01x07 - Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye

Previously on Killjoys...

May I present Delle Seyah Kendry, of Land Kendry.

I wanna say thank you.

For what?

Saving my ass on that ship.

I took that jump for all of us.

Fine. Thank you. For all of us.

Doctor Illenore Pawter Simms, you're under arrest.

Johnny, I need you to figure out a way to track Khlyen down with this.

What the hell is that?

A neurolink. We'll be able to see and hear each other as if we're in the same room.

The army doctor you've been looking for?

Dr. Jaegar, yeah.

If Jaegar passed through there, I can probably help you find her.

You remember having any surgery at all?


At least now we know you don't have traumatic amnesia.

Someone doesn't want you to remember.


Got something!

What is it?

I'm not sure yet.

It's a ghost image I extracted from the neurolink that Khlyen put on you.

You recognize it?

I dunno, it's hard to tell.

Well, it's definitely indoors.

Why's that?

Isn't that a window?


There. In the corner.


Upper right corner of image.

Clear the noise and increase magnification as much as you can.

That's him, isn't it? That's Khlyen's reflection.

So this is a recording from his end of the link. I think we're looking at the last thing that he saw before you broke your connection.

Almost got you, you b*st*rd.

(powering down)

What happened?

I don't know.

Fix it. Make it come back.

Yeah, I'm trying.

'Cause if we can get more images from this thing, maybe we can figure out where Khlyen is...

I'm aware!

Yeah, Dutch, let's get some air.

Let Johnny work.

I hope you didn't drag me out here to talk about my feelings.

Well, that's not really either of our style, now is it?


Why shoot the sh1t when you can shoot at sh1t?

Thirty joys says I can kick your fine ass.

Count to three.

You're on, pretty boy.

One, two...

Well, sh1t.

I can't fix this thing if I don't even know how it works.

Lucy, if I engage with the device, can you scan me, figure out how it works, so we can go from there?

I cannot recommend using an object

which we do not yet fully understand, John.

Said no good scientist, ever.


Here goes somethin'.

Ha! Winged it!


I don't believe in ties. That's just quitting before you win.

Feeling better?



Now we can talk about your feelings.


Why are you so desperate for Johnny to find Khlyen?


Because I want answers.

He's holding pieces of me hostage. Truths about my life I can't get from anywhere else.

Good or bad, I just wanna know my own story.

See? You think that's stupid...

No, that's exactly why I need to find Dr. Jaegar. I get it.

(buzzing sound)

You know, you're pretty good with words, for a badass.

Guys! A little help!


Get it off! Get it off!

Johnny, you big idiot. What were you thinking?

I was trying to figure out how it works, so I can fix it. But, in my defense: in scientific research, there's a very thin line between stupid and genius.

Well, congratulations, you crossed it.

Can you see anything?

No, no. It must not be turned on on Khlyen's end.

All I'm getting is a headache.


(yelling in pain) Don't touch it!

This... this thing is my only shot at finding Khlyen, we can't risk damaging it.

Or me, right?!

Lucy, take us home.


We gotta get you to Pawter, she can extract it properly.

Aw man, surgery?

Like I always tell you: science, it's dumb.

♪♪ Come come Come uninvited ♪♪
♪ Run run Run 'til I find ya ♪
♪ I don't care which side that you're fighting ♪

Hope I don't still smell like Westhole.

Hills threw me in jail last night.

Hills arrested you?

For what?

I may have possibly stolen his ID code so I could look for your Dr. Jaeger in the company records.

You said you had a connection.

I lied.

Did you find her or not?


Ow, ow! Easy, Paw!

Stop whining.

Yeah, well, stop digging at my brain shaft!

I think I found a former patient of hers.

A guy named Grayson Hicks.

Filed complaints against a doctor that left him with your exact issues.

Oh, gross!

Whoops... I hope you didn't need this.

sh1t. Dutch, I broke it, I'm sorry.

OK, I screwed up, I get that you're angry...

I'm not angry, John. OK, yes, I'm pissed. But mostly I'm scared.

Of Khlyen?

Of losing my one chance to get the upper hand and face him on my own terms.

That was my only shot at taking him down.

I will find a way to fix this, OK?

I promise.


About this Grayson guy...

I left you messages.

From jail.

I'm sorry, I thought they were personal calls...

And that makes it OK to ignore them?

Ohh, I get it.

You were pulling a fade.

Didn't have the courtesy to break up to my face.

Break up?

This was never an official relationship.

You're officially an asshole.

And you've been nailing your patient, while treating him for mental trauma. So maybe I don't get all the blame here.

Maybe you don't.



I'm a mess right now, and...

Oh please, don't. Spare me the broken-boy speech. I know it by heart by now.

I'll give you Grayson's location.

I hope your team can use him to find Jaegar.

Where is he?

Somewhere I sincerely hope you don't end up.

(alert signal)

I told them if we dug any deeper this would happen, but did they believe me? No.

Now the whole damn building is out. Look, I'm getting overtime on this.

No, screw Charlie! Union rules.

Hey, where's your tech room?

Excuse me?

Your room... of tech? Not sure how else to say it.

You can't come in here without a pass.

Well, I can't fix it from out here, unless you have some workaround for basic physics.

Do you? Fine.

Just sign this damn denial of service, let me get on with my night.

Right here.

Wait for it...

Annnd there. (whistling)

Are you Grayson?

Are you real?

It's OK, you're not hallucinating.

Why are you in my room?

I think the doctor who messed you up did the same thing to me.

Do you remember where she treated you?

That bitch is the one thing that I can't forget.

How do we find her?

I'll take you right to her.

As long as you take me with you.

Johnny, we're go for plan B.

Where to?

No way. You can get us in there?

Because I've always wanted to geek out with the tech-pirates, but it's invite only.

You're invited. But you can't go in there dressed like normies and smelling like cops. Why is everyone looking at me?

I can be cool.

Best. Undercover. Ever! Except for D'av!

You're just jealous 'cause I make this work.

Welcome to Utopia.

What the hell is this place? A club, or a market?

Yes, and yes.

s*x, drugs, meds, and tech.

Everything illegal and freaky in the Quad is for sale in Utopia.

So the doctor deals here?

Yeah, we all call her Dr. Bliss. She sells a memory mod treatment.

Really badass stuff.

You guys wait here, and I'll go see if the doctor's still selling here.

I, um...

I'm gonna go check a few things out while we wait.

Super nerdy. You guys would be bored.

Yeah, fine. Go. We'll be here.


Follow me, leather boy.

Mood mods?

Ten minute samples, first hit's free.

Euphoria in a bottle.

No thanks. I'm good.

Wait, ten minutes?


What the hell.

I'm not supposed to be myself tonight.

What's gotten into you?

You're the one who put me in leather.

You Carleen?

Almost done here. What do you need?

I hear you're the woman to talk to, when it comes to fringe biotech.

You ever seen one of these?

Keep it clean, come back in a week.

Aren't you a sexy bitch.

What is she? It's a neural interface of some kind. Busted.

Can you fix it?

Slow down, sailor.

You're not nervous, are you?

What you said this morning, about Khlyen having your missing pieces, Jaegar having mine...

What about it?

All this time we've spent finding them... what if we don't like what they have to say?

What do you want her to say?

That it's not my fault.

You're pretty.

I take it it's working, then?

What are you doing?

I found her. She's working in the back.

Um... Uh...

Do you guys... Do you need a minute?

We're gonna need about eight.


This is grade A mechorganic sh1t you have here.

What is that?

New kind of biotech hybrid. "Living technology".

Look here.

This? Is a fragment of actual neural cortex.

That liquid's probably cerebrospinal fluid... all connected with chips and gears.

It's amazing.

So you have seen this before?

Honey, no one in the Quad's seen this before.

She is a long way from home.

I have a connection who can maybe help.


If I get her fixed, once you're done with her, she's all mine. Deal?

Johnny, get to the back room. Grayson found his doctor.

Well, I guess I don't have a choice.

We need to talk.

It'll be a short conversation. That's not her.

Too young to be Jaegar.

But you know that name. Dr. Jaegar.

Mmm. No, but I do know that you need to leave. So...

And I know that you need my permission to keep breathing.

Oh, Dr. Jaegar.

There we go. What's your connection?

We know you used her treatment on Grayson.

I was her assistant, when the Company first brought her over to the Quad.

Not a good fit?

Well, she had no vision.

She was a total corporate whore.

I told her, there's a huge consumer need for this type of service.

We could've cornered the market.

But, oh no, she wanted to dance with the ones that brought her.

So she stayed with the Company and you stole her technique.


I improved it.

Jaegar just removed memories. I implant them.

Ask Grayson. You wanna know what it feels like to base jump? Or kill someone?

I can source that for you, baby.

So where is she now?

Well, we don't exactly exchange birthday cards. Sorry.

I guess you're sh1t out of luck.

Ooh, looky here.

All your specs on Jaegar's technique.

You don't mind if we borrow this, do you?

Little bit. Yeah. Kinda need that.

Well, karma called, and she said suck it.

You stole from Jaegar, now we steal from you.

Approaching Westerley.

Appreciate the initiative, Johnny, but what the hell are we supposed to do with this?

Give it to Pawter. See what she says.

Yeah. She probably doesn't want to talk to me right now.

John, you ask her. Everybody likes you.

It's not my fault I'm charming.

You three. ID.

RAC agents.

Hey! What's your problem?

Drop your weapons on the ground, now!

Do it!

Boys! Stand down.

What's the charge?

Kidnapping a patient from a Company facility.

Grayson? That's bullshit, we're on an official mission.

Yeah? Show me your Warrant, smart guy.

Got the team leader. Bringing her in.

(door sliding)



How do you know that name?

Oh, I know a lot of interesting things about you now.

I'm a curious woman.

And a bit of a stalker.

Or am I supposed to believe you being here is a coincidence?

I may have possibly put a little alert on your name in the Company system.

So I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this.

I do so love rescuing a damsel in distress.

What do you want, Seyah?

A little trade, just between us girls. My Company will drop all charges against you and your team, in exchange for a future favor of my choosing.

You can just hire me.

Strictly off the books.

No questions, no hesitation, no Warrant on record.

I snap, and you come.

You must be one hell of a snapper.

OK, I'll play.

But it's going to cost you a bit more.

I'm looking for a doctor who works for the Company.

I want 24 hours alone with her.

No security, no repercussions, or no deal.

How bad do you want me?

You can't just make a deal like that without talking to us.

It got us here, didn't it?

I can't believe she's been on Westerley this whole time.

It's a big moon. You ready?

For real, this time?

What do you mean security left their stations? Who pulled them?

I'm trying to find out...

That would be us.

Favor from a friend, so we could talk uninterrupted.

Is that her?

That's her.

Do you remember me?

I do.

You're a long way from home, soldier.

I've been looking for you up and down the J.

Well, you found me.

Sit, sit. How was the treatment?

I know I butchered my people.

And I know the army went in and took back the memories before I was discharged.

That was you.

You shouldn't have any memory of that at all.

What else?

What else did you people do to me?


You asked us to take the memories.

After what you did to your squad.

But why did I kill them?

That's the part I can't remember. Was it an experiment, a test, was I on something...

I can't rewrite history for you, son. I'm sorry.

You killed them because you had a psychotic break in the line of duty.

Then the army did what it always does; covered it up.

(banging table) Bullshit! There has to be a reason. There has to be more of a reason.

OK, enough.

Can you at least finish the job? Get rid of the residual memories? They're torturing him.

Gladly. The technique has come a long way. You can get back in the machine any time you want.

Yeah, I don't know about that.

Can you give me back my memories?

Can you reverse the treatment?

Theoretically, but why would you do that to yourself?

Can we do it now?

Whoa. Slow down. - Dutch...


It's the only way I'll ever understand.

You need to think about this. And that's an order.

D'av, she's not wrong.

We at least need to talk about this.

I appreciate your concern, but it's not your business.

Bullshit! We're a team. It's very much our business whether you let someone go digging in your damn brain.

(sighing) When he gets like this, you just gotta give him some space.

He'll come around.

(device beeping)

I gotta go take care of something. We'll try again when I get back. OK?

Carleen? I'm on my way.

Hurry it up.

I can't find the files.


I know what you're doing.

Getting those memories back isn't about moving on, it's about punishing yourself for what you did.

But try seeing the one positive in this amnesia. I mean, do you have any idea what I'd give to forget some of the things I've done?

Yeah, that's not the same thing, Dutch.

You killed in the line of duty. I murdered my men.

Let's not compare sins here, OK?

I'll win.

You don't understand.

Neither do you.

The first time I killed someone, I was eight years old.


Poisoned tea.

No, I mean, how does that even happen?

It doesn't matter.

Dutch, it matters.


You said he was your tutor.

Yeah, that's what he taught me.


I'm not judging you right now, 'cause I don't have any right to.

So whatever you've done, I promise you, I have done worse.

If you can't be forgiven, then what chance is there for me?

I'm sorry.

♪ My eyes are set on you ♪
♪ I'm going in for the kill ♪
♪ No one could ever touch me ♪
♪ Like you will ♪
♪ I'm going in for the kill ♪♪

OK, I know it's been a rough couple of days, but I finally got some good news.

I fixed Khlyen's device, so I splurged on a bottle of ten-joy-Hokk to celebrate, so come get some!

♪ I met someone ♪

(moaning and panting)

Guess you're already getting some.

Are you sure you want to do this?

You know, if we do this again, we're gonna need a bigger bed.

I'll speak to the owner.

We're awesome at this whole s*x thing, by the way.

Are you naked high-fiving me right now?


So who's going to say it?


That this doesn't have to change anything.

Is that an order?

Or a decree?

You know, you never did explain that whole... royal-harem thing.

What about it?

I just wanna know if I'm bedding a warrior princess.

Actually, yes.

But that was all through my marriage.

You're married?


Sorry. I didn't mean to get personal.

I think we got plenty personal today.

No, it's... it's fine.

I just don't want Johnny coming back and finding us together.

Oh sh1t. Johnny.

You know he's going to say we can't handle this.

We can, though. Right?

Tap my heart.

You look good in my things, by the way.

Oh, shut up.

Lucy, when did Johnny get back?

He boarded: 8 minutes, 29 seconds ago.

He exited: 2 minutes, 10 seconds later.


(shrill vibration)

(grunting in pain)

Don't bother getting dressed, we're already...

D'avin, what are you doing?

D'avin, stop!

John, come in!

D'avin, what are you doing?

John has disengaged his com. I will keep trying him.

D'avin, it's me!

(cracking sound)




I may have, hypothetically, walked in on Dutch and my brother, how they say, "in flagrant dictation".

"In flagrante delicto".


You're jealous.


Excuse me?

Don't blame D'avin for climbing the tree, when all you were gonna do was sit by it.

Whoa, whoa, you are way off. This is not...


Dutch is family. This is not jealousy, it's like, um...

It's like my brother... is banging my sister.

Yeah, OK, I see your point. Just...

Still. We all knew they were heading here.

Might as well get it over with.

Yeah, and then what? It's kinda hard to have casual s*x with someone you live with.

And they're both... I mean, they're both terrible at relationships. I mean epically incompetent.

So, whatever this is, it can't last, and they know that it can't last.

And then I have to pick a side.

You'll pick hers.

I will.

That make me a bad brother?

Makes you an excellent friend.

I'm guessing she's earned that from you.

It's just that Dutch has drawn a bunch of short straws when it comes to guys. And I just...

I don't want my brother being on that list.


I wouldn't worry. This is Dutch we're talking about.

Not a lot he can do to hurt our girl.

Lucy, cut the lights in cargo bay.

Shutting down now.

I know you're down here.

I don't want to hurt you.

Well, I need to hurt you.


I have my mission. I'm a good soldier.

Well, I'm a better one.

What happened?

Your brother...

What about him? What's wrong?

He, uh... he just... he just changed.

He went off on me, like... like someone pulled a switch.

Johnny, he tried to kill me.

D'avin? C'mon!


No, no, no, no. He wouldn't do that.

He turned on me, like he turned on his squad, hours after finding Jaegar. You think that's a coincidence?

She did this, I know she did.

She's controlling him somehow.

OK, OK, what... what do we need to do?

I'm going back to Jaegar.

She's going to fix this, or I'm going to break her, a piece at a time.

You stay here.

Watch your brother, he's... he's in the cargo hold.

Be careful.

(door opening)

Hi, Johnny.

What the hell did you do to her?

Just pack the essentials.

Was it something we said?

Guessing you didn't expect to see any of us alive again.

No, but I prepared for it just in case.

Johnny, I need help with a security field.


It's a black zone.

No outside communication. Make yourself comfortable.

We'll be gone soon.


Hey! You need to shake this off, D'av.

I know the real you is still in there.

Remember our last winter at Kipsey?

That fat kid Randy, the one who always stole our skates?

Boy, we hated him.

But you still risked your ass for his when he fell through the ice.

You just went in right after him.

That was the scariest five minutes of my life, waiting for you to come back.

That is who you are.

You do the right thing better than anyone I know.

And you always come back.

OK, so we're gonna fix you. Dutch is with Jaegar right now, she's working on it.

Thank you.

I'm a good soldier.


So, I think I figured out what you really did to D'avin.

And what exactly is that?

Turned him into some kind of human weapon you could target at whoever you want.

That's a simplistic description, but you seem a simplistic woman.

I'm not the one with the flawed technique.

You're not as good as you think you are, or else he never would have remembered.

Perfection is a process.

Our mandate was to turn soldiers against their own forces.

And I assure you, we succeeded.

If it makes you feel any better, it was only meant to be a proof of concept demonstration, no casualties.


What went wrong?

We underestimated your friend's determination to kill.

Cost me my job.

Your soldier friend almost tracked me down once before, on our home world. My deal with the Company included placing a Kill Warrant on him, in case he followed me to the Quad.

That was you?

And now they've let me hang out to dry.

I have to say, you have some very impressive connections.

I may not be a genius, doc, but I can count to three.




Lucy, get me a doctor.

I need more specifics, John.



I don't know what to do.

You should know: my work is important.

You have no idea what's coming to the Quad, what it could mean for all of us...

Here's what I know: You hurt my friend.

He hurt me. And now I'm going to hurt you.

So that you can't do this to him, or anyone else, again.

He's here.


Turn him off. Now.

Now why would I do that?

He's programmed to kill his team. He's no threat to me.

I am.

Shut him down.

(moaning) Are you all right?

(shrill vibration)

What's happening?


Show me your eyes.

Just finishing something.

Hang tight.

What happens now?

We both know I can't leave you like this.

He'll never be safe again.

You know how to run that thing?

I'm gonna give you something you never gave D'avin: a choice.

The gun, or the memory-wipe procedure.

The gun.

Procedure it is.

Strap her in. Take her memories.

All of them.

Identify yourself.

Pawter. You called.

You are required in cargo hold.

Lucy, what's his blood type?

John Andras Jaqobis

is blood type O.

Put me through to the nearest Company med ship.

This is Med Ship Avignon,

come in.

Avignon, this is an AllRequest emergency evac to my location, medical authorization number:

5-4-alpha-9. Priority Code: Angel.

That means get your asses here now!

I'm sorry, doctor,

med ships aren't approved for your sector.

This is Illenore Seyah Simms of Land Simms, and if you ignore my call, I will have you staked in the rain.

We are en route, Seyah.

You bet your ass you are.

Hang in there, Johnny.

♪ I once found ♪
♪ Looking through the glass so sharp ♪
♪ Picture of the past ♪
♪ You set a trap for me ♪
♪ Just one sip ♪
♪ Let go of your grip ♪
♪ So stiff ♪
♪ Don't you catch my drift ♪
♪ You set a trap for me ♪
♪ Stare into the light ♪
♪ Never leave my sight ♪
♪ Going through hell for you ♪
♪ Showing how I care for you ♪
♪ Step into the light ♪
♪ I wanna see what happened ♪
♪ Never leave my sight ♪
♪ You gotta stop before we're lost ♪
♪ Going through hell for you ♪
♪ Showing how I care for you ♪
♪ Stare into the light ♪
♪ I wanna see what happened ♪
♪ Never leave my sight ♪♪

How's D'avin?

Maybe for once, just worry about yourself first?

We're all fine.


You tell him that we know that it wasn't his fault.

He needs to rest.

Thank you.


(footsteps approaching)

He'll take a while to fully heal, but... he's gonna be OK.

He was asking for you.


I should probably let him rest. Maybe tomorrow.

I destroyed all of Jaegar's research and equipment...

I don't care about that right now.

How are you even looking at me?

Do you remember much of it?

Dutch, I remember everything.

♪ There's something I, I didn't get ♪
♪ And there's something I missed ♪

Please tell me you know I would never do anything to hurt you or John.

Please tell me you know that that wasn't really me.

I do.

Of course I do.

But it was me.

I can't be OK with that.

♪ You make it all wrong ♪
♪ You make it all right ♪
♪ The minute you're gone The minute you're back ♪
♪ And you make it all wrong You make it all right ♪
♪ The minute you're gone The minute you're back ♪