

Screw you!

It's OK. I was scared too.

When you don't know what's going to happen.

Prisoner 248-A,

detail your last mission.

I know what's happening.

Oh yeah? What do you know?

You start with simple questions, then you get personal, looking for weak spots...

Good. That's right.

Until you break them down.

So then you know there's no point in lying about anything, is there?

Unless you've got something to hide.

Listen to me, son. I know you.

Soldiers, warriors... We're the same.


Trust me. It's the only way.

Tell me what you did.

Do You know what he's talking about?

No, no. Still Looking for location here.

Prisoner 248-A, detail your last mission.

It was a recon!

Simple sweep and sensor. Me and my squad.

There was nothing! Ugh!

Go on.

I... can't.

Hogan: You just started.

D'av: I can't!

Hogan: What do you mean?

I can't! I mean, I can't remember!

I don't know what it was about or how it started!

Then what do you remember?


What do you...?

I killed them!

Prisoner 248-A, please explain in detail

who you killed and in what...

My squad!

Commencing reconstruction.

But... Your own squad?

Son... why?

I don't know.

I just know what I did.

John: We gotta shut down that machine.

Dutch: How?

John: Follow me.

Hogan: You did good, son.

You did real good.

Prisoner 248-A, what is your connection to Red 17?

But we're just starting.

What is this thing, Johnny? Gut instinct.

I don't know, whatever it is, it... it breaks things down, but then it builds them back up again. It's biological maybe or mechanical. It's her.

She might give us something.

This is Dr. Lyra Grange.

This is my final report.

I don't have much time. There are still so many of us...

Prisoner 23-B, you are not authorized to leave your cell. It's the head guard, Hogan. After the accident, he completely decompensated. He lured the captain, the crew. There was a fight...

Prisoner 23B, you are currently in infirmary, starboard. Return to sub-level one for interrogation.

There, sub-level one, I'm going...

No, I am! He's my brother!

John, you still need to figure out what the hell we're dealing with here!

Dutch, wait, wait, wait.

He used the nanites

on all of us.


There's no way to override them.

The interrogation program won't stop. It just keeps going, I don't know why. There's no other way.


That's one way to beat it.

I think I've found them. You figure out how to shut it off?

Advances in submicroscopic technology allow the nanites to break down any organic matter in ways that mimic disease or trauma...

We can't shut it off. It's just microscopic robots programmed to tear us down, and then build us up again and again. I mean, it's a perfect torture device really.

And the program running them, when does it stop?

That's the thing. The accident didn't just ruin the engine, it fried the whole system. It's on a loop.

Torture, heal, torture, heal. I don't think it knows how to stop.

So unless we destroy the program, the only way out is to die faster than it can fix you.

That's why Mr. Crazy went out the airlock.

He wasn't trying to steal Lucy; he was just trying...

To make it stop.

Prisoner 248-A, what is your connection to Red 17?

I'm telling you, I don't know anything.


Come on, son.

This is what it's all about. We've all been there.

What do you mean, "we"?

I'm the one on the inside of this glass...

You don't think I'd spare myself, do you?

That would be very unfair.

I do my time.

You do this to yourself?!


Well... I did... after the crew... my own men... took the coward's way out, I was the only one left.

Every day, I'd come in... and every day he asked me the same question,

"Red 17."

And when I didn't answer...


OK, then at least tell me what Red 17 is.

Oh, I have no idea. Need to know basis.

Way beyond my clearance level.

They never told you what you're looking for?

Shouldn't matter. Program will know.

Program has to know.

I mean, when it knew I didn't have the answers, one day it just... stopped asking, rejected me.

But I'm a good soldier, I knew the mission wasn't over, so I set up a beacon to bring the curious, the greedy, the lost, like you.

Why do you keep doing this?


I guess I just have faith, son.

(alarm ringing)

Your friend tripped the alarm.

Looks like it's her turn now.

Dutch, no! Get out of here!

Run! No, look out!

Didn't even make me come running for you... you are a thoughtful guest.

No! No!

What the hell are you doing?

Saving you. You're welcome.

There's nothing to "save" here.

Yeah. Saw as much in the infirmary.

That wasn't... that wasn't what I wanted.

They did that by their own hand.

They were weak, gave up.

Prisoner 248-B, what is your name, rank and serial number?

Dutch, it won't stop.

I know.

We saw and heard.

Did John?

Commencing persuasion. Dominant forearm.

(Dutch screaming and moaning)



Alright, missy, you're tough.

But you saw your friend here, heard what he said... you know what's coming.

You don't know what I've seen, old man, or what I know.

I know what it means... to be ashamed of what you did, of who you are.

But I also know that whatever happened then, he is on my crew now, he's my partner.

Prisoner 248-B, what is your name, rank and serial number?

And I know all about you.

Oh yeah? What about me?

I know you're nothing.

Just like the program running this whole thing now - busted, broken.

Just a glitch in the system.

No. I was the one who never gave up.

He chose me.

And guess what?

I know about Red 17.

What do you mean? What do you know?

(charging building up)

You're dead.


(techno music)

(alarm ringing)

Dutch: Time to go!

How do you get out of here?

D'av! Did it work?

Prisoners 248-A and 248-B, you are not authorized

to leave your cells.

Here, take your brother.

Prisoners 248-A and 248-B, return to sub-level one.

Still in me, I can feel them.

I know.

Where is she going? Dutch!


D'avin, wait!

(emotional music)


John: Move! We got two minutes to set the mines.

She's dead.

No. She's strong.

Prisoner 248-A, you will now face ongoing persuasion until your return...

What are you talking about, "strong"?

She's in deep space with no suit, nothing, and those things are still inside her!

And what do you think is keeping her alive?

The human body can't survive in space. There's no air.

There's no pressure. The radiation.

Blood boils. Skin freezes.

But the nanites repair anything short of brain death.

Lucy: Crew proximity detected.

Emergency protocol enacted.

They should keep her alive long enough to get to Lucy, to plug in the manual override code.

When they're done fixing her, they'll tear her apart again.

There's no oxygen, there's no time...

(groaning) Prisoner 248A, you will now face ongoing persuasion until you return to your cell.

I'm sorry, but I love you.

No, wait, don't! Ugh!

How was that in any way loving me?

Because it can't fix you and torture you at the same time!

Massive injury triggers the repair phase.

Subject wounded. Commencing reconstruction.


And when they're done fixing me?

Fine, but give me the gun.

Don't bother. It won't help you.

For the love of...

How are you not dead?

(Dutch gasping)

Lucy, open the door to the hold!

Lucy: I'm sorry, but quarantine protocols state you must remain in airlock one.

Lucy, I'm in serious pain here!

There are protocols, Dutch.


Ugh! Lucy, I need to blow up that sh1t before these things rip me a new one!

Lucy: I'm sorry, but quarantine protocols state you must remain in airlock one full hour before...

Lucy, John's in trouble!

"Favourites," my ass!

I'm taking over, you mechanical bitch!

You belong here.

You're just like me.

No, I'm not.

A good soldier.

You killed your men, son, you have to atone.

Here, you can face the past, remember what you did.


That guy talks way too much.

Dutch: I've connected the bridge to the Aegir's airlock.

Let's go!

We gotta get out to Lucy.


John: Dutch, we're aboard! Mines are about to blow.

Everyone good? Ready?

Body about to explode?

Let's go.

(engines roaring)

How much longer, John?

Decon gas has to get in deep.

How many millions of those things were in you?


I swear Lucy's enjoying this.

Lucy: Decontamination sequence complete.


Lucy: Session 2 will commence in 10 minutes.

Oh, come on!

Lucy: It's not my fault you're filthy.

Watch it.


Just whatever you wanna say, go ahead, ask.


Like I said on the ship, I can't remember what I did...

No, that's not what I mean.

I mean, why didn't you tell me?

Why carry this all on your own?

This is why you ran away from all of us?


♪ Because, because ♪

You heard what I did.


I can help. D'av, I can do something.

How are you gonna help me, John?

♪ Yesterday was hard on all of us ♪

Well, there's something to figure out, there's something to fix and...

I like fixing things, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

"Space rats."

(D'av chuckling)

You know, you really have to work on your moments.



But, John...


(techno music playing)

You know, when you told me to take my shirt off, this is not exactly what I had in mind.

Shut up, Jaqobis. You owe me a session.

Last time I ran this, you had scarring all along the frontal cortex I assumed it was trauma, concussions, but now it's all cleared away.

Well, I told you what those things were doing to me, fixing stuff.

I know but look here.

Alright, help me out.

I missed neuro class in basic training.

Here, here and here.

Those are neuro dampeners.

Memory blockers. Very sophisticated.

How long have they been there?

Hard to say.

Do you remember having any surgery at all?


At least now, we know you don't have traumatic amnesia.

Someone doesn't want you to remember.

Great. I'm sick of tracing dead-ends.

I need to know why.

We will.


I promise.


You seem different.

Different better or different worse?

♪♪ There, in the water ♪

Let's find out.

♪ By the light of the full moon ♪
♪ You can't avoid it, the struggle on the surface ♪
♪ Oh, tell me what you see ♪
♪ The side of you, do you see me ♪
♪ There, in the water, is a creature ♪
♪ With the traitor's face ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪♪

You didn't think I'd fall for that trick of yours, did you?

It wasn't a trick, it was a message.

Here's another... Get out.


I could make you.

Oh, that would be fun, but not today. Today, I need you.

Why? Why are you here?

In my ship? In my head? Everywhere?

Why can't you just leave me alone?

Because without me... you're becoming weak... vulnerable.

I am not vulnerable.


Don't you even look at him!

Oh, little bird, if I have to, I can do so much more than just look.

Get your things.

We're going.

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooooooh ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪
♪ Ooh o ooh ooh ooh o ooo ♪
♪ You've lost your native skin ♪