01x10 - Escape Velocity

narrator: Previously on Killjoys:


You found him. We re-routed his neuro-links to track him.

The Rack is the most heavily fortified station in the Quad.

The good news is, our badges get us in the front door.

Anyone knoes who's protecting her?

Dutch doesn't need protecting.

Then why is she marked for Red-17?

The Company will drop all charges against you in exchange for a future favour of my choosing.

You can wipe out an entire bloodline with this thing or target just one person in the crowd.

War is what they call it when the big dogs win.

I want a revolution. Well, good luck with that!

Might as well believe in monsters and level 6 killjoys.

Alvis Akari, you're under arrest for orchestrating the Leith Bazaar massacre.

I'm an agent, we're on the same side!

I'm not so sure we are.

We're not.

What are you?

I'm Level Six.

(heavy door closing)

(ambient chatter)


(screams and machine gun fire)

They're holding Alvis in Westhole.

What's the charge?

Sedition and mass murder.

They're saying he ordered he Bazaar attack.

When it rains, it poops.

Come on. We all know Alvis hates the Company. He'd never kill civilians.

I got nothing against the freaky little b*st*rd, but he is a revolutionary.

He's saved our asses a dozen times and never asked for anything in return. He's being set up.


Things have been tense leading up to claim day. The Company could be using Alvis to send a message, remind everyone who's boss. Now, if that's what this is, they'll cut him loose once they make their point.

Great. Well, let's pray for that, then. We have enough on our plate right now.

Khlyen told me something when I was leaving.

He said I needed my team, that something was coming.

I think he meant to the Quad.

Like what?

That's all he said.

I think maybe you should leave.

Maybe... you should leave...

No! I mean both of you, take Lucy, be a moving target.

You stole his sh1t. He's gonna come looking for you.

So we better make sure we're ready for when he does.


At first I need to know everything about Khlyen, Level six...

Red 17.


Turin brought it up.

He said you're on some kind of a list.


That's in play now? Great.

I mean, I... I need a chart.

I need to find out how we're all connected so our goal still remains the same.

Johnny, if your friend Carleen can decrypt Khlyen's files, we can figure out what makes a Level 6 vulnerable and use his secrets against him before he gets to us.

This is it.

One last play.

We win here, or I lose for good.

Then I vote we win.

(alert signal)

[Priority broadcast!]


[Priority broadcast!]

[My name is Alvis Akari.]

[To clear my conscience and make peace with my Gods, ]

[I plead guilty to all charges.]

[I ordered the attack on the Leith Bazaar, carried out]

[By my Resistance members of Old Town yesterday.]

Oh, damn, here we go.

Old Town is gonna lose her sh1t.

Company must have coerced that confession.

What kind of torture makes a Scarback masochist confess?

[... I understand that my punishment is death.]

[I accept my fate.]


[Return to your homes. Curfew is now in effect.]

[Authorized personnel only.]

OK, let's get inside.


We've got to get Alvis out... somehow.

You said you have enough on your plate with Khlyen.

Not sure this isn't connected. He said trouble was coming to the Quad. Take a look around, D'avin.

Tell me it isn't.

[(Buzz) Return to your homes.]

[Curfew is now in effect.]

♪ Come, come. Come uninvited ♪
♪ Run, run. Run 'til I find ya ♪
♪ I don't care which side that you're fighting ♪
♪ Gonna get you gone ♪

When's the execution?

Tomorrow night.

How solid is this?

I wouldn't want to be in his robes, let's put it that way.

Leithian Security force got a dying confession from one of those killer monks who swore that Alvis put him up to it. Since when do you just a Leithian's word?

Since crying over the hole that Alvis dug for himself isn't one of my jobs.

Hills, you've gotta let me see him. You know our history, Let me at least say goodbye.

Don't get yourself twisted up in this.

The monk is going down. Don't let him pull you down with him.


It's a ghost town in here.

Mass murder tends to turn off shoppers.

Hey, Bellus.

Glad you're okay.

It was all over before I could get my gun.

Couldn't see their faces, but I heard them yelling all about Alvis and Seventh Gen Accord... stuff like that.

Scarback freaks...

Never trust someone who gets off on blood.

We're not here about the Scarbacks.

What would you say if we told you Level Six was real?

I'd say yes, please, I'll have some of what you're smoking.

You're serious?

We think we might have met one.

His name's Khlyen.

We need you to tell us everything you know.

"Six" has been a rumor since I've been in this game.

Agents go missing sometimes, a few every year.

The Rack will say they've been transferred, or died in active duty But then you hear whispers that they've been forced into Level Six.

To be what, exactly?

Nobody really knows. More than just Killjoys.

I've heard: Gene-splicing, reanimation, crazy stuff!

Not a lick of proof. Has this got anything to do with your raid on the Rack last night?

We in deep sh1t for that, yet?

You must have a million angels up your asses, because official word is that it was a surprise systems security check.


You came out clean, boys.

Dutch too.

Where is she, anyway?

Scarbacks asked me to bring you these.

What are they really?

Explosives to break you out? Cyanide caplets?

Prayer beads.




Turns out I don't like nonconsensual pain so much.

That why you confessed?

No, they threatened the rest of my order.

Do you know who's framing you?

Just, forget about me.

Worry about Westerley.

I need a favor.

When the Company tried terraforming Arkyn, something went wrong, something bad. So, with Westerley, they took precautions. Including building a network of self-sustaining bunkers underground that most people forgot about.

Why does that matter?

If things go to sh1t in Old Town, Westerlyns can shelter there, safe from the Company siege.

My people have the maps, the guns and the supplies.

All I need now are the entry codes. I have a contact with the tunnel rats. They only trust Scarbacks, but right now, I only trust you.

I'm not trying to save Westerley, Alvis.

I'm trying to save you.

We're a package deal.

Are you really going to deny the last request of a sexy dying man?

[Twenty-four hour curfew in effect.]

[By order of the Company serving the Quad.]

(sirens and alerts)

[Twenty-four hour curfew in effect.]

Is this line secure?

[Do Tarkesians]

[eat their own young?]

I literally have no idea.

Yes, it's secure.

Just finished downloading your files What kind of black box sh1t is this? Once you're in, I need you to work fast, Carleen. Focus on finding anything about keywords: Khlyen, Dutch, or Level Six.

And... please tell me you're somewhere remote.

[I am, I'm at the...]

Bup-bup-bup, no, I... don't even want to know.

[Why're you guys so freaked]

[over this Khlyen cat, anyway? What's his deal?]

That's what we're trying to figure out.

[You got it. I'll send it in batches as I break it.]

OK, you heard the man; start with all known dialects throughout the J.

Sub-routine: crypto pattern recognition.

Anything you find, send to Jaqobis.

Secure transmissions every six hours.

This b*st*rd's gotta crack sometime...

Processing time, undetermined.

I hear ya, baby. It's gonna be a long night.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting hammered.

(slicing and gasping)

(raspy breathing)

(We still hear her breathing.)

I can make this painless.

Or I can make you suffer. Your choice.

I want what was taken from me.

Take the files.

No, not the files.

Where is the liquid?



I didn't realize helping Alvis would involve dress up.

Come on, I've seen the way you look at his cape.

(electronic beeping)



They better hurry up, I'm freezing my monk-junk.


We're here to see the Rat King. Alvis sent us.


I feel like maybe etiquette is not a rat-people strength.

He'll see you, now.


I see why they call them Rat People Who else would live down here?

There's not much choice without a Company job. Illegals stay in Westerley can't afford to leave. They spend their whole lives down here.

I don't see Alvis.

Alvis couldn't make it. He's...

I know where he is, Auntie.

It still doesn't explain why I should trust you.

Because Alvis does.

We need the codes. We can trade anything you want.

You wanna prove yourselves, prove your faith.

Dutch: How?

This is my sister, Rena.

The fever burns through her.

I was hoping to appeal to Alvis for a blood blessing.

Bless her.

We need holy supplies.

(weapons being armed)

Know what I think?

I think you're just more imposters. I hope you at least know how to fake your own last rites.

And the roots grew.

D'avin whispering: Johnny...

The seed traveled, from a home that we've forgotten.

Finding soil on Qresh.

And the roots grew.

all: And the roots grew.

From one world to two moons, one mother tree to unite us all.

And when we rise, her branches hold us.

And when we tire, her trunk shelters us.

And when we die... her roots will carry us home.

Praise the trees.

all: Praise the trees.

I keep my word.

This is what The Penitent wants.

It should unlock any of the lower bunkers.

Then why aren't your people using them?

Alvis says they're holy. To be saved for the end of days.

But honestly, we've been trapped down here long enough.

I'm ashamed I doubted you.

That's OK. You're... forgiven.

In penance.

Miner ID tags?

We rats have eyes and ears everywhere.

Three scarbacks were beaten outside of our tunnels just before the Leith massacre. They were stripped naked by three men, who threw their own tags and clothes in the sewers as they changed into stolen robes.

I thought you were involved, until the blessing.

And Alvis would never use imposter Monks.

This has "false flag" all over it. We need to get this to Hills, sow enough doubt and buy Alvis some more time.

Thank you.

Aw sh1t. I'm just... Hey, I'm just going to say it.

You need to take your sister to get a real blessing.

Or better yet, a doctor.

I'm not a true Believer.

From what I hear, that's not something you get to decide.


So didn't know you had a Scarback fetish, kinky b*st*rd!

Shut up!

I watched Alvis give a blessing once.

Read up on Scarbacks a bit. You know, for pain freaks, they believe some fairly beautiful sh1t.

Not gonna convert me, are you?

I get enough masochism being your brother, thank you.

Um, Guys?

Did they cancel curfew?

Pawter? What's going on?

I can't believe it.

The bastards are calling a vote.

Which specific bastards?

The Nine. On whether to allow 7th Generation Westies to immigrate to Leith.

What do you mean, "allow"?

They promised. It's a damn law.

(communication alert)

Seyah Kenndry, how nice of you to take time out [of your scheduled screwing of the Quad.]

The vote? Not our fault.

Leith is terrified of you little rampaging Westerlyns.

[We need to look like we're hearing them.]

I'm not a Westerlyn. And something tells me it's not radical Scarbacks Leithians should be afraid of.

[Oh! Well, I would love to hear your theories in person.]

[I'm at the Ancestral Hall today. Come join.]

Actually, I'm occupied...

Actually, that wasn't a request. Or have you forgotten your debt to me?

I have not.

So get those tight pants of yours to Qresh immediately, or I will undo all the help I previously did for you, and let you answer for poor Dr. Jaegar.

[This is an historic day! You and I are going to have some fun. Byeeeee!]

I think she's actually insane.

It's the inbreeding.

So, what, we're going to Qresh, now?

Don't leave yet.

I can't deal with Qreshi sh1t right now.

Does it matter?

The Nine own the Company, which basically makes them our landlords here. Let's not piss them off.

We already got Khlyen to deal with, don't need more enemies.


We'll handle Delle Seyah. I need you to get the entry codes to Alvis's people, and then take the evidence to Hills.

Think he's gonna give a sh1t?

Make him. I know he's a pain in the ass, but he does what he can to keep the peace.


When you get there, look for my mother, Seyah Simms, in the blue sash.

Seyah... Simms, as in, of-the-Nine?

Yes, I am a pretty, pretty princess. Just, give her this.

She needs to understand the situation here.

She's not big on taking my calls.

Also maybe tell her I love her.

Or don't. I dunno, just... read the room.

(glass shattering and shouts)

OK, what if we say screw all of this, get on Lucy and don't look back.

The three of us?

Yeah. The three of us.

I can't.

Not until I'm done with Khlyen.

I know. Go. Go to Qresh, I'll handle Alvis.


Go. We're good.

I'll be standing right here when you get back.

My little Killjoy!

Have you missed me?

Oh, you came too. Fun.

How can we help you, Seyah?

I'm sure you've seen the news.

This Vote today is beyond contentious.

We Nine have all received death threats.

Lace me up?

You're here as my security retinue.

Qreshi politics is a blood sport and I don't want any of it on my dress.



Then let's go make history.

This hall is where our ancestors first pledged the Seventh Generation Accord.

And yet tonight you might undo it.

Ah, it seemed like a better deal at the time: promise Westerlyns that if they behave themselves, keep Company jobs for 7 generations, they can join the middle class on Leith.

The Quad Dream.

Who knew so many of them would actually do it?

Come. I'll show you around, while I show you off.

Woman in red sash? Hyponia family.

We do not like them. Feel free to shiv her.

Ha ha! Just kidding!

Or am I?

hushed voice: Is she drunk?

Grey and Blue; Lands Derrish and Simms, our allies.

Thanks to you, I control Land Lahani.

And the rest... you can let burn.

You, go patrol.

Hm... Jaqobis the Elder.

What can I do you for?

Actually, I'm here to help you. Alvis didn't order the Leithian massacre.

These ID tags should identify the real killers.

Dig deeper, you'll find that none of them are true Scarbacks.

Well. I will be sure to kick that right upstairs.

You're hanging Alvis out to dry, you've got riots in the streets. What are your people up to?

I'll let you know once they decide to tell me.

Meanwhile, stick to chasing Warrants.

It's a lot cleaner than politics.

Leave them.

(orders given and door locking)

Seyah Simms?


I'm, uh, friends with your daughter, Illenore.

A lot of people owe her their lives on Westerley, including me. Illenore, she asked me to give you this.

I have no daughter.

Guess what my vote will be.

You'll vote to keep the Accord.

Will I? Why?

You're far too clever to break a sacred treaty without good reason. People would blame you for the upheaval resulted. You like being many things, Seyah. Accountable isn't one of them.

See, this is why I like you on my arm.

So pretty and so smart.


So rich. So bitch.

Let's just make it through this bullshit without stabbing anyone with a shrimp fork. And then we can go home and check on D'avin.

I thought Westerley wasn't home?

Shut up. You know what I mean.


(message signal)


[Dutch, what's your status?]

I got a bad feeling about this vote.

[I think you were right about leaving.]

[You gonna be ready to go once we're done here?]

Yeah, couple of hitches. Alvis is still in jail and... Khlyen just left my room at the Royale.


What the hell is he doing there, what's he want?

Should I ask him?

[No! Of course not. Don't go near him. sh1t, sh1t, ] sh1t! We're coming back now, OK? Wait for me.

Com's breaking up. Didn't catch that last bit.

[D'avin?] D'avin!

Khlyen killed Carleen.

And now D'avin's going after Khlyen.


OK, screw this.

We've repaid this debt.

We've gotta get back to Westerley before your brother does something asinine.

Uh huh.

Heads up Loose, we're on our way.

John. I recognize that case.

It's the genetic bomb from Leith.

Are you sure?


Cover Delle Seyah, I'm going after him.

Don't move!


(groaning and grunting)

What are you doing?

Seyah, stay back.

Oh for goodness' sake, do I have to do everything?



Where'd he go?

John. Stay on her.

I'm going after him.


Hey! Stop!

I don't hit women, but I got a partner who does, so lady... be nice.

Oh re-lax. Don't be such a killjoy.

Huh! I just got that.

Why'd you set off that bomb?

It's called a coup.

Small flaw in your plan: we saw what you did.

And you think someone will take your word over mine?

Oh, sweetie, that's adorable.

If you're not in danger, why the hell did you drag us here to protect you?

Ask your sexy little partner.

Her mentor is the one who insisted she be here.

I assumed you were in on this.

Khlyen? Why the hell would Khlyen want Dutch here?

Well he sure wouldn't want her near Old Town tonight.

Not with what's coming.

What is coming to Old Town?

(grunts and groans)

So you're Khlyen's pet.

How do you know Khlyen?

We've all heard about you. I must admit, I'm disappointed.

(grunting and groaning)

(choking sounds) Look at me.

I'm going to be the last thing you'll see.


(panting and choking and groaning)

(grunt and stabbing)

Don't feel ashamed. It's not like it's a fair fight.

You're just a girl.

I'm Level Six.

(licking sound)

(shot fired)

I'm Johnny Jaqobis.

Stop licking my partner.


You think guns can kill those things?

(four shots)

I don't know.

Let's not stick around to find out.

OK, what the hell was with Mutant Boy back there? Huh?

We just got Level Sixed. The whole Quad just got Level Sixed.

I don't even know what that means.

Course locked for Westerley.

Lucy, comb all outgoing communications from Qresh.

Isolate anything related to Old Town. Any word from D'avin?

I have not been able to establish contact.

Keep trying. That was a political assassination.

The Rack doesn't do political. Take no bribes, take no sides, warrant is all, ring any bells?

Clearly Sixes don't hear so good.

Hells, John.

Company are calling it a terror attack by Alvis's resistance, in retaliation for his sentencing.

What does framing the resistance get anyone?

An excuse for the Company to finally wipe them all out and call off the immigration agreement Two birds, one very bloody stone. Nice play, Delle Seyah.

I've intercepted a military hailing.

Bombers are being scrambled.

Where are they headed, Lucy?

Destination: Old Town.

They're gonna Sugarpoint it.

We gotta warn Old Town.

I'm sorry, John. Old Town communications are blocked.

Then put some heat on it, Lucy, I don't care if you bust at the seams, we gotta get to Old Town while there still is one.

And keep trying to reach D'avin. Don't stop until you find him.


The boyfriend. I've been meaning to ask you out for dinner, get to know each other.

I really do better with moms.

That's unfortunate. How's tonight?

(discharge and groan)


Johnny! How did it go?

Get your things. We are leaving now.

John. What's going on. What happened at the Vote?

First. Your mother is fine...


He's not up there. Where's D'avin?

Haven't seen him.

There was an attack on Madidus. Bombers are coming here any minute, so we need to get you safe, and find a way to sound the alarm.

(alarm sounding)

Someone beat us to it.

The Company bombers!

Aw, sh1t.



Anyone who wants a ride off-moon, come with us!

Where are we going?

To find D'avin, bust out Alvis and get the hells off this moon.

It's just a bar, Pree.

Oh honey, you know that's not true.

Good night, sweet girl.


(grunts and groans)

What exactly was your plan of attack, following me?

I'm really more of an improv kinda guy.

(grunts and groans)

You're the reason I'm back in her life.



(cracking, ripping and grunting)

When she took her first kill Warrant, I knew she was ready to return to our work.

That's not her fault. Johnny forced her hand.

(discharge and shriek)

Ever since then, I've had to watch her put her life in danger over and over to help you and your brother.

She needs me back in her life to protect her from the mediocrity of you.

(spit and discharge)


I admire your persistence boy.

If things were different I might almost say you're good enough for her.

If you're going to kill me, do it.

I tried killing the last one; the Husband.

I lost her for six years.

No, I've got something far more productive in mind for you.



It's time to face the music, Uncle.

Middle of a bombing campaign seems like a strange time for an execution.

Feels a bit redundant.

Yeah, well, I got a sister that was killed at the bazaar.

So on her behalf, jakkhead? I'm your unofficial executioner.

Stand up!


But it's rude to interrupt a man's prayers.

I don't think those beads are gonna help you now.

(cocking of gun and activation)


(uncorking of bottle) Really?

This is 60-year-old dry pressed Hokk.

Those bombers can pry it from my beautiful, dead fingers.

The vents of Westhole should be around here.

Hey! Alvis, what the hells?

What are you doing down here?

Coming to break you out.

Thought you didn't believe in picking sides.

I'm not picking sides, I'm picking my team.

It's a start. Come with us. We're heading to the bunkers.

I can't.

We have room for a few more if anyone wants to risk flying out.

Have you seen D'avin?

No, but I'll keep an eye out.

Well if he heard the alarms, he's probably booting it for Lucy. Which is where we need to be if we want out of Old Town before it turns into a giant crater.

Stay safe.

Stay you.

All right, everyone coming to the bunkers, stay with me.

I have to stay.

Sweetie, no.

They'll need a Doctor.

We don't even know if those bunkers will open.

But we know my family's part of the reason we're down here.

That is not your fault.

Hey Doc? We gotta move.


Did she say anything? My mother?

She said that she misses you.

She said that she's proud.

You're a better man than a liar, Johnny Jaqobis.

With me. Halt!

I said halt!

Hangar's off-limits.

Nobody in or out tonight.

Yeah, except the giant flipping bombers heading this way, right?

All right, all right, simmer down. You're better off in here, anyway.

Safest building in Old Town...

Hills, you piece of sh1t.

Sugar? Maybe dial that down?

It's not me, It's Company orders.

Not you, old man?

This is all on you! You framed Alvis!

You gave the Company a reason to bomb the sh1t out of us all!

Hey! The Company didn't tell me about the bombing!

Not until it was too late!

You pulled the alarm, didn't you?

Gave everyone a chance to go to ground.

Your family didn't spend seven generations here for nothing.

Under that uniform, you're still a Westerlyn, first.

Let us go, Hills, or are you only brave when the Company isn't looking?

guard: Sir?

Aw, hell.

I don't have the stomach for this anymore.

Let them go.


Make it count, Killjoys.

Been nice knowing you.

You all keep standing at post if you feel like it.

Papa needs a drink.

Get everyone settled in. Hunker down and find something to hold on to.

On it.

D'avin, are you here?

Quick like bunnies, grab a crate.

Loose, light it up and give me satellite on approaching Company ships.

We can't leave. He's not here.

Still no response from D'avin.

Well then what the hell are you good for? Find him!

John, the bombers are almost here.

Don't say it. Dutch, he's a good soldier.

He knows to go to ground. He's probably already in the tunnels.

And if he's not?

He wanted to leave, I said no.

He would still want us to go.

I'm always telling him to have faith in you. Now we need to have faith in him.


Be safe, D'av.

Alright, everyone hold on to their ponats!


Noo-tee, Nees-ma-chay. Shen- tee, Sup-ma-chay. Wee-oh-shess, Chee-nee um-pay.

(people echoing same)


Welcome home doctor.


(music goes on, no dialogue)

(explosion somewhere)

To Westerley.

Nokau Kampanine.


(shattering glass)

Khlyen's got him.

We don't know that.

The last thing D'avin mentioned was seeing him.

John. Incoming automated message from Carleen.

I'll take it in my room Loose.


Yes, Dutch?

I want to record a message.

I want you to broadcast it on loop to D'avin.

D'avin is not receiving...

Shut up Lucy.

Shutting up.

I know you're out there...


And I know that you'll eventually hear me.

(horrible screams nearby)





(screams nearby)


Dutch: I want you to know... we're never giving up.

Oh, sh1t.


Qresh... Leith... Westerley...

Wherever he's taken you, whatever he's done to you...

I will find you.

I will find you.