02x02 - Caraquet

Mitch: A year ago, the animals started acting strangely, but no one noticed...


until they began attacking, coordinating, evolving. The animals were mutating, and it was happening faster than anyone expected.


The government came up with a plan.

PSA narrator: Thanks to the Noah Objective, in six to ten years the world's animal population will be thriving once again.

Killing the animals? Play God and repopulate the planet?

This is ridiculous.

Mitch: But messing with Mother Nature could be catastrophic. So a group of us are trying to save the animals. Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta, animal experts. Chloe Tousignant, an intel operative. Jamie Campbell, a reporter who's been following this story, found me, Mitch Morgan, a veterinary pathologist. We thought all hope was lost when the key to our cure crashed and burned... but we were wrong.

I still have it.

I have the leopard, I have the cure.

Now we just have to get to Jamie and the leopard, but time is running out.

(bats screeching)

What's the plan?

There's a boat that will take us to Jamie.

A boat?

It'll take 18 hours or so, but, you know, air travel.

Yeah, I'm okay not getting on a plane for a while.


What is that?

You all right?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's nothing.

It's a dog bite, it's fine.

That needs to be cleaned up.

It doesn't look too good.

Will do.

(elephant trumpets)

What the hell?

This doesn't look so good, either.



Any ideas?

I'm open to suggestions.


Yeah, man, get us out of here.

Hold on.

(tires screeching)

Turn here!

Abraham: We need to get to Jamie.

And the cure.

(Chloe shouts)

(rhinoceros groans)

We got to keep moving.

If the harbor's anything like this, the captain won't wait long.

(elephant trumpets)

Neither will they.


Count to five, light me.

What are you doing?

I'm making a wall. Meet me at Amelia's office, she'll get us another car.

Are you out of your mind?


(lion roars and elephant trumpets)

Oh, boy.

Let's go.

Chloe: No!

We can't just leave him.

He said he'll meet us at Amelia's office and he will.


He's an African safari guide, I like his chances way better than ours.

(tiger roars)


(hornets buzzing)

Mitch: Run, Chloe.


Abraham: Go, go, go!

(baby crying)

Woman: Help.


(baby crying)

Save my baby.

Please help.

Take her.

(baby crying)

I got her.

(baby crying)

(people screaming)

(indistinct radio transmission)

(sirens wailing)

Man (over P.A.): New arrivals without family members...

Mitch: Hey.

Hey, uh, we're-we're here to see Amelia Sage.

And we're looking for Chloe Tousignant and Jackson Oz.

Have they checked in yet?

Couldn't tell you, pal, we're a little busy.


I can't see them anywhere.

The National Guard struggles to regain control of the city from the escaped zoo animals. The death toll continues to rise with 362 known fatalities and thousands injured in what many are calling the Day of the Beast.

Mitch: Chloe!


Where's Jackson?

We hoped he was here.

Why do you have a baby?

It happened after the hornets.

A mother, she... sh-she, she didn't survive.

That's terrible.

Mitch: Yeah.

This day's chock-full of terrible.

Hopefully Amelia can salvage it.

Find us a way out of town.

She hasn't checked in yet.



What happened to you?

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Rafiki, what happened out there?

Brakes failed.

I had to jump but fire did the trick.

Scared all the animals away?

Yeah, didn't see any after the explosion.

(tiger roars)

(tiger growling)

(tiger sniffing)

Got lucky, I guess.

♪ ♪


My friends are coming to get us.

You have a very important job to do.

(speaks Inuttitut)


You know, they are going to write books about you, the man who saved the leopard who saved the world.

I'm going to make sure that they're translated.



That's... uh, rope?


(leopard growling)


What is it?



Hey, there, little, uh... little gremlin guy.


How'd you get in here?

(bear roaring)

(Jamie shouts)

(wolves growling)

(bear roars)


(wolves growling)


Woman: You've lost a lot of blood.

Well, then why are you taking more?

Typing and crossing.

All right.

You may need a transfusion.

I'm fine.

Hey, she's just trying to help.

I will save you the trouble.

O-negative, I'm a universal donor.

Still got to check, handsome.

You got banged up pretty good.

May have internal bleeding.

And what about his bite?

Keep it clean.

Watch for infection, and if you're wondering, just like everyone else, the animals can't pass the virus on to humans.

It's not a virus.

Whatever it is, it's not contagious.

You could have been killed.

I wasn't, okay?

And I'm not waiting around for some ridiculous blood results.

I'm fine.

You're not fine.

None of this is fine.

Chloe, I'm okay.

Everything's okay.

Tell that to the mother of this child or anyone else who died today.

The sooner we get out of here, the sooner that we can get to the leopard and find the cure, and everything will be okay.

Yes, and what if it isn't?

The mutation has spread to insects.

They were the dispersal method.

Yeah, well, that's still our best chance.

It's time for a solution we know will work.

There are over 42 million species of animal.

Wreaking havoc on the world.

So, you're in favor of the Noah Objective now, huh? You want to call all the animals, exterminate them, and then repopulate.

If it means saving lives.

It is straight up murder.

And what do you call what happened to this child's mother?

I call it terrible.


It's terrible.

After everything we've been through, wasn't there a moment when you felt that putting a bullet in them was the right thing?

Mitch: Hey, Danny and Sandy.

We finally got somebody from Amelia's office to talk to us.

Guys, this is Eleanor Lewis.

She's with IADG.

Okay. Where's Amelia?

Her motorcade was attacked.

There were no survivors.

It's not just here.

The animals have attacked Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Hong Kong...

Mitch: Not to make bad news worse, but the mutation has jumped to the insects.

The mosquitoes might not be able to distribute the cure.

Mitch: It's worse than that.

What do you mean?

There are five species known to be essential to human survival, bees, bats, butterflies, primates and plankton.

We've already lost bats and primates.

Mitch: Without the insects, the only thing we have left on our side is the oh-so-useful plankton we're losing.

Our only shot is the leopards.

Can you get us another car so we can make it to the boat?

Okay, that won't be necessary.

I'm sending choppers and a team to New Brunswick to get Ms. Campbell and the cure.

I want to see.

This is a military operation, Dr. Morgan.

No, you need a vet on board.

The cure's in a leopard.

Leopards have a very high sensitivity to sound.

A chopper's kind of loud.

So if that animal is not sedated properly...

I'm talking .2 milligrams of diazepam too much or too little... then your cure is gonna wake up and chew somebody's face off or they're gonna...

Oh, go no further. I get it.

Why do I get the sense your passion goes past the leopard?

By the way, I'm on that chopper, too.

If he goes, I go.

Well, I suppose you want on as well?

I want to get this child to its father.

Abraham: I think I can help with that.

You pulled her from an urban transport.

I think I can call the station to find out where the mother and infant were picked up.

Thank you.

Bring Jamie home safe.

(indistinct radio chatter)

President just declared a state of emergency.

He's starting mandatory evacuations all across New England.

Mandatory evacuations?

But where will everybody go?

Apparently the government's setting up safe zones...

Albany, Dover, Portland.

Chopper's on its way.

Did you install those titanium clamps I asked for to secure the crate?

Yes, sir.

So you're the ones who figured out why the animals went crazy.

That would be us.

Didn't think you guys really existed.

Thought you were some urban myth.

So what happens when we get this leopard?

We use its DNA to make a cure, fix the animals.

Just like that... wow.

It's an honor to serve alongside you.

Oh, the honor is all ours.

Well, we're still one leopard short of a cure, so let's keep the champagne on ice, okay?

Copy that.

We'll have you in the air in two minutes.

Wait here.

After everything we've been through, we're finally going to do this.

We're going to get a cure.

And Jamie.

It's going to be okay.


(rumbling and crashing)

It's okay.

(whining growl)

(glass breaking)


Just... just stay here.

They're coming for you.

You'll be safe here.

(crunching and crashing)


(indistinct radio chatter)

15 minutes out from the coordinates you gave us.

(indistinct radio transmission)

Navy SEAL (over radio): Copy. Command Five on the drop right now.

(animal growling)


Hey, come and get me!

(bear growling)

(growling and snorting)

(loud pounding of hooves)


Team leader: On your approach, look lively down there.

Tranqs ready. No live rounds.

We're coming in.

Brace yourselves.

(breathing heavily)

(growling and barking)

(growling and snorting)

(indistinct yelling)



They found a body, male.

No sign of the leopard.

(indistinct yelling)


The leopard.

Mitch: What?

(indistinct yelling)

You got him?

We have eyes on the target.

SEAL: Any sign of the girl?

SEAL 2: Negative!

Jamie did this.

Yes, Mitch.

She was here.

She was right here.




Jackson: Jamie!

Let's go!

No, no, there's a woman here.

SEAL: We've got to go.

There's a woman here.

Let's roll.


(indistinct yelling)

Everyone fall in line.


We have to go.

We have to go.

I am not leaving her here.

She left that rope.

That means she's still alive, okay?

She left the rope so we could find the leopard, and we did.

Mitch: We can't leave her here, okay?

Abraham: We can come back and find Jamie.

No, no, no.

No. I'm not... I'm not leaving.

I'm not leaving.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm not leaving without you.

I'm not leaving.


(barking and growling)


Get your hands off me.

I'm taking you back home to...

Come on.

SEAL: Fall in! Fall in!

We've got to go! Come on!

Mitch: We can still find her, come on.

(indistinct yelling)

We did it to save your life.

We can come back for Jamie.


Hey, keep your head.

Keep your head.

I hate you for this.


(sound of helicopter overhead)


(howling and whining)




♪ Prête-moi ta plume pour écrire un mot ♪
♪ Ma chandelle est morte, je n'ai plus de feu. ♪

She's right over here.

Oh, my God, Bella... Bella.

(baby cooing)


You're okay.

Your wife was very brave.

She saved your daughter's life.

(baby cooing)



Thank you.

Excuse me. You ran Jackson Oz's blood earlier for internal bleeding.


Oh... here it is.

Can I have his results?

I'm his wife.

You sure this is right?

Yes, ma'am. Ran it myself.

(cell phone ringing)


Okay, I'll be right there.

♪ ♪

(low growl)

Where's Jamie?

Ask him.

(wolves howling)

There was nothing you could do for her?

We were surrounded.

Didn't look for her?

It was not viable.

Can you send a team back up there to look for her, immediately?

Yes. I'm on it.

I need to talk to Eleanor.

Look, I have to tell you something.

I got a copy of your blood tests.

What did they find?

Nothing. You're perfectly healthy.


Except your blood...

You said you were a universal donor, right?

Yeah, I am.

Not anymore.

Uh... maybe they got it wrong.

Right? Universal donor, universal recipient...

I got your medical records.

You were born O-negative.

But it changed.


The mutation isn't contagious, all right?

It can't spread to humans. We know that.

Maybe we don't know as much as we thought.


Mitch: It's been ten minutes since we administered the cure.

It took a while for the cure to work in Zambia, too.

Not this long.

(dog barking)

It's not working.

It works.

You're doing it wrong.


You! You did something wrong.

Dr. Morgan, we followed your protocols to the last detail.

Dog seems to disagree.

Did you verify the viability of these stem cells?

Measured 89% with 7-AAD dye exclusion.

Cross-check for contamination?

Zero ppm detected.

Mitch: Resuspend at the right temperature.

Scientist: Obviously.

Well, obviously not. Something's wrong.

You don't have clearance...

Mitch: Clearance? We didn't fly around the world for that leopard so that you textbook hacks could screw it up.

Hey, what's he gonna do, Doc, huh?

Make it not work more? It's okay.

(dog continues barking)

(whispers indistinctly)

(dog barking)


Easy. Easy, easy.

Good boy.

Just drop.

Come on, just drop.

Just drop!

This baseline heart rate is way higher than anything we've seen before.

It's like... it's like the dog's still mutating.

We're too late.

Everything that we've done, all for nothing.

Total waste!


Get your hands off me, Kenyatta. All right?

Don't touch me, don't even think about me, all right?

We can find another way!

We will not find another way!

We will not find another way.

This... is over.

I'm done.

(dog barking)

Eleanor: Believe me, I'm just as disappointed as you are.

Whatever was in the leopard when it cured the dog in Zambia is gone.

We're starting from scratch.

It's still there. Okay?

The-the leopard, the cure, was isolated for three months, showed no signs of contamination.

The cure didn't change.

Then why didn't it work?

I stayed down there with the dog, looked through everything, the cure did not change.

I believe the animals did.

The mutation in the animals has moved past the Mother Cell.

I'm afraid that we were too late.

I think that the mutation is still mutating.

Assuming you're right, what is it you're asking for?

More time.

Okay, time is something we have fairly little of.

Amelia and I are... were some of the last IADG members looking for a non-lethal solution to the animal problem.

After today's attacks, the Noah Objective seems unstoppable.

Well, we found a solution once, we can do it again.


We will do everything we can to get ahead of this thing.

All right? That dog... probably all the animals out there... are still changing.

Everything that we have seen so far could just be the beginning. I've heard this before.

What do you mean?

Dr. Mark Vickers.

Another scientist I'm working with.

How did he put it?

“The initial mutation is just the preamble.

The main event is coming.”

We need to talk to him.

He's on a research mission in Argentina with a team of Army Rangers, searching for an animal with what he calls a “phase two mutation.”

Then Argentina is our next stop.

(birds squawking)






Mary? Miranda?

Nope, nope, no.

You want to take a guess, there, Dr. Vickers?

What are we guessing?

Ward's wife is nine months pregnant.

It's a girl, but he won't tell us the name.

Well, it's your guess.

I've been friends with Ward since Basic.

I don't need a guess, I know.

Oh, so he told you.

I didn't tell her zip. She just thinks she knows.

Oh, I know!

What's the name, then?

My boy here's obsessed with all things Harry Potter, so I'm gonna go with Hermione!

Is she right, Ward?

Like I said, I didn't tell her zip.

Hermione. Damn old lady name.

I know what I know.

Clear the area.

Ranger 1: Check the river.

Ranger 2: On it.

The animal we're tracking did this?

It would appear that way, but just to be sure...

Ranger 1: Get that side.

Ranger 2: Eyes out.

Ranger 1: Clear.


An animal with a phase two mutation inflicted these wounds.

We're switching to live ammo.

Whatever did this isn't going down with tranqs.

What? No, no, no, no, no, no.

Absolutely not.

This-this creature is the key.

It's the pivotal link in the next phase of the mutation.

It must be captured alive.

The tranquilizers will take it down.

You have orders.

Yeah, to keep you alive.

No, to help me capture this creature.

Or do I need to call Washington?

Stay with tranqs.

Keep your sidearms close.

Ranger 1: Staying with tranqs.

Ranger 2: Roger that, staying with tranqs.

Team leader: Let's move out.

Abraham: We pushed our luck already with the trip to New Brunswick.

The friendly skies haven't been so friendly to us.

Hey, don't worry.

Apparently, according to Eleanor, this plane has been equipped with some sort of countermeasures.

So, they're going to try and squeeze us into a fighter jet.

Looks like the skies just got a whole lot friendlier.

(Abraham laughs)

This is your pilot, Greg Trotter. Greg, this is Jackson Oz...



Abraham Kenyatta...

Hi, how are you?

And Chloe Tousignant.


Well, nice meeting y'all.

I'm off to do preflight.

Be in the air in no time.

Enjoy your tour.

The sleeping quarters and the lounge are upstairs.

You'll have to decide amongst yourselves who gets the master bedroom.

This kitchen is bigger than my first apartment.

Vehicle bay is in the tail and this is the lab.

Jackson: Eleanor... whose plane is this?

An interested third party who has a lot to lose if the Noah Objective goes forward.

And this third party is giving us a ride to meet a scientist?

Not giving you a ride, giving you a plane.

What's the catch?

Mitch: No catch.


That was the first question I asked, too.

I also asked for a basketball hoop right up there.

Guess we haven't gotten around to that one yet, huh?

So, you're back?

I thought you quit.

Well, to be honest, I got no place else to go... and I made a deal with our new pal, Eleanor, here.

She's gonna send a team to look for Jamie, and if they can't find her, she's gonna send another and another and another until we do find her.

Right, Eleanor?

As soon as a team becomes available, I'll dispatch them to New Brunswick.

Eleanor, thank you, truly.

It's the least I can do.

And thank you for using your leverage.

All right, if I won all of you in a raffle, I'd probably give you back to the guy who won second place.

Although he probably wouldn't want you, either.

Nor would he want me, because I've been behaving like a five-year-old.

(clears throat) As to why we're all being raffled off in the first place, I can't really...

Look, I'm...

What I'm trying to say is we don't get to choose our families.

For better, for worse, we're pretty much family now.


We've got work to do, so let's do it.

Jackson: And what is that work, Eleanor?

Do we have an official assignment?

Stop the mutation.

Abraham: Oh.

That's all.

Eleanor: Thanks to aggressive lobbying by Reiden Global, the IADG is set to vote on the Noah Objective in six weeks.

If it's approved, there will be no turning back.

Mitch: Hang on a second. Reiden Global?

The biotech company that started this whole animal mess... they still have a say in this?

They offered a solution, and people are listening.

Jackson: The Noah Objective is not a solution.

It's murder.

Eleanor: We're part of a dwindling few who believe that. The only way we're gonna convince the others is by giving them a viable alternative.

Start in Argentina.

Meet with Dr. Vickers, see if his work... if this animal he's hunting can help you.

We don't have much time.

(rolling thunder)

Come on in.

It's clear.

We're good to go.

Okay, we'll bunk here tonight.

Oh, wait. Look, we're so close.

Trail's washed away. Tracker's on the fritz.

We'll leave at 0500.

Ward, you got first watch.

(thunder cracking)

(indistinct chatter)

Man (on TV): We now have confirmation from the IADG that the rumored cure has failed. And in light of the attacks in Washington D.C., suburbs all along the Eastern Seaboard are being evacuated. Residents are encouraged to take shelter in the nearest protected city or government safe zone.

I have the feeling things are going to get worse before they get better.

I need a drink.

We got to the safe zone a few hours ago.

But there's a long line for the computers.

And the food.

And showers.

There's so many people here.

And they all seem... angry.

Yeah, well, people are scared, Clem.

And they're frustrated.

I'm just glad you're safe... you and your mom.

And... Justin.

How you feeling?

I'm fine.

They took Henry.

Who did?

The people here... in charge.

They put him in the quarantine with the other pets.

Well, I'm sure they'll take good care of him, okay? Don't worry.

Do you think they'll let me visit him?

I don't think that's a good idea, kiddo.

Henry's going to be fine.


Dad... when's this going to be over?


How do you know?

I know because I'm the one who's gonna make it over.

Here, check... check this out.

Look at this.


See all that?

Would you believe me if I told you I'm on an airplane right now?

(laughing): Whoa.

No way.


And I've got everything I need here to, uh... to fix the animals.

So you don't have to worry about anything except for staying safe and staying healthy, okay?


I love you.

I love you, too.

I pulled a few strings... slightly illegal strings... and I changed your medical records.

Well, then, uh... we got nothing to worry about, huh?

We don't have to worry about anyone else finding out.

We'll keep this between the two of us.

Our little secret.

(rolling thunder)

(thunder claps)

Jackson: Our little secret that what?

My blood's changing?

(laughing): That I'm changing?

Changing into what?

(thunder rumbling)

Yes, that is our current position.

Well, I look forward to their arrival.

Thank you, Ms. Lewis.

A team is en route to join us.

Ward: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That mean our tour's extended.

Above your pay grade, Ward.

I need to be home when Hermione is born.


(all laughing)

She was right.

I know what I know.


I need to be there.

Yeah, I understand.


But if you want what is best for your daughter, for your sons, your wives, we need to stay here.

If we don't succeed here, you don't have families to go back to.

Everything will be gone. Life as we know it will change.

I am talking about the extinction of the human race.

But we can stop it.

Our work here will make it so our children have a future.

They will be able to... ride bikes and play baseball, hold our hands when we cross the street.

Look, we may not be home, but I assure you, we are on the front lines of their future.

(Vickers groans)

(men talking over each other, cocking guns)

How many?

Six Rangers and Vickers.

(alarm blaring)

Where was their last checkpoint?

A hostel ten kilometers north.

Okay. Follow us.

No, follow us.

Team leader: Romi, Augie, flank 'em.

(man yells)

Ranger: Look out!

They're fast.

Ranger: Stay back!

Keep your distance!


Ranger: Hey, there!



(Ward choking)

(Ward grunts)

(clicking empty)



This thing between you and Abe, you got to put it behind you.

(”Spoonman” by Soundgarden plays over radio)

♪ Feel the rhythm with your hands ♪

♪ Steal the rhythm while you can ♪

♪ Spoonman ♪
♪ Speak the rhythm ♪
♪ On your own ♪

♪ Speak the rhythm all alone ♪

(Dariela grunts)

♪ Spoonman ♪

(both grunting)


♪ Spoonman ♪
♪ Come together with your hands ♪
♪ Save me ♪
♪ I'm together with your plan ♪
♪ Save me ♪
♪ Save me ♪

(defibrillator charging up)

(Dariela yells, electricity crackles)

♪ With your ♪

(continues yelling)

♪ Hands ♪
♪ Feel the rhythm with your hands ♪

♪ Steal the rhythm while you can ♪

♪ Spoonman. ♪

(grunts loudly)



(door swings open)

You're the team?

We're here to help.

Little late.


♪ When sorrow seems to find you ♪
♪ Day after day ♪
♪ You leave the dream ♪
♪ Behind you with every step you take ♪
♪ Well, sometimes there's not an answer ♪
♪ For the heartache we feel ♪
♪ Sometimes we have to shatter ♪
♪ Before we can heal ♪
♪ When there are no words ♪
♪ And everything hurts ♪
♪ This moment's in the making ♪
♪ So keep walking that line ♪

(wolf howls)

♪ Another step and you'll find ♪
♪ This life is for the taking ♪
♪ So take it now ♪
♪ Been a long ♪


♪ And lonesome winter ♪
♪ With the curtains drawn ♪
♪ And the distraction ♪
♪ Of our struggle ♪
♪ Drowns out the cause ♪
♪ But the sun shines warmer ♪
♪ When you're chilled to the bone ♪
♪ And the welcome's so much sweeter ♪
♪ When a prodigal comes home ♪
♪ When there are no words ♪
♪ And everything hurts ♪
♪ This moment's in the making ♪
♪ And take, take, take it, honey ♪
♪ Take, take, take it, honey ♪
♪ Take, take, take it, honey, honey ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Take, take, take it, honey ♪
♪ Take, take ♪
♪ Take it, honey ♪
♪ Take, take, take it, honey ♪
♪ Honey, honey ♪
♪ Soon we're gonna look back ♪
♪ To see what remains ♪
♪ When trouble is behind us ♪
♪ And everything is changed ♪

My, God.

What is that?

That killed my entire team.

And Dr. Vickers?

Him, too.

Did Vickers know what he was looking for?

That the Phase Two animal was a man?

That look like a man to you?


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey!

Easy, Lara Croft.

You need to stand back.

This thing killed six rangers.

One of them was my best friend.

His first daughter just about to be born, so if you think I'm gonna show this thing any kindness at all...

He's dying.


He can't get dead enough for me.

Look, we're sorry about your team, but this man, we haven't seen anything like him before.

Chloe: No one has. Lieutenant, we need to take him back with us, alive, so lower your weapon.

We have to get him back to the plane.

What about my squad?

I'll put in a request for a recovery team.


I'll bury them myself.

There's no time for that.

I'm not asking for permission.

I'll stay and help her bury them.

If that poor man has the same mutation as the animals, you have to find out why.

(mutated man gurgles)

Chloe (whispering): You see that?

Jackson: Yeah.

The scarring looks like...

Yeah. Looks like my arm.

Yeah, I know.

You two want to share with the class?

Yeah, we were just, um, looking at where you patched him up, unbelievable.

He heals quick.

Okay, fine, keep your secrets.

I'm more concerned about him.

His heart rate is holding steady at 170.

It's twice what it should be.

Respiration is off the charts for a human being.

The way he's changing, the heightened metabolism, accelerated healing...

We saw that in other animals.

Yeah, mutation made them better, stronger, right?

Him... it's like he's... turning into the perfect predator.

(birds cawing)

(beetles chittering)


No, no, no, no, no, no.

Chloe: And do you have any update on the compound?

Not yet, but I expect to send a team to look for Jamie soon.

We're just stretched so thin right now.

I-I was lucky to be able to task the rangers to accompany Dr. Vickers.

Have you located him?

He's dead. The Phase Two animal he was chasing killed him and the rangers, too.

Were you able to secure the animal?

No, there was no sign of it by the time we arrived.

It took weeks for Vickers to get this close.

I'd like to keep the team in Patagonia.

Continue the search.

It's too dangerous without a military escort.

With all due respect, Eleanor, just walking out the front door is a risk these days.

I'll take my chances out here with the rest of my team.

Fair enough.

Thank you.

Why didn't you tell Eleanor about the... man we found out there?

He has a Phase Two mutation. So could you.

If I tell her the truth, he disappears into a government lab, and we never see him again.

Chloe, we have to be honest with...

Studying him might be our only chance to understand this.

There's only one thing that matters now... finding a cure.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to lose you.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, shh.

We don't know what's going to happen to me.

Well, you saw the scar tissue, Jackson.

You said it yourself. It's just like your arm.

If we can figure out what happened to him, then we can stop it from happening to you.

His arm looks like it was bitten off.

More like it was gnawed.

Whatever happened, it wasn't fast.

It wasn't clean. It probably hurt like hell.

(door opens)

Son of a bitch.

Why is this thing still alive?

Okay, so I got a hit on his fingerprints.

He's a doctor from Hungary working with the Red Cross.

Janos Kovacs.


Do you know him?

Yeah. I-I mean, not well, but we worked the same refugee camp in Egypt a few years back.

According to his visa, he arrived five weeks ago.

Was headed for a village called Ydermo.

Well, then that's where we start.

Don't bother.

My team was there two days ago. Everyone's dead.

Massacred by this thing Kovacs turned into.

Well, it's our only lead.

You all are insane.

What if there are more like him out there?

She has a point.

We don't know what we're walking into.

We should wait until Mitch has finished his tests, so we know more about this new mutation.

Mitch: Why am I not surprised you want to stay on the plane?

Excuse me?

You heard me.

You know, sometimes what's out there is worth the risk.

But if you want to hang back, take a bubble bath, that's cool with me.

Just stay out of my way, okay?

Bubble bath?


This is how, out of anger, you'd characterize me... as a man that has been taking bubble baths since we've begun this?

Metaphorically-speaking, yeah, I'm comfortable with that characterization.

Okay, guys, enough. We need to find the animal responsible for transferring the mutation.

Lieutenant Marzan, you'll take Jackson and Abe to Ydermo.

Is that an order? 'Cause I don't see stripes on your sleeve.

I don't need stripes. I have a plane.

The quicker we get what we need, the quicker you get back to Sao Paolo.

Jackson: We're in the valley.

Shouldn't the fauna be more lush?

We humped through here on foot.

It's all like this.

So what's up between you and the scientist?

We left a member of our team behind.

He blames me.

Is he right to?

What the hell kind of rain is this?

That's not rain.

Dariela: Trail gets hairy from here on.

We walk the rest of the way on foot.

(insects trilling)


I think it's acidic.

Acid rain?

Abraham: Probably explains the dying fauna.

Jackson: Sure, but how?

Not a lot of sources of chemical pollution up here.

Abraham: Look at this.

Is that ice?

It's nowhere near freezing.

Doesn't make sense.

Nothing has since we've arrived.

(man speaking Spanish)

Stand back!

I said stand back!

Drop your weapon!

(Spanish continues)

I said drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon!

Hey, hey!

No habla Español.

No habla Español.

Do you speak English? English?


You take the bodies?

(birds singing)

(labored breathing)

(whispering): Kovacs... can you hear me?

(monitor beeping)

I don't think he's gonna answer you.

Pretty sure he can't.

His physiology, biochemistry... it's all changing.


Well, his brain's only lighting up around the basal ganglia. It's the most primitive part of the brain.

It's responsible for our survival, instinct, aggression.

Conversation, not so much.

But the parts of his brain that make him human... they're still there?


It's like they're switched off, though.

And can we switch 'em back on?

Uh, actually, yeah, there might be a way.

Jackson: You should use tranqs.

Whatever animal we find we may need alive.

Yeah, I've had this conversation before.

Not gonna happen.

(birds singing)


Is it just me, or are they following us?

When we were here before, there were more bodies.

A lot more.

Tomas, what happened here?

First, rain like blood.

Poison the water, food.

Then come the Devil.

Kill everyone.

The Devil?

Is he talking about...?


Hey, Tomas, there was a man, okay, a doctor.


No doctor. We wait. He no come.

Kovacs never arrived. Rafiki, does this look like an elephant bite?

It does.

And those look like the marks on Kovacs' body.

This could lead to the cure.

Could he have been bitten by an elephant?



In Patagonia?




Come. I show.

This is crazy.

(radio static)

What the hell?!

Unknown caller. Say again. Over.

Unknown caller. I do not copy.

Come on!

Not copy! Say again. Over.

Come on. It could just be interference. Let's go.

This radio operates on my squad's secure channel.

Only another team radio can access it.

Okay, so where are the other radios?

We buried them along with the rest of her squad.

(garbled radio transmission)

Who the hell is this!?

(birds cawing)

(wolf howling)


(howling continues)






(howling continues)

(garbled radio transmission)

I'm heading back to the hostel.

Look, we have to find the elephant that bit Kovacs.

Stop calling him that!

That thing is not Kovacs.

I knew Kovacs. He's long gone. But this...?

If one of my guys is alive, the last thing I'm doing is chasing down some elephant.

Look, I was there with you.

I still have the blood and dirt under my fingernails.

Those men we put under the ground are dead.

I don't have time for this.

Are you going to give me the keys?

Or am I going to have to take them from you?

If you don't want to give her the keys, rafiki, you can give them to me.

We'll meet you at the main road.

You be careful.

You didn't have to do that for me.

Actually, I did it for him.

You looked pretty serious about getting the keys.

I'll drive.


Hey. Hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


Officer, help.




(raccoons squealing)



Oh, please, please, please, please, please.

(engine clicking)

Oh, come on.

(whining): Oh, come on.

No, no, no, no, no, God.


You're okay.

You're okay.




So the plan is to stimulate the neocortex.

That's the most evolved part of the brain.

That's the part of the brain responsible for speech?

More precisely, the part that makes us human.

Language, social structure, self-control, empathy.

Putting the toilet seat down.

All the things we know we should do to be productive members of society.

All thanks to the neocortex.

Will it hurt him?

No, he'll be fine.

Just a small electronic pulse, kind of like a static shock.


Is there something you're not telling me?

Kovacs proves that the mutation has spread to humans.

Finding a new cure is more important than ever.


Isabel... bella.

What is that?

I think he's... crying.


He's crashing.

What did you do?

I didn't even start the test yet.

What's happening?

We've got to cut him loose.

We can't lose him.

Turn him over on his side.

He's going to choke.

Come on, over.




If one of my guys is effected, changed like Kovacs, I'm putting him down.

End of discussion.

Let's hope it does not come to that.

The body.

This is where we buried Ward.

He's gone.

There are no tracks around the grave.

No signs to say that was dragged out, or walked away.

It's like he just...



Trotter, if you can hear me, stay in the cockpit.

Lock the door.

Screw this.

I think we should go check the bar.


Well, I don't know, wasn't alcohol invented for times like this?


(door closes)

I'm sorry we couldn't find anything.

Ward was going to name his daughter Hermione.

She's due any day now.


That's a terrible name.

He loved Harry Potter.

She's a character in Harry Potter.

Girl wizard or witch... whatever.

Ward said he wanted that for his daughter.

That she be a witch?

That she have magic in her.


How come you've been acting so nice to me, Bubble Bath?

Well, I find, all things considered, it's easier being nice, than not nice.

(screeching overhead)

Did you see...?

It's Ward's body.

Dariela: 150 yards out.



Faster, we're losing him!

I see something.

What is that?


Dariela: Oh, my God.

Abraham: It looks like they're stockpiling food.

But why?

I don't know.

Vultures are not hoarders.

They eat their fill and move on.

(bird screeching)

Is that ice?

Dariela, no!





We have to go.

We have to go!

Why did you do that?

For this.

One more step.

Just one more step.

Put your foot in front of the other, and then repeat.

Like, a million more times.


Just a critter.

Yeah, just a critter says the woman who saw a raccoon family eat dinner on a police officer's chest.

(louder chittering)


Help me.

Help me.

Come, mira.



This way.






(speaking Hungarian)


(speaking Hungarian), Isabella.

A man couldn't bite off his own arm to get free... but a man with the Phase Two mutation could.

(elephant growling)



(breathing heavily)

We need to get his blood.

No, no.

No good, no good.


No choice.


He's alive.

(power clicking)

Son of a bitch is just toying with us.

(Kovacs howls)

(elephant growling)


Go! Go! go!


Damn it.


(tires screeching)

(elephant bellowing)

That was an elephant.

I think it's behind us.

Come on, come on.


We got to run.

Come on!

Come on, rafiki!

Go, go, go!

Come on.


Dariela: Hey! Tomas! Tomas!







Come on, come on!

Go! Go, go!

Get in the car!

Get in, get in, get in!

Go, go, go!

Come on, Abe, let's get out of here!

(elephant groans)

How did an African elephant find its way to Patagonia?

I don't know, Abe.

You want to jump out and ask him?

(Kovacs growls)

(elephant bellowing)

(Kovacs grunts)

(Kovacs grunts)

Get out!

Watch out!

Quick, out of the way!

(Kovacs grunts)


(Kovacs groans)

(Kovacs groans)


Next time you're the bait.

You're welcome.

(Kovacs growling)

(elephant bellowing)

These aren't working!

We need a new plan.

I have an idea.

(phone ringing)

You're lucky to be alive.

I'm fine, Doc.



Tell Trotter to get the plane moving now.



Please tell me you're okay to fly.

I'm always okay to fly.


We're good to fly.


Tell him to start takeoff procedures.

But we're not leaving without you.

You better not.

Open the cargo ramp and tell Trotter to be ready to floor it.

Are you... Okay, just don't miss.

(tires squealing)

I'm out.

Come on, he's gaining on us.

Is that an elephant?

Faster, Abe, faster.

You got this, come on.

Go, go.

Yeah, come on.

Come on, it's now or never.

Okay, hold on!

(engine revving)

Faster, come on.

Abe, faster!

(metal crunching)


(tires squealing)

Trotter, go.


We did it!

(elephant bellowing)

Jamie: You scared the hell out of me.

Logan: Sorry.

The name is Logan.

I'm Jamie.

Logan... use your armpits.

For what?

Tuck your fingers under your armpits.

When your body's freezing, it focuses all its energy to keep your vital organs warm, so your torso stays toasty.


So were you just chilling in the woods, waiting for someone to scare the bejeezus out of?


You got me.

I was about to give up, too.

Lucky for me that you came along.

You made it all... worthwhile.

Well, I'm happy to be of service.

Thank you for the coat.


Some kind of gentleman I'm turning out to be, right?

It's the man who's supposed to give up his coat for the lady.

Not vice versa.

We're gonna die out here, aren't we?

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

No one's dying out here.

We made it this far, we're gonna make it the rest of the way.

Rest of the way to what?

Look around, there's nothing out here.


See this?

This is where we're going.

There's shelter.

There's hope.

And if we're lucky, there's a hell of a lot of vodka... in Caraquet.

Abraham: There were bodies everywhere.

Stacked like firewood.

Never before have I seen a wake this large descend from above the clouds.

What were they doing up there?

I think they were responsible for the blood rain that drove the villagers away.

How is that possible?

As much as I hate to admit it... he's right.

Ran some tests on the rain while I was waiting for the results on that, uh, elephant blood you brought back.

So the vultures are responsible for the rain?

This blood rain is highly acidic, and the protein structure matches the corrosive bile that vultures have in their digestive tract.

How did the bile get into the rain?

The frozen feather.

It's cold at 40,000 feet.

The vultures feed, they fly above the cloud cover.

And that high up, they can seed the clouds with acidic bile.

But they were stockpiling human bodies.

So you're saying that...

The red color?

It's blood.

Human blood.

So not only did they feed on the villagers, but they poisoned their water supply, destroyed their crops.

This is a whole new level aberrant aggressive behavior.

(metal rattles)

“My dear, sweet Hermione.

I can only pray that you never have to read this.

That your young life will, of course, include me.

But if you are reading this, it is because...”

(sighs heavily)

Jackson: Well, how about the elephant blood that I brought back in?


We've seen plenty of animals with the same mutation, right?

If there was something special about the elephant, I could attribute that mutation transfer to that, but it's...

But it isn't about the elephant.

It's about the man.

So you're saying that there's something specific about Kovacs' genetic makeup that made it possible for the mutation to occur in him.

Mitch: Yeah, that's what it looks like.

Now, I think it's gonna take a little time to figure out what that is exactly.


Then you run more tests.

We have him, we have a chance.

We can study him and maybe (door opens) learn how to reverse it.

You let that thing loose again?

Dariela, now is not the time.

Instead of putting it down, you let it loose again...

I'm sorry about your friends, but they died in the line of duty.

And right now, there's only one person that matters.

Janos Kovacs.

Stop saying that. That's not him.

Yes, it is.

He's still in there!

No, he's not.