01x01 - Episode 1

Man: Green.

That's what I remember the most.

That shade of green.

It might have been the most beautiful thing...

I had ever seen.

Just the color.

The only time we were inside was when we slept, and even then not half the time.

There was a tire swing.


Every summer, that thing would break.

And every summer, Grandpa would fix it.

And the apples... Oh, man, I'm telling you, apples ain't the same anymore.

I mean, I don't know what they...

Pete, would you shut the hell up?

Nothing's the same anymore.

Man: Lights out!

Three years in here.

I feel like I've spent every moment of that listening to this crap.

Pete had the perfect summers.

Pete had the perfect grandparents.

All that money from the bond business, but they loved you anyways.

They had the time for you, until Mommy pissed them off 20 years ago.


They did.

It's all true. And it just pisses you off, because it was better than your screwed up life, whatever that was.

I know your life sucked worse than mine.

At least I have people skills.

You're a con man.

Yes, I'm a confidence man.

I give people confidence, they give me their money.

You, what, you tried to rob a gun range at gunpoint?

I get out of here in two days.

You're not even up for parole for another two years, which means my life is currently better than yours.

So I either had a better life than you, or none of that crap means nothing.

Either way, just stop talking about it.


Eddie, 24 more hours.

[laughs] Oh, my God.

Everything set?

Uh, they want you dead, Marius.

They don't want me dead, little brother.

They want their money back.

Don't worry, I'll talk to Vince.

I'll make him understand.

Seriously, Marius?

You think you're gonna talk your way out of this one?

You talked your way into this one.

How short are we?

Eddie, how much?

A little over a hundred grand.


Look, just lay low.

[buzzer sounds]

[cell door slams]

All right, I'm gonna get a hotel. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

But pay cash.

What do you mean, pay cash?

Things have changed. They've gotten tech savvy.

Just stay off the grid.

So, what, you want me to live under a highway begging for change until you can earn $100,000?

I don't know.

Just be safe.

You gotta disappear. They're gonna be looking for you.

I love you, big brother.

I love you too, Eddie.

So what, you're not talking anymore?

That was your advice.

No, you were right. My life sucked.

I had a dad I never met and a mother who was only around when she didn't have a needle in her arm and about a dozen foster parents, only three of whom weren't there for the crappy check.

And you had loving grandparents.

It makes me feel like something's possible.

If you wanna... If you wanna talk about it.

Grandma was always my favorite.

She didn't take nothing from nobody.



Everyone else was afraid of her.

Where's the farm?

Hey. Hey, sweetie.

[overlapping chatter]

Wait. Excuse me.

We're waiting for a friend of ours.

Marius Josepovich?

He gets out today.

Oh, you're his brothers.

His what? No.

Only one stop. It's not the blue line.

But my brothers are coming to meet me.

I'm thrilled for you.

And my dad is with them.

He wasn't supposed to be, but he wouldn't stay home.

My dad doesn't know that I was in prison.

He had a heart attack just before I went away, and then another one last month, and my mother thinks the truth is gonna kill him.

We managed to keep the secret for three years.

You want me to screw that up now?

Come on, just stop the bus at the next light, open the lever, I'll get out, I'll walk the rest of the way and give my dad a hug... like a normal son.

[brakes hiss]

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

♪ [slow rock]

♪ [vocalizing]

♪ I know you're probably getting ready for bed ♪
♪ Beautiful woman get out of my head ♪
♪ I'm so tired of the same old crud ♪
♪ Sweet baby, I need fresh blood ♪
♪ Whoo! ♪
♪ The moon shines in the autumn sky ♪
♪ Growing cold, the leaves all died ♪
♪ I'm more alone than I've ever been ♪
♪ Help me out of the shape I'm in ♪
♪ Whoo! ♪

♪ [continues]

♪ Whatever trepidation you may feel ♪
♪ In your heart, you know it's not real ♪
♪ In a moment of clarity ♪
♪ Sewn in an act of charity ♪
♪ Sweet baby, I need fresh blood ♪

Hi, Grandma, Grandpa.

It's me, Pete.

♪ [continues]

♪ Whoo! ♪

Pete, would you like some lemonade?

Oh, I would...

He hates lemonade.


I was gonna say I'd love a glass of water, if that's all right.

Thank you for bringing that out, though.


Thank you, Grandpa.

[clears throat]

[clears throat]

Wasn't there an apple tree out there?

Died a couple years ago.

Well, where do you build your treehouses now, Grandpa?

Where have you been for the last 20 years?

I mean, where have you lived? Have you been married?

Do you have any kids?

So much to catch up on.

How's your mom?

I haven't talked to her in three years.

What happened?

You know how she is She's just not quick to forgive a mistake.

That might be hereditary.

What she did to us was unforgivable.

I called the whole family over for lunch.

All your cousins.



My grandma thinks your mom's a screw-up.

I'm his grandma too, and I never said that.

Don't worry. She says I'm a screw-up too.

I never said that.

Adorable. [chuckles]

Is that a new blouse?

No. It's Laney's.

I just borrowed it last time that I slept over at her place.

It's pretty.

Julia, you're just as I remember you.

I had crooked teeth and braids.

Well, you were beautiful.

Where are your parents?

They're dead.


Is it easier for everyone if I say they passed?

They passed.

Our parents died in a car accident 12 years ago.

Then Grandpa had a stroke.

I'm fine.

You forget stuff, Grandpa.

Everyone forgets stuff.

Okay, well, he can't walk that well, so he can't work.

I can work.

He can't work, so I have to work.

I can work.

You don't have to work.

I was supposed to be retired 10 years ago.

You could retire tomorrow.

And what, you're gonna take over?

Julia's been working at the business for a couple of years.

She's been a big help.

And you did a great job, actually, running the place while I was sick a few weeks ago, Am I blushing?

But we make money by knowing who we can trust and who can't trust, and I'm sorry, but if that were a strong suit of yours, your kids would have the same color eyes.


Where did you study finance?

Oh, I'm sorry. You work for the family business, right?

Bonds and mutual funds?

I figured you'd have a business degree.

The bond business.


In your 10-year-old mind, we're this rich family in the bond business, aren't we?


We're in the bail bonds business.

And we're so not rich.



Our skip tracer just quit.

I can't go on my class trip this year.

Grandpa: Carly.

Grandma: Carly.

Grandpa: Oh, for God sakes, enough about us.

Pete, you never did tell us what you've been doing.

What's that?

How you make your money.

Oh, yeah. Well, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I've been doing some investigative work for an insurance company.

Uh, you know, tracking down valuables, finding missing persons, following people who are faking injuries.

No kidding.

How long you planning on staying for, Pete?

Couple days.

What... Uh...

We haven't seen you in 20 years, and you think you're gonna disappear again in two days?

Especially when we need you? Carly just told you our skip tracer quit.

I know, but my current employer is expecting me back.

Nonsense. When family asks for help, you don't say no.

We insist on you staying.

[door slams]



Gramps. Pete!

[both chuckling]

It's been way too long.


Man, inseparable every summer until we were 10...

Tell me about it. Wow. like we were one person, and then just nothing.

That's just wrong.

You know what I'm saying?

You remember the crayfish?


I still laugh about that.

You remember Shawn's reaction when I almost shot one?

Oh, my gosh.

He would imitate him every time we saw this kid for years.

Do it. Come on, just give me a little taste.

Come on.


Please? Just give me a little of it.

Come on, do it. You must remember it.

Come on, man.

He cried.

And... And...

He cried, and then we made fun of him.

Because it was, uh, hysterical.

Look, we were kids.

And I'm sure that poor old Shawn has gotten over it by now.

Woman: Unit 19.

Oh! Unit 19. What's up?

We got a domestic on Kenny Road 8. You anywhere near there?

Yeah, uh...

Yeah, I can be there in 10.


I'm sorry, guys. I gotta fly.

You're a... You're a...

A cop, yeah.

Things have changed, huh?

I had to figure at least one of us would be on the other side of the law by now, right?

[nervous chuckle]


That was easy. I let you off easy.

See you guys.

Grandpa: See you.

Wow, that's great.

[door opens, closes]

He's a cop.

Grandpa: Yeah.


Marius, you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

I, uh... I don't think I can stay here, though.

The resource potential is slimmer than I thought, and the risks are higher.

All right, but you're safe. Where are you?

Maybe I should just talk to Vince.

Yeah. You know, that... You're good at that.

Calming people down, right?

Making them want to give you stuff.

Tell me where you are. I'll come get you.

Wait a minute. Yesterday, you said I wasn't gonna get out of this by talking.

It was your idea.

[chuckles] Yesterday, I thought you had options.

Today, you tell me you don't.

That's true.

So where are you?

I'm in the city. Hey, I'll text you the address.

See you tomorrow morning.

All right.

[phone beeps]

Oh, Eddie, you son of a bitch.

Go. Just drive.

Hey, could you pull over? Let me out.

Keep the change.

All: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and lead us not into temptation...

You were right. When family asks for help, you don't say no.

I'll take the job.

For ever and ever.


Hey. Anything happening this morning?

We got a skip.

Damn. Who?

Brad Lewis.

The B&E? No kidding.

Figured for sure that kid didn't have the balls to try running.


Take Pete.

Brad's an idiot and a coward. I don't think I need backup.

Perfect. It'll give Pete a chance to learn on an easy case.

Take him.

[cuffs clatter]

This file says Abraham Persikoff, not Brad Lewis.

I must have misspoken.


We put up a $20,000 bond for Abraham Persikoff.

This morning he had a pre-trial hearing.

Supposed to supply a blood sample for DNA testing.

He didn't show. If he doesn't show up for pre-trial, he is not gonna show up for trial, And if he doesn't show up for trial, we don't get paid.

[car door opens]

So I'm guessing by "we posted a $20,000 bond," you mean you posted the bond while you were covering for Grandma when she was out sick?

Grandma never would have posted the bond.

She thinks that anybody over 30 without a wife and kids has no reason to stick around.

But Persikoff, it's just tax evasion.

First of all.


He had no prior record.



She already thinks I don't know who I can trust.

You can trust me. I mean, I'm not gonna tell her anything.

So where are we going?

We're starting at his mom's house.

Skips always run to where they feel safe.

"Check databases, voter registration. and last known addresses.

Skips always run to where they feel safe."

You just said that. Wait a minute.

So we're literally doing this by the book?

Everybody loves their mom.

Wrong driveway.

Yeah. I'm gonna go to the address of somebody who wouldn't lie, cheat, or steal to protect the person that we're trying to put in jail, all right?

No, this is a good plan. You go there, I'll go here.

We'll work together separately.

If you're covering for him, you're not helping him.

If he's called you...

If he had called, I would tell you.

I'm worried something terrible has happened to him.


Okay. Here.

Thank you.

Does Abraham have a girlfriend that he might turn to?

I don't think there's anyone serious right now.

And has he ever done any home renovations or major remodeling?

I'm sorry, I don't understand why that would matter.

I want to know where he would go when he needs...

Reason I ask is because...

When he needed a place to crash, where did he stay?

Oh, well, about five years ago, his roof collapsed.

It was such a mess. So many things ruined, so many memories.

And who did he stay with?

Oh, his friend Stuart.

Do you have a last name? Address? Phone number?

Ah, he's in construction.

[gasps] What if he's hurt?

[hinge creaks]

What if he was in an accident?

Oh, no, I already checked the hospitals and the morgue.

You have?

You can't break into houses, okay?

You get caught, we lose our license.

She's lying.

How do you know that?

Because the neighbor saw Abraham here four times in the last three days.

Twice overnight.

That bitch.


Yeah, she's a bitch.


What are you doing?

No. When a liar gets caught in a lie, they don't come clean.

They build a bigger lie.

[car door closes]

So we wait for him to come back.

No. I guarantee you the first thing she did after you walked out was call him and warn him.

Besides, I know where he's going.

You stole his computer.

Okay. You know what?

If we catch him, you can give it back.

Oh, my God.

And if not, he owes you at least that much, right?

Anyways, I know where he's going.

He's going to get his fix.

[Track announcer calls race on P.A.]

I'm still not sure I'm buying this.

If he's on the run, he should be staying low.

A gambler on the run is still a gambler.

We are who we are.

So you're still the same jerk you were when you were 10?


I worshipped you, and you weren't very nice to me.

Well, I was a different person back then.

I mean, I was 10 years old, right?

So I guess... I guess I...

What are you doing?

He's here.

Leather jacket.

That's Abraham Persikoff? Where's the file?

The file you didn't bother to look at?

You know him?

Uh, no.

You're acting like you know him.

You're acting scared.

He's a felon.

He's not violent. He's facing tax evasion charges.

What if he's not?

We gotta think this through, all right?

The guy takes off, and all he has to do is give a DNA sample, which doesn't really make sense unless he's trying to hide something, something really bad, right?

If you actually know something, say it.

I'm just saying I know what would make sense, and if it's true, before we do anything, we should know who we're dealing with.

Okay, here's the plan.

Announcer: And they're off.

Monogram on the inside with a quick start.

Willie Boy in the pocket, followed by Almost Heaven, Time to Go, and Red Tail.

Abraham, you need to come with me Seriously?

Please don't make this difficult.

Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!

Oh, my God. I'm... I'm so sorry.

I... I heard footsteps, and...

I don't know how you were the first footsteps.

No, he came... he came through here.

I... No, he must have... he must have turned down the hallway or something, I don't know, and he ducked into a room. No.

You let him get away.

Y-You must have let him get away.

Why would you let him get away?

Because I... I know him.


That guy would have killed us.


Abraham Persikoff is not a tax cheat.

Okay, he might be, but who cares?

He's also Max Peron, and under that name he runs a construction and protection racket in Long Island, and he's probably killed half a dozen people.

How do you know him?

I... [chuckle]... I just know people he knows.

You haven't seen me in 20 years.

I've had a life.

You're fired.

Julia... Julia, whatever you posted for him, you should just write it off.

I don't care if it's a million dollars.

It's not worth dying over.

He walks, I miss the next payment on our line of credit.

The bank starts seizing assets.

Our grandparents lose the business, maybe the farm.

Our grandparents started this business.

My parents met in this business.

And that car accident... they were working a case.

This business is this family, and it will not end because I trusted the wrong guy yet again.

So yeah, I am finding him, and I am taking him in.

You need me. I know this guy. I know this world.

You need somebody to tell you that was a lousy plan.

It was a good plan right up to the point where you screwed it up.

Plans that involve running after people and tackling people are never good plans.

Are you afraid of getting into a fight?

Yeah, I am. I like my face.

Have you ever been punched? It hurts.

Look, I don't do physical. I'm not a hero.


Look, there's always a better way.

There's always a smarter way, and if there isn't, running away is a perfectly sensible idea.


Can we get out of here?

Taylor can call us with the info.

I shouldn't even be looking at people's credit card records without a warrant.

You tell me that every day, and every time, you get me the info.

And every time, it's worth reminding you that I don't like doing this.

Taylor, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can just issue an APB on the guy.

We can get out of your hair.

Federal charges. We don't have jurisdiction.

Okay. Abraham Persikoff has three cards.

Flights, trains, buses?

He's got to be trying to get as far away from here as fast as possible.

No. A couple of cabs, a couple of lunches.

What about Max Peron? You can check his cards.



Okay, he's got a hotel in New York a couple of weeks ago, a charity donation, and a couple of cabs again.

No flights, no trains.



I know you.


Where do I know you from?

Uh... You're mistaken.

I don't think so.


Wait a minute.

You're my kid's soccer coach, right?

No. I get mistaken for people a lot.

I think I just have a common face.



Oh, God. New charge just came through On one of Persikoff's cards.

Two hours ago, he bought a flight out of Hartford to Buffalo.

Border town.

When does it leave?

Less than an hour.

All right.

Thanks, Taylor.


Pete: This is perfect...

I mean, not your driving but the airport.

It's a controlled environment.

It means he's already been checked for a weapon.

Yeah. Perfect.

That plane leaves, our business goes with it.

I'm afraid the flight to Buffalo was all sold out.

Okay. Uh... two tickets for the 5:20 to Fort Lauderdale.

You want to go to Buffalo or Fort Lauderdale?

Do we only get to go if we have good reasons for wanting to go?

[phone rings]

Hey, Grandma.

Julia, you'll never guess who Grandpa just ran into.

Brad Lewis.

Well, found, really, but it wasn't that tough, since Brad had no idea we were even looking for him.

Oh, yeah. It was a miscommunication from the court house. I should have let you know.

Are you okay? You sound out of breath.

Oh, I'm just playing tag with Allen.

Oops. He almost got me. Got to go.

Ma'am, ma'am, so sorry. We need to get on that flight.

Can I see your boarding passes?

We don't have the right ones, but our great-uncle is on the flight.

He's diabetic. He forgot his insulin today, and if we don't get on that flight, he may die.

Oh, my goodness. Of course.

I'll get one of our flight attendants to escort you on.

I just need to take care of some housekeeping first.

Okay, so you have the insulin, right?

You can go on the flight alone?

This is a last boarding call for Flight 1722 to Buffalo, New York.

Abraham Persikoff, if you are in the terminal, please report to Gate A8.

You are about to miss your flight.

Ah. Sir, the flight attendant will escort you onto the jet.



No. Uh, no. No, it's okay.

But your uncle.

It's okay.

You've got apple juice. He'll be fine.

Maybe he saw me.

He must have seen one of us.

Let's just hope it was you.

No, I'm sorry. He just knows people that I know that... people who don't like me very much.

I just can't have him see me.

People from your insurance business?

Sounds a lot more dramatic than I thought it was.

What's up, Taylor?

Just heard from my guy at the credit bureau.

Persikoff used the same card to buy another plane ticket, this one to Detroit, leaving in two hours out of Providence.

Thanks, Taylor. Come on. We might make it.

Wait a minute.

No, no, no, no.

He's not here. This was just a distraction.

Are you just chickening out again?

What's the advantage that we have over him?

What's the one thing we know about him that he doesn't know we know about him?

That he has a second identity.

Exactly. Max Peron, and Max Peron has credit cards, right?

So why would he book a plane flight with Persikoff's credit cards unless he wanted us to know about it, right?

So maybe Persikoff isn't trying to distract us while he heads to Providence or anywhere else.

Maybe he's trying to distract us while he stays right here in town?

Doing what, though?

What do we know?

And what are we not supposed to know?

The charitable donation?



From Peron's credit card receipts.

It's odd.

The guy's giving money away two weeks before he plans on skipping bail?

The Hartford County Nursing Association. $500.


What? I don't...

That association is having an event tonight.

Yeah, there's no way he's going to that.

It would be stupid. It's too public.

No. He'll be there.

His escape from justice must wait till tomorrow.

Tonight the Hartford County Nursing Association is honoring his mommy.

So we need to be in control of the situation, which means we need to control him.

We need to know what he's going to do before he knows he's going to do it.

Why do you have so many suits? What are you, a cross-dresser?

Jacob's dad was in such a hurry to get out of here, he didn't bother to pack.

Can you help me with this?

We need to separate him from everyone, which means we need to give him a reason to get away from everyone.

How do we do that when he knows me, his mother knows me, and he's not allowed to see you?

Uh, who... who's babysitting for your kids tonight?


We should find somebody else because we're going to need her.

Oh. I need a... a vest.

Evening. Welcome to Haven Lake.

Are you guys here for the event?

Great. Can I get your names, please?

Uh, Stephen Davidson.

Stephen Davidson. And your guest's name?

This is my wife Dorothy.

Well, you both look great this evening.

For your safety, we're having everybody stay in their cars until the valets clear the vehicles in front of them. Okay?

Nice SL, by the way.

Tickets, please.

Dorothy, you have the tickets.

I don't have them, honey.

Remember when you put on your jacket?

Honey, you put them in there.

Can you just check your purse?

I don't much like your tone, and I'm sure you had them.

Okay, can you check the invitation list?

The name's Davidson, Stephen Davidson.

It's the CF function all over again.

We're going to waste another night...

Okay, that wasn't my fault.

The tickets were electronic.

And your phone was dead.

Because you let Rory play Mine Grabber on it.

Great. It's the 8-year-old's fault.

I knew it couldn't possibly be yours.

You know how much I spent on my hair.

You mean how much I spent on your hair.

Oh, now we get to the real issue!

It's okay.

Uh, I've got you listed.

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson.

Uh, let's just do this.

I'll scan the main barcode and let you in.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

Such a beautiful night.

No problem.


Bunny, hi.

You think he's armed?

Well, he'd be an idiot not to be, and he's definitely not an idiot.

Phase 2.

So what do I get out of this?

What are you, negotiating with me now?

Okay, well, 1, your sister doesn't rat you out for being a thief. How's that?

I've been caught doing worse.

Grandma and Grandpa will get over it.

2, you get to do something for your family, which you're going to pretend you don't care about, and 3, most importantly, it's not going to be boring.

All these people here.

I know.

For you and the special work you do.

Oh, honey.

Want something to drink?

Yes, I'd love a little Scotch.

Thank you.

Mrs. Persikoff. So happy to finally meet you.

I believe you've spoken to some of my co-workers, and they all sing your praises.


I'm sorry. I'm Martin Unger.

I'm sure somebody mentioned my name.

I'm in charge of PR for this event.

It's a lovely event, lovely people.

Listen, the doctors get all the credit, but we know who the real heroes are, don't we?

You're too kind.

We have a lovely green room for you upstairs so you can relax and get some quiet before your big moment.

I'm fine here.

Okay, yeah. I'll tell Marlene.

You know, she recently photographed Madonna, and the pictures were, dare I say, sumptuous, and you do look sumptuous, but do what you want to do.


I don't want to mess up any plans.

As soon as my son comes with the drinks...

No, don't worry about that.

Andy, can you tell Mr. Persikoff that his mother is in the green room?

Oh, my name's...

Not now, Andy.

We have a green room?

There's always so much that goes on behind the scenes, you know?


My God!

Oh, my God!

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

Really, I didn't see you coming.

I'm really sorry.

Do I look okay?

Look at my face. You okay?

It's not on your face.

Let's go get you cleaned up.

I'm so sorry. Here's your purse.

Thank you. Okay. Let's go get you cleaned up.

Get out of my way!

I'm sorry.

Okay, yeah.

You are fired.

[phone rings]

Hey, Mom.

Mr. Persikoff?

Who is this?

What are you doing with my mother's phone?

I think she had a heart attack.

I don't know. She's kind of blue.

There's a doctor here with her. Where are you?

She was clutching her chest. They called an ambulance.

I said where are you?

The Hogan Room, second floor.

Julia: Abraham Persikoff, pursuant to the laws of this state and Paragraph 6B of your bail bonds agreement, I am hereby forcibly detaining you.

Please, raise your hands.

Have you ever shot a person before?


I said put your hands up.

The first one's always the toughest.

Most people don't have it in them.

Mr. Persikoff...

There's something that stops us from pulling that trigger, even when we have every reason.

It's a person in front of us, a human being.

Shut up.

And if you're the type of person who could pull that trigger, you'll also be the type of person who could listen to what I'm saying without freaking out.

Put your hands back up.


Shoot me in the back if your money means that much to you.

Ha ha!


Oh, my word, that is so funny!

I guess it's true that no publicity is indeed bad publicity.

Right? Am I right? I know I'm right.

You're so right. Mm.


I wonder what's taking Abraham so long.

You know, I'm going to call him.

No, no, that's not necessary.

I'm sure he's just caught up chatting...

[phone rings]




Listen to that. Yeah.

Julia, are we all set for our big honoree?

I have my own gun pointed at my head.

She found your son.

Oh, good.


I need you to bring his mother to the kitchen, or I die.

Okay, that's perfect.

We'll see you there in two minutes, okay?

Okay. All right, so yeah, let's just go to the stage the back way. That way, it'll be a bigger moment.

Oh, a bigger moment. Okay.

Oh, You know what?

I forgot something in the ballroom.

What? Can't it wait till later?

I wish. Stay right here.

I'll be right back, okay?


What the hell is she doing here?

What's going on?

Who were you with?

A nice young man. He took care of me when a waitress spilled wine all over my dress.

Mom, where is he?

He's not coming back.

He's a coward.

Smart guy.

We're going, Mom, out the back.

My award.

You promised.

I know.

But I can't.

I'm going to need a fairly significant head start, as you've proven somewhat relentless.



Oh! Ohh!


[gun cocks]

You don't think I'll shoot this time?

I'm going to remember your face.

If I ever see you again, I'm going to kill you.

[police radio chatter]

I can't believe he didn't recognize me.

You are one very lucky b*st*rd.

I think the word you're looking for is heroic.

Thanks for watching the kids last night, Grandpa.

Are you serious? I want to be the first one you call.

I got my nails done. Huh?



Uh, how was work?

What was all that miscommunication about?

Oh, uh, Brad Lewis wasn't the issue.

It was Abraham Persikoff.

One of yours?

He cause any problems?

None at all.

Apparently he got confused about what day he had to be in court.

And, uh, Pete's face?

Oh, I, uh, I did that.

We were roughhousing. Have you seen these?

You do not survive a battle with these unscathed.

Take it down, take it out!

How old are you two?

Carly got a B+ on her algebra midterm.

[clapping] Way to go, Carly.



That's what I'm talking about.

I'm very proud of you.


Grandma, could you pass me the gravy?

Pete, could you pass that?

Got it. Thank you.

You give good, good gravy.

Carly: It was a hard one, too.

Grandpa: That's good, baby. That's good, good, good.


[microwave beeping]

Julia: Pete?


Yeah, I'm good.





Where were you, man? I was there.

I waited for, like, an hour.

Yeah, I saw you there.

Uh, nothing?

Come on, Eddie. Give me a story, something to make me trust you again.

They saw me get off the subway, man.

They knew something was up, but I led them away.

You just come back.

I miss you, man.

Oh, shut up.

You're not good at this.

You've never been good at this.

That's why this is so stupid, Eddie.

What did they promise you?

They said if I help them find you... they wouldn't kill you.

And that sounded like a good deal to you?

Huh? Oh, that's the perfect deal?

They throw a little money on top of that?

He's trying to help you, jackass.

Jesus. You are so stubborn.

God damn.

Look, Marius, I'm going to make this short, okay?

I'm a very reasonable man, but even reasonable men have limitations, okay?

You stole from me. I can't have that.

But now you're back, right?

So here's what we're going to do.

I'm going to give you a week to give me my money.

If you don't...

I'm going to take your brother's hand and a bolt cutter, and I'm going to snip off a finger.

Next week, snip off another one.

All right?

Pretty soon I'm going to run out of fingers.

Then what?

Vance, you're going to be wasting your time because I really don't care about my brother anymore.

Y-You know, you had me for about two seconds.

You got seven days, Marius.


Hey, Pete.

Didn't want to disturb you.

Hey, Grandma.

Got to get the eggs for tomorrow's breakfast.

Everything all right?

Oh, yeah, I was just on the phone with a friend.

If I don't get these out of here tonight, there's a fox who will.

Little b*st*rd coming into our house, staking a claim to what isn't his.

We can't have that, can we?

No, ma'am.


Oh, that's enough.


♪ [rock beat]

♪ Howl ♪
♪ Sweet baby ♪
♪ I need fresh blood ♪
♪ Whoo! ♪
♪ Howl ♪
♪ Whoo! ♪
♪ Howl ♪