01x01 - Pilot

(Eli young band's "even if it breaks your heart" playing)

♪ Oh, oh, I can hear 'em playing ♪
♪ I can hear the ringing of a beat-up old guitar ♪
♪ oh, oh ♪
♪ I can hear them singing ♪
♪ keep on dreamin' even if it breaks your heart ♪

Teddy! Ah, wait! I got one.

Mwah! I love you.

All right, I'll see you all before I go.


(Crowd cheering on TV)

Why does she have to go to work?

Somebody's gotta work around here.

I thought we were rich.

Oh, we are, honey, but now... now we're a different kind of rich called cash-poor.

And besides, it is bad manners to talk about money.

Get in that tub now. I'm counting. One... two...

♪ It's a long, long road to independence ♪
♪ but I'm leaving you for Tennessee ♪
♪ I got demons riding shotgun ♪
♪ telling me not to go ♪
♪ but what they don't know ♪
♪ is I'm already gone ♪
♪ I'm already gone ♪

Thank y'all!




Thank you!

And God bless Watty white!

(Man over P.A.) The reigning queen of country... Rayna James.

It's the grand ole opry celebration of legendary producer and songwriter Watty white.

You killed 'em again.

Stay tuned for Juliette Barnes, the Del McCoury band...

Watty. Rayna. Mwah.


I love you.

Where in the world would I be without you?

You done good, my little songbird.

Uncle Deacon!

Thank you so much for getting us in. That was great!

You remember my little niece Scarlett.

What? Oh, my gosh. (Laughs)

Last time I saw you, you were a teeny, teeny, tiny thing.

Oh. She's living here now, working at the bluebird.

Oh, the bluebird. That's the mecca. Oh, I think somebody pulled some strings.

Are you a songwriter? No, I-I write poetry, but my boyfriend is a songwriter.

This is Avery Barkley.

Pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am.

Nice to meet you. Miss Jaymes, I have worshiped you since I was a little girl, and not just 'cause of Uncle Deacon.

I-I know all your songs by heart.

You are just so great.

Thank you. I appreciate that, and listen, you need anything, you don't hesitate to ask, all right?

We're family.

So lovely to meet you. You, too.

(Woman) You're on in 15 minutes, Juliette.

The New York itinerary is coming together, "good morning America" and the "vogue" shoot are locked in, and they're still waiting for approval on the perfume bottles.

(Door closes)



(Scoffs) This one doesn't smell like anything.

What's the hell is wrong with these people? They're just the prototypes. They're all filled with water.

Well, I can't tell without smelling the perfume which one I'm gonna choose.

(Rasheeda's "type of girl" ringtone playing on cell phone)

(Beep) Hello?

(Beep) Uh... it's your mom.

♪ ♪ ♪


Hello? (Woman) Baby, it's mama.

Hello, hello, hello? Anybody there?

Give me a little bit of money, baby. I just... there's nobody there.


How did she get my number?

Isn't it part of your job to make sure she does not have my number?

This is a new number. I just changed it.

Change it again.

♪ ♪ ♪

I'm fine. (Knock on door)

It's time.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Sighs) This is important.

Be nice.

Oh, I'm always nice. Well, be extra nice.

And this benefits me how?

It's not for you. It's for the label.

She's royalty. Just kiss the ring.

Tell her you're a big fan.

Come on.

(Indistinct conversations)


Oh, Rayna! I didn't know y'all were gonna be here.

Can I hug the next mayor of Nashville, please?

I'm announcing my run officially next Monday.

Now are you in town? 'Cause if you are, I'd love for you to do a song. It would mean the world to me.

I would love that. I'll check with Bucky.

I'm so proud of you. Is your father here tonight?

You know daddy's doesn't go for the hillbilly music.

Not even for Watty? The pope of Nashville?

He doesn't worship at this particular church.

Well, he don't know what he missed.

I think he does.

I'll see you next Monday. Fingers crossed.


How are ya?

(Indistinct conversations)

Deacon Claybourne?

Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry to interrupt.

(Gasps) I just... I love your songs and your playin'.

I have your very first record on vinyl, and I just... it's amazing.

It is available in the antique stores here and there.

(Laughter) That one song you did...

"been and gone" is just the most beautiful song...

Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry to interrupt.

It's all right. I'm making a fool out of myself.

It was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.


Bet she says that to all the guys.

She didn't say it to me.

Why don't you get yourself a big boy guitar, and maybe she will?


I love him so much.

He's the best there is.

(Sighs) Why isn't he in my band?

He's been with Rayna for, like, twenty-something years.

Hey, if you can get him...

Oh! Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

It's all right.

You should try that again sometime, only slower.

♪ ♪ ♪

No, but that's just the rumor, if nothing... evening, gents.

(Door closes) What? Somebody die?

No, it's nothing we need to talk about now.

We can, uh, wait till Monday. What do we have to talk about?

Watty, what a night.

What a night. Huh?

Rayna, I want you to meet Juliette Barnes.

She's a big fan of yours.

Hey. Mr. white, it is such an honor for me to get a chance to sing for you tonight.

Oh, you wouldn't say that if you knew me better.

Now have you met Rayna? I know you. You're burning it up out there, girl.

Oh, thank you. My mama was one of your biggest fans.

She said she'd listen to you while I was still in her belly.

Well... bless your little heart.

That is a charming story.

You probably gotta go on soon.

I'm sure you're gonna wanna make sure those girls tucked in there real good. (Laughs)


Yeah, hey, listen, we gotta run.

Great meeting you.

Thanks, Bucky. Take care.

Great show. (Whispers) Great show. Excellent.

What the hell was that?

(Door closes)

Looks like we got a little work to do on that "be nice" deal.

♪ ♪ ♪


3 years ago, we put 16,000 tickets on sale.

They were gone in an hour.

Now... same venue, we've sold 2,800.

Austin... same thing.

Overall, we're at barely a third of where we'd hoped to be by now.

So what does that mean?

I mean, we did the radio and the press.

Rayna, we talked about this.

I brought you those three songs that I was sure could chart.

You nixed all three.

We came on the charts at 20, and we're falling.

So what's the plan, guys?

Oh, we're not just gonna sit here and go up in flames.

Is there a plan?

Um, one idea is for you to combine tours with Juliette Barnes.

You could co-headline.

You would save several hundred thousand dollars in production costs.



You're kidding.

Is that why y'all brought her in here?

Was there a turnip truck that just drove through here you think I just fell off of?

Miss James, it would introduce you to a whole new generation of fans.

You mean that generation of fans that doesn't buy records?

Well, they buy Juliette's records.

She's the number one crossover artist in the country.

Who goes on first?

Yeah. No.

You are not seriously suggesting that I open for Juliette Barnes.

I have the most powerful manager, the best producer.

I've been with this record company for 20 years, and this is the best idea anybody can come up with?

Rayna, I know you don't want to play to half-empty venues, and that's what we're looking at right now.

So you have to cut down production costs, or you're gonna lose money. A lot of money.

We'd be better off canceling the tour.

Miss James, you are very, very important to Edgehill-Republic records. We believe putting our two most important artists together is a historic event and a way to solve a very big problem for you.

You can hop onto a tour that's sold out every arena and most stadiums from New York to I.A., or you're gonna be facing a pretty tough decision.

It's a no-brainer, really.

Who was the genius that came up with this idea?

Marshall Evans, the new head of the label.

Right. Right.

Could I have some privacy, please?

Miss James, Marshall would like to know your decision by next Monday.

Is that right?

♪ ♪ ♪
♪ you'll take it when you leave ♪
♪ I don't need your sympathy ♪
♪ I might stay up drunk on wine ♪
♪ hurting like hell, ugly crying ♪
♪ black mascara tears ♪
♪ I might lock my door, sleep with my phone ♪
♪ miss you bad for a month or so ♪
♪ but let me tell you something, my dear ♪
♪ I'm gonna be just fine ♪
♪ but you're never gonna find another love like mine ♪


Shut up. (Turns off monitor)

♪ ♪ ♪

(Amplified voice) In my two terms as mayor, Lamar Wyatt has been more than a friend and captain of industry.

He has been a titan of philanthropy...

(Camera shutters clicking)

(Lowered voice) Where the hell is she?

(Lowered voice) She should be here any minute.

To our many great universities, has been monumental.

And, of course, who could forget Lamar's priceless contribution to country music by way of his daughter, the great Rayna James?

(Mouths word)

For many generations, the Wyatt family name has been synonymous with generosity.

James Cottswald Wyatt...

(Lowered voice) Unbelievable, on a day like today.

(Lowered voice) She's here now, daddy.

Let it go.

(Lowered voice) At least I showed up.

I ask for so little.

Oh, for God sakes.

It is my honor to proclaim this Lamar Wyatt day.

Try to look happy, dear.

(Camera shutters clicking, applause continues)

Happy Lamar Wyatt day.

(Singsongy) Just like Christmas.

(Laughs) Thank you for coming.

He won't say it, but it means a lot to him.

Oh, you know I do it for him. I did it for you.

Well, then it means a lot to me.

But still, I'm sorry that I had to ask.

I tried to talk him out of it, but you know how it is with him.


You win one, you lose ten.

Yeah, it's a funny thing about daddy.

You know, he's always there when he needs ya.

(Breathes deeply)

Do me a favor?

Don't ask me to do one of these things again anytime soon.


♪ She was sitting there with her beehive hair ♪
♪ and said, honey, that's a waste of good mascara ♪
♪ she handed me a pink kleenex ♪
♪ and I'll never forget what she said next ♪
♪ boys and buses got a lot in common ♪
♪ they both pick up speed ♪
♪ when you try to stop 'em ♪
♪ you could waste your breath ♪
♪ you could scream and cuss 'em ♪
♪ but there's no use chasing after ♪

(Instrumental music stops) ♪ boys and buses ♪

Don't worry. We can fix that.

Thank God for auto-tune.

♪ ♪ ♪
♪ she said some leave with a guitar case ♪



Maybe I oughta marry her then.

Take the money and run.

♪ But the cost is lost once the ticket's bought ♪
♪ and you can't catch but don't wanna be caught ♪

Good grief.

(Girl) Mom, are you gonna be back for Halloween?

Well, honey, I honestly don't know, but I am really gonna try.

Why don't you just take us on tour with you?

We can sing backup.

♪ It's a long, long road to independence ♪

All right, y'all are hired.

You're coming with me just as soon as you graduate...

From college.

(Juliette) ♪ you'll take it when you leave ♪

Hey, it's Juliette Barnes. Turn it up.

(Girls harmonizing) ♪ need your sympathy ♪
♪ I might stay up drunk on wine ♪
♪ hurting like hell and ugly crying ♪
♪ black mascara tears ♪
♪ I... ♪

(Turns off radio)

Mom! No!


Mama's got a headache.

(Miranda lambert) ♪ love can be a tragedy ♪
♪ when you do what you did to me ♪
♪ all I'm seeing now is red ♪
♪ I need to repent ♪

Don't do that. You're beautiful.

And if you ever get a face-lift, I'm gonna leave you.

I was just kidding.

You okay? What's wrong?

Oh, everything.

The record's a stiff.

(Sighs deeply) The tour is not selling, so they want me to... open for Juliette Barnes.

Who does?

The label.

Marshall Evans.

They want you to open for her? You sure about that?

Yeah. "Co-headline" is what they're calling it.

Well, now let's think about this. I mean...

Is it really such a terrible idea?

Yeah, Teddy, it's a terrible idea.

It means I'm gonna have to lie and pretend that I like her music.

You've lied for a lot worse than her. That's not the reason.

The only way not to lose money on this is I gotta give up my tour to jump on her tour.

If I don't do that, they're gonna stop promoting my record.

And I gotta make that decision by Monday.


You know you don't have to put yourself through this.

You could walk away and quit right now.

Not if we wanna keep living in this house, I can't.

Oh, Rayna...

Look, I know I've let you down, okay?

And... and... and I'm sorry as hell about that, but... (Pats leg) I'm not the first guy to go bust.

And I'm working on some deals right now that are gonna put us in better shape.

But, you know, in the meantime, you could borrow money from your dad.

You could do whatever you want.

I'm not gonna use my daddy's money.

You know that.

I'd rather wait tables than do that.

That's interesting logic.

I've worked very hard not to be my sister, who is practically my daddy's handmaiden.

Your sister is gonna take over the damn family business.

When he dies, she's gonna be the most powerful woman in the state.

Hardly running errands for him.

That's not the point.

You know what the point is?

She's never gonna have to worry for one second about paying a bill. Now, look, I get it.

He was a lousy father, a son of a bitch.

He still is.

Mine was a drunk.

But it doesn't change the color of his money.

You don't know him, Teddy. You think you do, but you don't.

O-okay, okay. You're right. Maybe I don't.

I just hate to see you being put through this, that's all.

Well, me, too, but this is what it is, so... (Exhales deeply)

We're just gonna have to figure out something else.

Randy, I'm so happy you're here.

I'm sorry to barge in.

You were right. We shoulda cut something dead commercial.

I love our record. I love our record so much, but I think we should cut one of those three songs you were talking about and release it as a bonus track.

They've already been recorded.

Shoot. They have? Yeah.

All three of 'em? Good songs don't sit.


Can we find another one?

It took me a year sifting through hundreds to find those three. I can't just... ugh!

Snap my fingers and find a song that'll chart.

You know that.

We're really in a fix here, hon.

I know.

Listen, I would love to help you, but, um...

I've gotta finish Juliette before she heads out in two weeks.

You're doing Juliette's record?

You know that I am in no position to turn down anything.

Ex-wifestyle's a bitch.

Would you stop getting married and start dating?

Good lord!

Why do people listen to that adolescent crap?

It sounds like feral cats to me.

Why does everybody keep pretending she's good?

♪ It's such a lonely road ♪
♪ especially when you know ♪
♪ there's fireflies dancin' in the yard ♪
♪ under a blanket of stars ♪
♪ the sound of that rusty string guitar ♪
♪ playing songs we know ♪
♪ and all that I have to do ♪
♪ is think one little thought of you ♪
♪ and I'm back home ♪
♪ am I back home? ♪


(Man) All right.


(Deacon) Thank you.

(Cheers and whistles)

If she's gonna come for Thanksgiving, she can just stay with me.

Mm. Just didn't want to put you out, is all.

She's my sister. Uh, she's still weird.

(Laughs) Hey.

Deacon, great show. Mm.

Listen, uh, did you get my demo?

I did. What kind of music's that?

Thanks. Oh, it's kind of, uh, alt/country/punk, but more cerebral.

You know, around here, "punk" is code for "can't play at all"?

(Laughs) Well, you need to hear what the kids are playing these days, old-timer.

All right, all right.

I promise not to use it as a coaster.

Meantime, you just work on being good enough for my favorite niece.

(Camera shutter clicks)

That was a great show.

Couple of those songs, I never heard.

Well, it won't be long before you're sitting in that circle.

I heard a couple of your demos.

You're sounding good, boy. You're sounding real good.

Great things are coming to you, Gunnar.

That's... thank you.

What do you think about that guy?

Is he good enough for my niece?

Well... (Sighs)

I guess I'm just naturally suspicious of anyone that confident.

Keep an eye on her for me, will ya?

It's kinda hard to take my eyes off her.

Well, son, you be careful.

She's got the family curse.

We always pick the one who'll break your heart.

(Greg Bates) ♪ I did it for the girl ♪
♪ dancin' in the sunset ♪
♪ to get to see her sippin' on corona ♪

Well, hello.

That last song you did...

Has that ever been recorded?

Only by me, which...

Pretty much damns it to obscurity.

I wanna record it.

You do?

I do. This week.

Will you come play on it with me?

Well... I could.

You know, depending on when.

I got rehearsals with Rayna all week.

I heard that tour might be off.



I never heard that.

Maybe I'm wrong then.


Why don't you come take over for buddy as my bandleader?

His wife's baby's due two weeks into the tour.

I'm-a have to replace him anyway.

Yeah, I can't do that. Why not?

I can't do that to Rayna.

I'll pay double whatever she pays.

Why would you do that?

'Cause I want the best, and you're the best.

We could write together.

I bet you and I could have a lot of fun on the road.

♪ ♪ ♪

Look, I'll schedule the session around you, all right?

Just think about it.

Rayna's not the only woman in the world, you know.

You're a girl.

That, too.

(Dance music playing)

♪ ♪ ♪

What the hell was that?

What kind of mayor wouldn't want a major league ballpark in the middle of Nashville?

It's not gonna get any easier when Coleman Carlisle takes office.

Then I'm-a run my own candidate for mayor.

That's not an idea without merit.

We found someone who's business-friendly, who fits nicely in your pocket.

Teddy Conrad.

Son-in-law Teddy?

Let's stay within the realm of possibility.

I just put it in the realm of possibility.

Albert, what about it?

Beloved star of country music for a wife?

Sure as hell doesn't hurt.

Run it up the flagpole.


How bad you expect Rayna is gonna try to screw this up for us?

She's gonna lose it, daddy. She's absolutely gonna lose it.


♪ ♪ ♪
♪ get off my bad side ♪
♪ and I might do something right ♪
♪ get off my wavelength ♪
♪ you're always telling me what to do ♪
♪ how to act, to how is a girl's ♪
♪ supposed to think ♪ (Static crackles)

♪ You keep telling me I'm fickle ♪
♪ that I can't make up my mind, and it's plain to see ♪
♪ but if I believe you ♪
♪ that I'm fickle ♪
♪ then it turns into a self-fulfilling ♪
♪ prophecy ♪

(Static crackles, voice distorts)

♪ And it's ♪
♪ my life ♪

(Static crackles, voice distorts)

♪ And I'm gonna figure it out ♪
♪ it's time to figure it out and it's ♪
♪ my life ♪
♪ I don't feel like showing you what I'm all about ♪

(Voice distorts)

♪ unh-unh, unh-unh ♪

Why is my voice distorted?


Are these the new ones?

Well, they suck!

(Feedback whines)

There goes 1,200 bucks.

Can you not get that fixed?!

(Deacon) And... that's a wrap.

Hey, you sounded great.

No, it's not sounding great.

You need to talk to him because he's gonna make me deaf.

Okay. All right. I'll talk to him.

Did you see the wardrobe they pulled? It's crap.

They're in New York shopping for you right now.

Y'all, I'm sorry. It's, um... You know, having a diva dip.

Gonna get something to eat. I'm sorry.

(Clears throat) Okay, can we talk about a couple things?

Go. I told Carlisle's campaign guy that you would do two songs at the announcement, so you just need to tell me what songs.

I'll think about that. Okay.

Now we have a meeting at the label.

Monday morning. Marshall Evans.

And he's gonna wanna know your decision.

Hey, Deacon, you got a sec?

For you, I do.

Meeting's done.

The way everybody talks about this business now just makes me feel old.

I mean, it wasn't that long ago that I was the future of country music.

You've been saying for a while you don't want to do as many dates now that the girls are in school.

Yeah, but I want it to be my choice.


Darlin', you can leave whenever you want.

You can come back anytime you want.

You're not some overnight sensation.

Though you are sensational overnight, to the best of my recollection.

Well, I'm not ready to hang up my rhinestones just yet.


And I don't want to do that to the guys, the crew.

Everybody's been planning on this tour for over a year.

I'm not just gonna leave everybody hangin'.

Especially not you.

In that vein, here's somethin' kinda strange that happened.

Juliette Barnes asked me if I wanted a job.

She asked you?

Yeah. As what?

Uh, lead guitar.

Bandleader. Her guy leaves in a few weeks.

What'd you say? Nothing.

I mean, I'm not available till otherwise notified, right?

She's got Randy doing her record.

She wants you in her band.

What, she coming for my house next?

(Chuckles) Says she wants to write with me.

Ooh. She got to you in your soft spot.

Always wondered why you never cut more of my songs.

I don't know. It felt weird.

Maybe they were all about me or something.

They are.

I guess.

Sometimes I wish I could just do everything all over again.

What would you change?



That makes two of us.

(Breathes deeply)

I need a drink.

You wanna walk me to tootsies?

(Chuckles) Can't. I got a meeting.

You ever miss the wild old days?


Except the headaches. I do not miss the headaches.

You were the headache.



I don't want to hold you back.

I want you to be happy.

Darling, you know good and well there's only one thing that was gonna make me happy.

I lost that a long time ago.

(Tammy Wynette) ♪ keep giving all ♪
♪ the love you can ♪
♪ stand by your man ♪

(Man) And now back to the "Watty White Show," with legendary producer and songwriter Watty White.

And we're back live on WSM with country mega-superstar Rayna James.

That was the great Tammy Wynette and her classic "stand by your man."

Is that a philosophy you ascribe to, Rayna?

Long as he stands by me.

What's next? Number 8.

This is the song that made me wanna sing country music.

"Rose colored glasses."

I used to sing this to my mama all the time when I was a little girl. It was one of her favorites.

Oh, and you were how old when you lost your mama? 12.

This must be a beautiful memory for you.


By the great John Conlee.

("Rose colored glasses" playing)

Well... (Sighs)

You're gonna have to figure out your next move. I know.

Reinvent yourself a bit maybe? Keep an open mind.

You think this Juliette Barnes is just a flash in the pan?

No. Sorry.

I think I'd take the long view on that.

She's gonna be around for a while.

That hurts.

♪ You need me when you... ♪
♪ ♪ ♪

Well, where the hell is she?

She's here. She just... She got a phone call.


I can't give you money, mom. No.

Come on. You never help me out. I'm trying to make my life...

No, I can't.

Why not?

Because you're using. I can hear it.

I'm not, though.

I can hear it in your voice.

I'm not, though, baby. I stopped. I told you that.

And when do I ask you for money?

(Knock on door)

Come on. I just need, like, 50 bucks.

Mom, I have to go. I'm at work. I'll call you later, all right?

Tomorrow. Baby, I just need some money to get...


(Sighs) Who is it?

(Door opens)

(Inhales deeply)

So you don't think my fiscal disasters are gonna be an issue during a mayoral campaign?

Everyone lost their shirts.

We'll say you lost yours to unscrupulous mortgage lenders.

Do you understand what you're being offered?

This isn't an honorary position to some backwater Hamlet.

This is a thriving, prosperous city, an industrial and cultural juggernaut.

Do you understand the kind of power you're gonna have?

Or where that power can lead?

Do you really think that anyone is gonna believe that I'm qualified?

(Chuckles) Well, hell, yes, son.

I see something in you, Teddy... something that maybe you don't see in yourself right now.

I wouldn't be wasting my valuable time.

Fate is what befalls a man that fails to act.

Destiny is for men who refuse to accept their failures as their fate.

We've all had failures, Teddy. Don't let 'em define you. Let 'em refine you.

I believe in your destiny. Do you?

After you've served a couple terms as mayor, hell, you can write your own ticket.

You have to promise me you won't hurt Cole Carlisle.

He's a good man, and I've seen what happens to people who go up against you, Lamar.


No dirty tricks.

No rumors, no "unnamed sources."

If I'm gonna run, I have to do it without destroying his family or his reputation.



Carlisle announces on Monday.

So will we.

What about Rayna?

Yeah, who's gonna tell her?

You are. Your first order of business as a mayoral candidate is to grow a pair.


Mayor? Since when do you wanna be mayor?

You hate politics.

I don't hate politics. I hate talking about politics.

(Dishes clatter)

(Scoffs) It's not even as if this is your idea.

It doesn't mean it wasn't a good one.

You don't know what you're getting into with him.

You don't wanna be owned by him, trust me. Rayna... you will regret this.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe he's trying to help me and that I could use a little bit of help right about now?

If I serve a term or two as mayor, I can write my own ticket, and you can stop working.

(Utensil clatters)

I don't want that!

Is that what you want from me?

You want me to just take some time off so I can stand on the side of the stage and smile and shake hands?

Oh, you wanna tell me something about standing on the side of the stage that I don't already know?

I know that I wasn't your first choice.

I know you settled for me, but I have been there for you every step of the way.

How about helping me put my life back together?

How about letting me step into the limelight for a change?

I told Cole I'd perform at his announcement.


What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go check on the kids.

You showing these to your Uncle Deacon?


These are songs.

They're poems.

They about someone in particular?

Avery and I broke up a while.

Um... well, nothing calls on the muses like a broken heart.

Truth be told, other than heartbreak and drunken s*x, well, I'm not 100% sure what you see in him.

It's one of those things, I guess.

I've tried being without him, and I can't.

He's the one.

I don't believe in that. There's always another one.

Sounds like you've had a little heartbreak of your own.


These poems are good.

You ever thought about putting 'em to music?

Oh, uh, sometimes I hear music in my head when I'm writing 'em, but mostly they're just thoughts and... ah! Hang on a minute.

Do you play?

I know basic chords. Things for choir and...

You play what you heard when you wrote this.

Oh, no, no, I can't.

All right, well, you sing, and I'll play.

♪ ♪ ♪

Like this?

Will you tell me when I'm close?

(Strums chords)

Marshall, how are you? Miss Jaymes, welcome. Welcome.

It's a pleasure. Nice to meet you.

You, too. Please come in. Thank you.

Hello. Hey, it's great to see you again.

Nice to see you. I would love to have a conversation with you about the current situation, see if we can't come up with some mutually agreeable solution.

Nothing would please me more. We want you to be happy.

Well, you know, I know you're new here, but I have to tell you, I think Edgehill is my home.

You know, I've been here since I cut my first album, which went triple platinum.

I've won nine Grammys, four C.M.A.S.

You know, when I signed at this label, it was at the most rundown little house over there on music row.

I mean, I feel like I built this company.

Miss Jaymes, please, no one's gonna argue that you've had an unparalleled career.

I wish the new record was performing better.

Unfortunately, the older business models are irrelevant.

We believe that you and Juliette together will be a huge event.

I understand that.

Listen, I stayed loyal to this company when every other label was trying to woo me away.

I've got an album that I'm very proud of, and I'm just asking for a little support for that album and for the tour that will help sell it.

Miss Jaymes, you've gotta find your place in a new market.

I know that's not what you wanna hear.

So you're telling me after 21 years at this label, if I don't...

Open for your little ingenue who wouldn't make it as one of my backup singers, that you're not gonna support me?

Those are your words, not mine.

But still, I need to know your decision.

Well, you can kiss my decision as it's walking out the door.

I know you can't conceive of me actually helping a member of my own family, and you're gonna continue to punish me for the derelicts of my paternal duties till I'm 6 feet under, but I think you're being a little bit harsh.

Stop the speeches.

You know what? I just wanna know, exactly what do you want from Teddy?

'Cause I know you want something.

What I want is for him to pick himself up, dust himself off, and get back in the game.


This could be good for you and the girls.

It could restore Teddy's confidence...

Stop. And his standing in the community.

Tandy, stop it!

Are you trying to lure him with the money?

Is that what it is? 'Cause you know we're not gonna accept it. We're not going to.

Oh, I know.

You're too proud to accept anything from me.

You prefer to delude yourself into thinking that your success was all your own doing, that I had no hand in it whatsoever, when every dime you ever earned is because of me.


Who do you think paid for your first album?

That pissant little record label?


What are you talking about?

Rayna, I want you there by his side tonight.

How would it look if you're not there for your own husband?

I cannot believe that you'd further humiliate him after all he has done for you, especially as it relates to little Maddie.

Imagine how he would feel if he knew what you had done... are you kidding me?! That's enough! That's enough!

You know what?! No!

We cannot be bought! Do you hear me?!


I cannot be bought, and I am not gonna be there tonight.

You know... I am not gonna be there tonight!

It's all right if you see me as your enemy.

Don't you be foolish enough to make that a two-way street.

'Cause my enemies don't fare too damn well!

(Door slams)

(Thunder rumbles)



Juliette Barnes.

(Amplified voice) I don't have anyone else signed up here, and we still have plenty of time tonight, so does anyone else want to go on?

Scarlett O'Connor, sing one.


(Man) Whoo!

(Scattered applause)

She's good. Don't let her say no.

I am gonna kill you.

I won't throw you out there alone.

Go away.

Hey, let's do the one we worked on.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage... the bluebird cafe's very own Scarlett O'Connor.

(Cheers and applause)

(Amplified voice) Uh, hello. Oh...

I've never sung into a mic before, so, um, forgive me, lord, I know not what I do.


This is a poem that I wrote that, uh, Gunnar put to music, so if it sucks, blame him.

(Cheers and applause)

♪ ♪ ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪
♪ I'd hang my hat right there ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪
♪ I'd follow you up the stairs ♪
♪ stop saying those sweet things ♪

Hey, doll.

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

Don't come here without calling.

Wait. What? Ju...

♪ louder ♪
♪ the way you look strolling near ♪
♪ why do I keep drinking? ♪
♪ wasting my time on you ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪
♪ but damn it, I do ♪

Yes, sir.

♪ ♪ ♪

(Amplified voice) I will work to protect people of this great city from the problems that I arrogantly thought would never be mine.

And when we've succeeded in this campaign, it will be my honor to serve you all as the next mayor of Nashville.

Thank you.

(Cheers and applause)

He's a natural.

♪ So I hope what you're saying ♪
♪ I can plainly see ♪
♪ you've a lover that's waitin' ♪
♪ but, baby, you're right here with me ♪
♪ oh, you might as well be the devil ♪

(Cell phone buzzing)

(Beep) Hey, Watty, I'm just about to walk into this...

Rayna, just listen to this.

♪ Well, you're the one with that apple ♪
♪ but, baby, you can't blame me ♪
♪ oh, why don't you keep drinkin'? ♪
♪ give me one night with you ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪
♪ but damn it, I do ♪

Call you later.

I got an idea.


♪ Why do I keep drinking? ♪
♪ wasting my time on you ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪


♪ But damn it, I do ♪
♪ mmm, baby, I do ♪
♪ baby, why you keep me... ♪
♪ sweet babe, you know I do ♪