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02x08 - Grotesque
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Announcer: Previously on "Fear the Walking Dead"...


I'm no good.

Chris can't go back, not now.

I can't come back.

Man: This place is evil. If we stay, we die.

♪ ♪


Woman: Sorry, he's gone.


Man: Come on.

We need to go. Now!

We need to move. Now!


We have to get back to the boat.

She was right about us.

We destroy everything...


(Flies buzzing)

Sofia: They were close friends.

I saw them a few days ago.

They had food, water.

They were okay.

Things change so quickly now.

Where are you going?

South. La Paz. Juan's father is there.

I must try to find him. I owe it to him.

To his mother.

You should come with us.

The others, where will they go?

They'll do as everyone else.

Search for family, sanctuary.

Will they stay together?

You want to follow them?

Is there a place to go for people like Celia?

There was talk of heading north to the city.

There are more there who embrace the dead.

But there has been talk of a hundred places.

It's not safe to go alone, Nick.

The north road is full of La Manas.

They are the worst of men and this is the lawless world they've been waiting for.

You don't want to go?

Sí, but not with Juan.

There are too many orphans.

If his father is alive, he deserves the chance to find him.


There is a mountain shaped like the ridge of a woman's back.

Do you see?


Head for it.

The highway north is just beyond.


Should be enough to get you there.


Thank you.

This will be the least of your worries.

It won't be an easy trip.

I know.


Good luck.

(Engine starts)

I hope you find him.


♪ How low ♪
♪ Are you willing to go ♪
♪ Before you reach all ♪
♪ Your selfish goals? ♪
♪ Absorbed ♪
♪ In your ill hustling ♪
♪ Feeding a monster ♪
♪ Just feeding a monster ♪
♪ Invasion ♪
♪ After invasion ♪
♪ This mean war ♪
♪ This means war ♪
♪ Someday you'll be up to your knees ♪
♪ In the sh1t you see ♪
♪ All the gullible ♪
♪ That you mislead ♪
♪ Won't be up for it. ♪

(Wind whistling)

(Wind blowing)

(Birds chirping)

(Fan whooshing)

Come on, at least try.

I am, asshole.

Your thumbs are freakishly long.

Dexterous thumbs. Dexterous thumbs.

Look, you're pathetic. You know that?

Oh, type A girl doesn't like losing.

Type A girl doesn't lose.

One more.

Sure, if we practice.

Come on.

Nick, you need to practice.

I am not gonna sh1t on my parents for a "get out of jail free" card.

Not gonna do it.

Remember Graham Holt?

He had court-mandated rehab for dealing, same as you.

Um, I was holding for someone.

Mm, where is he?

Good question.

Mm-hmm. On family day, Graham Holt wouldn't talk to his folks so the judge gave him another month.


You want that?

So after your three weeks in rehab, Nick, exploring your thoughts and feelings about your drug use, are there things you need to say to m You?

Pretend I'm your dad.

Start with my mom.


She's like a school counselor.

She has degrees in this sh1t. My dad...


He wouldn't hurt a fly.

I'm not just gonna rip into him like this for no reason.

It'll kill him.

Four more weeks!

Come on, there's got to be something he does that irritates you.

Yeah, sure, but...

Use that.

Dad, you're always tired.


No, no, he is.

You're always tired when you get home from work.

You just skip dinner and go to your room.

And if I go in there to talk to you, it's like you do listen and I can tell you hear me, but it's not like you're there.

You used to be there.

And then you stopped.

And I don't know why you did that.

Fathers are supposed to show sons how to be a man in the world, but I guess the world is too much for you.

(Wind howling)

(Bird screeches)

(Crickets chirping)

(Dog barking in distance)


(Shouting in spanish)


(Shouting continues)



(Shouting continues)

Okay, okay.

I thought it was empty. Okay, I-- sh1t!


(Shouting continues)

Okay, okay. Let me just get my bag, all right?

Then I'm gonna go. I'm just gonna get my bag.

Let me just get my water. I'll just get my bag.


(Shouting continues)



(Shouting continues)



(High-pitched whine, static hissing)

(Car approaching)

(Men speaking spanish)

(Can rattles)

(Man coughs)

Man: Agua.

(Man coughs, wheezes)

Agua, por favor.




(Speaks spanish)

(Radio squeals)



(Man shouts in spanish)


(Shouting, gunshots continue)


(Nick panting)










(Wind howling)

(Shivering breaths)


You okay?

Not really.

They're probably more nervous than you are.

(Door buzzes)

Here we go.

Is that them?

Please sign in.

Hello, Bel Air.

I don't live in Bel Air.

Beverly Hills?

Shut up.

That her?


Good luck.

All will be well in the garden.

Nick, you and your mom are gonna meet in private for a moment, okay?


No Dad?

Daddy's not coming.

Couldn't get out of bed?

He-- he was in an accident.

At the site?

Coming home.

It was a head-on collision.

He didn't make it, baby.

He didn't make it.

They say he didn't suffer.

They say?


Hold on.

(Both crying)

I'm so sorry.





(Growls, barks)




(Barking stops)



(Growling, barking)

(Dogs barking)

(Dogs whimpering, yelping)

(Infected snarling)


(Metal groans)

(Horn blaring)

(Horn blaring)

(Distant gunfire)

(Gunfire continues)

(Metal groans)





(Muffled snarling)

(Voice whispering) Follow us.

We'll take you home.

Voice: Come with us.

Voice: Come. Come home.

Follow us.



Gloria's voice: Come with me.

I'll take you home.

(Car approaching)

(Horn honking)

(Shouts in spanish)


(Man speaking spanish)






Is it good?

My dad gave it to me.

He gave you a lot of books.

It was his way of connecting.

But is it good?

It reminds me of him.

It's just a lot of people feeling sh1t and not saying anything about it.

What's it about?


Please expand.

When you hold on to something for too long or too hard, you corrupt it.

Sounds like a page-turner.

That's what my mom used to say.

I want to read it.

You should.

In the morning.

(Thunder crashes)


(Thunder rumbling)

(Dogs barking)

No, no, no, no, no. No, no infectado.

It's a dog. A dog.

Um, perro. Perro.

¿Por favor agua?

(Children playing)

You shouldn't put any weight on it.


I will have to cut your trousers.

Is that okay?

I'm sorry. You are on the edge of infection.

You're a doctor, right?

You would have died in the wilderness.

I wouldn't mind that.

This will hurt.




Luciana said you were brave.

I'm not.

No, you are foolish.

Death is not to be feared, but it shouldn't be pursued.

There's a difference.



You will recover.

My friends say you were walking with the dead.

Safety in numbers.

That is strange company.

Safer than the men with guns.

Where did you travel from?

Valle de Guadalupe.

That's a long walk.

You should be dead.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Story of my life.

I want to be where the dead aren't monsters.

(Children playing)

(People chattering in Spanish)

Buen día.


(Dog barks)

(Chatter continues)

("Hard as Nails" playing)

♪ Hard smiles ♪
♪ Softest voice ♪
♪ Toes, they touch the carpet steps ♪
♪ Out the door into the breasts of you ♪
♪ Vagrant queen ♪
♪ Show my hands to warmest touch ♪
♪ Whispering as you dress me up ♪
♪ A new bride to be ♪
♪ Down the aisle our sidewalk calls ♪
♪ A clergy of empty cars ♪
♪ Cold night ♪
♪ Silent priest ♪
♪ Clearing cracks ♪
♪ Walking tall ♪
♪ Promise you the moon and stars ♪
♪ Climbing rooftops of shopping malls ♪
♪ Big you ♪
♪ Little me ♪

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