02x08 - Full Metal Monk

Previously on "Killjoys"...

Is that a...

Containment fence all around Old Town.

No one in or out.

You did a shitty thing, Senbek.

You help engineer the wall, and then they lock you inside it... why?

Because I asked too many stupid questions.

Breaking into a high-ranking officer's personal quarters and stealing Company intelligence.

[dramatic music]


[woman screams]

What is this?

We call it a Dreadnought.

It's an execution stick for Sixes.

[both grunting]

[Dreadnought hums]

Welcome to Prodigy.

Khlyen's final transmission from Red 17 was sent here.

Guys, it was ported straight into Olan's head.


What's wrong, Olan?

I get these headaches sometimes.

Sometimes I see sh1t.

Aneela, the other me you saw in Arkyn...

I think Khlyen wants me to kill her.

[dramatic music]

[gasps] Ah!

♪ ♪

A world of wonders.

I'm a wizard.

♪ ♪

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Look at me.

♪ ♪

Oh, Johnny.

Too late.

There's no place left for you to punch.

Although... [grunts]


Yeah, third rib down, still intact.

'Cause really, what's a little more internal bleeding?

Stop it.

Then say it.

I let the team down.

You abandoned your team to break into Jelco's office and nearly got our license revoked.

How long have you been working with Pawter behind my back?

That's not how it started.

How long?

Pawter has her thing, which is Westerley and Old Town and walls.

And you, you have yours, which is Sixes and Khlyen and Sabine.

You're my thing, Johnny.

We're partners.

And D'Avin... we're your team.

But I am in love with Pawter.

I killed Sabine yesterday.

And Khlyen left me another red box.

So I guess we're both in a hard place right now.

I just... didn't think you'd be part of mine.

♪ ♪

What are you doing?

Asking Pawter to get you out.

She's the only person you seem to trust these days.

That's it? [laughs]

You're just leaving?

So why the hell did you even come, then?


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

So you're saying this is every Six within The RAC?

Well, the ones Sabine and I ID'd.

Say it.

"Team Awesome Force, you are an awesome force."

Well, that's just dumb. I would never say that.

Well, how about "good job," then?

Maybe. Let's see how this goes.

We've been tracking a bunch of them through Old Town.

The guy we chased in there is Hoolian Ducat.

No way he's a Six.

I went to the Academy with Hoolian.

Guy saved my ass, like, four times.

That's a bunch of ass.

You wanna take point or cover?

I wanna talk to him. Get in his face.

See if he has any intel on who's running this program.


So much for small talk.

[all grunting]

♪ ♪

Get back here.

[both grunting]

[straining] Turin... can't breathe.



Get... off... of me.





What the hells was that?

That was new.

[rock music]

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

His eyeballs, Dutch.

One minute, they were in his head, the next, my mouth.

Did not taste like chicken.

Now you really need to work on focusing your strength.


What kind of crunches do I do for that?

And where's Johnny?

I thought you were springing him.

Lucy, can I get an update?

Illenore Seyah Simms has landed on Westerley.

You're getting Pawter to bust him out?

She's Qreshi Royalty. She can get him a pardon.

I hate to say it, but right now, she's more help to him than we are.

Dry off.

You and I need to talk.

You really let yourself go, Jaqobis.

Yeah, this spa is sh1t.

Would not recommend.

I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

Hey, you know that that's not true.

How sweet.

I do love a reunion.

It's like a divorce in reverse.

How's your heart?

Oh, that.

I-I had your little trinket taken care of.

Thank you.

Would you like it back?

As a memento of our good times together?

I'll pass. Release him.



It's really out of my hands, Seyah.

Your hands are the first things I will have them take for hitting him.

I'll make them leave your eyes, though, so you can watch me spit down on your grave.

I'm not your hostage anymore, Jelco.

I'm your liege.

Deny me again, and I will use the full strength of Land Simms to step on you like the sycophantic bug that you are.

Power looks good on you, Seyah.

You're goddamn right it does.

[dramatic music]

As Seyah commands.

[high-pitched buzz]

♪ ♪

Much obliged, shitbag.

♪ ♪

Get me Seyah Kendry.


Your brother and I have decided to temporarily suspend our partnership.

For how long?

Till he's done with Pawter's wall or...

I finish with this.

Don't let Khlyen pull your strings.

I need to find some solid ground, some answers.

I need to find Aneela.

All you have is a first name, a suspicion that she looks like you.

We don't even know who she is, where she is, or why Khlyen even wants you to kill her.

We know he wants me to use this.

♪ ♪

Okay, so she's a Six.

And where were Sixes made?

Red 17, which doesn't exist anymore.

But we have a piece of it.

Khlyen's last transmission, all those secrets.

Are currently on Leith, locked in the head of some asshole teenager.

I need to break that lock.

Talk to Olan.

So this is where I choose between helping you or helping Johnny?

You know I'd never make you do that.

Okay, except I kind of have to make you do that.


Are you sure?

Johnny lied to me too.

He could use a time-out.

Let's find Aneela.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Thanks again for busting me out.

I'm not just here for you.

I think I know why they've walled in the town.

I'm here to prove it.


But what are we missing?

You're gonna think I'm crazy.

And when does that stop you?

Okay, so Senbek said the last time a wall like this went up, all the old and weak inside died, right?

Yeah, she said it was like the Company was culling the herd for some creepy-ass reason.

Execution Eugenics.

Ooh, I like zero of those words.

It's something the Company did way back in the early colony days with animals.

First, contain them, then introduce a biological contaminant that will wipe out the weak...


And leave only the strongest stock.

Yeah, but these aren't animals.

These are people, and, oh, my God, what are you doing, woman?

Maybe they're building a better workforce.

Maybe they're gonna start exporting slaves.

I don't know.

If I'm right, the wall's a trigger and the contaminant is probably already here.

A poison or a virus.

Something in Old Town is gonna kill half these people.

But not if we find it first.


Blood, soil, air, water.

[sighs] Let's do this.

Later, sleepy.

♪ ♪

After Seyah Simms freed the Killjoy, they headed right back to Old Town.

Why haven't they learned their lesson?

They're like particularly stupid children.

All sticky fingers and stubbornness.

They want to know what the wall is for?

Show them.

That's ahead of schedule, no?

D-do we have authority?

I'll worry about the schedule.

You worry about me if you don't make this problem go away.

Handle them.

Activate the wall.

As you wish.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[wall thrumming]

You wanna talk to Olan?

Small problem.

[dramatic music]

He's broken.


And then last night, he...

He tried to kill his brother.

Is Jake okay?

He's terrified.

Understandable, considering his brother tried to shove a fire poker into the back of his skull.

Why would Olan attack his brother as if he's assassinating a Six?

Can you leave us alone?

♪ ♪

Do you know what a Level Six is, Olan?

They won't let me see my brother.

Yeah, that's for your own good.

You're not stable, but I wanna help, and I'll do whatever I can.

Do you recognize my face?

You're that Killjoy.


I think you're that Killjoy.

Do you have nightmares?

I have nightmares about someone who looks like me.

If I said the name Aneela...

No, it's okay. It's okay, I'm not her.


Wait, listen.


[dramatic music]


I'm just looking for her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What does that mean?


Olan, it's okay. You're safe.

[breathing heavily]

No, no, no, let him.

What did you do?

I said her name. Just her name.

What is this? What do they say?

I'm not sure what Olan was writing, but I've seen these symbols before.



[suspenseful music]

On these.

Is that skin?

Alvis found it with an old monk in the mossipede mines.

He cut it from himself to leave a message.

The symbols match.

You've been using human skin as a bookmark.

You know that's creepy, right?

I was preserving them.

Look, I don't know this language.

Can you read it?

[sighs] It's Old Word.

On both the skin and the wall.

The first symbol means "Arkyn."

This one here means "plague."

After that, I'm not sure.

It's a map.

Of what?

They're rivers on Arkyn.

I felt water.

People drowning and screaming in pools of green.

Please don't go there.

Hey, pull your mind from the darkness.

Can't be Arkyn. There are no rivers there.

There were a couple hundred years ago.

That's when the 12 Scarback monks went to Arkyn to fight the devil.

And one of them was nice enough to leave directions.

"Devil," "Prat-tal," "Aneela."

I just get the best assignments.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I'm showing toxins in the atmospheric samples.

They'll kill you... in 50 years.

Water and soil samples are basically clean too, and same with the blood work.

You know, people not being poisoned yet, that's a good thing.

I promised Arune proof.


Arune Hyponia.

He's my only ally on council.

I asked him to meet me here tonight, but I have to give him hard evidence he can use against the Company.

And it's probably staring right at us.

We're just too close to see it.


Oh, you look awfully shiny and happy.

Hmm, well...

I have to find ways to amuse myself since my bartender ran off with your brother and I lost half my clientele.

Long story. Didn't work out.

Look, I... you know, I keep telling you, if you serve salty snacks, people will drink more.

My wardrobe doesn't allow for snacks.

But you haven't lost any weight.

[exhales sharply]

Skinny bitch better watch what she says, or snacks are gonna turn to smacks.

No, no, no, no, no, no, she's right.

No one's lost any weight. No one has.

How are people eating?

They've been walled in for weeks.

When Old Town ran out of cat and rat, folks started looking to trade.

For what?

Nothing gets in and out of here without a passcode.

Oh, sweetcheeks, this whole place is one big prison.

Find me one jail where guards don't smuggle in contraband.

♪ ♪

Maybe it's in the food.

Approaching destination.

We're, uh, dropping into the Arkyn atmosphere.

Fun fact, there used to be a radiation layer around the planet, but it shut down with the Red 17 lab.

Something you wanna talk about?

[exhales deeply]

I made a guy's eyeballs explode today by touching him.

Did you touch him in his eyeballs?

No, he was a Six.

Sixes are full of plasma, and I can control plasma.

Hmm, well, that's nice.

The thing is, I wanna learn how to control what I can control, and I figured you could help me so the whole eyeball thing doesn't happen again.

You know, monk me up a bit. [chuckles softly]


Scarbacks believe that what we think, we manifest, so let me ask you, did you want his eyeballs to explode?

Asshole was strangling me.

I wanted his whole head to blow up.

Then maybe let's start by not wishing death on someone.

♪ ♪

Baby steps, monk. [exhales softly]

Baby steps.

[engines whirring]

According to Olan's map, this was the source of the main river.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

What is that?

One of Khlyen's safe houses.

♪ ♪

Inside the last one was a red box telling me to kill Aneela.

♪ ♪

What's Khlyen left you in this one?

♪ ♪

Push on the wall.

Is there some kind of secret knock?

Four walls pushed. No door.

Last time, all I did was this...

♪ ♪

Well, you're special.

We get it.

Lucky, lucky me. [energy thrums]

♪ ♪

This one's different.


The walls were translucent.

I could see the outside.

Upside, no red box.

Downside, no point.

[lights click]

Uh, did one of you do that?

Both: No.

Oh, good.


We're falling!

I'm aware.

Make it stop.

I can't!

It only listens to Dutch.


[all breathing heavily]

World's worst elevator.

How deep are we?


Lucy, can you read us?

Deep enough that we're on our own.

What were they doing down here?


[grunts] Take this just in case.

You have anything bigger?

It shoots.

Yeah, but the optics.

I don't exactly look intimidating with this.

Says the grown man in a cape.

Pree's supplier is just down this alley.

Alley skulking's my job.

Stop acting like I'm delicate.



That was a regal scream, okay?

Oh, the regalist.

Johnny, hey!

Pree said there was a Killjoy out back who needs some stuff.

I was like, "Ah, I hope it's Johnny."

How does he know you?

I kind of am a big deal.


Come on.

Don't you remember?

It's Carl, man.


Company guard?

From the prison wing of mummified corpses.

I was the "still-alive" guy with the...

[grunts quietly]


Carl, hey!


We need some help.

I'll give you $5,000 joy for whatever's in those boxes.

Or we could just bribe you.


I mean, if you're gonna be a princess, be a princess.


So how you been, Carl? [device beeps]

Better. Yeah.

People stopped trying to kill me once they realized I could use my Company connections to score food from outside the wall.


Now, I'm king of the contraband, baby.

Damn it, it's just vegetables, gluten, and rat meat.

[soft tense music]

Ugh, gluten.

[device beeping]

Nothing. No toxins.

Just more rat.

Okay, okay.

Don't tell anyone.

I'm supposed to be getting some kind of "special Company rations" soon.

Should be better stuff.

Arune's gonna be here anytime.

How soon is "soon," Carl?


I've got dust and junk.

More wires.

[exhales deeply]

Clear. More dusty junk.

I'm tired of hearing about your dusty junk.

All right, boys, enough flirting.

He started it.

You wish.

[dramatic music]

D'Avin, you clear?



♪ ♪

You sure they're dead?

♪ ♪

They seem pretty dead.

♪ ♪


This one's still warm.

Stay woke.

We may not be alone down here.

♪ ♪

What do you think, D'Av?

Hack clones?

Genetic mods? DNA splicing?

Dutch, look.

What is that? A stent?

Same thing they put in my neck on Red 17.

That's how Khlyen's people filled me with that plasma sh1t.

These poor bastards definitely didn't survive the old process.

I guess there's still enough residue in the bodies to preserve them and keep them warm for however many decades they've been down here.

Look at these.


Afferent neuro-tele.


Ugh, we need Johnny for this sh1t.

What if they were trying different ways to infuse the plasma and make a Six?

This could be where it all started.

The first Red 17.

Why didn't they bury the bodies?

Maybe they were in a hurry. Running from something.


Where's Alvis?

Who's he talking to?


[suspenseful music]

Idiot, don't take off...

He's alive. He...

I saw him move, but he won't respond.

He's in some kind of fugue state.

D'Av, the wall, is that...

Same as around Old Town? Looks like.

Or an earlier version.

What's it doing down here?

This lab predates the Company.

Here's a thought.

Let's ask the monk.

Alvis, no.

It's okay. I recognize the robes.

He's one of the ancients.

How ancient?

Did either of you count the bodies back there?

Ten. Ten beds, ten bodies.

Yeah, add the remains of the monk we found on Westerly, makes 11.

"12 monks went to Arkyn to fight the devil."

He's one of the 12.

And hundreds of years old.

I think he's waited long enough to be free.

They didn't want anyone dropping the wall, letting him out or giving me answers.

How do we shut it off?

Short out the system?


Old school is the best school.

♪ A girl from Leith ♪
♪ With skin like snow ♪
♪ What brought me here ♪


♪ She'd like to know ♪

My old office.

Ah, now I'm feeling nostalgic.

Mmm, mmm.

Yeah, well, I hate to tell you, but I think it's been repurposed.

By a lot of sexers.

Many, many times.

Ignore it.

Let's get started.

[grunts] Yeah.

Okay. [sniffles]

All right.

Now, Carl said the ration supplies are coming to Spring Hill by guarded convoy first, so...

I think my best shot is a distraction en route and...


Too distracting?

I can help.

Play the damsel in distress card to stop the convoy while you sneak in and steal the samples.

I don't know.

We get our proof, we give it to Arune, he joins the cause, and bam, we save Westerley from an evil megacorp.

Undercover op, together?

I know I'm not Dutch or D'Av, but I...

Ah, oh.


Ooh... [chuckles]

I also know that helping me has hurt you with them.

[soft music]

Let me make it up to you.

I can be badass too.

Lady, I am the last person you have to convince of that.

♪ ♪

You know what's weird?

I feel good.

Well, I am an excellent kisser.

[giggles] No, seriously.

I can't remember the last time I felt this good.

Long time.

I mean, think about it. First, your home got bombed.

Then I was held prisoner by a psycho.

Got traded to some rapey hill folk.

Then my parents got murdered.

You have terrible luck.


Seriously, so, so shitty.

[both laughing]

Why am I laughing?

Oh, I shouldn't be laughing. That's terrible.

Mm, gallows humor.

How sane people survive insane times, and you, Illenore Pawter Simms, are sane and good, and that's why I love you.

♪ ♪

I love you too, Johnny Jaqobis.

You make me so happy, I could die.

♪ ♪
♪ You know you're ♪
♪ Trouble ♪
♪ ♪

[energy thrums]

♪ ♪

[breathes deeply]


My name is Alvis Akari.

♪ ♪

Uncle, you're rescued.

I can take you back to our monastery on Leith.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪



No, don't shoot!

We need him.

For what?

He thinks I'm Aneela.

We can use that.

The Scarbacks didn't come to fight the devil.

They came to fight her.

Hello? Are you here?

I'm not Aneela.

I'm just looking for her.

Is she the one that did this to you?

I know you and your Order have had terrible things done to you here, and I'm sorry, but you're the only one left, and we need answers.

We wanna help you.

What happened here?



Whoa, no guns!

Just grab him.


[all grunting]

Try to hold him still.

He's a Six.

He's holding me.

Trust me!

[dramatic music]

Feisty for a 200-year-old.

If he's a Six, I can control him.

Alvis, some help. I'm doing the eyeball thing.

What? Uh, uh, sh1t.

Uh, breathe slow.

Uh, be at peace.

He's fighting me.

Well, fight him with peace.

You are terrible at this.

If you don't calm him down, he's no good to us.

D'Avin, have you ever been a sniper?

You want my résumé now? Yes.

Then you've meditated. Do that.

Just calm yourself. Focus on the shot.

Focus on him.

♪ ♪

It's working.



Why'd you do that?

I've heard enough about exploding eyeballs.

I didn't need to see it.

You need more practice.

Stay still. [chuckles]

I have to practice for our mission.

[soft music]

[blaster fires]


Surgeon's hands.

Steady as a rock.

[door clicks open]


Arune, hi!

I'm so happy you're here!

Wait, why are you here?

You've asked me to come here.

And is this the Killjoy?

Yes. Johnny, Arune.

Arune, Johnny.

Johnny's my boyfriend.


Shh, that's a secret.


♪ ♪

Are you... high?

Is it Jakk?


Are you using again?

Both: No.

I do feel high, though, I gotta say.


[both giggle]

Guard the door. Something's wrong.

[dramatic music]

So you say the Company's planning a slaughter?

Yes, and that is bad. [giggles]

Do you think this is funny?

[giggling] No.


Half my family was assassinated for questioning Delle Seyah at Council.

I'm putting myself at risk right now because you promised me proof that she is up to something.

You just be cool, okay?

We've found the vector.

What is he talking about?

Poison. It's in the Company rations.


So you have proof?

We're gonna get some.


So you don't have it?



[door clicks open]

[laughs] How adorable.

Like two demented helpless little puppies.

I could watch them all day.

♪ ♪

He's waking up.



Yeah, yeah, "devil, devil."

It's my new worst-ever nickname.

Let's try this again.

Remember, don't fight him.

Focus on your connection with the plasma.



Tiny question, what if the connection feels like a fistful of bees?

Oh, sh1t, he's gonna kill him.

No, no, no. No, he's not.

He's the goddamn center of gravity.

He can do this.

♪ ♪

It's working.

Now tell him in Old Word, I am not Aneela.

[speaking Old Word]

[speaking Old Word]

He understands you and respectfully disagrees.

He says, "Welcome back to hells."

[speaking Old Word]

"She's finally back to kill me."

I am not Aneela.

Here, look.

Ah. [inhales sharply]


Alvis, make him watch.


Balt, damn it. Balt.

See? I don't heal.

I am here to kill Aneela.

You want revenge, right?

I can get that for you.

Just tell me where she is.

When was the last time you saw her?

Well, did she leave a forwarding address, then?

Help me.

[speaking Old Word]

"Who sent you?"

[device beeps]

This man. My tutor.

His name is Khlyen. Khlyen.


[speaking Old Word]

"I know that man.



"She called him by a different name."

What name?

What name?


♪ ♪


I'm fine.

No, I'm not fine. I have two people to kill now.

Aneela for being a hell-bitch and Khlyen for not telling me I look exactly like his daughter.

Bit strange, that, huh?

Kind of thing that you'd mention to your prized pupil.

"Oh, I'm having problems with my daughter.

Do you mind stabbing her in the head?

What the hells is even going on?

Okay, okay.

I know you're freaking out right now, and that is fair, but you need to put a very sharp pin in that for later.

What do we do right now?

♪ Ooh ♪

Let's torch this place.

It's a damn graveyard.

What are you doing?

I wanna get out of here.

Away from this place, away from bodies, and away from death.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

Kill me.

[softly] Why?

You're free.


We have healers. We can help your pain.

You can't fix centuries of torture.

He's obviously been dosed with the green and he needs our help to die.

[soft dramatic music]


"You won."

[speaking Old Word]

"You killed them all. Finish this."

Kill me.


He gets to decide how much pain is too much.

Not us.

Let me do this.

[dramatic music]

If "other" me tortured him...

"Actual" me should end this.

Scarbacks have last rites.

♪ ♪

May the Great Tree take you into her branches.

And may the sun forever be your blessing.

Forgive me?


♪ ♪


Your bodyguard looked a little thirsty, so I had my men take him downstairs for a drink.

Close the door.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

So you followed me here.


You used Seyah Simms' entry pass while she was already here.

You could've just asked me.

Makes a lad feel like you're plotting against him.

I have no quarrels with you unless... you make one.

Ah, ah. [chuckles]

[whispering] Psst! He has a gun.

Yours is bigger. [giggles]

[gun clatters]

Hmm. [laughter]

You drugged them.

In a manner of speaking.

Well, all of Old Town, truth be told.

These two were getting a bit suspicious, so I had to... [clicks tongue]

Crank it up.

So why can't I feel it?

You will if you linger long enough.

Unless you have one of these.

Oh, don't give me that look.

I've made them happy, complacent workers.

What's so terrible about that, hmm?

Just how complacent, I wonder?

Shall we test?


[gasps and gurgles]

[groans and coughs]


I'm sorry.

Don't be sad.


My apologies for all this vulgarity.

It's just business.


You understand.

♪ ♪

This is all bad.

You're bad.

[chuckles softly]

Is the little Killjoy fighting it?


♪ ♪

Do you want to fight me, hmm?

Oh, we know what you did.


Yeah, you poisoned the rations.

You're gonna kill all the weak...

[sniffles] And leave the strong.


And then what? Don't leave me hanging.


I don't know.

But I'm pretty sure that we're gonna stop you.

[whispering] We're gonna save Old Town.

[laughs softly]



I better leave you to it, then.

First, a picture of the lovely couple.

♪ ♪

Just hold that there for me, love.

[softly] There you go.

♪ ♪

The heroes of Old Town.

[camera pings]

I'll pass this on to the heads of the Nine Families.

Surely they'll want to know who killed poor Arune.

It's terrible, really.

"The Eight" just doesn't have the same... gravitas.

Seyah Kendry sends her regards.

Oh, and you're right about the rations, so good for you.

[both chuckle]

But it's about so much more than that.

[Pree singing indistinctly]

♪ ♪

That song is pretty.

[sniffles] Pree has such a nice voice.

♪ ♪

We have to get out of here.

Don't we?


Just listen to the music.

♪ Oh, Westerley ♪


♪ I'm Westerlyn ♪

Alvis is blessing the rest of the bodies.

Make sure they all rest in peace.


I know you got pretty rocked down there.

If you need to talk...

Thank you. I'm good.

♪ ♪

What if I'm her?

I look like her.

I-I dream of her.

Are we just going to ignore the possibility?

Not a possibility. Not to me.


You are not some crazy, ancient, psychopathic bitch.

You have a childhood, and you have memories of it.

Khlyen plays with memories. You know that.

Here's what I know.

You were born Yalena Yardeen, you became Dutch, and you will find...



What now?

I uploaded some tech images I took from the lab.

Lucy, tell her what you told me.

The wall from the lab is a functional match with the structure enclosing Old Town.

We kind of knew that.

Yeah, but now we know what it does.

Both exert a cognitive behavioral influence, including rerouting stimuli away from the thalmo-amygdala and cortico-pathways.

Okay, so now pretend you're not talking to Johnny.

It kills fear and triggers euphoria.

The wall acts as a giant pacifier.

No fight, no flight, total passivity.

When they activate it, everyone in Old Town becomes some kind of... helpless, happy drone.

Company can do whatever they want to them.

What do they wanna do with them?


Yes, Dutch.

Contact Johnny on Qresh.

I'm sorry.

Johnny is not on Qresh.

Lucy... where's Johnny?

[soft music playing]

♪ I'll always be a Westerlyn ♪

[device beeps]

♪ I'll always be ♪
♪ A Westerlyn ♪

[cheers and applause]


I flew. From up there, I flew.

Like a bird.


It was wonderful.

So wonderful.

[both chuckle]

People of Old Town, in the spirit of goodwill, we have decided to reward you for your cooperation by putting an end to hunger.


In the next 48 hours, airdrops of premium rations will begin.

Let's put an end to Old Town's suffering and build a new future together.

What a beautiful day.

[slow rock music]

♪ I am the dam, dam, dam ♪
♪ I am the dry, dry well ♪
♪ And the water is my blood ♪