20x08 - Hell's Kitchen

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


♪ ♪



Marco, you little putz!

When I say service, that plate better fly off

this counter! Is that clear?

Yes, Chef.

- People!
ALL: Yes, Chef!

One lobster tail and squid ink.

Two striped bass, one surf and turf.

ALL: Yes, Chef.

The PPX at table are getting antsy.



Brian Matthews and Niraj Patel.

They produce that new kids' cooking show

- on the Food Network.
- And about five other things.

- Mm-hmm.
- Time to show the love.

Allow me to introduce our Chef, Andrew Liebowitz.

Welcome to Far Rockaway by Andrew, gentlemen.

Broad Channel prawns on artisanal polenta...

Ooh, looks wonderful.

And octopus with deconstructed coleslaw.

Oh, looks fantastic, Chef.

Oh, and that fluke crudo blew us away, man.

- It was great.
- Just wait till dessert.

There's a three-berry shortcake that'll give you both wood.


Can we get you anything in the meantime, gentlemen?

I think we're good.

Hey, can you guys hang out for a bit after dinner?

- You kidding?
- Ha. We're wide open.

Uh, Kayla here will show you to our private room

- when you're done.
- All right.


- That's gonna be awesome.
- Damn.

What are these black things?

- They're olives.
- Yuck.

Okay, you can push them aside.

But Noah, remember, we talked about this.

Remember we talked about it being time for you to start

- trying and eating new things?
- I want pizza.

Okay, we'll maybe tomorrow night.

But for now how 'bout we eat tonight's dinner?

Try it. You're gonna like them.

They're great.

- Hey!

- Noah.
- I want pizza!


To big tips at the bar and in the bedroom.

Cheers to that.

BOTH: Mmm.

No more tequila for me.

If I have any more of this,

I'm gonna end up taking Marco home.



♪ ♪


Hey, why don't you sit with us for a minute?

Oh, if only there was another chair.

Oh, darling, I'm sure Brian would be just fine

- if you sat on his face.
- Oh...

- Oh, hey, look.

Don't listen to him.
Just run my card for me, okay?

- Come on.

Oh, hey, it's not that kind of a club, fellas.

- Aw!
- Oh!

- Hey...
- Come on!

- Hey, you okay?
- Yep.

It's half the gig, right?

Story of my life.


♪ ♪

So yesterday Dave text me.

He told Jasmine me and him went out drinking on Saturday.

So you're gonna lie for him?

It's one thing to stay out of it,

- but to look Jasmine in the ey...
- Help!

- Come on!
- Get off!

- You gotta get out of the car.
- Get off!

- You seeing this?
- Get out of my car!

- Help!
- Are you seeing this?

- Hey! Hey!
- Get off of here!

- Get off!
- You can't stay in the car.

You have to get out of the car!

What do you think you're doing, douche bag?

Get off of me! Get off of me!

Hey, hey... you're safe, you're safe.

- Hey, hey, it's okay.

Everything's gonna be all right.


Her name's Kayla Morgan.

We walked by just as the Uber driver was climbing

on top of her in the backseat. What'd he say?

The driver, Michael Boykin,

claims he tried to end the ride.

Says Miss Morgan refused to exit his vehicle.

He said she seemed wasted.

He tried to help her out of the car,

she starts whaling on him.

She say he tried to rape her?

No, but her shirt was ripped like someone tore it open.

You did the right thing calling us.

She put up a fight. She busted the driver's lip.

Guy says he wants to file assault charges.

Okay, let's take them both back to SVU.


♪ ♪

Look, I already told the other detectives,

I don't remember much about what happened.

Did the Uber driver try something?

No, I... I don't think so.

Patrol said that he was on top of you when they arrived,

- that you were fighting him off.
- I'm sorry.

I guess I passed out in the back of his car, okay?

He startled me. Do I need a lawyer?

Don't worry about that right now.

Detective Rollins and I are worried about you, Kayla.

Do you remember what happened before you got into the Uber?

Not really. I just wanna go home.

I didn't do anything to that girl.

Then why'd she tee off on you?

Ask her. I'm the victim here!

Yeah, well, those officers seemed to think that she was

pretty pissed off at you about something.

- I barely touched her.
- You tore her blouse!

She's saying I did that?

Well, let's... let's just assume that she did.

Well, then she's a liar!

Wait, you think I tried to rape her?

I... I'll give you DNA. Take... Take a lie detector...

- anything!
- The girl gets in your car,

she's a hot mess, and you just keep driving?

I barely looked at her.

I was on the phone with my wife the entire ride.

You know we hate it when you guys do that, right?

I got to her destination and realized something's off.

She was staring into space like a zombie,

so I tried to shake her out of it.

Help her out of my car.

But the second I touched her,

she attacked me like some lunatic.

I'm sorry, I just... This is a waste of everybody's time.

I know that this is difficult and we're almost done,

I promise, but if you could just give me one more minute.

You remember how your shirt got ripped?

- I had a lot to drink.
- Where?

I don't know. It's fuzzy.

And that is completely normal.

Victims don't remember all the details of their assault.

Look, I'm not a victim.

I think maybe you were, Kayla.

The Uber guy didn't do anything, okay?

Well, somebody did.

Is he pressing charges?

I don't think so.

Okay, great. So, I'm leaving.


We checked Boykin's phone,

and he was talking to his wife until the ride ended.

Okay, what about his Uber app?

She got picked up at : a.m.

in front of Orchard Street.

Which is a restaurant on the Lower East Side.

Far Rockaway by Andrew.

Yeah, it's a high end seafood joint.

I actually took a date there once.

Set me back a couple hundred bucks, but...

- Was it worth it?
- Every cent.

Okay, so cut Boykin loose and check it out.

That's Kayla Morgan. She waits tables here.

Is she okay?

Did she work here last night?

Friday's our busiest night. We do covers.

- She wouldn't miss it.
- And what time do you close?

Uh, the kitchen closes at : .

I leave right after that.

Did she have a problem with anybody here?

Not that I know of.

One of the servers has a thing for her.

Marco, he follows her around like a puppy.

Did Something happen to Kayla?

She received a little unwanted attention last night.

- Here?
- You tell us.

I didn't see anything. Somebody raped her?

What made you go there, Marco?

I know what SVU means.

Well, what did you do when your shift was done last night?

When it slowed down, Lizzy cut me.

I... I went straight home.
Our building has cameras.

- You can check.
- Oh, we will.

Yeah. Did Kayla get cut, too?


She had to work the after party.

In our private room.

Oh, what's that?
She's serving drinks, or...


Management likes to keep the guests boozed up.

And happy.

I work the bar, and Kayla worked the room here.

These after parties,

are they all work and no play for you guys?

Not exactly.

I did a few tequila shots with her.

What she did with the other guests...

Did Kayla party with anybody in particular?

I don't know about partied, but there was this one table...

a group of network execs.

They were getting kinda handsy with her.

Kayla left with them?

No, they tapped out on the early side.

- What time was that?
- : , : .

That's the early side?

- Andrew likes to entertain.
- When did Kayla take off?

When the party gets lit,

people peel without checking in.

When's the last time you saw her?

I dunno. : -ish.

Uh, she went down to the wine cellar.

Andrew needed her for something.


Yeah, Kayla was helping me shelf a crate of Burgundy.

We had a shipment come in that day.

Oh, you guys wanna try a Montrachet?

I spent two months in Cote De Beaune studying the terroir.

This bottle was the pinnacle of organic viticulture.

Plus, it's kosher.

You know what? We're on duty.

That's too bad.

This stuff goes for $ a bottle.

Hit me.

Tastes like warm apple juice.

Hints of Granny Smith.

I'll put that in my tasting notes.

Okay, so what did Kayla do after she was done

- helping you down here?
- You gotta try

- this Vermentino.
- Hey, excuse me.

Can we just get a minute of your undivided attention, please?

Sorry. Sorry.

I love cops.
You guys are solid citizens.

Not like these hedge fund pricks and airhead models

that I have to deal with in this place.

I'm all about authenticity.

It's why I started Far Rockaway.

And it all began with a glass of Manischewitz and a plate

of gefilte fish in my mother's kitchen in Queens.

How 'bout this for authenticity...

We have reason to believe Kayla

was sexually assaulted here last night.

Yeah, and you were the last person that she was with.

Wait a minute.

Is she saying that I...

[LAUGHS] Oh...

That's what this is about?

Well, why don't you tell us?

I mean, what happened down here?


She asked me to pop a bottle, and I told her that I couldn't

stop staring at her ass all night.

Interesting way to treat your employee.

Then things got hot, okay? Consensual s*x.

Yeah, well, when we found her,

it didn't look consensual to us.

Are you kidding me? Oh, she was begging for it.

I banged her up against a crate of Bordeaux.

Did you also rip her shirt open?

I buy the damn shirts.

Look, this was not the first time that we screwed, even.

If she's claiming that I raped her,

this is some kind of shake down.

- You talked to Andrew?
- It's our job.

Well, I could lose my job over this, okay?

I make six figures at that restaurant.

But is Andrew Liebowitz the one that assaulted you?

No, I...

[SIGHS] It's not like that.

Have a seat.

Okay, look.

It wasn't all rose petals and fireworks,

if that's what you're asking, but I am handling it.

Andrew said that it wasn't the first time,

that you two had...

Okay, once at the Christmas party last year,

but that was a mistake.

But the other night, did he force you?

- What do you mean, force?
- Did you give consent?

It's not a black and white thing.

When Andrew started coming on to me,

I tried playing it off.
I even said no at one point.

But he didn't stop.

That sounds black and white to me.

Oh, this is just how it is in the restaurant industry, okay?

You wouldn't understand.

I should have just kneed him in the balls.

Kayla, it sounds like your boss raped you.

It is not rape if I say it's not.

Okay, look.

I appreciate what you guys are trying to do here, okay?

I really do, but just stay out of my life.

Before you ruin it.

Well, Kayla told him no,

but she refuses to say it was rape.

What's Liebowitz saying? Did he admit to pressuring her?

He insists it was consensual but no cameras, no witnesses.

Look, she's not gonna testify against him.

Yeah, without a complaining witness,

- I can't move forward.

Hold on. Now, Liebowitz has no priors.

But he does pop up on three separate s.

- Here in Manhattan?
- No, Brooklyn SVU.

These all happened in the past four years.

Well, he's got a wine bar in Park Slope.

Yeah, three separate employees accused him

- of sexual assault.
- All right, talk to them.

See if we can stir the pot.

Four years, and now you wanna look into it?

Why don't you just tell me what happened?

I'll tell you the same thing I told the cops in Brooklyn.

I sommed for Andrew at his wine bar.

And after hours I'd serve him and his buddies.

It was actually a good job. Great tips.

I was a server for Andrew before I got sober.

Um, one night, I'm barely able to stand,

and he leans in and plants one on me.

And I kissed him back.

But then, uh...

One night Andrew starts to get a little touchy-feely

and I tried to politely turn him down.

But, hey, he's my boss.

He said, "You want that promotion?"

And then he...

got up and walked over to the door.

We head down to his office, and immediately he's trying

to take all my clothes off.

And so I try to pump the brakes,

but by then I'm so drunk.

He's tossing me around like a rag doll.

He pulled up my skirt.


I, um...

I tried to fight him off.

He held me down so hard, he sprained my wrist.

I blacked out at some point.

Woke up naked on his couch.

I tried to get out of there as quickly as I could.

Andrew put his foot on my underwear.

And he said,


These are for me."

And as I'm getting dressed to leave,

I realize that I'm missing something.

That son of a bitch pocketed my panties.

Did Andrew ever take anything from you?

Take anything?

Yeah, like an article of clothing.

Oh. My thong.

How did you know that?

Because unfortunately, Lauren,

you weren't alone.

That's even worse.

I'm stuck working in this dive bar because Andrew

blacklisted me, and he's walking around a free man?

All three women reported,

but not a single arrest was made.

Was there any corroboration? Witnesses? Rape kits?

If Liebowitz would have done this in Manhattan,

we'd have his ass in a x cell.

Now, the only constant was this ADA named Chris Hodges.

He caught all three cases, but he declined

- to prosecute each time.
- What do we know about him?

Boy wonder prosecutor in Brooklyn.

Big in the Me Too movement.

Yeah, he runs some kind of victims advocacy group.

Rumor is he's gunning to run for Kings County D.A.

Mr. Kelly was acquitted on all of the rape counts.

But he was convicted of three counts

of sexual conduct against a child.

My client teaches in the public schools for years.

He attends church and volunteers

- at a soup kitchen which serves...
- I don't care if he

hand delivers Thanksgiving turkeys and cranberry sauce

to every family in Brooklyn.

He molested three underage girls.

That we know of. You must send a message here.

I agree with Mr. Hodges.

I hereby sentence him to the maximum the law will allow.

Three consecutive sentences of seven years.

Remand the defendant.


Excuse me.

I'm Peter Stone.
I'm with the Manhattan D.A.

- Ben's kid, right?
- Right.

I saw your father speak at a few CLE programs.

Yeah, he, uh... he loved a captive audience.

He did.

My office is investigating a chef named Andrew Liebowitz.

What'd he do now?

Same thing he did here, apparently.

Why did you decline to prosecute?

Liebowitz is a real piece of work.

I wish we could have gone after him,

but all three of my complainants had issues.

My cops thought they seemed pretty credible.

You know, late disclosures, no rape kits,

drug and alcohol problems, uh, prior sexual relationships.

We can't waste time and money

on cases we'll never win, right?

Still, Liebowitz seems like he pushes

the meaning of consent.

Well, look, I hope you fare better than I did.

Let me know what I can do to help.

- Yeah, thanks.
- All right.

I cannot believe that Hodges of all people,

didn't move forward with these charges. Read this.

He's convinced all three cases are losers.

There are no perfect witnesses.

That goes with the territory.

Fin and Carisi tell me he's strong on women's issues.

Well, he made a name for himself

busting a Russian s*x trafficking ring.

They even tried to kill him.

But a garden variety prosecution of Liebowitz?

- This is a no-brainer.
- Until you get an acquittal.

And that's all people remember.

To have any chance at trial,

I have to convince Kayla to testify.

- No arm twisting, Peter.
- Oh, don't worry.

I've been watching someone who's pretty damn good at this.


Kayla Morgan?

I'm Peter Stone. I work with Lieutenant Benson.

Oh, what is it with you people?

We found three additional victims, Kayla.

They all worked at Liebowitz's wine bar in Brooklyn.

So have them be your poster girls.

I can't prosecute those cases.

They'll testify to support you,

but I need you to open the door.

And I need to keep my job.

You need to take care of yourself.

Do you really think he won't do this again?

I can handle it now.

Well, maybe you won't have to since he already has

your panties in his trophy case.

- How did you...
- It's about power, Kayla.

He's gonna keep raping the women who work for him

until somebody stands up and stops him.

I don't think that I...

I can't imagine how difficult this is, Kayla.

My sister was murdered by the people I was prosecuting.

I have to wake up every morning and convince myself

that it wasn't my fault.

And the only way I can do that is if I believe I can stop it

from happening to somebody else.

I used to love my job at Far Rockaway.

My coworkers are my friends.

And I'm finally making decent money.

And Andrew took all that away from you.

Nobody should have to pay that price.

I'm supposed to get paid tomorrow.

You don't have to go in.

We can arrest him tonight, if you're on board.

These other women, they're not gonna back out?

No. I promise.



Do me a favor.

Send the cops tomorrow during my shift.

I wanna see this go down.



Can I help you?

- That looks delicious.
- What are you doing back here?

I'm arresting you for the rape of Kayla Morgan.


You ungrateful bitch. You're fired.

Where have I heard that before?

Indictment number , People vs. Andrew Liebowitz.

Rape in the first degree.

How do you plead, Mr. Liebowitz?

Not guilty.

- People want bail?
- Absolutely.

The charge is forcible rape. We're asking for $ million.

That's punitive.

This is a classic he said, she said.

The People intend to introduce evidence

that the defendant is a serial predator.

There are three prior rape allegations in Brooklyn.

Those charges were never filed.

The People intend to introduce them to establish

his modus operandi.

Ah, Bill Cosby all over again.

We'll hold a Molineux hearing in my chambers to determine

the admissibility of this testimony.

Bail is set at $ million, cash or bond.

Three employees in the defendant's Brooklyn wine bar

came forward with sexual assault complaints against him.

Their accounts are nearly identical.

- How so?
- These women

were plied with alcohol or marijuana

after closing time as a prelude to these assaults.

A little wine or weed before s*x is hardly a one-of-a-kind

criminal signature.

After the attacks, the defendant took

an undergarment from each of the victims.

You know, as a memento.

You're getting warmer, Mr. Stone,

but you're still missing the big picture.

Modus operandi evidence is admissible to prove

the identity of a suspect. This isn't a whodunit.

It's a what happened.

The fact that he did the same thing on three... now four...

separate occasions demonstrates a common scheme or plan

- on the part of the defendant.
- No.

It's an attempt to demonstrate my client's

propensity to behave badly.

The ulterior motive behind Mr. Stone's ploy is to have

the jury convict Mr. Liebowitz, not for the allegations

in this complaint but for his prior acts.

Why weren't these three cases prosecuted in Brooklyn?

You'll have to ask the Brooklyn D.A.

Mr. Stone.

There were apparently questions about

the complainants' credibility.

And why would I allow them to testify here?

It's up to a jury to decide whether to believe them.

Yes, but first it is up to me

to decide if the prejudicial effect

of this testimony outweighs its probative value.

I rule it does.

At least let me call one of the Brooklyn women.

All three witnesses are excluded.

Your Honor.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

There's no way Kayla's going to go this alone now.

So, can you appeal?

The Appellate Division justices would laugh in my face.

So we're dead in the water.

I'm afraid so.

Look, I understand why Kayla won't go toe-to-toe

with the man who raped her, but Chris Hodges?

Chris Hodges is the go-to prosecutor for Brooklyn SVU.

Look, there were some problems

- with those disclosures.
- But with all three of them?

There's gotta be more to it.

Some prosecutors talk a good game.

But the bottom line is whether they win or lose.

But not Chris Hodges. That's not his reputation.

Peter, maybe... maybe you need to dig a little deeper.

- Olivia, I...
- I'm telling you.

Something's not right here.

We approach the bench, and he's live streaming

the fifth at Saratoga on his iPad.

I mean, that's why they call me...

- Sorry to interrupt.
- Stone.

- Hey.
- What's your poison?

- Beer's fine.
- There's a great IPA on tap.

- Yeah, sure.
- What brings you to Brooklyn?

- Andrew Liebowitz.
- Oh, seriously?

You kicked all three cases
in the complaint room.


Well, I told you. They were all buyer's remorse.

Maybe you let a Grand Jury make that call.

Well, maybe I should look at some of the cases

- you declined to prosecute.
- What aren't you telling me?

You know something, Stone?

If I wasn't such a big fan, maybe I'd tell you to get

the hell out of my happy hour.

You had one of the best pick-off moves I ever saw.

Three variations in your look to first.

Four different home counts.

That dummy move when you came set at the letters...

forget about it.

You're more than the casual observer.

Ah, Chris pitched in high school.

- Three years on varsity.
- Go Seahorses, huh?

Uh, close me out, Davey, while I hit the head.

Seahorses, huh?

It's about as intimidating as the Mud Hens.

Far Rockaway High. In Queens.

Chris grew up out there.


♪ ♪

Liebowitz and Hodges went to high school together.

That's why Hodges ed the prosecutions?

They lived around the corner from each other.

Hodges' mom said they used to drive to school together every day.

I'm bumping on this.

Hodges is all about victims' rights.

Don't believe the hype, Amanda.

He even spoke at the Women's Day March.

That just makes him a hypocrite.

So he'd risk his entire political career to help out

this high school buddy of his?

Maybe there's something more to this.

Did Hodges' name pop on any of Liebowitz's social media accounts?

No, nothing.

Where are you going with this?

This doesn't get us over the hump,

but we know Liebowitz is a habitual offender.

So there must be other women that he victimized

- besides the three in Brooklyn.
- He opened his

Manhattan restaurant in .

Kayla can't be the first woman he assaulted in that wine cellar.

There's not a single complaint in our database.

Maybe they're getting paid not to disclose.

We should run full court press on Liebowitz's financials.

Right, social and corporate.

Anything over three digits that isn't his mortgage.

I thought the restaurant business was tough.

This guy's clearing over , million a year.

That's like cardiology money.

Just doesn't seem like your type,

- that's all I'm saying.
- Okay, what's my type, Fin?

- Broke?
- A little edge.

Edge can be overrated.

Liebowitz's backers put up all the cash

for both his places.

He did make a contribution to Hodges' boss when she ran

for D.A. in Brooklyn.

Rich gaming the system. Same as it ever was.

Yeah, maybe so, but if he ever paid a woman off

to keep quiet, it is not in here.

So, what's our next move?

We tell Liv and Stone his numbers are clean.

And then we all go try and get six hours.


So this is everything we talked about.

- When will it hit?
- Tomorrow morning.

Hey, Amanda, would you like half

of my cinnamon raisin bagel?

No, thanks.

Amanda, listen.

I, uh... What I said last night about Al,

- I didn't really mean it.
- It's-it's no problem.

I mean, I was just busting your chops.

I'm really happy you found somebody.

- Fin, we're cool. Really.
- Okay.


- You guys see this?
- What's that?

Somebody leaked our investigation.

- Stone?
- No, my money's on Liv.

Mine's on both.

"Before his arrest in Manhattan"

"sources say Andrew Liebowitz committed three uncharged"

"sexual assaults in his Brooklyn wine bar."

- How's that help our case?
- Why leak it?

Okay, if there's more victims,

then this is gonna open the floodgates.

- Is this SVU?
- Ye... Can I help you?

I saw this this morning.

I want to report a s*x crime.

He tried to rape me.

It was a long time ago, but...

Andrew Liebowitz?

No. Chris Hodges.

The lawyer.


I was .

This girl was having a party because her parents were away.

She invited some kids she knew from Far Rockaway.

So... what happened at this party?

There were or of us.

One of the boys brought tequila.

I remember winding up in one of the bedrooms with Chris

and one of his friends.

Andrew Liebowitz?

The other man on the front page?

Could be. I don't remember his name.

I can't say for sure.


Chris pushed me to the floor and got on top of me.

Bethany, I know how hard this is to relive, so...

Just... Just take your time, okay?

He pinned me down.

Put his hand down my shorts.

And the other boy, he was saying things to him.

Like what kind of things?

Like a cheerleader.

"Go for it, dude." Things like that.

And I was screaming, "No, no, get off me."

But he covered my mouth.

Chris pulled down my shorts with his other hand.

The other boy came over I think maybe to give him a condom.

And that's when I pushed him off me and ran out of the room.

And this was the first time that you had met Chris?

No, I met him before.

I definitely knew his name.

And when I read the article today and saw his picture...


And after this happened to you, Bethany,

did you tell anyone?

When I got home, I couldn't think straight.

My dad was strict.

If he knew I was drinking with older boys...

My therapist knows.


I've been seeing her for years.

She said I should tell my husband,

so I finally did last year.

And after all this happened, did you confide in anyone?


But my friend Emily was at the party.

When I got out of that bedroom, I made her leave with me.

She could see I was really upset.


Bethany Fisher?

Wow, I haven't seen her since high school.

Yeah, she said you two were friends back then.

Yeah, we worked at the same summer camp.

But after high school, we lost touch.

Do you remember any parties you guys went to

back when you were sophomores?

We went to different schools, but, um...

Oh. It was that party.

- Tell us about it.
- It was downtown, I think.

There was about or kids. A few of us from Far Rockaway.

There was a keg and at one point Bethany came out

of the bedrooms and said we had to leave right away.

- Why'd she wanna leave?
- Is this really coming up now?

It's important that you tell us what you remember.

Look, I don't know exactly what happened in there.

Well, what did Bethany say happened?

That she was in one of the bedrooms with two boys

from my school.

I'm pretty sure it was Chris Hodges and Andrew Liebowitz.

She didn't tell me what they did to her,

but she was shaking and I knew something terrible had happened

but she wouldn't tell me.

She just wanted me to help her find a taxi.

Did you tell anybody after you left?

Bethany begged me not to say anything.

Anyway, I was and she was my friend.

I didn't wanna go against her wishes.

I'm done with your Andrew Liebowitz problem.

Yeah, well, that's not what this is about.

Well, then you'd better have a damn good reason

for insisting I come up here.

You better consider yourself lucky we didn't perp walk you

- out of your own office.
- Perp walk?

What the hell are you talking about?

The girl that you tried to rape in high school.

- [SCOFFS] Excuse me?
- Bethany Fisher?

- Who?
- Bethany Fisher.

She was friends with Emily Holmes.

That's a girl you went to high school with.

Yeah, I remember Emily.

This Bethany person,

I have no i... dea...

No idea?

Is this about a house party

- like years ago?
- You see?

It's all coming back to you now, right?

No, but I know one thing for sure.

I didn't touch that girl.

- That was Andrew.
- Ah, that was fast.

But you were there.

You were in that bedroom, weren't you?

- We were listening to music.
- Mm-hmm.

And Andrew jumped on top of her

and tried to take her clothes off.

And you just stood there and did nothing?

What are you talking about? I pushed him off her.

- If it wasn't for me...
- "If it wasn't for me".

Would you spare us the self righteous crap?

We got two witnesses that say it was you.

Well, they've got it mixed up.

I've never done anything like that ever.

Ever? So best-case scenario,

you just kept your damn mouth shut

and you covered your friend's ass?


Did you ever go to high school?
That's the code.

You have your friend's back.
That's the way the world works.

- Not anymore.
- And guess what?

I'm part of the reason things are different now.

Or Bethany is telling the truth and you're not only

the world's biggest hypocrite, but you're also a rapist.

That's laughable.

Andrew's been making moves like this since he

was old enough to shave.


Are you charging me?

That remains to be seen.

But if you are telling the truth,

then you had a chance to stand up for Bethany

when you were years old.

So one way or the other, you're gonna make this right.

Whatever you want.


Because I'm not gonna let some girl

I never laid a hand on destroy my reputation.


While you were with your bros watching

Saturday college football, you know where I was?

Yeah, that crazy synagogue with your grandma.

- Dawna Ruzinski's basement.
- No way.


Nicest rack in the class of ' .

[CHUCKLES] How is she?

Let's put it this way.

She taught me a few things.

Which I know you still put to good use.

I can't help myself.

These girls that work for me, they freaking love me, dude.

- Yeah, except when they don't.
- That's cold, man.

Thank you.

Yeah, it's cold but true.

I shouldn't even be seen with you.

I mean, what the hell, Andrew? Another waitress?

- That's going nowhere.
- Are you sure?

Hey, man. I'm innocent.

Seriously, did she put up a fight?

Just a little. Just a teaspoon.

Enough to spice things up.


One confession down.

Yeah, now we just need one for Bethany.

You gotta behave, Andrew, these days.

You're playing with fire.

Well, lucky for me,

you're good at putting them out.

Yeah, well, that's why I wanted to talk.

I can't protect you anymore.

This time you didn't have to.

Stone came to see me, you idiot,

about the three Brooklyn cases. I saved your ass.

Again. Thanks, man.

But that's it. I've got a PAC now.

- I'm making a run for office.
- Okay.

- I get it.
- I don't think you do.

I don't wanna get Judge Kavanaughed here.

If that thing back in high school comes up...

- What thing?
- At that party.

Bethany something.

You mean the girl who wouldn't let you screw her?

Emily's friend. The girl you practically raped.

- That was you, man.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

At the fancy townhouse.

Yeah, we got her drunk on tequila shots,

and you tried to rip her pants off.

What are you talking about? I had to pull you off of her.

No, bro, you were the one who was into that girl.

What are you, crazy?

You're thinking of some other girl we did

- at some other party.
- My God.

You're out of your mind.

- Now we have Hodges.
- Yeah, and guess what?

Mr. Me Too is a serial predator.

Okay, guys, go. Two collars. Go.

You are just be... You are confused.

- Not about that.
- How would you even remember?

You were a pathetic drunk.

Right, 'cause you were some kind of saint back then.

Compared to you, I was Mother Teresa.

All we did in high school was think about getting buzzed

- and getting laid.
- You did, not me.

Oh, right, yeah. You're still a virgin.

Yep, that'll help get you elected.

You son of a bitch.

Andrew Liebowitz, stand up.

Put your hands behind your back.

Whoa, what's wrong with you? I'm still out on bail.

- Yeah, not anymore.
- Your pal here was wearing a wire.


You son of a bitch.

Well, you're next, Counselor.

Well, you believe that scum bag?

I believe Bethany.

Your little rape partner corroborated her.

Don't you dare come near me. Don't you dare touch me.

I'm gonna do more than that

if you don't put your hands behind your back.

- Separate cars?
- Yeah, that's a good idea.


You don't think they're coming for you someday?


Good night.

Oh, my feet have not hurt this bad since I waited tables.

I had no idea. When did you wait tables?

Oh, I was . Aunt Betty's Cabin.

The best chicken fried steak you've ever had.

You know, truth be told, none of this culinary grab ass

surprises me.

You were assaulted.

Well, one of my regulars wanted

a little extra sugar with his coffee.

Instead he ended up with a raw steak on his eye.

Good for you.



I tried to call you.

The new s*x crimes prosecutor in Brooklyn

is reopening all the old cases against Liebowitz.


Um, I brought you this.
It's a thank you.


It's the house specialty at Prospero

- where I'm newly employed.
- That's great, Kayla.


So, um, when does Andrew get out of prison?

If the new prosecutor's any good,

he won't.