02x04 - Schooled

Previously on "Killjoys"...

We tried landing on Arkyn, and it's not empty.

There's some kind of manmade defense layer.

Why are you always chasing dragons?

I don't hit women, but I got a partner who does, so, lady, be nice.

Oh, relax. Don't be such a killjoy.

Ha! I just got that.

Johnny? Are you on your way?


You didn't mention that massive data transmission that Khlyen sent just before they blew up the base.

It was encrypted.

Find out where it went.

Write me a Warrant to get there.

I need to know what's in that file.



You sure you want to do this?

Last time, you got hurt.

You need to let that go.

I want this.

How bad?

All the bad you've got.



My mom taught me that.

Oh. Respect.


Too bad she didn't teach you how to fight like a girl.

So, where's Monkpants?

Alvis? At the monastery researching Scarbacks on Arkyn.

Oh, yeah? Good.



Look, it's a small ship.

I don't want things getting weird.

Weird how?

You and me are complicated, Alvis is simple.

So, if stuff happens, it happens.

I just wanna say, we're good.



♪ ♪

Okay. Now it's weird.


Yeah. Little bit.

Nice to see you guys keeping sh1t platonic.

I have RAC Officer Turin on an encrypted channel.

Timing, Lucy. Timing.

Not interrupting, am I?

Depends. Why are you calling?

I know where Red 17's last transmission went.

Definitely not interrupting. Where?

Prodigy School. Quadrant 4.

Prodigy School?

A school for gifted Westy kids.

Taking the smart kids away to better schools used to be optional.

Now it's mandatory.

RAC handles all the Escort Warrants for the students, so I got your team one.

To escort students?

Like... small people?

Children, Dutch. They're called children.

Why is Khlyen sending a transmission to a school?

That's a little creepy.

It's a lot creepy. So get in there and find out.

But do anything other than what the Warrant requires.

You're on your own.

Fine. We'll do it.

But you get to babysit.

Screw that.

One of the three kids is in Old Town.

Johnny should be done springing Pawter.

I say we swing by en route, make him babysit.

Even better.

Lucy, take us in.

Will do.

Grab your provisions.

Old Town must be living hell these days.


Hell is... drunker than I remember.

♪ ♪

Hey! Jelco let you back in?

Even Jelco can't override a Warrant.

Food and medicine.

Oh, now that calls for a drink.

Is that sh1t even legal?

This sh1t isn't even drinkable.

Just don't tell them.

We're looking for this kid.

His father's a miner, and their old address is a pile of rubble.


Sabine used to work the Mine's Canteen.

My friends here are looking for this boy.

Killjoys hunt kids now?

Times must be tough.

No, we're not arresting him.

He qualified for Prodigy.

We're taking the class to school, where it's safe.

That's actually sweet.

Prodigy's about the only nice thing the Company does for us Westies.

Well, it feels good to give back, you know?

Try the East Tenements.

Most families migrated there after the bombings.

♪ ♪

Johnny here yet?


But your boy left you a message.

With you? Which means I'm not gonna like it.

Pawter busted herself out of Spring Hill by putting a bomb in Jelco's chest and making a run for the Salt Plains.

(LAUGHS) Johnny's tracking her down.

He may be a skootch late.

Lucy, you sure this is the place?

The Doctor's last signal was broadcast from this location.

If she's not here, she's probably dead.

Just a "yes" next time, Luc, okay?


What the hells?

Hey, what's going on?

Salt Plains Law.

Any captive can wrestle Big Borna in there for their freedom.


Captive? Oh, sh1t.

You're in for a treat, pal.


Okay, that's it. No more bets, guys.

No more bets.

I like your necklace.

I like your hair.


I'll sell that first.









♪ ♪

Hey, you couldn't wait for me in Spring Hill?

Dial it down, Jaqobis. I handled it.

How? She would've torn my arm off.

Lydian Nerve Pinch.

They teach it in emergency surgery in case you run out of anesthetic.

Way to go, doc.


Salt Plains Law... she wins, she goes.

That's before I knew she was a doctor.

Be nice to see one of my boys settled down with a good woman.

Did she just propose to you?

Listen, I'm very flattered...

And very outnumbered.

Okay, I take it back, Johnny. You can handle this part.



♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

So, when every little girl dreams of her big day, is this what you saw?

More or less.

Maybe a chocolate fountain.



Nice catch.

Ow! Rude!


Watch out!

On my signal, jump left.


That is how a bar brawl is born.



I need Johnny on his game. Pawter's just a distraction.

The kind of girl who...

Sleeps with her patients?

Fuses a bomb to the chest of the most dangerous man in Westerly.

She could get Johnny hurt.

Won't stop him from helping her.

Even our asshole dad couldn't knock the hero out of him.


That's what makes us a great team.

You lead. I shoot.

Johnny gives a sh1t.

Do you really want him to lose that?



Hey, lady.

You need a ride?

What happened?

I thought we made a pretty good team back there.

It's not you. It's...

I don't even know where to start.

We can start with why you left Spring Hill.

I mean, Jelco's a dick, but he'd never hurt Qreshi Royalty.

What if Qreshi Royalty's the problem?

I stole this from Jelco. It's got Company plans for building walls around every major town on Westerley.

Why? I thought they put the wall up because Old Town rebelled.

So did I. But it looks like Old Town's just a part of a bigger plan.

I have to warn people.

Alone, on foot, in a wasteland full of rapey hillfolk?

Okay, so I haven't worked out all the kinks yet.

The Company's building a cage for this entire moon.

I can't just sit by and watch.

You work for the RAC. I don't want to get you in trouble.


Look, hole up in Lucy for a bit.

Just until you figure out your next move.

I thought Killjoys take no sides.

Friends do.

Reclamation and Apprehension.

We have a Warrant for the escort of Jake Qayumi.

I want to go!

Don't you move!

Let go of me!

I don't care what your Warrant says.

You can't have my boy.

Law says we can, Lans.

Prodigy School took my first son.

Company bombings took my wife.

Jake's all I got left.

Da, I want to see Olan.

Olan got picked 'cause he was the smartest kid in Old Town.

You still mix up your letters.

Somebody made a mistake.

You want Jake growing up behind that wall?

Your son has a way out of Old Town.

Take it.

Hey, I said you're not going!



Forgot to mention... I hate bullies.

He really does.

Take the kid if he wants to go.

Come here.

We'll get him there safely. You have my word.

Doesn't matter. As soon as they leave Westerly, they forget all about us.

Been three years since his brother went to Prodigy.

What's the Company gonna take from us next?


Come on.

Sorry, Da.

Got a few more kids to pick up.


So, how long did Dutch say Pawter could stay?

Oh, I haven't asked her yet, but I am really looking forward to it.


You want to tell your people to play nice with my sh1t?

My people?

My tribe's over there, playing nice.

My tribe's more fun.



Not a puzzle guy, huh?


They were more Olan's thing.


So, are you nervous about seeing him?

It's been three years.

What if he doesn't even want me here?

That's not gonna happen, because a brother will always have your back.

Isn't that right, Johnny?


Even if they stab you in it.


You stabbed your brother?

Just a little bit.

And it was in the front, not the back.

Still counts.

Okay, as soon as we dock, I will get us into Prodigy's database.

Whatever Khlyen sent, I will find.

How long till we dock?

Don't know.

How long will the good doctor be with us?


She had nowhere else to go, Dutch.

Hey, did I say anything when you let Alvis "Scarbunk" with us?

Fine. But she's your stray.

Keep her out of our sh1t, and stay out of hers.

I'm being really serious, Johnny.

That transmission could be the key to my connection with Arkyn.

I need your full focus right now.


We've been cleared for docking.


No fair.


Wish my school had looked like that.

Let's gear up.

Thank you... for the nerd box.

Data Miners to help Lucy weed through the station's central memory core for Khlyen's transmission.

And where do we plug these suckers in?

Security control. Whoever finds it first.

Docked and cleared.

Have a good first day of school.

Remember to share your lunch.

All right, shortstacks, let's move!

It's school time!

All: Whoo!

Let's get our learning on.

Come on.

I swear he was adopted.

♪ ♪

Way to make a kid feel welcome.


I guess someone didn't get the memo.



Where are the rest of the kids?

Where's the rest of everybody?

Okay, small fries, stick close.

Welcome to Prodigy.

I know that voice.

I hate that voice.

At least we can guess who Khlyen sent his last message to.

Great. The last time they worked together, they nearly started a war.

What fun are they up to now?


You are the elite few to qualify for the Prodigy School Program, a special education initiative on behalf of the Nine for Westerley's most gifted children.

Please proceed through the doors to receive your welcome packages and assigned class Guardians.


Breach, Classroom A.

Go. Pawter and I got the kids.

Come on. Let's go.

What is Delle Seyah up to?

(ALARM WAILING) - Breach, Classroom A.

Archvillain's abandoned space station...

I've seen this movie.

If we get attacked by zombie kids, I'm gonna be so mad.


That's Classroom A dead ahead.

You sure?


♪ ♪

If this is a classroom, why are there cryopods?

Someone's making kidcicles.

What kind of school is this?

The exclusive kind.

Stand down.

And I don't recall enrolling you.

Did you touch the pods?

Seyah, they're empty.

What have you done with them?

Where are the children?

What do you mean?

They were empty when we got here.


Over here.

♪ ♪


Wherever those kids are, I don't think they left here willingly.


Biometric ID confirmed.

Commencing lockdown on all docking bays.

♪ ♪

What have you done to my ship?

Making sure she stays put.

Nobody is leaving until we find those children.

We're here on official RAC business.

Unlock my ship.

Show me your Warrant.

We're escorting your new class.

This is wrong.

We're not ready for them yet.

The current class continues for another six months.

They should still be asleep.

How long have they been missing?

No idea.

I got an alert that your ship was approaching the station.

I arrived here just after you.

Lucy? Confirm.


An O-Class Cruiser docked with the station approximately 12 minutes ago.

Johnny, can you figure out when the pods were opened?

Yeah, the pod's biometer should tell me.

D'av, take the kids back to Lucy until we find out what's going on.

Copy that. Already moving.

Go. Help the Killjoy.

Who else has access to the station and knows how to wake the kids?

Just one person.

Malta Chambers: class Guardian.

With the Company 18 years. Perfect record.

The Guardians monitor the children's progress.

They're fully vetted before they join the Program.

To watch sleeping kids in cryo?

How do you test for that? A pulse?

Bring up the security footage of the pod room.

It's gone. All of it.

Scan the station for life forms.

The station was built to block all scans.

(SIGHS) The children are here.

Chambers must have them.

Nobody else is onboard?

I'm piloting a new learning technique.

Until I'm sure it's viable, the guest list for the station is very exclusive.

Why are you here, Yalena?

I missed our hate-flirting.


But you're no one's bus driver, and I'm not a fool.

So what are you looking for?

You really don't know?

No. Tell me.

If we're going to work together, you have to trust me.

Then ante up.

What are you really doing to these kids?

Killjoy, huh?

What's that like? Crazy, right?


Yeah, I knew it.

Man, you guys are insane.

They wouldn't take me. I had a heart thing.

Now I'm stuck playing bodyguard for her majesty, Delle Shitza.

Well, working for the baddest bitch in the Quad's got to have its moments.

It's just dumb parties and meetings.

This missing kids thing is the most action I've seen in months.

The kids are missing?

Olan's not even here?


Hey, Jake...

Screw this. I'll find him myself.

I don't think your heart is why the RAC turned you down, Hokkhead.

Try not to lose the rest of them.

I got this.

Hey, I heard about the kids. How can I help?

I'm trying to figure out when these kids were taken from the pods, but these things are fried.

If I take the tech, will you handle the bio?

Deal. Let's science this sh1t.

So, how well do you know Delle Seyah?

All the Nine grow up together.

We're an incestuous little dynasty.


When I was 15, she put dye in our swimming pool.

Turned my skin green during council elections.

Oh, I'm sure you took that lying down.


And then I mixed Dilex-12 into her shampoo.

Took her two years to grow back so much as an eyelash.

Chemistry's a bitch, and so am I.

I'm both turned on and terrified.

I get that a lot.

These aren't straight cryopods.

They were neurofeeding these kids in their sleep.


What is this sh1t?

♪ ♪


Come on, buddy.


Dropped something, big guy.

Go away.



You brought rocks?

They're from my house.

Olan doesn't even know that it got bombed.

Hey, you're a Nova cadet?

I joined Novas when I was about your age.

Best summers of my life.

Dad says Novas are suck-ups.


Sounds like our dads would get along.

They're both giant assho...


They're both jerks.


Mine's an asshole.

We're gonna find Olan, okay?


Dutch, I thought we were alone. There's a woman...

We see her.

She's heading for the airlock bay.

Bruxton, Guardian Chambers is heading for the portside airlock bay. Intercept and apprehend.


No, stay in position!

If she makes it to my ship, we may not find those other children.

I don't like this.

She could be drawing us into some kind of trap.

D'av? The kids are unguarded on Lucy.

sh1t. I'm on my way.

I know what you did to the children.


Suck on this, Killjoys.


What the hells?




I lost Bruxton.

I lost all the feeds!

Come on.


Hey, little people?

You here?



D'av? Status?

Kids are safe.

Bruxton catch up with the space nanny yet?

(GLITCHING, REPEATING) Welcome to... to Prod... Prodigy.

♪ ♪


But she caught the hells up with him.

Johnny, I lost Chambers.

You've got to get the cams back up.

I'm trying.

Can you give me a hand over here?

Pass the Mediscan.




So, what is it?

♪ ♪

DNA, amino acids, proteins...

We found the kids, Johnny.

This is all that's left of them.

Electrocution. Stopped his heart.

What about the kids? What killed them?

Oh, great.

You're here too. Best day ever.

We need to get everyone off this station... now.

Not until Chambers is found.

I need to know who else is behind this.

Have your beefy menfolk guard the students.

You were neurofeeding those children.

No one calls it that anymore.

"Compressed learning." Whatever.

It's barbaric and illegal.

Your feeders killed those children.

Chambers killed the children.

The cryo technique is painless and safe.

The children wake up experts in their field.

No homework, no pimples.

Had it been that easy for you, maybe you could've passed finals without Jakk.

You're using Westerlyns as lab rats because they're expendable.

That's Company business, which is no longer any of yours.

If you don't want the truth exposed, send Delle Seyah Kendry to answer for her crimes.

Level nine.

Alone and unarmed.

Justice will be done.

Justice for what? She's the kid killer.

Let's give her what she wants.

Our turn to draw her out.

Are you... you're seriously proposing to use me as bait?

You want Chambers? Step up.

We're done here.

♪ ♪



Are you crazy?

It'll heal. But you know what won't?

Your reputation.

Where's your security, Delle Seyah?

Why won't you call for help?

Whatever you're doing here, your own people don't know about it, and I'm all you've got.

So are we gonna fight some more?

Or are we going to behave?

What's your plan?

We plant these motion sensors at the end of both halls.

When Chambers trips them, take her down.


How's the kid?

Talk to him yet?

Eh, it'll just make it worse.

He just lost his brother.

We know what that's like.

Pawter said Olan never woke up.

He was asleep the whole time.

That's good.

I was worried he might be scared.

He hates small spaces.

I guess you have to take me home now.

Unless I can go with you.


♪ ♪

We're gonna catch whoever did this.

Nova promise.

You said we'd find Olan too.

♪ ♪

Novas are bullshit.


♪ ♪

Yep. Made it worse.

Delle Seyah, we're in position.

The motion sensors are ready.

I don't need to remind you that if anything happens to me, things will get very awkward for you.


When Chambers trips the sensors we'll be right behind her.

Then let's cut the sh1t, shall we?

I think you're here because of our mutual friend.

We have no mutual friends.

Tell me, what's it like living a life so free of nuance?

Must be refreshing.

Like ice cream and puppies.

I know Khlyen left the Quad, and I know Red 17 was destroyed.

Now you show me yours, Yale.

Tell me why you're here.

Khlyen's final transmission from Red 17 was sent here.

This doesn't make sense.

We communicate on a schedule. He's never early.

Communicate about what?

John, the data miners have located the Arkyn transmission.

It overloaded the memory core and was re-routed to Classroom A.

That's where the kids were.

And Chambers...


She's here.

What do I do?

Run, you idiot!

Why didn't Chambers trip the sensors, Johnny?

I don't know!

Don't shoot. I need her alive.

♪ ♪

What the hells is she?


Digital ghosting.

Chambers used the camera's light spectrum to holoproject.

D'av, we lost visuals on Chambers.



Dutch, you're cutting out.

D'av, Chambers might be coming for you.


Go check on him and Pawter. I've got Delle Seyah.


Lucy, what's going on with the coms?

The Station's operating system has commandeered my controls.

What? You're being hacked?

In less specific terms, yes.

Hey, little people!

Hey! Hey!

Back on board now. It isn't safe.

But the announcement said to meet in the airlock bay.

What announcement?


You got to be kidding me.



Pawter! We're headed back to Lucy.

Chambers is on the move.

That's impossible.

Pawter, come on.

Listen, I was able to isolate the DNA strands from the pod discharge.

Chambers' DNA is part of the soup.

She's been dead the whole time.

Well, if Chambers was liquified with the kids, then who's doing this?

Not all the kids were liquified.


Olan? You're alive!

Jake, we got to go.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Come on.


Yeah. I missed you too, pal.

Easy. You're in shock.

Olan... he's still...


Yeah, we know. He's alive.

He's got Jake on Lucy.

Why didn't I hear that announcement?

Audiometrics. Adults lose the top end of pitch.

He used a frequency only kids can hear.

Really? Is that a thing?

Beta Security Protocol initiated.

I in no way like the sound of that.

What is that?

Invasion safeguard.

Life support is cut to everything but the cryopods.

I hate you so much.

Release the ship from the docking clamps, and I'll restore life support.

You have 15 minutes before the oxygen runs out.

You'd better hurry.

Congrats, Delle Seyah.

Your baby evil overlord takes right after you.

The boy is clearly unstable. That's hardly my fault.

None of this matters if we suffocate.

Can you override?

If we can get to the control room.

Hey, Johnny, I need you to crack open Lucy and tell that little sh1t he's grounded.

We'll get the kids back to the cryopods, buy us some time.

Be careful in there. Don't underestimate Olan.

I said he's smart. Not smarter than me.

He probably is smarter.


Empirically speaking.

Well, no one asked you, Xosia.


Come on.

I can't let you do this, Olan.

You can keep rerouting and re-coding all you want, but I will own you.

Your attitude is very unbecoming for a boy with your potential and intellect.

Shut it.

I don't need a parent. I need a ship.

You have to put life support back on in the station.

They could die.

That's on them, Jake. Okay?

I spent a month building them something to chase.

If they'd just ran after Chambers like I planned, we'd be halfway across the Quad in their ship by now.

But they wouldn't leave you alone.

They're good people, Olan.

They're Killjoys, Jake. Okay?

They don't care about you. You're just a job to them.

I'm your brother.




What's wrong, Olan?

I get these headaches sometimes.

Sometimes I see sh1t.

Hey, look.

I promised I'd come back for you.

Then I did.

Look, we can go... we can go anywhere we want now.

There's no more Dad, there's no more Westerley. Okay, it's... it's just you and me.



♪ ♪


Oxygen levels: 50%.

Okay, since this is partly my fault that we might die today, I'll pay you back.

With what?

Two lies and a truth.

You know that game?

I tell you three things.

One is true.

Save your air.

One: I drink the blood of the innocent.

Two: I love your hair.



The Prodigy Program is a living human seedbank to protect all Qreshi culture and knowledge.

There are two reasons to keep a seedbank.

Winter or war.

Which were you expecting?

That depends on Khlyen's message.

And it's called "two lies and a truth", Killjoy, not "ask me anything."

Where's the fun in that?

I've got you. I've got you.

Shallow breaths.

Don't you dare fantasize about this later.

Ow! sh1t!

Oh, sh1t.


Don't shoot!

Olan's trying to release the ship manually.

Something's wrong with my brother.

He's seeing things.

I know.

Can you help him?

Yeah, but I need your help first.

It's okay. You'll be safe.

The pods have life support.

Oxygen levels: 25%.

You good, Xosia?


Sure these pods are safe?

Olan killed his class with these things.

It wasn't him.

A massive data surge fried the pods and tripped the pH regulators.

That's why the pods liquified the bodies.

It was a malfunction. Olan barely got out alive.

When did this surge happen?


Right when Red 17 shut down.

Guys, I think we found Khlyen's last transmission.

It's in Olan.


Sweet tech.

The holocamera was a nice touch. It was smart.

Are you gonna shoot me with that?

I disengaged the gun.

My brother's fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.

Where's my brother?

Jake, you trust the Killjoys over me?


They'll send you back to Dad.

They're gonna hand me over to the Company for more experiments!

Is that what you want?

Stay back, Jake.

The game is over, Olan.

You're the smart one, right?

So you know if I touch these two wires together, it sends a surge to Lucy's power core.

You want to take me back to Westerley?

I'll send us back in pieces.

Put the wires down, Olan.

You're not a killer.

I think we both know that's a lie.

You know, I'm betting that Bruxton was a miscalculation.

You didn't plan for his heart defect.

But why did you kill Chambers?

Because she tried to kill me.

I woke up from that pod, and my head was on fire.

Chambers was over me, shaking me.

So I pushed her off... into a pod.

Look, I think she was trying to save you.

There was a massive data surge, and it triggered the pods' sterilization sub-routines.

Hey, look, I think that she was trying to pull you out of your... out of your pod... before it killed you.


A system malfunction killed your class, Olan.

Not Chambers.

All that data... it was rerouted through your neurofeeders, encoded onto your brain.

That's why you're having these headaches.

That's why you're seeing all this weird sh1t.

You need help, Olan.

Oxygen levels: 20%.

There's still one pod.

Take it.

You damn Jaqobis and your damsel sh1t.

Your brother is a really good man.

He is.

But just so you know, he snores like a fat man.



Come on, Delle Seyah.

Hang on.

♪ ♪

Stay with me.

How do I turn on life support?


Delle Seyah Kendry. Identity confirmed.

Restoring life support now.


Life support's back on.

Lucy's not going anywhere.

I'm not bluffing.

Yes, you are!

And it is pissing me off.

You are a shitty big brother.

You left Jake in a crap town with a crap dad.

And I know what that's like.

And here, you... you have this chance.

You have a chance to make everything better, and you're screwing it up.

Or is this really how you want Jake to remember you?

Bat-shit crazy, holding two wires, about to kill us all?

I think it's a little too late to take that back now.


It's not.


Jake never has to know any of this if you let me help you.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Ready to launch.

Pawter gave him something to sleep.

Jake's with him right now.

Nice work talking him down.

Played the little brother guilt card.

Well, you are a ninja with that card.

Oh, I had to say something.

He was gonna blow up my girl.





Aw, you love her.

Okay, you know what?

I'm done with children for today.



Thanks for not getting us blown up.

Must be Friday.

Just so we're clear, whatever's in Olan's head, Khlyen meant it for me.

I need to know what it is.

So do I.

And why is Khlyen sending you anything?

I guess Daddy likes me best.

Olan is a kid, not a computer.

You can't just hack his brain.

Oh, I know a cozy little lab says otherwise.

No, you're not using any more kids as lab rats.

Then make me a better offer.

Olan is part of your human seedbank project.

If you take him to any of your people, they're find out all about it.

Do you want that?

Mm. You suck the fun out of everything.

Oh, you want fun?

All right.

I'll play.

One: I'm your best shot at keeping Olan safe because he's just as important to me as he is to you.

Two: I'll share with you whatever he reveals.

Three: I didn't hate that kiss.


It's not called "Three Truths," Killjoy.

You can take him.

For now.

I'll put my faith in the loyalty you show your friends.

It seems to be your only weakness.

Oh, I'm not your friend, Delle Seyah.

No, you're something much better, Yale.

You're an ally now.

Whether you like it or not.

Whatever Khlyen sent from Arkyn, at least now we have a piece of it.

Hey, D'Avin, I've never been to Leith before.

Do you think you could visit us sometime?

You bet.

They'll like it here.

It's quiet.

Yeah, that's what Olan needs.

And security.

I need you to help him unlock whatever's in his head.

But no one can know about it.

We're very good at keeping confessions.

Comes with the sexy robes.

Any luck deciphering the skin scrolls you found in the mines?

I've had some of the older uncles working on it.

It's written in the First Tongue, but it looks like it's encrypted.

We need the key.


One step forward and five kicks in the ass.

I wish I could be more help with whatever demons are haunting you.

I'm starting to think my demons are haunting all of us.





♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Tidy work, Mr. Lee.

Set a course for Telen.

Why Telen?

It's the Jaqobis' home planet.

Hopefully something there can provide answers to D'Avin's immunity.

The Black Root will know once we deviate from course.

They'll come for you.

Then let's make this count, huh?

I do love a road trip.