01x17 - The Road

♪ Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba ♪
♪ Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! ♪
♪ We'll be there ♪
♪ a wink and a smile and a great, old time ♪
♪ yeah, we'll be there ♪
♪ wherever we are, there's fun to be found ♪
♪ we'll be there when you turn that corner ♪
♪ when you jump out the bush ♪
♪ with a big bear hug and a smile ♪
♪ we'll be there ♪

[Insects buzzing]

Fresh bears! Get them while they're hot!


[Gasps] Another one!

Free bears! Free bears here!

Three for the price of none!

Aah! Hey! Control your child!


Oh, no! She dented our box. Poor box.

Ugh! [Yawns]

Where are we? Have we been picked up yet?

Have we made it to Paris?

No, Panda. We're not in Paris.

We're still in... this desert!

[Bird screeches]


Don't be sad, Panpan.

We'll catch a ride soon.

Look! Someone's coming now! Get ready! [Slurps]

Free bears! Free bears here!

Bears over here! Please!

Pick us! Please! Bears!


Huh? Hey!

What's going on here?! This is our turf, buddy!

It's a free country, man.

Well, you're using freedom poorly.

Yeah. This is our spot. We were here first.

Cool your jets. I ain't hurting no one.

Oh, we'll cool your jets.

You've got until the count of 10 to go bye-bye.

Make it five!

One! Two! Three!

Go for the kneecaps!

Four! Wait. What is that?

Granola bar.

You guys want some?


Thanks for letting me stay with you guys tonight.

It's no problem. Our box is the best box.

[Sighs] That granola hit the spot.

I feel like we can make it to Paris now.

Actually, right now, I feel good right where we are.

Good night, guys.


[Insects buzzing]


Panda! Panda!

[Groans] What's wrong?

Our box! It's gone!

What?! Wha... What?

What happened? Where did it go?

I don't understand.

[Sniffs] Granola guy.

Oh, betrayal!

We should have known!

That granola bar didn't even have any chocolate bits in it.

How could you, granola guy? We loved that box.

Any last words?

Accept your fate!


Feel better?

Okay. Let's go. We need to find a new box.


I'm sure there are boxes all over this place.

[Breathing heavily]

[Groans] Here you go.

[Sighs] It's not a box, but it'll do.



[Both laughing]

Look at this one!

Or this one!




Ohh! Whoa!



Have at you!


Huh? Stop!


[Tires screech]





It's the perfect box.

We could make so many cool things with this!

Yeah! Like a bouncy house!

No! That's silly.

We should make a ballroom. It's classy.

What are you talking about? A bouncy house has so much class.

No, it doesn't! It's not even a real building.

You don't even know a thing about architecture, Panda.

Well, you do whatever you want.

I'm gonna build my ballroom.

Excuse me? I saw the box first.

Bouncy house!



Whoa! Whoa!

Look what you did! Shame on you!

No. No shame on me.

You're the one who ruined the box.

Well, you would have wasted it anyway. Your idea was horrible!

Oh, really? I'm gonna make my own amazing house.

My house will be a quadrillion times better.

Okay. We'll see.

Yeah. We will.

I claim this Grizzlyland! Oop.


Hey, Panda, check out how rad my house is.


You think that's good?

I've got an elevator. What you got?


Hot tub!


Boop, boop, boop, boop. [Chomp!]





Ball pit! [Grunts]

Mwah! Paris!

Flat screen.

Fortress walls!

Higher walls! Hey!





♪ I don't know ♪
♪ it's a little complicated ♪
♪ things we said ♪
♪ can I take them all back? ♪
♪ memories ♪
♪ all fuzzy and faded ♪
♪ funny how our dreams come to an end ♪
♪ so I built a wall around my little heart ♪
♪ sometimes things break and they fall apart ♪
♪ but there's one thing that I know ♪

Grizzly: ♪ someday ♪

Panda: ♪ someday ♪

♪ we will be together again ♪
♪ together again ♪
♪ someday I'll hold your hand again ♪
♪ hold your hand ♪
♪ and look into your eyes and say ♪
♪ that we were ♪
♪ we were never meant ♪
♪ never meant to be apart ♪

I miss you.

♪ if only that moment was now ♪

Both: ♪ if only that day was today ♪



♪ Oh, baby, I'm sorry, baby ♪


♪ can you find it in your carp to forgive my sole? ♪
♪ I'm sorry, baby ♪


I'm sorry, too!

I miss you guys! I was so lonely!


Come on. Let's go tell Panda we're sorry, too.

♪ oh, baby, I'm sorry... ♪

[Bell rings]

Hmm. What the heck?

Should have been up and running by now. [Buzzer]

[Groans] Huh?

What? What's happening?


Whoa! Aah!


Aah! Ooh!

Hey! Help! Help!

[Grunts] Panda!

[Muffled] Help! Hey! Hey!

Panda! Hang on! We're coming!

Panda: Somebody help!

Panda, sing so we can find you!

♪ so I built a wall around my little heart ♪

[Muffled singing]

Dead end. What are we ...

Hey. Where did you go?

Oh, uh, okay. I'll go around.

Hello, there. Let's go ...

Panda: Grizz! Help! Someone!

Panda! I see you, buddy!

[Grunts, screams]

Grizz! Help!

Oh, so close.

Aah! Hmm?

That's it! [Chuckles]

I'm not a box at all.

Brother! Can you get me out now?

You're slipping! I can't hold on!

What's up, yo? Someone need a hand?


Panda, we're gonna get you out.


It's packing tape!

My baby paws are useless!

Man: Oh, hmm. Should I buy it?

Well, I do want to look cool. Hmm.

Eh, okay.




I'm free! Whoa!


That was fun.

Aah! I'm blind!

Whoa! You look pretty cool.

[Engine idling]



Where are we going?

Uh, wha...

[Laughs] We scored a good box, man.

Panda: Yeah!

Where next, guys?

To Paris!

Okay, man.