02x03 - Ouroboros

announcer: Previously, on "Fear The Walking Dead."

Nick found a log book to that boat.

San Diego's dead.

Military burned it down.

all: Mayday! Mayday! Oh, God.

If I stop the boat, it'll be to drop folks off... not take them on.

Hey, do you want help with your bandage.

That doesn't look do good.

Where's the trust, mi hijo.

I'm curious.

Who are you planning on leaving behind.

Strand: Yes, it's all clear now.

What's the latest you can push it.

I'll be there.


Jake! Jake!

Jake, it's me. It's me.

Oh, God.

Hey, hey, over here! Over here!

Come on.

( grunting )


( grunting )

( wheezing )

Man: Something pulled you under.

( coughs )

No, no, wait!

( splashes )

I have to see how you're healing.

Man: Kid's not getting any better.

He's not going to.

He's gonna die.

Man #2: Stop.

He's gonna die and turn into one of those things.

Hold his arms. Tight.

This is gonna hurt.

( screams )


( grunts )

Get his legs.

We can't stay here much longer.

We need to find shelter on land.

Do you understand?

We'll starve.

He's too weak.

We'd never get him past the beach.

Alex, please.

I owe him.

Look, if you care for this boy, you have to consider what he needs, what is truly best for him.

What's the matter with you? He's burnt to the bone.

He's rotting. Put him out of his misery, Alex.

You have to or I'll...

( Jake wheezing )

It's okay.

It's okay, Alex.

It's okay.

It's okay.

( touch tones beeping )

( static crackling )

( ringing )

( touch tones beeping )

( sighs ) Pick up, pick up.

( static buzzing )

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

I'm coming.

We're in the Capistrano Bight.

80 miles north-northwest of--

( disconnect tone beeping )

Can't sleep?



Are you here?


( metal groans )

( exhales )

( loud thud )

What the hell?

Okay, so... the seawater is what's cooling the engines.

No water, the engines overheat.

I'm guessing something's blocking the water intake.

Pull whatever's blocking it and let's get the hell out of here.

We got to get under the boat to find out what it is.

Sun comes up in a few hours.

I'm not inclined to wait around for someone with a .50 caliber machine gun to roll up on us.

It's pitch-dark. We don't know what's down there.

We can shine a light.

Should I get you some flippers?

You going for a swim?

The longer we wait, the bigger the risk.

I'll do it.

Travis, it's not smart. It's not safe.

It's not how we decide things.

I think your man just decided.

Travis, wait until daybreak.

Maddy, the boat's got to move.

( muffled screaming )

Pass me that bucket.

( grunts )


Oh, God. ( coughs )

( groans )


( coughing )


That's some nasty sh1t right there.

Yeah, it's backing up all the way down those pipes and backing up the whole system.

Can we fix it?

I can try.

I got to pull that poor b*st*rd out of the intake, pump this sludge out and see if this filtration system still works.

( sighs )

How long?

Well, I can rebuild a carburetor, but boats aren't really my forte.

How long?

All day.

More or less. I got to feel my way through it.

I mean, look at this. If that filter's gone--

We don't have all day. Get it done.

Hey, man, I am not the help.


I've upset you.

Forgive me if I neglect certain niceties in light of our current predicament.

You are a skilled technician and a viable member of this team.

Now, pretty please, fix the goddamn boat.


( knocks )


How are you feeling?

Christ, Papa.


Let me see.

This is infected. Are you taking your antibiotics?

I'm out.

You're warm.

My shoulder's just a little sore.

I didn't sleep well, that's all.

I'll be fine.

( groans )

I can ask Madison for some stronger medicine.


We take care of ourselves.

What do you suggest we do? Go to Walgreens?

Pretty sure they're closed.

( speaks Spanish )

This is a family matter.

I'm not confused.

Madison is our friend. They've all been there--

If she had to choose between her daughter and yourself, who do you think she would choose?

This stays with us.

( speaks Spanish )

Do you understand, Ofelia?

Yes, I understa--

Alicia: Mom? Mom.


Madison: Alicia.

I know you're not running on my deck.

Jesus, seriously?

What's wrong?

What is it?

Look over there.

Are the fish biting?

Alicia: Do you see it?

Madison: Is that--

Suitcases. A lot of luggage.

Holy sh1t. Where'd that wash up from?

We need supplies.

Alicia, no.

I've been watching. There's no one there. No infected.

All that stuff is just lying there.

There's infected in the water.

We're not gonna swim.

It's a yard sale. I'll go.

I'm with you.

Madison: Wait.

If they're going, I'm going.

No, listen to me, all of you.

Look, if anything were to happen to you--

Anything did happen.

We're all in it.

We've seen and done--

I know.

So stop putting us at the kids' table.

I'll watch her.

You're gonna get slapped.

Mom, we need more clothes. We need more meds.

We need more everything.


Nick: So we go while Travis fixes the engine.

We get what we can. We come straight back.

What's going on?

Dad, we're going to shore.

Like hell you are.

We're not asking for permission.

Excuse me?

Yeah, hold on.

I'll take them.

The girl is right. We're wasting time.

Anything goes wrong, we'll come back quickly.

Okay, get in, get out. Look for sealed pills, clothes, canned food.

And size 13 sneakers if you see them.

It's on the list.

Hey, if you see anything that's not completely awful.

I got you.

Alicia, I can't do geriatric chic.

What's wrong with geriatric chic?

Relax. I got you.

Get warm clothes, too, okay? Jackets, sweaters.

It's cold out there on the water.

It will be warmer in Mexico.

What does that mean?

Our capitan has a destination.

He has from the start.

I found some charts, a map for a location in Baja.

What the hell is in Baja?

Perhaps you should ask him.

Why didn't you?

I think that conversation would not end well.

You'll be more... diplomatic.

I'm not known for my diplomacy.

( flies buzzing )

( exhales )

My God.

Okay, let's be quick.

Everyone where I can see you.

Fill your bags, come back.


I'll only be a minute, okay?



( water bubbling )

( thuds )

Come on, Travis.

Come on.

( muffled scream )


( muffled ) Travis!

( muffled ) Travis?

All these years never knowing where you were or what you were doing.

And now here you are.

I was always there.

I was just hungry.

( laughs )

( clatters )

( snarls )

Look at you.

( scoffs )

( snarling )

Bet you can't bite me through that mask now, can you?

( snarling )

( grunts )

( grunts )

( clanks )

( gasps )

Help me, please.

God, help me.


Where the hell are you taking us?

Why don't we start by telling me who's been meddling in my business?

This is my business. It's all of our business.

Perhaps our Latin friend?

Where are we going?

I saved Nick from that death camp.

And then we saved you, Victor, remember?

I welcome you into my home.

Who got you to your home?

I give you and your family safe passage on my boat.

And you still don't trust me. Are we not friends?

Are we going to Mexico?


In Baja California there's a town called Rosarito.

Southeast of this town there are hills.

And in those hills stands a house.

It has food stores, gardens, water filtration for the well, reinforced concrete walls.

And I have precious little time to get there.

It is the only safe place, the only sound plan.

You said San Diego was safe.

No longer on the itinerary.

Why lie? Why?

Were you going to abandon us?

How could I abandon seven people at once?

Let me make it simple.

We're coming with you, all of us.

And you expect me to trust you clearly more than you trust me.

We have to trust each other.

Fine, you know what the real danger is on the ocean?

It's people. Strangers. Friends.

This is my family.


Your family.

We're just gonna eat each other alive.

We have to go back to back to get this done.



And, Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, I will throw you overboard.

( chuckles ) You're not a killer.

( pills rattle )

Hey. I got something for you.

And I think it'll really bring out your eyes.

Bad luck to steal from the dead.

You should not be joking about it.


This sh1t won't do, man.

You want the cillins.


So amoxicillin, oxycodone.

Yeah, no, this is useless.

Where's Chris?

I don't know.

Stay with your sister.



( snarling )

( groans )

Come on, hurry. ( groans )

I got you.


( back cracking )

( screams )

( cracking )

( screaming )

Help me.


( snarling )

Here. Come on. Take this. Drink.

No. No. Enough.

Enough. ( wheezing )



( breathing heavily )

( grunting )

( gurgling )

( grunting )

( screams )


( speaks Spanish )


Where are they?

I don't know.

I think he went to look for Chris.

They're taking too long.

I'm right behind you.

Hold on, Alicia.

Oh, hello.

( grunts )


You need a hand?

Trust me, you don't want any of this.

I had to pull apart the whole filtration system.

I've been talking to Strand.


He has a place in Baja.

Says it's fortified, stocked, safe.

And he just came up with this?

It's our best chance.

We should trust him.

Do we have a choice?


Then it's not about trust.

He's come through so far.

Yep, now he has a magic house in Baja.

Travis, if we don't have a destination, then we're just drifting, just waiting to die.

Maddy, no one wants to live more than I do.

Okay, so we agree. - Sounds to me like you already made your decision.

I just need us together on this.

( sighs )

We are together.

But I just don't know where we're going.

I just told you.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's not what I meant.



Daniel: Stop!

They're coming!

They're coming!


( snarling )

( snarling continues )

( infected snarling )


( panting )

( snarling )

Oh, sh1t!



Where the hell were you?

I was in there looking for some supplies.

Are you hurt?


Yeah, no, no. I'm ok-- I'm okay.

It wasn't-- it wasn't me.

You killed one?

( gunshot )

( gunshot echoes )


We have to move! We have to move!

We have to move now.

What happened? Is it Daniel?

Give it. Start it.

Go, go!

Start in five.

( snarling )

Daniel. Where's Nick?

Let's get back to the boat.

Where's Nick?

Grab something now.

( gun clicks )

( grunting )

Chris: Alicia!

Christ, Travis.


Go, go, go!

Strand! Strand!

( snarling )

Chris: Alicia!

( screams )

Go, go!


( hissing )

( snarling )

( echoes ) Nick!

Alicia: Nick!

Nick, are you bit?

I'm good, I'm good.

Are you bit?

No, I'm good.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

( snarling )


We need to make a stop.

Can you tell if they're okay?

Are they all there?

Yes. There's more.


Are you hurt? What happened?

I don't know exactly.

Madison: What happened?

I'm sorry. I didn't--

Daniel: We got separated.

I almost lost the kids.

You brought them back.

Strand: No.

They're dehydrated.

I don't care. There's no room.

Not here. Not where we're going.

Alicia: We don't know where we're going.


Yes, we do. We're going to Mexico.

Strand has a place there.

There's food, power, water.

It's close. Baja.

He's invited us to stay till things clear.

Things will never clear.

Then we make it our home.

We don't know that it's safer down there than anywhere--

We're gonna find out.

How do we know it's what he says it is?

It is what I say it is.

Okay, why didn't this come up before?

Why are we just hearing about this now?

Because it's necessary now.

We can't stay on the water forever.

Madison's right.

We made a decision. We have our destination.

And what about them?

( Jake wheezing )

They're a liability. The boy's sick. He'll turn.

He'll turn if we don't help him.

Madison, please.

Fine, fine, fine. They won't come to Mexico.

They just need some medicine and a place to stay for the night.

Look at him! He's dying!

Are you people really debating this?

Travis: We can tow them.

We can tow them to San Diego.

In their raft.

Travis, what part of what I'm saying--

They don't come on the boat, okay?

We're safe, they get a chance.


We can give you food, water.


( zipper zings )

( wheezing )

( engines start )

Please, it doesn't have to be like this.

We can bring them on.

This is the best I can do.

Nick, you smell like death.

This is the worst.

It'll never hurt worse than right now.

And every day will be a little better.

This is the worst it's going to be.

What are you doing?

Strand. Strand!