02x12 - Pillar of Salt

announcer: Previously, on "Fear the Walking Dead"... (grunts)

There's opportunity here, for all of us.

We can make this place a home.

We have to clear the dead. (snarling)

You're a pharmacist. I'm a junkie.

Trust me, it's really good. They'll never know.

Your boyfriend just died.

He was my brother.

That's not your wife. Not anymore.

What? ‭We're not gonna make it.

Don't say that.

We should go after Ofelia.

Ophelia chose to go.

( both whisper in Spanish )

( child crying )


( whispers in Spanish )

( coughs )





( all speaking Spanish )

( infected snarling )

( speaking Spanish )

( banging )

( speaks Spanish )

( snarling )

( speaks Spanish )



( tires squeal )

( doors close )

( hammer clicks )

( chuckles )


( snarling )

( panting )

( tapping )

Ofelia: So... Santa Fe.

Man: Yeah. You gotta see it.

You gotta see the mountains there, the sky, the sunsets.

And there's something that happens when you take kids out of the city.

You know, without all that noise, they can hear themselves again.

( laughs )



De nada.

So-- so you're taking the job?

I think I have to.

They're gonna be lucky to have you.

Come with me.

( chuckles ) You're funny.

No, I can't do that.

Careful, it's not a worm.

Holy sh1t.

Will, you got all serious on me.

I don't want to do this without you.

Wait, wrong hand, wrong hand.

You shouldn't have done this, Will.

You shouldn't have spent the money.

You could have put it towards a little house.

Is that a yes? Yes, if there's a little house?

It's just-- it's so far, New Mexico.

Your parents will be fine.

My mom can't speak English and my dad's a shut-in.

Look, they have the business, they have me.

That's-- that's all that they have.

They're stronger than you think.

I can talk to your dad.

No, Will.

I should ask him.

I'll ask him. I should ask him.

I should ask him for your hand.


If you ask for my hand, he's gonna take yours.

Oh, come on. He's a sweet old man.

No, he-- you've met him twice.

On good days.

I mean, I'm gonna talk to my mother.


( giggling )

("Swept Inside" playing)

♪ By the shattered coils of another's arms ♪
♪ And swept inside like the rains that weep ♪
♪ That fell away when your girlish charms ♪
♪ Cried out to take on motherhood ♪
♪ She waits by the windowsill ♪
♪ All wrapped in white and puzzling ♪
♪ What happened to the child inside ♪
♪ Who ran the streets in the days at night? ♪
♪ She says nothing seems the same ♪
♪ And I can't change a thing ♪
♪ Her body's like a wave... ♪

( generator rumbles )

♪ Breaking to the sea ♪
♪ She says everything seems strange ♪
♪ Locked behind the years ♪
♪ But life is ours to find ♪
♪ In the days at night... ♪

( reel clicking )



I got one!

( men murmuring )

( laughing )

Flip up.

( laughing )


I've never seen anyone do it quite like that before.

Well, does the student suck or the teacher?


I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

It's me.

It is.

My brother used to give me sh1t all the time because I was always falling down.


Big brothers like to say asshole things just to make you remember who's boss.

He wasn't wrong.

He was always jumping off swings or into a fountain or...


Or off a ski lift.

I was always trying to keep up.

My mom was afraid to leave us alone because one of us would end up with broken bones or stitches.

( chuckles )

Where is he now?

I don't know.

I don't know.

But he's-- he's not...


No, he's out there.

At least I think so.

You miss him?

I miss who he was.

I don't know that I miss who he is.

What about your brother?

He's holed up with a bunch of culeros in Tijuana.

He's gone.

Come on.

Madison: Thirsty?


It's cold.

Ice maker's on the circuit we got going.

Generator's working.

It's not bad, huh?

That's nice.

Can I borrow you?


I'll see you later.

( knocks )

( knocks )

Un momento.

Gone? What do you mean?

He has left us.

Well, maybe he went to the warehouse without you.


He took his family.

I can't believe Francisco would desert.

He worked for Alejandro at the farmacia.

He helped us build this place.

He saw what happened to my brother.

The colonia suffers, but there are other places and communities that are doing better than us.

Okay, we'll go.

All right.

We can mark the cars with gas left, but we'll drain them fast if we don't ration.

No generators at night. No need to call attention to ourselves.

We'll run it a few hours a week, just enough to make ice, boil water.

We can go to Rosarito, check some cars.

Pemex may have some fuel.

( knocks on door )

Oh, that's Hector. Could you please?

I'm sure there's been a run on all the gas stations.

Due diligence.

Ha, sure.

Due diligence.

( knife pierces )


You took my daughter from me.

You took her.

( gasps )


( groaning )


Oh, God. Oh, God.

Don't die on us, all right?

Your confidence is overwhelming.

Where is she?

In her room.

There are people with her watching her.

Why don't you keep them company, Oscar?

There's too many bodies in here.

Andrés has two years of med school.

A year and a half, but maybe I can help.

I need to open this up.

( groans ) Okay.


I need antiseptic, alcohol, gauze.

Antibiotics if you can find them, okay?

There is-- there is a first aid kit in my other room.


In the closet.

Ilene blames you.

She's not well. She lost her husband and then her daughter.

Okay, it's not the right time, Oscar.

I understand grief, but this is a bit extreme.

She'll come around.

( chuckles )

She'll start to understand.

She may never understand.

She may do it again.

I can make sure she doesn't.

She blames us. Next time, she comes after me or my nephew.

We watch her and we decide what to do later.

Right now we take care of Victor.



You're lucky. Doesn't seem like any of your organs were punctured.

Yeah? Still hurts like a son of a bitch.

I can give you some ibuprofen for the pain.

With a scotch chaser.

We'll see what we can find.

You'll find scotch.

Yeah, we'll make it happen, Victor.

I need to stitch you up as soon as possible.

I got it.

Pressure on the wound, please.

No, no, this won't work.

I need a suture kit, antibiotics, and erythropoietin.

It's a medicine that produces more red blood cells to replace the ones that he's already lost.

If I can't do a transfusion, it's our best bet.

Okay, write it down. Write it down.

What about the pharmacies in Rosarito?

Yes, but they've been looted. The drugs are gone.

I-- I know a place.

It's a drive.

( man coughing )

( speaks Spanish )

¿Que pasó?

Francisco's gone.

And his family.

Did you know about this?


Two scouts in two weeks.

No thank you. No good-bye.

Steal into the night like cowards.

Well, he has a sick child and the infirmary is full, water is scarce.

Times of strife are the true test.

The people should hear your words.

The scouts, they should hear yours, our strongest and most faithful.

You know what they face outside the wall.

The dangers. You see what they see.

You speak to them and keep it quiet.

( groans )

Just keep some pressure on it, okay?

I'm going to get your meds.

What do you want me to do?

Keep the drinks coming.

About Ilene.

She's deranged.

Yeah, she's a danger.

( groans )

( chattering )

She'll need to be watched forever.

She's lost her balance.

What happens to the larger balance if I exile her?

Ilene stays locked up.

How long?


So she's a prisoner?

Yes. It's that or we put her on the street.

We can't have violence here. We can't cross that line.

If it happens again, if anyone raises a hand to another, they're out.

Any of us, gone.

That's how it has to be.

That's the only way this works.



Is he okay?

He's burdened.

We're heading out.

( sighs ) Have you spoken to the scouts?

No, but I will as soon as I--

You said you would speak to them.

I will as soon as I--

Did you not just hear what I just said?

I need everyone here.

Marco's not gonna wait on us.

I'm not beholden to that man, that criminal.

We need his water.

Why must you go now, Luciana?


Because he expected us today.

He expected Francisco and Reynaldo hours ago.

Do you wish to follow Francisco?


How could you think that of me?

This is my home. You're my people. I wish to serve.

Speak to the scouts as I asked.

This is how you serve.

If we don't deliver the Oxy, they'll come looking for it.

You covered your path, no?


Then they will not find us.

Nobody leaves the colonia.

Until when?

Until I say differently.

Alicia: I could come with you.

Watch Victor for me. Make sure he has what he needs.

And you keep him alive.

I'll do everything I can.

( arguing in Spanish )

Keep him alive.

( engine starts )

Two hours.

( snarling )

What was that about?

What was what about?

Hector. You were fighting.

I ask him to come, he say no.

I was hoping he could convince his brother to come home.

We need to get Victor's meds.

We don't have time for anything else.

Warehouse and back.

Antonio is in the warehouse.

Los culeros took him long ago.

That and the drogas.

As everything was failing, Antonio came to Rosarito.

He wanted us to go with him.

He said that the gang will protect us.

I told him he should come home.

We would protect each other.

He chose them over us.

Hector won't forgive him for that.

( snarls )

Don't give up on him.

Hey. You okay?

He knows I would never leave him.

He's just scared, all right?

Alejandro's never scared.

Well, people are leaving, questioning him.

His flock's fractured.

He feels that, so he's holding on too tight.

We still have to make the trade.

There's no trade. You heard him.

These people are waiting for their medicine, okay?

Best case, they give us half a cart of water.

Worst case, they're gonna come for us.

Alejandro has always known what to do, gringuito.

From the beginning.

Hey, stop calling me that.

I will stop calling you that... ( speaking Spanish )

Oh, curse me in English. Come on.

Ungrateful b*st*rd!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


( door slams )

Alej-- he saved you. He saved me.

We're here because of him.

Hey, no, no, no. I am here because of you.

Well... And I say we stay.

Could they move any slower?

We'll get back in time for him. Don't worry.

Okay, wait for us here.

( knocks )

Is Luciana all right?

Yeah, she will be.

You all right?

Luciana doesn't deserve my doubt.

That I should save for the men outside the wall.

Listen, I really think if we don't make this trade now, those men will come for us.

If they find us... they cannot touch us.

Our numbers, our geography, the wall.

If those assholes want in, the wall won't stop them.

This is not your place, Nick.

It is my place.

I care for this place.

Listen, waiting for faith to work or for the dead to wash the world clean, like, the danger is now.

It's real. It's coming, man.

It's out there.

You believe in the dead.

You believe in them to protect us because you have such little faith in me.

You both have such little faith in me.

I have faith, okay?

Luciana has faith in you. You attacked her loyalty.

I never asked to be the one to make these decisions, but I am.

I concern myself with our survival.

That's all I care about.

So you want me to just follow you blindly?

I want you to trust me like I trust you.

Like a son.

When was the last time you slept?

You shouldn't have come here and you shouldn't have brought this Americana with you.

We just want to get what's on this list.

Fish are good, the ice is better.

Can you get more?

Sí, as much as you like.

Good, Marco will want more.

Your brother has asked about you.

Why didn't he come?

( woman coughing )

Wait here.

Do not move.

( woman crying )

What are they saying?

He's taken their daughter.

What's he doing to them?

We stay out of it.

Is he saying anything about us?

No, he wants the location to some colonia.

What'd he say?

He's asking about a woman named Luciana... and a gringo.

An American?

Yes, someone with ratty hair.

( Marco shouting in Spanish )

He brings them drugs.

Madison, what are you doing?

Madison, stop.

( arguing in Spanish )

Who are you talking about?

Madison, stop. You don't do this.

Who's the boy? Who is the boy with the ratty hair?

Are you trying to kill Victor? We need the supplies.

Translate for me.

Translate. Who are they talking about?

( whistles )

( speaking Spanish )

What is his name? What is the boy's name? Is it Nick?

( speaking Spanish )

No, you know.

I'm just looking for my son Nick.

We walk away now, Madison.

I just need to know.

We walk away now or they kill us.

We walk away.

Is it north of here, la colonia?

No, just tell me where you saw him. Was he safe?

Leave, now.

What do I tell your brother?

He should have chosen me.

You can come back home, Antonio. The hotel is safe.

This is my family.

They're not blood.

Don't come back, tía.

We won't be here much longer.


( laughs )

It's okay, my English is also not so good, but not so bad.

Listen, I know you said you didn't want to make the trade without Francisco, but would you make it with me?

You told Luciana?


No, she won't go against Alejandro.

But you know, man, you know.

We can't keep Marco waiting.

Alejandro said to wait.

We need more water, okay?

Whatever Alejandro says, he's not a rain maker.

More people are gonna die.

More die, more leave the colonia.

What's so funny?


You love to fix others' problems.

I just give a sh1t, okay?

Yo se.

We go tonight, okay?

Okay. All right.

( Luciana speaking Spanish )

All okay?

They needed reassurance.


What'd you tell them?

We're Alejandro's inner circle.

We need to demonstrate strength to the colonia.

Instead of giving into fear, they should bring those fears to me.

What would they do without you?

What would I do without them?

They're like my brothers.

What is it?

Oh, nothing.

No, it's not nothing.


No, mientes.


No, miento.

No. Um...

I was actually just gonna see if you wanted to join me for a drink.

Alicia: Should I get ice to cool him down?


We need to keep him warm.

Get him a blanket.


The blue in the nails?

You've lost blood.

Your heart doesn't have enough blood to pump to all your organs.

Should I be writing my will?

The medicine they're bringing will help.

I'll suture you.

What if they get held up?

Just keep pressure on the wound.

You have excellent bedside manner.

Andrés could take a few tips.

I volunteered at County USC through high school.

( groans )

The nurses taught us that what you don't say to patients is as important as what you do say.

For instance?

I'm not gonna tell you it's gonna be all right.

Why on earth not?

Might not be.

( laughs )

( groans )

I changed my mind.

Your bedside manner is abysmal.

( laughs )

You didn't seem like someone who liked sugar coating.

I don't.

Never needed it.


No one did it for me.

You said you raised yourself.

What does that mean?


I was helping everyone else.

I was doctor to Nick.

Detox, withdrawals.

And then my dad.

Your mother?

Had her hands full.

You've got her all to yourself now.

I didn't want it like this.

I'm still not sure she actually sees me.

Then make her.

( infected snarling )

( sighs )

Hola, mamá.


( both speaking Spanish )


( engine starts )

( horn honks )

Did you get everything?

Oscar has it.

You got it all?

Yeah, barely.

What happened?

Nothing. How is he?

He's lost blood. Did you get the erythropoietin?

Yeah, they had everything. Every med with no street value.

What took so long?

Your mother tangled with the wrong people.

What? What happened?

They mentioned some gringo.

She thought it was your brother. Could be anyone.

Did they say something?

He traded drugs with them.

He was a gringo with ratty hair.

Oh, sh1t.

Turn it off.

No, I can't.

I can't.

The whole world can see us.

All those people you wanted to stay away, you're inviting them.

Just have to trust me on this.

You almost blew the trade.

What if Elena hadn't managed to get those supplies? What about Victor?

We got the supplies. We got them.

You risked it because you heard a rumor about a boy who may or may not be Nick.

15 miles away. It has to be him.

How can you know that?

You don't understand.

Your child is always your child.

He's always--

I'm your child.

I don't understand.

He chose what's out there over us.

Maybe he changed his mind.

I never changed my mind.

I'm here.

Why isn't that enough?