03x00 - Fear the Walking Dead: Passage

(Breathing through mask)

(Someone coughs)

(Breathing through mask)


(Breathing accelerates)

(Walkers grunting)

(Stabbing sounds)


Why are you following me?

I've watched you.

You can kill them.

I can't.

(Walkers grunting)

(Woman whimpering)


Don't leave me!

What happened?

I twisted it, on the road, it's just a sprain. I'm not bitten.


I'll die alone.

(Breathing heavily)

There's nowhere to go.

What if I knew a place?

If you knew a safe place, you'd be at it.


Mexico's better.

The border's swarming with sick.

Folks trying to get south and north when this all went down.

We avoid that.

There's a tunnel.

My boyfriend was Border Patrol, he seized the tunnel after all this started.

He went ahead to see if it was safe.

And he didn't come back?

What does that tell you?

You need a place to go. I can't get there alone.

We both benefit.


I'll help you.

But I don't need you.


Are you from here?


Where are you from?


We left when the military moved in. The bombs followed us.

I'm sorry.

Pick up the pace.

You're not the only that lost someone. My sister didn't make it.


***, brainstem or eye.

Anywhere that penetrates the brain.

You hit the skull.

Blade skips off.


(Sighs) Which way?

Follow me.

(Walker grunting)

(Woman screaming)


I can't!

You're stronger than you think.




You're alive.

I never thought I'd see you.

(Exhales) I can't believe you're here!

Oh, I thought we lost you in the ***.

Who's that?

That's Sierra.

She's the one that got me here.

I'm thankful.

Did you tell anybody else about the tunnel?

No, just Sierra.

No one else is alive.

Your sister?

We waited as long as we could.

You said you'd come back...

I'm sorry.

*** will bring more.

She's right. It's not safe here, come on.


Head down, I'm right behind you.

Sierra too.



Yeah, of course.

Of course. I just need to shut the entrance after us.


OK. There you go.

(Creepy music)

I can't let you down.

I just want to get somewhere safe, that's all.

But then you will tell others about the tunnel.

I can't have that.


(Screams in pain)

(Screams in pain)



What happened?

Don't move, ***.

Don't listen to her!

What happened?

He tried to kill me.




He left you behind. You don't need him.

Let's go.



(High-pitched sound)


(Muffled voice)

Woman: Gabby? Gabby? Are you OK?

Follow my voice!

(Muffled voice)

Woman: Can you hear me?


***. Gabby!

We have to move now.

Follow my voice!

I told you, they're waiting for me.

I told you to wait for me.

I'm sorry.


No, no, don't co... (Screams in pain)

Get back here!


Oh God.

Let her go.

It's not an option.

I need to get to her before they do.

Who else is down there?


Stay close.

Come on!



Man: It came from down here.


(Light thud)

Man: ***

Man: ... lookout for herself.

I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for her.

Yeah, well, I'm protecting you now.

(Walker groaning)


(To be continued ... )