02x01 - Dutch and the Real Girl

I know you're out there. And I know that you'll eventually hear me. Wherever he's taken you, whatever he's done to you...

I will find you.

I will find you.

[dramatic music]

That's where Khlyen took you.

That's Red-17.


Security was peachy, by the way.

We're outnumbered by a factor of holy times sh1t.

We could just run the other way.

For once.

All right, boys.

Let's go ring the bell.

Missed you bastards.

[suspenseful music]

[electronic whirring]


You might want to run in five... four... whoops!


Go, go!

[punk rock music]



Breach it!


Hey, squarejaw. You made it.

What are you doing here, Fancy?

Wow, I just saved your ass, and you still don't trust me. Why is that?

I don't remember.

Seems legit.

[suspenseful music]

What's wrong?

That's where they kept me.

Johnny, can you get us in?

Do Tarkesians eat their young?

Yes. The answer is yes.

God, people. Read a book.

Fancy. With me.

What happened in there, D'avin?

Tell me again how you found me.

You broke out... we tracked your comm signal until it came back online.

What if I didn't escape?

What if they let me go?

Dutch, I don't think this is a rescue.

I think it's a trap. For you.

I know.

But it's only a trap if it works.

Until then, it's a lead, okay?

Whatever Khlyen's been doing to people here, whatever he did to you, I have to know.

So I'm going, and you're staying here.

Oh, really? Doing what?

Same as always: Have my back.

Ah, sh1t. Screw it.

[bright romantic music]


Is he... humming?


Neural wipe kicks up some crazy last fantasies.

Crank the juice.

I think he needs another dose.


I hate this part.




[bell dings]


Hey. We're ready.

Let's go save my dumb-ass brother.


Armed the sh1t out of a probe.

Full sensors, liquid cam... the works.

And on a side note: I remain amazing.

We doing this?

Oh, yeah.

Entering Arkyn's orbit.

Uh, probe has a liquid cam.

Liquid cam should work like a satellite, snag us pictures of the ground so we can sweep for a drop spot.

Lucy's still picking up some strange radiation on Arkyn, by the way.

But the probe should tell us what we're dealing with.

Good. Lucy, let 'er rip.

[instruments buzzing]

So that's bad, right?

What the hell's happened?

I don't know.

The beta radiation is through the roof.

There's no way that these levels are random.

It's a defense layer. Man-made.

Over the whole moon?

I don't know.

I don't know, it fried the probe before I could tell how deep the field went, but I can... you know, I can run some more tests...


And we can figure out, uh, you know, within a day or...


Khlyen's had D'avin down there for five days.


If we don't find him now, we may not find him at all.

We can't even be sure that he's still down there.

You're right.

Let's go find out.

Lucy, shields maxed. We're going in.

Wha... wait. Dutch. What?

You said "security layer," Johnny.

Layer's got to end somewhere.

Uh, I'm new to this ship.

Do we get a... oh.

[dramatic music]

Lucy! Status!

Warning: I can't maintain internal integrity in these conditions.

Environmental toxins are exceeding safety protocol levels.

We need to abort.

She's tougher than a probe.

We can make it through. Lucy, keep pushing.

I'm sorry, conditions have exceeded crew safety minimums.

Activating emergency override now.

Don't you dare!

Lucy, do it!

Go! Punch it! Punch us through!

[heaving breathing]

Cabin conditions stabilizing.


Maybe we should talk about a plan B.



[rock music]

What the hells was that?

Every trail we have followed has led us to Arkyn.

I know D'av's down there somewhere.

I can feel it.

Hey, guess what?

Your gut doesn't get voting privileges over our safety.

Now, whoever's down there?

You just told them that we're coming.

Are you seriously telling me to give up on him?

I'm the little brother, remember?

I'm genetically incapable of giving up on him.

We can't save him if we die trying.

I know.

I'm sorry.

[sighs] It's just, we're so close.

We need a shortcut.

All these years, someone must have made it to Arkyn and back, right?

Johnny? You're looking think-y.


You ever heard of the Connaver gang?

The Connavers?

So you've heard of them.

I've been a warrant broker 20-odd years, girl.

I've heard of everyone.

The Connaver gang: Abel Connaver and her brothers.

Slick as melted sh1t, the lot of them.

Made a science out of ship piracy, but always escaped company pursuit.

Want to guess how?


By hanging out on Arkyn when the heat got too much.

Ding ding. Cookie for blue eyes.


Look, I know it's off-limits, but we tried landing on Arkyn.

And it's not empty.

There's some kind of man-made defense layer.

How do the Connavers get past?

Nobody knows how.

What'd the RAC have to say?

They figure Connaver stole some kind of gadget that protects her ships.

We just need that tech.

If there's a warrant out for it, we want on it.

Why are you always chasing dragons?

'Cause they're the ones with all the gold.

I really need that tech, Belle. For D'avin.

You always told me I can be safe, or I can be good.

I choose good.

There's a standing "live or dead" warrant for whoever has that tech now.

Heard whispers that the Connavers left it for collateral before their last jump, so I sent an agent after it.

He never came back.

Where did you send him?





Eulogy, the barter town?

Well... poopy.

Two rules for entry.

Got to be a known criminal, and got to bring stolen goods worth gambling.

I can handle the second part.

How long to build us deep covers?

Why bother risking fakes?

You got the genuine article right in front of you.

["Radar" by Danger Twins]


Oh, like you don't have skeletons.

[clicks tongue]

♪ Call us the underdog ♪
♪ We like a dark horse ♪
♪ We do it our way ♪
♪ As if we had a choice ♪
♪ Go look around a corner ♪
♪ We coming up now ♪

So what are we in for here?

Beers, bets, and bullets.

Eulogy is one big outlaw casino, where everyone wages their stolen goods.

What are you looking at?

Come on. Just one hint?

What'd you do time for? Gun runner?

Sass thief?

Shut it.


Pree, you got this, right?

No problem. I'll get us in.

♪ We gonna be on your radar ♪
♪ We comin' up on your radar ♪
♪ We gonna be on your radar ♪

Searching prison records throughout J colonies. Match found: Pree Medez. Alias: Big Daddy Scrimshaw. Alias: Paris O'Malley.


One subject verified and approved.


He's with me.

I'll vouch.

Your funeral.

If he hangs, you hang.

So, what are you guys wagering, anyways?

Total current value: 15,000 joy.

There's eight more like it on our ship.

Wager has been accepted and secured.

Pick up.

♪ We gonna be on your radar ♪

So, any last advice?

One: Let me lead.


Dutch, we're ready when you are.

Copy that.

[machines beeping]

[suspenseful music]

Okay, Johnny.

I'm in.



You guys reading me?

Of course not.

I'm definitely ready to come home now.

Sure would be nice to see the cavalry coming over that hill.

[dog barking]

There he is. We have a visual.

You got to kill me, Jaqobis.

It's starting. I can feel it.

Get him up.

[dogs barking]


Tell them what's going on here!

Tell 'em!

[dramatic music]

Take him to the cell.

♪ The green in my pocket ♪
♪ Soon to be in my hand ♪
♪ It'll slip through my fingers ♪
♪ Catch the next man ♪
♪ I've finally found my Mr. Money ♪

♪ But now he's gone again ♪


Give me gold, seven brothers, and ride that spare.

Let's make that money.

Baby, come on, come on...

Yes! Whoo! Yes! Whoo!

Johnny, you there?

Where are you going mid-game?

Oh, he's got a bladder the size of a little girl, this one.

I'll play his hand. We're together.

Run along, sweets.

Thanks, hon.

[machines beeping]

I think that Pree's enjoying himself a little too much.

How's it down there?

Testing your lens now.

How's this supposed to work?

Well, theoretically, Connaver's device has been on Arkyn, so it should have absorbed that radiation signature.

The beta radiation isn't visible to the eye, but those bang-ass lenses will translate it into something you can see.

Look for anything red... well, assuming that the device is actually here.

[suspenseful music]

There it is.

Behind a big-ass lock.

[sighs] Johnny, can you help me out?

Give us five. Lucy, standing by?

Standing by, John.

[machines whirring]

[clears throat]

I'm sorry. I had to take a call.

From your mother.

My mother?


Oh, well, maybe if you returned her call, she wouldn't have to keep calling.

Well, maybe if she stopped treating our couch like a guest room, I wouldn't have to keep avoiding her.

I can't help your limited social skills.

And I can't help it if your mother's a big fat raging bitch.

[all murmuring]

You don't disrespect your man's mother!

What's wrong with you?

Thank you.

Right? Oh! Oh!

So sorry! Sorry!

Thank you, John.

Commencing system takeover.

[shouts and murmurs]

Where did my bets go?

Come on!

[suspenseful music]

Lucy, what's that flicker?

The system is resisting me.

Kick its ass, woman.


I've located Dutch's comm. Disabling the door now.

Johnny, what's with the lights?

Lucy's on it.

I can only buy you a small window, so grab the Arkyn shield and get out.

That's gonna be a problem.

[chaotic shouting]


[chaotic shouting]

You're not supposed to see this yet.

How are you here?




How did he do that?

I've never seen it before.

What are you people doing to me?

Who are you?

What do you want?

I'm just looking for a device.

It belonged to the Connavers?

They use it to get into Arkyn.

Why do you want it?

My partner.

He's trapped down there.

He needs my help.

I don't think there are any bullets in that gun.

Why's that?

'Cause you would have shot your chain by now.

This is what you're looking for.

Connavers implanted their shield in me so I'd guard it.

Why you?

Johnny, what's going on?

Don't know.

We're heading to the elevator now.

Lucy, we really need you.

I've been detected by the system.

You're on your own.

What? No!

No, no, Lucy, the whole exit plan depends on you hacking this elevator.

There they are!

We've had such a lovely time.


[dramatic music]

Ah! sh1t, that is hot!

Doors reopening.

No, no, no, no, no. Behave.

I am not wearing my dying underwear today.

You better get this box moving.

Hang on.

I have to hack this thing old school.

You said this plan was foolproof.

Well, I was wrong.


I am divorcing you and taking all your imaginary money.



You call that moving?


All right, Dutch, new plan.

Lucy got booted out of Eulogy's system.

Now, we can still come get you, but I can't seal off the stairs anymore.

You're gonna have incoming.

I can get you out of here if you can help me get to Arkyn.


Now let's go.


I'm not leaving without Alice.

Who the hell is Alice?

My good arm.

Trust me. You're gonna want Alice.


Get down!

Who's that?

Never try and rob a thief, girlie!


Well, don't try and kill a Killjoy, dick.

Wow. Your game needs some work.

Oh, shut up and find your arm.

Already did.

Johnny, where are you?

In the slowest elevator ever.

Great, we've got a genuine god damn posse out there.

You sure you're up for this?

[rock music]

Oh, I've been waiting for this.

♪ I don't need nobody ♪
♪ I'll make it on my own ♪
♪ 0 to 100

♪ We'll run the open road ♪


You ready?

Locked and cocked.

Let's give these bitches some stitches.



I rhyme when I'm nervous.


Elevator coming to you in five... four... three... two... one.


Hey. Plan?

We got to hold 'em down until the elevator reboots.



sh1t, I'm out of ammo.

On 'em.

I got this.



Still breathing.

Lucy, we got an injured.

Get us to the evac point now.

I know a way out. Follow me.


We'll be surrounded once the doors open.

Not where we're going.

[suspenseful music]

Lucy, you have a visual?

Right behind you, John.


I thought he was strong enough for the process.

I didn't anticipate failure.

He didn't fail.

Failure damages or kills the subject.

He's perfectly fine. He just rejected it.

Sir, he's immune.

No one is immune.

Get him up.

All right.



It's not healing.

Sir, be careful.

There's something different about this one.

Hmm. Agreed.

Wait, wait, wait!

No, no!

What are you?


What the hells are you?

Those were your people.

Hmm. Debatable.

Yale, Yale.

What fun new wolf have you brought to my door?


Where are you going?

I have about 15 minutes to save your life and cover our tracks.

Stay and die, or leave with me.

Make your choice.

[spaceship whirring]

[suspenseful music]


Hands off her.


Very off.

I'm not... I'm not hurting her.

I'm... I'm admiring.

sh1t. She's, uh... seriously, she's... she's beautiful.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

I'm not exactly housebroken these days.

Where am I?

You're on our ship.

You were shot, and you're okay, but it's your mods that I'm worried about.

Did you see all of them?

Uh... kind of had to.


I'm John, by the way.

You're a hack mod, right?

That's none of your business.

Hey, look.

I'm... I'm not with immigration.

I'm not gonna report you.

Killjoys, we only care about warrants.

You never told me your name.

It's Clara.

What happened to you, Clara?

Connavers won me in trade for a debt a few years ago.

They brought me straight to the factory.

What factory?

The factory.

Black market moding.

They... they alter people way past legal limits.

No questions asked.

Clara, we really need to get onto Arkyn.

Where did they get the shield?

They found it.

On a crashed ship they tracked leaving Arkyn.

Once they figured out what it was, they needed a way to keep it portable and safe, so... they stuck it in me, took my arm, and gave me Alice so I could protect it.

You should have killed them with her.

Death by irony.

I can't.

Friendly fire block?

I so much as raise her at them, I get 500 volts to my brain and take one hell of a nap.

And trust me, I've taken many naps.

I'd rather pass out than give in.

Approaching Arkyn's atmosphere.

Hey, Lucy. Keep some distance.

I don't want anyone sensing our approach.

We weren't exactly subtle last time.

Don't worry... once I activate the shield, it cloaks the ship.


Besides... we had a deal.

Let's get this over with.

Hey, you know what? No rush.

Get some rest, and we'll let you know when we're ready.

What do you mean, "no rush"?

Khlyen could be killing your brother right now.

So, we're not gonna talk at all about your people flooding me with magic green sh1t while floating naked in a tub?

That would be my preference.

Brought you here to make you a Level VI.

Apparently, it didn't work. I need to know why.

But why me?

Sent you back to Yale, a Level VI loyal to me.

To spy on her?

To protect her.

She listens to you.

She doesn't listen to me anymore.

You know you have some pretty serious daddy issues with her.

It's pretty creepy.

Stop talking.

Because I'm right?

So I don't shoot you.


And put my fist through the wounds.

Well, that was oddly... specific.

Is she okay?

The gunshot's not the problem.

Sternum plate took most of the hit.

It's the radiation.

What radiation?

She has a shield.

No. No, no, no.

She is the shield.

It's like she absorbs the radiation for everyone else every time she passes in and out of Arkyn.

There's old burns all around the tech.

That's... that thing's got to be killing her by inches.

I mean, really shitty inches.

Then get it out of her.

I can't.

Those Connaver assholes have rigged it to blow if it's tampered with.

Then what's our alternative, John?

You know, I'm trying to be positive guy, Mr. Glass-half-full, but I think I've run out of glass.

He would never have even met him if it wasn't for me.

If I need to drag D'av back from hell, I will.

The last time Khlyen went after someone you cared about, he murdered your husband.

I don't want platitudes.

I just want my brother back.

Who's Khlyen?



Bionic ears.

Did I not mention...

You should be resting.

So answer my question and I'll go.

It's kind of a dark story.

Remember the part where I was kidnapped by a gang of thieves who cut off my arm and made me their robo-slave girl?

Point taken.

Khlyen trained me to be an assassin.

Starting from when I was a child.

I finally broke away six years ago, thanks to Johnny.

But he found you again.

Well, he's a bit of a stalker.

He's got my brother.

That's the guy on Arkyn?


So, Khlyen is your Connaver?

I guess so, yeah.


I'm in.

Let's go mess his sh1t up.

Clara, Johnny said the shield damages you.

This isn't your fight.

None of them were my fight.

But this time, I get to choose.

Look, I had family once too. Brothers.

You know what they did when the Connavers came to take me?


I wish they'd come and rescued me, but you're the ones who did, so we're doing this.

And then we're even.

If I ever find the factory again, you two can ride shotgun.

Help me burn that sh1t to the ground.

I'll do that one for free.


I'm driving, nerd.

Right... okay...


Be gentle. Uh...

Tell Lucy what you need.

We don't need words. Do we, girl?

Initiating Nexus.

Hello, Clara.

All right. Take us in.

How long until the shield...

Hold on.

[dramatic music]

[electricity crackling]

[heavy breathing]

Still with us?


Lucy's grabbed an outbound signal.

I think that's where we should head.

Johnny, patches off. No IDs.



You okay?

Hey. Dummy.

A big, beautiful ship just landed on their front lawn.

Go get your brother before they notice.

I'll stay with her. Go.

Lucy, take care of Clara.

Fry anyone who comes close.



Right back with a cold compress.

And a giant glass of hock, hmm?

Thank you for the compliment, Clara.

You are also attractive.


For a human.

Strange time for a manicure.

I'm connecting with the beta system.

That's some multi-tasking green sh1t you got there.

You have no idea.



All traces of you are gone.


Oh, this is definitely my happy face.

I saw that symbol. In my dreams.

That wasn't a dream.

It's a very old memory.

It's part of the process.

Whose memory?

[door opening]


Being a VI has its advantages.

Protocol H. Protocol H.

We're out of time. The Black Root is here.

Black Root?

Would you die for her?

For Dutch and Johnny.

If that's what it takes.


Do it another day.


Yale is on her way to you.

Find her and get her away from Arkyn.

I'll deal with the Black Root.

If she thinks you're here, she won't leave until she finds you.

Then do what I've always done.

Lie to her.

[dramatic music]




You okay?

Have you seen D'avin?


Is he here?

You got to get him out.

John, I've located D'avin's comm signal.


Sending coordinates now.


Stand down.


You're tardy.

It's an honor to meet you, sir.

Yes, I imagine it is.

Time to go home.


Johnny! Over here!



Okay. All right.

Enough, I can't breathe.


What happened to your leg?

Long story.

Longer fall.

Took you long enough.


Come on, we had to hide Lucy, but she's just over the next rise.

You and Fancy stay with him.

I have to look for Khlyen.

Wait. He's gone.

He's gone.

I saw him leave.

Trust me, nothing there but death.

Hey, we're wide open out here.

Whatever we're doing, let's do it.

Dutch, I barely got out.

[alarm blaring]

Clara! Luce! Start us up!

We got him.

We have been looking all over hell for you.

Well, hell is where you found me.

It's good to be home.

Hey, Fancy, they get you with that green sh1t?

Made it out before they had a chance.

What are you doing?

D'avin, what the hell?

Wait! Just wait.

[dramatic music]

He's a Level VI.

We've already lost him.


You sure?

Only way to know.

Okay, but you're sure?

Oh, for God's sake.

There. Done. You're welcome.

Now hurry up and bleed.

Show us your hand, D'av.


Still a bleeder, not a healer.

Praise the trees and pass the hock.

You guys are weird.

Look, we have to get to Old Town, have Pawter check me out for real.

What'd I say?

Is that a...

Containment fence.

All around Old Town.

Sealed in the riots, and the citizens.

No communication, no one in or out.

No idea who made it through the bombing alive.

sh1t, Pree.

I'm so sorry.

Me too, sweetie.

But no one's giving up hope yet.

Old Town got some fight in her.

Good, 'cause now that we're a whole team again, that's our next mission.

Getting into Old Town.

Getting Pawter and Alvis out.

I'm not stealing. I'm borrowing.

I'll send it all back.

Okay, but that is my bag and my favorite socket wrench.

Arm wrestle you for it.

You know, you don't have to go.

You could stay here with us.


You've seen what I am, John Jaqobis.

I'm more than 26% modified.

That's illegal in the Quad.

I'm not even a person here under Company law.

You still need help.

Things I can't fix.

I know.

I have a doctor friend, a Qreshi.

Well, lah-dee-dah.


Look, she's in Old Town.

That's where we're headed next.

And Pawter's good people. I know that she would help.

Help with what?

Strip my mods, make me a basic again?

That's what you call us?


Little bit.

Your mods are hurting you.

The Connavers hurt me.

My mods are me.

I was changed for other people once.

I'm not doing it again.

So, is this good-bye then?

You tell me.

I heard you talking.

I know you have a warrant for the shield.

You know I'd give it to you, but...

[imitating explosion]

So, you gonna let me leave with it?


I'm a stickler for wording.

"Level III warrant, under due and legal tender, by authority of the RAC, is for the person, or persons, in legal possession of the aforementioned shield."

You're not a person by Company's own rule.

So our warrant can't apply to you.

You didn't hear this from me, but...

I think Alice has a sudden crush on you.

You tell her it's mutual.

Come on, I've got a friend at the bazaar who can help smuggle you out of the Quad.

I'll take you.


You take care of your people.

If they ever need me and Alice, you got my numbers?


Signal: Locked.

I'm glad you got your brother back.

Johnny Jaqobis.

[soft music]

I like that one, John.

Can't we keep her?

That's not how it works, Luce.

That's not even a little bit how it works.

[soft music]


I lied to you.

About Khlyen.

He was still there on the base.

I know.

Then why did you leave with me?

Because you all needed me to.

He took you away once.

He turned Fancy into a Level VI.

Who's next?



I don't think Khlyen's your enemy.

I don't think you get a say in that.

Dutch, he sacrificed himself, turned on his own people to make sure we got away.

Why would he do that?

What if Khlyen doesn't run the RAC?

And there's a whole other level above him?

Whatever their plan is, it scares him.

[door opening]

What the hells would scare Khlyen?

I don't know.

Long-ass trip.

Better hold him the whole way.

Take him to the lady.


[ominous music]

What if you've been wrong this whole time, Dutch?

What if Khlyen isn't your real enemy, but he's protecting you from who really is?

I'm not ready to believe that.

Whatever the RAC are doing on Arkyn, whatever their plan is for Level VI, Khlyen is still a part of it.

So are you.

You've never been on Arkyn before today, right?

Of course not. None of us have.


I saw something else.

In that... memory...

It doesn't make any sense.

D'avin, what did you see?

[chaotic shouting]



[dramatic music]

I saw you.

[heavy breathing]

♪ I don't need nobody ♪
♪ I'll make it on my own ♪
♪ 0 to 100 ♪
♪ We'll run the open road ♪